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1 Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:52 pm

It was early morning when the train came in sight of Jaya station, the sun rising and shining its bright yellowish orange light onto the dewy leaves of the lush Jayan trees. The birds chirping over the sound of the people of Jaya Island starting their day, the smell of beer from the night before and fresh bread being baked spread through the streets, waking up even the sleepiest of sleepy heads. With one final ear-piercing scream of the train's whistle it slowed and pulled up to the station, the train fell silent as all of the passengers left, the only carriage left being the VIP room. Klinghoffer awoke in a king sized bed with mangled white sheets and pillows everywhere, his body only being covered by a single blanket. He rubbed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair, groaning at the severe hangover he had from the night before. Klinghoffer rolled out of bed and fell flat on his face onto the floor, after the shock of the cold floor on his naked skin he picked himself up and rubbed his hurting face, a purring came from underneath the sheets along with a small figure crawling to the edge of the bed, hidden by the sea of white silk.

 Out from the blanket came a slender feminine hand clawing sensually at the side of his upper leg, If anything, the musician wanted to have whatever happened the night before be left in the past, especially the identity of the charming cat that he let into his room. Instantaneously Klinghoffer jolted backwards, grabbing his jeans and hopping up and down to get them on as fast as possible. Meanwhile, the slender figure began to slowly emerge from under, "Aren't you coming back to bed? What's wrong with another sin huh baby?" The voice of his one-night stand forced him into even more of a frenzy, he threw on a collared black shirt that was neatly folded near the door. Now sloppily but completely dressed Klinghoffer grabs a pair of sunglasses and his guitar case containing Layla, signs his initials on a piece of paper and leaves a guitar pick upon it then rushes out the door without caring if the door shuts. The woman rushes to the door with the white sheets wrapped around her and looks out as the musician exits the train, she then turns back into the room to see his signature and the small gift he left. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" The groupie squealed in delight as she picked up the pick and danced around the room, Klinghoffer looks back at the train after hearing the loud cries of the woman, then puts on his sunglasses and enters the village known as Mock Town.


"I'm already late for sound check huh? I'll make it anyway...."
Klinghoffer says to himself as he walks through the streets towards the arena, on his way he passes by a rowdy pub with a small board out front with a sign that says "More requests and bounties inside". The musician stops for a second and looks at the board to scan its contents, among other things he finds the poster for his tour on there and an unusual little flyer that catches his eye. 

Dear Adventurers:
I pose an opportunity of a lifetime for you, fame, fortune and all that you could ever ask for. As an adventurer myself I seek the magical meteor that landed somewhere on Jaya, for this job to be successful I require only the best of adventurers, those who don't cower in the face of danger, those who seek GLORY!
Of course you will be paid handsomely with wealth beyond belief, I will meet with all of those willing inside the bar, please stop by before the end of the week.
"What an unusual flyer, wonder what meteor this guy is talking about. Since the end of the week tomorrow I guess I'll have to stop by tonight" He says to himself then pushes on to the venue. Upon his arrival, he sees the open area in the town that has been converted to a stage for large performances. "Alright! Let's get this party started!

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2 Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:48 am

Morning slowly rising up hitting across Mock Town with it's bright shines. Witha  clear blue sky the sun was at it's fullest, and with such shine it was able to hit far past Mock Town. A little bit of north for Mock Town was a couple of houses scattered around, most of them being abandoned or simply run down by pirates. One however had a certain female laying on the side on the floor with head resting on one hand, sleepin with much content from a long night of reading, infact she was still holding the book up with her other hand despite being in deep sleep. There was a bad and chairs for her to use, but she prefered to just lay down the floor. Once the sunlight came to her house and hitting through the window she'd slowly yawn and open her eyes. She notices the book and began reading again before realising it was actually morning. The sunlight now hitting her face would make her more awake, she sits up straight, putting the book aside and stretches her arms up with a tired expression.
''Mnnnnngh.. I wonder day it is... Ah right, it's today I gotta deliver back the book, how unfortunate.''

She spoke to herself before looking back down at the book with a clear image of clouds and yellow buildings. She picks it up as she stood up, wondering if this book had some legit tales or if it all was just fiction. But she shrugged the thought off from her head and snagged her coat from the wall, putting it on to hide her pale arms and silk white shirt, the pitch dark coat was hangingneatly near her knees with comfortable neck collar of soft fur. She walked out of the house and began to walk her way down to the Town, more specifically the Library. It wasn't a long walk, she knew her shortcuts, one being literally stepping over a house to get right inside Mock Town. Jumping down she neatly landed with gentle steps, seeing there was no citizen nor pirate on sight, which came off as odd for her, it was morning afterall. She snagged a gum piece from her pocket, chewing on it lightly before stepping inside the library with a ringing tone going across the room from the opened door. She felt the dusty atmosphere swirl around from the open door, a slight breeze hits past her which results a few papers fly from the Librarian's desk near the entrance. Risaka looked up at the paper with a blank stare, giving a rub to her head. ''Uhm, oops?''.

Quickly after the librarian came from the backroom, he was about to greet the female before seeing all the papers flying through the air. He gasps with popping eyes and a large mouth, screaming internally from the sight of his work getting messed with. ''GYAAAAH! MY WORK! Don't let it all fly awaaaay!!!!'' he exlaimed loudly, with his long arms he snatched one paper after another in outmost hurry and desperation, but as for Risaka she just sat near the desk with the book on her lap. She tapped on the book for a bit before putting it neatly at his desk once he was finished collecting all the paper with swift snagging. ''I've been wondering, this book ahs no author named, but yet it's so obscure, is this a true adventure log?'' she said while pointing at the book. The Librarian gave her an odd eye as he slid the book close to him. He put it under his desk while keeping his eye at her closely, giving off a worrisome expression. ''You truly believe such thing could be real? It's all fiction young lady, a city of gold? What a joke, I tell you that much!''

He made sure the book got deepest as possible under the desk, Risaka just chewing the bubblegum silently, not really minding if he was telling the truth or not, but it did interest her how such a place could exist. She stands up and flicks her long bang to the side that covered her left eye. ''Just a question of curiousity mister.'' she told to the Librarian before turning back towards the exit, but her eyes got caught at an advertisement board next to the door, seeing many posters of job search, applications, but she ignored most of them. She snagged one in particular, a treasure hunt offer from someone unknown, but a promise of good wealth. She firmly folded the poster into a nice small square and putting it into her pocket, not saying another word as she left the library.

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3 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:09 am

"Alright it looks like we have time for a few more songs, everybody make some noise!!" Klinghoffer yells into the mic as the whole crowd begins to scream once more, even louder than before in fact. The bellowing crowd's cheers echoing through the town, filling the streets with sound. The musician steps back from the microphone and over to a wooden stool with a bucket on top of it, after cupping his hands and taking a good few sips he wipes his drenched hands on his worn jeans and steps back to centre stage. "First of all I'd like to thank the accompanying band tonight, my good friends The Band Of Gypsies homegrown straight from Jaya. I met these guys through my manager back on Water 7 and boy can they play! I wanna hear some love for these guys yeah?! MAKE SOME NOISE!" The audience somehow got even louder than before, the ground starting to shake from the gargantuan cries of the crowd and the sound of the band tuning their instruments. Suddenly from behind Klinghoffer came a full and fast drum beat, the drummer performing fill after fill to show off his percussive prowess.

The Smooth Criminal's sunglasses vibrated off of his nose and onto the floor, the deep entrancing bass rattling the whole stage and with that, Klinghoffer slung his guitar around from his back and began to rip the spectators a new one with a face-melting guitar riff. This show was way heavier than his previous performance which was a bluesy jam, this set has a harsh rock vibe to it. The accompanying guitar's rhythm changing from a clean tone to a meaty distortion with the amplifier's gain set almost to the maximum, Klinghoffer's fingers flew across the fretboard at an alarming pace, the listeners going absolutely nuts along with the all the buildings in the immediate vicinity of the stage vibrating rapidly. With the mid-set jam coming to a close, Kling looked over to his fellow musicians and said a few words, notifying them of the next few songs then turning back to the crowd. "This one goes out to you Jaya! I call it 'The Devil Went Down to Jaya'! 1,2,3 LET'S ROCK!" The guitarist shouted as he began to play once more.

He sang his heart out to the audience as he shredded on the guitar, each and every note having a passion found in none other than him. With a quick pause after the chorus, the drummer switched up the pace and slowed down for the bridge, all the instruments playing slower and discretely, completely contrasting the other songs. As the song builds up once again Kling noticed a small spec floating in the wind that slowly got closer and closer as the band got louder and louder, "Let's jam boys!" the bassist said as the bridge reached its climax and they went into the final chorus. The spec grew bigger and bigger until you couldn't call it a spec no more, Kling didn't know what hit him until he pulled it straight off of his face, ripping the 'spec' of himself he found that it was a flyer for the "City Of Gold". Another expedition to find the meteor besides the poster that he had seen back at the bar, this one seeming more intact and read like it was conscription for finding the holy land

Throwing it down on the floor Klinghoffer went back to playing, picking up the song right at the end and making it in time for the final chords of the song. With one final song left to play, the pirate took a bow and huffed and puffed, being already physically and mentally exhausted from the multiple hour-long shows, I am totally hitting up the bar after this, I need to unwind He thought to himself as he straightened his posture once more, ready to end the show with a Bang!

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4 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:56 pm

Her face was on a rollercoaster of phases, the loud music going through the city made her head buzz from each slam the bass did, making her easily grunt a pure annoyance. She didn't have any earmuffs or any form of ear protection, forcing her to keep her pinky fingers plugged into her ears all the way down to center of town. Near that place she was planning on getting one or two drinks to easen up all the eardrumming she recieved. With no one on the streets she could easily assume basically the whole town was at this concert, she even knew about it due to the party posters flying around on the ground. She got close enough to the source that she had to stop and use her palms to cover her ears.
''Christ almighty, why are they so god damn loud?! I'm gonna throw up if this keeps up..!'' Her expression got a bit blue with her mouth bulging from the airengulfing from her throat, feeling the sick wave flowing up he quickly got to the nearest pub she, despite it being not her first choice. With quick steps, ignoring the greeting from the bartender she got inside the bathroom to do her business.

5 minutes passes as he walked back out with a wobbly gesture to her walking, her face telling a horrible moment as sat down near the bardesk. The bartender just stood there with a frown, he didn't attempt to greet her again, specially after hearing how loud it was in there. However he snagged a tissue from under the serving desk and reached it out to Risaka.
''Here, I can see some leftovers miss.'' She took it silently and gently wiped her mouth with closed eyes, sighing under her breath as she tossed the tissue into the bin next to her. ''Give me the strongest stuff you got, no mercy.'' He nodded to her, but with slight hesitation he held a onyx black bottle with worrisome stare over his shoulder at her. He gentle sat the bottle near her with a glass to it. ''Try not to recreate what happened back there, being the only one working in here is already breaking my back''. She lightly waved her hand, showing she was aware of his statement while pouring the glass with the black shaded liquid, it was some sort of rum but with a rather powerfull reek. She took a chug from it, drinking it as if was water, not showing a single flinch from the powerful taste.

''Mmmh- aah'' was the only noises coming from her mouth, each gulp felt refreshing to her and made her more awake. She peered to the side and noticed a folded newspaper. She pointed at it while looking up at the bartender. ''Mind if I?-'' she said as she attempted to pull it towards, he responded back with crossed arms ''Go ahead miss, it's not mine, someone left it here, probably because they hurried to a certain concert or some sort, surprising seeing someone not there.'' She grunted from the thought of the concert, but as she was thinking about it she noticed the background sounds from it has ended, she thought to herself that it was over, but how long ago she didn't know. She flapped the newspaper infront of her to make it unfolded, reading a few of the headlines aswell as noticing a couple of surpising events going on at Sandy Island. Royal Family under attack and infamous pirates going havoc, she was lowkey happy she was silently living on Jaya Island. Taking one more gulp from the rum she heard someone coming from the door, she turned around with the glass still onto her mouth with her Topaz shaded eye peering to the person in redshirt and black pants. But after a couple of seconds of staring she jsut casually returning her eyes onto the Newspaper, putting the glass down as the bartender greeted the young man with a smile. ''Welcome young lad, take a seat and enjoy your time!''

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5 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:50 pm

As the final chord was struck the crowd went wild for their final song after multiple encores, "Thank you everyone for coming out today! Thanks to The Band of Gypsies and good day everyone!" Klinghoffer yelled out to the audience as he held up his two fingers to make a peace symbol, his voice slightly crackly from singing and yelling. No time was wasted between the goodbye and getting the hell out of dodge, for some reason at this venue they didn't let him play his own guitar, they simply insisted that he used a guitar locally made. As he speed walks off of the stage he takes the strap off and throws the guitar at a stagehand, "It's a nice guitar man but I prefer Layla, you can keep it as a present." The stagehand catches the guitar and looks down at it in awe, tearing up at the gift. "Thank you Mr Yamamoto! I'll prove myself to you I swear!" The stagehand says but it is too late, the musician was already long gone. back behind the stage Klinghoffer puts on his sunglasses, pulls a darkened grey cloak over his shoulders and slings Layla over his shoulder then exits out the back of the stage, making a beeline straight onto the main street.

As Klinghoffer turns onto the main street he pulls the hood up on his cloak and surveys the barren street, it seems like the only people roaming around are the people who didn't go to the concert or left early. The crowds seemed to be slowly entering back into society the longer disguised musician spent on the street, which meant that with each new person there was a higher likelihood of him getting recognized. His saviour was a small bar entrance on the opposite side of the road, he quickly rushed in and was greeted by the bartender, the only other patron giving him a glance then looking back at their newspaper. Klinghoffer nods at the man behind the counter then walks over to the notice board to search it once more, he pulls out a small sketchbook and draws each of the faces of the bounties available. After his interactions with his former captain Sylvester, he learned that is best to have all the knowledge you can acquire and plan things out well. These faces could come in handy whether he wanted to hunt them down or if he accidentally ran into somebody dangerous, after finishing his drawings of the bounties he sees the same poster of some meteor shit.

"Excuse me, Barkeep, what's this all about?" Klinghoffer asks as he rips the flyer off of the board and firmly places it down on the counter, he then sits down on the nearest stool and pushes it in to get closer in. "I just rolled up in town so I wasn't even aware that there was a meteor, I'm very interested in myths and legends so if you can help me in any way it would be much appreciated," Klinghoffer says as he drops a sack of coins onto the countertop. "Also one whiskey, whatever you have is fine."

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6 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:12 am

At the Notice Board was four rather ferocious looking faces. Each of them had a respectable bounties with proud grins as their mugshots. On the bottom was Lying Larry, 8 Million Beli for treachery and mass murder. Above there was the Berry Sisters Jane & Hane, both sharing a bounty of 13 Million for mass murder, theft, hostage taking. Next up the third poster, his name is Bonecrusher Akanto, 15 Million for series of murder, torture and Black Market business. And for last there was Kane, the Slithering Knife at 19 Million for unknown reasons. All four of these posters seem to be recently put up and are in a fresh quality of paper.

Risaka held her newspaper closer to her front, covering her face as she overheard anything that was said between the young man and the bartender. The man behind the bardesk put down a bottle of fine whiskey at the dkes before sliding it to Kling's handreach. ''You must be talking about the striking incident a few days ago. Yes,it was rumoured a flashing meteor falling from the thick clouds above. It was a loud explosion somewhere out in the jungle on this Island, but no one truly dared to go there. But of course pirates got their pride and greed, resulting conflicts from left to right. People began to form up groups and claiming it even before venturing out into the jungle.'' He grinned a bit amused as he looked at Kling with one eye, as if the bartender read Kling's thoughts. ''Taking a great interest to this event? A few of the groups has been estamating a specific time today to begin a sort of 'race', I saw you peeking at those posters and taking notes, heh, those four posters are the group leaders, but there are surely more than just those four.''

Risaka flipped a new page, merely pretending to read as she was listening close, she was curious if this young lad with the guitar was going into this event, she had already picked an advertisement for a group search so she was determined about this. She took a peek at Kling to remember his face, thinking she might face against him if he joins an opposing group. But as she stared the bartender tapped his finger at the desk infront of Risaka. ''Oi, gonna continue drinking or what?'' She sat there quietly before putting the newspaper down, silently grabbing the bottle to pour down one last glass, she took her gaze away from Kling while pouring the glass up. She pushed the onyx coloured glass towards him gently with the newspaper neatly folded and put aside. ''This is my last glass, I thank you for your hospitatlity of service.'' She drank down the glass without much noise nor movement, slipping the glass down along with a small pouch of beli. Bartender nodded with a pleased expression and happily took the pouch into his pocket. ''Oh it was nothing! Have a good day pirate!'' She didn't respond back other than a shrug as she walked to the door, walking out while bringing out the folded advertise sheet. Reading the instructions she knew exactly where to go to reach this man, an abandoned Hotel near the outside of Mock Town, seemingly this advertiser wanted their hiring to be secretive. She had two hours on her until the 'race' began, so she moved to the abandoned Hotel without hesitation, the meteor had her the outmost interest and desire, recalling from the book she read it might be a clue to how to reach to the City of Gold.

Back inside the bar the bartender was counting the beli, he weren't paying attention to Kling much more after that with the bar now slowly filling up with new customers, most of them being from concert's audience, some already semi-drunk from partying so much.

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7 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:11 am

The stage was now completely empty, backstage was the stagehand and the members of the Band Of Gypsies. As the sound of the crowd grew quieter and quieter the stagehand stood in the middle of the room staring at the guitar he had been given, "Hey kid why are you staring at that guitar that S.C. gave ya, are ya one of those sissy types?" said the drummer from a velvet couch at the back of the dressing room. "Now now Jimi, give the kid a rest. So what do you plan on callin' it kid?" The bassist retaliated then turned his attention over to the green musician. it took a good few seconds for the words to register in the stagehands' mind, he then looked up and around frantically then looked at the bassist. "Uhh, I dunno to be honest...I never imagined that I would get such a guitar" The kid said stuttering, after a couple of seconds spent in silence the keyboardist got up from his chair and looked the stagehand in the eyes. "Well, I reckon you should name it after this here town boy, call it Mock! Actually speaking of names, what's yours kid?" The stagehand put the guitar down and responded as confidently as he could muster, "The name's Mayer, Mark Mayer...sir...."

The bar that Klinghoffer found himself in was by far not the worst he had been in, the number of bars and inns that the Smooth Criminal had played on Water 7 made him almost a critic on the standards of a bar. Still, he did like a place that had some fine whiskey, especially if it was from the West Blue. Countertops in bars would usually be covered in stains, leftovers and crushed nuts yet this one was definitely looked after, you could tell that the barkeep definitely liked his workplace in tip-top condition. Kling looked around at the relatively pristine liquor shelf and the neatly tucked in bar stools, the impressively buffed tables and the sound of the public slowly approaching.

His daydreaming was brought to an abrupt end by the barkeep's words, "Yes sir, I fancy myself to be a bit of an adventuring man, gaining a bounty or collecting one it doesn't matter to me. Thanks for the info man, you earned it" Klinghoffer said calmly as he then pushes the sack of coins to the barkeep and takes a long sip of his whiskey, looking at the other patron. He watched the figure as they called for one last drink then exited the bar, the musician looked down at the flyer as the saloon-style doors shut.  After skimming through the poster once more he saw an address and then below it was a cut off date that defined the last day to meet was today, Klinghoffer got up from his seat and grabbed the poster off the table. "Cheers barkeep, have a good one" The interest of the meteor was too alluring for the musician to drink the night away, he concealed himself with his cloak once again and left the bar as a hoard of drunken concert-goers pushed their way in. He turned his face away and headed off, meandering around until he found the place, it was a ragged hotel way out of the city that definitely had seen better days. Naively, Klinghoffer pulled off his hood then made his way inside without checking if it was safe, not looking left or right as he pushed the doors open and walked on inside, the hinges creaking as the doors slam against the inside wall.

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8 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:57 pm

Around 30 minutes prior Kling's arrival Risaka had reached to the worn down Hotel building. She knew her way around town after living here for couple of years. She stared up at the grey half rotten building with a frown, thinking to herself 'Why here out of all places?'. The bright blue day was slowly turning more grey due to overclouding. She looked past the worn down Hotel up to the sky, staring at the far distanced white masses of clouds, the kinds of clouds no one else would ever reach, always looming over the far blue sea with many hidden mysteries. Her gaze up to the clouds made her feel even mroe confident, if there truly was something from up there then the meteor just has to be from there, and that meteor is what she wanted the most.

The tall green haired pirate took a few more steps forward until stopping infront of the double doof of the building, observing it's old vintage style and design, this place must've been run down even before the time she arrived to this island. Quickly looking around before taking a firm grip at the handle. It felt cold, bit rusty and had loud cranking noise once pushed down. Risaka however didn't feel any hesitation nor fear from what could be inside. A trap or a scam with pirate hunters waiting right nect to the doors? She didn't care about all of that, she believed in her own strenght and pushed the door wide open. She was greeted with silence, the room forward was pitch dark, not even a single light was emitting from inside. She crossed her arms and stepped further inside, looking around to anything that reflects with the light coming from outside. She found a nearby table with a couple of mugs. It smelled like harsh alcohole, old but not as old as the building. She luckily located a candleholder. Inside her pocket as a lighter that she kept with her, pulling it out she ignited the candle. The light goes half way of the room, from there she saw an entrance to a hallway. She sighed to herself, knowing the only way to find this hirer was to explore much deeper inside the building.

She walked forward and down the hallway with the candle held out, With gentle steps at a casual speed she eventually got to a point where she found another source of light. It was coming underneath of a door at the end of the hallway and a few noises were heard from inside. She approached this door and leaned a bit forward to eavesdrop, but the noises from the other side had stopped, likely because they heard the steps from her. She grunted silently, knowing they were obviously waiting for her to open it, and so she did. With a small twist to the handle she gently made the door move all the way for the light from the room to hit her, her eyes gazing at the two individuals from inside with a curious stare. ''I take it that one of you are the hirer? I'm interested.'' She walked all the way in and closed the door behind her.

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9 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:03 pm

"Ahhh yes that would be me, excuse my informality my dear." one of the individuals said as he put down his cup of tea then stood up and took a bow, his long black hair falling and obscuring his face. "Allow me to introduce myself," he says as he stands up straight and holds out his hand for a shake. "My name is Otis Clapton, and you are? Please be assured that the pleasure is all mine, by asking if one of us was the hirer I can assume that you are here for the expedition and not just a wander around?" Otis speaks in a refined manner as he returns to a fancy throne-like armchair, he sports clean and seemly fresh clothes and his hair is neatly combed. Otis leans over to the other figure and whispers something then leans back to Risa, as he does the other figure gets up and leaves the room the same way that Risa came in, shutting the door behind themselves. After waiting a good second or two Otis leans back and puts his legs up onto the matching ottoman, "I am so glad that you have chosen to seek me out, you see I believe this meteor holds way more than just a shiny rock... I think that this could possibly be proof of the mythical city in the sky" He explains in a convincing demeanour as he takes another sip of tea then puts it down once more.

Otis Clapton:

"Finding this could mean that we would all become famous as the conquerors of the sky, we would reap all the riches in the world that we want," Otis says in a more hush tone as if to avoid the figure outside from hearing. A loud banging sound is heard from outside the room, one of the walls in the room shakes and a little bit of the ceiling drops off, The refined man reaches into his pocket and pulls out his watch. "Seems like somebody arrived just in time, what a lucky person whoever they are." Clapton puts the watch back in his pocket then waves Risa over, "Please, take a seat young miss, I would hate for you to be uncomfortable in the presence of my hospitality. Is there anything I can get you?"

As the doors slammed open Klinghoffer strides into the darkness, pulling out his a tinderbox and striking a match as he rounded a corner into a hallway, "God damn...If this isn't creepy I dunno what is..." The musician says as he holds the match up to a painting of a young man wearing a suit. The art was old and worn as if it had been sitting there for long enough to the point where if you blew on it then it would turn to dust. The Smooth Criminal moved on down the hall, at the end of it being a door with light emanating from behind it and leaking through the cracks. As he got closer he noticed a figure leaning against the wall, "Who goes there?" Klinghoffer calls out to the shadowy figure as they pushed off of the wall and stood there, obstructing the doorway.

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10 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:07 pm

Risaka did not expect such a wealthy looking lad, specially one with such mannered attitude. She had her arms crossed until he approached her for the handshake. Her eyes gazing down to his still hand for a couple of seconds before reaching down to shake it lightly. The grip was soft, she felt no hostility nor forced strenght into the grip, but her eyes was still having the tinted feel of doubt, a man like him did not look like the typical gold hungry pirate. ''Risaka, just Risaka.'' Risaka still standing there, not batting an eye at the other individual walking past her and through the door. The door closes, taking a firm seat while keeping her eyes close to his presence. But the doubt she had quickly flushed away once he told about what the meteor could be hiding, it was almsot too good to be true, this was her chance to get further information about the famous Legend. She leaned a bit forward with her ankels on her knees. Her eyes didn't blink much, it was a stare for sure no one would appreciate recieving. With a serious tone to her voice, a bit quiet even due to the fact he wanted this to be a more secretive conversation. ''So you're saying it is actually true just from the fact something fell from the sky? You know something that I don't, what makes you so convinced to begin with?'' She was eager to recieve answers, but the tension was interrupted by the sudden bang of a noise outside. She didn't move her head to the direction, but her eyes for sure moved silently, staring at the door with several speculations of who might've made that noise flowing through her mind.

Right outside the other individual was having a confrontation with the Guitarist. His back at the wall gave him a rather chilled look with his head hanging love. He wore a sports jacket with dark scarlet style  with semi-tight black pants. His eyes was covered with a pair of firm thin shades that would usually be used for those who rode bicycles or any fast vehicle. By his left hip was a perfectly straight sword with a navy blue handle. It wasn't a katana nor a cutlass, it looked like a custom-made sword. His had looked chiseled and his hair was black with thin flat surface.

Swordman's face:

He rose his head up slightly towards Kling's direction, the light from the match Kling was holding made the shades reflect a bit of light. The Swordsman didn't say a single word after a good 5 second pause. He got off from the wall tapped the sides of his shades in a fashionable manner, he had the rock hard attitude, more presence less words. ''... Are you here for the hirer? I can tell, you have the lost look, don't worry about me though, just go through this door.'' He pointed back with his thumb to the door where both Risaka and Otis was located. The swordsman then gently leaned back onto the wall with his usual business of silence. ''The guy you're looking for is in there, I got nothing more to tell you.''

Back inside Risaka could hear the small talk from the other side. She didn't attempt to ask Otis again but rather leans back to the chair and crossing her arms, keeping herself silent to whoever was about to come into the room. She stared away from Otis to cut any form of contact between them two, but it was settled that she had no objections nor regrets for going for his offer. Moving her left leg up and crossing her long legs with her slightly heavy boots showing off, drifting herself to her own thoughts.

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11 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:30 am

"My sincerest apologies my dear, can that subject just wait one moment?" Otis says to Risaka as he holds up his finger to hush her and eavesdrop on the conversation occurring outside. On the other door stood Klinghoffer and the swordsman that Otis had already hired, facing off each other. "Thanks....pal...very useful..." The musician says slightly confused as he makes his way past the swordsman and turns the doorknob, pulling it towards him and swinging it wide open. Once again Otis pulls out his watch and checks the time, after thinking a second and nodding to himself he stood up and walked into the middle of the room. "Well it seems like this is everyone then, he cut off time has now passed, please come in now friends!" Otis then waves the two outside to come in, "Please, everybody take a seat, I insist." Klinghoffer still confused by the situation walks into the room and takes a seat, looking over at Risa, picking his brain to figure out where exactly he had seen her before.

"For the people who don't quite know me yet, my name is Otis Clapton" Otis says as he takes a bow, "I come from a long line of adventurers and I have sufficient evidence that the mythical floating city in the sky is real, all i need to fully prove it is that darn meteor." After straightening his posture he begins pacing the room back and forth, calculating something within his head and using his fingers as a visual aid. "Not only will this meteor prove that I am correct but provide a hefty paycheck for all of you, now adding this new face it works out to be anywhere from 100 million each at the absolute minimum! There is NO doubt that this meteor links the very island beneath our feet to the city in the sky!" Otis slouches and halts his speech, catching his breath. He then looks around at the three faces and says "Well now, What is your name? For our expedition to succeed we need to have teamwork so I believe we should all get to know each other!"

His eyes snap onto Klinghoffer first, In a charming manner he says "Since I have already graciously introduced myself I believe it is now your turn sir, you are...?" The musician waits a good few seconds before realising he still had his shades on, after taking them off he leans forward and clears his voice in preparation. "The name's Klinghoffer, Klinghoffer S.C. Yamamoto. You can just call me S.C. or even Kling is fine. You might know me from the concert that just showed up in town, y'see I'm the headliner of that show, besides music I am an adventurer at heart." Now finished speaking his piece he leans back into the chair and puts his legs up, "Now uhh you two...why not ladies first huh? Please madam, the floor is yours"

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The swordsman casually waltsing over to a new wall to lean on, keeping his stare downwards, but they knew they had his full attention despite his gesture. Risaka on the other hand gave the musician a curious stare, she definitely remember that laid back cool clothing style of his. Leaning bit forward the greenhaired gal had her eyes closed with a slight nod to the flamboyant man. ''Just call me Risaka, my second name  is in no importance. Been living on this island for plenty of years, a pirate with a long story, a scientist if I may add.'' She didn't put too much time to her words and directed her stare at the swordsman to get hings going, either she was impatient or eager to find this meteor. The swordsman noticed the attention from Risaka and would move his head towards Otis. With a light tap to his firm shades he spoke out with a strong yet low voice. ''I don't have a name, but I have been referred as Kando, I only know 4 years of my life, unfortunately in a strong Amnesia. But one thing I know I used to do was swordsmanship, you can count on me with a blade.'' He quickly got back to his usual leaning against a wall, not exactly the interactive man.

With introduction out of the way Risaka stood up and crossing her arms, she grew more frustrated from the time used on small talk. Her gaze was quickly directed towards Otis. ''You might think you have all the time in the world, but isn't this race supposed to commence in a short time? I suggest you hand us your plan or idea to take on this race, you are afterall the hirer, I am expecting something from you.'' Risaka firmly took out the advert poster from her pocket, showing it to Otis in a direct manner. ''You promise so much, but you could be a fraud for all I know, show us something promising...'' She smacked the poster at the table, making Kando react to the sudden noise. He grunted when he was listening to her words, knowing there was a possiblity for this flamboyant man to be mothing more than talk. He lifted his face up to gaze at the rest. ''I feel like in need for such aswell, I won't be lending my refined skills to a stranger just like that,
I take a great pride on my experience.''
His hand gripped a bit on his handle he gave a more hostile reaction than Risaka, his hidden expression behind those shades spoke more than his words, it'd truly make someone wonder who they were and what their used to be. But he looked back down and sighed out, he clearly felt like someone that didn't exactly know themselves, even if they tried to. After Kando's small yet impulsive reaction Risaka had taken a stare towards Kling with suspicious eyes. ''it actually makes me wonder... did you follow me?''

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13 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:50 am

"....What?" Klinghoffer says surprised as looks to Risa in shock almost looking offended, pulling his shades down so he can see her clearly. After a couple seconds of examining her up and down, he leans back into his chair, "I've never seen you in my life, The first time we met was when I walked in this here door you get me?" Sensing the tension in the room Otis claps his hands and speaks up, "Now now, let's just discuss the plan and get on with it like Risaka mentioned." After speaking Otis walks over to the door and opens it once more, "quickly now everyone, time is of the essence!" He yells as he rushes the three out of the room and ushers them down the hallway, leading them down the hall and past the main foyer. Klinghoffer takes a look at the main foyer as they walk past it, looking at the door he notices that it doesn't seem to be in the same position that he left it in, still open but in a slightly different position. Curious but not concerned, the musician catches up with the group and picks up his pace.

"So I have looked at several maps of the island and I have concluded that the meteor should have landed somewhere in the South Grave, therefore the fastest route should be along a small river through the jungle," Otis explains as he reaches the end of the hallway and opens the door at the end, revealing a stash of adventuring supplies including water canteens, lengths of rope, various knives, swords and small firearms. Otis reaches under the table in the centre of the room and pulls out a chest, inside is a bunch of heavy duty boots. "Instead of having us trek through the harsh and winding jungle we can have a close to straight shot to our goal, the only downside being that, for the most part, we will be exposed in the open. I expect you all to be prepared for the jour-" Otis explains until he is cut off by a loud BANG!! from outside the room, yelling voices can be heard getting closer and closer.

"Ugh I expected this much" Otis groans as he grabs a firearm for each hand off of the table and walks out of the room, Klinghoffer unsure what is going on eagerly follows the well-dressed man and reaches into his pockets and pulls out a handful of guitar picks. As Otis walked out into the opening he spots at least 25 individuals in the foyer all armed with pistols and swords of their own, the dapper man opens fire as he ducks for cover, landing one of his shots and downing one enemy. Now Klinghoffer's time to shine he steps out into the open and throws the guitar picks up into the air, instantly his shadow rises from the floor and encapsulates the 4 guitar picks he pulled out of his pocket. With his Shadow Sextet Swing now in full effect, he sends one of the tentacles out as it lifts up and strangles one of the enemies, absorbing their shadow as the other 3 tentacles block countless bullets hailing from the marksman pirates until they have to stop and reload. "Did nobody tell you that the devil has come down to Jaya?" Klinghoffer exclaims sinisterly.

Skill Used:

Name: Shadow Sextet Swing
Description: Klinghoffer's guitar picks come to life encapsulated by black tentacles sprouting from his shadow, these tentacles have the ability of attacking both the target and their shadow, both dealing the same amount of damage as if they were the same blow. Superior Strength & Power by 1 subject the target to being strangled by the shadow unable to move, a side effect of being hit by the tentacle is that it passively absorbs a target's shadow, the longer it is in contact the more it takes. Klinghoffer always carries 6 picks on his person so he can use up to 6 tentacles at a time
Range: Medium
Attribute: Strength & Power - Tertiary
Rank: Intermediate

Haki Used:
Haki Stamina: 0/6

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14 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:20 am

Risaka gave a slight frown at Kling, she knew for sure it was him from the bar, but maybe it was all a coincidence? It did make her grow some uncertainty of the situation. However she followed Otis without another word coming from her mouth, if it was straight to plan she was more than willing to follow. As for Kando he just stood there for a bit before finally moving, seemingly a bit slow compared to the rest, but he made sure to follow them all. Once inside the room filled with the promising gear and equipment Risaka sighed in slight relief, it was good to know this flamboyant man actually had stuff in store. Kando in the background just leaned onto yet another wall and not minding what was in the room, he didn't seem interested nor fascinated by Otis collection. He was a Swordsman with pride for sure. Risaka stepped forward to grab a Cutlass, exaiming it and it's quality, listening to Otis words while doing so. Though with the interruption she quickly seathed it back into the holster and turned around to the commotion. Kando suddenly got alot more lively and gave a swift sprint right outside along with Otis. However he did not take immediate cover and just went strikingly forward from the side with swift steps and dashes. And before those grunts knew it three got struck down with deep cuts from the swift Swordsman. One of the grunts attempted strike kando with their Cutlass, Kando easily sliced the blade in two along with a fatalø cut across of his chest. Kando truly was showing no emotion in his movement, a silent merciless killer which easily gave most of the grunts great fear to him.

Risaka was behind Otis with her mouth chewing a gum, with enough chew and time she began to inflate the gum into a bubble, slowly but surely gaining size and hardness to a cannonball filled with compressed poisonous gas. She deattaches her bubble from her mouth and firmly tosses it towards the group on the other side of Kando. The impact of the bubble hitting the ground near four of the grunts' feet a burst of the gas spreads hard, giving direct effect to those 4 and making the others around stepping away from it in panic. One of the grunts yelling out that they were monsters and freaks, but was swiftly silenced with a strike from behind by Kando. With the effort from all four of them they'd take out the whole gang of grunts. A couple of them still alive on the ground, a few especifally in pain from the poison effect, grunting and groaning with pale faces and gaping mouths. The poison cloud slowly rising up in the air from the place of impact. ''Seems like somone is after victory through sabotaging, so much time wasted.'' Kando returned to the rest with his sword seatched back to his side, still silent as ever.

Skill used:
Name: Gas Bubblegum
Description: The user are capable to manipulate poisonous gas as a great tool for area coverage. The skill bases on inflating a gum like substance in their mouth with poisonous gas. The bubble is a perfect spherical shape and can be tossed as a ball (greater weight at later ranks). Upon impact it explodes, spreading the gas out, but the explosion itself is not harmfull. The gas are less strong than both liquid and solid states. The gas affect weakens and damages them internally 3 posts after the victim breathes it in.
Range: Tossing range is Medium. Once hitting on the ground Medium range spread in a circlular shape. The poison affect of the gas is weaker outside Short range and loses effect.
Attribute: Strenght & Power
Rank: Novice

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15 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:01 am

By the time Otis had reloaded and come out from cover to fire it was all over, the uncoordinated but efficient teamwork of his three employees seemed to cover up the fact that he wasn't actually a good fighter. In fact, Otis purposefully stumbled his way around reloading the gun to get a good look at what each of his new meat shields brings to the table, "Well now guys and gal, why don't we check up on these unfortunates eh?" Otis strides into the foyer spinning both of the guns on his fingers like an unhinged cowboy, he stands over one of the still breathing men and crouches over him, holding both of his pistols aimed at his head. "Now kind sir I would appreciate it if you would tell me who sent you here to dispose of us, or else I might have to BLOW YOUR GOD DAMN BRAINS OUT!" Otis yells into their ear and he presses the guns down onto his head, realising he was out of line he takes a step back and regains his composure. "My apologies, that was out of line. But these here floorboards are made of the finest wood you can find this side of the Red Line and I don't particularly feel like getting brains on this beautifully aged wood."

Meanwhile back in the hallway, Klinghoffer retracts his shadow and lands the guitar picks back into his hand then rips off his sunglasses to look at Risaka. "Holy shit woman you have some serious moves!! That was Kickass!" The musician quickly changes the topic to avoid anybody asking about the demonic creatures that sprung out of his shadow, powers like these aren't well known and definitely aren't well received by the vox populi. The only people that have seen his shadow come to life call him a devil in human clothes as if he isn't even the same person when the shadow is released. After shoving the picks in his pocket he acknowledges the finesse that his swordsman acquaintance has with a blade, as Kando returns to the group the musician claps. "Holy fucking smokes man that is some wild shit! Last time I saw shit like that I was saving thousands of people from a slaver who stood 2 feet taller than me and might a say that guy threw me through two fucking walls man! You carved those guys like butter! " Klinghoffer rambles on about how insane both of his acquaintances are to avoid the subject of his own abilities until a gunshot is heard.

Bang!! "I'm not gonna ask twice my good sir," Otis yells as he fires off one of the rounds out the front door to avoid any harm. "I still have one loaded gun her jolly ol' chap so I suggest you speak!" Otis slams the empty flintlock on the floor and pushes the other one onto the man's skull once more, this time cocking the hammer back ready to fire.

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16 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:06 am

The pirate being interrogated by Otis was gasping for air, being affected by the poison had him greatly weakened, he was barely able to move his limbs, his teeth gritting while staring up at the shouting dapper lad. His left fist clenches against the wooden floor. Though with the warning shot from Otis made him squeel in pure fear as he gulped at least 5 times, an overall nervous wreck. ''S-screw you! it was only us nnngh! We knew what juicy bounties there was inside and we couldn't resist! Ack! i-I can barely feel my body anymore e-eugh...'' He was at the near end of his life, though despite Otis interrogation he didn't spill too much worth of information. At the back with Kling apraising at the two other would make Risaka blink both annoyed and confused. She lightly waved her hand towards Kling with a disclaiming gesture. ''Uhuh, and what about the thingy you did? That's some wicked guitar play you got right there.'' Kando leaned straight away against a wall with his hand on the tip of his sword handle. He didn't respond back to Kling other than a low 'mhm' and a very small but yet noticable nod.

Kando looked over at the grunting pirate at the ground with a glare behind his glasses. Tightening his hand on the grip he clearly sensed some foul lies from the dying pirate. He stepped forward to lean a bit over the pirate, the menacing attitude from Kando would almost make the pirate faint. ''Time to stop spilling such lies, there are more waiting outside aren't there? 25 is an awful lot of grunts to randomly group up, someone gathered you together.'' Kando struck the handle right next to the Pirate's head, making the Pirate give a louder squeel with his tongue out and eyes poppin. ''Tell us and I won't turn you into a Shish Kebab.'' The pirate gave one last screech for mercy before going fully silent, his eyes blank and empty with his face pale like marble. Dead or jsut fainted, Kando didn't know nor would he wanted to. He stood straight up and looked out at the exit with a strong glare.

-Outside the abandoned Hotel building, 100 meters by the slight forest ground-

A larger group of pirates were standing by the trees and peeking towards the building. Among them was a taller wide mouthed individual by the name of Lying Larry, one of the group formers for the Treasure Hunt Race. he was gleaming with his wide smile and pointy nose, his eyes staring with eagerness. ''Lalalaaa, I bet that worthless garbage of a man Otis are dying by my men's feet, can't wait to see their dead bodies getting piled up! To even think such a high bounty of a rockstar are also involved with this makes it all much more worth it! Laaalala!~ He had a nasty tone to his voice, gloating about how brilliant his plan is, but only to get shattered once he heard another last bullet after the fight. He gave a slight jump from it, a scaredy cat if anything. His eyes diverting towards the front of the building with rising worries inside of him. But he quickly attempted to caress himself to think it was an execution bullet from his men, but that image quickly shattered once he noticed purple shaded smoke reeking from the roof part of the entrance. One of his men approaches him with a confused stare. ''Uh boss? Did we pass them smoke grenades? It's been an awfully long time since they got inside, maybe they-?'' Larry quickly shut him up with both of his palms with slightly sweatrolling face. ''SSSH-SHH-SHSHSHH! I don't even wanna hear it! There's no way four would win against 25 so shut it! I don't wanna even wanna think about it!''

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17 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:59 am

As Otis looked around for other barely breathing bastards and to no avail, "Curses!" He says as he smashes his fist into the palm of his other hand. Otis spins the guns around on his fingers then holsters them once more, standing up from the corpse and pacing back and forwards. "Why thanks, it's all smoke and mirrors really," Klinghoffer responds to the compliment as vaguely and convincing as possible. Hey.... are you alright man?" the musician calls out from the hallway, walking towards his employer trying to end the conversation in a polite way to avoid talking about his controversial abilities. "Does it look like I'm alright you mindless 6 stringed buffoon?!" Otis yells as he turns to Klinghoffer and raising his arm, his movements halted as the Smooth Criminal grabs him by the collar and lifting him off the ground with a shadowy aura encapsulating his lifting arm. "As much as I act stupid my dear friend it is just a facade, keep that in mind next time you insult somebody's character"

Klinghoffer puts the man down and walks over to a piece of fallen rubble and pulls out his guitar, brandishing its notable bullet-holes as he begins to play a sad tune. "Umm...Well excuse my manner everybody," Otis chuckles uncomfortably as he dusts himself off and scuffs his shoes along the floor. "This shouldn't be the time for dilly-dallying everyone! Off we go, chop chop!" The quickly-tempered gentleman says as he claps his hands together, spins around on the heel of his foot and proceeds to walk out the entrance. "Time is of the essence" Otis says as he slurs his last word, looking into the distance and seeing a small flash of light. "What is it chief?" Kling says looking up from his guitar confused, Otis hushed the man with a single finger as he peered out into the distance. "Everybody act completely normal, it seems like there is somebody watching us..." A surprisingly keen eye for a man of his height, however, the only thing he actually noticed was the light reflecting off of a small spyglass that one of Lying Larry's rookie grunts.

Otis Clapton leads the crew out of the building cautiously, Klinghoffer continuing to rest the guitar in his hands and the case for it slung over his shoulder. The gentlemen walked down side streets and alleyways to obscure the watcher's view of the party, "Now is when we set our plan into action," he says as he points to a thick area of jungle around 50 meters away from them and 30 of the stretch being the bustling main street. "We are going to have to make a break for it into the jungle if we have a chance of getting rid of our pursuers. I don't care how you get there just do it."

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18 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:09 pm

As all four of them reached to the sidestreets Kando tapped his shades to make a quick observation of what was around their sight. Seeing how the jungle was thick enough for him to dash into without a single notice from the spying grunt. His steps were swift, like a dashing throwing knife he got past the rest in such a quick manner that it took them a second to even notice he had dashed right into the jungle. However none of the rest had such amazing agility and simply just having to run with all their might. Risaka didn't hesitate to quickly follow up with Kando, she didn't put much thought on what otis had to say and gave a decent fast sprint over to the jungle. Kando was standing by one of the thick trees, leaning back at it while waiting for the rest to come over.

However the spying grunt would notice those who sprinted across into the jungle. The grunt didn't see exactly who they were right away, he was just blinking with a bored stare after being in a bush for such a long time. But once the remaining got into the jungle he suddenly blinked with a wide shocked expression, sweat starts to roll down and his voice was trying to grasp the necessary words to call his Captain. He stutters and would crawl out of the bush and to Lying Larry who was sitting by himself on a boulder with his chin leaned on his hand. He was in deep thoughts and rubbing his chin indicated that he was already trying to come up with a new plan. ''Bb-b-b-boss gah! Boss boss boooooss!'' Yelled the grunt with his arms in the air and falls down on his knees and bends down infront of the boulder. His body shaking and gulped from the thought of telling his Captain about their current situation. ''T-this is bad boss! They-!'' The grunt was quickly interrupted by Lying Larry and his ugly stare down at the grunt. He raised his arm and smacked the back of the grunt's head in annoyance. ''God dammit lemme think alone for one second you dingus of a grunt, lala! Geeeeh, they must be having a full out battle deeper inside the building.'' He nodded to himself to make himself more reassured that Otis and his hired men would be handled. ''Lalalaa~ Yeah, I am sure my loyal men will come back out aaany time now~ There's nothing to be worried about, la!'' He crossed his arms and laughed out in ignorance, seemingly he was known as Lying Larry for the wrong reasons. The grunt however rubbed the spot behind his head with slight teary eyes. ''''Guuunh! B-boss! They are already outside and ventured into the jungle just now! Three of them boss! Larry stopped laughing anf then jsut sat there like a statue, his expression of ignorant bliss was intact but would get shattered when he yelled out in disbelief, his eyes rocking out as he clenched his fists. ''YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN MEEEEEEEEE!!!''

Back at place where Otis and his 3 hired mercenaries the yell from Lying Larry was heard just so barely, Risaka noticed so and would blink confused silently and staring up into the air. ''...Do monkeys live in this Jungle? What a nuisance.'' Kando stared back into the jungle with a strict chiseled expression, seemingly he was already mentally prepared for whatever would be in such an unknown biom. ''We can only assume the worst, if we're lucky most participants inside are already dead when we get to them.

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19 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:07 pm

As two of the members of the party swiftly made their way across the crowded ocean of Jaya people, Klinghoffer and Otis looked at each other in a confused manner and shrugged their shoulders.
"So what's your big plan then Klinghoffer? Got some special way of stopping all these people from bringing attention to you?" Otis says as he chuckles to himself and runs his hands through his hair, checking in a mirror to see if his looks are up to standard. By the time Otis looked back up to laugh at his employee, the musician was nowhere in sight, "Hey! Where did you go?!" he yells out as he scours the area to see where he went. A loud Fire! is heard from a bit down the street, it seems that a barrel exploded. Klinghoffer had blended into the crowd and had pulled out a pick and used Shadow Sextet Swing, the tentacle winding through the sea of people and tripping over a labourer who knocked over a lantern that set fire to a small bale of hay that a horse was eating. In the midst of all the chaos, Klinghoffer runs across the road and sliding along the grass and into the shrubbery on the other side, hidden from sight.

Only seeing Klinghoffer bolt over to hiding Otis begins to sprint as well, leaping over the foliage and into the wilderness. "Whew....." the well-dressed man says as he sighs deeply and wipes the sweat off his brow, "Good job team, now we are in the thick of it! I give this map to you Kando, guide us well and lead us to our goal!" Otis huffs and puffs as he stands back up to catch his breath, the musician puts the pick back into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief. By polishing Layla, he feels a bit more relieved as his expression relaxes, he stands back up and swings the guitar back over his shoulder and puts the handkerchief into his is pocket once more. "Alright then, let us be off!" Otis says as he claps his hands impatiently as if he was planning for something under a time constraint.

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20 Re: Knockin' On Skypiea's Door [Gran Voyage] on Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:18 pm

With both Risaka and Kando looking back at them the small havoc created by Klinghoffer's wicked ability. Kando didn't pay too much attention and was on a constant look out for any snoppin spies. Kando nodded to Otis and held the map with a his chiseled expression still intact. Staring at the map for a bit he'd nod for himself, silent but yet moving forward to follow the the map's guidance. Risaka giving a slight frown at the current situation, knowing whoever that planned the ambush must be advancing into the Jungle at this very moment. Once they all four got deeper into the jungle it quickly got dakr due to the thick growth above them, the air being slightly wet along with the ground being slightly mushy. Risaka didn't seem to mind, she did have some heavy boots on to handle such conditions, though they weren't exactly fashionable. Kando got his shoes easily dirtened and would give off a small low grunt when looking down. ''I already despise this jungle, if you guys wanna keep your feet dry try stepping on the roots sticking up.'' But before they could respond to his words a few shouts from the distant thick jungle was heard, either it was yelling of fighting or predators mauling on pirates.

Back over at Lying Larry's location he was walking in circles in pure devestation. His face leaking of sweat with his long nose wiggling each time he turns around. The grunts around him all looked at him worried and rather demotivated to attemot communicating with him. Larry then stood up straight with a rough movement, his face gulping as he raised up one finger. He was announcing something. ''My loyal men, I-'' And just like that his announcement got interrupted by the large explosion down at the street. it made him jump a bit with his arms crossed infront of his face. He peeked inbetween his forearms past the few trees. The grunts also looked at the sudden commotion and would grow even more distressed. However Lying Larry groaned loudly and pointed hard into the jungle. ''Alright my lads! Things are already going hectic so we gotta move into the jungle and find them all, claim their bounties and find the treasure that fell from the Sky!!!'' With his sudden burst of motivational words all the grunts around him raised their rifles and swords with a cheer and began to charge inwards the jungle like a wave of eager kids.

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