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21 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Fri 26 Jan 2018 - 20:24




"Shishishi... I'm not the one causing the trouble. I'm just crashing someone else's party." Jackal stated, shooting a devilish grin towards his former survival game partner. As to his comments about finding him when this whole mess was over, Jackal simply nodded. "Eh. I'll buy you a few drinks before you set sail!" Jackal said before turning his attention towards the snivelling noble. With little to no effort, the man's verbal vomit revealed the location of the Treasury, with precise instructions to boot to. Dashing off from his position down the hallway, Jackal would make a series of complicated turns before stumbling upon 'The Giant Gold Door' with Alabasta's National Crest imbedded on it that the Noble had squealed about. However, as he turned the hallway, and inched closer and closer to the door, he'd notice that a fleet of guards were standing in front of the door, almost twenty, no, twenty-two in number. As his trademark devilish grin extended from end to end, Jackal leaped from his position about ten meters away, soaring over the heads of the army, to reach their hind. Using his speed to his advantage, he was able to gain a environmental advantage against the men, who stood at the end of the ten metric hallway, landing at their rear, he'd notice that the door itself was a placeholder in a sense, as a much smaller door was crafted to the right of his position about two meters away. However, the Alabasta Guards having their pride refused to have Jackal advance any further. Changing positions to face the Mink, the first of the guards to engage in combat stood at about eight feet tall, and towered over Jackal, as many people did, with his petite stature. Raising his spear at a horizontal angle, the guard proceeded to attempt to impale the Mink's shoulder, with enough force that the spiked weapon would skewer through the Mink's arm like a shish kebab. Skipping backwards three inches, Jackal allowed the man's momentum to topple him into the ground, as his spear wedged into the marble floor. The collision caused the man to loose grip on his weapon momentarily.

Pushing off the ground with immense momentum, Jackal curled his knees upward and extending their force at a forty-five degree arc towards the man's face, leading with his left knee to stun the man in his nose. The miss attempt at attacking Jackal had dropped his height by about one foot, due to his slouching position, Jackal's body didn't have to travel far for the single knee strike fracture the guards nose. If the force wasn't enough, the electrical discharge to his cranium was more than enough to leave the man in a pool of his own urine, convulsing from the electrical pulses. Hopping backwards a few inches, so his back would press against the golden door, he'd look at the remaining men's faces at their colleague, as fear filled their hearts, Jackal would simply wink playfully at the lot. "Damn Mink Demon!" one of the guards at the helm of the pack shouted, motioning for scimitar to engage combat. "Wait!" a voice echoed through the hallway silencing the guards would be futile attempt. Emerging from behind the large thirty foot door, through a much smaller, nine foot entrance, Jin, the Hero of Alabasta, known as 'The Bull' appeared. Turns out, it was Jin's voice and he'd been waiting in the Treasury for hours. The noise of the commotion on the outside had awakened the man from his slumber. Walking through the door, leaning slightly below his standing height of ten foot, the man standing to Jackal's right flank, yawned, adorned in his Royal Red Robes and Golden Chest Plate Armour beneath it which covered his entire body, except for his face, from neck to feet.

"I had a feeling you'd be coming here... Jackal." Jin said grinning widely. "Seems your more excited to see me than I am to see you." Jackal responded returning the man's grin with a slight smirk. A cold sweat came over Jackal's body, it was a feeling he'd never felt in his whole life. No, that was a lie. He'd felt like this once before, as a child, he was lost on Zou, and wondered into the Night Time Section of town after hours. By accident, he'd stumbled across a general of the Night Side's Army, the aura that oozed from his body was a mixture of what could only be described as bloodlust and experience. Jin had the exact same aura, if not even much more defined. Cracking his knuckles, "How shall we handle this, Jackal? The Pirate Bandit. You could say you got lost... and that you'd happen to stumble across this place." Jin said grinning. "I'm lost and I stumbled across this place. Is what I would say, if I knew that'd get me out of this situation." Jackal retorted in a mocking tone, understanding full well the gravity of the situation. "However, that glare in your eye seems to say otherwise." Jackal said, his smirk fading and a much more violent grin emerge, almost menacing.

"See that's it! That's the face I've been looking for Jackal. I'm not one for much words but shall we scuffle?" Jin said, bending his knees. "Shishishi... No thanks. I'll retreat for today." Jackal said, bending his knees. With a slight moment delay, both men pushed off the ground. Jin moved in a streamline manner, almost like a bullet train towards Jackal's position. Jackal on the other hand, had other intentions, lifting his feet off the ground with a light jump, raising him about one feet off the ground, he'd ricochet off the giant door, retracing route down the hallway he'd originally entered from. Jackal had made sure to delay his actions, from the floor to the wall, to make sure he'd add enough force to escape Jin's range. Pushing off the door, Jackal launched himself off the door with immense finesse, enough force that he could achieve height to escape the guards spears and landing safely without too much backlash. However, the moment Jackal launched off the door, Jin converted his feet into bull hoofs, which greatly quickened his pace. Within inches of Jackal, Jin used his wide arms length to slam the Mink into the ground. "Nice try." Jin exclaimed grinning.

22 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Sat 3 Feb 2018 - 1:13



ooc: This posts starts during the timeline set out by Kaito in post 19.

It wasn't every day that you saw a swirling whiteish water boulder barreling down on you, that is what the guards and bandits witnessed as Gil rolled down the hallway. Some managed to outrun it, some got flattened and would end up badly bruised under the sheer weight. When he crashed into the two main double doors, they would be pushed open, and the body of water would be released into the crowd below. The wave of water was like that which came from blowing up a dam. It would wash over the crowd and get all over them as intended. The water would cleanse the chemicals from their orafices and the baking soda would help neutralise them. It wasn't a cure for the ailment, but it would help them recover quicker and relieve the distress in the crowd.

Gil didn't intend on standing around and being seen. Instead he stood back and waited inside the hallway and pulled the hood up over his head, observing the scene play out. The wave had interrupted the operation, but only briefly. The bandits were quick to regain composure. Not many of the civilians had tried to fight back so their casualties were low. It was now clear to see the intruders from the rest of the people in the square. It was obvious that they were trying to retreat. He saw five spotted ducks. One beefy looking bandit jumped on the back of one, hauling a squirming sack over his shoulder. If someone didn't do something now, they would escape into the city. The others in the square were beginning to form up and ship out too. He wondered what exactly was going on here, but then again, it didn't concern him. What did though, were the injured people in the hall behind him.

A couple of straggling bandits came around the corner, attempting to join the escape attempt. They went to try to pick up their comrade that Gil had just flattened. Upon finding out that he was too injured to move, they would decide to leave without him, running down the hall toward Gil. The one closest to him decided to swipe at him with his drawn cutlass, less of an attack to cause harm and more to make sure that Gil wouldn't interfere with them. The fishman would step into the running swing, grabbing his wrist and poking him in the eye with the hand that had previously been up some dude's ass. "Pink eye strike!" Gil would yell as the man stumbled past. They would continue on, not wanting to fight due to the time pressure. It was concerning that they had not wanted to take their comrade with them, but it wasn't really surprising.

Gil would walk over to the forgotten bandit and lean over him. He had been rolled flat and deep blue bruises were beginning to show all over his front. He groaned. He would need ice treatment and rest. Other than that, he couldn't do much for the man. Just as he was about to pick him up, he heard the contraption on his wrist making a clicking noise. In the next few seconds, the man was dead. Some black substance ran up the veins in his arm from his wrist to his heart. Checking his vitals, Gil confirmed his fate. There wasn't anything he could do for him now. He had to admire whatever poison had taken the man's life though, he hadn't seen such an effective agent before. Deciding to take a sample, he grabbed a shard of broken glass and slit the man's wrist. He would then pull a test tube out of his bag and begin to wring the dead man's wrist like a wet towel, squeezing his blackened blood into it. He would then stopper it and leave the man where he lay.

23 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Sat 3 Feb 2018 - 20:12




As the force of Jin's grip dragged the man downward, Jackal disbursed an electrical coat around his body which caused the man to break his hold with a toss. The force of Jin's toss sent the Jackal gliding about one meter along the ground before the bruises from the contact with the floor became reminders on his back of Jin's true capabilities. Breathing heavily, Jackal pushed his hands against the floor to attempt to regain stance, struggling for a few seconds before retaining an upward position. "His strength is out of my tax bracket... and from the looks of things, he's not slow either." Jackal thought. "I'm guessing you letting me walk away is not an option?" Jackal inquired. Grinning, Jin opened his arms before slamming his palm into the other, "Not a chance." Jin stated. Controlling his breathing, "I guess I have no choice but to fight then." Jackal said grinning with a devilish flare. Pushing off from his position four meters away from Jin, Jackal used his maximum speed to close the distance between himself and Jin instantly. Being significantly smaller than Jin, Jackal's inward stride stood him about waist height of Jin's body. Using the moment from his step-in, Jackal would slide-kick the man against his ankle, sending an electrical surge through his kneecap. The attack would cause Jin's stance to buckle downward momentarily, lowering his height to around eight feet. However, Jackal's kick was met by Jin transforming his leg into that of his Zoan form, absorbing the bulk of the attack, making the electrical pulse feel like something similar to a bee sting. Folding his right fist, creating a tunnel in his palm, Jin placed his hand over his mouth, inhaling until his lungs filled with air to it's maximum capacity, which was much more than that of a regular human's span. As his chest puffed outward, it'd decrease almost moments later as a large gust of wind pressed the Minkman into the ground with enough force that it made his head bounce against the concrete, plastering the side of the man's face in blood. "Dijin's Wind - Impact Breeze." Jin exclaimed. As Jackal's body bounced off the marble floor, it was met with a quick right haymaker that sent the Mink flying almost three feet to the North of their current position, Jackal breaking his fall into a pillar within the chambers contents. Vision impaired, Jackal was discombobulated, fighting his hardest to achieve coherent thoughts but the hit he'd suffered against the floor had began in him showing signs of a concussion. "He's strong." Jackal thought. "I think he might be even stronger than Gin." Jackal continued his train of thought, as his body slid down the pillar allowing his feet to touch the ground.

The pillar was pretty much Jackal's crutch, allowing him to stand upright. "I pride myself in not being the fastest or the strongest. I just built my body's speed, strength, cognitive ability and stature to above average at most. My real strength comes in reading people's moves and developing my own skill-sets." Jin stated confidently, as he began a slow trot towards Jackal. "Your strength is scary... Shishishi..." Jackal retorted. "I've figured out how you fight now but it appears I can't even move the way I want to now." Jackal said, as he'd attempt to move his body but he couldn't even budge an inch. "All of your movements have delays. Hands down, your actually faster than me in my human form but each move you make... There's a fear in your heart not of me but much deeper. Every movement you make has a slight moment of hesitation and that's why you lost here today among other things." Jin stated, arriving directly in front Jackal's face, staring him eye to eye from a slanted angle due to his height. Extending his arm outward, the man's hand grasped around Jackal's throat in a perfect clutch, adding pressure to choke him unconscious. "Give up. I don't know what part you play in this terrorism today but I'm taking you in for questioning." Jin stated grinning. Disbursing a net of electricity around his body at the maximum voltage Jackal could've created currently, Jackal disbursed the electricity along Jin's right arm. "Go Fuck Yourself Lesser Mink." Jackal said grinning. Squeezing the last bit of breath to utter the sentiment, Jin's clutch remained frozen around the passed out Mink Bandit.

After the incident upstairs was resolved, the Royalty would notice that the Prince's Wife and the other Nobles were safe, however, Jin's little sister and bounty hunter partner, Annabella, was missing. Jackal would be transported to the Palace's holding area, where he'd stay unconscious for about three days.


24 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Tue 6 Feb 2018 - 7:21



There was always so much chaos going on in the world. Such events as these should be considered abnormal to say the least. But after all that had happened on the world stage in recent times, an upheaval had thrown everyone into disarray all throughout the grandline. Coming from such a controlled and harmonious environment such as the conclave, Gil had not been used to the turbulance of the outside world. It had taken him months to acclimatise. The world was a scary place after all. One thing he had gained though, was a nose for danger, and the sensibility to avoid it where he could. He didn't have anything to prove to anyone except himself. There would be no gain for him to be notorised, either in a good way or a bad way. He simply wished to go about his business and for everyone that wasn't a patient of his to stay the hell away from him.

Unfortunately for him and his so called sensibility, he had entangled himself with someone rather troublesome. The decision he would make here was one that would come back to haunt him in the future. He would often come to wonder how his path would have changed if he had made the other choice. But he would never come to regret it, whatever the future held.

Standing in the palace, Gil decided it would be best for him to make his leave from the palace sooner rather than later. The event would mean that an individual such as himself would be held in high suspicion. He wouldn't want to fall under the persecution of a crime he had no part in. It wasn't like there was much else keeping him here either. There didn't seem to be any further knowledge he could attain from the island to progress his medical practice. He did say that he would meet up with Jackal if the mink could find him, but he decided that if he left a trail that the pirate would be able to track him to the coast.

Just as he was thinking about the pirate, he caught a conversation down the hall. Getting a little closer, he made out the clopping of hooves on the ground. Peeking at the creature, he spyed a minotaur like shape revert back into a red haired human. He was commanding a squad of royal guards who hurried to meet him. "There's a mink in the treasury. Make sure he is locked up. He is a slippery one - make sure he doesn't get away." That sounded like they were talking about someone he knew. What could have happened to him? Gil could tell by the way that the red haired man held himself and the way his body was built that he was an athelete. Probably a natural born fighter. If he was an enemy of Jackal's then maybe the fierce furball could have found himself in hot water.

So here was the decision he had to make. He could slip away from the scene like he was never there, or he could go investigate and make sure the kid was alright.

"What a pain..."

Gil began to tail the guards deeper into the palace.


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