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21 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:46 am

"Shhhhhh!" Otis silences the group as he orders them to drop closer to the floor, sneakily crawling along the muddy terrain as they draw near to the source. Meanwhile, as Otis ordered the group to get down Klinghoffer remained up, ignoring the employer's order as if it was gibberish coming from a monkey. He looked at his nails as he took Kando's advice, treading upon the uplifted roots as the rest of the gang crawled. When they finally came into view of the ruckus that echoed through the jungle the witnessed a small war being waged between what seemed to be two groups of pirates, one group, in particular, seemed to be winning. The majority of the people left standing were all sporting a small flag on their person that depicted a jolly roger with shattered bones on it, Klinghoffer instantly recognised this flag as the one of the Jaya renowned pirate Bonecrusher Akanto. Klinghoffer peered notices one of the flags hanging off a pirate's side and instantly rushes behind a tree to avoid being seen, getting his pristine boots muddied.

"Kill 'em all boys!" One of the opposing pirates yells out at the charge out from the bushes with his cutlass raised high, looking around to see all of his dead comrades. Ultimately it was too late for him, he had charged straight into enemy lines and was swarmed by the Bonecrusher pirates, from the bushes where Klinghoffer and the others hid it was impossible to see what was going on inside of the swarm. "Holy smokes!" Otis expresses loudly, noticing his volume as his eyes go wide. He covers his mouth and drops down to the floor from peaking through the scrub, "Who said that?!" One of the Bonecrusher pirates exclaims as he removes himself from the dogpile and looks around.
"Seems like we have some company then boys!" Suddenly the whole crowd of pirates disperse from the cluster, revealing the carved up remains of what is left of the opposing pirate. With a few quick hand signals from the first pirate, the rest begin to fan out into the wilderness around. 'I don't like the looks of this, I need to act fast' The musician thinks to himself as he boldly steps out into the open, slinging his guitar into his grasp and strumming a broad chord. His Minor Inversion Triad echoing throughout the clearing and freezing the Bonecrushers where they stand, the musician dramatically puts on his shades as they look to the origin of the beautiful sound. "Sup fuckers? I'm here to ruin your day" Klinghoffer emphasizes the 'I'm' to let his party members know he is making a distraction, telling the enemy that he is there alone.

Skills Used:
Haki Used: N/A

Skills Used:

Name: Minor Inversion Triad
Description: Klinghoffer strikes a Minor Inversion Triad on his guitar, the guitar's sweet melancholy sound that lulls an enemy's movements temporarily. The sound waves of the smooth tone halt any physical movement in the area of effect. This cannot be used to influence a character's movements but temporarily stop them in paralysis for one post. Superior Spirit & Willpower by 1 subjects any listener to the full effect, if the listener is of equal Spirit & Willpower they are only temporarily affected and therefore only momentarily halted. Due to his circumstances with the Kage Kage Devil Fruit his prowess of this technique has grown, not only does hold them mentally but physically also by freezing their shadow. This skill can affect up to 3 PCs that are in range, 8 important/named NPCs and an unlimited amount of grunts or unnamed NPCs.
Range: Medium
Attribute: Spirit & Willpower - Tertiary
Rank: Intermediate
Theme: Blues For You

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22 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:15 pm

The orders from Otis immeditaly made Kando go down into a squatting pose behind a tree stump, his thumb pressing against the swordhandle in a ready gesture to go on a killing spree. Risaka was firmly  down the ground, not taking any chance to get noticed so she'd take Otis' order truly real. However seeing how bold and attention loving Kling was she'd narrow her stare at his fighting style. With his loud words she caught his message and began to advance around the fighting field along with Kando just simply dashing past the trees, outspeeding her superiorly. Seemingly Kando had his own plans, but it didn't involve a frontal attack, he has caught another source he could strike, almost like a hooming missile.

The pirates being practically frozen by Kling's Minor Inversion Triad were holding their swords up and gritting their teeth, unable to charge any further towards him. Some were gasping and blinking rapidly in large confusement. Such sorcery they have never seen and they surely won't ever see it again when they get struck down during their freeze. However with the rest outside of Kling's ability reach they all stopped to see how he easily controlled such amount. Some brought their guns out in response, likely they will hit their own crewmates just to bring down Kling. ''Gun that freak down! He'll pay for messing with the Bonecrusher Pirates!'' The rest of the pirates went with a loud 'YAAAAA' to boost their confidence. The other pirate group, or whatevers left of it takes this oppertunity to scamper off to their original place. ''We gotta go now! Our beautiful leaders have likely gotten to the treasure by now!'' Risaka was overhearing this as she was trying to keep up with Kando, but seeing how he was going in an entirely different direction, away from the goal, she decided to take a follow to the fleeing pirates, in hope to get avantage of their information. As a result the group of 4 has mostly split up, for better or worse.

In the meantime, somewhere a bit more... far away, infact the whole opposite direction of the jungle was Lying Larry and his large crew was tired and full of questions. Larry looking down at their cordinator to see if they have gotten the next new direction to follow. ''Lalaaa ah... gah! We have been running for some time now, and yet I don't see a single pirate nor a fallen treasure anywhere!'' Said Larry in a rather unamused and annoyed tone, his face all sweaty with his pointy nose having a drop of sweat hanging. The cordinator grunted and groaned as he was trying to figure out the map in his hands, but suddenly he just simply turned it 180 to only see the map was read backwards. ''O-ooh oooh oh oh OH NO! Uhm... Boss, I think I have brought us to the wrong side of the jungle...'' Larry now just standing there, with his face covered by shadows and an expression telling millions of angry words, yet his silence what was menacing. As a result he gave the cordinator a sharp chop against the back of his head, his hand striking the man down onto the ground. ''I TRULY AM IN CREW OF IDIOTS AND MORONS IN ALL AGES AND GENDERS!'' One of the frightened pirates of his rubbed their head in a wonderous thought. ''Uhm boss, we don't have any fema-'' Larry, interrupting and bashing as always, turned around to them with clenched fists and teary eyes of defeat. ''I KNOOOOOOOOOW!''

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