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1 The Occult (Voyage) on Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:35 am




How long had it been? A month? Maybe or week? Truth be told, Xander hadn’t been focusing on how long ago it was, he was just worried on what the world was exactly coming to. For days he had been silent, trying to figure out how in the hell Santa Claus was a real thing. Of course, while he was locked away in the Black Site many things had happened. Those mysterious fruits that appeared everywhere, as well as the Great Calamities that were brought onto the world. Were Myths and Legends becoming real? Or had they simply been in hiding. Waiting for the right time to jump out and pounce on the week. Xander’s hand would grip the heart shaped fruit that he had gotten way back. He had yet to eat it as he didn’t exactly know what would happen to his body if he did.

From what he had been told by other Revolutionary Soldiers, some of the fruits granted abilities that were only a laughing stock. He didn’t want to be hindered by not swimming and having a power that was absolutely weak. Not swimming and having a power that was strong was something that he would be able to deal with.

Putting the fruit back into his coat’s pocket, Xander would stand up on the balls of his feet as he looked over the town of Sakura. He had become the protector of it somewhat. All the people in the town knew his name and the things that he did for it and they were quite grateful. A blank stare would be on his face. Unknowingly to him, a group of people were nearing the Island. A group that he had encountered years before and he was sure thy they were not going to leave without a fight.

WC: 317

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