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46 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:33 am



Like constant rings of thunder, the giants traded blows as the ship rocked to and fro. Although to the pirate, initially he had thought they were evenly match, that was altered quickly. Blood flew, his arms were numbing, losing feeling.

Gideon wasn't aware that the marines had surrendered while also putting out the rest of the fire before it overtook the ship, with everything more or less settled, the only thing left was the outcome of giant fight.

Splinters flew, planks broke and the two sank deeper into another floor of the ship. Suddenly, a slashing attack came from Yuurei, drawing blood from Karla's back, causing her to flinch and allowing Gideon a chance to deliver a strong uppercut, so strong, the blow sent the marine flying out the hole, her back slammed onto the deck.

Karla grunted as she got to her knees, she looked back at her men who weren't fighting, but bringing out the treasure chest, "What are you doing!?" She yelled at them, causing them to hesitate.

"Um, c-commodore Karla..." one of the soldiers stood at attention, but the conversation didn't carry on. Gideon had jumped out of the hole and slammed onto the deck beside Karla; the boat rocked, sending waves crashing against the cliff.

"Surrender" Though Gideon was heavily bloodied and bruised, his eyes blazed with fire.

"Over my dead body" Karla growled as she stood up. Gideon didn't reply, he simply ran forward and tackled the marine giant with so much force they both flew off the side of the ship and slammed into the side of the cliff, causing an indentation.

Karla laid within the indentation, grunting in pain. She looked up at Gideon for a moment, struggled to get up, but then passed out, leaving Gideon hanging off of a large rock poking from the side of the cliff. Gideon looked back to Yuurei and nodded his head, indicating the battle is done. Then he looked back to Karla. He wasn't sure what the blacken form was that she was able to do, but it somehow solidified her body parts, making them feel like metal, Gideon could feel each and every hit. Even now, the giant pirate grunted in pain as he did his best to keep strong to his grip on the jutting rock. Blood trickled down his bruised arm. There she was, Karla, Commodore. Though it wasn't the first marine Gideon had taken down, he felt her defeat was the first to turn the tide. Then he began to worry about being a killer.

Then he heard her breath, which brought satisfaction to him. She's alive, and he felt she didn't need to die and hopefully Yuurei didn't see that as a problem, Gideon sees her as a defeated foe either way, what would she do in her point?

47 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:11 pm



Yuurei had heard the giant asked the marines what they were doing, but he ignored her as he knew better than anybody that she shouldn’t be looking away from her fight. She would pay for that, and he watched Gideon jump onto the deck of the ship and causing it to shake, but it didn’t bother him. He was against the railing, which gave him support to make sure he didn’t fall again. His friend had the upper hand, or that was what it looked like. The woman wasn’t going to give up though as he could see his friend had offered her a choice to live and give up, but she refused, which brought Yuurei to shake his head at the both of them. He didn’t think his friend would allow her to live, but he knew that Gideon wasn’t like him, so that was to be expected. Still, she was stupid as she didn’t take advantage of his kindness to live another day, and now she was going to have to take her out.

The thief just watched his friend slam into Karla and the both of them were sent flying to the side of the cliff. His eyes widen as he was surprised that Gideon had done something like that. The woman had taken the impact of the cliff side, and he could see her trying to get up. He was surprised that she was conscious after that impact, but even with her efforts she was knocked unconscious. That meant the fight was over, and he looked at Gideon who was hanging on the side of the mountain waiting for him to be helped, or at least that was what it looked like from Yuurei perspective. He pushed himself off the railing as he was looking at all the men that were surprised that Karla was actually taken out by the giant. Yuurei tapped Benihime on his shoulder as he looked at the marines that were on the ship with a smile. ”Look at that, your friend is still alive. You get to take her home with you. I would have killed her, but you guys agreed to my terms, so I will leave her breathing, but please make sure you are gone. By the way I don’t know if you guys know about this, but the camp on the island no longer has any marines there. We kill them all, so I hope you don’t think you could cross me and my friend,” he said taking a few steps away from the railing.

When he got far enough, the pirate started sprinting towards the edge of the ship, and jumped off, and towards Gideon who was hanging because of a large rock. Yuurei would easily swing his blade, cutting the rock that was holding Gideon, and allowing his friend to free fall down to the water below. He would grab onto his friend’s shoulder though as he would allow him to fall as he knew Gideon would fall safely. ”I got a bunch of stuff for us from the captain’s quarter Gideon. Also, if you can toss the big girl onto the ship, so they could start leaving now,” he said as he was waiting for his friend to do that. And when he was done with that, Yuurei figured he would tell Gideon where they should go next. ”After that we can go on our way. We need to patch you up big guy. You took a lot of blows from her. I got some bruising from that Rear Admiral, so I’m sore all over. I can’t wait for Harley to fix that though,” he would smile and chuckle a bit.

The marine ship would start moving and slowly to. That was because the mast of the ships had been damaged, but they were safe enough to make their way back to the Grand Line. They didn’t want to be here when they had lost their Rear Admiral, and almost lost their Commodore at the same time. It wasn’t just that, but these guys had taken out the other Commodore, and Captain as well. They had done a lot of damage to the marines today, and it had hurt them to know that they couldn’t even go to the campsite for backup. The marine ship would soon leave the area where the Entrance of Ordeals was located. The Grand Line would hear more about Yuurei, and about a giant that was his friend, named Gideon. They would have also lost hope in getting God to agree to alley with them with pirates like those two lingering around the place.


48 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:27 pm



Gideon gave Yuurei a look and wondered what his friend would say. After hearing his speech to the remaining marine soldiers, Gideon was satisfied with the decision on allowing Karla to live.

Just as Gideon was about to slowly climb down, Yuurei jumped and sliced the rock he was holding onto; now with his grip gone, he began to plummet, as a reaction, he made a quick grab at Karla's jacket, forcing both him and her to fall into the water below with Yuurei hanging onto his shoulder.

Surfacing to the surface, Gideon gave one stern look to Yuurei who took a spot on his shoulder. Regardless what, the battle was over which was good enough. He lifted Karla and tossed her onto the ship, making it rock once more before they sailed off, but not before the entire crew struggled, but managed to work together and toss Jormungandr overboard.

Gideon grabbed onto Jormungandr and began to swim off towards Angel Island, "So" his voice proved he struggled to hide the pain as he performed slow backstrokes, allowing Yuurei to sit upon his chest, "Thanks for not killing the rest of them" he knew there was a strong possibility Yuurei wasn't intending on leaving any survivors, though now that they had escaped, the worse may happen; they will be known and will have bounties upon their heads.

With a sigh, Gideon looked to the sky, he wanted to push his troubles to the side for the moment. Then he remembered something. He forgot to ask for information about Loki. He took a deep breath, trying to hold his facial expression. He didn't want to worry Yuurei, he wanted to take in the fact that they succeeded in surviving and removing the Marines from Skypiea, it was still a win. He'll try again later... there has to be another chance.


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