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31 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Thu May 31, 2018 6:06 pm



Yuurei had looked inside of the chest, and what he saw inside was a lot of beri inside of it. He figured that the marines had brought this up with them to Sky Island as an offer to the God of Skypiea. It was that, and he figured they needed money to make sure that they didn’t become poor on their time up here. It made sense for the amount that he was looking at. There were also what looked like a few shells inside of the chest. He pulled one out and looked at it as he was examining it. He wasn’t sure what they were capable of doing, but he had noticed that there was a button on one of the shells. He had pressed it and air had shot out of the shell, and blew away the tent that was covering him. He looked around as he could see that the tent had gone flying to another location. He looked at it and then the ones that were inside of the chest, and could see about four of them that looked the same.

He had discovered four jet dials in the chest, and looked over to see where Gideon was. There were also some other common dials that were also inside of the chest as well. Still, he was now seen by Gideon as their eyes had met with each other. He could hear his friend ask him if they were going to confront the marines that were on the warship. He didn’t do anything for a few seconds as he was looking at Gideon, and then a smile appeared on his face. ”Yeah we are going to confront the marines on the warship. I think they will be much stronger though on the ship, and I believe it is where they are holding most of their stuff at. I found this in the chest,” he took out another Jet Dial, and pressed the button making sure that where air had come out was not facing towards him. A strong current of air had been released from the shell as he had shown it to Gideon.

”These are pretty neat, and this is probably what the people at the Tavern were talking about. I can just imagine if these were here, then I wonder what could be on the ship. I also believe there are going to be strong guys on that ship,” he said. He didn’t have a plan, well he had an idea, but wasn’t sure if it would work. ”Before I say anything. Can you put the beri into that big pouch of yours my friend, I will hold onto the shells in my bag for now,” he said this with a smile on his face. He was planning on giving Gideon half of the items that they would loot from the marines today. The pirate could only put his hand on his chin as he was thinking about what they were planning on doing now. Yuurei would rub his chin for about three minutes as he was trying to come up with an idea for Gideon, and him to take.

When the idea came to him, he had moved his hand away from his chin, and slammed it against his other hand. ”How about we just go in guns blazing? I don’t think I can come up with an ambush unless you act as a new recruit? I can say I found you and that you are trying to enter the military? Then when they ask for my credentials, then we go on the offense. It will allow us to get on the ship without us being shot down before getting to close. It can be that, or you could toss me to the ship, and hope your aim is good, and I fall into the Warship, and in the middle of crow’s nest,” he had thought about all of this, and he was finally able to say this to his friend. Yuurei wondered, if he would be okay with this, or if he had any other plan.

”If you have any plans, then now is the time to bring it up. If you can come up with something better, then we do it your way. Either way I wait for you to take us to the ship since you know where it is Gideon. I will be riding on your shoulder for a bit as well,” he said this as he was okay with resting for a few before he had to go all out. He was sure the real person who was in command of the marines was on the ship. It would mean there was someone stronger than the Commodore he had just fought. Yuurei waited for Gideon to pick him up, and he also waited for him to say something about the suggestion he had brought up, and maybe bring up some suggestion of his own.

32 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Thu May 31, 2018 6:38 pm



While in the middle of searching through personal belongings, Gideon's attention jumped and focused upon the tent that was thrown into the distance. There where the tent had stood was Yuurei with something odd in his hands. Gideon was slightly confused, but hearing Yuurei's answer assured him that he now had another shot at getting the answers he sought.

Gideon walked over, bent down to be able to see a handful of dials, to which the giant questioned what was the point of looting snail shells, until he felt the breeze coming from the air dial, "Wow, that is indeed strong" he said with a smile, it was interesting, but given their size, Gideon wouldn't be able to wield one.

After Yuurei handed the beri to Gideon, the giant pocketed it into his smaller pouch. Answering Gideon's question concerning the plan, Yuurei took a moment to think and upon giving a strong gesture that was easily mistaken to be an idea coming to mind, but hearing Yuurei's "Frontal Assault" plan sounded like every other plan he suggested for the two of them. The "Throw me" plan didn't seem any easier.

"Um, the plan of convincing them I'm a new recruit sounds good" he suggested. Though the idea made him sweat; he remembered back to the ship, there were two giants; he felt more confident when it came to fighter smaller enemies, especially when it comes to getting the drop on people, but walking onto the ship, in between two giants and God knows how many more marines.

A shiver ran up Gideon's spine, though it didn't stop him from picking up Yuurei, placing him on his shoulder, and picking up Jormungandr and began making his way towards the shore where he had saw the ship.

"If you come up with any other ideas, just let me know" Gideon said in whisper.

It wasn't long before they broke through the foliage and came to the ledge of a cliff, looking out at the white-white sea. Taking a peek below, Gideon could see the warship some ways off. It took him a moment to realize the ship was sailing, making it's way pass the ship, just close enough beneath the cliff for him to jump off and land onto the ship. He took a look at Yuurei with a smile.

33 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Thu May 31, 2018 7:40 pm



Yuurei was happy that he agreed with him in taking these snail shells. They were amazing, and he figured that he would take time to understand before using them. He didn’t think it was best to use these. He did remember the shell that was used against him before, and it hurt so much. None of these were like that, and he figured they might have some on that ship. Once they were done looting the ship, and Gideon had agreed with the plan of acting like he was a new recruit. That was good, and he could only chuckled as he figured Gideon would be nervous about that plan. He did had tell him about giants being on that ship, which was good because then he would have some practice fighting people his size. Still, he figured they would be able to communicate better, and they would be excited to have him on their side as a marine. Still, he watched as Gideon was picking him up, and of course he allowed himself to be lifted into the air.

He sat on his shoulder as he was relaxing for a bit; he could only look back to the campsite and he knew that there was no turning back. The pirate had brought Gideon here, and now they were going to do more. The thief kept an eye around the area as they were walking back to the shore. He didn’t want them to be caught off guard, and he knew that Gideon didn’t have the ability that he had. It was why he made sure to make sure that he would be their eyes and ears even though his perception wasn’t even all that great. There walk would finally lead them to the shore, and Yuurei was relaxed and getting back his stamina. His blades were put away, and of course he just continued to see in the direction that his friend would see. It wouldn’t take them long, but they had gone to a cliff. It seemed that his giant friend took them into a different direction, but it was the direction, or side of the island that the warship would be located in.

He looked down at the white-white sea as Gideon was doing this as well, and he noticed the warship. The thing is this time the ship was sailing, and he was wondering why that was the case. He just watched it move through the sea. He noticed that Gideon was looking at him, and had a smile on his face. Still, he didn’t know if there were going to still go with the recruiting plan, or just go in gun’s blazing. Still, this was something new to the two. ”I guess some of the men that we had missed had called them and told them that they were two people attacking the campsite? If that isn’t it then why are they moving around the island?” he paused for a bit as he was asking this question. He had more things to say and he was going to say it before Gideon could talk. ”What plan are we going with Gideon. Do you want to jump onto the ship and go with the recruiting plan, or do you want us to go with the attack and destroy plan?” he asked him.

Yuurei only stretched his arms into the air as he didn’t care what they were going to do. It was the fact that they had a surprised advantage on the people on the ship, which was a good thing. Still, it bothered him that they were moving around the island now. He thought they were trying to stay hidden from people around Sky Island. He cracked his knuckles and prepared himself for what could happen at any second now. There was one thing he could tell from where they were, and it was the amount of people that were on the ship. There were about fifty-two men on that ship, which meant that they had taken out almost have of their forces. He wasn’t sure, but he felt like a ship of that caliber could hold about a hundred men. This was an information he wasn’t going to say to Gideon until the young man made his decision on what he was going to do.

34 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Thu May 31, 2018 8:35 pm



Gideon watched as the warship was sailing below. He wasn't sure why they were moving, because of the situation, his desire to play 'recruit' was tossed out the window and the two had to decide fast, given that they had a window of opportunity to land on the ship below before it was out of reach.

"I'm not sure, maybe we missed someone at the camp" Gideon didn't look at Yuurei, but kept his eyes on the ship, it was reaching the 'window', "Either way, I think we're going to have to go in, as you say, 'Guns blazing'” he gripped the handle of Jormungandr. At this point, playing to recruit wouldn't work, but getting the literal drop on them would give them some kind of surprise benefit, but with such a big ship, it can house a good number of marines. From that height, he could spot the two giants he saw before, a male and a female judging from their figures.

"We need to be quick and take down as much as possible" Gideon took a deep breath and positioned himself, "Time to roast this ship and saute the crew" he said, building up as much courage as possible right before he leaped down.

He plummeted, feeling wind and keeping his eyes on the giant he was aiming for. By the time one of the lookouts had decided to take a gander at the sky and spot the giant, it was too late; Gideon brought he blade of Jormungandr upon the back of the male giant, producing a deep gash running down his whole frame and a second later, he dropped. Without hesitation, Gideon turned about and faced a dozen marine soldiers who were mopping the deck; he took a deep breath and with a click of his teeth, he ignited his exhaled breath, producing a stream of fire that caught the dozen of marines, setting them ablaze and allowing them to scream.

"Preheated and ready" Gideon said as he positioned himself facing the female giant who looked at him with anger.

35 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:54 am



Yuurei had heard what Gideon said about them missing one of the marines in the camp. It was plausible that it happened, and that he let one of them slip by him. He figured they might have been on patrol, which meant that there were other marines that he had missed. He sucked his teeth as it wasn’t the best thing. When they showed up the marines would probably know who they were, so their whole recruit plan was out the window. The thief nodded in agreement as they were going to go jumping onto the ship. He didn’t know why at first, but he could feel his heart racing, his blood rushing as he was waiting for his friend to jump down from the cliff they were standing on. He just continued to look down as he could see how big of a jump this was for someone like him, but it didn’t seem like such a huge jump for someone like Gideon. He could only imagine the looks on the faces of all the marines that would see a giant coming out of nowhere.

He did see the giants and they were wearing your generic marine outfits, and he couldn’t see the back of their outfits, so he wasn’t sure what kind of ranks they were. The ship was white and blue and was wide enough for about a hundred plus man able to gather up together. He was listening to his friend speak, and he was getting ready himself. There were a lot of things he learned with Haki, and he felt like every new day was a day his ability with Haki grew stronger. Still, they didn’t have time to fight a bunch of marines, or at least the foot soldiers. Yuurei knew that, if they wanted to make a name for themselves they would have to take out the big guns of the ship, and it was why he was planning on taking them out with his Skills quickly. It didn’t take long for Gideon to say his last words before taking the leap of a life time. The thief was quick to grab onto his partner’s hoodie as he didn’t want to fly off, and then would have to fend for himself in the air.

Yuurei had watched Gideon’s entrance happen, and could only smile when he seen the man strike a decisive blow on one of the giants, and then quickly took out a dozen of the marines that were cleaning. That smile had turned into a huge smirk on his face as things were going good for the duo. He climbed down from Gideon’s shoulder, and when he felt like he was safe he jumped off him, and onto the deck of the ship. There was one more giant, and he wasn’t sure if she was going to pose a problem against Gideon. He figured he would let him handle it, unless he had a problem with fighting against a woman. He cracked his knuckles though as he could feel the presence of many marines heading to the deck. The pirate figured they would come after the large impact that occurred on the deck of their ship. Still, he didn’t forget about the female giant as she had noticed the little man walking pass her as if he owned the ship.

She swung down at Yuurei, but he was quick to do a round house kick as his body shifted, and connected with the giant’s fist. He only shook his head at this as he looked into her eyes. ”I didn’t do anything. He is the one you should be attacking. As you can see I’m wearing marine uniform,” he chuckled as he knew that she knew he wasn’t a marine. The giant gritted her teeth as she was surprised on how strong this little guy was. He brought down his leg as he started walking away from the giant. She didn’t want to let him go, but at the same time if she had paid attention to Yuurei, then her back would be left open for Gideon to attack. She could see that the little guy had no intention of fighting her, so she would hope the other marines would take care of him, or the Rear Admiral himself.

While Yuurei continued his walk he had noticed the appearance of many marines that came out of the entrance to the deck below. They came in many different shapes, and sizes, but they were all nothing more but insects to Yuurei. He knew he could waste his stamina fighting them, but he figured that with what he had plan would take them out without him having to use much of his stamina. They were all looking at him, and they were confused about his wardrobe as he was wearing their uniform. ”Why aren’t you helping out with taking the giant out?” one of the marines asked Yuurei. The pirate stood quiet as he could feel the presence of every marine on the ship as he was waiting for them to get close to him. One of the marines started walking towards him as they were confused about why he was just standing there. He had made his way towards Yuurei, and he had shown them a little smirk.

He was waiting for this moment and he draw out Kusanagi, and Benihime at the same time, and rushed towards the marine. Their eyes widen when they saw him, and hoped that they didn’t think he was going to do what they knew he was going to do. Yuurei spun around and quickly slashed his blades on the marine’s body. The man was shocked to see this, and all of the marines were getting ready to fight. Still, it was too late for that as two wing spiral slashes expanded from where Yuurei was located, and took out all the marines that were surrounding Yuurei. It wasn’t just them, but the deck of the ship made a huge gaping hole to the lower level catching a lot of the marines that were making their way towards the deck. He had taken them out as they were on the ground. The remaining marines were doing their best to move through the rubble that Yuurei created on the lower level, which was good for them as they could take out the giant marine who was on the deck. When the wind slash disperse, the only thing you would see on the deck was Yuurei standing over a marine with a piece of the deck still intact.

Technique Used:

Name: Yontoryu: Jiten Kire/Santoryu: Jiten Kire/Nitoryu: Jiten Kire/Ittoryu: Jiten Kire
Description: The user rushes towards their target with quick speed and agility and when they get close to their target the user will spin slashing pass their target with their weapons. On the initial hit of the attack, the user is able to generate a spiraling wind slash that spreads up to a 25 meter radius around the user slashing anybody that is around the user. The initial target is not affected by this part of the attack, and the user doesn't always have to create this portion of the attack.
Range: Medium 8m - 25m radius
Attribute: Speed & Agility
Theme: Kuikku Joutoryu
Rank: Intermediate

36 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:37 pm



The boat rocked for a bit as a reaction to the giant pirate who landed upon deck. After Gideon had taken care of the first dozen of marines, he turned about to witness Yuurei clashing with the one female giant, however after an exchange of a few quick words, Yuurei turned about and made his way as if not desiring to fight her; at this point, Gideon could tell what that meant from already sharing battles with the swordsman, he was intentionally leaving the giantess for Gideon.

There was a large group of marines that had surfaced to the deck and the swordsman just simply nonchalantly walked towards them. For a moment, Gideon was worried, but that was his mistake for having any kind of doubt; for in the next moment, Yuurei had unleashed a powerful burst of wind that tore through the deck and sent the marines flying. In the next moment, there was a massive hole with Yuurei standing on a single pillar in the center. Whatever type of technique it was, Gideon didn't have time to make out how it worked, for he took advantage on the giantess who turned her back to him.

Upon the back of her white jacket was the word 'commodore', meaning to Gideon that she was possibly the head honcho of the ship, though he wasn't entirely sure how the rankings worked; no matter, if there was a possibility this woman had answers to his questions, he was taking it. He moved in close and swung Jormungandr, but instead of delivering a slice upon the woman's back, it clashed against... her wrist.

Gideon faced the commodore as she looked upon him with an intense expression, her hand black and hard as steel... or harder.
"What kind of criminals attack a marine ship? What worth is there in that?" asked the commodore as she delivered a quick jab with other off-hand. It was too quick for Gideon to react to, he felt the punch upon his chest, which caused him to stumble back, and then he voluntarily took a step back, barely dodging a kick.

"I'm looking for Loki of Elbaf" Gideon said as he swung Jormungandr again, but this time the commodore caught the blade in her blacken hand.

"The only thing you've you sought is life in prison" she said as her other hand turned black right before she threw another punch while still holding Jormungandr's blade. Quickly, Gideon shifted the handle and the blade detached and flexed, allowing him block the incoming attack with the lower part of blade while the upper part was connected to it by strong strings. The two giants stared at one another, determined to win.

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37 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:13 pm



Yuurei was about to turn around and help Gideon out with his fight against the giant, but when his body shifted a little bit, he could feel that someone was still moving from below the deck. He was surprised as he thought that the giant behind him would be the highest amongst the marines on the ship. He noticed that they were close by around the rubble. He could feel the person moving forward, and soon enough he could feel the person rising through the ship in a fast pace. It didn’t take long, but Yuurei was punched right in his jaw as he was risen into the air, and he fell back onto the floor. He was able to block some of the pain with Armament Haki when this happen, but the attack still hurt.

What happened here was this. The marine that came out from below the deck had broken through the rubble by leaping from where they were and up to the deck. Yuurei was not able to see this coming as he didn’t use his observation. The marine that landed on the deck of the ship had also been using Armament. They were slightly taller than Yuurei by a few inches, they had rugged beard, glasses and messy short hair. Their marine uniform was nicely worn except for the overcoat, which looked to have been through a lot of battles of its own. The man had looked at the Gideon who was fighting his commodore. Still, he knew that he wasn’t the person who had done this to the marines that were lying possibly dead on the ground. He looked over to Yuurei who was on the ground right now as he was walking over to him.

Yuurei was surprised about that as he was rubbing his jaw, and knew if he hadn’t use his armament right there, then he would have had a broken jaw. That man was aiming to take him out, but now he knew what he was capable of. He was done with checking if his jaw was okay, and smack the ground under him with his hand as he picked himself that way, and jumped back immediately to see the man in front of him. He looked strong, and experience, but the coat he wore shown that he had been through a lot in his life. The pirate could see that this man was putting off an aura that scream seriousness all around him. ”Is you alright?” the rear admiral asked the giant who happened to be the only standing throughout this whole event. When the marine had asked this the pirate had decided it was time to pull out the rest of his swords for the fight that was about to occur. When he reached for the handles, the rear admiral had rushed towards without a second to waste and threw a punch strength at Yuurei.

The thief had to stop what he was doing, and cover himself from the attack in front of him. He had covered himself from being harmed as he covered his arms in armament and blocked the punch that had landed on his forearms. He was pushed back by the attack, and he could see that this man was not going to allow him to unsheathe the other blades. He could only put a smile on his face, which led to a chuckled because he was going to enjoy this fight. ”Who do you think you are jumping on to my ship?” he asked in a deep tone as he was looking at Yuurei. The thief had a reason for coming onto his ship, but he didn’t know if it was good enough for the marine. ”I don’t think you would care for my reason for being on your ship,” he said as he was getting ready to try and unsheathe his blade. ”You are correct on that matter I do not care of your reason, but you will be taken for Justice,” he kept his deep tone towards Yuurei.

Yuurei had gone to grab his sheathe again, and the Rear Admiral lunged towards the pirate and had gone for another punch to his chest. Yuurei had to be quick again, and this he decided to do something a little different. Instead, of blocking the attack, he had slashed with Benihime that he had now, which would collided with the marine’s punch. With the other hand that wasn’t being used it was able to unsheathed EgeKing from his sheathe. The Rear Admiral sucked his teeth when he saw this as he had allowed his foe to fight at an equal footing as him. He moved back from separating the distance between the two by a couple of feet. ”No matter, pull out the rest of ya weapons. I, Rear Admiral Jet, will make sure you are put to justice,” his tone of voice never changing. Yuurei nodded as he was reaching out for his blades quickly, and now he was able to have two blades in each hand, and in between his fingers.

When he was ready, and Jet could see he was ready, he rushed towards Yuurei and threw rapid punches straight at the pirate. Yuurei had imbued his Armament towards all four of his swords and started blocking the punches with his blades. The man was strong, and he knew that when he was hit on his jaw that his strength was similar to his. While he was blocking the man’s attack, he noticed to his lower right that Jet was going in for a sweep kick through all of the punches he was throwing. He stood his ground as planted weight onto his feet, and used Armament to be imbued through his whole entire leg. The legs collided, and Jet could see this young man was a strong opponent. He move back from Yuurei now as he didn’t want to be countered attack because he stood too close.

2/20 Armament and Observation

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38 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:24 pm



The two giants were locked, that is until the commodore sent a swift kick to Gideon's stomach, sending him stumbling back until he reached the main mast. "Cheap shot" he grunted in pain. He looked up to see the woman moving in for another attack. Dodging out the way, he barely managed to avoid a solid punch from the commodore which collided with the mast, cracking a good portion of it.

"Like I would go lightly on a pirate, especially one that launches an attack at a blindpot" the commodore stared right at Gideon, though the pirate knew the woman was referring to the other giant who now laid on the floor, unknowing if he was dead or not. With a quick look at the downed giant, Gideon was nearly hit by another punch which he blocked with the lower part of Jormungandr, but the commodore followed up by kicking Gideon's thigh. The kick felt as if he was being hit by a giant metal bat.

For his safety, Gideon intentionally tumbled back to gain distance, a tactic he had once seen Yuurei use. When he tried standing up, he felt a jolt of pain coming from his thigh, and ended up kneeling at best.

"This will be quick" the commodore said to Gideon. For a moment, she looked over towards where Rear Admiral Jet was fighting Yuurei, the tides were on their side, and once she took care of Gideon, should would help her superior. She moved forward, but before she could get too close, Gideon exhaled a cloud of pepper from his mouth which then covered the upper body of the commodore who then preceded to cough and rub her eyes, "Parlor tricks!" he coughed.
"Where is Loki?" No witty remarks, no puns, Gideon was stern on what he came to find out and this time he was determined to get an answer. With a swing of his whip-blade, Jormungandr slammed into the commodore's side, though she blocked most of the attack with a blacken forearm, a few of the ridged blades scraped against her back, ripping through her coat.

"Child, you will pay dearly" the commodore said through teary eyes.

39 Re: The Duo Versus the Marines (Gran Voyage) on Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:26 pm



While Yuurei had been blocking the man’s punches, he noticed that there was a different ranking on him. It definitely wasn’t Commodore, which made sense to why he was so strong. Still, he could only think it was a higher rank, and he could even get a glimpse of it. What he also noticed was that he was quick to gain distance between the two after he had done his attack. He smiled at him as he wasn’t sure what he was planning on doing. The pirate wasn’t planning on losing this bout for one simple reason. If he lost this fight, then it just meant that he would be taken to prison, which would mean his adventure would come to an end. He wasn’t going to allow that as he felt like there were more things waiting for him. He had analyzed Jet as the man had smacked his fist against each other. He was trying to intimidate him, but of course that wasn’t going to work for the thief.

He started jogging, which turned into a full sprint to get close to the Rear Admiral. He had lifted up his right hand and swung down at the man as he had blocked the sword with his arm. He grunted a bit as he could feel the power coming from Yuurei, but also his sword. He had some good weapons, and he noticed that one of them was amazingly made. It wasn’t just that, but those long-arms of his made it hard for him to reach him for any counter attacks. The thief had brought his other hand, and swung his it at Jet. He had blocked this one, but instead of being pushed back. Jet had moved under and forward Yuurei as he had gotten straight towards the pirate’s stomach. He had thrown a punch straight into Yuurei’s stomach, but Yuurei quickly used Armament to soften the blow. He still felt it though as he groaned from the pain, but quickly counter by bending his second elbow and slashed at Jet.

He covered his back with Armament, but he clenched his teeth as he felt the pain from the attack. Yuurei pushed himself away using the attack to his stomach as a form to get away. He looked at Jet with a smirk on his face; the two looked at each other as if they were getting ready for more action. The two of them would rush towards each other, and then they would collide. The both of them would have their attacks collide with the opposite hand, and then go for a counter with their free hand. Yuurei would be punch in the face, but would shift his Armament to his face from his stomach. He could feel the blood coming out from his mouth, but of course he didn’t just get hit from the attack. He would also slash at Jet from behind as the man was always closing the gap between the two of them. Jet would also get by this attack as he was on the offense as well as Yuurei. Their attacks were strong, but they were precise and they didn’t cause much damage to the infrastructure of the ship.

The thief was surprised, but he could also smell some type of spice in the air. He didn’t know how it happen, but he knew that it was Gideon who had done this. The two men were silent throughout their battle, but even Jet had a look of satisfaction. The both of them were on even footing, but the use of weapons were doing more damage to Jet, than he would like to think. Yuurei’s blades were strong and they only got stronger when he used Armament on them, with Benihime being the unknown factor. He never understood how strong she really was, but knew that not even his Kusanagi would stand a chance against her. The two twitched for a second, and then they both moved around the ship as they were going blow for blow with each other. Yuurei would slice Jet, while the man would be able to bruise the young man’s chest, stomach, and forearms. Yuurei and Jet would slide away from each other and look at each other with enough energy to keep going.

He figured this man would be strong, but he knew that the men that he had render unconscious would wake up soon. ”Gideon, if you can take out some of the marines that are heading towards the deck please,” he asked his friend. The marines below deck has struggled to get through the rubbles, but were soon able to make their way towards the deck area. There were a ton of them appearing on the deck. Jet saw this, and heard what Yuurei said, and lost his concentration for a second as he didn’t want this to happen to his men. He rushed towards Gideon as he was going to try and stop the man before he could do whatever he was going to do. Yuurei smiled as the man was indeed like him in a way; he stopped Jet in his track, but not by getting in his way. The thief had spun around and slashed the Rear Admiral from the side. He screamed and cringed when he felt the cuts from his side that came from the filthy pirate.

He stopped running after Gideon as he looked over at Yuurei. ”Why do such a thing?” he asked even though he knew the answer. The swordsman shook his head as he looked at Jet. ”If you were worried about your man that you had to act, then you had no faith in your partner fighting my friend. You see I have faith that the big guy over there will win somehow. You didn’t think your partner could stop my friend, so you acted, and thought I would let you do whatever you wanted, but you were wrong,” he said. He got into a stance and Jet looked at him as he could see the blood that was coming from his side. Still, he could only fight to win, and then take this man in.

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Gideon had heard Yuurei call. He looked upon the ship, noticing his friend was fighting another marine while the other marines were rushing up on deck. He snapped Jormungandr back into blade form, however before before the giant pirate could make an attempt on the incoming marine crew, the commodore rushed out of the dissipating spice cloud with a strengthened kick, which was then blocked by Gideon's blade.

"I won't let you lay another hand on my men" The commodore managed to push Gideon to the point he was near the railing of the ship and given that he's a giant, the tiny railing wouldn't support him, but trip him instead.

"Then I won't-" He grunted as he began to slowly over take the commodore's strength, pushing her back, "-lay a finger on then" then he detached Jormungandr again, allowing himself to maneuver a part of the now whip-like blade to slice at the marine giant's side, forcing her back.

Gideon then took this chance and ran out of the way while downing a keg of ale he had pulled out from his fannypack.

"You will not escape the long arm of the law!" the commodore yelled as she chased after him.

After two strides, Gideon turned about and exhaled a cloud of mist, but instead of enveloping the upper part of the marine giant, the mist crept along the deck, up to the commodore's ankles, causing her to stop for a brief hesitation.
"Pointless" She sneered as she continued her chase.
"Not really" Gideon took two more strides away from the commodore before turning back once more, taking a deep breath and with another click of his teeth, he released another spray of fire, but this time aiming at the deck which then enveloped another dozen or so marines, and the moment the edge of the flames touched the flammable mist, the creeping cloud ignited in a bright light, not only setting aflame the rest of the unconscious crew, but setting aflame the commodore's legs and causing three of the four masts to catch fire at their base.

"The only long-arm here is Yuurei" Gideon joked with a smile, but after noticing the fire was not dying down, he cursed under his teeth.

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Yuurei knew things were going his way, and a lot of it had to do with the little attack that he just pulled off on Jet. It was a good moment to strike, and he knew it would pay off due time. Still, there was an aura that had come from Jet that show he was not willing to go down by Yuurei’s cheap shot. The thief could smell of alcohol in the air, and he already knew what Gideon was planning on doing. It was what he actually wanted him to do, so he was excited that he didn’t have to tell him to this out loud. He looked at Jet again with a smile as he had jumped into the air using the strength and power of his leg to gain some distance. He would be defenseless, or at least it would be hard for him to dodge things midair, but he knew what was coming, so in a sense he was dodging. The mist of alcohol had appeared, and he figured he wouldn’t want that on him, or he would probably be easily caught on fire.

Then it happened, the fire didn’t take long to appear as it had gotten anything that was within the alcohol mist. Jet, however, wasn’t caught in the mist, nor the fire as he had jumped after Yuurei. The thing with this was that he looked like he was jumping in the air itself, which surprised Yuurei. His eyes widen when he could see the move from this man, and he had easily closed the gap between the two of them. Yuurei sucked his teeth as he covered himself as Jet had punched him with force to push him back, and fall in an area that Yuurei wasn’t aiming to fall to. He noticed that there was fire in the area that he was falling to. He tried his best to push himself in a direction, but it wasn’t working to his liking. When he fell, he ended up on the side of the ship as he stabbed it with his blades, so he didn’t fall into the water.

He sighed when he seen what had happened. It was mainly his fault, but he knew that it was something that he had to do. Now he had to get out of the predicament that he was in, and he figured Jet would be making his way towards him. He swayed himself forward, and then when his body moved back, he held onto his sword as it looked like he did a front flip, which brought him to stand on the railing of the ship. He looked to the sky as he could see that Jet was rushing towards him right now. That was such a cheap trick, but it looked so cool, and it made Yuurei wished that he was able to do something like that. Still, he didn’t have time to admire this as he was looking for a place for him to stand on the deck. It didn’t take long for him to find a spot, and he jumped towards it, and when he landed he was met with another punch from behind by Jet.

Yuurei would have placed his Armament on his back to soften the blow, but it had hurt, and brought him to stumble forward. He was able to regain his balance quickly, and turned to face Jet with a smile on his face. The Rear Admiral looked angry with what happened to his men, but there was nothing that he could do about it. He did also noticed that the ship was set ablaze by the huge giant, which was bad. Jet didn’t like this, but there was nothing he could do to take care of Gideon, for if he had tried to do something, Yuurei would just attack him, and possibly end his life in the process. ”You are a disgusting pirate! They weren’t strong enough to fend for themselves!” he yelled at Yuurei a bit upset with what had transpired. Yuurei shrugged as there was no time for fair play. ”It had to be done. There is no way I would allow you to have the number advantage over us. It would just mean we would have to take out more people, which means more energy spent,” he explained to Jet, but he didn’t care about that.

The part of the deck they were on was safe from the fire, but what was great about the fire was that the rest of the marines that were below deck were making their way to the deck, and instead of their attention being him and Gideon, he knew they would have to put out this fire before it was too late for their ship. Still, one thing he noticed about Jet was that his movements were slowing down now as the wound to his side was getting to him. The marines would soon make it to the deck of the ship like Yuurei had foreseen. They looked confused about what was happening right now, and they didn’t know what to do. One of them stepped up to the plate and looked at the other marines to give them an order.

”Leave the pirates to Jet, and Karla! They are more than enough! All survivors focus on stopping the fire from spreading any further!” one of the marines shouted from the top of their lungs as the marines shook their heads and started moving around to get water and stop the fire as Yuurei had figured they would do. Jet was panting and breathing heavily though as he couldn’t believe that he had allowed this to happen. Yuurei on the hand was panting, but not even close to how Jet was. The two moved a bit and then they moved forward to close the distance between the two.

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The fire was spreading fast and given that he's a giant, it was harder for him to avoid the flames, although because the marine giant the newly arrived marines refer to as 'Karla', is a giant herself, then she is in the same predicament... or so he thought.

Just as Gideon was about to make his way over towards where Yuurei was in order to assist him, a giant black arm reached out from a wall of flames, grabbed the collar of Gideon's jacket and pulled him back. Next thing the pirate knew, he was thrown through the flames, the heat was intense, burning through his clothing and if he would have stayed within the fire any longer, his skin would have been damaged.

Gideon's back slammed into one of the masts, cracking it. Before he could gather his thoughts, he felt a strong punch right across his face.

[color=pink]"Pirate filth!" growled Karla, who had Gideon pinned against the mast. Every time the pirate would try to slip away from her, she would either push him back against the mast or punch him back into place. Her jacket was gone, she only wore a tanktop with her pants. Her entire arms, and no doubt her legs, were blacken, making every hit feel like steel.

Gideon tried to block a punch, but merely managed to harm his left forearm in the process. She wouldn't let up, Karla continued her assault, rage in her eyes; though the fire was creeping closer to them, she didn't care and Gideon figured she wouldn't need to care. The blacken form seem to be some kind of protection and the fire probably wouldn't be able to eat through it.
Once again, Gideon tried to slip away, but once again Karla threw him back to the mast, wailing upon him, blow after blow; at one point, they could both swear a bone or two had cracked. He didn't know where and he couldn't get the time to look, but Gideon knew he had dropped Jormungandr somewhere while being thrown. He felt blood drip at first, but the feeling was soon lost as parts of his body began to go numb. He tried to take a deep breath to perform his techniques but with the assault, he couldn't breath properly.

"I'm not letting you breath; I'll stop once you stop moving" Karla continued to trash while Gideon struggled. Fear swelled up inside him, he felt he was on the verge of death, no... he was sure he was going to die. His vision blurred, all he could see is orange and red. The surrounding sound of fire cracking, the pounding of each hit, all of it was dulling, everything was going faint... going... black...
The vision of Donna, his mother, surfaced. Serving him dinner, a smile on her face. Then the vision changed to Donna being in shackles, crying, holding her son tightly. The last vision was of Gideon watching the marine ship sail away after he escaped, wishing his mother could escape with him, he had cried for days.

Gideon woke up, his eyes shot open, his arms brought up and his head low a full defensive stance to protect up his upper body. Each blow that Karla dealt was dulled, before Gideon's body shifted, but now he was a boulder, each strike barely moved the pirate.

"Tch" Karla stared at Gideon and Gideon stared at her back, his eyes were determined, were fierce, they didn't waver, they crackled like the fire around them.

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The two men would clash as Jet would throw a few punches at Yuurei as the pirate would have done the same thing with the blades. He was trying to take this man out who had such power; Yuurei knew that he would have had a harder time fighting him, if he had paid attention to him this whole time. Still, those blows of his did hurt, and he didn’t enjoyed when he got hit. Still, Jet was close to Yuurei, and it was close enough to reach the man with his fist. He had swung, and hit Yuurei in the gut, which the man would cover it with Armament, but would still feel some type of pain from the attack. It wasn’t enough to stop him from moving his arms though. Yuurei had bend his second elbow follow by his first elbow to slash Jet in the back, which he knew that the man would shield with Armament. They kept playing the same game, and both of them were hurt, but Jet had been the one that was bleeding out.

The pirate coughed a bit as he noticed that there was blood coming out of his mouth. He sighed because he knew that this guy was indeed strong. Their strength was quite the same, but he felt like this man had the slight advantage when it came down to it. The two were apart from each other again, and Yuurei figured he would go exactly for the wound that he had inflicted on the man earlier. He sprinted to jet as their gap had closed in an instant, and with that Yuurei had swung his blades straight at Jet’s side. The man used Armament to soften the blow, but it had hurt either way. His eyes widen when he felt the pain from his open wounds, and he gritted his teeth as he tried his best not to shout from the pain. He needed to make sure that he didn’t break the marine’s resolve here, so he would have to stay and look strong for his men. Still, Jet had been in denial for a while, but he was finally facing the reality of the matter.

Yuurei was a strong person, and he had underestimated him. It wasn’t just that, but he had also weapons that were at whole different level this his own fist. He was so stuck with a code to using just his hands that he had never though there would come a time were one person would have a weapon far stronger than his fist. Yuurei could tell that Jet’s confidence was fading, and it must have been from the blow that he had just suffered. When he had gotten close to Jet again, he had gone strike the man’s side again, but he was quick to move on his feet, and jumped over the blades. His eyes widen when he noticed that Jet’s jump was more like a lung towards him. His eyes widen when he saw this, and covered his face with Armament as he had been hit on the bottom of his chin. Yuurei stumbled backwards though, and that stumble would bring him to fall to the ground. He was surprised about this attack, and he didn’t think the Rear Admiral was still willing to fight, but he was wrong.

It didn’t take long, but Jet had grabbed Yuurei by the foot, and picked him up, and slammed into the ground again. This time Yuurei used his blades to fend the impact of the ground below, but even then he had felt the pain resonating through his body. His body would bounce back, and he would let out blood from his mouth. Still, he knew that Jet wasn’t done as the man had held onto his leg. Yuurei felt himself being lift up again, but thanks to his long arms he had made his way towards his leg and slashing on Jet’s fingers. The Rear Admiral would feel the slash, and grunted as he let go of Yuurei and stumbled a bit as he noticed that he had been cut by this pirate. ”You fight dirty,” he said angrily and tiredly. He had landed on the ground on his feet due to the lift, and he chuckled. ”I’m not fighting dirty. I just want to live, and I see that I still have room to improve to get stronger,” he was glad that there was indeed room to grow.

Still, he knew that this fight was over, and from the Rear Admiral’s posture he was ready to collapse at any moment. He knew that he was just being stubborn, and trying not to pass out. Yuurei was getting ready to finish this, and he knew what he had to do. It would be his last attack of the fight, which he hoped that would take out Jet. Yuurei rushed towards Jet at full speed, and the man noticed that there was a different aura emitting from the pirate. Jet could tell that he was trying to go for a decisive blow right now. Yuurei weapons were blacken still, and when he got close enough he spun around as he was trying to more speed behind his attack than before. Jet had stood his ground as his body had been covered with Armament, but he had also used something else. ”Tekkai,” he simply said as Yuurei had connected with his blades, and for a second there he thought he failed, but that wasn’t it.

It took a second, but Benehime dug into Jet’s wound first, and then it brought him to let go of his technique, which allowed Kusanagi to dig in, and soon the rest of Yuurei blades dug into the man’s body. ”No I cannot be defeated!” he shouted as he screamed in pain. Yuurei noticed that he had no longer protected himself with Armament, but he could feel his presence as Jet had dropped to the floor unconscious, but Yuurei’s attack wasn’t done there. The spiraling wind slash would go around him, and would engulf the marines that were nearby him. The ones that had been taking care of the water had been caught by Yuurei’s attack as they were lifted into the air and cut up by the blow of the man’s attack. They were also out from the fight, but of course Yuurei didn’t get all of the marines that were clearing out the fire. His blade, however had managed to get rid of any of the fire that was around a 50 meter radius around him. It was strong enough to blow away the fire that were a little bit further than that as well.

Still, when it was all said and done he had taken their Rear Admiral out, and there were only a small remaining marines remaining. The attack was over, and when the marines who were still up and about would look in the direction of where the wind came from they would noticed that Jet was taken down. Their eyes widen as they were surprised, but also scared of Yuurei. This man had taken out Jet who was the strongest amongst them all.

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For the moment of hesitation, Gideon took advantage of it, before Karla could get back into her rhythm, Gideon delivered a quick uppercut, throwing her head back and allowing him to get his back off the mast and to perform a counterattack. Several jabs struck the giantess, her shoulders, her chest, a low blow to the stomach caused her to cough, momentary stun, then a swift right hook made her stumble.

The fire crept and found a barrel of gunpowder which caused an explosion, rocking the boat and sending a wave of fire to engulf Gideon, "Karma!" Karla laughed as she witnessed the pirate being swallowed by the fire, but just as quickly as the fire jumped, a blast of wind coming from the bow of the ship had pressed pass the marine and dispersed the flames, revealing an angered Gideon, who's cloths were singed, in mid-jump, his fist swinging. Before Karla could react, the punch connected with her cheek, sending her flying back until she landed, her back to the deck.

"W-who are you!?" Karla looked up, trying to quickly get to her feet.

"Gideon Wodan" Gideon simply said as he began to slowly walk towards the marine. After Karla got to her feet, they rushed one another. They began exchanging blow after blow, each more intense then the last, each sounding like metal against metal, soon the wooden floor below their feet began to crack, though they were semi-aware, they cared not, they pressed on until a portion of the deck gave way and they sank into the cargo hold, which wasn't considered a fall to the giants. Ass they stood, their upper bodies were still above deck while their lower bodies were in the cargo hold.

Blood dripped from both of them, as both seemed tired, but Gideon wouldn't allow rest, even if that meant himself as well, he moved in and they began to trade blows once again, each exchange shook the ship.

Gideon was has never been use to fighting, he never saw himself as such a person, always shying away from confrontation. Now he's pushing himself against a marine and isn't backing down, no, he's using his rage and anger to fuel his determination. Now there's no turning back, one of them shall fall into defeat and the giant pirate was determined for it not to be him.

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The pirate was finished with his fight, but he figured Gideon was still fighting his fight. He wanted to help him out, but he chose not to because it would give the man time to grow as a person. Instead, he sheathed his blade, only leaving his Benihime in his hand as he looked in the direction where the remaining marines were still standing. They noticed that he looked over at them and fear ran through their entire being. Yuurei walked over to the group of marines that were still alive and well. They trembled as he got closer, and it was because of what had transpired. The man they all looked up to was dead. Yes, they wished that there was something they could do against this guy, but if he had beaten Jet, then there was no way that any of them could face him. The only thing they could do was hope that Karla could beat the giant, but they felt the ship shake from the clash between giants.

Yuurei felt it to as he tried to balance himself from the sudden shake of the boat, and fell on his ass. He chuckled a bit, as he rubbed his lower back from the sudden fall and looked back to see Gideon destroying the deck of the ship. His eyes widen a bit as he was surprised that this had happened. He turned and looked at the marines in front of him and his jolly side from falling disappeared as he looked over to the marines with a serious face. They were surprised to see what was happening between the giants, but their attention turned back to Yuurei. They could feel the killing aura that had spread out from him, which was heavy, so they weren’t able to really move from their spot. He got up from where he fell, and when he got close to them he looked at each and every one of them with a malevolent smirk on his face. ”Okay now that I finished that I have an offer for you guys. You take it and you will be able to live, do you want to hear it?’ he asked them.

The marines looked at each other as they were mumbling with each other as if they were trying to figure out what they were going to do. They nodded at each other as they had come to a common an agreement with what they were going to do. One of the marines stepped forward as they were going to talk for the group. ”We will listen to your offer, I’m sure we have no choice, but to do what you want, if we want to live another day,” he said as he was a bit disappointed with this situation. ”I want you guys to give me all of the technology that you guys had gotten from Sky Island. I want the shells, that you have gotten and anything else you guys have with you. And trust me I will know if you are lying about bringing me everything. When you do that, I will allow you guys to live and take your ship back to the Grand line. When you do that I want you guys to tell your superiors that Skypiea is off limit, and they won’t be doing any deals with God to be on their side, as he will not have anything to do with the World Government. And if I do see any of you guys still here, then you will regret it,” he said this as this was all he wanted from them.

”We can do that, and we will do everything you said, so don’t kill any of us please,” he heard what they said, and he nodded as he was planning on adding something else. ”Also, if you want to know I am, then it’s simple I’m Jiyuu D. Yuurei of the Phantom Raiders crew, and that big guy there is Gideon Wodan,” he told them this, and they were surprised that the man in front of him was the guy that the woman with Winged wanted them to capture. He had actually come to them, and they didn’t even know it until he said his name. His clothing was different because he was wearing a marine’s outfit, but the style of his hair was also different as well. They didn’t know he was this strong as his bounty was only of 71,000,000 beris. The marines nodded as they had no choice but to do what he told them to do, and the ship was still shaking. Yuurei had watched two of the marines moving towards a door that wasn’t far from where they were, and he figured it was the captain’s quarter, or Jet’s quarter. He stood there waiting for a bit as he was looking at them and ignoring Gideon’s fight for the time being.

When he took a glance before he noticed that his friend was actually going blow to blow with the woman, but she was winning in the long run. She had Armament, while Gideon was just doing his best with his fist. Still, he wanted to cheer his friend on, but he didn't want something bad to happen to Gideon. He figured he would help his friend out before the marines would come out with the chest. The pirate rushed towards the two giants, and while doing that he placed Benihime back into her sheathe, but held the handle of the blade. While he was moving he had used Armament on the blade one last time as he unsheathed the blade real quick and striking Karla in the back. A huge gash appeared on her back as her eyes widen when she felt the pain. She knew who it was, and when she looked at Yuurei he was sheathing his blade back into her cover. Karla had gotten frustrated with that as she was going to attack Yuurei.

Her attempted had fail as he jumped away from her, and towards the directions of where the marines would come from. ”If I were you I would pay attention to him,” he said this to her as he pointed in the direction of Gideon. She couldn’t believe how dirty of a pirate he was, but Yuurei just didn’t like marines. Still, no matter who she paid attention to she would be facing a surprise of defeat. When he got back to his spot the marines didn’t take long as they were able to bring out a chest, which both of them needed to hold it because of its weight. Yuurei had watched them as they brought the chest to him, and he opened it as he looked inside of and chuckled to see the amount of beri that was in this chest. It wasn’t just that, but there were a bunch of shells that were inside. He could see that there was even two reject dials in the chest. It was interesting to see that item again as it had been used against him once before. He was surprised that Jet didn’t use it, but he wasn’t sure if the man knew what it was. He only knew what it could do because he had been hit by it.

”Thank you. And as promised none of you will perish like everyone else has,” he closed the chest without a problem and lifted the chest with one of his arms as he had felt a little sore, but ignored it. He still had Benihime in one of his hand just in case any of them had tried to do anything stupid. ”Can you guys step back please, and sit down while and watch who comes out victorious from this fight,” he said as he pointed his blade at each of them and they moved back listening to what he had said. Yuurei moved to one of the railings of the ship and watched Gideon go blow for blow right now with the giant name Karla.

10/20 Armament and Observation.

Technique Used:
Name: Ittoryu: Shishi Sonson
Description: The user places one hand onto the sheathe of his blade and then quickly move towards their target if they are standing still, or will just wait for them to be close to use this. When close enough the user will attempt to slice through their target, rapidly unsheathing their blade slashing at their target, and quickly sheathing their blade back into its sheathe.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Speed & Agility
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