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1 Voyage on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:20 am



Voyages are our equivalent to missions on other Roleplay sites; though here they would more closely resemble episodes of Anime. Voyages are more like the quicker episodes, where the entire plot is settled within that one episode. To do a voyage one must first come up with a story that fits their character or their goals, and then must register that voyage and get it approved by a moderator.

Voyage Template:

[b]Voyage Name:[/b] (What is the name of your voyage)
[b]Location:[/b] (Which Island will your voyage take place on)
[b]Participant(s):[/b] (Don’t need to name each participant, simply specify if it will be done Solo or with others)
[b]Description: [/b](Rough Outline of what will Occur in your Voyage. Don’t need to give all the details just enough for staff to understand what you intend to do)

Rewards for Voyages and Gran Voyages are dependent on the acts executed within them and aren’t static. We are more concerned with quality than quantity so you will not be rewarded for doing voyages strictly to get rewards and putting no effort into them. You get out rewards based on how much effort you put in.

Gran Voyages
Gran Voyages would be our version of story arcs of Anime with them needing multiple episodes for the plot to be settled. Gran Voyages grant default rewards like Beli, Bounty, Doriki, or Prestige but they can also grant additional rewards if staff see fit.

Here on Strawhat there are 4 different types of Gran Voyages: Story, Item, NPC, and Devil’s Fruit

Story - Story Gran Voyages are done to progress the story of your character. These are the Gran Voyages where you will be able to focus on developing your character and progressing them towards their goals. These are great for earning Doriki or Prestige.

Item - Item Gran Voyages are done in order to acquire unique items you couldn’t get otherwise. Ships, weapons off the Meito List, NPCs or other unique custom created items; all can be gained by completing one of these Gran Voyages.

Devil Fruit - Devil Fruit Gran Voyages are done in order to acquire a devil fruit. Your character doesn’t need to be actively searching for a devil fruit during this Gran Voyage but it will result in the acquisition of a devil fruit by your character whether on purpose or not. While there can be an unlimited amount of participants, only two participants can gain a Devil Fruit from a single Gran Voyage.

NPC -NPC Fruit Gran Voyages are done in order to acquire an already approved NPC. Your character doesn’t need to be actively searching for or trying to persuade this NPC during this Gran Voyage but in the end it will result in them joining your company whether on purpose or not. While there can be an unlimited amount of participants, only two participants can gain an NPC from a single Gran Voyage.

Sometimes we don't want to be in complete control of things in our Gran Voyages. You can opt to have None, Light, Moderate, or Heavy NPCing in your Gran Voyage. Choosing to have a level of NPCing will make it so someone not participating in your Gran Voyage, if not Staff someone they deem suitable if they agree, will post and change the flow of things. Of course these things will be reasonable, but it can make your Gran Voyage take an unexpected turn plot wise or even make foes more challenging to battle. Those who assist in NPCing Gran Voyages will be rewarded for their services, consult a member of staff if you wish to sign up to occasionally be asked to NPC scenarios.

Light: Light NPCing is more so prompt based NPCing. The NPC will post a general overview of what the NPCs of the topic are doing or of what is going on in the environment every 2-3 rounds of posting. NPC can be skipped.

Moderate: Moderate NPCing entails prompt based NPCing as well. However, the NPCer will more often take control of certain NPCs and potentially carry out more specific and personalized actions that are directed towards the topic's participants. Expect a post ever 2-3 rounds of posting. NPC can be skipped after 48 hours.

Heavy: Heavy NPCing is practically having a whole other PC in your topic, but they will also be in control of many other variables like the environment and other NPCs in the topic. If you opt for Heavy NPCing expect a challenge understand it is possible of your character can take substantial damage if there is combat. Expect a post every 1-2 rounds of posting. NPC cannot be skipped, so understand these scenario will take more time than usual to complete.

Gran Voyage Template:
[b]Gran Voyage Type:[/b](Story,Item,Devil’s Fruit)
[b]Gran Voyage Name:[/b](What is your Gran Voyage called)
[b]Gran Voyage Location:[/b](Which Island(s) will your Gran Voyage take place on?)
[b]Level:[/b] (1-3)
[b]Gran Voyage Description:[/b](Rough Outline of what will occur in your Gran Voyage. Just enough detail for Mods to understand your intention)
[b]NPCing:[/b] (Will any NPCing need to be done during your Gran Voyage? If so, how much?)

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2 Re: Voyage on Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:52 pm



Levels range from 1 to 3, 1 being the most safe and 3 being most dangerous. Levels of a Gran Voyage are based on the capabilities of one's character and aren't something that are static. For instance, a player just starting out could make a Level 3 Gran Voyage that'd be equal to a player who's been around for months Level 1 Gran Voyage.

Due to the heighten risk that come from higher Level Gran Voyages, the payouts are greater than a lower Leveled Gran Voyage. A Level 1 Gran Voyage is seen as the default thus allow members to include the bare minimum in the journey they are about to embark on. Levels 2 and 3 are extra features to the site, thus require additional work during the registration process. For starters, moderators will look for more than just beat-em-up based content in Level 2 and 3 Gran Voyages. They'll also expect to see more plot driven content being registered and things that are more personal to the character than just taking down a crew of bad pirates. Lastly, generally speaking, the higher the Level of the Gran Voyage, the more content the grader will expect to see. You don't have to write out a 5 page epic, but there are greater expectation you take on when you embark on these higher Level Gran Voyages.

Level 1: These Gran Voyages are the lowest level and should be a challenge for your character, but not something that could be seen as something they couldn't naturally overcome. Strawhats vs Captain Kuro's Crew, Strawhats vs Don Krieg's Crew, and Strawhats vs Arlong's Crew are great examples.

Level 2: Here the Gran Voyages are a bit more than one can chew by their lonesome. They'll be extremely challenging and usually merit some type of change or evolution in your character. These Gran Voyages are good to create a distinction between a old and new chapter for your character. Difficulty examples are Strawhats vs Baroque Works, Strawhats on Enies Lobby, or Eustass Kidd vs Kaido.

Level 3: The Gran Voyages of this caliber are practically mission impossible. You'll face epic enemies that greatly outshine you and simply coming out alive is success in itself. Difficulty examples are the Strawhats first time on Sabaody Archipelago, Marineford War, and their escape from Whole Cake Island. These Gran Voyages require Moderate Non-Skippable NPCing at the least, thus one should only take these if they understand they will be operating at someone else's pace at times. For now, these Gran Voyages are the only way to acquire a Mythological Zoan Fruit.

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