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1 Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:10 pm

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Another spring day on this island, but this time there was that light shower that had been going on today. It was not something he was excited about, but he had to do his job. It was how he was able to get money throughout this island and keep a roof over his head. The Inns that he had had slept in were all assholes, and wanted their money right then and there, so he couldn’t say no to them. Still, he also noticed that there were a lot of people in this island that were jealous of each other. That worked was great for him and actually he felt like he shouldn’t leave this island. There were so many people who wanted his expertise, but how long would that last. They would probably become paranoid that someone like him was on this island, and that someone would want him to steal from them one day. He had thought about this and honestly he figured that he would be able to do this only for a little bit longer before he had to bail this island.

Still, it was a good place, and one of the best place to display his skills. He wonder what other island he could do this in, but push this ideas aside as he figured it would be best to think about it after his job was done. The worse thing that could happen to him was him being spotted, but that was going to happen with this rain and a few people running around trying to get home. They had bumped into him, but it wasn’t the fact that they bumped into him that caught his targets’ attention, but the fact that they heard this collision and looked back to see what had happened. Yuurei had rubbed his shoulder as the people who were on the floor was rubbing their lower back. ”Watch where you guys are going. I could have been hurt,” he said this with a clear lie. They were a bit confused to what he had said because they were clearly on the floor.

The two guys that looked behind them noticed what was going on, but what made them worried was that they had seen Yuurei. That man had been following them for a long time, or that was their assumption, which was true. They had seen him about thirty minutes ago, and apparently he was behind them now. They looked a bit nervous because they weren’t sure how strong he was, but the people on the floor shown that had some type of strength. The two guys didn’t want to chance it and they looked at each other and started running away. Yuurei was looking at the people on the floor, and when he looked back to his target he noticed that they were running away. ”Shit! Look what you guys did now they know I’m following them!” he shouted at them as shook his head. He couldn’t believe what was going on here and didn’t see this coming. The two on the floor got up quickly as they were scared of Yuurei from yelling at them and ran away.

Yuurei stretched his legs as he figured he would have to chase after them after all. They looked scared, so he figured they couldn’t out run him. ”Well we can play this game of cat and mouse,” he said to himself as0 he started running after his prey. They were running for their lives, and they figured they would be safe when they got home. Yuurei knew where they were heading and was a bit annoyed that his job would get much harder if they made it to their house. He continued on his rush as he could see two silhouette not too far from him. He could only express a big smile on his face. ”You guys can run from me, but you aren’t going to get away!” he shouted out loud as they looked back to see that the young boy was catching up to them. They were quick to panic from this, and actually trying to run faster than they already was.

Yuurei could only smile because he figured that when he caught up with them he would knock them out and take what was needed. It was not how he would have loved to do his job, but due to early circumstances his job would have to get dirty. He knew that after this his little side job would have to stop, and he would have to do something else for the time being while he stood in Jaya. There was another way to solve this problem, and it would involve the death of these two, but wouldn’t that just make it bad for him? He couldn’t find out a solution to this, but first thing first he was going to have to catch up to the two rats who were trying to escape.

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2 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:12 pm

Gajeel was woken up from his sleep by a familiar "Gajeel wake up you slept in again." the voice shouted. Gajeel groaned as he rose up in his bed the body next to him tossed and turned next to him. Her naked body was covered in his plain blanket as he let out a yawn. He looked in the door way and saw a white hair Jun "What do you need Jun?" Gajeel spoke sleepily as he rubbed his eye. He jumped on the bed "Big sis you need to get ready for work to." The girl laying beside Gajeel was startled awake "Why did you do that Jun!!! Can't you see that Gajeel and I were sleeping peacefully till you awoke us." Jun stuck his tongue out "Didn't you hear me? You need to get ready its almost ten." The girl went back under the blankets and hid her face "No!!! I'm staying in bed with Gajeel tonight. So leave us alone Jun!!" Gajeel sighed it was too much noise for him to wake up to "Both of you shut up and stop bickering." The commotion could be heard all over A Gentleman's Paradise. The brothel where Gajeel was staying while he was staying in Jaya it was nothing fancy but he wouldn't argue being surrounded by a bunch of lovely women and Jun. The girl in Gajeels bed stood up covering herself up with the blanket as she walked to her own room to get ready for her day. Now it was Jun and Gajeel alone in the room Jun started to pout "Why do you let all of my sisters sleep in your bed but I cant? Is it that I'm not good enough?" Gajeel let out a grin it wasn't that he wasn't good enough but he just was afraid to get to close to Jun the thought of his ex still hung over him. But he could never tell Jun that thinking it would only make things worst for the white haired boy. Gajeel poked Jun's forehead "Don't get sidetracked now. What was it that you woke me for?" Jun's face turned red at the fact that he got sidetracked "Oh that's right, the Madam wanted me to get some stuff for the place since we are almost out of food since someone eats so much." Jun said jokingly as he poked Gajeels chest. Gajeel sighed "Let me guess. She wants me to go with you so I can carry it all for you right?" Jun nodded happily "That's right Gajeel! She says I'm not strong enough to carry all of the groceries myself." Gajeel lifted Jun off his bed and set him on the ground. As he stood up and went over to the chair where his cloths were along with the mirror. Gajeel got lost looking at the mark on his chest thinking of his past and what he needs to be doing. He snapped out of it putting his shirt on and buttoning it up before pulling his pants up. Gajeel placed his hand on Jun's back "Lets get going Jun." Jun looked up and shook his head happily "Yay I'm going on a date with Gajeel all of the sisters will be jealous of me now" Jun laughed as the headed down stairs. Gajeel sighed but didn't want to burst Jun's bubble so went along with it only stopping to grab his overcoat of the coat rack.

Once the two were out they noticed the light shower which couldn't be heard from all the noise the two people were making early in the morning. Gajeel breathed in heavily inhaling the smell of new fallen rain. "A beautiful day it is" Gajeel thought to himself as he started to head to the store with Jun the lady like boy pulled on Gajeels sleeve "I'm getting cold Gajeel." Jun said sadly wishing he brought his coat or an umbrella as the rain soaked his clothing. Gajeel sighed and removed his coat and put it on Jun who even looked smaller in it. It made Gajeel smile at the cute sight but the moment was broken as he heard a person shout something about a game as two people ran towards Gajeel. Gajeel quickly moved Jun and him to the side wondering what was going on as he saw a man taller than him run after the two people. "What a odd way to start the day." Gajeel let out a laugh as the man passed the him and Jun.

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3 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:09 pm

Yuurei was running through the streets right now as he could see that every step of his made a splash, but it was all due to the damn light showers. Still, that didn’t stop him from moving through without a problem as his long arms were moving back and forth as he was chasing the two men he was pursuing. They didn’t look back anymore, and he figured they knew that they had to put all their efforts into running. While he was running he had soon noticed that there was a brothel close by, which he never noticed before, but figured that one would have been on this island with all these damn retired slobs. He did enjoy the nice lighting that were on this brothel, and he figured that he would have to give it a try right? He shook his head as he didn’t need to do anything like that right now. He shook his head as he had to get that thought out of his head. If anything he would want to free any of the girls that were there against their will as freedom was the best thing anybody could have in this world.

Yuure’s eyes and vision had lowered to his level now and he noticed the man and the little boy that he was running by. There was a little kid coming out of the brothel as well; with this scene Yuurei had forgotten about the two guys he was chasing after. He knew where they were heading, and he figured he would have to take care of them the old fashion way. It would be dirty and not his style, but he knew his client wouldn’t mind unless it could be trace back to him. He knew better than that and would make sure that his client would be protected at all cost. He stopped his running as he was pass the two and then started jogging backwards as if he was backing himself up, and soon kept moving his feet as he was looking at the man and examining him and the kid that was with him. It was a bit weird to see a kid coming out from there, and he was going to figure out why this was even happening.

The man he was looking at wore an eye patch like he was, and that confused him. He didn’t think he would see someone wearing an eye patch like he was, but was he wearing this thing because he didn’t have an eye? Yuurei wasn’t sure, and honestly he wasn’t going to ask if he was missing an eye. He didn’t care about whether or not his eye was still there, but wanted to know why there was a child coming out the brothel. He was a thief, a criminal basically, but he hoped that there was a good reason for a child to exit out of a brothel. The thief continued to look at them trying to figure out the situation, but there was nothing he could, so he figured the next best thing was to say something. ”Hey why do you have a kid coming out of the brothel?” he asked as sighed a bit as he knew that there was no way of catching up with those two before they get to that annoying as house of theirs.

”Better question why is there a child inside of the brothel in the first place?” he asked as he wasn’t sure what was going on. He scratched his head and kept his jogging pace, but stood in one spot. He did have a confusing look on his face right now as he was waiting for Gajeel to answer his question.

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4 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:52 pm

Gajeel watched as the two men ran off and the taller man ran past them he was about to place his hand on Juns back motioning him forward to keep walking thinking of the task at hand. The sound of splashing became louder Gajeel turned his head to see the man running backwards this made him burst out laughing at the sight of the man running back to the two of them. Jun looked confused as he looked up seeing Gajeel was looking backwards "Whats wrong Gajeel?" Jun asked confused. But soon his question was answered as he looked up seeing a man even taller than Gajeel towering over him and Gajeel. Gajeel let out a even bigger laugh at the mans question to himself it seemed silly thinking of Jun as a child but his small stature could confuse a lot of people. Gajeel looked towards the man before looking back and fourth where the men were running and the direction where Jun and him were headed. "He's actually not a child just small for his age its what makes him so adorable to me." Juns face turned red at Gajeel's words "Stupid Gajeel saying stupid things like that" He spoke hiding behind Gajeel's back trying to hide his shame or delight some would say. Gajeel looked back to the area where the men were running and pointed "You were chasing them right? You better hurry back or you will lose them."

Gajeel took in another big breath of the air of the light rain shower "Truly and odd day." Gajeel said thinking that he wasn't expecting to see a man with such long arms. He took a step to stand beside the man and extended his arm out comparing the two's length. Jun looked at him confused wondering what he was doing. Gajeel's mouth dropped almost forgetting the other mans question his mind went to other places with all that was going on "He works there as a cook and a house keeper basically." Jun started to pull on Gajeel's arm "We have to get going or Madam will be angry with us both and she already mad enough at you." Jun said pushy manner

Gajeel was getting tugged on but pulled back lifting Jun off his feet as he hung on to Gajeels hand. "No fair Gajeel you're just bigger than me I could do the same if our bodies changed" he whined. Gajeel let out a chuckle "I would recommend stopping by if you have some free time the ladies are beautiful in there and very experienced. Fuck they might even make it so you will never want to leave." Gajeel chuckled. A hanging Jun looked up at the long armed man "Mister why were you running after them did they take something of yours?" The light shower continued to pour as Gajeel reached into his pockets in his over coat worn by Jun to get his cigarette. It was more of a challenge trying to light it with the rain and a dangling Jun on his hand but some how with all of the odds against him he lit it after three attempts at it. He took a drag and blew it to the back of him so he didn't blow it in Juns face. Jun glared at him "You need to stop that Gajeel" Jun said in a demanding tone. Only making Gajeel laugh more putting the smoke in his mouth and pat his head "You know that wont happen Jun." Gajeel grinned pulling the smoke out of his mouth and blowing it the way he did before.

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5 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:21 pm

Yuurei was confused and he was waiting for his questions to be answer. He only had the right to feel concern about this situation, so he continued to wait for someone to say something to him. He could hear the man laughing, and it seemed like he was easily amused, which was a good thing. He didn’t take offense to his actions or anything, but he continued to stay in place as he was looking at the little kid. It seemed like the man who was laughing was named Gajeel as the kid was so easily able to reveal, and he continued to look at Gajeel as he had answered him. It seemed like this child wasn’t actually child, which made him look very confused. The multiple blinks that had come from his eyes could reveal this, and it seemed like this man found it adorable. Still, he stood quiet and looked at the child as he looked embarrassed to hear these words come out the older looking man. He did noticed a sudden movement and it was the little kid who moved behind Gajeel’s back.

Yuurei noticed that this man was well trusted, and that this child would trust him with his life. ”He can’t be bad, if the kid was quick to run behind him,” he thought to himself as his confused look had went away, and his blinking wasn’t so extra as before. Yuurei followed the man with the eye patch’s finger as he pointed in the direction the two men had ran off in. The question he was asked made him chuckle because he was one hundred percent sure they were going to lock themselves in that annoying house. ”I didn’t lose them. They don’t seem to understand the situation they are in. They are running home, which actually makes my job harder, but easier to pinpoint their location,” he chuckled a bit excited to actually get the drop on them and surprised them. When he finished speaking he noticed that the man was right next to hm.

He blinked a few times as he was confused on what this guy was doing. He noticed that he was stretching his arm close to his own, and Yuurei laughed as he knew exactly what he was doing. He figured he would give him the pleasure of measuring how long his arm was compared to Yuurei’s. The thief had stretched his arm right next to Gajeel’s as he would be able to get a clear look on how long his arms were. Yuurei had questions that weren’t answered, but he was patient, and figured this guy was the type to not leave any questions unanswered, if he remembered. Soon enough he proved Yuurei right, and told him that the little kid was actually the cook, and house keeper. It brought him to look at Jun again and blink a few times. His stature didn’t look like he had handle a lot of task, and that amazed him to hear what his occupation was for the brothel.

Yuurei slowly stopped his pace of jogging, and soon enough his feet had planted on the ground under him. He figured he would give those two men time to prepare for what was about to hit them. It seemed like his questions had been answered without a problem, but he also noticed that the little kid was trying to pull Gajeel away from him. He heard what the little kid was saying, and watched him get lift into the air without a problem, and it made him chuckle to see this. He was enjoying this little scene as it brought light to how enjoyable life could be. Still, his view on this had stopped when he heard Gajeel recommending this place to Yuurei. It seemed like he had been in there for a while as it seemed like he was basically telling him what had happened to him. He rubbed the back of his head as the man was offering him to come in when he had the time.

He figured he could give it a go, and the idea had disappeared when Jun had spoken up to him. The question he was asked sounded so innocent, but he had to remembered that this kid wasn’t a child. Still, he knew that nobody would stop him from accomplishing his job, so he figured why not give him a vague answer. ”Well those guys do have something that belongs to my client. I’m here to retrieve it from them. They usually carry it with them, and show it around to everyone. My client isn’t pleased with this, so it’s my job to take it back from them,” he lied. This item belonged to the two guys, and his client just wanted it for himself. ”Still, I might take this brothel into consideration. You guys need help with anything? I’m giving these guys time to get home, and prepare themselves, so I got some time of my own as well,” he brought this up as he was wondering what they would say to him. He did offer out to help them out, but wasn't sure what they were going to be doing.

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6 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:55 pm

Gajeel grinned as the mans arm extended it was about two times as long as his own. "Just gotta keep it close it looks." Gajeel laughed thinking as long as he kept the fight close range the mans reach would back fire on him. In reality he never fought anyone with arms as long as the strangers. Jun looked with amazement as the man stretched his arm out "WOW!!! They are so long. I bet you could carry alot of things on them cant you?" Gajeel laughed at Juns reaction the two were truly polar opposites Jun was so innocent while Gajeel was a border line monster in some peoples eyes.

Gajeel nodded as the man told them that he didn't lose them but just made his job a bit harder. Gajeel scratched his head as the man told them his job "So what did they steal?" Gajeel asked curiously. He nudged the mans side with a grin "You won't be disappointed I can tell you that much." Gajeel was trying to see of he could get another client for the girls. Jun was still dangling off Gajeel's arm "Come on Gajeel we need to go shopping or Madam will be getting upset with us." Gajeel sighed knowing Jun was right "You're right Jun. No one wants to see Madam get angry its never pretty she just yells and pokes with the finger of death. So we should be going now shouldn't we."

The man asked if the two needed any help to which Gajeel was about to say no but realized that if he brought an extra pair of arms his load would be easier to carry so it would be split in half. Gajeel grinned "We're just going to do some shopping for the place nothing special if you want to tag along to give your targets some time feel free to join us." Jun dropped from Gajeel's arm and landed on his feet before poking Gajeels stomach through the coat sleeves he was wearing since it was so much larger than him "Yeah this fatty eats to much we arent use to how much he eats since hes only been with us for a little while." Jun laughed before starting to march forward like he was the leader of the group. Gajeel let out a sigh "We better fallow him or he will get upset for not playing along." Gajeel was honestly a little annoyed by how Jun would act sometimes. But for the most part he loved how innocent he acted something he himself never had. "Why do you have to be so adorable god damn it Jun? Gajeel fallowed behind looking back to see what way the stranger would go. As he continued to smoke on the cigarette he has been smoking on slowly as the cherry would grow bright with each inhale as the cig started to go smaller slowly. It was a wonderful day it was actually fairly peacful for once on this island as the sound of splashes being made by each of his steps. Gajeel continued to watch Jun from behind enjoying his innocents of playful attitude.

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7 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:16 pm

There was something Gajeel had said before he said anything to him. Yuurei couldn’t make sense of it, and he figured he wouldn’t dwell on it for as long as he had. Instead he watched the person laugh, and then soon the little person had asked him if he could carry a lot of things. He did have to elbow like joints on his arm, which allowed him to bend his arm twice, and well he could hold a lot of things with them. ”Yeah I can a hold a lot of stuff with these arms,” he answered Jun, and figured he would keep it simple. It didn’t take long for Gajeel to ask him what they had stolen, and he looked at the man, and just let off a smirk. He figured why not tell him as it wouldn’t hurt honestly, but before he could bring out a word, he noticed that his side had been nudged, and when he looked to see who was doing that he noticed it was Gajeel.

It seemed like he was smiling about something, and soon enough it was about the brothel that had him smiling. The thief did connect the dots on one thing, and it was the fact that the man had been sleeping with the ladies at the brothel. Yuurei could only shake his head because he figured he was in good terms with the owner of this brothel. ”They stole a golden dagger, which is said to be passed down from my client’s family from generation to generation,” he said. He just watched as the little kid was still dangling from Gajeel’s arm, and he could only laugh from the comedy that was coming out from this scene. He wondered how long the child would keep this act up before he dropped to the ground. He could hear the conversation between the two though as they were close to him. It seemed like he was trying to remind him of the shopping that they needed to do. And it seemed like bringing up a certain person brought Gajeel to head onward with his morning chores.

Still, with that he figured he would offer them help, but it was only if they needed it and wanted his help. Yuurei could see things got quiet when he asked, and soon enough the man spoke to him and was happy to have him help. He nodded as he was giving these guys some time to do whatever they needed to do. He also figured he could get this man to help him out with them later. It would make his job easier, and having done this for Gajeel, and Jun he figured that he could return the favor even though it wasn’t a favor. Yuurei only smile because of Jun as he watched him talk about how much Gajeel ate, and chuckled a bit. ”I guess we should start shopping for food then. Since we got to buy enough food to feed a person who eats like he is five then,” he was referring to Gajeel, but making a little joke for Jun.

Yuurei had watched the kid laugh, and move onward, which meant they were going to go and leave any stragglers behind. Yuurei heard the man with the eye patch, and his feet started moving to follow behind the little one. He could see that Gajeel was enjoying the cancer stick that was in his mouth. It was not something he enjoyed, but he was able to tolerate the thing when others did smoke it though. Yuurei had heard Jun’s words clearly though about Gajeel being with them for a while. It seemed like he was living in the brothel, and he wondered what that was all about. While he continue to walk the light showers continued as his hair was indeed drenched though for how long he had been outside for. Yuurei also wondered what his friends were doing right now, and figured that they were getting everything settled for their trip to the next island.

Yuurei couldn’t wait for that because he knew a new island would mean new clients, more things to steal, and a new adventure. He looked over to Gajeel though as he was thinking about the now, and wondered how this man ended up living in a brothel. It was a question that was running through his head ever since Jun mentioned it. He figured he had done something noble, maybe not to the man himself, but it was noble to the brothel to allow him to stay there, and use it as he pleased. Still, he was going through all of this in his head he figured he would ask him directly and hear the story from the man himself. ”So how did you get yourself living in the brothel? Did you kill a bunch of men who was harassing the big boss of that establishment?” he asked the question and was joking on with the last question as he said it with a hint of sarcasm, but wasn’t sure if it would go over this man’s head.

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8 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:33 pm

Jun started to laugh at the strangers comment about Gajeel's eating "More like twenty people or twenty females hahaha" Jun said as he continued to walk in front of the two people as he lead them to the store. Gajeel just sighed and shook his head "Well for as many heads I have to crack and someother more non friendly ways. It cant be helped I need to keep my strength up." Gajeel sighed as he took another final drag of his cig before flicking it in an ally way.

Gajeels attention refocused on the gold dagger the stranger was talking about "So whats so special about this dagger that you need to actually get it back?" Gajeel asked curiously as the three men walked down the side walk with the light shower still going on. "Fuck its such a nice day. I want to have some fun." Gajeel grinned as the sound of skulls cracking and just combat in general went off in his mind. This started to make his head bob in a odd rhythm as the beautiful song of combat played in his head. Jun turned around and glared at Gajeel "Madam said you need to behave today and not ruin the relationship with the shop owner." Gajeel grinned and lifted up the little man in his arms "Why must you make me sound like I'm some sort of monster?" Gajeel joked around. Jun blushed hard being so close to Gajeel's face in a flustered tone "Put me down Gajeel and you know why so dont go and play dumb."

Gajeel laughed as he set Jun down on his feet and patted his head. This made Jun smile and turn around continue down their way saying playfully "Besides it seems like your in a mood that might make you go crazy if you get to see a chance to fight." Gajeel smirked "You might be right Jun." Gajeel turned to the stranger joining the two on their chore he asked how Gajeel started living at the brothel and laughed "Nope even better, I was walking to the crows nest and ran across some thugs picking on this one" Gajeel pointed towards Jun playfully. "So I killed two of them and one I let live cause he ran away like a smart bitch. Then Jun got drunk so I had to carry him back to his place."

Jun turned bright red and turned around "Stupid Gajeel you got me drunk!!!" he yelled before running a bit a head of the two taller men. This made Gajeel laugh "Im not the one who told you to drink all those drinks. So thats not fair to say that about me." Gajeel hated when people tried to spread lies about him but he also didn't care about the simple words so he simply just shurgged it of. Before running to catch up to Jun cause knowing him he'll end up getting in some sort of trouble. Jun was running closer to the shop before stopping and going wide eyed as six men went into the shop. Something didn't seem right to him so he just looked as the two taller men caught up to him.

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9 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:03 pm

When Yuurei spoke about how much he ate, the kid had made another comment. This was for how much Gajeel ate, and he could only laugh because this brothel give this young boy a dirty mind. It, however, was funny, so he was laughing at the end of it all. He looked at Gajeel though as he spoke, and then got rid of the cigarette. That was a good thing because he honestly didn’t like the way it smell, and only tolerated the act. When Yuurei was asked the question about the dagger, he could only smile as the man asked good questions, but they were questions he could really answer to his liking. He brushed his hair back due to the rain making his her wet, and it did without a problem. He did look over to Gajeel when they were walking. ”I don’t know what’s so special about the dagger. But I what I do know is that it is very important to my client. I don’t ask too many questions about the whys, what, how, or when, I just do the job that my clients ask me to do,” he explained to Gajeel.

He really didn’t know what was so special about the dagger, and that only his client wanted it. Yuurei was just trying to make some money, and this was his way. Yuurei heard his words after what he had said, and he had a little smirk appear on his face. If he wanted to have some fun, then maybe he could get him to help him out with this job after he helped them out with the grocery shopping. It didn’t take long for Jun to tell Gajeel to behave, which made Yuurei laugh because he felt like this guy was an easy going person and one to get riled up quickly. And then there was this kid who was here to make sure that this man wouldn’t just go off doing crazy things. Yuurei smiled as he watched the little scene between the two, and could see that they both had a good relationship with each other. It was nice to have, which wasn’t something Yuurei had with anybody.

The thief had learned to be alone with all the crap that happened to him when he was growing up. While they were walking, Gajeel had finally answered his question about his life at the brothel. He listened to the man’s tale, and he could now understand why the two of them were the way they were with each other. One had his life saved by the other, and admired him in more ways than one. It also allowed Gajeel free access to the brothel. Still, what he did noticed and it was too late was that the little guy had ran off after shouting at the man with the eyepatch. He did and acted so innocent even though he lived in a not so innocent environment. Yuurei watched Gajeel chase after, and Yuurei sighed as he figured he would catch up to the two of them. He jogged carefully in the rain as he didn’t want to be the one to slip and fall on his behind.

When he caught up with the duo, it seemed like Jun had stopped moving in general, and soon enough he looked over to the young lad, and wondered what was wrong. ”Why did you stop moving Jun? Did you hurt yourself, or did you see something that is screaming out danger?” he asked this question as he wasn’t sure what had happen, but he wanted to help.

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10 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:05 pm

Gajeel nodded as the stranger gave him an explanation. It didn't really satisfy Gajeel's curiosity but he could always find out by helping the stranger when everything was done with that he and Jun had to do. But it seemed that he and the stranger where somewhat similar in ways that they didn't really care and just acted the only difference was Gajeel didn't work for clients like the stranger did. But everyone must do what they need to in their lives he guessed as the continued walking in the shower now making Gajeel start to get a bit soaked.

Gajeel noticed that Jun was a little bit off stopping in the middle of the side walk. "whats wrong Jun?" Gajeel asked a bit annoyed that he just stopped there not knowing what was fulling going on. But when Jun held on to Gajeel's shirt sleeve he knew something was up with the store in front of the three men. The stranger asked the same thing to Jun but this made Jun only hide behind Gajeel as he shook his head. "I'm fine." Jun said to reasure the two bigger men. A grin grew across Gajeel's face as he patted Jun's head to reasure him its all okay now "I'm thirsty so I'm going to go and get a drink." Gajeel faced the long armed man "Mind staying with Jun out here while I go and get something to drink." Gajeel asked before heading into the store.

Once inside the store it was actually bigger than it looked on the outside there were long aisles filled with food spices of all sorts. Gajeel looked as he saw three men holding the worker down but ignored that situation as he didn't think it was of any real importance. Gajeel just walked down the aisle looking for something to drink but couldn't find anything. So he went down the other aisle this time he found a nice bottle of rum and uncorked it and started to head back to the door to go back to the two people waiting outside. "Who the fuck do you think you are bastard?" Gajeel turned to see the three men stopped focusing on the man behind the regester and focused on him. Gajeel pointed to himself and smiled taking another drink "Simple you bitch I'm fucking me." Gajeel spoke in smart ass manner much to the three men's anger. "You fucker you think we will let you just say that shit to us?" The men stood in front of Gajeel and pulled out some smile knives thinking they would intimidate Gajeel. But he wasn't he started to reach for his cutlass till he realized he left it at the brothel "Well I fucked up I guess." he thought to himself as the three men rushed at him. Gajeel took another pull of the bottle as he jumped back a bit just out of their reach before spitting some rum in their face. He rushed the man in front as he was blinded for a second from the rum in his face brining the bottle down on his head shattering it as it knocked the man out. The grin on Gajeels face grew bigger as he also now had a weapon he could use. "You bastar!!!" the two men yelled causing a commotion in the store as they started to slash at Gajeel who simply moved his body slightly so the slashes would miss as he countered with slashes from the broken bottle.

Outside Jun was hearing the commotion and curled up into the coat that Gajeel let him wear. "He's at it again it seems." Jun was upset he didn't like to see Gajeel always fight but it seemed that it was the only thing that Gajeel truly enjoyed most of the time. "Why do you only seem happy when you are fighting Gajeel. I hate it. I love seeing you sleep cause you look so peaceful." Jun thought to himself. Gajeel had no idea what Jun was going through outside as he was to caught up in the fight that just broke out.

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11 Re: Collision Between two Men (Voyage) on Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:25 pm

Yuurei was wondering what was going on, but the kid didn’t say anything to him. He figured there was something with a particular store. He had noticed that he was staring directly at one of them for quite some time, but still, the only thing he got from Jun was that he was fine. It kind of bothered him that he couldn’t speak about what bothered him, but it wasn’t his life, so wasn’t going to probe any deeper than he had, which wasn’t much. He was about to walk forward and go inside the store. He figured he would go check it out, but he never got to. The moment he took one step forward, he looked to his right as he heard Gajeel speaking to him. He had asked him for a favor, and he sighed because his plan went through the window. He moved back a bit as he took a few steps back, and looked at Gajeel. ”Sure’ I don’t mind, but don’t take too long,” he had a smile on his face as he watched the man go off on his own.

Yuurei looked at Jun, and scratched the back of his head. He figured the kid wasn’t okay with him being the one to stay behind, but he would have to deal with it. ”I never introduced myself, and I just noticed that now. I only your name and Gajeel name because you two kept saying it to each other. The name is Yuurei, and if anything comes our way, then they will be in for a rude awakening,” he said with a smile on his face to reassure the young lad. When he said that he turned to look towards the store now. The two of them were waiting for Gajeel to come out of it, but for some reason he was taking a while. Still, Yuurei could tell that this guy would be able to protect himself from whatever mess was in there. He could hear the commotions happening inside of the store, and it seemed like a lot was going on inside.

He looked over to Jun, and noticed that he was upset with what was going on right now. Yuurei gritted his teeth as he figured he should have been the one to go inside and take care of the mess. The only thing that was happening right now as that Gajeel was fighting, and Jun was getting upset for it. ”It’s going to be okay he could handle himself,” he said this as he noticed something in the corner of his eye. There was another person heading over to the store right now. Yuurei noticed the knife that was in his hand, and he could only imagine it was back up. Did they have somebody on the outside just in case things didn’t go as plan, and he would come in as back up? he thought to himself as he was sure Jun would have seen this. ”Be right back,” he said as he was making his way towards the man.

When Yuurei had gotten close to the man, the guy had taken noticed of the thief, and turned while pointing his knife at Yuurei. ”Back up right now. I don’t know who you are, but you need to leave before I stab you with this,” the man said to Yuurei. The pirate could only chuckle a bit when he heard this, but raised his hands up in the air and then move back a little bit. ”My bad I didn’t see you there. I was just walking with my head down. You don’t have to be so mean,” he was slowly backing away from the guy, and the guy seemed like he was satisfied with that. He turned to look at the door again, and he was about to walk towards it, but Yuurei rushed him and this time before he really got close to him, Yuurei launched two right jabs straight into the man’s jaw. When it had been done he could hear the crack from his jaw, and soon enough he fell to the floor unconscious.

Yuurei turned around as his back was turned to the man he just dropped, and he walked over to Jun. When he got to the young boy he just stood there as he was waiting for Gajeel to come out of the store.

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