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1 Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:02 pm

Part 1 - Cat in the forest

It was her time to go out and, do some business out in the forest near Jaya island. Their parents were busy doing who knows what. Her father had other things to do, then trying to look out for her 20-year-old daughter that might get herself killed if she isn't careful. Peko on the hand didn't have to worry about these nobodies that could potentially harm her, considering that she can survive on her own. As a revolutionary army member, and a cruel person in general. Some have feared her, because of rumors that escaped from where she had come from. Someone as evil as she is, she's known to put people out of her misery while others may think of her as a humble and, considerate person. Being a doctor, made her a little softer than usual. According to her pops, before she took the job as a doctor. She was being questioned as to why she wanted to be a doctor. It wasn't because there are weaklings out there that can't do anything but, rely on others. She didn't do it, out of just pure kindness like her mother. She wanted to do it, to gain followers and respect as a doctor while also being a feared individual. It's not easy to be lead astray by, nothing but lies. Peko doesn't show any regrets, whenever she backstabs someone in order to gain what she desires the most.

As the sun rays, beamed through the trees surrounding the forest. Peko used her cat-like features, to navigate around the forest. Leaping from one branch to the next, finding things that mind be of good use while also collecting minor ingredients from one of the trees containing fruits and, berries that could be of good use. Sure they look really good, but she plans to use them as means to help herself and, friends around her. In case they need help, while also carrying a medkit on her back. Some berries are good for treating wounds, if you attract the juices from them. As she stops leaping from one branch to another. She stops on one, placing her left arm and leg on the tree, while one leg balancing on the branch. Scouting the area, if there is something else to look for. Something of interest. She could see Jaya island just a few miles from here. There were also cabins and, people around the edge of the forest, that she could talk to and maybe try to find a training partner.

"Hmm, other than train. What else is there, that might peak my interest? I could check and see if mother is on the island yet, she hasn't been back in awhile." Crouching down, thinking what to do. I don't want to get myself caught up in some trouble, while I'm on Jaya island. Father mentioned that there can be someone out there to try and catch me, considering that I'm somewhat known for heinous things. Peko began to let out a sigh, as she jumped off the branch and continue to walk on foot. Towards the island. As she was almost there, she would hear a loud booming sound within Jaya. Ears perked up, from the sound of it as she would run straight towards the sound. Few minutes after the sound of the explosion, she would see a fire brighter than the sun on one of the buildings. In the smoke, peko would see a group of people reaching for dear life. Hoping for someone to aid them, as a man navy soldier and a few minor citizens sat in pain.

A navy soldier? She would think. He was awfully beaten up, she didn't have time to sit there so she ran up to the helpless navy and a few other people. As the smoke cleared the soldier looked up at her while having a snail in hand. "Miss…help. Back up should have already been here…b..but it seems like they're late." Peko was surprised that a navy soldier didn't ask whether she was the infamous 'known killer' that her dad was talking about. Peko walked towards him and helped him up while looking at the other helpless people. "I got you, hang in there. Who did this?" Peko says, with the navy soldier arm over her shoulders. Setting him down gently on a seat far from the fire. "It was these people, they were after a devil fruit. They haven't gone too far, they must be stopped before they take the devil fruit--who knows what else might happen." He responded, while heavily breathing. "Don't worry about me, go treat the others. Back up is on the way." He finished, placing his left hand on his side.

A devil fruit huh, why on earth do you have it at a place like this. Maybe it was up for an auction or something? Gotta learn more about this, while I still have a chance.

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2 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:51 pm

Part 2 - Juicy secrets & Investigations

Just shortly after the minor incident that accorded within Jaya island. Back up had finally arrived, as the marines began gathering the rest of the victims that was caught in the crossfire, while others that weren't looked in awe. One group of people felt puzzled, as much as peko was. While the other group hoped that the fallen victims were ok, as peko started to aid the marine that was in the middle of it all. Her main concern was this devil fruit, she wants to ask more questions about it and for whatever reason why are people are doing a lot just to get there hands on it. She also has to look out for people/marines, that might know her from somewhere and if the rumors of her incident spread like wildfire. Her profession as a doctor, made her profile seem a bit clean. "Thanks miss, If it weren't for you-- I don't think I'll be able to see the brightest day." Peko patching up the rest of his bruises and, giving him something to support his arm that looked a bit damaged. "So about that devil fruit--do you happen to know anything else about it?" Peko didn't want to sound like she was reaching too much, or the fellow marine might think she's on to something. It's best to play smart and, your cards right.

"All I know is, is that it's this magical fruit that can grant you mystical powers--I don't know much about it myself. Say, you seem a bit interested in it too. By the looks of it, you might be wanting to get a snag of that devil fruit yourself." It sounded like the guy was on the right track and, indeed he was. Of course, peko wants that devil fruit power. She heard little rumors about it, while she was on this island. It sounded like a made up fairy tale, but her curiosity was too much so she had no choice but to go look for herself. She wasn't sure how to respond to it and before she could reply. A couple of marines ran to the bandaged up one, that peko was working on. Asking if he was ok and if he could stand. He replied in an unsure manner while attempting to get up. Slowly, but surely he could. Peko already did her part, as she got up and decided to investigate this matter further until a marine had interrupted her. "Say what's a person like you doing here? I get that you're trying to help and all, but your business is over now. You should head somewhere that's s-" before he could finish, peko was already gone. Disappearing into the smoke, in which the fire had produced. The marine tried calling out, but the more she ran. The less she could hear the crying marine. Her plan wasn't to stay for too long, as things started to get suspicious if she had stayed longer. As she began her investigation, without the marines meddling. There were somethings that these people had left before the explosion happened. A trace of blood that was leading towards the city. Peko began to bend down and, took a sample of it. Feeling the texture. She could tell that it was new. She assumed that one of them must have taken out a victim before they set this thing on fire. Though she doesn't care who or what they killed, since worrying about people isn't her dilemma.

Surrounded by buildings she could use to disappear over if a marine were to spot her and question her. But it would lead her back into the forest and, away from the city where she needs to be. The smoke almost clearing, though buildings off to the side she could use in order to avoid from being spotted by the marines on the other side of the smoke. She could hear their footsteps clearly. When she finished her brief investigation, peko decided to head towards her left where the unharmed buildings where. Out of the marines site, before they would take over the whole area. Jumping onto one of the older looking buildings, with a perfectly good sign to support her balance. If they were to still be looking for her, they would have already had a hard time doing so. Considering that she was out of their site for now. "I want to meet these people, maybe we could have some sort of trade-off deal or something. Fool them a bit, but what is there for me to trade that is more valuable than a devil fruit." She thought as she was running towards the city. There could be many things in this world, that's as valuable as the devil fruit that these dudes are trying to take. Assuming that they haven't taken it already. She didn't have much time, so all she could do is pick up the pace. They didn't seem too far ahead, but her delay in having to help people and get the marines to not fully notice her, was a bit of a drag.

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3 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:34 pm

Watch the Throne


He held a piece of cloth to his nose tightly. It had been busted not that long ago, and he was heading back to town to get something for it. He though was lost and had been walking around aimlessly for a good hour and a half. But, he'd stop his journey as he'd spot Marines. Stumbling upon them because he though they were regular folk that lived on the Island, he was wrong though. He wasn't afraid or anything of that nature, he could kick their ass if he wanted. It was just he wasn't in the mood to deal with them. They shouldn't even be out like this on this Island, Pirates didn't take kindly to them at all here. That is one of the reasons they aren't even allowed to create a base anywhere on the Island. At times they do come and post up bounties but that is rare, as they usually just pay a local kid to do it. He'd hide behind a tree, but not stealthy. The tree was smaller than him and it was obvious he was there. Everyone was busy treating the wounded or doing something else to notice him though. He did spot someone though speaking with a Marine. She didn't seem at all to be one of them from how she dressed.

They spoke loudly and without any care for anyone to here. Which was understandable since they were within the forest. The Marine would spout some foolish foolish things about Devil Fruits. Only explanation for how he spoke about a item the World Government deems illegal was that he was on drugs. Higher than a kite. On that good stuff.

At this time others would notice that Fidel was there and spoke to themselves wondering what he was doing. As how he was hiding was strange, and painted him as a idiot in a way. Fidel wouldn't mind them as the girl that stood out would take off, and well Fidel would follow her. Mainly because he was lost. He was faster than all of the Marine present as he zipped pasted them, if he was any slower he might've not caught up with the girl. Finally, she had stopped and he would speak. "What were you talking with them marines for? You with them?" Before Fidel could ask her to help him get to where he wanted he needed to know who side she was on. Fidel himself was known as a pirate and only few new of his ties to the revolutionary army at this time. That was because he hadn't openly announced himself one, as he needed a big stage for that. A place where he could show the world that he was more dangerous than his Father, Qari Marx.

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4 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:49 pm

Peko traveled further away from the marines, far enough that none present would be able to actively search for her. It's not like they would bother, trying to tail her in these thick forest that a mink like her could easily blend in. She didn't want to stay at one spot for too long anyway and, all she was there for is to grab information about the devil fruit and head to the next point of interest, which is the town up ahead. She would also meet her lovely people there that might have the devil fruit, as well. Only time will tell, but it doesn't look like she was a bit of a hurry. Peko likes to take her time with things but also doesn't want to waste time on little objectives.

Before she continued on, there was a man. A man that looked lost, but at the same time she assumes that he was following her all the way here. Peko stopped for a moment to look at him perfectly, getting a good picture of him. She would then be prepared to answer his question, an interesting one at that. "Fortunately I'm not with the marines-- I happened to be a good communicator and my reputation didn't decrease something that the Marines would try to stop me from doing something that I shouldn't." Even though moments ago, they tried to catch her from being in an unauthorized area. Knowing that she wasn't supposed to, but she did so anyway. She was more invested in the devil fruit, that anything else. She didn't care about the people that were hurt, it was mainly an act to let the marines know she wasn't entirely bad.

"Im from the revolutionary army, not the marines." In which that wasn't obvious enough. "Besides who are you anyway?" She asked curiously. Peko had to dismiss his question about what she was talking about with them, though there are millions of things she could have told him. He would eventually find out anyway if he plans to stick around for the show that is.

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5 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:06 pm

Watch the Throne


"You are kinda dumb." Fidel would say bluntly after she finished speaking. He mainly was commenting on her telling him who she sided with. This was Jaya and people usually didn't care but she didn't know he wasn't one of the Marines. "If you want to keep 'reputation' hidden you shouldn't tell strangers that." Fidel would add as he'd remove this cloth from his face. But, once he realized he was still bleeding he'd put it back.

"I get why you were honest with me, Mink. I'm that guy chicks fall for and spill their secretes to."
Fidel would say as he'd sit down. Luckily, there was a fallen tree that he could rest on. She said she had a reputation but Fidel couldn't figure that out. As he can't remember seeing her face on any wanted poster in Mock Town. So, whatever she had a reputation for it must not be that bad. "Well." Fidel would reach into his back pocket. "I'm a wanted Man, my Rev friend." As he said that he'd would have his wanted poster out so that she could see. Why he carried one around was to compare it with others when in the bars of Mock town. He sometimes lost when it came to showing how much he was worth, but when he one he enjoyed it. Though, he was a rev himself he was different from the others. The Pirate life he crew up in still was a large part of his personality and he still acted as such.

"I heard you talking before with that idiot of a Marine. You do know those devil fruits are fake right? Powers from a fruit....come on." Fidel wasn't a believer of the whole Devil Fruit thing, as he hadn't met one once. He felt the entire thing was made up to scare people. Fidel also said this because she didn't want to tell him, he could tell. In his mind she was trying to throw him off by telling him she was a rev. She could've just told him she had no ties with them. But, people were just strange. Fidel himself was strange That though is what made people different and interesting. As if we all were the same what would be the point in meeting someone new. There wasn't any. Well, that was just how Fidel felt about it. We all being different is what makes this world really keep moving. He still hadn't asked her which way to town was, but would wait on that. Though they have only been talking for less than a minute he didn't mind it. He knew she didn't because he was well Fidel. A Man among Men.

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6 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:54 am

Peko let out a slight chuckle, it was kind of an evil one too. "Fair Enough" she didn't take what he said to heart since she assumed that he isn't with one as well. If he wasn't, then what's the point in saying that? She guess it was to prove a point, in hiding her reputation. Even to strangers that she has no idea about, but she wasn't too worried so she didn't care what he was. This island isn't all that big and, you don't see people here but the marines caring about what you are and, what you rep around here. It's just a matter of fact that you stay to yourself, or is that just the world in general. Peko continued walking, as the male was talking. "A wanted man huh?" Interesting. Rev? He could be revolutionary friend or something like that. "So you're apart of the revolutionary army too-- never heard of you." She finishes, with a straightforward remark. Looking at the poster he's showing, so she could see the bounty he has on his head. Peko seemed to be impressed at the very least.

She doesn't pay too much attention to people and, where they came from. Since information like that isn't much use to her, but it's good to know that another revolutionary member came at an odd time. Speaking of which, she is meaning to ask how he got here and whys he here, when things like this arerehappening. "Say why did you come here?" She asks curiously. It was rather ignorant of him to say devil fruits are fake. Peko believed that there is an extraordinary power, dying for someone to take it and be worthy enough to use its divine powers.

If it were fake, she wouldn't be here right now. It would've been a waste of her time, finding a rumor that appeared to be false. Peko let his comment about devil fruits being fake pass by since now she is hear to prove to him that there, not some little tale that their parents would tell them. "There's a lot of bizarre things in this world to discover-- I mean look, I'm not even human so that's a first. Now that you're here, its time to prove you wrong." Peko said with great determination behind her words. She thought up of something interesting that he might like. "Say how about a challenge--if I prove to you that there's a devil fruit on this island, you'll have to treat me. If I lose, ill be your partner and do whatever you want me to do." Peko placing one hand on her hip, with a little smirk on her face. "So how bout it?"

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7 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:45 pm

Watch the Throne


Fidel followed her as he spoke and he kept in her journey. When she made a comment about him being a Rev he’d look back at this wanted poster. He, honestly, didn’t know what the thing said other than his picture was on it and his bounty amount. Fidel was one of those poor souls that didn’t know how to read. He could count, just not read or write. It was something he didn’t learn even though those close to him in his life tried to teach him. Why he didn’t want to learn to read was because of what he heard his Father tell him Mother. He doesn’t remember much of the fuss or even what it was about, but one thing stuck with him. And that was his Fathet saying ‘Words hide truth and spread lies.’ Fidel one day would learn to read but that wasn’t his top priority.

He place the bounty paper back into his back pocket. “My bounty is like that because of my life as a pirate. I got saved by some Revs soo I guess you can say I am involved with then in a way.” Fidel would say in reposnse to her saying she never heard of him. He said it not to get a response but rather tonjust let it be known.

“Why I came to Jaya. Hmmm” Fidel would think to himself before thinking of something to say. “I honestly came to relax in Mock town. I feel at home around people like me.” He’d say confidently. He enjoyed the company of most Pirates as they knew how to really have a great time.

“C’mon. You can’t use being a Mink as a excuse to chase mystical fruits. I grew up with different races my entire career as a pirate! But fruit... that give you powers? That is like that Golden City I was told about. But, I am a Man that will not back down from a challenge. So prepare to lose and ran my clothes. ” Fidel would say to let her know he was sticking with his opinion. If he hadn’t seen it before it couldn’t exist. Even though that logic is flawed in many ways he won’t stray from it. He didn’t really have any sexual desires when it came to the Mink. I mean if at a point he does get excited and he did win the bet he’d fulfill that desire. Mainly thoughhaving someone handle his laundry and maybe even some other chores he didn’t want to do would come in handy.

Another reason he was fine with this challenge was because it gave him something else to do other than get drunk and let his wounds heal. As a bloody nose, which had stopped, was the only injury that Fidel had on his body. Under his usual attire he was wrapped in bandages around his waist. If he was to do any fighting he’d have to push through his limits just to win. Or hurry up and end it before it got too out of hand. Ready as always was Fidel. The fighting spirit of this young Man being something that could rival anyone’s.

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8 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:45 am

Mock town was only just a few walks away, it felt like a long walk ever since the two left that wretched scene that these unknown group that made such a mess for one simple fruit. It would make sense for them to cause a ruckus, because of how much the fruit is worth. Only idiots would try to sell something, rather than just eat it and gain powers that you could boast about and jerk at all the people that thought the devil fruit weren't. Real. "Are you from mock town? She asked him. She wanted to know if he was familiar with the area, that way it can be easy for her to track her pray and lead them to the devil fruit. " If so, what are some places that local thieves would hang out?" These are good questions to ask someone, that is familiar with this area. Assuming that this guy has been traveling longer than peko herself, though she doesn't seem like a seasonal traveler. She wouldn't mind a little adventure, just to get out of her home every now and then.

Being a pirate would mean that the Marines will always be on your ass, dead or alive. So, of course, you'd have a good bounty, that these losers would do anything to impress there senpais and give them the cash they deserve. The guy didn't look at that special, but that's her taste in victims that wishes to be the hotshot of the seven seas. "Me being a mink should give you a reason to believe that a lot of exotic shit is out there, but you know what they say--seeing is believing." Shell be the one to prove this dumb ass wrong. It's a joy to bring ignorant people to shame and, neal before her and her great work as a revolutionary member that found the devil fruit.

Peko would have thought that he would accept her challenge, besides who wouldn't want to accept a challenge if you know that you might fail in the long run. The more fun that she will have, when she wins and also the devil fruit in her possession on top of it all. Peko could see herself, laughing in joy. But nows, not the time to be an idiot, if she wants to find these losers. She has to know everything about this town, that these two will be heading soon.

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9 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:23 pm

"Hmmm..." Renji had found himself sitting upon a branch within some trees on the outskirts of Mock Town. He had a book in hand he was reading, a horror themed one as they were one of his favorites, the other being more historical themed ones. Though the expression on the Vinsmoke's face showed that he wasn't really enjoying it. The book had just begun to get serious, appearing to be reaching the point of where the real spooks, and chaos will happen, but it had instead shifted to a more...romantic theme. It had just gotten into some pretty...perverted detail that caused the man's eye to twitch. "Well this is...not exactly what I hoped for." he said to himself disappointingly before slowly closing the book, closing his eyes in the process.

The Rev sighed as he pushed the book back into a strap he had on his right hip. He then looked up at the sky, beginning to relax himself a bit. At first he thought of how peaceful his surroundings were, how calm the sky was. To think someone like him, a former Marine Captain would find himself relaxing at an island like this was funny. If he were still with the World Government, he'd probably had gotten off his lazy ass, and tried his hand at arresting some of these criminals, and pirates that resided here, but now it wasn't really his problem. He chuckled lightly at the thought of this. He felt that he was free now, not having to where that uniform anymore. Though, a bit of regret still lingers from leaving his old squad behind. He wondered from time to time about who led them now. Probably someone better. When he was Captain, Renji wasn't exactly the strongest of the bunch, but still he got by enough to make it to such a rank, so finding a good replacement shouldn't be that hard for them.

What he wondered most about was his brother....

Falkner decided to stay behind despite the World Government having a hand in their father's death. The idea of that annoyed Renji deeply, but it was his decision as was his to leave. Renji noticed that there were some Marines here earlier for whatever reason. Whether they were still here, or not the guy didn't know, nor does it really matter. He always did wonder what would happen if some Marines he knew came across him. It isn't as if his allegiance to the Revolutionary Army is public, or anything, so it shouldn't be too much trouble. That is until he really starts getting himself into some action.

As the blond started to brush the side of his hair with his hand, he heard some footsteps along with talking. He couldn't make it out at first, but it would become a bit clearer as they'd get closer. Renji turned his head, and looked down to see two people, a man, and a.....some kind of cat woman!? He blinked a few times, trying to make sure his eyes weren't fooling him, but nope. This appeared to be real, either that or a well put together costume. Despite his constant research on history, Renji has never once came across anything about Minks. Despite his fixed attention on the woman, Renji did overhear the man talking about a mystical fruit. Quickly he turned his head to him in response.

"Wait, does he mean a devil fru-" before he could say more, the branch Renji sat upon snapped, causing him to fall down into some bushes with a thud! Fortunately he wasn't too high up, so nothing but a few tiny scratches, and bruises. Renji groaned some as he stood up from the bushes, being as visible as day with some leaves, and twigs in his hair. He shook his head, a bit and went right towards the two, ignoring what just happened. "Hey, so when you say, "Mystical Fruit" are you referring to those devil's fruits by any chance?" he'd ask, making the quotation symbols with his fingers as he spoke of the fruit with a curious, chesire like grin, wasting no time, and jumping immediately into another question. "Do you two happen going for one? Might I tag along? I have done some research on these fruits before, but never have I gotten the opportunity to see one up close." he said all of this quickly, not even giving them the chance to answer his question before falling straight into another one, with his hands clasped together. It was obvious how enthusiastic he was about this, both on how he spoke, and the expression on his face. Devil Fruits played a big role in shaping the world whether they be nothing, but myths, or not.

Renji waited there for a response, not knowing that the two people before him were Revs as well.

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10 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:18 am

Watch the Throne


"I wasn't born here, but I've been here a lot in my life. Back in the day the spot used to be a Mansion in the forest, but that changed recently from my understanding. The docks is where it is at." Fidel would tell her in response to the question she asked him. He found it funny she was searching for something but didn't even know where to find it at. Fidel being a low-life knew about all of the others like him on Mock Town, mainly the big hitters. As though he may not look like it he is one of the worst. He knew of two places what she was looking for could be. But, before he would respond with where those locations were he would first speak on her Mink comment.

"If someone hasn't seen a Mink or Fishman yet they have been living under a rock. Their numbers are almost as large as Humans at this point." Fidel would say, but that would be his last comment on the subject as they wouldn't see eye to eye. Fidel was the type that needed to see things to believe them, she wasn't or hadn't shown she was. He didn't want to have that talk turn into a argument though so that was the main reason he wouldn't bring it back up or respond to anything about it. Than it'd happen a blonde would come from the sky, well tree. The crash alerted Fidel that something was near, the guy, and Fidel would turn in his direction. Fidel was mentally kicking himself as he should've known someone was around them. Even with him being at a weaker state  that was no excuse to being so wide open. He spoke rapidly about the fake fruit they were after.

"How are you going act like you didn't just fall out of a tree. Stupid blonde." Fidel would say. He thought well he thought he thought. As he said that out loud in the same way he spoke to the Mink. Though it hasn't been stated all of his disrespectful remarks of calling someone dumb or anything similar was because he was speaking out loud instead of in his head like he planned to. A small but troublesome quirk of his that gets him in a lot of fights. The guy was dumb though, in Fidel's opinion, as he also believed in these fake fruits. It was just another thing someone came up with to make a big quick buck. He even bought into it once and had one, but it turned out to be just a normal orange. It was good but nothing special happened other than that daily dose of vitamin C.

"I am just going to win a bet. If you want to tag along I don't care, but I'm not saving anyone's ass." Fidel would say in a quick response, regardless if Peko said anything or not to respond to him. Regardless of what would happen after that Fidel would begin to speak on the two locations he thinks the place could be.

"Mock town is a haven for Pirates of all types, and despite what everyone thinks it isn't that bad of a place. There are a couple spots that if you avoid you'd be good. But, we aren't going to any of those spots." Fidel wasn't moving any further into the town as he spoke. He wanted to be serious and get this information out before they moved any further. "The section we are heading to is what I like to call the west side, because it is in the west. There are a couple of buildings owned by either two people. Micheal "Freeze-ball" Simmons or Bishop King. The first is a Pirate who, from what I've been told, hit you once can knock you out. The other I THINK is just some crook from Baltigo that set up shop here. I really think Bishop is our guy since you want to look for a fruit, and he is the only person that'd fight with Marines and not kill them. Micheal would've killed those guys and that loose mouth Marine wouldn't have told you anything." Fidel would reach around in his pockets, and then he'd reveal two Baby Den Den Mushi. Why he had them in his pocket was because he had them in his pocket, and his pockets were big enough to hold them.

"I have this little guy." Fidel would say as he held on up that had a matching hairstyle, pompadour, and red turtle neck. How this thing got this was unknown to Fidel. But, he has had this guy for well over three months so it probably just wanted to copy him. "It is a Den Den Mushi, in case you guys didn't know. I want you to each take one." he would only give Peko one if she didn't want Falkner to tag along.

"We will split up. But only when we reach the place, I'll spit on the ground instead of saying it to signal we have arrived. I will go see Micheal, cause I can get to him without a fight. You guys can split up and gather information how you see fit, mainly from Bishop's people. There are a lot of them around during this time so that could be easy. Just don't come off too pushy, or straightforward. Just ask were you can get some of that good stuff from. They'll ask you what kind you want and then you try to hint at the fruit. When one of us comes up with something call the others, Bill wrote the numbers on the back of the shells for me. So, getting in contact with each other should be easy. Also, my name is Fidel D. Marx. Just call me Fidel though when you call me if you find anything. " Fidel would say. If they took the Baby den den mushi he'd begin to walk once again, leading them to the west side of Mock town. Fidel didn't know that each one had a letter next to the number, but the other should be able to see it. A,B,C. Peko's would be A. Fidel's would be B. and Falkner's would be C. If Fidel knew how to read he would've gotten A, but he has B instead. A joke mad eon him by the guy that showed him how to make the things.

He didn't know what else to say as he felt he gave them enough to work with. He walked with some swagger to him through Mock Town. They didn't have to walk like him, and he didn't expect them to. Fidel had that natural swagger about him. Well, that was what he believed. If you looked up the word overconfident you'd see Fidel's face instead of the written definition.

The amount of time it'd take for them to reach the area Fidel was talking about would be twenty minutes. He didn't stop walking for anything unless he really had to. And if they didn't follow him they'd lose their guide to their fake fruit. But, if they all did arrive together Fidel would stop and spit on the ground, before walking over to his right. The cluster of buildings were filled to the brim, ranging from twenty-fifty people in one building easily. Though, only one building stood out. That was the only three-story building in this area. Out of all the thirty building, fifteen on each side, this was the only one that you could get to the top of and see above everything. That building was where Bishop stayed and ran most of his business out of. Getting in there would take big balls or to be personally invited. Bishop's dealers, whores, and just guards stood scatter in or around the buildings around. Within his would be in total over a hundred people. Where they all skilled? No, if anything only three people would serve has a really challenge for the group if they wanted to go in balls deep. That though didn't mean dealing with a large swarm of enemies would be easy in anyway. You could spot the dealers as in front of each building on Bishop's side. Regularly someone would come up to them and purchase something. Not all items they sold though would be illegal as you could get about anything from them. As the buildings they sold in front of had a bit of their products. But, the fake fruit they wanted would be in the main building just like other valuable items. Regardless if they were fraudulent or legit.

Where Fidel would go is to one of the bars with a painted jolly roger on the top of it. Though Micheal didn't own every building on his side like Bishop everyone knew not to fuck with him. He has been making a name for himself recently and was on Jaya recruiting the strongest Pirates he could get, or anyone with a bounty over ten million. Micheal also dealt with stealing things from anyone, except Bishop. Those two came into some type of agreement or whatever. And they spoke regularly so Micheal would know if Bishop had come across a Devil Fruit.

Fidel would be eyed as he approached the building Micheal and his crew was in. At this moment five were outside macking it up with some whores, while the rest were inside. But, Fidel approaching caught their attention for a few seconds but they'd ignore him. They were more involved with filling their urges. Fidel would instantly scan around to see who was all in the front room, he would estimate around forty-six pirates not including Micheal who sat in the back. "Oi! Micheal!" Fidel would call out as he approached the large man sitting in the back, tossing back a barrel of alcohol. Fidel was here to get information so he could win the challenge he hoped the girl would do her part so they can see who was right and who was wrong.

ooc: I tried to set up so we have a lot to work with. @Peko since this if your story I will let you take the reigns of Bishop since he will be the one with your fruit. I hope me doing this is okay. If not PM me and I'll hook up the post to be something else.

I also bought us baby den den mushi so we can keep in contact. You guys can keep them even if we don't form a group after this topic.

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11 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:33 pm

His actions did not change even. If they took a den den mushi they took one, if they didn’t he didn’t care. Nothing would change and when he spoke to Micheal he would not join back up with them. He spoke a long time with the Pirate and through him he found out that Devil Fruits actually existed. But, that Micheal did not have one in fruit form. More things would be discussed mainly about what Micheal planned to do in a weeks time. A adventure up into the heavens to steal from god himself was all Fidel was told, or needed to be told. He would be paid for his help and since Devil fruit were real seeing something even more rare would be bound to happen in the sky.

So, after a few drinks they’d all leave. Vacating this area for another but Fidel wouldn’t go with them at this moment. When he left his destination was back into the woods to speak with someone. He had only one loose end on Jayaisland. If you could call it that. The pin coursing through his body had subsided for the moment and he felt good. He did wish the adventure with those other three didn’t end like this. It could’ve been a really cool group they could’ve had going, but that wouldn’t happen now. Maybe in the future but no one knows if tomorrow is guaranteed. So they might never see each other again.


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12 Re: Hot like the phoenix (Gran Voyage) on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:37 pm

Renji didn't care much about the other guy's rather rude remark just as he didn't care about how he just fell out of that tree, but of course he didn't completely dismiss it as he tried to casually brush the debris from out of his hair as he waited for an answer. The Mink woman didn't utter any words, but the other dude with the weird hairstyle made it clear that he didn't care if the blond came along, or not. Renji was glad to hear it, and simply nodded at the guy's comment about not saving anyone's asses with a sly grin. Renji could hold his own so he wasn't too worried about this. He already knew what he was getting into coming to an island like this.

The blond Rev listened as this man explained some things, and the plan before his eyes shifted to the den den mushi he has taken out. "Oh?" Renji held his hand out, and took the baby den den mushi from the guy. He knew full well what these were as he was given one during his Marine days. Unfortunately he had to give it up along with his other Marine items when he decided to resign. "Alright seems simple enough. Name's Renji." Renji said with another nod before they went on their walk into Mock Town, snickering a bit to himself about the way this Fidel guy walks. Though it appears odd, it also has this boat of confidence behind it, kind of similar to how many other thugs, and criminals walk.

Finally they made it to their destination indicated by Fidel's spitting signal. With that, Renji went his own direction to get some information, sliding his den den into one of his pockets. It has been awhile now, and not only has Renji not come up on anything, but he has yet to hear a call from neither Fidel, nor the Mink. Now that he thought about it, he doesn't really remember if she even followed the two guys here, or take the den den mushi. Renji was so focused on the possibility of seeing a devil fruit with his own eyes that he didn't really pay too much attention. He instead started his way back to where the three first arrived at, but along the way, as he tried to take out his den den, he accidentally dropped the poor snail which slid a bit before Renji managed to grab it. Much to his dismay, this scratched up the number that was written on it to the point that it was hard to read. "Well shit..."

He made it back to the location, but none of them were there. At this point, Renji felt abandoned, but he was more upset about not being able to find this devil fruit then anything else. With a sigh of defeat, Renji went on his way to do a bit of exploring until his next assignment was given. He held onto the snail however, holding onto a bit of hope that they might call, or to give it back to Fidel if he ever runs into him again.

Despite being complete strangers, Renji has no clue just how close he were to these two...


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