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1Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time [Gran Voyage] on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:33 pm



It was a real pain to think about, the large billboard infront of her favourite pub was covered with her face repeatedly with some flapping loose from the wind. The sight of seeing her own face made her grit her teeth a bit, when she thought she was all forgotten.
She quickly snagged one of the posters with a firm grip, letting a bit of the top side get torn as she was frowning down at her name with 'Dead Only' instructed. Odd part was that her old bounty was still there at 2 million beli. She'd attempt to take every single poster down out of irritation, words going through her words over and over again to make some sense into all of this.

''Why why why, dammit, drat it all! Why can't I get my retirement of peace!'' She thought to herself with a couple of posters scrunched inside both of her hands, clenching her fists before looking directly up to the blue sky. It was around 2 pm in the more quiet place of Mock Town, to even think such place would be filled with her bounty poster.

She clearly needed peace and was not having any of this. Crossing her arms she'd tap her left arm with her fingers in a neat rythm. She turned around and walked down the lone street in hope to catch whoever was putting those posters up. When she got down to the more busy part of town she firmly took up her hoodie, she was wise enough to not expose her face, her sharp Topaz eyes and green toned hair was easy to recognize afterall. She tugged her cloack close, looking around until noticing near the mai plaza and street there was new billboards being out up. A couple of hired workers was making it planted deep into the ground with metal bolts. A few citizins and drunk pirates gathered near the workplace with curious eyes. They already had billboards not too far away on the plaza so why was there more being created? ''Uhm excuse me, but why are there new billboards being put up?'' Would a curious citizen ask while rubbing her head. One of the pirates stepped forward with a grin. ''Heheh, I know~ It's rather obvious my lil man! Some snob that has too much money and time decided to turn this place a bit more civil. HAH! What a laughing matter, this place for sure being targeted by the Navy daily, I wouldn't doubt if those workers got hired by the Government themselves, because they simply can't use Navy soldiers around these parts!''
''I-I see, but what good will there be with so many billboards? it just seem so wasted, why would this town need more awarness..''

Risaka peeked between them and saw how they would quickly plaster those bounty posters onto the wooden frame of the billboard. She frowned some more when seeing her face being set up over and over again, the man putting them up has a casual worker outfit with the many posters in his bag. He nodded to his finished work before walking away, probably to his next destination. Risaka couldn't tolerate this so she picked up the pace and caught up to him when getting near an alleyway. She was swift enough to pull him in wihtout anyone noticing. Of course the man groaned and would curse at her for the sudden pull, but she quickly silences him by pushing him againstthe brickwall and with a fist planted hard against it next to his head. His expression got teary and scared, she was giving him the intimidating stare with a few veins popping up, her eyes penetrating his young smaller ones. She only stared for a few seconds before speaking out with a hostile attitude. ''Alright lil bud, you will be stopping whatever job you're having and you will give me the information. Who sent you to put those up? Why plaster the same damn poster everywhere!''
He gave a few hiccups, indication that he was at distraught and got more tears rolling down in fear, but he'd gently take the bag off from his shoulder, dropping it down at the wet ground with a small splash, plenty of the posters flying out from the opening upon impact. He spoke with a raspy stuttering tone, she being barely able to understand the words coming out from his mouth. Tt-t-ttttheeee mngh! The n-n-n-nearby N-naaavy hired me! I-I didn't do anythiiing wrrrrr-nnnngh ong! Don't kill meee-eeeeh!'' She sighed at him before pushing him back out of the alleyway with an unamused expression, the push resulting him to faceplant hard against the rough stone blocks on the street. ''Get out of here... and if I ever see my damn poster being put up more, I will break your limbs and neck'' Giving a rather brutal threat with her sharp intimdiating stare from the darkalley, almost from a scene from a horror movie was recreated infront of the young man's eyes. He got up quickly and screeched scared before scooting off with such speed. She looked down at the bag of posters, picking it up before tossing the whole thing into the garbage bin, but keeps one for herself, folding it neatly and putting it down into her pocket. Knowing that the Navy have sent this man only gave her one goal in mind, questions needed answers, asap.

2Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time; Act 1, part 1. on Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:16 pm



Risaka was already leaving town and down to the docks. She kept her cloak close and made her way down to the water. To her left was a small beach with boulders, and to her righ was a couple of Huts with fishnets hanging from them. She go close to one, peeking around the corner and through the window for any sign of workers. She saw one was sleeping by their small bed, they must be a nightworker and was getting their well deserved rest, well as for Risaka she couldn't care less if she took the boat that belonged to him. Her plan is to hijack one of the sailboats and venture east of the island to another nearby island where a small Navy Base was located. She knew it was a rather bold move, but where else would she go if Mock Town began to hunt her down for the bounty? She needed answers and hopefully seeking out the one wanting her dead, this couldn't be of the Navy, with so much attention at her, specially when the bounty itself isn't that great to begin with.
As she was pondering about, making a hastefull plan in her head while preparing he hijacking. She came with at least 20 good outcomes but with at least 100 bad ones. It made her grow some worry, but she'd shake it off and just go for it. Taking the rope off the side from the sailboat and jumps onto it. Today was a windy one for sure, the sails quickly caught the stream and would neatly drift smoothly away from the docks. She was never someone who could use boats with elegance, but she handled it well enough for her to controll. The route towards the Base wasn't that far anyway, she knew the direction and could see the large white fortress in the distance on the neighbour island. She sat back and relaxed, letting the wind breeze at her hair with the sun shining bright at her, her pale skin feeling the nice warmth, but sadly she was barely able to feel such wamrth for long until the cold feeling covered her body, the shivery wave grew her tired and would make her grunt with irritation.

Soon enough after a good hour of sailing she saw the couple of large Navy Ships outside of the fortress, but she weren't stupid enough to approach them directly with the sailboat. She took a sharp turn to the left towards the thick forest near the shore. She got on land and strapped the boat onto a boulder with a rope, bring with her a small hook and net from the sailboat, she already had a neat plan to go with. When she got close enough to the west side of the Fortress she would gaze up on the tall white wall. She used her hook and tossed it high up with all of her might, it barely catches the edge and latches on nicely. Tugging the rope a few times to make sure it holds before starting to climb up the tall white wall. It was surprising that the wall had no windows whatsoever, a clean climb up until she grabs the top part with her hands. Grunting from the long climb and looked outwards, observing the insides of the fortress.

The Navy Base Fortress had a small field for their troops to work on with a 5 floor tall building at the back. Taking a few steps she'd notice there were soldiers doing routine patrols near the walls at the bottom, there was no room for her to get down on without getting attention, unless there was one she could take out with a simple ambush. She walked near the corner of the wall, down at the ground was a lone soldier by a few bushes taking a small toilet break, leaking in peace with his rifle and sword in his holster. She waited a bit before going at him, when he was done she jumped down and stomped him down at his back with her dirty boots. Knocking him right away and making a good landing for her. After the impact she quickly looked around if there were others nearby, it was clear so she took the solider's vest and hat, taking his sword and rifle. ''Sorry bud, but you'll jsut have to lay here for a while, not that I really care honestly..''

3Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time; Act 1, part 2. on Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:52 pm



After the soldier she ambushed was tied up by the fishing net she brought along she stepped away firmly with her Navy hat covering her eyes with it's shadow, walking past most of the other soldiers with a slight hasty walking speed. However she'd keep her ears open for any useful info regarding her, but ony to be given useless info about their lazy life by the fleet or their desire for vacation already. It was pretty uninformative until she heard the words too many posters. She quickly got close to the source and looked around the corner seeing three soldiers interacting with each while having a smoke.

''Eeeeh? Another batch of those damn posters? What's up anyway?''
The Navy soldier grunted nd would slap the back of the other's head with a mean stare down at him.
''Oh keep quiet you! Haven't you heard? This base specifically gets a nice sum of payment for delivaring and putting up those posters! Apparently the source are wicked rich and came to our General for an agreement!''
Spoke the tall soldier, the lower one huffs and rubs the back of his head. The third one would gulp and stare worringly at the tall one.
''B-but wouldn't that be black work? Navy is strict against such! I don't wanna be found in the middle of this, is our General that greedy?!''

Risaka nodded to herself, slowly reaching back away from the corner, and when turning around she bumped right against someone. She grunted and would not look up, keeping her eyes out of sight of the person at front. It was a slightly more decorated soldier, likely one with a higher rank.
''Young soldier! Go back to your spot already before I report you to the General!!''
Risaka quickly nodded and walked past the soldier. She huffed out in relief, holding the tip front of her hat to keep herself out of sight for others to see. Luckily for her she could just straight up walk inside the base building without having to identify herself, she noticed this abse was rather sloppy, she couldn't believe such base could be this poorly handled, infact she had a disgusted feeling in her while walking inside with Soldiers drinking and barely paying attention. She walked up to the third floor to only notice the next level was locked. She didn't stand around to piclock the door of course, she instead went inside one of the rooms nearby. It was a small library with no soldiers, not that it was a surprise either, because most of them only cared about chatting and drinking with eachother. When she arrived inside the base she could see clear planks with vines going around the Base Building, with this knowledge she went to the window, opened it and saw vines and planks near the window for her to use as stepping tools.

Alright, here goes nothing I suppose, hopefully they are not weak or fragile...'' She snagged a vine and stepped out of the window, swiftly she got a nice grip on a plank and a vine and pulling herself upwards, this time the climbing was much easier and more tolerable, she did not wanna climb a flat white wall ever again. The climbing was a breeze for her and she got to the 4th floor. Opening the window, surpisingly the locks to it was loose and was just a free entrance. She got inside, she saw she was in a small living room with a long table, however she heard a couple of footsteps approaching. With a slight panic she ducks under the table inbewteen the wooden chairs. A tall figure walked into the living room and yawned. The person had thick boots and a long coat, this was not one of those soldiers at the lower floors, she'd lovingly try to do a peek, but she knew it wouldn't be worth risking. The figure went to the window and firmly closed it, they grunted, by the tone of their noise it was obvious they were a male. He walked back across the living room and slams the door behind him.

Risaka sighed, she finally got to breathe after holding it in. She got out from under the table and put one hand at the handle of the sword she has taken, being at this level meant she was no longer a regular soldier, but more like an obvious invader. She gently and slowly opened the door with the outmost silence. She peeked out and saw no one around. She quickly sneaks to the stairs and up to the final floor. Infront of the stairs on the 5th floor was a small hallway with one single door at the end. She walked up to it slowly, leaning her head against it, trying to listen to any noise coming from it. After a couple of seconds she decided to go in with her sword ready. She barged it open and swung her sword forth, but fortunately there was none. A risky move of her, but luckily there was none to stop her. On the desk was plenty of paper, she quickly went forward to go through it all, hopefully the stuff about her would be present at desk, but her luck would eventually run out. She heard a voice behind her as she held papers in her hand. She gave a gulp with 'really?' sort of expression. She gently turned around,s eeing it was the man from earlier in the living room, now she could she his entire frame and face. He looked rather odd and had a big round nose with a belly.

''Uhuh, and why are you here? Dono... I already told you, it's too early for the delivery, dono.'' Risaka gave a blinking stare, confused with his words. He walked around her and sat down, he must clearly have mistaken her for someone that was expected to be her, maybe her luck didn't run out afterall. She stood collected and would jsut play along, nodding to him in hope to gain information out from him.
''I'll have you know that the progression are going smooth, we have set up at least 2 thousand posters around these isles, dono. But it is still a bit too early for the big delivery, you must wait another day, my damn men are so lazy as of lately due to the fat nice payment, dono.''
He shuck his head and grabbed a poster from a pile of them behind him, staring at it with a grin, chuckling with lazy eyes.
''This brat must totally be more worth than two mere million beli, dono. I wonder why the damn rich fella want her dead so badly, dono.'' As he spoke with his bold voice he'd stare up to her and back down once in a while, but then he blinked silently, staring back up at her, then abck down to the poster, each time making his going more intense before staring one final time up to her.
''. . . GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WHY ARE YOU HERE INFRONT OF ME, DONOOOOOO!'' He raised his arms with his eye stretching out forward in pure shock. Risaka quickly responded by drawing her sword out infront of him, pointing the blad at his chin.
''Shut your trap and answer me Navy pig! Who ordered these posters all over Mock Town? Where are they located! Answer or else I will make sure the soldiers will see a dead man on this chair''

The General gulped with lots of sweat drops running across of his face, his hands held high up in pure surrendering gesture. ''Y-you can't blame me, dono! It was easy money, great riches was given to us for our services, dono! If you wanna meet him you are just gonna have to visit his vacation house! I-I-I-It's on the east side of Jaya Island! On a large fine mansion! Dono! But someone l-l-like you! A small rookie has zero chance against Mobbing Rolph! Donooo!''
She tsk'd at the General, giving a swift swish at his right facecheek with her blade, giving him a clear cut across of his face, but just so slightly.
''Is that so? He won't expect me, and I think this base is better without a slimy snake like you, gaining money from hunting someone forgotten, you'll pay for cooperating with this Rolph guy.''
The General squinted his pupils as he watched the blade slash right across his throat, with a single strike she took him out without any mercy. His face falls down against the desk with blood dripping from the edge.
''One less Navy to deal with, good riddance. Maybe they should know, since they care so much.'' She grabbed the poster she had in her pocket and let it float down at the corpse of the General, then silently walking out of the room and back to he window. But as she got to the window she could hear yelling coming from upstairs, she was rather surprised they came up so quickly, did the soldiers hear his scream? Either way she had to be quick. She leaped from the window and landed at the outer wall, then jumping back down to the ground. She saw at the distance by the corner of the building soldiers were running up into the Base Building. Risaka walked up to the bushes where the man was she took out earlier was located, switching her clothes she'd be back into her usual outfit, but she kept the rifle and sword for her own usage. She climbed back up the wall until reaching to he top, but it was then a few Soldiers noticed her through the 3rd floor windows. They quickly pointed their rifles at her, but she smoothly got behind the wall and would land down on the many bushes at the bottom. She groaned from the rough landing but began to sprint down to the shore. Seeing her boat still at the same place she quickly made her exit from the place, letting the wind take her away from the place with the base at chaos. Now heading back to Mock Town to make final preperations.

4Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time; Act 2. on Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:56 pm



It was around 7 pm, the sun was finally slowly moving down, getting swallowed by the long distance of the Blue Ocean. Risaka reached to an unoccupied dock, this time far away from the original spot she found it. She thought to herself that this boat could become useful for her later on, but for now she parked it and tied it tight near the metal pole at the edge of the stone platform. Despite the words she claimed back at the Fortress she knew she'd have a much harder time against the Mansion. She sort of already knew about it, past her time of living on Jaya Island she has gathered info regarding the Mansion on the west side. Only thing she knew is that plenty of pirates have attempted to pillage it, but everytime they have returned in total loss, either barely alive of dead, the mansion got guards that would deposit the corpse near outside the town, it has become a problem due to the rotten smell it'd make since no one knew when a corpse was dropped there. Fortunately there hasn't been any attempts on the mansion in a couple of months, likely pirates have given up and not wanting to end up dead against such a solid well protected building.

She gently huffed for herself, thinking about such won't get her anywhere, she needed more information, and that info she knew where to get. Back to the lonesome street she discovered the many posters she had a favourite Pub she often visited. Inside was a jolly bartender named Jeremy that she knew she could rely on when it comes to gossip and rumors. She casually walks in and took a seat with a smooth gesture, leaning her arm against the bardesk with her eyes focused at Jeremy who was cleaning a vase for some odd reason, you'd think he would be cleaning glasses. But Risaka didn't mind, he was a goofball afterall.

''Oy Jeremy.. I'm in a bit of a hassle, stuff are brewing up and I have no idea how much or how difficult it will be for me. I don't have enough information, and I know you got the info, so tell me-'' She spoke as she slammed her palm at the desk to get his full attention. ''..Who is Mobbing Rolph? What is it like to be in that Mansion...''
Jeremy shuck his head lightly with closed eyes, putting the pale blue Vase aside and opens his eyes at her.
''...Risa-chan, there are things in this world where you don't have to go or to know, that place is not for someone like a fine young lady like you. If I allowed you to go there I'd be practically sending a good friend into a meatgrinder.''
He sat down on a chair and looked worried at her, his fuzzy eyebrows along with his thick brown beard only made him look like a cuddly big papa bear.
''Jeremy... you have noticed haven't you? The tension, the sudden increase of my posters out of nowhere, this man has been hunting me down, and it seems like he finally found me, it is only natural for someone like him to spend great riches to take me down. Luckily Mock Town is quite big, he'd be unable to find me among the many streets, so instead he take the advantage of the nearby Navy to hire workers to spread awarness of my bounty! Sooner or later I will be targeted by many people, it has to end now!...''
She gave him a rather powerful stare, but a stare filled with determination. It made Jeremy give a slight gasp before looking a bit downwards at his hands.
''Looks like... you still have the very same look, ever since that day I found you... you say you have changed, bu I believe you are still the Risa-chan I knew back then... Are you truly wanting to do this, Risa-chan?''
Risaka kept her expression solid while staring at him with her bright Topaz eyes, giving him a small nod, no words.
Jeremy smiled then at her, stroking his head and grinning a bit. ''Then I truly don't have a choice now do I? Alright then, listen carefully, because this will be useful info once you enter, it's now or never Risa, but please... do try to return alive.''

5Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time, Act 3, part 1. on Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:58 pm



It was turning 9 pm, the sun was fully gone and the streets quickly got filled by the luminous Poles that goes along the streets. Risaka had already left Jeremy's bar, after a good long listen to his stories she got alot more insight to what is to come. In all honesty she was a bit frightened, but she never let down or let her confidence drop, not even an inch. Luckily Jeremy had good clues to a source for tools to help her to take down the Mansion, a Black Market, deep within the Town of Mock. Her biggest clue is that the Black Market can only be accessed through the darkest part of town, the part where no citizens live, only pirates, where the rough stuff happens.
She approaches the entrance that states where the dark place of Mock Town starts, past that border she would be in constant danger of getting ambushed, however she walked in without giving it a second thought. Her walking pace was relaxed, she had her body composure collected as she went down the non-lighted streets. The pirates around that was hanging around all gave her a curious ugly eye stare, she didn't mind of course due to how used she is walking among Pirates. It was then her next clue came into play; to get a more specific direction she had to ask a certain kind of pirate, one that wore robes and a fancy hat, and using sunglasses at night. Such clothing style showed they belonged to the Black Market, they usually stood around near an alleyway.
Luckily for Risaka she quickly found such a person, she clenched her fist as she approached him with a strong stare.
''You know why I'm here, could you show me the way?''
The man chuckled and tipped his hat and tossing his cigarette down at the ground.
''uhuh uhuh, yeah can do, just follow me lil miss''
She was now embracing for whatever was awaiting her, the man leading her down the alleyway near them, reaching to the end where he'd grab the pipe that was going upwards, but he pulled it as if it was a handle which showed it was a secret door. He held it open for her to enter.
''C'mon now, I ain't got all day, or night, whatever it is.''
Risaka took his words without a question and entered the hollow entrance. As she stepped in the door behind her immeditely closes with a slight slam. There was barely any light emiting from the candles, she followed the small lights until reaching to a large room filled with people, one being noticably big and sitting behind a desk filled with beli and gold. Risaka blinked slightly surprised, not sure if she actually had found the right place.
Aaaaah, hah hah haaaah, welcome young lady in black, what brings you to my small yet resourceful domain, onkaaa..''
The large male brinned with, he had a big mouth with small eyes, the people around staying quiet, few litting their cigars, then a few girls giggled at Risaka with devilish eyes.
''So... you must tbe he one giving out the great weapons... I need something powerful, I need to get strong quick. A mere rifle and a sword won't be enough for me to take on Mobbing Rolph!''
The large man widened his eyes just so slightly, hearing her words would ultimately make him and plenty of others laugh their tears out, his hand slapping his large stomach over and over again before wipping away the amused tears of his.
''Onka onka oooonkaa hah hah.. you are quite the interesting one... youngling, and what exactly do you have against Rolphy mmmh? As if he'd want anything with a small rookie like you, and to be quite frank, you don't even seem to be someone that has enough value for one of my great products, onka onkaaa!''
Risaka clenched her fist from his response, giving the hostile stare she'd cross her arms. She was aware that she didn't exactly have the wealth to get great goods.
''And what about you? You don't seem to be the type that would side with a partner of Navy.''
''Onka ah... yes, that is true, Rolphy is infact a rival of mine! Though trying to take him out would result more costs rather than gaining, it is the same with him, we're on a constant line, a mini Cold War.''
The man chuckled and would snap his fingers, one of the girls approached him from the dark and puts down a black simple box before lurking back into the dark.
''But that does give me an idea, onka onkaaaa. You might be a rookie worth nothing of value, heck you won't even be able to pay for this wonderous weapon of mine! Onkaaaa hah hah, but what I value more than large amounts of beli is excitement, things that makes me get a good thrill!

6Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time, Act 3, part 2. on Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:30 am



A goofy chuckle was heard from the man, his hands gently tapping at his belly with his stare glued towards Risaka's sharp eyes, both lokcing eyecontact before she looks down to the side at the Black Box that was presented to her. He leaned down towards it and pats the top of it with small light touches. ''This! This box will suffice to your goal, however! It is rather... pricey for someone like you, onka~ But to make this work I wanna bring in a suggestion, just a small one~''
''A suggestion? I don't know, you got the shady look..'' Risaka gave a narrowed stare at the black, her mind was in a constant loop of thoughts, how could a small box like thateven help her remotely, even that thing inside would have to be small. ''Not that I truly have a chouce anyway... Okay, do tell big man, what is your proposition?''
He grinned now an extra wide one, showing his long row of flat teeth with his hand now pushing the boz forward towards her direction.
''You get this box, for free! If you manage to bring the head of Mobbing Rolph, onkaaa~ Do that and I won't charge you anything, we both win in such scenario~ Deal?''
Risaka quickly pointed a finger up towards him with a suspicious stare, clearly she weren't that foolish to not know both sides of a deal.
''Tell me the downside of this deal of yours, I'm not gonna get myself into a hopeless situation, I've heard how the Black Market never let goes once they get their teeth onto your skin.''
He snorted, stroking at the upper part of his belly before taking a nice piece of a meatclub from the plate located to his right, chewing on it with his large mouth with sloppy noises echoing the cold dark room.
''Mmmmh, mhm mnnnch mnch... ooooonka, that's right, there is indeed something you should know if you fail your task, I am already putting a good value on you with this weapon, it's very valuable and would be a shame if you just went away without fulfilling your promise.''
He kept chewing, and as he was soon finished with the big meatclub two tall figures approaches from the dark behind the man. Both wore black suits with shades on, stone cold faces with their hands held behind their back, it gave Risaka a bad vibe, for her it was clear they were Hitmen.
''Onka.. I am sure you get the idea of what I'm trying to say, fulfill your side and I won't make turn your life miserable! What will it be mh? Take the box outside and the deal is sealed, no need for silly contracts or rituals~''

A few minutes passed by before Risaka stepped out from the alleyway, she had a slight sweatdrop running down at her forehead, holding the Black Box close to her side, jsut feeling it's weight and hard surface reminded her about the deal she just made, knowing she has practiclly sealed her path. She swiftly went behind a few houses to avoid any contact with pirates, last thing she'd want is to let them see what she got. Her heart was beating more than usual, staring down at the Black Box, getting down on her knees she'd place the box at her lap. ''I wonder what could be inside... ''
She gulped a bit for herself, she didn't know why, but she felt alot more pressured to open it, whatever that was inside it would be something remarkable. She gripped at the lid and opened it wihtout looking away. After seeing what it was containing she marely blinked and frowned.
''... Don't me that I got scammed, what is this? A god damn fruit?!'' She grunted rather annoyed, picking up the dark oddly shaped fruit into her grasp, touching and feeling it's texture. ''Or maybe not.... is this what I've heard about? These Devil Fruits, this one does fall into such description, do these really give powers?''
She held it up more and took her time on thinking, lifting it up infront of her face with a determiend glare at it. Her mouth opens and would take a big bite of it, not knowing how it would taste made her into a shocked gesture. While chewing the large piece her face turned blue with her eyes looking more dead, few tears appearing on her face while she gulped down the piece. She panted from the horrid taste it had, coughing with a large groan, but she knew she shouldn't stop there. She took another bite, and another one, and then the final bite. She forced it all down into her throat as she was gagging. Her face had the look of a choked person, leaning at the ground she slowly gathered her breath and got onto back up on her legs with her
''W-what the fuck kind of hellish taste was that?! Unnngh blmn!'' She held at her mouth with a worry written all over her face. ''Don't fucking tell me I just ate a trap, ungh.. Fuck it hurts.'' She sighed out, holding at her chest with slightly sweaty face, she thought she'd feel strong and better, but instead she felt more weak and flustered. She looked up at the dark night sky, it was near midnight and she had very little time, who knew how long it'd take for the shady big man to send his men at her?

She gave quickly began running down back to the docks, through the chilling dark streets until she saw the dark blue ocean. Knowing that she was practically doomed to die all she could do was to go forth and face her problem without a stop. Leaping far once hitting down at the docks, landing back at the sailboat she had stolen and straight up uses her sword to cu the rope off, no time could be wasted whatsoever, if anything she was racing a clock, a countdown that she couldn't see. Once her sailboat got further out into the water she held her chest once more, panting from the pain coming from her core. She is already regretting consuming such unknown object, she didn't know if it was the legit thing or just a poison trap. She kept on ignoring the pain, the mansion of Mobbing Rolph was not too far away.

7Not This Time [Gran Voyage] Empty Not This Time, Act 4, part 1. on Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:24 am



The moonlight was shining down with luminous effect, her sailboat was quite and would get unoticed to the shore. The Mansion was located on a small island, not oo far away from the main island, but the front gate was obviously heavily guarded by guards. She ofcourse wouldn't come unprepared, Risaka knelt down to bring out small hatchets from her backpack. She was told by Jeremy that the outer walls are frail and perfect for climbing, she took this into her advantage by chopping the sharp tip of the hatchets onto the old rockwall. It made some noise, but barely anything for the guards to notice. One chop after another she made her way up on the wall, she was grateful for not having to climb the same wall back at the fortress. She peeked over the wall, seeing the mansion was connected to the outwall by a roof. She nodded for herself, knowing which route to take to make a quick attack at Mobbing Rolph. She got herself up and walked over to the roof of the second floor. The guards that walked around the garden at front all had swords, no guns or any form of ranged weapons. She noted that fact into her head before approaching the window ocvered by curtains. The scarlet red curtains flapping a bit by the breezing wind, her Topaz shining stare peered inbetween the curtains to observe what was inside. It was pitch dark and she attempted to open the window. 'Darn' went through her head, knowing this time around it wasn't a sloppy place like the Navy Fortress.

She then attempted to force it open by pulling it up with all of her strenght, she noticed a slight movement, but the lock inside was bolted tight. Risaka would then equip her sword and slide under the thin opening underneath, slashing horizontally at the lock, making it get loose and not so strong and firm. The window got fully opened with a gentle slide and she snuck inside, her hand at the handle of her sword. There was only one door at sight, it was lighted on the otherside from just seeing the light emitting from under the door crack. She leaned down near the keyhole, staring out in the hallway and seeing a couple of guards just standing around and chilling. With quick thinking she grabbed a nearby vase, knowing there was no other way to do this other than a surprise attack!

She took a breath in and tossed the vase across the room she was currently in. The vase breaks and makes loud porcelean shattering noises. She stood quiet at the back side of the door and waiting, one of the guards sprinted to the door and barged through without much think. ''Who's there!'' yelled out the man as he drew out his sword. Risaka approached his back and smack at the back of his head with heavy silver decoration. The impact left him knocked out with a trail of blood from the hit mark. She dropped the silver decoration as a second guard approached the open door. He widened his eyes as he saw the inruder having taken down his fellow guard. The man attempted to draw out his sword, she thought how naive he was to not have it already drawn out, and as a result she givs him a clear fatal strike with her sword, across his chest and stomach. Witht he third guard now already charging her from across the hallway. She gave an eyestare at him before casually pulling up her rifle towards him. He staggers and would put his hand forward in a begging gesture. ''P-please no! I won't tell anyo- GAAAAAAAH!'' The shot hitting right at his heart with his scream filling the hallway before dropping dead right down. She huffed, knowing such scream would bring attention. In quick haste she steped up the colourful decorated stairs, stepping on the red carpet with her dirty boots before being greeted by another guard that emerged from a room to her left. She grits her teeth and should bashes against his front before he finished his swing down at her, knocking the air out of him and falling down to the side. Many footsteps was heard from the staircases below. Risaka didn't waste any second, passing the knocked down gaurd with a fast sprint down the hallway that led to the staircase to the top floor. When she took her first step at the stairs she heard yelling and screaming from the other end. A dozen of guards charging down at her at full speed, all swords drawn out just for her. She quickly got up on the stairs and reaching to a door that clearly led to the main office.

With a sprint of all might she gave an enroucraging yelling charge, hopping up to kick the door right open and landing at one knee at the chess styled floor. She stared up and saw large office with many shelves of books on the left and right side, and at the middle near the back was a man sitting in a big black chair with styled blonde hair. By his sides was two more hostile looking guards. The one at the right having a powerful wide mustache and blue tinted sunglasses while the other one had a long thick goaty beard and red tinted sunglasses. The man in the middle stood up and slammed his hands on the working desk, he ws gasping and showing a pale face.

''W-what theeee! It's you! Why are you here you damn worthless brat!''
He slammed at the desk with his hands once more, this time with clenching fists with his eyes getting shaky and face sweating a bit. He was nowhere near of being prepared to meet the one he wants dead the most over so many years.
''How are you still alive after all these years?! You are dirtening the good name of mine, Mobbing Roooolph!!!''
''But you won't get near me, specially with my two trusted men, the best among the agency! The duo brothers B!

The one with red sunglasses was named Bin with his brother, the one with blue sunglasses, Bun. Both of them walked around Rolph's desk with their black gloves hands clenched tight, they spoke no word nor noise, two pair of fearless fighters, qute similar to the ones back at the Black Market.
''Ehehehe, yeah that's right! You will die here, you have zero chance against the infamous brothers! If I were you I'd just surrender with great humbleness!''
As he spoke the guards from the lower floors got to the door and stood there, ready to strike down Risaka. But before they could engage a fight with her , Rolph gave them the halt gesture, showing a devilish grin.
''Let the big boys do this one, you all just close the door and listen to ger crying words as they are crushing her bones into dust!''
The guards looked unsure and frowned a bit, they stepped back a bit and closes the door before locking it. Risaka still standing there with both ehr rifle and sword in her hands, staring directly at Rolph with a pair of eyes, eyes that was filled with hatred, anger, the kind of emotions that could only be dug up from the past.
''You think this is a fucking joke? You have been tearing my life one part after another as if I was a sheet of paper! Are you really gonna underestimate the enemy of your life?! I will end this today,
ending my past, and your god awful existance!

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''I will never be at peace, nor feeling happy as long you are alive and grinning with pride, pride of killing the ones I cared about, those who meant something to me. As long you are living with no guilt, I will kill you, right here, right now!''
She yelled out in anger with her rifle hoisted up  in a swift movement, firing a single straight bullet towards Rolph, but the bodyguard Bun stepped infront with a dash, blocking the bullet with a metal bracelet on his wrist, making the bullet take a shape turn to the right, hitting at the bookshelves.
''S-so fast! I can't stop now!''

She was attempting a second bullet, but by the time she had her aim ready again, Bin, the other bodyguard dash to the side with his swift kicking steps. His hand crosses down at hers, hitting her rifle right out of her hands. She grunted from the surpruse by the bodyguard and drew her sword towards his front, but then Bun got close to the other side of her and kicking with a mighty powerful thrust hit at her back, sending her a bit flying forward. But it didn't end there, both Bin and Bun worked together to make combination of moves between them, one strike after another was made from both sides. Risaka was gasping for air by the all heavy hits she got at her, making her lose her sword to the ground. She kept her balance, managing to guard up to block a direct punch from Bin, but then Bun dashed right behind her kicking her right out of balance. This gave Bin an opening to strike her down, his fist thrustes downwards against her stomach, the force from the hit made her crash right against the ground. She finally felt the weakness she had in her was taking it's toll. She attempted to get back up quickly, coughing slightly with blood trailing from her mouth indicated she was barely gonna do anything. Bin gives a deep hmph, grabbing her by her collar shirt tall up.
''GAAAAA-hahahahaaa! Like I said you damn shitty pirate, I only hire the best!
Moeny is power, same way that I bought workforce from both mercenaries and Navy men, all of them are so easy to manipulate!!! Do you get it now? You are a null! Zero! A worthless piece of trash, the remainder if something that doesnt exist anymore!''

She coughed heavier, she felt dizzy and was unable to actually catch his words. Then Bin pulled a bit back before tossing her with raw force, her back slamming back at the closed double door. She gave a pained groan before falling down against the door with head hanging low, she breathed slow, she became more dizzy and gripped onto the carpet on the floor out of frustration.
''Dammit...dammit dammit daaaammit! Why can't I get up?! Is this really all I got?! C'mon! Get up body! Damn iiiiiit!!!''
Her mind was filled with an overload of both frustration and anger, she could hear in the background of all the dizzyness Rolph's nasty laughter, her vision blurring a bit as she watched the two bodyguards approaching her. She slowly closed her eyes with a slight image of her crew flashing infront of her, the view of a wonderous life with jolly moments and brothership. The image struck her heart, a slight tear rolling down.
''Yes yes! Die die die you shitstain! I want you gone forever already, so fucking diiieeeee!''
Risaka finally heard his words, giving a gritting angered gesture, her hand tightening at the carpet as she got onto one knee, looking up at the two bodyguards with a such intimidating, raging glare, her teeth tightening so hard that she was almost breaking them. Both of the bodyguards tilted their head, confused but yet rather careless, both cracked their fists ready.
''... You must be a real idiot.... to think this is the place where I die, I won't give in to your crap, none of it... I won't accept it.... Not, this, TIME!''
She got onto both of her knees, raising herself a bit with a shaky body before something truly bizzare occurs infront both the bodyguards. Her hands began to produce bubbling purple goop which grew more and more until it was reaching up to her shoulders. Both of them gave a small noise of surprise, but without hesitation Bun thrusted his fist down to her. Risaka responded with a similar strike, hitting directly against his larger fist with her own, but hers didn't budge, Bun's arm began to weakn, feeling a large numbness as the purple poisonous goop splashed at his right side and face. He swiftly retracted from the clashing, his skin feeling the stinging burn with him yelling out unaudiable words, he quickly takes his sunglasses off to attempt rub the stinging goop off, but only to make it worse. Bin Had large widened eyes behind his sunglasses, looking back at his fellow brother before realising too late that Risaka had gotten on both of her feet, her other fist flying forward with a nice direct hit against Bin's face, cracking the sunglasses tight against his face with the poisonous goop staining him aswell.

Now both of the bodyguards were groaning loudly in pain, in pure agony as both were desperately trying to get the goop off their skin. Rolph in the back had a pale scared face with sweatdrops running rapidly off from his face.
''Gnrrk nnnnngh! W-what are you two idiots doing?!?! Stop joking around and get her already!''
As much both wanted to do so, they were too occupied by the pain, they felt more and more weak until they got forced onto their knees, their bodies getting tired from the lack of breathing room for their bodies. Risaka on the other hand was standing there, her body dripping excessive amounts of venomous goop staining at the ground, the double door behind her being nicely clogged up by the poisonous goop when she was sitting, the guards on the other side trying to bust the door open but with no luck. Risaka raised her stare up to him, her eyes sharpened, stining his own with fear. She began to walk slowly towards him, past the two weakened bodyguards, casually picking up the sword she lost earlier.
''W-what just are you! Nnngh you are a monster! A witch! No- You are a damn Devil Fruit eater, you venom lady, you cannot touch me! I am too important for someone like you to kill! I-... I-I Have great riches! YES! Riches for you to have! J-just don't touch meeeeeennnghrk!''
Risaka stepped close enough for her to do a small jump ontop of the desk, her boots reeking of the thick poisonous goop across of the desk, forcing Rolph to back away quickly with his back against the wall, his face has never been so scared in his entire life as the venom witch stared him down while rubbing her blade with her goop ripping hand.
''This is for my father, mother, my dear lost brother... my crew, my life, everything I ever owned, I will make you suffer, cry for mercy, I will now take everything you own, and crush down onto the ground like how you did to mine.''
She raised up her sword high up, a few drops of the venom hit his face as he flinched hard from the sting.
''No no noo no nonono noo please no! Nooo! NOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAARH!''
From outside the mansion, one loud scream after another was heard in a rapid session, each scream getting more weak and distant until pure silence. Risaka stepped away from the brutal scene, grabbing a nearby lit candle, staring at it for a few seconds before tossing it towards the piles of books and papers on the side, letting it slowly burn.
In just a couple of minutes later she was stepping out of the Mansion, the upper floor now in full fierce fire with a long trail of bodies behind her inside the mansion. She had taken out every single one of the mansion without looking back even once, only letting the distant fiery flames fill the island with light.

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In the dark alley, the secret place for the Black Market, the big man was chewing on some fish steak with the others around laughing rather amused. A young man ahd attempted to egt something, but he got scared from the high tension from the Black market people. Risaka was by the stairs down to the room, the young man crying in fear as he desperately running past Risaka. Risaka stared blank up at the running man and continued walking down until she saw the whole group of people, specially the large man in charge.

''Mmmmh ngh, mnch mnch.... gulp! Aaaaaah, why it isn't the couragous young lady, onka~ Why it seems like you haven't even touched the box! Did you spend hours rethinking your life choice, onkaaa?~
She walked until she was up close to the desk, she puts the black box down at the desk. She looked up to him, he Topaz coloured eyes giving a light soft shine.
''Oh you'll see, a deal's a deal, I won't work for you or any other here anymore,
I won't see your large overgrown face ever again, enjoy your victory, because I will sure do.

She didn't let him respond right away, her back turns towards him as she began to walk back to the stairs. The people around blinked with widened eyes, some even giving a frown. But the big man frowned so hard that his veins popped out a bit from pure pressure.
''N-nnnn NNNNNGH ONKA! Who do you think you are?! We had a deal and now you're just going away as if nothing happened?! You stole the fruit didn't yo- huh?''
After giving out his conclusion he had opened the lid of the box. Inside revealed the head of the rich snob of West Jaya Island. His decapitated head with many deep cut marks across of his face was seen, a horrid scene, but for the big man he just grinned with a smirk, hiw teeth giving a slight shine.
''Oh, onka~ Seems like I underestimated you, a big surprise indeed for a man like myself, what a thrill~ Enjoy your new life, you maniac of a lady!''
She listened to his words while walking up the stairs, not minding what he had to say and just gave the silent treatment until she got back outside.

When morning was slowly rising, outside the window of Jeremy's room stood Risaka, giving soft knocking against the dirty window. Jeremy was laying on bed and yawning, rubbing his eyes as hse noticed the familiar green haired gal. He quickly got up and unlocked the bar door open. She wnet right inside and slumped herself at the bar stool with her forehead and forearms against the desk. jeremy had slightly teary eyes as he watched the same old Risaka all alive and well.
R-rise-chan! Oh my heavens and lord you are alive! But you look awfully wounded up!
He quickly gave her a big large bearhug with his large powerful arms, his grin wide and jollyfilled, but as for Risaka she gagged with blue choked face and sweatdrops, making slight noises before grabbing a bucket quickly, throwing up right inside of it as she was panting.
O-oh what's wrong Risa-chan, are you sick? Let me fetch you some tea!''
He did so lovingly and served her nice cup filled with limegreen shaded liquid, a soft steam reeking green tea. Risaka slumped back at the bar desk while with ehr face calming down, taking a small sip from the tea silently befor elooking up to Jeremy.
''I told you, not to worry about me you big fluffy man.. I-I have been throwing up for a couple of times, but I made it out alive, I did it... I got rid of Mobbing Rolph and his dreaded Mansion... b-but...
mnnngh, I don't think you're gonna like this, but I am now more pirate than ever, sadly, specially because of the Devil Fruit power I posess...''

Jeremy stood there with a gaping mouth and widened eyes, he gasped at her words and would slam his hands at the table.
''T-then t-t-that means!'' She nodded to him with a serious stare. ''I gave the Navy more reasons for me to get taken down, I can't no longer hide here forever.. I'm sorry Jeremy.''

Jeremy sat down and would lean his head against his palm, sighing from the current situation she was in, he didn't want to believe it, but the dear friend of his won't be any longer to live peacefully. ''...Risa-chan, I wish I could give you a life where you don't have to worry about being huned down like an animal, but I believe you can live through, at least do it for me, and your crew... live on for us, and please...-''
He took away his hand from his face, staring at her with big long tears falling down on his bearded face, his mouth gaping while his entire face was one big sulking sad sight to see. Risaka gave him a worried frown, but gave him a faint small smile to easen up his worrying nature, nodding to his words.
''I will... you have been a friend I won't ever forget, Jeremy, I promise I will get strong and survive, from now on, I won't let others put me down... I won't allow it, I assure you that, Jeremy.

Gran Voyage END

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