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1 The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Mon May 28, 2018 9:58 pm



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It was a beautiful day in Angel island, and honestly it was always a beautiful day on this island. The amount of sun that had shine down this place was delightful. It wasn’t just that, but the clouds that were up here had given the people in this island a nice aroma, and sensation. There wasn’t a way to explain it, but when people were on this island they couldn’t help, but feel nice and calm here. It was like the place had a drug in the air, which made people enjoy their time here. The birds that flew in the air seemed closer to the island than other birds would be when flying in the Grand Line. The people on the island were lively as well as there were a lot of people shopping, talking around the island, and of course those taverns. They were always filled with people, whether they were drinking, eating, or just there to gossip. Still, people had their eyes on one thing on the island, and it was the giant that had a person on his shoulder.

Yuurei’s adventure were a little crazier than he expected them to be. There was a lot of things happening to him, and he could feel himself becoming stronger than all the crap that he had to go through. Still, being alone wasn’t for the best, and when he had separated from the crew he wished that one of them would have thought of joining him on his crazy adventures. Still, he did obtain something and it was his new friend Gideon. The giant was huge, and a lot of people had made sure to get away from where the giant was walking through. It wasn’t just that, Yuurei had made sure that he had gotten comfortable with Gideon. There was one thing he enjoyed about having a giant for a friend, and it was the fact that he didn’t have to walk around as much as he used to. He was sitting down on Gideon’s shoulder as his leg was flying about.

Yuurei was wearing different clothing as well, and he had changed his hairstyle. The white robe he was wearing with his eyepatch off of him. He didn’t want people to know who he was here because it would ruin his fun on this island. He decided to make sure that they couldn’t tell who he was. Of course his crew would though, and it was because he appeared to them looking like this. Still, to others it would be different.

He had felt like he was a little kid, but there was a reason for him to be up here. He would be able to see things clearly around the island being on Gideon’s shoulder, but more importantly they would be able to converse with each other easier. Yuurei looked down to see how high he was from the ground, and he could only smile because he could also see how small things were from his point of view. He looked over to Gideon with a smile on his face. ”I think today is going to be an amazing day. I can just feel it in my bones. Today is a day that you and I will do things that will be remembered until our death. I mean honestly I feel like a lot of things can happen on this island,” he paused for a bit.

He placed his right hand onto his left bicep as he left arm was up and he was flexing. ”We explored a scary temple, we defended our ship from invasion, and helped out Daimaru, but I also heard there are marines somewhere in Skypiea. Where they are I’m not sure, but I do want to have some fun with them. They messed up my childhood, and ruined all the friends that I had on my home island,” he said looking down a bit. He was a bit upset about what he said because it was true, and he wasn’t sure why he had brought it up. Still, it was all that Gideon would know unless he had asked him more about. Yuurei continued to scout the area though as he was looking down to see where they should head to. There were many areas that Gideon couldn’t enjoy due to his size, so he was trying to compromise for the man.

While he was looking down though he figured he would continue to make conversation. ”Do you have anything against the marines Gideon? You don’t seem like you are fond of them,” he asked him as he was looking down. While he was doing that, he forgot that Gideon had gotten a sword on their trip. ”How’s that sword going for you Gideon?” he asked another question as he continued looking. It wouldn’t take long for Yuurei to find a place, and his eyes sparkled with excitement. He never spotted this place until today, and he figured the two of them would enjoy it more than anything. Yuurei pointed off in a direction as he hoped that Gideon would be able to see what he was looking at. ”Let’s go there Gideon, it looks like an open Tavern, which means you can drink some alcohol, and we can gather some information on anything we can think of for today. Maybe about marines, if you are interested in them,” he said with a smile on his face as he patted his friend on his shoulder.

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2 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Mon May 28, 2018 10:13 pm



Gideon trek along the roads of Angel Island. Though he preferred actual soil, he was enjoying himself, for he had company from his new friend, and he wielded a beautiful new blade, Jormungandr; he never held such a large weapon, a weapon that needed both his hands and that could stretch an amazing distance.

Winged people looked up at the giant as he walked, though Gideon didn't pay attention to them, he was in a cheerful mood and so was his friend who stretched as he stood upon the giant's shoulder. "Today is an amazing day" he agreed with Yuurei, though the adventure at the temple was very beneficial, he didn't find such a task enjoyable, just necessary, but he avoided stating such an opinion, he didn't want to upset his friend, "Marines? yeah, I try to avoid them, they usually just make me uncomfortable" he didn't want to outright talk about his past, at least not yet; the Marines are the reason why his father is dead and why his mother is currently imprisoned after being framed.

It took Gideon a moment to think of the suggestion Yuurei had gave, "Yeah, seems like an interesting idea" he never would try such a dangerous idea as to mess with the Marines, but given that they are so high up in the air, separated from the world below, what are the chances of him being recognized as the child of Donna Wodan, the same child that escaped capture so long ago?

"Yeah, let's get a bit to drink and maybe we'll figure out what we can do to sate our boredom" With a bit more confidence, Gideon made his way towards the tavern in the distance, "Jormungandr has a good weight to him" he stated as he swung the large blade in the air; each swing created a gust of wind.

Passerby citizens of Angel island took notice of the giant swinging the massive sword and they kept their distance, although the sudden gusts of wind would cause them trouble. A number of them grimaced at the giant, though Gideon didn't notice, but kept a positive attitude while he walked.

The blade, Jormungandr, had wonderful ridges, enough to saw and cleave through the toughest meat and bones, although the blade was monstrous, it wasn't the best blade as a cooking utensil, which is what Gideon preferred. Still, the thirty foot long blade was a threatening weapon, even though it was difficult to carry about and maneuver around, given that Gideon had always already tried to make due with his own size, now he had to worry about not accidentally hitting someone or their house with his blade.

The tavern came into view and as Gideon suspected, it was small, but to him, everything was smaller, he just expected it to be more giant friendly. The giant shrugged, he may just have to make due as he normally would.

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3 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Mon May 28, 2018 11:15 pm



Yuurei was glad that his friend thought the same way about the day that they had ahead. He heard his companion speak about him avoiding the marines. He nodded because he had understood where he was coming from. He nodded his head as he made sure that his name didn’t ring bells to the World Government. Still, he was waiting for a day like this to be able to make a name for himself. The pirate had gotten stronger than he was before, and it was all due to bits of motivation from the crew he was with. It wasn’t just making a name for himself, he figured fighting the world government would also give him a good idea on how strong he currently was. They had strong people who were made to fight pirates, and take them down. If he could come out of a situation like that, then he would be able to fair off even greater threats.

”Yeah I usually avoid them too. I just don’t like their attitudes, and they take punishment to a whole different level. Still, I think it would be nice to show them what we can do. They don’t know who you and I are, but from what I heard I got a bounty recently. I don’t remember how much it was, but I heard it was pretty decent,” he said as he rubbed the back of his head. Yuurei continued to kick his feet in the air while Gideon was walking through the city, and while he was walking he was making his way to the Tavern that Yuurei had pointed it out. He was okay with that as well, which was good because Yuurei never seen a giant drink before. He figured they would be able to hold their weight when drinking. When the giant swung the blade he noticed the swing of the blade and how much space the blade covered.

That was interesting, which was something he figured he wouldn’t be able to do with his blade. The interesting part of the blade was the fact that it had stretched out more than what it originally looked like it was able to do. He found that interesting as hell, but he didn’t think it was something of his style. After a minute of their walk towards the Tavern the two of them would arrive on scene without a problem. The men drinking outside would look at the duo as their attention was truly on the giant’s size. They were quiet though from his vantage point, but he could see that they weren’t saying anything. ”Well its good you are fine with your blade Gideon,” he said to him. He had gotten up on his shoulder now as he was no longer sitting down. He stretched for a bit as he was looking down from where he stood now.

”That is a long way down, if I say so myself, but its good climbing practice, if I say so myself,” he said this with a smile on his face. He started running downward on Gideon’s arm now as it was the best thing for him to do. Gideon’s arm had been slightly bent, so it had a nice slope where he wouldn’t just slide down. He made his way down the man’s arm, but the pickup on the speed was crazy. He figured it was due to the fact that gravity was weighing him down, and his own body mass, but he didn’t really mind. When he got to his forearm he tried his best to slow down, which was hard to do, but he was able to make a complete stop when he got to the giant’s wrist. Yuurei looked down to see how far he was from the ground, and realized he still had a lot to go. The thief didn’t want Gideon’s help, so he jumped off, and grabbed on to the side of Gideon’s pants.

He didn’t want to go the front way because he didn’t want to accidently touch something he would never want to touch from another man. He made his way down the man’s leg now as he was climbing down easily and without a problem. When he got close to the ground, he jumped off Gideon, and landed on the ground. The men at the tavern were looking at Yuurei like he was a crazy person. When they noticed what Yuurei was doing they had paid attention to him, and were wondering if he would make a mistake and fall. They noticed he didn’t have wings like them either, which was why they had concerns. The pirate just looked at everyone with a smile and then noticed that there was a server going around giving people their drinks. ”Hey you waiter,” he called out.

The man turned to look at Yuurei waiting for him to say something. ”Yes can I help you sir?” he asked because Yuurei didn’t say anything. ”Can you get me a beer mug, and keg for my friend here,” he pointed at Gideon as he figured he would need a keg to drink over a mug. The server had took note on what Yuurei said, but was surprised about the keg. He didn’t know how he was going to bring that out, but he figured he would have some people help him with that part of the order. Yuurei noticed a table that was clear for him to take, and he walked over to it without a problem. The people stopped looking at him and continued on with whatever they were doing. Yuurei’s seat was near the edge of the Tavern’s outside portion, so Gideon would be able to talk to him. ”Nice place and nice atmosphere,” he said out loud to his friend.

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4 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 4:47 am



Judging by what Yuurei had said, Gideon figured the human had tussled with the marines before and more or less enjoyed himself doing so. Taking a moment to think about an earlier conversation the two had just a day ago, the giant wondered if Yuurei is actually part of a pirate crew, though the smaller being hadn't confirmed yet since they've met. Though to the giant, he himself figured he wouldn't judge the smaller being for being a pirate.

Though in actuality, the giant would indeed be judgmental, albeit to a degree. Being a pirate was a serious situation; there were rarely any individuals that would desire or were alright with even being seen speaking to such criminals. Growing up, Gideon had heard stories from his parents about such beings; pirates didn't discriminate who they pillaged or who they were themselves, ranging from the smallest beings to the tallest giants. Of course to any child, the life of adventure was an amazing thing, but Gideon was a different child, he wanted to stay safe inside, hoping that he would never face such dangerous people or situations. Being a pirate meant losing your freedom, or at least that was Gideon believed.

Once Gideon reached the tavern, Yuurei made his way down, though the giant figured it would have been easier to assist him, but he chose not to say it. As the human ordered the drinks, the giant stabbed Jormungandr into the ground, allowing it to keep itself standing, towering just a story over the tavern.

Once Yuurei took a seat, Gideon laid on his side, stretched out, his body covering more length than the tavern. Many eyes were on the giant, though no one dared to say a word. "It's a good area and the day is good enough for anyone to enjoy the outside air" Gideon said as he looked about the outside of the tavern as he rested his head upon his hand. As far as he could see, there were no marines, though there were rumors about marines being under cover. What Yuurei had stated earlier popped into Gideon's head; question was: why would the government want to bother with the leader of Skypiea?

"Politics" Gideon whispered. As he was about to talk to Yuurei, he realized there were people still staring at him, so he reached over and with an open palm, moved Yuurei, the chair he was sitting on, and the table he was at, closer to him so he could whisper without anyone overhearing, "So, what's the plan? If we're going to stalk asking about, I can't enter the tavern" he whispered.

Within a moment's notice, the waiter returned with a mug for Yuurei and another worker showed up rolling a keg to Gideon. "Thanks" he told the guy as he picked up the keg, popped the top off like the keg was a can, and began drinking from the whole thing.

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5 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 6:45 am



Yuurei was waiting on the drinks, and he watched his friend join him on the seating. He of course couldn’t sit on these chairs, so he had decided to find his own way of relaxing. He smiled at him as he had enjoyed his style. He basically blocked off a road that nobody would be able to go through. The thief was okay with that, and he was sure that nobody was going to say anything about the situation. He also noticed how big the sword was compare to the Tavern, and was actually surprised about that. He just looked at the people who looked at Gideon, and glared at them as they would see him giving them death stares on the situation. He kept looking at them and when they felt, and so they were being looked at, they turned their sights away from the two. It didn’t take long for Yuurei’s attention to be averted back to Gideon though.

The giant had spoken up, which brought Yuurei to look at him. He inhaled deeply to Gideon’s words, and exhaled with such a happiness behind it all. ”Yeah man, it is indeed,” he said this and moved his hand onto the table. His fingers had begun to tap on the table as he was making a beat while waiting for the drinks. He knew they were coming, but he kind of wanted them now. His eyes looked down at the table for a bit as he had gone through a lot from being on this island, and journeyed through a lot of it on his own. He was expected to be a loner from what he had been doing since he left his island. It was only because of Mashyuu, and especially Harley that he decided to join a pirate crew, which was basically a team. He had gained different feeling inside because of them, and he wanted to make sure that when he had done stupid crap for himself it was on his own.

His thoughts had snapped because he heard the giant whispered at him, but then soon he felt his chair and the table he was in front of him move towards Gideon. That was weird, and Yuurei’s eyes widen when he was surprised about the sudden action his friend had done. He didn’t know why he did that, but he could hear him asking about their game plan, and he could only smile because he was waiting for him to ask him about that. Still, before he could say a word, their drinks had finally arrived. The pirate looked over to the waiter, and he nodded as he placed his drink on the table, while the keg was being rolled to Gideon. That was interesting, and he didn’t think they would bring it, so it kind of made him chuckle a bit when he took note that they actually brought it.

Yuurei took his mug, and chugged a large portion of it before he had placed it on the table, and sighed with relief. ”That is some good beer, if I say so myself. This place knows what they are serving their customers,” he said with a happy look on his face. The people around them nodded as they had agreed with his choice of words, but didn’t want to say out loud. Yuurei moved a bit forward as he was slouching towards Gideon. ”We don’t need to go into the Tavern Gideon,” he whispered as he turned his head to look at everyone that was here, and then looked back at his companion. ”We have everybody we can get our information from right here. I’m sure we can ask them about the marines that have been on the island, and someone would be able to come up with some type of answer, or lead we can follow,” he said this in a whispered as he turned himself a little bit on the chair he was sitting on.

Yuurei was looking at all the people that were drinking alcohol this instant, and figured they would all have valuable information. They just had to pick their minds, and gather up enough information where they would be able to put them together, and see which were false, and which were plausible. ”After we finish drinking this, you move around the outer part of this Tavern, and talk to the people around the edges. I will go towards the inner part, and gather information there. When we are all done we head back to this seat, and put our gathered information together, okay?” he said this as he raised his mug up towards Gideon, so he could clash with his mug, and then the pirate had started chugging down the rest of his before he had slammed it on the table. He got up from his seat and sighed as he was looking over to a certain table, where there were two men sitting down and talking about something.

It seemed interesting because they were laughing about it, and Yuurei had casually walked over there, and took a seat next to them. They both stopped talking and looked at him with an upset expression on their face, and he smiled at both of them. ”No need to worries guys I’m here to talk to you guys. Good mood and all, but do you guys know anything about the marines that are secretly hiding throughout Skypiea? I just want to know, so I can run them out of this island,” he said as he looked at the two of them, and they looked at him, and then at each other, and then back at him. They were thinking about whether or not to tell him anything.

6 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 1:41 pm



Gideon took another swig from the keg. Yuurei had made an out-loud compliment which everyone drank to; indeed this wingless human seemed like a people person, so maybe he will have better luck in collecting information.

As Yuurei whispered back, Gideon leaned in as close as he could to hear him. With a nod, Gideon raised his keg in cheer before taking in another swig. Interesting plan on the human's part, but for a giant to be nonchalant and try to pick up conversation was very hard to hide.

Once Yuurei got up from his seat and began moving about, Gideon sat up so he could lean over and lay on the other side of the tavern's outer walkway, he stretched and yawn, trying to make it as casual as possible. Then he looked over to three winged men who were playing some kind of card game, "Angel Island is so peaceful and with little to no authorities; down on the surface, we have marines running here and there" Gideon laid his head on his open palm as he watched the card game.

"Yeah, well don't be too comfortable" one of the men said, his eyes locked onto his own cards, "Rumor has it there are some marines playing 'citizenship' up here". The other two card players began dismissing their friend's claim, calling it nonsense.

"I've been around the island and even in the Upper-Yard, I haven't seen any marines" Gideon added before taking another swig.

"That's because they're not in uniform; they aren't allowed to station a base up here" At this point the bald winged man looked at Gideon as if he was just another regular sized person, more focused on the subject of the marine.

"But wouldn't it be difficult to travel to and from Skypiea without having a stationed base nearby?" Gideon asked.

"That's because they do have one, hidden", before he could finish, one of the others had placed down a set of cards, winning the pot, causing the other two to begin arguing. Gideon scratched his head and tried to nonchalantly lean in a different direction, avoiding any kind of blame.

As they said, Gideon was playing the conversation like a harp, or at least that was what he himself would say. It was all a matter of poking the right words in the right parts of a conversation, then allowing the others to move the subject along, getting the ball rolling.

The marines had set up base in Skypiea, although they aren't allowed to. For the marines to do such an illegal thing, they must be desperate on a reason to do such a thing, especially so high up into the air. But whatever that reason, Gideon felt couldn't have justified going behind someone's back. People expected better from the marines, they are expected to be the law enforcers, no lesser but no higher than the law.

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7 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 2:31 pm



They figured if he was crazy, and being honest, then they would get this man killed, if he couldn’t take on the challenge. But if he would be able to take out the marines, then they wouldn’t be on Skypiea any longer, which would be a good thing. They didn’t need marines here because there was rarely anything bad going on in this part of the world. There were hardly anybody who came to Skypiea that didn’t have wings, so there was nothing to worry about. Sky Island also had themselves armed with a bunch of technology that they could use to take out any threats. ”Well, if you want to know about the marines here it’s simple. They are all the undercover, but it isn’t hard to spot them because well they don’t have wings. They usually stay hidden around, but I don’t really know where though. I’m sorry I can’t help you there, but what I do know is that they are trying to gain favor with God,” he said to Yuurei.

He nodded when he heard this because it was a good way start with on his information gathering, and he looked over to the other wing-man and wondered if there was any more information for he can get from him. ”What about you is there anything you would like to add?” he asked the man curious to hear what he had to say. Yuurei’s eyes blinked a few times as he was looking at the man with a smile on his face. The man sighed as he wanted this man to go away from the area, but felt like he wouldn’t leave unless he gave him something. The man caved in as he decided to lead this man to his grave. ”I heard that they might be somewhere around the Entrance of Ordeal, which makes sense, if they are trying to get God’s favor. Their reason, or at least from what I heard was that they wanted to have God on their side in the World Government,” he said stopping his words right there.

Yuurei’s eyes sparkled when he heard those words because it was actually amazing, and beautifully said. ”I see if they have him on their side, then they have your technology. That would make them really strong, and that itself is just scary,” he said to the two guys. They nodded as he had gotten the idea. ”Yeah now go away, and please don’t tell anybody that we told you this please,” he said as he waved Yuurei to go away. Yuurei nodded with a huge smile on his face. ”No worries anything anybody says here is kept with me. I’m just trying to get the information that is needed to find these marines,” he said as he walked away from their table and looked around to see where else he could go. He seen about three other guys sitting down together as if they were also having a conversation of their own.

Yuurei walked over to the trio and waved at them with a huge smile on his face. He was trying his best to be as friendly as he could, but it was all to get the information that he truly wanted. ”Hello there guys what are you three talking about?” he asked curious to see what they would say. One of them looked at Yuurei a bit as if he was going to say something, but soon after he had hiccupped before the words could escape his lips. ”None of your business, what are you doing interrupting our conversation? You want to fight?” he asked Yuurei, and when he heard him speak, it was clear as day, that this guy was beyond drunk. He knew he could handle this man, but that was not what he was there for. Yuurei stepped back a few as he was waving his hands back and forth like he didn’t want any problems. ”No I don’t want any problems here. I just wanted to ask a few questions about something, if I could please?” he asked him as he looked at the trio.

The man who was beyond trashed had looked at Yuurei and smacked his lips against each other while moving his finger at him. The other two could only laugh at their friend because they only came to drink to see this man in action. Still, they figured Yuurei could ask his questions. ”Sure go ahead, but please make it quick,” he said to Yuurei. ”Do you guys know anything about these marines that are said to be hidden within these areas?” he asked them, and they were all shock for a minute because they didn’t think they would be ask that question. The people on this island had made sure they didn’t mess with the marines because they didn’t want to be taken away from home. They also knew that they were doing all they could to gain God’s favor, so they didn’t know what was up with that. ”I heard those suckers have a warship with a bunch of marines inside of the ship,” one said.

”I heard they are someone around the Entrance of Ordeals, but they are so well hidden nobody could find out where exactly they are located,” the other said. Yuurei looked interested to hear more as it looked like the two were having a competition to see who could cough up the better information. ”I heard their base is just a campsite where they all hang out and stuff, while they have their ship somewhere around the coast of the Entrance of Ordeals,” he said and he looked at his friend, and so did Yuurei. ”Well I have heard they had have gotten their hands on our technology due to the black-market,” when he said this Yuurei had smiled because this was some juicy stuff. ”I think one of the marine guy is an animal,” he said, which Yuurei figured could be right, but he felt like this guy didn’t have any information to give him. ”Anymore?” he simply asked as they looked at him. They both shrugged and they had nothing left to give. Yuurei nodded at the two helpers, and gave them a smile. ”Thank you guys for your time,” he walked away from the two, and made his way back to the table he was sitting in. He waited for Gideon to return, so that they could exchange any information that they had gain.

8 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 3:51 pm



Gideon had attempted to speak to another set of drinkers, but before he could get in a couple of words, they dismissed him. The giant ended up leaning elsewhere, but the couple ended up getting up before he could even get a word out. As far as he could figure, his presence was a bit too much, especially when it comes to talking about something that may get others into trouble, and it doesn't seem like anyone wanted to take that risk, regardless if the rumor of the marines were true or not.

"Am I that intimidating, sir?" Gideon asked a winged man who seemed shorter than the rest.

"I suppose, but I think it's more of that" The short winged man said as he pointed to a poster on the side of the tavern. Curious, Gideon careful plucked it off the wall between his fingers. The poster showed his picture from below, barely getting his head in view, but he knew by the clothing that it was him. Because the writing was foreign, he couldn't read it.

"What's this?" he asked.

"These are posters of people we put up of visitors who don't pay the entry fee at the gate" the winged man said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well... am I expected to be arrested or something?" Gideon raised an eyebrow.

"No, we don't perform such hassles, but don't expect any good treatment at least until you pay the toll, now if you will excuse me, I can't be seen talking to you" then the pudgy winged man scurried off.

"Well that isn't fair, I didn't know there was a toll and I didn't come here intentionally" the giant said to himself before he leaned over to where Yuurei sat.

"So as far as I could get, the marines are possibly here, but it doesn't seem that everyone knows or it could be that barely anyone wants to talk to me because I didn't pay some kind of toll; what did you get?" he whispered to the swordsman.

Although it wasn't the actual problem at hand, Gideon still thought about. An entry fee; maybe it was possible to get this sorted out at an office, but even if he somehow got the authority to take down the posters, they would no doubt ask for the entry fee up front, which to Gideon's knowledge was something he didn't have.

Thinking about the wanted poster, the giant wondered if that would consider him a threat, or criminal. In the marine's eyes, they would believe it to be no less than an illegal act and they would be expected to bring him in. No, not yet, he couldn't be locked up, at least not yet. He needed to find a way to free his mom, because she herself is innocent, but is being forced to do time because she was framed. There's too much on the line.

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He was waiting for his friend to come back with information about the marines. He hoped that he would be able to get something out of anybody that was here. He watched Gideon from afar as he was talking to someone and took a poster as well. He was curious to what he was looking at, and assumed it was a wanted poster from how it looked. He wondered if that was a poster of him, but he hoped it wasn’t. He didn’t know his bounty from the last time he had gained one, or if it was the bounty that was given to him for Skypiea, but he knew today would be the day where his bounty would grow due to his plan for the day. It didn’t take long for his friend to get back to his original seating, and spoke about the information he got. He chuckled as he figured he would probably not be as approachable as he hoped he would, but it was okay because he had gotten some good information on the marines.

”Well I got a few information from several people that were drinking their butt off. One guy told me that the marines are here like you said, and it wasn’t hard to find them as they had no wings, and after he said that he said something along the line that they are trying to gain favor with God. Now I have heard about this God person before from a man in the Ordeal of Iron name Father. It seems like this God is the ruler of Skypiea, and the marines want him on their side,” he paused a bit. He coughed a little bit as he was trying to gather himself for the rest of it. ”I also got information that they might be around the Entrance of Ordeals, which means that we are going to have to do some swimming,” he laughed because he knew it would be Gideon who would be swimming through the sea.

Yuurei placed his hand on his chin as he had more information to share with his friend before they had started their journey. ”They also seem to have a warship, and a campsite, and that they are hidden around the Entrance of Ordeals. The best thing is though they have Skypiea Technology, so a bunch of stuff that we can claim for ourselves,” he let out a big grin while he was rubbing the bottom of his chin. He thought his friend would be able to gather more information, but that wasn’t the case. He was a little upset about that, but the information that he had gather would be enough for the time being. ”So since we got the information that we needed, then I guess it is time that we make out way towards the Milky Road. From there I will direct you on where to go unless you remembered how to get there,” he said as he got up from his chair.

The pirate had grabbed his blades as he was happy to be well equip for the incoming battles. He let go of the handle of his blade with his right hand, and reached into his robe as he was looking for something. When he gotten his hand out, there was beri in his hand, and he placed it on the table. He left a nice tip for the waiter who had gotten Gideon’s his keg. Yuurei made his way to the giant who was laying down, and made his way to his shoulder. He sat down on it, as he was actually slanted now, but he held on to his hoodie as he was waiting for Gideon to get up from where he was sitting. ”Whenever you ready big guy lets head to the Milky Road and start swimming,” he said waiting to move along from this area. While they would move through the city, Yuurei thought about the poster that Gideon had again, and wondered what that was about. ”I see what was that poster about? A wanted poster, or something. You looked upset about it,” he said as he was waiting for Gideon to explain it to him on his swim.

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From what Gideon could pick up from Yuurei, it seems the rumors are true about the marines. And apparently God exists. It was a bit confusing hearing people refer to this leader of Skypiea as 'God' as opposed to 'a god', it brings to bind the question of if this 'God' is the God everyone on the surface refer to, and if so, then wouldn't he or she be powerful enough to rid of the marines? or be able to take Gideon down to the surface safely?

Gideon had never fully believed in god, mainly because he and his parents weren't religious, they kept focus on the world below their feet. There were stories of God living in the sky, as Gideon got older, he figured it was silly and didn't take it seriously, but not hearing this, it was hardly believable, but he didn't want to tell Yuurei that in case he turned out to be the religious type; the giant was never the type of person to be insulting to someone's beliefs. The possibility, at least to Gideon, of this 'God' they people in Skypiea refer to actually exist, is if the title was simply that, just a title and the person behind the title didn't actually have any true divine power. Otherwise the marines and their secret base wouldn't exist up in the clouds. But then again this was all speculation, for all Gideon and Yuurei knew, they were being sent on a goose-chase, none of it being real. However then again, Gideon laid upon a giant cloud that supported him a great distance in the sky with winged people. This whole situation was already impossible and unbelievable.

After Yuurei took a spot on Gideon's shoulder, the giant stood up, pulled Jormungandr from the ground and began making his way towards the white-white sea, "You're highly confident on the idea of sneaking into a marine base and stealing from them" He said with a sigh, he wasn't sure on the idea of it, the only reason why he had any type of hope was because he wasn't going alone, "Do you actually have a plan?" he asked.

Soon enough, the giant had reached the edge of Angel island, his boots sank into the water and he began trek through the sea, "I'm confident in your strength, but don't you think you're over estimating your strength? It is a marine base, a war ship, and we cannot easily sneak around them, I am easy to spot" Gideon gave his concerns, however ever since he had met Yuurei, he had become stronger, and more confident in himself and his strength. He gripped the handle on Jormungandr, the sword gave him strength as well as having Yuurei on his shoulder; his heart beat felt stronger, the idea of running through the marine base felt exciting, even though this may lead to his death.

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Yuurei had picked up a habit of doing when he was on Gideon’s shoulder, and it was moving his feet back and forth. He acted like a child when he was on the giant’s shoulder, but he didn’t care, and his reason for doing it was so he could pass the time. Still, he heard his friend as he said something to about being confident on sneaking into the marine base, and stealing from them. He could have done it like that, but that wasn’t what he was planning on doing. He never said he wanted to just sneak into the marine base, and steal from them, but he wanted to create havoc and leave his mark on the World Government. He wanted to show them that he, and his crew was strong enough to take on anything that came their way. It was a bold move to make, but he figured if things got tough, they could always run if able.

He stood quiet thinking about what they were going to do. He figured they would have to do a lot to find these marines since they were hidden. There was said to be a marine base on the island of the Entrance of Ordeals, but it was one that they would have to search for. Then there was this warship that was somewhere around the island. He wouldn’t be able to find the warship, well he could, but it would be easier, if Gideon could just walk around the island as the ship would be on the water. If they split up and moved around unnoticed, then they would be able to find the marine’s hideout. He knew that he could find that one without help, and he would just have to move around the island for a while, and sense wherever the most amount presence are in one location. He had thought about this through the entire walk now due to Gideon asking him that question, and soon enough he spoke up again.

He snapped out of it and noticed that they were in the water now. Yuurei could see that he was walking through the sea, and he looked over to the man’s face as he explained about sneaking around. Yuurei chuckled a bit when he heard that, and patted Gideon on his shoulder. He sighed because he was going to have to explain what they were going to do. ”I don’t plan on sneaking into the marine’s base, or ship and steal from them. I want to know their location Gideon, and take them all out except for a few. These guys don’t deserve a clean steal, but I want to take them out for what they did to my friends. I also want to test out my strength, Still now I shall explain the plan that you made me think of when you asked about it,” he paused for a bit as he cracked his neck as he was getting ready to speak.

”When we get to the Entrance of Ordeals, we are going to split up Gideon. I want you to go around the island in the water, slowly and carefully, and find out the location of this Warship. Once you get the location of the ship, I want you to immediately make your way back to our rendezvous place, which will be that beach area that we walked on the first time we ever came here,” he paused for a second gathering his breath. ”I will seek this marine base that the people on Angel Island were talking about. I have a way to finding that, so you got nothing to worry about. Once I find the location of this place, I will make my way back, so we can talk about the situation. We will most likely take out this base first before the ship,” he said with a smile on his face because he wasn’t done.

”You said you are easy to spot, which is good. If you show up to their base, and close to their ship, they will never see me coming when I hit them with a surprised attack. Then we catch them off guard, and their formation broken, and take them out that way. Gideon this will be a way to show how strong you have become, but this is also a way to get back at the marines for doing anything bad towards us. I know I’m in for it, but I’m not sure now if you are. Are you?” he asked him curious to see what he would say. When he looked at ahead the island would soon come to view. Yuurei had spoken a lot, which made time go by much quicker. It wouldn’t take long for Gideon to make his way to the island.

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As Gideon waded through the water, he grunted at Yuurei's reasoning for dealing with the Marines, "To test yourself?" he turned to give a quick glance to the smaller man for a quick moment. Though Yuurei had also put in the fact that the Marines had involvement with his friends, lack of information there, he felt empathy, because he knows personally how it feels to have someone close being hurt by the Marines.

Then the plan was being laid out to him, "Split up!" Gideon then became worried, though he fell silent. Indeed he was confident when he's with his allies, but alone... he felt he couldn't muster the strength needed. Not much of a problem, since Yuurei required him to do a simple recon in order to know the positioning of the warship, though he figured that may be a large problem since it's easy for him to be spotted.

After a bit of time of wading through the water, Gideon reached shore of the Upper-Yard then walked up to a nearby river, "I found out this river leads to the entrance of the four ordeals, so keep you following it and you'll reach four stone entrances that the river splits into" With a deep sigh, the giant placed Yuurei down, then he looked back to shore, dreading the thought of his mission. "Ok, so... find the warship, return at meeting point, then we'll go together to the base, then to the warship, we'll act fast" Gideon gestured a thumbs up, regardless of his nervousness. Then he was off.

Gideon made a running start, began wading through the water at shore, then when he was deep enough, he dive and began swimming the perimeter of the island, hopefully he'll find the ship soon.

Why? This was odd for the Marines to go through such trouble to manage to get a warship high up into the air and sneak about to drop anchor and set up a secret base. Clearly there's some type of motive, but as Gideon had suspected, it had to be political. But then he thought about; if it was indeed political, then people like politicians would be involved, but currently, if the rumors are true, it's just the marines, which shouldn't be taken lightly. The marines are a military force, used for gripping authority and enforcing demands, they are a dangerous force and Gideon hold any high respect for them.

Gideon will always remember the cold water of the white-white sea. Though it is all cloud, it felt like the blue sea's water. He began to think about swimming about with the large fishes as a kid. Then he began to think about his parents and how impressed they were about Gideon's swimming ability. Yes, he kept his distance away from pirates, but to him, Marines weren't any better, if they can easily make the mistake of arrested an innocent woman and be convinced to gun down an innocent man, then they were just brutes, not justice enforcers.

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Yuurei heard his words when he said test himself; he could feel the doubt that came out of his words, but it was nothing compare to when he said split up. The pirate could only shake his head because he felt like his friend was nervous about this. He didn’t want to bring him here, if he didn’t feel like he was up to the task. ”You got this Gideon. Don’t doubt yourself, and all I need for you to do is check things out,” he smiled at the giant touching his shoulder with his right hand. He licked his lips as he noticed that they had reached the shore the shore from before, but he didn’t get off his friend right now. Instead, he waited for Gideon to put him down, and he did after he told him about the river and how to reach the four entrances. He nodded because he had been here twice before, one when him, and the second time on his own.

Still, it was nice to have a friendly reminder, which he didn’t mind coming from Gideon. ”Thank you Gideon,” he said as he was put down, and explained on how to get where he needed to go. At this moment Yuurei didn’t feel anybody’s presence besides Gideon. They were the only two people in this area from what he could tell, and he knew that he had gotten hanged of this. When he landed on the ground, he tapped the floor a few times as he been using Gideon as a type of seat for a while. He knew that his friend didn’t mind, but he hoped that he didn’t think he was getting used. Soon enough he could hear Gideon speak about the plan that he was supposed to do, and Yuurei could hear it again. He sounded worried, and he sighed as he shook his head because he was going to have to work with the Giant in getting stronger mentally.

Still, he seen his thumbs up, and Yuurei did the same thing as he watched his friend running in the water, and soon enough disappearing from his sight. He sighed as he turned around, and his trip through the side of the river would begin. Yuurei made his way on the side pf the river; He kept his eyes sharp as he was using his eyes to see, but this extra sense to see if he could feel anybody’s presence beside his, and the animals, and insects that were moving around the area. He didn’t pay mind to them because none of them were making their way towards him. He continued to move through the side of the river he was on as he kept his right hand on the hilt of his blade. He felt having both of his hands on the hilts would leave him in a weird situation.

While he continued on his with his walk, he had thought about Koneko and the others. They had decided to follow him, which he found interesting, but he didn’t bring them along with him. Yuurei wanted time with Gideon, and he didn’t want any of them involve in the crap he was going to pull. Koneko had given him a hard time, and she was pleading with him to try and bring her with him, but he didn’t budge and told her to stay. Of course she was upset with him, but she listen to him at the end of the day. He was kind of regretting it now because he felt like they would have been better off with more people. It took him a while, but Yuurei had finally made it to the entrance of Ordeals. He knew that they weren’t in any of the ordeals, but he didn’t feel any presence of the marines he was looking for. ”Where could they be?” he asked himself as nobody would be hear him.

He moved around the area as he decided it was best to move through the forest instead. He figured the only way he wouldn’t get lost, if he followed the presence of the fishes that moved through the river. It would be a good way to pinpoint their locations, and make it back to Gideon. The swordsman started walking through the forest avoiding the trees, and any of the logs that were on the floor. He traveled through the area, but there was still no signs of marines anywhere near the area. Could it have been false information? he thought to himself. The only thing he was picking up was more animals, and insect, but the sign of human life was nowhere to be found.

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Though Yuurei's encouragement was considerate, Gideon still felt nerves rattle at the idea of facing against the marines. As he swam, he thought back to the day when the marines had barged in and taken him and his mother. They were placed in large cuffs and escorted to their ship by giant marine officer. Gideon was confused, not knowing why they were doing this to them, it would be a year before he would come to find out that his mother was framed by another.

His mother was taken, his father killed, all because of a giant who claimed to be a family friend, Eredon Loki. Ten years would pass before Gideon would find out Loki had became a marine and began using his influence in selfish and hurtful ways, though they seemed obvious, it seems the marines themselves had turned a blind eye; some say politics, some say greed, Gideon didn't bother pondering it much, he knew what he desired, and that was to find his mother and free her, even if that meant messing with the marines and dealing a blow to them.

It would take Gideon at least twenty minutes before coming into view of a stationed warship, to which the giant then slowed from swimming to slow wading. He dipped himself low so his head bobbed just out the surface of the water. By what he could see from his point of view, the ship flew the marine's insignia, there was movement on the ship and two figures look to be giants. Though he was in view of the ship, albeit too far to for either side to catch a good glimpse, Gideon's nerves had settled eve since he began thinking about the possibility of saving his mother. Then a thought came to him, maybe with Yuurei's crew, he would have a chance to get stronger and be able to succeed in freeing his mother. Although the thought of them truly being pirates, which Yuurei kept avoiding the question of whether or not they were, gave Gideon reason to worry. He would end up being a true criminal just associating with such people. But then he thought about the fact that he was already considered a criminal.

He had a choice to acquire something similar to military might, that is if the rest of the crew were as strong as Yuurei, this man was pretty much a one man platoon. And if Gideon decided to train with the smaller being, then he too would be strong enough to hold his own, even though he didn't think any less of himself, he felt he needed to get stronger.

He realized it, or had already did, but never admitted it, he was eventually going to fight the marines, it was unavoidable given that he intended to rescue his mother. Unless he took up studying law, but no one had that type of money.

Without another moment to stare, Gideon turned about and slowly waded away and when he was far out of side, he began full swimming to get to the rendezvous point.

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It wasn’t a tough time moving through the forest, and while looking around Yuurei took the time to notice the beauty that was around him. The people around these areas barely came here, which meant that life here would be able to florists without any type of hindrance. That was good and he felt bad that he might be the one to disturb that peace. If he found the marines around here, then it would mean that Yuurei might destroy some of this life he was walking through. He had done a lot ever since he had met Mashyuu. There was one thing he noticed and that was he didn’t do any job that required stealing for other people. He found it weird that he hadn’t taken any jobs, and what he had been doing were things that would only give him what he needed. He was surprised about this because all he cared about before was stealing and making money for himself, but this time it was different.

He was stealing, but it was for himself, and even though he took money from those he stole, he was mainly trying to make himself stronger, and finally gathering the swords that could make him a power man. While he continued to move through the forest, there was no sign of marines around the area. He felt like things were becoming a lost cost. He could walk through the ground as he moved around the low branches of the trees as they flicked back into place when he left the area. The pirate kept his hand still on his blade as he used his free hand to get things away from him. After a bit more walking through the forest, Yuurei felt the life of fishes disappear. He had gotten too far, and there were no marines. He turned around and started walking back. It didn’t take long for the life in the river to come back to him, and he sighed because the last thing he wanted to do was get lost.

Yuurei retraced his steps as he felt it was a quick way to get around, and he didn’t want to get stuck into a situation with one of the animals. The swordsman made his way back to the river after a few minutes of walking, and he sighed. He looked around as he was hoping for some type of sign, but there was nothing of the sort. It was becoming a lost cost, but he felt like he couldn’t give up. He was sure that Gideon didn’t find the warship that fast, so he had time to look around. There was another side of the forest, and Yuurei moved around the river, and then sprinted towards the edge of the river, and pushed off the ground, and jumped to the other side. He landed on the ground with his knees bend, and his body slightly crouched. He was quick to get back to standing tall, and soon enough Yuurei started moving inside that of the forest.

While he was walking through this side of the forest, he felt that there were a lot of animals around this area as well. The different though was that there were a bunch of them in a certain area. He felt it to be weird, but figured this was good for him. If the animals are all secluded into a certain area, which could mean there is something they fear in a certain direction. It could be a vicious animal, or it could be an abundant of marines that they choose not to get close to. he thought this to him as he felt like he was getting somewhere. Yuurei started walking away from the presence of the animals now as he was move through as he had made few to no noises at all. Still, while he walked through the forest there were still no presence felt of any marines. The thief came to a stop for a second as he rubbed the back of his head. He was a bit annoyed, and he started to feel as if the guys at the tavern had lied to him.

Yuurei turned around as he was planning on going back, and tell Gideon that there was nothing around the forest that yelled ‘marines are here.’ When he took a step forward, he had come to a stop. There was a presence that came into his field of observation, and when he closed his eyes he could feel that this presence was that of a human. The pirate turned around again, and moved through the forest making sure he stuck to trees to make sure that he was not spotted. Following this presence would allow Yuurei to feel two people, then three, then a lot more than ten. His eyes widen when he felt this because he had found them. Still, the first person that he felt was away from the herd, which gave Yuurei an idea. The thief had made his way to that person, and it seemed like he was using the bathroom. That was perfect, and Yuurei decided to act on this as he stood close to him from a nearby tree.

When the man was finished peeing Yuurei rushed over to him as he turned around to walk back to the camp. The man could hear ruffling sounds coming from his right, but by the time he had tried to turn and see what it was that was making his way to him, Yuurei had wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and quickly snapped it without a moment of hesitation. He sighed as he had gotten rid of one of the many marines that he could felt. They were large in numbers, and it seemed like they were not even planning on leave Skypiea anytime soon. He dragged the body with him towards a huge nearby brush as he was a bit nervous about what he had done.

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