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16 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 8:14 pm



Gideon swam as fast as he could, trying to make his way towards the destination, though a bit difficult, given that he held Jormungandr with one hand while trying to swim with the free hand. For the moment, the giant enjoyed the quiet of the sea, the sound of churning and splashing water as he makes his way through it; moments like this he enjoyed being alone, but the thought of having friends came to him, quicker than before.

Shaking his thoughts off, Gideon gained his focus on his mission at hand. Once he returned to shore, he slammed Jormungandr into the sandy cloud beach and allowing his cloths to wring dry. Looking down upon his pruney hands. He had been in the water for far too long, but at least he completed his part of the mission.

Looking about, Gideon wondered where Yuurei might have been. Was it possible that he has gotten himself into trouble? Indeed the possibility was there, they are, after all, hunting for marines, basically asking for trouble.

After a moment, he had pulled out a packet of sushi rolls to which he began munching on; he wasn't hungry, more on the lines of nervous and impatient. Seconds pass and he began to be annoyed, for Yuurei not arriving, and for the fact he had forgotten once again about the wasabi.

"Damn it, Yuurei" Gideon grunted as he pulled Jormungandr from the sand and made his way towards the river where he had left Yuurei before. As he trek, he hoped his friend was alright, was safe. However little did he know, Yuurei was a one-man army instead of a one-man platoon.

Though at the time, Gideon didn't realize it, he was concerned to the point that he was being reminded of his parents. It has been many years since he had a friend and now that he has gained such a connection, no matter how small, he was determined to keep him safe, he didn't want to lose another person, especially not to the marines, for they had taken his family away, which to him was everything.

His heart beat quickened, it was too quiet. Gideon began to regret agreeing to the plan, splitting up was always a bad idea, now they were by themselves, they were more vulnerable and they couldn't help one another. To be a giant among the smaller folk is impressive and a gift, but to be at a state where his long arms cannot reach those in need, those he care about, it makes him feel smaller than those around him. At this point, his feet against the floor quickened, made heavier, though he didn't notice.

It was just a small amount of time that he had known the man, but already he was determined to keep him safe, alive, because he realized he didn't want to be alone, he lacked strength because he was afraid of being alone, he needed someone to protect rather than someone to protect him.

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17 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 29, 2018 9:00 pm



When Yuurei had gotten the marine into the brush, he had started striping the man off of his clothing. It was not a hard task to do, and he was glad that he didn’t stab the man, or slit his throat because then there would be blood on the outfit. When he had taken the man’s clothes off, he had continued to drag the man across the forest as he was making his way to the river. He had to make sure that there were no marines that could find the body. He had marine cap on his head now, and the coat was over his body while walking through the area. He was retracing his steps as he knew where he was going, and he was wondering how Gideon was doing. He figured if the man was at their rendezvous spot, then he might be worried about him. It would be the same if he had gotten there, and his friend didn’t show up.

When he got to the river though, he looked around, and he didn’t feel the presence of the marines anymore. He grabbed the body, and lifted it up in the air, and dropping the marine’s shoes in front of him. He felt bad for what he was going to do next, but he needed to make sure that this marine was never found. He used all his strength, and toss the body onto the side of the forest that was divided between the river streams. The body had flown farther than he expected, and when the man was gone he had looked at his hand, and wondered how strong he had actually gotten. He nodded when he felt that he could only get stronger, he was also happy to have a giant as a friend because he felt like with him on his side they would be able to do a lot of damage against whoever was against them. Now that he had done that, he crouched down to pick up the shoes, and started walking towards the vantage point.

The pirate moved along the river now as he was on guard making sure that there were no marines that had ventured out this far. I wondered if Gideon would be okay with the plan I have right now. he thought to himself as he continued to walk. While he was thinking about this someone had gotten into his range of Haki. Yuurei had looked up and when he felt the presence of Gideon he had wondered why the gentle giant was moving towards him. The thoughts that rushed through his head were quick. Did he get caught by the marines? Are they chasing him right now? Is he okay? What if our plan is ruined and we have to fight them without surprising them? he thought about all of this as he was moving through the side of the river. He was moving faster now as his pace had quicken. He had a worried look on his face because he didn’t want anything to happen to Gideon.

When he moved along the river, it wouldn’t be long until he noticed Gideon. When he seen his friend he could see that he was moving through the river faster than he usually would have. When he seen Gideon do that, he looked behind his companion, and then closed his eyes to have better focus. He didn’t feel anybody making their way through the side of the river, or in the river either. They were just fishes moving through, and riding along the current. He sighed because Gideon had given him a scared, but he was glad that everything was okay. ”What happen Gideon? I thought we were planning on meeting up by the shore? Why did you rush over here? I thought something happen to you, and that you were being chased by the marines,” he shook his head. ”Thank god I was wrong about that,” he said after he dropped the shoes on the ground.

Yuurei started stripping as he was taking off his clothes. He had forgotten to explain this to Gideon, but he would if his friend had reminded him. He was able to take off his clothes as he revealed a few scars on his stomach, and on his back. The pirate took off his robe off, and when he finished that he folded the robe. The young man had started putting the marines outfit on, and soon enough he was able to put it on. He looked like a glorify marine, and he looked up to Gideon while he was fixing his cap. He had his clothes in his hand, and he was trying to hand it to the giant. ”Can you put this into your bag? And how do I look? I bet I look cool as a marine,” he said to Gideon with a smile on his face.

18 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 11:32 am



Once Gideon had made his way to the river where he had left Yuurei and as he expected, the swordsman wasn't around. With a sigh and worry, the giant quickened his pace up the river while gripping the handle of Jormungandr; possibilities ran through his mind, the rumor was that marines were in the Upper Yard which meant that Yuurei might end up being spotted, regardless of how strong Yuurei is, anyone can be brought down depending on quality in strength or quantity in number. His grip on the sword's handle tightened and his pace quicken.

Aiming his focus forward up the river, Gideon wasn't paying attention when Yuurei came into view which caused the giant to come to a quick stop and draw Jormungandr from his back, as the blade swung in the air, the gust of wind swept leaves out of the area. The second he realized it was Yuurei, he dropped his killing intent, "Ah! Yuurei!"

Bringing Jormungandr down the floor as he kneeled to speak with Yuurei, "Sorry, Yuurei, when I got to the shore, I began to worry and I guess I let my mind play tricks on me" He then took a moment to sit and finish his sushi rolls while Yuurei changed, in between bites he asked "Where did you get the cloths?" though he figured the plan involved Yuurei to pretend to be a marine. An interesting ploy, though if they both were going to invade the secret base, wouldn't Gideon himself require a uniform as well? He doubt Yuurei had another set a cloths on him, especially a set that was big enough for a giant to wear.

After Yuurei changed, Gideon grabbed his friend's clothing and placed them into his pants pocket, "You look good, but... what about me?"

19 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 12:26 pm



Yuurei wasn’t nervous about Gideon’s blade, or anything like that, so when he had done that Yuurei had acted the way he always acted with his friend. He did hear him about him being worried about him, which made him smile a bit. He was happy that his friend had cared enough to come running through the river to look for him. He rubbed the back of his head because he was glad that there was someone in this world that would be willing to look out for him. He had asked him about the clothes that he had gotten, and he looked at the giant with a nervous chuckle. They had killed insects, and animals, but he wasn’t sure how the big giant would take it when he would say that he killed a marine. He took a paused for a bit as he was having a battle in his mind on what he should tell Gideon. He was a liar and he would lie to anybody, but he considered Gideon a friend.

What the meant was that he didn’t lie to his friend because he wanted them to trust him without a single doubt. ”I…um…I killed a marine, and took his clothes, and I threw him on the side of the forest,” he said. He was able to let it all out, and he would only hope that his friend wouldn’t think of him differently. Yuurei didn’t mind killing those around him, but he didn’t want to kill those who were innocent unless his life was definitely on the line. With that being said he wouldn’t sacrifice his friend’s life right? Still, after everything Yuurei smiled as Gideon had grabbed his clothes, putting them away. ”Thank you, and you a handsome giant. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the females of your kind jump at the chance with you,” he said with a smile and laughed at Gideon. Still, he was sure Gideon had it good with the woman of his race.

He didn’t move from this place as he was hoping that Gideon would give him answers about the warship. Yuurei wondered, if he had gone around the whole entire area, and wasn’t able to spot the warship. He scratched the back of his head for a bit and then placed his hands to his side. ”I’m assuming you found the ship right? Unless that was a lie from the guys at the tavern,” he said as he wondered what his friend would say. No matter the answer though Yuurei was planning on telling him his part next. ”So I found where a lot of marines are hanging out at. I didn’t get close to their base to check them out, but I know that they have a large amount in a certain area. I can only assume it is their base of operation,” he paused for a bit.

He coughed a bit to clear his throat before continuing on. ”What I was planning on doing was come from the area that the man I killed came from, and explained to them that I had gone patrolling around the area because I thought I heard something. When I get inside, I want you to appear, and get them to all come over to you. When that happens I will do my best to take out the majority of the marines there. And from there we work together to take out the remaining of the marines. It is the best plan I can come up with such short noticed, and I hope it will turn out to be a good plan,” he said as looked at his friend knowing he would have questions. ”Any questions while we head up to their location?” he asked him as he turned his body, and started moving up the river again. The only good thing about Gideon making his way up the river was that Yuurei didn’t have to go to the shore, and then walk back up the same path.

The pirate started walking up the river, and he figured Gideon would continue on walking in the water. He didn’t feel the presence of the marines moving around their location because he couldn’t feel any of them. He felt the animals, and it seemed like these marines had someone strong enough to keep them away from their campsite. He was excited about this because he could only wonder how different marines were from the other type of people he had been fighting up to.

20 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 12:51 pm



Gideon froze in between bites as he looked at Yuurei, 'Killed a marine'? until now, the giant did not consider the idea of killing them. Indeed given that he has a problem with the marines, he had expected to have a struggle against them, but they are acting in accordance of the law, albeit he and and his mother were framed, so to kill a person who's simply doing their job was something would have to rattle in his mind about... but not now, he plopped another sushi roll into his mouth and shrugged, "It was either him or you, self defense" he muttered.

The compliment Yuurei suddenly threw out into conversation seemed like a way to change the subject and avoid the situation that he had killed someone, however Gideon hadn't noticed, but simply blushed embarrassed, "Ah, shut the hell up! your compliments have no effect on me, you salad tosser" the giant avoided eye contact as his face went red.

The moment Yuurei asked about the ship, Gideon's expression rubberbanded back to seriousness, "Yeah, I found the ship just off the shore in that direction" he then pointed, "I couldn't get any closer without getting myself spotted, but I noticed two giants" he felt nervous when stating this because it had been nearly five years since he had last fought another giant and nearly a full year since he had last seen another of his own kind.

Staring at Yuurei with determination and finishing up his last sushi roll, Gideon mentally went through Yuurei's plan. His heart began to pick up it's pace, the thought of charging full into a marine base was suicidal... but something in him found strength. Maybe it was his desire to finally get answers to where his mom and Loki are, or maybe it was pent up aggression.

Picking up Jormungandr, Gideon stood up and followed behind Yuurei up the river, "If possible, could I speak with any high rankers before he... dies?" he nonchalantly told Yuurei. This was it, either he was going to take a step forward in his mission, or die trying.

21 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 1:25 pm



While the walk up the river seemed long, the two of them were close to their destination. Still, while he was making his way he was bit confused. It was because of the first thing that Gideon had said to him. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about the life he took, but he knew in this world leaving someone alive could mean your downfall. He could just imagine if he knocked out the marine, tied him up, and somehow the guy had got loose, and warned everyone had happened. It would mean things would get difficult for him, which he couldn’t take that risk. It made him think about telling Gideon, and it was hard, but he was just battling what was inside him to tell his friend. When he had given the compliment to Gideon it seemed like he had said a bunch of nonsense to Yuurei, which he found a bit funny. It made him chuckle to hear the man’s words.

Yuurei was glad to hear that the rumors about the warship were true. That was good to hear, and when he looked at him he had showed him the direction where the ship was located. It was in the same direction where the base was located, which made a lot of sense. At the end of the explanation though he could hear about the two giants. That was interesting because that was another race that he had never fought before. He had finally took on a Wing-man, and won, so he had gotten a bit of knowledge on fighting them. They were fast in the sky, and they used that to their advantage. Their speed came from their wings, which he found that it was best to go for their wings, so their speed could be taken down a notch. Then, the last thing Gideon had said surprised Yuurei. His friend wanted to talk to a high ranking marine before he die. He was hoping that Gideon understood that this meant they were going to be slaughtering anybody that got in their way.

Still, he didn’t say anything to Gideon as he was thinking about what to say. Their walk felt forever as Yuurei was hoping that they would make it to the end of the river. He could feel no marines, which meant things were going as plan. After a while of walking though Yuurei could see that they had finally made it. He stopped moving and turned to Gideon; he looked at the giant and was ready to say everything he could to him. ”I killed that man not because of self-defense, but because marines are and those are usually my enemy. If I choose to do something, and they are in the way, then I won’t hesitate to take them down. But, I’m glad you found the ship, which means we can head over to that warship after we take out their campsite,” he paused for a bit as he was getting ready to answer Gideon’s question.

He looked behind him, and then towards the giant. ”Yes we will try our best to make sure we can have one of the officer stay alive, so you can ask questions, but after that he has to go,” he said to his friend. ”Now I want you to follow behind me about twenty-five feet away, and I will give you the signal when I want you to stop moving while I go on ahead. Then give it about three minutes, and then you can make your appearance Gideon. Then from there we will start wreaking havoc around the area, but now just follow me,” he turned around and he started walking through the forest. He figured some of the trees would get damage because of Gideon’s stature, but that was to be expected. He was on the move right now as he was going through the forest and remembering how he had gotten around the area the marines were located. It wouldn’t take long for him to feel the presence of many marines nearby, and he knew it was time to stop Gideon.

Yuurei would stretch his arm behind him, and spread his hand out as he was signaling Gideon to stop moving. He stood still now as he was taking a bit of time to move from his spot. He was gathering himself as he didn’t want to mess this up, and get himself into a situation where he couldn’t surprise everybody that was in the campsite. He tapped both of his cheeks on his face and when he felt confident to move forward he started moving through the forest. After walking through the forest he would soon be open to a huge open space. There were wooden fences around the area that had spikes on the tip of the wood. There were two marines in front of an open entrance. As he continued to walk forward, he could feel the number of marine presence increase drastically. They did have a lot of these guys here after all. It was like they were ready to go on a little war here.

Yuurei moved towards the two guards at the front and they were confused to see how long it took this guy to come back. ”Oi what tooken you so long?” he asked. The swordsman figured that he would have been asked this, and he had a good answer. ”I thought I had seen something suspicious around the area, so I went to check it out. Turns out that it was nothing, but my imagination,” he said to the guards. ”I feel ya. Being here for the time we been here does that to ya,” he said, and Yuurei nodded agreeing with him. They didn’t suspect anything, which was good, and soon enough he had walked through the gates as if it was nothing, but a walk in the park. When he entered though he looked around and was surprised to what he seen.

The marines had a bunch of tents set up throughout this open space in the forest. He figured they chopped down a lot of trees to be able to do this. There were several campfires not lit up throughout the area, and he could see that there were a lot of marines hanging out with each other. There were other that were training, while others seemed to be doing chores. They looked like they didn’t know what to do as if they were waiting for an order. Yuurei kept moving through the campsite as he figured that they would have something to do in a few minutes.

22 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 4:34 pm



Gideon wasn't surprised about Yuurei reading through his expression and just as he expected and hoped it wasn't the case, the situation wasn't in self-defense. As the swordsman explained, he and the marines were enemies and being an outlaw, it is to be expected, a never-ending war between the law and the lawless.

The giant kept silent as he walked behind, watching and following Yuurei, seeing him in a different light, a blade-wielder who won't hesitate on a kill, determined to...

'Wait... what is his drive?' Gideon asked himself. For himself, he wanted to fight the marines for the sake of one day freeing his mother and getting revenge on the giant who put her in jail and had gotten his father killed, but as far as he's getting from Yuurei, the swordsman doesn't really have any true ambition to fight these people except avenge his friends, whatever may have happened to them. To kill, leaving no one alive, even the officer that Gideon intends to interrogate. They were in the way, which is why they were going to die, but in the way of what? It seems Yuurei was just a breeze, passing by with no clear direction in mind, but it was a deadly wind and because they wore the insignia of 'Marine', their blood will hit the floor, even those who never even heard of him.

What was Gideon to say? He needed answers, so he couldn't back down now, and he was sure not stupid enough to stand in the way of Yuurei to protect officers that are a rock in his own road, surely enough Yuurei would end up considering Gideon to be an enemy as well.

"-and they are in the way, then I won’t hesitate to take them down."

Yuurei's hand went up and Gideon stopped. As the swordsman went on ahead, the giant edged over behind a tall tree and began counting the seconds.

Who was this crew that Yuurei was with? Surely they are indeed pirates, "20, 21, 22, 23".

Were they sailing about, killing marines and other authority figures for simply being in their way? "63, 64, 65, 66". Gideon tied his black bandanna onto his head.

What about the innocent? Did they kill the innocent as well? "110,111,112,113"

Where was the line? And if there was a line, do they consider one another friends enough to not involve one another in such situations? ... would they be driven to kill a friend? 178, 179, 180"

Taking a deep breath, and with one last mental picture of his mom in chains, Gideon tightened his grip on Jormungandr with both and rushed forward. With just a few strides, he spotted the fence and it's gates along with two marines who were surprised, but before the marines could react, Gideon was already swinging his large sword, sweeping it so low, he managed to slice the two marines and send them flying, not knowing if he cut right through them like he was able to cut through a large ham; he kept his imagine in mind, his mother, and how he wanted to kill Loki.

With a strong shoulder thrust, he broke through the gate, sending it flying. The marines within were startled and the giant took advantage of this by wreaking havoc, trying to draw as much attention to himself as possible "Loki!" he yelled out before he began swinging Jormungandr, destroying crates and sending marines flying.

23 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 5:23 pm



The pirate had made his way through the campsite, and had gotten a good distance away from the entrance of the place. He figured things were going to get crazy in a minute or two. He assumed that Gideon had been counting down before he decided to start the chaos. He wasn’t sure if there were any high ranking officers around the facility, but he figured he would find out soon enough. The people here looked like they didn’t know what was going on, and they were just freely doing whatever they wanted here. His ambition was simple, and it was to ruin the marines for messing with his life. They did nothing for his family, and his mother and father’s reputation had been ruined. His mother had been a master swordsman, and she was left to be poor without a penny to her name. His father was a man who had knowledge of swords, and could make them himself.

Yuurei was sure if his father had the right tools he would have been able to make a great sword of his own. They had been screwed over because of the marines, but it was a past that Yuurei would never mention. Instead, he looked behind him because he could feel the presence of Gideon getting closer to the campsite. He could see the huge man make an appearance as he watched him take his blade and strike without hesitation at the front gate. Yuurei’s eyes widen as he was surprised about what he had done. He had no hesitation and the marines that had been hit were sent flying from their spot. He felt bad, yet at the same time he was amazed to have a new ally like this giant by his side. He just watched everything that happened, and he could see Gideon bust through the front door like it was nothing. His observation allowed him to see that a lot of the marines were confused on the matter at hand, which was a good thing.

Yuurei did his best to act the part as he was trying to be as surprised as he could be. He actually was as he could see the destruction the big guy was able to create. He could watch a few marines gathering weapons to their hands, and a bunch of them had started moving forward. They had brought themselves a fair amount of distance away from Gideon as they didn’t want the giant to get them before they could try and fight him close combat. ”We cannot fight this beast up close shoot him down!” he noticed that someone had come out from a tent nearby, and it was this guy who was shouting out the order. He smiled because this was the man who commanded the rest. Yuurei figured he could take this guy out, but then he would leave Gideon to be shot by a bunch of marines. And even his friend would be able to dodge it, or take the hits, the marines would take noticed of their commander going down, and his chance for a surprised attack would be gone.

He took note as another person had come out of the tent that the man had come out of. This person looked a bit younger than him, but the both of them wore the same outfit. Yuurei couldn’t see what their ranking were, but he figured they were the main focus in the camp. Still, what Yuurei could see that there were more marines making their way towards Gideon as they were getting ready to attack his friend. Yuurei eyed the area around him, and when he seen a marine running towards the group, he planned on using him as the focal point of his attack. He started running towards Gideon as if he were going to help the other marines, but he had unsheathed four of his blades. Kusanagi, EgeKing in one hand, and then he had Benihime, and Ichi into his other hand. The captain that in this campsite took noticed of Yuurei when he seen the sword style he was using.

He was for certain that nobody in this camp was able to use this fighting style, which caught him by surprised. The captain was for certain that this wasn’t a real marine, but he had their clothes on. ”The giant is a distr…” before he could finished his words, Yuurei had spun towards the marine that he was going to use a his the center of his attack. When the marine was cut Yuurei had stopped moving right there, and two huge spiraling wind slashes had spread around him, and caught the marines that were about to shoot at Gideon. When they were hit by Yuurei’s attack a few of them had pulled the trigger still and a few bullets had been sent in Gideon’s direction. Still, every marine that was caught in his attack, had their bodies lifted into the air, and cut up by the air slash. He didn’t hold back on his attack as well as he had intent to kill everyone in his wake except for Gideon.

When his attack was done he turned around to look at the two men that were still standing. Yuurei could see that his attack was not close enough to get them as well. He did noticed that he didn’t get all the marines that were in this campsite. Still, they looked scared as hell right now as the majority of them had been taken out by a sneak attack. He was sure Gideon would be okay with defending any bullets, or at least Yuurei would hope so. ”WHO DO YOU THINK YA’LL ARE. YA TRYNA MAKE MARINES THE ENEMY?!” he shouted as he was angry. His comrades had been killed, and a few of them had been injured. His pride as the captain of this campsite had been hurt, and Yuurei stood standing with a smile on his face.

Technique Used:
Name: Yontoryu: Jiten Kire/Santoryu: Jiten Kire/Nitoryu: Jiten Kire/Ittoryu: Jiten Kire
Description: The user rushes towards their target with quick speed and agility and when they get close to their target the user will spin slashing pass their target with their weapons. On the initial hit of the attack, the user is able to generate a spiraling wind slash that spreads up to a 25 meter radius around the user slashing anybody that is around the user. The initial target is not affected by this part of the attack, and the user doesn't always have to create this portion of the attack.
Range: Medium 8m - 25m radius
Attribute: Speed & Agility
Theme: Kuikku Joutoryu
Rank: Intermediate

24 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 6:13 pm



Marine officers were sent flying by the mighty swing of the giant's blade. As the whole encampment shrugged off the intimidation, their marine personas showed as they took charge and acted immediately, charging for the giant in a large group, swords drawn.

Gideon brought Jormungandr swinging back, sending another handful of marines flying and scattering the rest. At first the giant figured with this tactic, he wouldn't be touch... or so he thought. Someone in the back had called for firearms, which Gideon hadn't thought of. As a handful of marines drew their rifles and took aim, the giant dove to the side, trying to dodge the gunshots, but as he was in midair, a geyser of wind erupted from the ground, swallowing up the rest of the marines and even pulling Gideon enough just enough to cause him to tumbled.

"Argh!" Gideon got to his knees as he looked up to find that the tornado had vanished and the only people that remained were Yuurei and a few marines. Two of the marines noticed Yuurei and began reloading their rifles, but Gideon didn't allow them to finish as he took a deep breath and exhaled fire which ended up swallowing the two marines whole. As they screamed, Gideon looked over to the harmed marine captain and Yuurei who seemed to be at a stand-off, however from how the situation seemed, the captain didn't stand a chance.

Pain shot through Gideon's shoulder. He removed his left arm from the jacket's sleeve to see his white shirt seeping blood; he had been shot the moment the tornado appeared. Though the pain was irritating and his left arm didn't move as well as he wanted, it was only one gunshot wound and he was still alive and kicking. The two screaming marines soon stopped as he dropped and the fire was slowly dying out.

"Simple question, captain" Gideon said, trying to hold in a grunt, "Where is Loki of Elbaf?" his voice was stern, the pain was there, but he shrugged it off, nothing was going to stop him from getting the answers he's been searching for.

Skill Used:
Name: Spitfire
Description: Seeds from the red Fire Flower, are used as spices in Gideon's cooking, to which he has been able to develop a skill by ingesting an amount of these spices and burp out flammable breath to which he can combine with a spark from clicking his giant's teeth, causing to ignite and set aflame the cloud of flammable breath.
Range: Short 1m - 15m
Attribute: Strength & Power
Rank: Novice
Theme: Hell’s Kitchen

25 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Wed May 30, 2018 6:52 pm



Yuurei could only smile when he heard the marine ask him that question. He was getting ready to answer the question, but he could hear a few people screaming from his side. He knew they were around, but the giant had taken care of them. There was the scent of burning flesh in the air, and he looked at the two captains that were in front of them. He could see that one of them had been a captain longer than the other due to their stature, and the way they through around orders, and asked questions. Still, everything was going as plan, and he could only feel his blood boil because things were going to get interesting now. The marines that he had felt that were around the area were either dying, or hurt from his attacks, or Gideon’s attack. The scene had changed from how it was at the beginning in the campsite. It had went from a nice sight to one where there were crates broken on the floor, bodies lying around the floor, tents on the ground, blood on the ground, and even fire on some corpses.

Now that the screaming had finished dying out, he was ready to speak, but Gideon had spoken up again. It seemed that he wanted to know about some guy name Loki. The thing is Yuurei knew the person he asked about was a giant when he finished because of the island he was from. He had remembered his friend had told him where he was from before. Did they take his friend? Or is this Loki guy a guy that Gideon doesn’t like?” he thought to himself as he was waiting for the marines to answer the question. The two of the captains looked at each other as they were waiting for a signal from the other, but there was nothing. ”I don’t know who ya talking about ya big goof, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell ya,” the marine said as took out a sword as he looked at Yuurei.

”I will ask once more, who do ya think ya’ll are?” he asked Yuurei specifically. ”The name is Jiyuu D. Yuurei. I am here to send a message to the World Government. The God of Skypiea is off limits, so you guys can pack your bags. We aren’t letting you guys get to any type of agreement,” he said as he was holding onto his weapons. He pointed his blades straight towards the captains as he figured that this guy was going to be the one that was targeting him. Yuurei noticed the man that was next to the marine had taken out two guns from his coat, and when that happen he knew who that man was going for. He had pointed the guns at Gideon, which brought Yuurei to rush towards him. He wasn’t going to allow that to happen to his friend, and when he got close to the captain targeting Gideon he attempted to slash at him with his right hand.

When his hand swiped down for the attack the marine who had a sword collided with Yuurei’s attack. He smiled for a bit as that was to be expected, and he knew that he would have to be on guard. He used his observation Haki, and felt the man’s next attack coming. He noticed from the corner of his eyes that there was a left roundhouse kick coming his way. He had ducked allowing the kick to go fully through as he kept an eye on the captain. When he done a three sixty, Yuurei took note on what he had read on this man’s back. He wasn’t a captain, but instead he was a commodore. That made more sense to why he was giving orders the way he did. Yuurei had quickly gotten back into his stance and changed target. They had covered the captain’s sights on Gideon though to a degree, which was good because his friend wouldn’t get shot off the bat. The commodore had moved his blade to connect with Yuurei’s, but didn’t see the kick that was coming from the pirate.

He didn’t see it coming because Yuurei had attacked with both his leg and his hand at the same time. The man stumbled a bit as he looked serious with Yuurei as he figured that this was not a sparring match, but a fight to the death. The commodore had gain his composure back as he took a stance against Yuurei, and rushed over to the pirate as he had thrust his blade towards Yuurei gently, so he didn’t lose his balance. The thief had easily dodged it, but moved his arms towards the man’s blade, so that the commodore didn’t catch him with slash downward to his shoulder. The commodore was impressed on how strong this guy was, and noticed that he was going for a counter attack. The commodore was able to dodge Yuurei’s slash by turning his body slightly to avoid being hit. The two fighters had jumped away from each other as if they were assessing the situation.

”I guess the Will of D. does reside in ya. The likes of ya always causen destruction whereva ya go. Today isn’t ya lucky day sunny,” he told Yuurei. The swordsman could only smile to the marine’s words because he had no intention of losing. He wanted to get these marines out of Skypiea, so that Mashyuu and the rest of the crew wouldn’t have any unnecessary problems on their time here. He knew he didn’t tell this to his captain, but he figured he would take care of it anyways. ”I’m going to take you down, and anybody that gets in my way,” he said as he moved to his right, and commodore followed to make sure that he didn’t give himself an opening. He was sure why, but this pirate had made him tremble a bit.

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The marine spat back at Gideon, clearly he wasn't intimidated, which pissed him off, he made such a leap, risking his life and committing such an insane crime and yet he has not gotten his answer. Yuurei answered the marine's question by introducing himself.

Suddenly, one of the marines drew two guns and aimed it at Gideon, the giant tried to dive again, but the pain in his shoulder caused him to hesitated, luckily Yuurei had moved fast enough to stop the attack, albeit his attack was stopped by the commodore.

The guns are a problem and Gideon knew he had to prevent another line-of-sight. From his fannypack, he pulled out a keg of ale and took a quick swig. Then after taking a deep breath, the giant exhaled a cloud-mist of liquor that covered the two marines and Yuurei, blocking out their line-of-sight.

"Yuurei!" Was all Gideon said as he swung Jormungandr in a wide arc, close to the ground.

The captain managed to avoid Yuurei's blade thanks to the commodore, however when he attempted to take another shot at the giant, the area became shrouded in mist... 'Wait, a mist of ale?' Before the captain could figure out what to do, he began hearing an odd sound, little did he know, it was the sound of a massive sword cutting through the air, dipping into the mist.

The commodore saw the blade coming, thanks to his observation haki; he happened to jump into the air just into time to dodge it, as he did, he called out to his captain "Jump!"

But the captain was too slow to react, before he could register the situation, blade sliced him in half, sending his upper body flying out of the encampment.

"Bourbon Chicken!" Gideon yelled, signalling to Yuurei a code, hoping he would understand what he meant, for even though he dug his blade into the mist, he didn't know who he had cut, or if he had cut anyone at all. He was planning on finishing his combo, but he needed to wait and see if Yuurei will escape the mist first.

Skilled Used:
Name: Mist o’ Ale
Description: Gideon’s stomach is similar to that of an oven, with enough heat to evaporate a bottle of liquor he had drank one post prior. He then releases a burp in front of him which creates a mist that obscures those within it to the point they are viewed as silhouettes. The mist lasts for a short amount of time (1 post). The mist is also flammable and will immediately set ablaze anything within it.
Range: Short (15m)
Attribute: Strength & Power.
Rank: Novice
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Yuurei was getting ready to continue the fight with the commodore in front of him. He was excited to fight someone strong, and his body was aching for it. Still, he wasn’t the only person here, and that much he knew. There was the captain who was trying to shoot down Gideon. He had tighten the grip on his swords as he was getting ready to attack the commodore. It was the best plan right, and he would hope that his friend would be able to take down the captain without too much of a hassle. It didn’t take long for the battlefield around them had started to change, and he noticed that there was a mist like appearance clouding his view. He could feel the presence of everybody though even though he could no longer see them. He figured it had to be Gideon because it had come from behind him. Still, what happened next was surprising.

The pirate had his observation Haki active, and he noticed that there was a huge sword coming from behind him. He knew that it was Gideon who was attacking him, but he was just surprised that his friend would do something like that. He shook his head as he figured he must have had a plan, and figured he would understand what he was trying to do. He heard his name, but it was not needed as Yuurei had jumped enough to land on the blade, and then pushed off it before his distance between he and the commodore could widen. He had lunged an attack towards the commodore while he was in the air, and he was able to cut the man’s arm off. He was in the air, which was hard for him to dodge even with Haki, but Yuurei was upset that he didn’t get the arm with the sword. The commodore would grunt from this combo attack as Yuurei landed behind him.

Both the commodore, and Yuurei had turned to face in the direction that the other was. The commodore on the other hand noticed that the captain’s life had been taken. He sucked his teeth because he was at a disadvantage now. It was two versus one, and then the giant had put a mist of what smelled like ale. Yuurei could smell the alcohol, but soon enough he had heard something come out of his friend’s mouth. He knew what he meant by that because he remembered what Gideon could do. However, the commodore wasn’t going to just let him escape as he had lost an arm just now. The marine rushed over towards Yuurei and the two collided their blades with each other. He was able to see the look on the commodores face as he could see that he was exhausted. It wasn’t because he had been fighting for too long, but because of the massive shock, and blood lost he was experience.

Yuurei pushed his blades forward as the commodore was pushed back. The commodore would stumble back a bit before he gained his composure. Yuurei rushed towards him as the man was ready. Yuurei had slashed his blades the commodore repeatedly as the man was dodging the attacks. When he did that he would counter attack Yuurei with a slash of his own, but would miss because the pirate was also dodging his attack. The swordsman was trying to figure out a way to get him to take a hit like he had done before. He had figured a way to get out of the mist of ale that filled the air, and he was going to find it funny. He continued to fight the commodore as the two clash blades, and pushed each other back, and rushed back at each other. The fight looked fierce, and Yuurei knew that the commodore was coming to an end, but was as stubborn as they come. When the two collided at the end though, Yuurei noticed that he was going for a roundhouse kick.

He had allowed himself to get by the attack, and pushed himself in the direction from where his body would stumble. This caused Yuurei to take the hit, but not a direct hit. He had to play it off, and the thief had tumbled to the ground in a dramatic fashion. The tumbled never stopped, and soon enough he was able to get out of the mist. He got up from the ground, and onto his feet as he jumped away from the mist just to be extra careful. The commodore seen that he was moving away from him, and started running towards Yuurei to take him out, but it was too late. ”Gideon now!” Yuurei shouted waiting for his friend to do what he was going to do. He figured that alcohol and fire only created more fire, and there was no way this man would be able to dodge this attack in his position.

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Gideon waited and watched the mist, not being able to see a thing at first but then began to see blurs of silhouettes, but given their movement, he couldn't figure out who was Yuurei, so he continued to wait. The situation was a problem at first, but seeing as the tables had quickly turned, they only had one marine left to deal with, given that there were only two silhouettes left, meaning that one of the marines had been taken down by Gideon's last sword swing.

The sound of blades cutting through air and clashing against one another was what filled the air; quickly taking a look around, Gideon hoped that there were no other marines left to provide reinforcements. He then grunted, the pain on his shoulder was still there and luckily the bleeding wasn't heavy, it was possibly a flesh wound, he couldn't make sure as of yet.

Then it happened, Yuurei had jumped out of the mist and the moment the swordsman called the signal, Gideon took a deep breath and then exhaled a blast of fire which once it touched the mist, lit up like a bloom of a giant red mushroom of light. The heat emanated strongly even after Gideon stopped his technique.

Once the fire stopped and eyes adjusted to the natural light, the mist vanished to reveal two charred corpses, one of the commodore and one half of the captain, "They're done” Gideon said, though his tone didn't sound satisfying. He walked over to one of the tents and began rummaging through supplies.

All this work and risk and they haven't managed to get any information concerning Loki, and though he wanted to interrogate them more, the situation got out of hand and Gideon and Yuurei were forced to kill them. Now all that remained were the marines on the warship.

Gideon managed to locate the medical supplies, but given his large hands, he couldn't apply them to his shoulder, "Yuurei, do you mind?" he looked over to his friend as he handed him a handful of medkits.

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Yuurei had looked at Gideon as the giant had throughout fire from his mouth and onto the misty alcohol. He covered his face as he could see that there was no way the man would have been able to dodge that. He felt bad for him, but at the same time he knew that they were going to have more of a battle to come. There were a lot of marines here, but Yuurei was able to get them together with Gideon around. He wasn’t sure, however that it would be that easy on the ship. When the fire had finished the mist had vanished as well. He could see clearly now and he could see that the captain had surely been chopped in half right now. The man didn’t get a fighting chance, but that was because Yuurei didn’t allow him to, and the giant had concealed himself to the best of his abilities. Still, now there were two lifeless body, or so it looked like that at first.

Yuurei could feel the presence of the commodore as the man was still alive. He was burned to a crisp, but it seemed like the man had been able to stay alive as best as he could right now. The pirate walked over to him as he wasn’t sure what he would do if he was kept alive. He had walked over to the burned body, and shook his head as his friend had gone through some of the tents to look for some kind of supplies. ”I will end your life now, so your suffering may come to an end,” he said as pierced Kusanagi and EgeKing into the back of the man’s charred body. The commodore would reach out to the anything that was in front of him as he felt the blades pierce through his heart, and then his hand dropped as he had finally died out. He sighed because there were a few marines that were still around the camp.

He felt them before, and was hoping they would show themselves, but they were hiding, and possibly waiting for the chance to escape. Yuurei looked over to the area they were in, and rushed over towards the marines that were hiding behind a tent. When they had noticed that there was a shadow casting over them, Yuurei could see the fear in their eyes as they were a big scared that he had found them. ”Did you not think I would find you guys? I mean how do you think I found this campsite in the first place?” he asked them as he knew they weren’t going to answer them. ”Please don’t kill us we aren’t going to tell anybody you were here,” one of them was begging for the three marines life. Yuurei stood there as he was looking at them. His answer had already been made when he entered the camp, and they weren’t going to change his mind.

However, he gave it a few seconds to pretend like he was thinking on what to say, and the marines had thought they had gotten to him, but that wasn’t the case. He could only shake his head as a no, and their eyes widen as he slashed all three of the marines that were there. They had all dropped to the ground, and Yuurei cleaned his blades as he had sheathed each and every one of them. He had stepped out from behind the tent as he could see that Gideon had gotten some medical supplies from one of the tent. He walked over to the big guy, and Gideon was handing him the medical supplies. Yuurei had looked at the big guy as he was hoping he would sit down. ”Sit down why don’t you Gideon. You give supplies for your shoulder, but you couldn’t even get down, so I can take care of you,” he said as he shook his head and jumped up a few times.

He was trying to prove his point with the jumping as he stopped and waited for Gideon to sit down, so he could apply this to his wound. When, and if Gideon took a seat, Yuurei would climb on his leg, and towards his shoulder. He noticed that the wound was a flesh wound, but one could tell that it had come from a gunshot. ”At least the bullet just scraped you, but it seems like a large cut to me, but probably a small one to you,” Yuurei said as he had was cleaning the wound with something to kill any germs on it. When he had finished doing that he had put some ointment on the wound before he started wrapping Gideon’s shoulder up with the bandages that they had to offer the two. When he was done he had slapped the wound with a smile on his face as he jumped off of Gideon. ”You are as good as new,” he chuckled knowing that he might have hurt Gideon a little bit with that.

”Now that we are here and clear of marines let’s see if we can find any money, or anything that we can deem rare here Gideon,” he said to his companion as he was going to do this either way. Yuurei had moved over to the tent where the commodore, and the captain had come out, and figured there would be a lot of things in there. He moved in that general direction, and when made it to the tent he walked in, and could see that there were seats and a table. He walked over to the table, and he could see that it was a map of this specific Sky Island. That was pretty interesting, and he decided that it was best to take that with them. It wasn’t just that, but he noticed a chest that was in the room as well, and moved over to that chest slowly hoping there was something good in there.

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Because Gideon was rummaging through the supplies, he hadn't heard a peep coming from the distant tent where Yuurei and the three marines were and because of the swordsman skill in his kills, not a single scream had left any mouths, so the giant was none the wiser.

When Yuurei had returned, Gideon had sat down, cross-legged to allow Yuurei to climb up and patch his arm. After lifting the sleeve, the giant could see the flesh wound and was glad it was that and nothing more. Though he was large, the pain from the medical process was still there. What was that? Alcohol, or ointment?' he thought as he tried to keep his focus on other things, such as wondering if anyone of the marines knew who Loki or his mother is.

After Yuurei finished patching him up, Gideon grunted from the pain of his friend's reassured 'pat'. "Yeah, I guess" he got up and began looking about for any kind of cash or valuable items, which was beneficial since no one would be using it now, but the giant's thoughts were lost as he was- 'Oh! Spices!' he noticed a crate labeled spices, albeit there was no specification of what spices, it mattered not, Gideon pocketed the crate and began looking about the camp for more stuff he might find.

After a moment, he managed to loot purses and pouches filled with beri and crates with ingredients that he could use for later meals, his mood was uplifted and he was determined to continue his mission. "Yuurei, are we going to confront the marines on the warship?" he asked with concern, though truthfully, he wanted to confront them to get another chance at finding answers, "And if so, do you have a plan?"

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