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1 The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:30 am

Talibah was standing in his room with a goblet of wine in his left hand, as he looked down through a window upon the citizens of Alubarna getting ready for the night of partying and food. The news of Talibah's anniversary feast for his wedding had been let known to the public that morning, and all day everyone had been preparing for the festivities that would take place. Talibah couldn't help but grin in amusement as he recalled the various furious debates his brothers had with him about the feast. They had both been very adamant about him not going through with it, siting that he could be attacked or poisoned. "Honestly, they are far far to over protective of me." Talibah would say to himself before taking his goblet and downing the rest of the wine that was inside of it. As Talibah spoke to himself, he could hear the steps of two figures, more then likely his brothers coming to talk some more sense into him, as they put it. He did love his brothers dearly, but they could be quite stubborn when they wanted to be. Of course, so could he.

Walking over to the small coffee table that was in the center of the room, where sitting upon it was a wine glass. Talibah's room was decently large, been able to fill a king sized bed which was along on the northern left portion of the room, along with one L couch in the center of the room with a coffee table to fill the middle, which all sat atop a well crafted rug. Along the western wall was dressers with various things upon the top of them, most of them decorations. Inside the drawers were cloths and jewelry that Talibah wore from time to time. Along the walls of the room were various decorations that adorned most of the rooms of the royal family, as well as windows every now and again that allowed air to enter and leave as it wanted, so long as the windows remained open, which they all were for the moment. Talibah's crook which he received from his wife was beside the couch, leaning on it right where he put it earlier.

As Talibah lifted up the wine glass that was on the table, he would pour himself another cup of win before his two brothers finally barged in. "Talibah." Looking over, Talibah would look at his eldest brother with an eyebrow quirked, his smile of amusement still there "What can I do for my two loving brothers? I would offer you a drink but I only have one cup." Talibah would say jokingly. The joking however would be met with two frowns, as he brothers looked at him disapprovingly, his elder brother stood in the door way with his arms crossed disapprovingly, as his eldest walked over to him.

Talibah would look calmly at his eldest brother as he approached and got closer. Though as the two stood face to face, the height difference between the two shown through, as Talibah at 6'5 was two inches over his brother who was only 6'3. The two looked at each other, Talibah with amusement at the interesting conversation, his Eldest Brother with a look like he was angry and Talibah. Both stood there for a few moments before his eldest brother broke the silence. "Stop with this Farce Talibah." His Eldest Brother spoke as he looked more and more disapprovingly. "You could be seriously attacked! Or even poisoned!" Eldest Brother would speak with growing frustration, as this talk was had on more then one occasion in the last month, to which Talibah was adamant about going about despite the risks on his life.

Talibah would scoff at his Eldest Brother's words, like they were something that couldn't happen. Taking a sip of his wine, Talibah would go back to standing beside the window that looked down upon the citizens of Alubarna. "Brother, i'll be fine. You are simply over reacting!" Talibah would say with a slight smile on his face, looking at easy with entire situation. "I'll have the royal guard to protect me, not to mention you and Elder Brother will be there to watch over everything! I have nothing to worry about." As Talibah spoke he would swirl around the wine in his glass as he looked over both of them. Walking towards his Eldest Brother he would wrap an arm around his neck "Besides, everyone is already preparing for the festivities tonight, its far to late to cancel now!" Talibah would laugh out heartily. Leading his Eldest Brother over to the window, to which his Eldest would allow to happen, Talibah would motion with his goblet to the people below that were preparing. "Look at this Brother! Can you look at them and tell me they aren't excited? So what if I may be attacked? With all of this dire news we need something to help lighten up the city!" Talibah would say with his smile still on his face.

Talibah's Eldest brother would continue to look skeptical throughout Talibah's little speech, not at all looking swayed. But as he stood there and looked down upon the citizens of the city, he would sigh. "Very well Talibah, i'll allow it to go through." Shoving away from Talibah, his Eldest Brother would point a finger up at Talibah with a serious look on his face. "However, You will not leave the main tent unless accompanied by at least five guards." Talibah's Eldest said before turning away from him and walking towards the door of the room. Talibah's Elder brother would look at their Eldest with a look of suprise, opening his mouth in outrage, however nothing would come out as he watched their Eldest leave the room. Turning towards Talibah he would open his mouth again in outrage, but just like before nothing came out. Grunting in frustration he would follow out after their Eldest.

Talibah watched this with his smile returning full force, threatening to turn into a grin as he snickered to himself. "Ah, how I love our family interactions." Before laughing out loud. Calming down after a minute of laughing, he would turn his attention back to the people below as they continued preparing, unaware of what had happened up in Talibah's room. Talibah would stand there and just watch, entranced about how the common people always seemed to do things. Talibah would stand there sipping wine, to when it starts becoming dusk. Upon noticing it was dark out, he would say to himself "Well, I guess I should get ready. No doubt my wife will have taken all day to look her best." Laughing to himself, he would get himself ready for the festivities.

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2 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:23 am

The sound of the locomotive moving against the tracks along the sea route, set the hearts of the youngest passengers afloat in glee and excitement as for many, it was their first sea voyage on a whole. It was truly a sight to behold, as the big behemoth of scrap iron scuttled against the loosely laid railings, Jackal, with his window down, kicked back in his seat, his feet propped up comfortably in the seat directly to his front. Adjacent to him, and opposite this seat, were empty, as the stares and murmurs trickled in on his radar as per usual. However, what truly caused the Jackal to scowl at anyone who stared in his direction, were the stares. It was the same eyes a small child stared at a wild beast with, filled with fear, consumed with the unknown. Wearing a long brown robe with a hood, he'd covered his face and the majority of his body with the robe, after making the mistake of leaving his head exposed. The first thing the onlookers picked out was his dog like traits, and from then, the discrimination began.

This was fine, as long as they kept their distance. Staring through the window, Jackal would peer out into the ocean blue, as the smell of sea water reminded him of his days on Zou, going hunting with his Pops for fish. Scaling the side of the massive animal-island, the feel of the wind on his fur, the cool temperature of the breeze as they descended, and the feel of the eventual water soaking into his tail, it was indeed the best feeling ever. However, his daydream was halted at the sound of a very warm and gentle voice. The woman's question wasn't registered by him at first, turning his head towards her direction, he'd add in the cognitive skill of reading her lips to go along with her question. She'd state at him shyly, fidgeting with her dress before asking the question again, "May I sit here?" the woman inquired, pointing towards the seat next to his feet's resting spot. "Huh!?" Jackal inquired scowling. Clearing her throat and speaking a bit louder but still very politely, "I was asking... if... you wouldn't mind me sitting here!?" she exclaimed, trying her hardest to speak louder but not yell at the same time. Retracting his feet and plopping them onto the ground, "Sure. Knock yourself out." Jackal said, coldly.

The already awkward energy amplified, as now Jackal who was already the talk among the cabins, had now for sure became the star. It could've been a combination of things, it could've been that he was a Mink Tribesman. Sitting at around 3'1, with a standing height of 5'5, the man's tail that was so uncomfortably stuck under his coat, his pointing ears and blackened hands, generally was enough to scare off the average racist, why would she put herself in the eye of it? The second factor could've been the woman's beauty, her bronze skin shone like a coin would once shined with wax and placed into the glimmering sun rays would. She was of petite figure, standing at about 5'1 in height, sitting at around 2'9 and with long midnight hair cutting below her waist, which now bundled in the seat. "Umm..." the woman uttered, staring in Jackal's direction. "Well... No use wearing this robe now." Jackal said, standing up to remove the brown robe off his body. Tossing the robe onto the floor in the seating compartment, he'd plop back into the seat, propping back his feet into the chair directly in front of him. "So. To what do I have the pleasure of your company Miss?" Jackal asked, turning his head towards the woman once again.

"I.. just don't think it's fair. You've done nothing to these people... yet they look at you like this monster." the woman mustered up the courage to finally say, clutching onto her dress almost in frustration. "Look Lady... I'm not a charity case. You don't need to worry about me." Jackal said, leaning diagonally towards the woman's direction. "Trust me. The feeling is mutual. I hate humans too." Jackal said, pointing to his now bare chest that was exposed under his blue sleeveless jacket.  A blue garb wrapped around his waist, secured by a large knot with hanging edges on the front and split in two tails on the back, each adorned by a series of dark rectangles near their lower edges resting beneath his bottom. "Liar." the woman responded almost immediately. "Eh?" Jackal responded almost shocked. "If you hated me... Then we wouldn't be talking now, would we?" the woman said smiling brightly. Extending her hand towards Jackal's direction, as to motion for a handshake, "My name is Annabella." Anna said, softening the muscles in her face to smile as genuinely as she could. Slapping the woman's hand away, "My name's Helios... Jackal." Jackal said with the coldest expression possible.

At that moment the Sea Train docked in the port of The Sandy Island. Immediately hopping up from his seat, picking up his robe once again and draping it over his clothing, the man crossed in front of the woman, without saying another word, heading toward's the trains exit. "Wait!" Anna shouted. Jackal had managed to make it to the train's exit, a few inches before he could step out into the Desert Sun, he'd pause. "What is your purpose on Alabasta?" Anna inquired. Smiling for the first time during the trip, "I hold things but I don’t have any hands. I’m often buried but I’m not a coffin" Jackal stated. Stepping off one foot outside the train, "I’m marked on a map but I’m not a road. I usually belong to a pirate but I’m not a parrot. I contain gold but I’m not a leprechaun’s pot." Jackal concluded. "What am I?" Jackal waved at the woman, exiting the train. By the station, tons of citizens awaiting family members congregated by the train's exit's, proving the perfect folio for the book that was Jackal's disappearance act. Running off the train, trying to find the man among the sea of brown robes, a platoon of about five men cleared a path from the East of the Crowd. Each man wore the traditional Alabasta Soldier's attire, a plain leather knitted armour plate, light but durable for the desert sun, a spear about twenty-five inches in length, and snakeskin boots for sandy travels. "Treasure..." Anna murmured to herself. "Princess Annabella!" the guard shouted, approaching the train's entrance. Bowing onto their knees at the woman's arrival. "Your sister has sent us to collect you. We must assure you arrive at the Kingdom safely." the guard continued.

Tailing behind the woman, a large man about ten foot in height would lift up the princess by his collar, strapping her over his shoulder, as she wiggled in frustration. "Big Brother! Put me down!" Annabella shouted. Stepping off the train obtaining his maximum height, "No. It's punishment from running away from the cabin. The guards were worried sick. I'll have Big Sister scold you once we get to the Castle. After all... I'm interested to see the man she married. This should be interesting feast indeed. And by the way... We ain't Royalty. So stop calling us Prince and Princess every time we visit. My sister's the Royalty now... Not us." Jin said, grinning. "That man's Jin... 'The Bull'... I heard he's a famous Bounty Hunter in this area." the crowd murmured. Standing at the back of the crowd on looking the whole scene, Jackal simply smiled while fading off into the station's walls.

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3 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:03 pm

Talibah looked into the full body mirror that was in the north eastern part of his room, looking to make sure he had dressed himself properly. Usually he would of had his servants dress him like normal, but today was a special day, as it was a celebration of his marriage. Talibah couldn't allow anything beside his own personal touch to his apparel, it would be unfair to his wife if he didn't. Giving himself a look over once more, Talibah would take in what he had chosen to wear today. He was wearing his usually standard outfit, consisting of his white silken cloak that went down to just above his ankles. On each of his ears he wore two finely made golden earrings, and instead of his usual shoulder jewelry that held multiple sapphires, he instead wore a simple golden ring that did little besides hold his cloak on, the clasps being a golden Ankh. Besides this he also wore a black sliken shirt that went around from his neck just below the chin, going around his shoulders before going all the way down his arms until they gloved his hands. Around his forearms were to arm guards made of gold inlaid with Lapis Lazuli that went from his elbow to his wrist, not impairing their movement of course. Around Talibah's mid section he had two rings that braced his stomach area in a firm grasp, yet allowed him ease of movement and breath. Talibah's pants were his normal long baggy brown silk with slits in the fore legs. Around Talibah's waist he wore the golden ornaments that have no functionality besides making him look better. Going down the center of his pants below his pelvis is a white cloak that stops just above his ankles.

Talibah looked at himself and knew everything was in place and just the way he liked it. Laughing to himself of how absurd he was being. Here he was standing in front of a full body mirror, having just put on almost everything he wore everyday, yet at the same time taking care to make everything perfect. He simply had to laugh all the harder. Shrugging his shoulders to adjust his cloak a bit, knowing that it was about time he went and saw his wife. Hopefully she would be ready by now, Talibah knew no fury like his Wife when he tried to look at her before she was ready. She even took extreme measures such as to taking over a spare bedroom just for occasions just as this. It made him laugh all the harder.

Walking towards the door, Talibah would take up his crook that still leaned against his couch, not stopping as he simply took it up as he continued walking. Twirling it in his hand to adjust to its weight again, Talibah would stamp it on the ground before throwing his door open. Outside of his door were two guards, one on either side of it, as well as three guards scattered along the hallway to cover all angles. Talibah would take them all in a smirk, as the guards didn't drop their serious expression even in the face of the light hearted Talibah. Sighing in disappointment, Talibah would once more take up his smile as he clapped the one to his left on the shoulder. "Come on now! Dropped the serious expression for today! Its my marriage anniversary! Today is a day to be happy! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Talibah would break off into a laugh as the guard he clapped on the shoulder smiled as well, Talibah's laughing being infectious. All of the guards would crack a smile as they had to hold back a laugh, else they be swept up in Talibah's mood.

"Lets go an see my wife now, shall we?" Talibah would say with an ear to ear grin, as he was in such a good mood and why shouldn't he be? His marriage anniversary only happened once a year, and its celebration was second only to his wife's birthday. Talibah spent all the funds he was given on each of them, and he wouldn't take his choice back for anything in the world. Just like he wouldn't take back marrying his wife.

Talibah would lead the way as his guards each took up positions to his left and right, as well as back left, center, and right.  To they were keeping a look out, looking for anything that could pose a threat to his health or safety. Talibah for all that the guards were cautious for, seemed to not even notice anything. Rather he simply marched down the hallway as if he owned the place, and to an extent he actually did. Many people would assume that as the third prince Talibah hardly had anything to actually do with the palace, as his claim to the throne was hardly the highest. What they didn't know however, is that Talibah took the time to get to know every servant that worked in the palace, from the advisers to the lowly cleaning maids, Talibah knew them all by name. Talibah had a nickname, one he hadn't even meant to earn, 'The Prince of the People'. While many would take this to mean that he did more for the people then the king did, it was hardly true. It was just that when the people of Alabasta think of the royal family, Talibah is the first that comes to mind. Talibah has gone down to socialize with the commoners more then most of the kings people could remember, mainly due to the fact Talibah spent many a day down playing in the nearby river with other children, and thus met their parents, and then everything spiraled from there. If Talibah took a walk down through the market he would no doubt know most of the people he met. While he couldn't name anyone, as that was practically impossible to know everyone, he would know more then a few people.

Talibah soon arrived at the door to his wife's room, as it was only a hall over. Talibah stood outside the door for only a moment before he knocked on it with his crook, making a hefty knocking sound. Talibah wouldn't have to wait long as a voice that could give velvet a run for its money from how soothing it was spoke. "Enter" A female voice would say. Opening the door with his left hand, as his right still held his crook, he would throw it open with a flourish of his cloak he would enter. Sitting on the opposite side of the room with her back to him, sat his wife, Nefertiti Aziza Nefertari, the women who stole his heart upon for glimpsing her. Her smooth dark hair going down in between her shoulder blades as she brushed the right side of her hair, getting the last few knots out of it before she stood and turned to look at him. Nefertiti's skin was lightly tanned, yet none could dispute her Alabastian heritage from looking at her. Her eyes were the color of a light chocolate, that only added to her beauty. Her small petite body looking ever more lovely each time he beheld her. In her hair she wore a pink lily headdress, her favorite which soon became his, that were being held in place by white silk that was woven into her hair which made her look divine. She would a simple white silken dress that left her shoulders bare. Around her waist was an ornate black sash, that did well to compliment her hair and contrast off her dress. Around each wrist she wore a golden bracelet, two on her right hand as one of the bracelets was her wedding band that she almost never took off besides when she bathed and slept and around her neck a simple golden necklace that he had also given to her on their wedding day. She wore simple yet fashionable sandles on her feet that bared her toes and ankles.

Talibah quickly crossed over to her, not taking even a simple hesitant step as he took Nefertiti in, looking her over with passion that he never showed to almost anything. Crossing the last of the thresh hold that seperated them, he would sweep Nefertiti off her feet before twirling her in a circle. They both laughed as they embraced each other, neither willing to trade this moment for anything in the world. She would reach up with her left hand where she held another lily, one he didn't realize she had held, which she deposited in the right side of his hair. They would just stand their, hugging each other, neither wanting to break the silence. The guards who were left at the door each had a smile, as they could understand young love and how beautiful it was. Giving the two some room, they would close the door silently as they took up posts outside the door.

However the silence would be broken by Talibah, as he just couldn't wait any longer. "Are you ready for the feast tonight?" Talibah would ask her, snuggling her close. He simply couldn't wait to show her off to his brothers and friends, he did it as teasing, least he be mistaken. He would never objectify his wife, else suffer her wrath himself, which thinking of made him snicker. "Of course im ready. It only took my all day to get ready." Nefertiti would say teasingly before laughing, as Talibah would snicker before laughing out loud himself. "Well its a good thing I came and got you, you might of gone all night getting ready without realizing the time." Talibah would say teasingly back as they both laughed again. Setting her down, the height difference between the two was almost staggering, Talibah at 6'5 towered over Nefertiti who was only 5'3. They would look lovingly at each other, before Talibah would laugh. "Ah, how I can never get enough of you, my goddess." He would say to Nefertiti. Nefertiti would only roll her eyes in mock exasperation before laughing as well. After calming down she would look up at him before saying "You aren't done getting ready either. Come sit down over here." Nefertiti would take Talibah's hand and sit him down at her vanity table, where he would sit with a smile on his face. Taking the lily out of his hair, she would sit it down on the vanity table. Opening a drawer, she would take out a small circular case, hardly bigger then her palm. She would open it and put two fingers inside of it before rubbing it over her palms and fingers. Rubbing the two hands together, she would run it through Talibah's hair, to the points where most if not all of his hair was slicked back where it would stay, as Nefertiti had used hair gel to keep it there. The result is all of his hair and bangs being out of his face, revealing his third eye with the Eye of Horus that was tattooed around it. It was a good look Talibah had to admit. Laughing aloud once again, he would look to Nefertiti who was getting rid of the remaining gel on her hands with a cloth. Taking her hand, he would speak. "Shall we go?". Nefertiti wouldn't respond, except by smiling lovingly at him as they both walked towards the door, and out towards the feast that was awaiting both of them.

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4 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:55 pm

The warm, salty waves of crystal-clear H2O slapped violently against the side of the sizeable vessel gently docking along the side of large wooden walkway. As soon as the ship had come to a halt, several large scruffy men made their way onto the docks, hustling their grimy asses down to various wooden posts, all toting coils of rope as thick as their beards in their tree trunk-like arms. They began tying their ship down while the rest of the men aboard, all of varying sizes, began shifting crates around and doing performing their usual docking routine. The afternoon sun was unforgiving, punishing each and every member of this rag-tag crew with vibrant rays of sunlight that left them soaked in their own bodily fluids. Within minutes, their matted hair and foul pit stains just added to the unappealing demeanor these vagabonds carried about them.

Everyone except one man. One young man stationed atop the fifteen-foot crows nest high above the rest of them. He was far from sweating his balls off, in fact he looked pristine. The weather seemed to have no effect on him, as evident by the soft smile spreading across his lips like warm butter. His golden hues stretched his vision as far as possible, eyeing each and every landmark he could see. Long, flowing acorn-brown locks blanketed the back of his neck, draping ever so elegantly across his shoulder. The red tips popped against his darker clothing which obviously did not do him any favors in this type of climate. Even still, attracting heat like the very surface of the water, he wore a toasty grin.

“Oi!” One of the men called out, placing both of his hands around the edges of his lips to act as a makeshift megaphone. His voice rang out above all else, the very sound of his raspy tone causing Percy’s ears to twitch. He hooked his fingers around the wooden edge of the elevated nest, peering down at the bedraggled buccaneer. “We’re ‘ere, Pertoy.”

At the mention of his clearly-mispronounced name, Percy simply squinted. Nevertheless, he leaned against the wooden rim before swiftly kicking off of the floorboards, launching himself into the air. With the grace of a cat, Percival Godfrey landed on his feet right in front of the man, his coat flapping majestically behind him as he made his descent. He stood straight, rolling both of his shoulders back to elicit a loud pop from each one before turning to man.

“Thanks, man. I appreciate the lift.” Percy offered a simple nod in the pugilist’s direction.

“Aye, not a problem lad. After all, ye’ did help me clear the rat livin’ in me beard.” With a toothless grin, the man stroked his lustrous face-mane, gently wrapping his fingers around his face and pulling the hair down into a sharp point. The chuckle that followed accompanied by a fist on his chunky hip gave off the impression that he was a little too proud of their previous debacle, having to wrestle with the giant rodent living in his beard.

“Anytime, brother. Just make sure to clean it more than once a year, yeah?”

Taking his leave, Percy slapped the palm of his hand against the man’s shoulder before waltzing off down the dock. Waving him off, the crewman burst into a fit of laughter and called after the young Godfrey. “Ayeayeayeayeh! No promises, youngin’!”

Strolling through the hustling and bustling streets of the island’s resident port town, Percy could tell he had come to the right place. The town seemed to be filled with a plethora of shipwrights and foremen, or at least a bunch of people who looked like they were in the business. Most of them carried tool belts on their persons that at least aided Percy’s assumptions. Many shops and inns lined the large walkway along the docks. Tons of people, most of which Percy assumed to be citizens and/or workers, traveled to and fro in a rather hurried manner. A puzzled look crossed the man’s face as people frantically scurried about from shop-to-shop, some even clumsily dropping their purchases as they scampered about. One older woman in particular had caught Percy’s eyes, mainly because she was closest to him.

Dropping one of the baskets filled to the brim with fresh breads and a few fruits, Percy being the gentlemen he was, had ceased his hunt to assist in picking her lovely goodies up.

“Here ya’ are, ma’am.” He spoke softly, holding a half-loaf of bread out to the woman just as she was brushing the sand off an apple. She displayed a smile as sweet as the heavens before grabbing the loaf and placing it back in her basket.

“Thank you so much, dear.” Her features softened as she warmed the young man’s heart with a smile before attempting to go on her way. However, Percy stopped her with a question.

“Excuse me, sorry to keep you. It seems like everyone is going wild here. What’s the occasion?” Percy inquired, stealing a glance at the increasingly frantic individuals around.

“Oh, deary. You don’t know? The Prince is holding a festival for his anniversary with the Princess! Everyone is trying to gather their supplies and goodies in preparation.”

The young man nodded before turning his head towards the docks where even the shipwrights and crewmen had an extra pep to their step. He lifted an index finger, pointing in their direction. “What about them? They’re even allowing those guys to show up?” Percy didn’t mean any harm by his words, however it wasn’t typical of royalty to allow such people a place during times of celebration, especially this raggedy-ass group of men and women.

“Well, yes. Don’t you know? Garin Windrunner is going to be there. They’re holding their own little show and tell, if you will! He’s accepting new workers into his company. They are all hoping to show off their skills and nab a spot on the Windrunner itself!”

For a little old woman, she seemed to know a bit too much about the entire thing and emphasized it with a little too much enthusiasm, which didn’t fall on deaf ears with Percy. Raising a brow, he pressed the issue.

“How do you know about all of this? No offense miss, but you don’t really look like the carpentry-type yourself…”

Placing the tips of her fingers over her lips to stifle a chuckle, she nodded in the direction of one of the men on the docks. A rotund man sporting a lovely grey beard and a colorful bandana, keeping his mangey locks cascading down the length of his back. “Oh no, honey. I’m definitely not. My husband is a shipwright! It’s been his dream for a while to be apart of the Windrunner company. Hopefully tonight is the night his wishes come true!”

Percy tightened his lips and leaned forward to assure the woman with a pat on the shoulder. “Well, I don’t want to keep you. It’s been a pleasure, miss. Thank you for the info. Best of luck to your husband, I do hope he snatches one of those slots. You take care now.” A closed-lipped smile and a nonchalant bow to the woman as she went by was Percy’s form of a respectful goodbye, which seemed to be working for him so far. Funny enough, the woman had helped him out more than she could ever know.

The entire reason he was on this sand-blasted island in the first place was to find Garin Windrunner and hopefully prove himself to the illustrious shipwright, thereby claiming himself a spot in the Windrunner company. He was planning on meeting him here, right off the boat. Everyone so far had informed him that the company would be here, however things never worked out as you planned. Percy was used to that. A life of traveling the seas wasn’t an easy one. On the bright side, he was about to attend a feast with, presumably, some of the best food around seeing as it was being produced for royalty. He hadn’t had food made for nobility since his time on Drum Island with his former family, the Godfreys.

Only thing to do now was to find himself a ride to wherever the hell this shindig was taking place, and much like a god taking mercy on his disciple and shedding him a light of convenience, Percy found his method of transportation. Nearing the outskirts of the port town, along one of the roads leading out into the remorseless sands that scorched even the heartiest of individuals was a large caravan. Several carts lined up along the edge, each equipped with their own pair of camels, a “driver”, a few passengers, and sacks of various grains and goodies from the shops and marketplaces in town strapped to the back.

As Percy approached the carts, he heard one of the drivers call out: “Hurry it up! We’ve got two hours before the festival preparations!” He motioned towards a duo of men carrying two sacks of rice between them.

Percy bounced towards the yelling man and lightly tapped him on the shoulder, startling him in a way that made him draw his fists, however he lowered his guard once he witnessed Percy’s innocent smile.

“Excuse me, you’re heading towards the festival, right? Mind if I tag along?” Percy asked, crossing his toes in hopes that the man would say yes. A silent pause drifted across the dry air between them as the man glanced back at the bags of flour and rice laced onto the back of his cart.

“Sure, if ya’ help us unload this shit when we get there.”

“Done deal!” Percy exclaimed, bunny-hopping his way onto the back of the cart. He situated himself atop the large sacks of goodies, positioning himself conveniently under the large white tarp, away from the searing heat.

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5 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:48 am

Wandering from the station into the busy streets of Nanohana, Jackal, covered in his brown cloak, merged into the crowd, trying to find a nearby bar with a Den Den Mushi he could borrow. As he walked through the street's first district, for miles, he see plain white buildings, each crafted with a variety of onion bulb rooftops and a large clocktower loomed in the distance. Slipping into the back alleys, he'd eventually wonder to the part of town that wasn't so lively and filled with merchants trying to hackle him on products' he'd never use again. The stench of perfume coming from the former main road's North direction, which he was moments ago traversing, alerted Jackal's canine nose to what was to come and he'd have none of it. Anyway, after a few minutes, he'd managed to find the less busier streets, and a slew of pubs trailing down in a line. Stepping out from the alley into the minor street, Jackal continued to walk East for about ten minutes or so, until he stumbled upon a bar by the name of 'Sandy Cove'. From the outside, peering through the window, he could see a Den Den sitting in the corner of the shop, and it was dead with activity, only the bartender was present, as it was her own establishment. Removing his hood, he'd sit at the left corner of the bar, closest to the window of the 2,000 Square Foot building, attempting to drag the Den Den Mushi to the right of him, across the counter to be immediately in front of him. The transponder's motion was brought to an abrupt halt as the owner, Sandy, slammed her hand on the snail, not with enough force to crush it, but with enough force to stop the Minkman's humble attempt. "Paying customers only." Sandy stated bluntly, with a force smile on her face. Sandy wasn't the prettiest of women, to be fair, she was built like an ox, with a face only a mother could love. It wasn't that she wasn't attractive, if your into a woman of an older wine stock but she'd been hardened by her days running a bar where a bunch of miscreants from across the world would gather.

"What do you have then on the menu?" Jackal inquired, retracting his hand from the Den Den, exposing the asphalt darkened fur on his hands from the family line's trademark trait, given to him through pure genetics. "Chicken Soup." Sandy exclaimed. Almost vomiting in his mouth a little bit, and outwardly showing his disgust in facial expressions, "I don't eat meat. Got any fish or milk?" Jackal inquired. "One Brazen Fish and a jug of milk coming up." Sandy exclaimed in glee, lifting her hands off the Den Den. Scuttling off into the kitchen, Jackal would exclaimed a sigh, reaching for the transponder once again, this time, in much success. Dialling the number manually along the Den Den Snail, he'd place the two-part transponder to his ear, resting the other just close enough to pick up his voice via the transmitter. 'Puru... Puru... Puru...' the Den Den Mushi rung, until eventually, a 'Clank!' noise was heard. The Snail took on the features of a woman with a cigarette in her mouth and a large puffy afro. "Hello. Tally's Information Hub. How may I help you?" the voice on the other end of the line would chime in. "It's been awhile Tally." Jackal responded. "Well... If it isn't the Jackal Bandit. What do I owe this call today towards?" Tally inquired. "I'm about to go on another job and I need some intel." Jackal retorted, his eyes firmly locked onto the backroom that Sandy had went into for preparation of Helios's order. The less people that heard the conversation the better, he'd also had his ears primed by the window if any other personages would approach from the street, he'd been able to pick up on subtle distinct noises, such as footsteps for about a meter or so, using him as the epicentre for the radius.

"Ah... Well you still owe me from the last gig. After all, if it wasn't for me, you'd be probably road kill at the bottom of Gin's boots." Tally said, twirling around in her messy woollen hair. "I have your cut for that job stashed. I just don't have time to make it to Baltigo." Jackal responded. "Just a reminder. That's the whole point of me being a Broker. I do the dirty work as your third party into a cesspool of information." Tally continued. "I'll trade you. Where's your current location? Answer me that and I'll give you 25% commission rate for whatever information your trying to get." Tally said, smirking as she clutched the phone closer to her ear, biting on her bottom lip gingerly. "Alabasta. It's this the port city called Nanohana." Jackal responded with no hesitation. "Wow that was quick. Not even going to ask me why I wanted to know where you are?" Tally responded. "I figure your going to sell my location to Gin. Anything for money, right?" Jackal retorted, swishing back and forth on the stool's smooth seating. "How rude. What do you want to know?" Tally inquired, dodging the man's statement. "Tell me more about Alabasta. I need a new mark in town. If I'm going to do this pirate thing, a boat would be a good start. I'll need some change for that." Jackal responded. "Sandy Island... Alabasta... Port City... Alubarna... You mean Nanohana? You said Port City Right?" Tally exclaimed, flicking through her Log Book. "Ah. Nanohana is a rich city filled with exotic perfumes, delicacies and nobles. However the Capital City is Alubarna. Among the upper hierarchy, is obviously the King but what's more interesting is the Three Princes of Alabasta. I think the youngest one is married and is having a big feast... Today actually for their anniversary. It's in the said Captial." Tally informed. Wiggling his ears slightly in excitement, as he'd usually do when a plan started brewing, "Prince huh? A feast. That means security will be on an all time high depending on the venue." Jackal responded. "Of course. Most Royal Parties are held in the Palace's Garden to the front of the estate. Since it's a family occasion, Alabasta's Top Two Royal Advisors and full time guards are amping up the security as the Prince has had threats on his life." Tally said. "Death Threats... Security... Feast..." Jackal murmured to himself. After few moments of silence, "Thanks a lot Tally!" Jackal exclaimed hanging up the phone. "I think I've found my next hit. I need to do some recon first. First, I need to find a way to Alubarna." Jackal murmured to himself.

"So rude... He hung up. There he goes again!" Tally exclaimed. Quickly dialling another series of numbers, Tally connected to a whole new conversation. "He's on Alabasta. That'll be 5,000,000 Million." Tally said abruptly. "Ha... Sandy Island huh? Alright... I'll be there within the week. I need that treasure he stole. Every last beli." the voice on the other line stated agitated. "Do whatever you want. Just make sure to have my cuts in order, Gin." Tally concluded. "For sure." Gin said in the most stern of tones.

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Talibah walked through the hallways of the Palace, holding the hand of his Beloved wife, Nefertiti. The two of them had just exited the room Nefertiti took to get her self ready for the festivities. The guards had taken up their positions behind and to the sides of them while the two walked, seemingly forgotten the guards were there. Talibah and Nefertiti would walk in silence, already having said what they both had wanted to say. Of course this could be seen as a problem in their marriage, the two of them not talking a lot while laone could give off the idea the two of them do not understand each other. However this was incredibly false. The truth of the matter was they could practically communicate just by being in each other's presence. It was rather odd Talibah admitted, being able to speak without talking was something he had thought strange, when he did think of it anyway. "You know your elder brother came to talk to me an hour before you came." Nefertiti would say casually.

The windows they were currently passing revealing the preparations that were still happening down below, the city practically lit a flame with how many lights were out. Stopping for a moment so the both of them could look out the wide window to the people below. A normal person wouldn't be able to see much of what was happening beyond a large grouping of lighting and people from where Talibah and his wife were standing without assistance, however since Talibah was a three eye he could see it easier. One congregation of people were setting up tables, as well as putting food on said tables. Probably a feast for the masses, as Talibah did indeed wish to happen. After all, why should the nobility only be allowed to enjoy the benefits of his Anniversary. Another congregation was setting up some sort of giant field, probably some sort of game Talibah couldn't place off the top of his head, but it peaked his interest none the less... He would have to investigate it. All around the city similar things were happening, where people were comming together to finish seting up some big exhibit, wither it involving food, games, or just something fun, everyone was obviously very excited for the night when everything would kick off. The excitement in the air being thick enough to cut with a knife.

"Oh? What could he have wanted? Surely it must of been to complement you on your choice of choosing me as your husband." Talibah would jest with a smile on his face that was close to breaking into grin, snickering at his own joke. Talibah already knew where this was heading, he would have to be blind not to see that much. Nefertiti couldn't help the smile the broke out onto her face, but she suppressed it for the moment, as what she had to say was important and no laughing matter. "It was about getting you to not go through with the anniversary." Nefertiti would say seriously, before turning to look up at Talibah. "He was worried that you are going to be attacked or killed...I'm worried Talibah." Nefertiti would grasp Talibah's hand tighter, as if she if she didn't keep a hold on him he would float away. Talibah would look down at the town, his face softening as his usually light headed eyes and smile took on a sad demeanor. Talibah woulds stand there for a moment before turning to face Nefertiti, his demeanor back to normal. "Nefertiti, No one is going to attack me, no one who wishes malicious intent shall lay a hand upon me." Talibah would speak with absolute conviction, like what he had just said was common sense, not doubted his words for even a moment. Talibah's face would break into an ear to ear grin as he looked down at Nefertiti. Nefertiti herself was aware of how... Prideful... Talibah could be, even being the cause of it at one point or another. But even she was surprised by how convinced of this Talibah was. Sighing before shaking her head in exasperation and at the ridiculousness that was Talibah. "Honestly, where does all of that surety come from." Nefertiti would say, face palming. Talibah would just laugh, finding the situation fairly funny, enough to make him laugh. "Well we have a feast to attend, we better not keep them waiting." Talibah would say between his laughs as he slowly calmed down before leading his Wife away towards the feast.[/color]

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“Well, I’m sorry to say that it looks like he has the melanchata virus.”

Hmmph. Anyone could have picked up those symptoms a week ago. The blood red splotches on the underside of the patient's tongue were as clear as day.

Gil didn’t know how humans could tolerate such inaptitude in their medical professionals. Incompetence to this level shown in the temple would be seen as a direct affront to the sea itself. He had noticed that the head professional was usually the man with the most experience and loudest voice (the loud voice seemed to be a rather useful trait, essential for asserting your own opinions over those of your colleagues). The fishman guessed that this behaviour was due to the inordinate gravity that was given to so called ‘experts’. A conformity to authority that could turn out to be rather dangerous in medicine should no one be willing to challenge this authority for the sake of the patient. After all, a student wasn’t going to jeopardise their prospects by showing up their higher ups, were they? This was one of many dynamics that Gilbard had a problem with. An innate selfishness built into society, which had consequences even for a profession that dealt with caring for sick people. He may come from an isolated religious sect from the bottom of a deep water trench, but this surface world sure was a strange place by comparison.

“There’s nothing we can do for him other than make him comfortable. All we can do is pray and hope that he has enough strength to pull through.” Gil sighed at the spiel, watching the doctor and his assistants shuttle the blubbering visitors out of the room. His dark black eyes lingered on the door. His hand patted the spear pistol hidden in the side of his coat for assurance. He would prefer to wait until midnight, but the man didn’t have much time left. He slunk out of the storeroom that he had been hiding in, making his way over to the door to check that he would have some privacy. Yes, he may not have been exactly a welcome guest in the royal palace clinic, but he was by far the most competent doctor there. Kappa had been hiding out here for a few weeks. Sleeping in the rafters by day and coming out at night to study medicine and treat the patients. He had figured this would be the best place learn from on Sandy Island since he assumed the royalty would have access to the best doctors. For the most part it had been a bore, but he had picked up a few things here and there, if not of medicine then of social cues and the art of interacting with people. Of course, he learned what he could from afar. Gil doubted that the guard would take kindly to the intrusion of one mysterious green scaly boi.

But his time here would probably be up soon, he had decided to move on once his patients here had gotten better. The fishman did see them as his patients, and cared for their well being, even if most hadn't even seen him. Those that had, he had persuaded to keep quiet while he worked. After making sure that he would be safe, he walked over to the man with the viral infection. Thankfully the man was too weak and delirious to be conscious enough to notice what was going to happen to him next, otherwise he would probably protest. You see, most doctors had this thing called ‘ethics’ which they stood by. Gilbard Noam on the other hand, had no use for such limiting boundaries.

The fishman parted the man’s legs wide, pulled down the man’s pants and rolled up his own sleeve. Then he would pull little wriggling worm out of his own mouth like a string of spaghetti. The worm was a deep sea creature that released bacteria in its waste that were capable of curing people with melanchata virus. By implanting the worm in his intestines, the worm would slowly administer the medicine for a couple of weeks before reaching the end of its life cycle and being passed. It was much like living pill, a wondrous treatment if you could find it. This is what Gil had spent the last week trying to find on the ocean floor around Sandy Island ever since he had noticed the symptoms of the virus. With one swift movement, he would insert the worm deep into the sick man’s rectum. One should never shy away from getting their hands dirty when work needed to be done, after all.

equipment: spear pistol

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The ride to Alubarna was a short yet treacherous journey. Having come across a few bandit groups and giant crocodiles, the trip was a lot more than any of them could have bargained for. Fortunately the few men traveling behind them upon their own camel mounts were equipped well enough to deal with the meager threats, allowing Percy to kick back on those oh-so-soft rice bags and enjoy life. Well, enjoy it as much as he could with the blazing heat and having to stop every three minutes to deal with whatever inconvenience that stepped in their way, halting their progress. However, they were just that. Inconveniences. The caravan had made it to Alubarna in a matter of hours, only arriving an hour or two off schedule due to the obstacles that presented themselves.

A few of the women riding in the front of the cart had to reach back and tap Percy on the shoulder, jolting the young pirate awake and causing him to nearly fall from his grainy perch. “Look alive,” She spoke softly, trying her best to stifle a giggle. “We’re in Alubarna.”

This brought a grin to the Godfrey’s face as he sat up, rolling his neck from side-to-side. His golden hues surveyed the land around them eyeing every stall and citizen that passed them by on their journey through the capital city. Surprisingly enough, as soon as they had entered the city, Percy had forgotten all about the glaring heat. You’d think that due to the mass crowds and centerpoint of the city on the island, this is where the heat would be unimaginable.

“This is nice. I’ve only ever heard stories and seen pictures of this place. I have never actually been here myself.” Percy mused, bringing his knees into his chest and wrapping both of his arms around them to keep them secure. He gently bit the inside of his cheek, his head on a swivel. He had to admit, he was a little nervous. Just the magnitude of the event had brought about people of all ages, all sizes, all.. Everything. There was just a shit ton of different people here. It was amazing, too. Everyone seemed to be laughing and enjoying themselves, preparing for the festivities to come. Back where he lived, the only formal celebrations or festivals they had involved heated cooking battles with lots of screaming and fighting. This was a nice change of pace.

“Nervous to meet him, huh?” The young brunette upfront offered Percy a smile as sweet as syrup. A puzzled look was all she was given in return, prompting her to finally release that pent up chuckle. “Garin Windrunner. I overheard you talking with that woman back in Nanohana.. You’re here to meet him, right?” She inquired, though her tone let Percy know that she already knew his answer.

“Yeah, I’m here to see him. Maybe score a job, y’know? I’ve heard a lot of great things about him. He owns one of the best shipwright companies on the Grand Line to date. They say his crew is like one big family.”

Percy’s features softened at the mention of that word, causing him to stare longingly into the distance. If it wasn’t obvious enough, the dip in his tone was quite the punch in the face. The young woman placed her hand upon Percy’s forearm as a way to comfort him, though her constant smiles and touchy-demeanor told him otherwise. There was also a certain glow to a woman’s cheeks that intense heat couldn’t affect.

“I think you’ll be just fine. That’s why Garin is here in the first place, to recruit new members for his company. Just show him you’re interested.. Display a little skill, and you’ll be on your way! Though hopefully not too soon..”

The blush to her cheeks intensified, causing Percy to nervously laugh it off. He wasn’t quite sure how to keep the conversation going after that last bit. However, just as he was about to open his mouth to say something probably completely stupid, he was saved by the bell. Or, well, the gate. The carts had come to a stop right before what seemed like large white and gold gates that stretched for as far as the eyes could see on either side. Up front, Percy could see several men garbed in formal military attire going from cart-to-cart with clipboards and papers in their hands. They kept flipping through the pages, nodding each person off as they went down the line.

When they finally reached Percy’s cart, they asked for the driver’s name, promptly checking him off the list. They moved down to little miss blush and the woman beside her.

“Faith Windrunner.” She said with a point to her tone before turning and beaming a vibrant smile in Percy’s direction. The last name brought Percy’s jaw to the floor, and it was all the man needed to move on to the Godfrey himself. Percy just stared right back at her, transfixed by the fact that she was the Windrunner’s daughter. Only when the guard spoke up in a loud, commanding voice did Percy finally snap out of his trance.

“Name, sir.”

“Oh, uh… Percy- Percival, I mean. Sorry.”

The guard squinted, taking a quick glance down at the papers in his hands. “Last name?”

“Just Percival, sir.”

Percy was hit with a response he did not come prepared for.

“You’re not on the list.”

“Huh?” Was all Percy could muster up the courage to say. He hadn’t thought this far ahead as his mind had been fixed on ways to impress the head of the Windrunner company.. Until now. It was such a simple problem that could’ve easily been solved with the help of the woman sitting before him had he thought this through and come up with a plan.. But now he was pretty much fucked.

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"Alubarna is it?" Sandy said, as she exited the kitchen with Jackal's order. "Shit did she overhear me?" Jackal thought to himself, sweating lightly from the idea of being found out already. "Yeah... See, I'm a part of a travelling circus." Jackal retorted nervously. "Oh my! A Circus! We haven't had one visit in the Kingdom for awhile. Are you here for the Princes' Feast!?" Sandy exclaimed. "Shishi... Something like that... I'm a magician of sorts." Jackal said, chuckling to himself. "I specialise in acrobatics and disappearing acts." Jackal stated proudly, pointing his thumb towards his chest in a theatrical manner. In a way, Jackal wasn't lying, at least not a hundred percent, in his days on Drum, he'd been force to pick parlour tricks to keep his slavers entertained. "Oh wow! I'm suppose to be visiting the Capital with an old friend of mine. I can't wait to see your performance!" Sandy exclaimed, sliding the dish towards Jackal's direction. The smell of the smoked fish tantalised both Jackal's taste bugs and appealed to his sense of smell. Digging in, the man would gobble down the large three foot fish in a matter of seconds. Almost choking on a small bone of the Kingfish, he'd wash it all down with the pitcher of milk that Sandy had provided with the meal. Rubbing his stomach, leaning back on the bar's stool, he'd exert a burp, before digging into his pouch and tossing a few couple hundred Beli on the table. "Thanks for the grub as always Sandy!" Jackal exclaimed, hopping up from the table to exit the pub. "No problem sugar! Tell Amalia I said hello!" Sandy shouted, leaning out the pubs window waving. Exiting the pub, Jackal continued to walk the familiar street to Amalia's house, the woman he'd contracted for the journey from Nanohana to Alubarna. Jackal and Amalia had been through a lot over the past two days, taking on the Barron Bandits and nearly dying multiple times in the ordeal.

It wasn't as hot of a desert day as per usual, the humidity in the air was low and though the sun was still scorching, the desert apparel that Amalia had given him was proven to be incredibly useful. His scarf fashioned around his head as turban, his usual rockstar like bareback chest, exposing his slaver's tattoo and his baggy thrashed three quarters replaced with exquisite silk and polyester knitted patiala pants completed the full outfit, the only thing Jackal was missing were shoes, however, with his feet, that'd proven to be impossible. To be honest, Jackal wanted to find another way to Alubarna. After the incident, Amalia was honestly acting weird. Every time he'd ask her a question, she'd freeze up, and he could sense that it wasn't out of fear but the factor of not knowing why makes it just as odd as if she was afraid. Coupled with this, Jackal was terrible dealing with humans. However, he'd already paid her to do the job, and Jackal hated to know Beli would be wasted due pure bad communication. "Maybe I should just come out and ask her about it." Jackal murmured to himself as he walked towards the entrance of Amalia's tent. As soon as he'd reach his hand out to clear the blinds of the tent's entrance, a familiar incident occurred, Jackal felt his body lifted off the desert terrain, pressed agains the ground with the barrel of a shotgun staring at his face.

"Here we go again." Jackal said, sighing directly afterwards. "Look. I don't know what I did-" Jackal began to say in an annoyed manner but was cut short but Amalia's statement. "Why don't you ask me to join your crew!?" Amalia exclaimed, tears in her eyes. "Eh." Jackal retorted puzzled, with a shocked expression. "After everything we've been through... With Barron... even though we just met... I had the most fun in my whole life! When Sinbad brought up building a crew... I was sure you'd ask me... but it's been days now... All you keep asking me about is the trip to Alubarna!" Amalia shouted. Suddenly, the uneasy feeling that Jackal had been burdened with felt lighter, as his answer to Amalia was already firmly tucked away in his heart. "Shishishi..." Jackal laughed. "What's so funny Jackal!?" Amalia shouted, frustrated at the man's response. "Thank you." Jackal said smiling, shifting the barrel of the gun away from his face. "I'm a bandit. After beating Barron, I'm sure my bounty's going to go up as well. I can't take you out on the seas with me." Jackal said calmly. Amalia said sniffling, "Why can't you!?" Amalia inquired. "That's an easy answer. I'm too weak, as I am now." Jackal stated, nodding his head in approval at his rationale. "Eh." Amalia's tears faded and a blank expression filled the woman's face.

"I don't mean physically, I mean, I'm weak there too. I mean my heart. Look." Jackal said, showing his shivering hand to Amalia. "It's taking everything in my fibre to not hit you. My mind's aware your a good person... and I appreciate you dearly... but my heart's still wounded. That's what I realised after Barron. I'm still afraid- no, angry at humans. I guess I'm a bit racist in a sense. Meeting you began the change of that. However, until I can look you in your eyes and accept you as you are... not affiliated with the people who harmed me. I'll always feel uneasy around you. That's why, I'm not strong enough to be your Captain." Jackal said. Extending his hand to wipe away the woman's tears, "However, I am strong enough to be your friend. Let's meet again someday after I've seen the world." Jackal said smiling. After this, Amalia simply dropped onto the Mink's chest, feeling his shivering at her very touch, she'd understand how Jackal felt. The woman would cry for what'd feel to be hours, and as uncomfortable as this was for Jackal, he'd embrace her and laugh in his weird way, not at the woman's emotions but understanding how she felt, it was a nervous kind of laugh. With this, Jackal and Amalia finally began there journey towards Alubarna.

Walking to the Northern edge of the town, Jackal was all loaded up with several backpacks and goods that Amalia had prepared for the trip. Not all of them were for consumption, as Amalia had been planning to travel to Alubarna for additional trade months before Jackal's arrival but all of her charters were to the neighbouring cities. However, using Jackal as her personal bag boy, she'd been able to travel with much more stock than usual. Each of the bags were filled with exotic perfumes that made Jackal's sensitive nose enter into overdrive, causing the Mink to sneeze repeatedly. As they walked around the outskirts of the town to avoid main streets, due to the increased marine presence and Jackal's potential fainting from the strong chemicals in the perfumes, "This is your way of spiting me isn't it!?" Jackal exclaimed, following every three words with a sneeze. Walking ahead of Jackal, so he couldn't see her expression, "Nu-uh. Why would I ever do that?" Amalia stated, winking and sticking her tongue out playfully in the opposite direction. Within moments, they made it about twenty or so meters off of Nanohana. "Oi. If we're walking to Alubarna. You could've just let me known from the jump you know?" Jackal inquired sarcastically. "Sshhh... You'll ruin my mojo. Give me a second." Amalia responded.

Sticking her fingers into her mouth to whistle, index and thumb united to create a narrow space to force breath through, a loud sound would echo for at least thirty meters outward. For the first minutes, nothing happened, it was pretty underwhelming considering how mighty the tiny midnight haired shorty's high pitch sound was. Suddenly, a tremor could've been felt. The flattened sand that Amalia and Jackal were standing shook, causing Jackal to fall onto his buttocks. Emerging from the desert, a large mountainous figure blocked out the sun as it's giant fifty foot size encapsulated both Jackal and Amalia ten fold. Shaking it's body, the fragments of sand being blowed in the wind from the giant Crab's body, obscured Jackal's vision momentarily. Bending it's large limbs, the Crab's tilted it's body flat towards the earth, as it sunk lower and lower towards the sand, a large leather mount, about fifteen feet wide and twenty feet in height, providing a seating for at least twenty people, could've been seen strapped to Crab's massive cephalothorax and abdomen. "Alright. Our ride here! Lucky for us he was close to Nanohana. I knew I had his habitat migration timed perfectly." Amalia said grinning. "Eh." Jackal exclaimed in awe. "Our slogan is form city to city on the largest Crabs... What did you think we were travelling on?" Amalia inquired. "I thought that was just... an expression or slang... Alabasta is a deep place man." Jackal would murmur to himself. Scaling the crab towards the mount, "How long are you going to stand there Jackal!? Let's go!" Amalia said, extending her hand to help Jackal climb aboard. Grinning, Jackal would grab the woman's hand, and once the luggage was fastened, the duo began their exertion towards Alubarna.

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The masses around the capital of Alubarna were fizzling with excitement, as the moment for it all to start was coming within minutes. Everyone was looking forward to this, as such big events did not happen often. Perhaps once or twice a year or so, so when one did happen it got everyone excited no matter the reason. The fact beloved prince of Alabasta was the one hosting it was just another show of generosity to most. Though some in the palace politics might believe otherwise, But no matter what anyone believed, they all prepared for the festivities.

The palace gardens were in a buzz as well, as all the notable people on Alabasta were there. From the nobles who partook in the politics of the court, to notable craftsmen that were the best on Alabasta. Even to a marine commodore who was on Alabasta at the time and came to help guarantee the Prince's safety, the Neferatari line being from one of the original 20 countries who formed the world government. So when death threats to one of the princes started coming out, the marines simply couldn't sit on the sidelines. But aside from those notable people, the others who were attending were the Heir Apparent, the eldest prince Asim Nerfertari, The Middle Prince, Captain of the Royal Guard, Manu Nefertari, and of course, the youngest prince, called 'Prince of the People', Talibah Nerfertari. Should anyone wish to get ahead of their competitors in the politics of the Palace, now would be the absolute perfect time to do so.

Everyone was talking amongest each other, eagerly awaiting the time the youngest prince and his wife to make their appearance. Luckily for them they didn't have to wait much longer.

Talibah walked through the palace with a relaxed calm, not looking out of place if he was just going for a stroll through town. His guards on the other hand were looking more and more serious as they approached the garden. They were getting serious now, as the biggest threat to Talibah was going to be at the party more then anywhere else. Nefertiti was in and of herself nervous as well. She was scared for Talibah's safety, as he was going into an area full of people, not to mention it was very open, but on the outside she liked as calm and collected and relaxed as Talibah. Talibah was exuding nothing but absolute confidence, seemingly telling the world not to try anything while he was around.

As Talibah approached the door that led out into the garden, his two brothers were awaiting beside it talking to each other, though they did cut themselves off when Talibah came into view. His eldest brother Asim was holding a crook and frail in each hand, symbolizing him as the heir to the throne, as kings were buried with those two items and no one else. His elder brother Manu had the flail in only his right hand. Talibah spread his arms wide, looking to embrace his brothers as he walked closer, his crook in his left hand. "Brothers! Its finally time! Yet you still have such mean looks on your faces! Hahahaha!" Talibah would exclaim with a laugh, as his brothers both had serious looks upon them, like they were about to engage talks of war. "Talibah" His eldest brother would begin "This is just a final word of warning, be careful. We do not know who will be aiming for your life." Before Talibah could even reply, his eldest would turn and shove open the doors wide to show all three of them to the people in the garden.

The door that went from the palace to the garden was at the top of a large stare case, a small balcony that over looked the garden with two stairs on either side that joined after the balcony. Upon the right side of the gardens was a large table with various refreshments and foods. To the right of the table, was a large pile of finely wrapped gifts, obviously for the Prince and Wife, though they were all being inspected by guards. Everyone was mingling with someone else, obviously excited. So when the doors at the top of the stairs were flung open, everyone turned their heads to look. Asim went first. walking through the center of the small balcony before he stood at the railing. Manu went second, walking just behind and to the right of Asim. And finally Talibah walked farthest behind and to the left of Asim. When they were all three shoulder to shoulder at the balcony everyone, no one would speak as they took in the three princes. The three brothers each held a different expression as they looked down among the partying members. Asim held a cool yet neutral look on his face, looking every bit the king he would become. Manu held a serious expression and a scowl, like he was angry at something only he knew about. And finally Talibah had a look of enjoyment with an amused smirk on his face. They would stand there for a moment before Asim would cross his arms, crook pointing to the right, flail pointing to the right. Manu would cross his right hand across his chest, so the flail was pointing to the left, matching how Asim's flail looked. Talibah also crossed his left arm across his chest, angling the long staff of his crook to not get caught on anything due to its height, as his long crook looked to be in the same position as Asim's. Doing this symbolized that the twp younger princes were in full support of their elder brother, no matter the hardship. As such, everyone cheered and clapped.

Asim and Manu would turn and hand their items to two nearby guards who were holding cases for the items they held, Talibah keeping his personal Crook in hand. Manu would go to walk down the right set of stairs, not sparing Talibah a look. Asim would look to Talibah and give him a nod of consent before following Manu. The smirk on Talibah's face grew, as he wife took her spot beside him at that moment. Raising his crook and point it directly across the garden to where the way to get in was, before exclaiming loudly "Let those last few who may be stuck in the checkpoint inside! We have festivities to begin! Let none be denied the right to enjoy them! Hahahaha!" And with a laugh, Talibah would slam the butt of his crook into the floor. Turning to his wife, he would lower his face, and kiss he passionately, Nefertiti returning to the same. After this Talibah would once again turn to the crown, and yell "Let the festivities, begin in earnest!" That command of Talibah's being sent throughout Alubarna via transponder snail, as the city gave out cheers and began their own celebrations.

Servants brought Talibah and his wife two white high backed wooden chairs, along with a table. Talibah and his wife sat, Talibah setting his crook against his chair, easily within reach. The two could easily look out over the royal garden, as well as anyone that looked at them would be able to see them just as easily. Talibah motioned with a wave of his hand, and he and his wife were given goblets of wine. Turning to her, he would hold his goblet to hers and they would clink them off each others. "To a long and happy marriage." Talibah would say with a kind smile. "To a long and happy marriage." Nefertiti would reply with just as kind a smile.

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11 Re: The Prince's Anniversary [Voyage] on Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:58 pm

From the Alubarna Clock Tower, overlooking the entrance to the palace, a group of eight stayed hidden in the shadows. At the head of these thugs, a man who goes by the name of Marco Di Luca, leader of the notorious Di Luca Family on Baltigo, began using the tower as his base of operations. "It's almost time isn't it, Marco?" a blonde hair woman stated, standing at an angle towards the Tower's two-way glass, using a telescope to peer into the setup of the Palace's security. Removing a Castillo Cigar from his top suit jacket, Marco rested the cigar in his mouth, using two lighter rings on his index and middle finger, which flickered a spark when rubbed against each other, to light the bud of his cigar. Once lit, he'd take a deep pull, shoving his foot against the face of the guard he'd kicked into submission. "I can't believe Pops sent me to handle a mission. Me, of all people? I'm the most valuable player in the Di Luca family now that've became the boss." Marco complained. "It's because your a bastard." the blonde said plainly. Marco chuckled to himself, "Maybe but if I had that old man's malfunctioning seed in my genetics, I probably wouldn't be where I am now." Marco declared, releasing the cigar smoke. "It's my mother eggs that made me into this bad-boy. She had more balls than he ever will." Marco said, launching the guard's body with a scoop kick, over the barricade, to plummet several feet. "Anyway. No one knows about our arrival on Alabasta. That's what'll make this mission quick and simple. Most of our men have gained work as kitchen staff specifically for today. I'm going to pump the Royal Family full of led. Make it back to our submarine and leave." Marco said, finishing his cigar and tossing the stub to the ground. "You should ease up on the cigars. It's not good for your lungs." the Blonde Woman stated. "I know you're one of my dad's best mafioso G but if you orderer me around again, I'll blow yer' brains out." Marco responded coldly. "You don't have a gun big enough to ever 'blow' anything on me." G said grinning.

The top floor of the Clock Tower, had a several Den Den Transceivers, which acted to receive the audio from the probes placed below the Royalty's Wooden Round Tables (one of which the Three Eyed Prince and his wife sat), which all of those present were seated at. Once enough of their men had reached it into the seating area, they'd say the keywords, 'Is that all on your glorious day, Your Majesty?' Once, the glorious in the sentence was reached, G, who'd have a sniper rifle in waiting (which would be finished assembled within moments), would unload fire to the security closest to the Royalty. As long as the proceedings went as scheduled, the food service should occur after the Shipwright competition which was funded as a joint venture between Alabasta and the Windrunner Co. Using the confusion, the caterers present would drug the Wedded Prince and escape on either side of the staircase.

With all setbacks aside, Jackal and Amalia finally made it to Alubarna at a ground breaking rate. In the distance, the city's white buildings shimmered under the ever reigning sun. At this time, the Prince had already given the order to let everyone at the check-in points come through to the garden area, which made traffic at Alabasta's outer entrance extremely thin and security even more minimal. As the duo drew closer, "It seems the festivities have begun." Amalia stated. Reaching into the provisions backpack, Jackal would remove a generic brown robe, covering his head with the hood. "Shishishi... Good. The more people enjoying themselves, the easier my plan will be." Jackal thought to himself, however, his outward statement would be, "Shishishi... I can't wait to explore the city. I'll need to find myself a shipwright." Jackal stated. "Oh? Your in luck. The Throne and the famous Wind Runner Company are responsible for this feast. You'll be able to find the finest shipwrights on the ocean in one spot." Amalia responded. Finally, the Giant Crab had made it to the large staircase leading into Alubarna to the South of the City. As soon as the Fifty Foot Crab came to a stop, Jackal would leap from the mammoth crustacean's back, landing feet first into the sand. "Hot! Hot!" Jackal shouted, skipping around in the sand, as a his bare exposed dog like appendages were very sensitive to hot terrains. After a few moments of this, they'd adjust to the temperature, and Amalia came sliding down one of the Crab's legs, landing directly behind Jackal.

Whistling, the giant crab would descend back into the sand at Amalia's command, and they'd begin their venture into the city. Amalia did most of the talking to the guards at the security check, she'd state she was a merchant from Nanohana, which was covered by the merchandise packed into the several large backpacks, of which, Jackal was carrying the most of. The guards had recognised her from several other charters, so when she'd state that Jackal was her luggage handlers, not much questions to his identity were made. Jackal and Amalia walked through the Middle-Eastern styled city, as buildings of various sizes, short and tall, stood in succession along the main street's strip. Lined with merchants, hagglers and druids, it was much more lively than usual, it was as if a festival was to be had in Alubarna. The sun began to set in the backdrop of the sky, signalling for the guards placed within the city to light streetlight torches, adding to the festive feel in the air. Jackal, though moderately trying to hide his face, peered at all of the stalls to be had along the strip. Eventually, the strip would come to a fork in the road and Amalia stopped walking, tugging on the man's robe to garner his attention. Turning around to face Amalia, he'd notice a sullen look in her eyes. "I guess this is where we'll part. The palace is up ahead." Amalia stated. "I make my bread and butter in Alabasta. I could never rob from the Throne. I respect you enough to not report you to the authorities. Think of it as my thanks for helping us people of Nanohana." Amalia said, curtseying as she lifted her robe off the ground in courtesy. "Even if you did report me, I wouldn't mind. The harder the challenge the better." Jackal said grinning, in his own way trying to lighten the burden on Amalia's chest.

"I'm going to right. I have a few old friends to meet up with and some merchandise to sell." Amalia said, teary eyed. Raising his middle finger at the woman and smiling from ear to ear, "I hope we meet again." Jackal stated. Slapping away the man's disrespectful hand gesture, she'd lean in and kiss Jackal on his nose. "Me too." Amalia grinned with a childhood glee, dashing off into the crowd. Jackal would watch the woman's silhouette, as it faded into the crowd. Jackal stood staring into the distance, confused and filled with complex emotions, none of which he'd have the emotional intelligence to process right now. Taking a deep breath and shaking his head from side to side to regain focus, he'd turn from the right route, directly ahead, staring at the town's square in the distance, and then further towards the steps to the palace. "I guess it's finally time for my next job." Jackal stated grinning.

Escorted by her own guards and dressed in ceremonial robes and head wrap, Annabella, sister of the wedded princess trailed up the left staircase, accompanied by five of Alabasta's finest guards and her big brother, Jin. Jin's blood red hair was neatly trimmed around neck level, the remainder of which was fastened into a bun using several hairpins. Wearing long flowing kimono's red, black and grey scaled in nature, Jin walked readily behind his sister's majestic advance. Finally climbing to the top of the stairs, Jin, standing at about ten feet in height and muscular built, definitely intimidated most of the guards present with exception of the Royal Guard. "It's Jin The Bull!" one of the aides shouted. "He was the one who turned in Barron to the local marines. I heard if he became a pirate... His bounty would well exceed over 50,000,000 and he's a Devil Fruit eater." another aide would whisper. "He's brother to the Prince's wife... What a scary man to have in his corner." another member of the court alluded. Walking from the stairs peek towards her seated sister, Annabella would drop the pristine air about her and wrap her arms around her sister, hugging her from behind tightly, while glaring rudely at her husband. Cuddling her hair into Nefertiti's hair, absorbing her scents holy aroma, "It's been so long Big Sister." Annabella said, her words muffled by her face being busy nuzzling around in Nefertiti's hair. Annabella had to hug from the side, due to the chair's high backs, so it'd be a pretty uncomfortable hug on Nefertiti's end.

The tall man glared from behind his two sisters, staring at Talibah's direction fiercely. "Oi. Stupid Prince." Jin said, grinning playfully. "Why isn't my sister pregnant as yet!? Huh!? Yer' seed ain't working." Jin shouted at the top of his voice. Jin's fierce glare broke into a mischievous grin, "I mean... My sister's a beauty! Any man would be lucky to have her! I want nephews! Get to it!" Jin exclaimed. "Oh Gosh..." Annabella said, raising her face from the intimate embrace. "Stop Jin! Why is it you always get this way about Nefertiti!?" Annabella said, pouting her cheeks in jealousy. "It's because she was always the cuter sister." Jin said with a bland expression, teasing his sister. Annabella broke down into tears, and this whole scene was what happened when Nefertiti and her siblings got together. After being born into a poor household and losing their parents young, all they had were each other. It was an energy that anyone around couldn't help but chuckle or at least grin at, even those in the Royal Court who'd resented Talibah's marriage to a commoner, loved to see her alive among her brother and sister, it was a much different energy from the diplomatic and often times, more reserved partner to the naive Prince. Jin's face got serious momentarily, walking over and whispering into Talibah's ear. "You might want to guard your Treasure Room more intently. I met an interesting upcoming pirate in Nanohana that's known to steal from humans. Seeing as he'd definitely wouldn't know about your race. It'd be best to play it safe." Jin whispered quickly, before retracting to his normal adamant stance, avoiding his sister's gaze. Nefertiti had a way of knowing when her siblings were lying to her and Jin honestly didn't want to burden her with the information, knowing how she'd get. Jin would play it cool, whistling and looking off into the distance. Then, the Wind Runner ceremony commenced.

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Gil’s little green ears twitched at the sound of the raucous cheering coming from outside. He wondered what all the hullabaloo was about. From inside and outside the palace he could hear people partying without any discretion. He hadn’t heard of such a racket before in this place, whatever it was, it must be a big deal. How rude of them to disturb the patients that needed their rest! In his mind, there wasn’t any excuse for such bullish behaviour.

“Well this just won’t do.”

Gil snorted before withdrawing his arm from his patient’s behind and pulling his pants up. The man on the table let out a moan. See? Look how much trouble this noise is causing this poor man! Gil thought, not realising that the barely conscious complaint was most definitely in response to the disturbance to his rear end rather than anything he had heard. He would have to quell this noise at once so that his patient could return to his peaceful slumber. He decided to go himself. After all, he had administered what would be needed for his patient to recover. If he should get caught now, there would be no downside in being forced to leave the country. Going back to the storeroom where he had stashed his stuff, he slipped into his overcoat and his medical supplies and exited the clinic. He did this all without touching anything with his contaminated right hand.

His clothed feet soundlessly carried him through the great marble halls, between golden pillars and under crystal chandeliers. The hallway was rather empty for how much noise was being echoed throughout it. Peering into a room, he could see a few of the palace staff dancing and shouting with glee, looking out over the square. A massive crowd had gathered outside. Enough people to make Gil uncomfortable, for sure. In this room there were tables covered in silver platters. Food was being brought into the room and assembled here before covered by a silver lid. This looked to be the kitchen, where the catering would start from. They would probably be taking the dishes out to some dining area soon.

Just then, Gil caught a quick hand signal from one of the staff, before a male and a female dressed in the kitchen garb began walking towards the doorway where he was lurking in. Stepping back, he ducked back around the corner. He assumed that asking the cooks wouldn’t do much in the way of stopping the noise so he decided to stay hidden for now. Just outside the kitchen and away from the doorway, the two cooks began a hushed conversation.

“Is it all ready?”

“Yeah, yeah. I put the stuff you gave me in with the tea leaves. I can’t believe how easy this is. We've only been working here a week!” A muffled cackle came from around the corner.

“The job’s almost done. Don’t screw it up now.”

Treason and plot! Something fishy was going on here, and Gil knew fishy better than anyone. It would be better for his own health if he just left now. Nothing here was of his concern. Even if he did decide to do, what could he do? If he were to tell a guard what he had heard, he would be arrested. If he decided to investigate further, he would be pulled into the mix. Neither of those options appealed to him.

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“Sir, if your name is not on the list, we cannot let you enter.” The guard’s voice was stern, addressing the Godfrey with a tone that got progressively louder each time Percy persisted he be let in. Quite frankly, he was getting annoyed. Having looked over the list at least four times now, he did not see the name “Percival” anywhere on any one of the papers. His patience was running thin as well as the time.

He parted his lips once more, readying himself to straight up deny the saddened brunette before him before being completely shut down by the jovial and booming voice of the one and only: Talibah. Regarded as the “Prince of the People”, he really lived up to that moniker when he demanded that the few outside of the gates (That included Percy) be let in as the festivities were soon to begin. At the moment, he was like a ray of sunshine breaking through the overly gloomy storm clouds that were about to crash Percy’s parade. Yet again, luck was on the Godfrey’s side, and he wasn’t complaining.

With a disgruntled sigh, the guard retracted his standoffish demeanor and allowed the caravan to roll on through. He knew better than to argue with the prince, however his eyes did not leave Percy as they slowly strolled on by the gates and into the garden/courtyard of the palace. Percy responded in kind, offering the guard a smile that basically kind of said: “Sorry not sorry.” He didn’t give much of a fuck if the guard had a stick up his ass for the rest of the day because of this. He wasn’t here to interact with the prince or any form of royalty at all. If they wanted to keep an eye on him, good on them. They’d be wasting their breath.

Even with his about twenty pairs of eyes on him and his newfound arrogance, Percy couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. As the caravan came to a halt near the far western side of the courtyard, far out of everyone else's way, Percy leaned forward and whispered to Faith, “What a way to make a guest feel welcomed, huh?”

With a soft giggle, Faith responded. “Technically, you’re not a guest.”

It had taken Percy a few seconds to run that thought through his mental computer for analysis, leaving him with a blank face for Faith to gently pat. The soft contact broke Percy from his analytical trance, causing him to fire off a few oblivious blinks to shake off the cobwebs. “I guess you’re right.” He said, hopping off the back of the cart alongside Faith. They both stared off into the crowd of people before them, watching all of the grunts hustle around busting their asses to set up for what seemed like the a big ceremony.

Faith broke the silence with a slight cough before she nodded in the direction of a large stage beyond the crowd. “I suppose I better head off, gotta’ go sit with the old man..” She trailed off, blatantly adopting a new style of speech that seemed more rudimentary and closer to that of Percy’s. Percy raised a brow and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “Good luck in the competition, Percy! I know you’ll do great.” With a jolly farewell, the Windrunner bounced off into the crowd with an escort of behemoth-like men.

With her departure, it basically left Percy alone for the most part. Not like it mattered. His mind was set on knocking this shit out of the park. Trailing off on his own, Percy slowly but surely waddled his way over to the side of the giant stage. A few fancy red ropes were set up to act as barriers between the masses and what Percy could only assume were the contestants. Behind the ropes in a large boxed off area were a multitude of the men Percy had seen down at the decks of Nanohana.

“I guess I could’ve predicted they’d all be here..” Percy mused before approaching a small desk to the right of the contestant area. A man small in stature sat behind the desk. Unlike all of the grimy, smelly monkeys prancing around behind him, this gentlemen actually looked and smelled pretty nice. Before him he held a pen and a clipboard, staring down a paper that appeared to contain… Another goddamn list.

“Ehh… Is this uh-.. Where we sign up for the competition?”
Percy asked, standing on his tippy-toes to peer over at the list. The man slowly turned his gaze upwards in response, swiftly rotating the pen in between his fingers.

“Sign ups are closed, sorry.”

Percy’s heart sank. Oh well, second time’s the charm right?

“Check the list, my name might be on it.”

The man emitted a sigh that basically expressed his “I am so done with today” attitude. The expression on his face pretty much told everyone that looked in his direction that he did not want to be here today.



“Last name?”

Not again. Not a-fucking-gain. If Percy’s heart was sinking before, it was not being crushed by the overwhelming pressure of sinking so goddamn low. He really did not want to go through this again because chances were he wouldn’t get lucky just once more. So, he’d have to take matters into his own hands. Percy could read emotions fairly well. At least as good as the next guy.

With a quick glance at his surroundings and noting everyone seemed to be busy chatting it up or staring at the prince, Percy quickly snatched the pencil and clipboard from the man’s hand and wrote his name down himself. It wasn’t nice and neat like all of the other names, but it was legible. After forcefully inserting his signature onto the list, Percy gently set the utensils back down on the table and smiled. “Good?”

The man seemed like he was going to yell. He probably wanted to and would have if his energy levels and the amount of fucks he gave were anywhere near what they were supposed to be. But they weren’t. Another sigh found the man embedding his face into the palm of his hand before flicking his pen in the direction of the contestant area. Percy wasn’t about to wait around for him to change his mind, so he waltzed right on in there with the rest of them.

“Wow. That was-... Surprisingly easy.”

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Talibah had a smirk on his face as he looked down across the garden, his easy going demeanor practically filling the entire garden. He was sitting in his chair, holding his goblet by the rim he would start swirling around the wine in his goblet and taking sips every so often. Talibah looked the part of a regal prince, seemingly unconcerned with anything while at the same time looking down at everyone in his presence. But not in a bad sort of way, more like he stood on a pedestal so that everyone who looked up at him would fall into his carefree demeanor. Talibah was a monument of absolute carefree nature, more then willing to give off such a feeling for others to be swept up in. Which is what a lot of people did, they took a glimpse to look at the Prince, before relaxing when they didn't realize they weren't already relaxed.

Before Talibah and Nefertiti were some very fancy meals that were brought to them directly from the kitchen to ensure no poisoning could happen, and even if something should be slipped into the food, the food went through a poison taster to ensure nothing was there. The same happened to the wine that was being poured for the prince and his wife, the security were taking no risks in this party, the life of a Prince was at stake. of course no one was going to stop Jin "The Bull" when he came a-knocking to see his sister and brother-in-law. It was just the sort of thing a Nation Hero could do.

Talibah had noticed Jin and Annabella before they started coming towards them, and it made him hold a hand to cover his mouth as he turned away and snickered. Talibah had spoken with Jin plenty growing up, even becoming close friends with him at a point. Of course they each took different paths growing up, Jin having to hold down a job to support his sisters, Talibah having to pursue his own princely duties, not that he did those much. But whenever Jin did come by and visit him and Talibah had some good laughs while exchanging stories. Annabella on the other hand never really liked Talibah, most likely because he always loved Nefertiti, Annabella being so much more protective of Jin due to having to stay with Nefertiti while Jin worked. It had surprised him a bit when he found out Annabella started going out with Jin to hunt bounties. Though she did always scare him when they were younger, so it shouldn't of surprise him.

Nefertiti had also noticed them while Talibah and his brothers were doing their message to the people, having nodded at them with a smile which was of course returned. Nefertiti had been holding her regal air about her despite Talibah's seemingly best efforts, with him trying to sweep into his carefree demeanor. Nefertiti had an image she had to hold in the political view of the palace, seeing as political opponents to their marriage had sprung up well before they even had that notion. Jin being a national hero helped somewhat, but did nothing to hide her common birth. So Nefertiti did what she did whenever her and Talibah were in public, appearing to be completely at ease while still holding her regal air. Which completly crumbled when her younger sister Annabella tried her damnedest to knock her out of her chair with how hard she hugged her.

"Now Now Annabella, I know its been long but you can't just do that!" Nefertiti would say, trying to push Annabella off of her "Do you know how long it took me to get my hair so perfect? All day!" Nefertiti would say jokingly, her taking all day to prepare herself for something going back since she was a kid. Talibah was snickering into his drink at the exchange between the two sisters despite the death glare Annabella was sending him.

Turning his attention away from his drink and to Jin as he addressed him as 'Stupid Prince', something to which Nefertiti tensed up a bit at him saying that. "What can I do for my oh so tall brother?" Talibah would respond jokingly, amused smile on his face. That smile didn't stay a smile for long, as what Jin said next sent Talibah into a head thrown back laugh as he slapped the arm of his chair with his right hand, obvious unable to contain his laugh to just his voice. Talibah's laugh filling the garden, seemingly just as loud as Jin's voice when he spoke. Nefertiti had a much different reaction to Jin. "JIN!" Nefertiti would yell, making Talibah just laugh all of the harder, hunched over and clutching his stomach with his right arm, trying to stop laughing but he just couldn't. "You can't say stuff like that! There are times and places for that sort of thing!" Nefertiti would say as she looked up at Jin in a mix of frustration and Anger, having completely forgotten to keep a regal air around her person when confronted with Jin's personality. Nefertiti was obviously not taking the comment as well as Talibah was.

It took a good minute for Talibah to recover from his laughing, even then he would burst out laughing every now and then as he wiped tears out of his eyes. Turning his attention to Jin, he would respond in kind; "I promise Jin, at the very least it isn't from lack of trying!" Before bursting out into laughs again. Nefertiti would have her face in her hands, obvious embarrassed about the entire situation. "I'll never be able to show myself in court again!" Nefertiti would groan into her hands, hunching completely over in her seat. Nefertiti's face was completely beat red from embarrassment, her ears would of emitted steam to release some heat if they were capable of doing such a thing.

A few minutes later after Talibah had calmed down and was calmly sipping wine from his goblet, was when Jin would whisper to him about the pirate he had met. It would be a lie to say Talibah wasn't curious, if Jin thought someone was interesting it was obviously someone he had to meet. "Please, its hardly only mine. Its more of my Eldest brothers more then mine. Also should you see him, point him out for me, I would love to meet him if you thought he was interesting." Talibah would whisper back, He had long since learned to listen to what Jin thought when he was serious. and most of the time it was sound advice. Motioning for a guard to come closer, he would tell the guard "Go tell my Elder Brother to put more guards and look outs around the treasury. And tell him it involves a thief that Jin finds interesting." Talibah would whisper thsoe words, knowing that what he would say would make his Elder brother act. If Jin found someone interesting it was wise to take precautions, for gaining Jin's interest was something rare.

Besides that Talibah would simply enjoy the food, drink, and entertainment as his wife collected herself once again, which was hard considering Jin and Annabella were so close. "Yes, Tonight is shaping up to be very interesting." Talibah would muse to himself aloud, ready to see what else may happen.

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The art of being a criminal was one that Jackal was now learning, and for the most part, he'd shown a natural affinity for this using two elements, his natural speed and use of space for camouflage. As the Mink approached Alabasta's Crown Jewel, the Royal Palace, he'd divert from the main road leading directly to palace's steps, around to the base of the mountainous like incline that the Palace stood monumental atop. His brown hood carefully kept atop his head and his quick paws on the now warm evening stone road, dashed in small increments East, scaling the outside of the palace walls, using the alleyways as cover for his actions. Travelling all the way East possible, he'd double back around to the main road once his path was obstructed due to landscape, and repeat the same process to West, once executed, he'd return to the main road, sitting in the crowded Town's Square, contemplating his next move. "There's only one way into the palace... It's through the main steps. Whoever designed the layout for the Royal Compound secured that by foot it'd be impossible to just storm from any angle." Jackal thought. "The Wind Runner Competition is about to start! We should go to the palace and see what the whacky old man is up to next!" the couple sitting next to Jackal would exclaim, before rushing towards the palace steps. It wasn't only the young couple, it was a now swarms of people climbing the palace steps, trying to make it into the Garden to see the Wind Runner's presentation. Smirking to himself, Jackal would toss his hood to avoid suspicion, blending into the crowd to garner access to the garden area, he'd be in attendance, passing through the now loose security at the entrance due to one of the Prince's making the screening process much easier for citizens to join in on the festivities. As true as this was, once Jackal had made it up the staircase and pass the first screen of guards, the actual Palace itself was swarming with security on all cylinders.

Onlooking the garden area was a balcony which all the Royalty sat on, and it was from this position about fifteen meters away, Jackal wouldn't forget the following blood red hair of the Bounty Hunter Jin. He'd be safe among the floods of people, one, due to his height, he'd be hidden among the above average human's size and two, noticing him would be like finding a needle in a very vast and wide haystack. Below the balcony was a platform, which was specifically set-up for the Wind Runner Competition, and several candidates were being escorted onto stage. Floating forward about five meters, shuffling through the crowd, Jackal would take seating at one of the many provided tables for the locals. It was a small round table, about twenty inches wide and fifteen feet long, and it'd sit about three. Jackal would just slid up a chair, resting his hands on the table, he'd take one of the mugs, and empty what appeared to be a cherry wine into the goblet, which he'd ignore due to his distain for the smell of alcohol. He'd use this time to survey the garden as the ceremony got set up, eyeing every entrance to the palace, hallways, balcony's, look-out points, restroom areas, the whole nine. Security was heaviest the closer you got to the staircase which led to the Royalty, which had a plethora guards to the steps base, and even a ton more around the members of the Royal Court and Nobility, at it's peak. Jackal knew that once he made it into the castle, he'd begin his initial inspection. The plan wasn't to steal anything now, that'd be ludicrous. Transport, escape off the island, and fighting security on his lonesome would make the thought of robing the Palace now solo, a suicide mission. "ShiShi... A good thief takes what he wants without anyone knowing the better or the worst of his actions." Jackal thought to himself. "Now. Let's see where this goes." Jackal stated, murmuring to himself.

The merriment filled the crowd as dancers paraded around the garden and the court's upper area, executing a complex choreography using the sensual dance that is Belly Dancing to swoon the crowd. The women's movements were breathing taking and the music that accompanied was so fast pace and invigorating, that even the now seated Jackal was in awe at the whole spectacle. Lunging from behind the guards positions, and into the crowd, heading towards the stage, two flame blowers would emerged, shooting flames towards the heavens in celebration of this most glorious day. During this whole spectacle, a fragile looking old man would noticeably wobble to one end of the stages platform, climbing each step gingerly before making it on stage. The presentation came to a close once the man was standing sentinel, centre stage, onlooking the crowd of supports of the Prince's marriage and the contestants who stood on the cramped stage behind the man. A transponder which was rigged to several Den Den Speakers across the court was hoisted onto the stage, as means of the old man's voice to rock the audience. Suddenly, almost like it was a rouse, the man's frail nature would seemingly disappear, as he stood proud and adamant at the transponder. Clearing his throat, he'd inhaling deeply, and the man's first words would throw the entire audience for a loop. "Eh. What was I up here for again?" Wind Runner exclaimed, flattening the whole crowd, leaving them speechless. Pausing for a moment, he'd tap his folded fist to the side of his head, "Right. The Competition." Wind Runner concluded, sticking out his tongue in a playful manner, looking over shoulder to his long time friend in the youngest Prince and winking.

"Man I'm getting old. To be honest, I doubt any of you whipper snappers are good. I've done this same competition in Water 7 and it'd sprung amazing results. My eldest son is running that branch though... makes an old man proud." Wind Runner rambled. "Unfortunately my daughter is a terrible Shiprwright... she can't even work on a ship without breaking it. Do you know that makes this old man heart weep!?" Runner stated, sniffling on the microphone for dramatic effect. Sighing, "Many of you are wondering why choose the Prince's Anniversary to hold this competition, it's simple. His Father is a man who'd I respect fully. His love for ship was far grander than anything anyone in the world could've imagined. He was a bit of Ship Geek. I promised him before I retired from my journey's, I'd return to Alubarna and build him a fleet of Sand Ships to combat against the bandits that plague these lands!" Runner exclaimed proudly. Defaulting to picking his nose, "Eh. Paradise was too boring so I kind of forgot and got old exploring 'secret' projects. Since my Daughter is a ditz. I kind of need someone to take over the Wind Runner Branch on Alabasta and fulfil the King's Wishes. As such-" Runner stating, pausing to point at the crowd of Shipwright's behind him.

"Each of you have two hours to build be me a Freedom Sized Vessel that's made to combat sand travel using the supplies provided at the feet of this platform. The Winner gets my daughter, my company's name and to sweeten the pot donated by the Royal Court, a Devil Fruit which is rumoured to have properties similar to that of volcano. I think they call it the Magu Magu." Runner stated. "Oh. And enough money to live off of. Once the winner is selected, the Royal Court will escort you to your prize." Runner concluded. "Hoho... That old fart was always eccentric." Jin commented from his position next to Tali. "Falcon Wind Runner. Former Royal Guard turned Shipwright. Growing up he used to kick my ass all over Katorea for stealing. Then, he just upped and went on a journey. He'd donate random treasures and items to the Royal Court as respect to the King." Jin stated. "Leave it up to him to just give away Devil Fruits like it's a children's prize. Royalty is truly scary." Jin concluded, walking away to the follow the guards heading towards the Treasure Room. "I'll go and provide back-up Stupid Prince! Make sure my sister's safe. Just incase anyone gets any bright ideas of cutting to the prize early." Jin declared.

While the panicking Shipwrights tinkered away, the service time for the Royalty's tea had arrived, meaning within moments the chosen Shipwright would've been selected. Watching through the scope from the watch tower, G, with her assembled sniper rife got into position. The tea cart was ushered from behind the curtains and being rolled towards the Royalty's position at the table to centre of the balcony. "We're going into position." one of the grunts murmured through the transponder's hidden in their shirt collars. The Kitchen Staff was huge, and several carts were heading to various tables among the nobility, before eventually making it to the Youngest Prince's position. Resting the tea and entrees onto the table, the grunts announced the sacred key words, "Is that all on your glorious day, Your Majesty?" the grunt stated. "Do it G." Marco announced from the clock-tower. "Whatever." G retorted. "First. A little tear gas as cover." G whispered to herself. Click, Shot. The sound of the bullet breaking the Clock Tower's glass slightly, and rushing towards the balcony wouldn't be heard by most over the sounds of festivities and merriment. This bullet wasn't aimed for any guards or any of the Royalty, except, it was aimed for a seeming canister of Water that placed on the King's table. Upon impact, the sensitive trigger mechanism implanted within the canister will activate, releasing enough tear gas to fill the entire court. G would wait a few moments for the gas to disperse, and then fire off another two rounds at the guards blocking the staircases on both sides.

Hidden in the audience were around hundred of Marco's men, all equipped with rifles and pistols, that'd been stored underneath the tables in the garden by Marco's probes. The grunts at the Prince's position as well, would reach into their west coats and reveal a pistol which they'd attempt to place at everyone present's head. Underneath their head wraps, they'd each have google nose masks, to negate the effects of the teargas, within moments, the Royal Court was in chaos and neither the Royal Guard or the Princes were having none of it.

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Gil grunted quietly. It wasn't like he could do much to help against whatever darstadly plot was afoot, even if he wanted to. He decided to let it go for now. If someone should turn up sick from the events then he could do something about it then. He waited for the suspicious individuals to slink back into the kitchen before passing. He frowned again as there was another cheer from the crowd. There was too much fun being had. He decided to resume his quest of making sure this party stopped making so much noise. Gil found his way through the palace, climbed some stairs, eventually coming out on a balcony that overlooked the square. There was a few well dressed humans beside an ornate table covered in food and wine. There were also two guards standing either side of the humans. It looked like they were prominant peoples of the Alabastian court. All that mattered to Gil though was that maybe they would have some say over the party. Whether it was a realistic expectation, it didn't matter. He could see the sea of people gathered below, making a fuss and whatnot. About thirty metres away he could see what looked like the royal party, covered in gold and jewels. It was easy to pick out those at the top of the pile, what with how they diplayed themselves in such extravagance.

Just then a cloud of white gas erupted in the square. Screams of panic and a crys out in pain began as the tear gas spread. Panic ensued, and with it, the scheme began. In front of Gil, one of the guards slit the throat of the other. He was too distracted by the panic to notice, however the violent act alerted him to the threat. Before the guard managed to turn, he would find a round house kick to the side of his face, propelling him into the stone railing, knocking him out cold.

"A fishman! Get away from me!" A well dressed man screeched. Gil wouldn't take notice, instead looking down at the crowd. They were clutching their eyes and panicing.

"From the symptoms, it's some sort of chemical attack, most likely something akin to tear gas." He would say to himself as much as to the humans.

"Shush! I think he just saved us." A woman hissed.

"Please, save us from this and we will reward you with riches." The last human would say, an older gentleman. Still ignoring them, Gil asked:

"For treatment, cleansing with water will be the best bet. A disolvable antacid would help too. Where is the nearest large reserve of water?"

"There's the fresh water that is kept for palace utilities downstairs. Please, take us with you."

"Show me the way." Gil nodded in response.

The group would move back inside and away from the scene in the square. They would attempt to move downstairs while not being seen by the intruders that would come rushing inside to secure the palace. Royal guards would engage these intruders, small areas of skirmishing would break out inside the palace walls.

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Percy was just getting himself settled down into his own little corner on the far side of the cubicle-like area marked off for the participants of the Windrunner competition when the sound of Garin Windrunner’s voice entered his eardrums. He was getting ready to nestle into his corner and hunker down for the next hour or so as he’d assumed the competition wouldn’t have started until much later on in the evening. However, as always, Percy was wrong. Dead wrong.

Slamming his palms against the ground, the Godfrey snaked his way to the front of the pack of grimy heathens, slithering by armpits that reeked of complete shit and sweaty arms that drenched him in disgusting slime. Nevertheless, he put absolutely no focus on the overwhelming stench that filled the air and focused on the man taking center stage: Garin Windrunner. The man that Percy had been trailing after for several months now. The man that would soon offer Percy the opportunity of a lifetime should he prove himself.

Percy listened on intently as the old shipwright gave his speech. As cringey and offbeat as it may have been to the rest of the crowd, Percy was loving it. He had to stifle a few fits of laughter in the crook of his elbow during the whole ordeal, causing a few of the pompous bystanders in the crowd before the stage to shoot him a couple of daggers. Percy just gave a simple gesture of innocence in response, trying his best to hide the excitement that slowly crept its way onto his features.

The best, or at least most confusing part of the speech came when Mr. Windrunner began to announce the rewards for being selected as the winner. The objective of the whole competition had already been locked into Percy’s mental vault. Luckily for him, he’d already had a million different ideas of ships that would work well in the desolate sands of the island as soon as he docked in Nanohana. That part was secure as far as the brunette was concerned. What really struck a strange cord with him were the rewards.

At first, he began running each of them through his head one-by-one as Garin rattled them off, sifting through all of the uses each prize had for him. Basically, he was doing a high form of mental gymnastics that couldn’t be done by any other person on the planet.

“Daughter-... Not much use. I guess she is a nice enough young lady. The company’s name wouldn’t be half bad, I might be able to attract a crew of sorts with the Windrunner name behind me. But running my own crew is too much work.. Not for me. Enough money to live off of probably for the rest of my life.. That would be kind of ni-.. Wait a second.”

Percy paused his mental aerobics and rewound the tape just a few words back. Mr. Windrunner just mentioned a Devil Fruit as a prize for being declared the winner.

“Did he just say a Devil Fruit..? Why in the world would he announce something like that right off the bat? I suppose to make some of these oafs here work a little harder, but that only entices some of the would-be thieves around these parts. This is a recipe for disaster.”

However, Percy had little time to dwell on that fact as the start of the competition swiftly approached. Within minutes, all of the towering, scruffy shipwrights were scrambling for their own little care package laid out before the stage. Insults flew and before long, the sounds of hammers viciously hitting wood and saws being dragged back and forth across planks filled the entire courtyard. It literally sounded like a damn warehouse, though a lot of the guests didn’t seem to mind it all that much.

Percy on the other hand was cool, calm and collected. He waited his turn, though not because he didn’t want to get started or was overly confident that even after waiting he’d be superior to everyone else. He just didn’t want to get trampled trying to get to his supplies. Once he did manage to waddle his lanky ass on over there, everyone else had already gotten started. With several ideas in his head, it took a good ten minutes of glancing over what was available to him before making his final decision.

It didn’t take long for Percy to join in on the symphony of clanging and banging. Everyone else seemed to be rushing, hustling and bustling around the courtyard looking for various tools and “ingredients” needed to finish their product. Percy and a small handful of others were about the only ones keeping a chill disposition, and it was working in their favor.

Nearing the end of the competition, it was easy to tell which contestants were going to be in the running for winner and which weren’t. A vast majority of the contestant’s ships looked just as bad as they did. It was as if a single breath would be all it’d take to make them collapse. They stood no chance. Others had mediocre ships at best. They’d most certainly function a helluvah lot better than some others, but they weren’t close to contending with the top five or six. That’s where Percy lie. Intricate, elaborate yet robust, each having their own sense of amazement that left a lot of the crowd oo’ing and awe’ing.

Percy stood next to his creation, a vibrant grin spreading across his petals as he slowly clapped his hands together, warding off any of the leftover sawdust. It was no use though, as the entirety of his attire was just littered in the brown powder. Even still, his golden eyes twinkled in the direction of his vessel. It wasn’t the biggest ship in the world, nor was it the most ornate, but it was pretty damn beautiful. Luckily after taking a gander around the rest of the ships, it was going to be a close game. There were a few others that looked just as spectacular if not more so than his own.

If only the competition was based on the amount of sawdust to sweat on the bodies, then he’d win for sure.

A few finishing touches from a couple of contestants saw Mr. Windrunner returning to the stage, his jolly demeanor evident as he eyed the creations before him. He seemed to be amazed as well, truly stricken with fascination at the burning passion that took the form of ships strewn before him. After a few more seconds of admiration, the businessman parted his lips to begin another strenuously cringey speech and announce the winners, that was until a strange gas began to cascade down from the royalty’s patio.

As the gas flooded the courtyard, many of the patrons began coughing, shielding their eyes in the process. And just like that, as if on cue, a plethora of members of the audience turned their backs and reached under various tables only to return with firearms. The lucky fuckers happened to be wearing protection against this god awful greenish mist. It was a damn setup.

Percy placed his forearm over his mouth to try and negate the effects of the gas as best he could, though even he succumbed to its debilitating consequences. He turned his head, scanning the rest of the stage only to find more goons stationed up their with them, all armed with their trusty rifles and pistols.

“As I said… A recipe for disaster.”

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Talibah was enjoying the festivities in a way only Talibah could. By drinking wine with a face of utter amusement at everything. Talibah was loving how well the festivities turned out, so far everything was going completely well and nothing had even happened yet. Everyone was having a good time, he and his wife Nefertiti were enjoying great food in the company of her family, shared a few laughs with Jin. Everything was perfect. "I wish that Annabelle wouldn't give me a death stare every time she looked at me tho, they had gotten along quite well when they were younger. Wonder what happened." Talibah would wonder as he took another sip of his goblet of wine, holding it out to be refilled by a server that stood nearby with a glass of wine. Talibah had broken out his best wine, and even ordered some from the north blue where they froze theirs underground to keep the freshness as it fermented. It truly was something good. Talibah was waiting till midnight before he broke out the greatest of his collection. He had been saving the best wines from the best years he had collected over the year for tonight. For this was the only celebration besides the crowning of his brother that would good enough for them.

Talibah listened to the speech of Galvin "Falcon" Windrunner with more then a little amusement, sometimes hiding a laugh from the public. Talibah respected the old ship maker, as he had come to visit Talibah's father ever since Talibah was just born. Galvin had been at the Princes's mother's funeral when tragedy struck, he had been there when Talibah and his brothers came of age, and he had been there when his Father came down with his sickness. Galvin was practically family in Talibah's mind, and every other member of the royal family's mind. As such when Father had decided to donate the only Devil Fruit Alabasta could find away to Galvin, no one among the family even batted an eye. The court on the other hand... Well, they were an entirely different matter. Talibah knew his way around the court, as did his brother, Asmin especially, but all three brothers knew their way around the court. It was their training should they have to be a king.

Talibah was brought out of his musing by the ending of Jin commenting about the Galvin's speech. Jin was probably the closest to Galvin next to Talibah's father, as the man was in fact trained by the man. "You do know who you're talking about right? It would be scary if he wasn't strange. Oh and you forgot the time he sent you flying into a dune after you tried to steal from...What was it? a noble with 8 or something guards? I remember having to dig you out of the sand after!" Talibah would laugh about the good memories they shared. It was almost scary how much the times have changed.  "Have fun doing that, Jin the not-so-friendly Giant." Talibah would say as he took another drink of his goblet with a smirk on his face.

Talibah watched the rest of the garden with amusement like he had done before, though it was slightly less fun as Jin was no longer there to talk with. He could always talk to his wife, however she was speaking to Annabelle and catching up. So when the tea came, while he was having great fun, most of his enthusiasm was waning. Not that anyway could tell, as nothing even remotely changed about him or his presence. Talibah looked at the server when asked a question that sort of surprised Talibah. "Its not even midnight yet. Of course there is still more-" But before Talibah could finish his sentence,  gas exploded from the tea cart. Talibah instant started coughing, and all three of his eyes were watering. He felt the servant grab at him, to which Talibah responded by grabbing the servant's head and slamming it into the table.

Talibah was completely disorientated, as he couldn't see, and the sounds of fighting were drowning out much of the noise. "Nefertiti!" Talibah would yell, opening his third eye which wasn't having nearly as bad a time as his other eyes, to look for her. Turning to look at her, Talibah would look through a half open tear streaked eye, as a man in a mask came up to the table with sword in either hand. Grabbing his crook, he would jump over his seat and, with his crook raised, do a full on strike with the head of his crook to send the man flying back into the gas.

Hearing Nefertiti shreaking, he would turn again to see two men this time attempt to grab at her. His vision however was becoming blurrier, and hurt more, the longer he was in the gas. "Where is Anabella dammit!" Talibah would think before rushing to aid Nefertiti. Lashing out with his crook, Talibah would hook the neck of the man on his right, pulling the crook back only to be met with Talibah's knee. Turning his head to look at the man on the left, he would duck under the man's punch, before using his crook to hook the man's knee and send him tumbling down. Raising his crook over his head once again, Talibah would bring it down over the mans face. Now that he dealt with the two men, he turned to go and get Nefertiti to safety.

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Jin broke down in laughter at Talibah's memory of old man Garin firing him into the sand dune. "I did use to get into a lot of trouble back then didn't I?" Jin said, managing to reckon the sentence out in between his skits of laughter. "Who would've imagined three street kids like us would be living the lives we lived now." Jin stated, staring off into space momentarily with a grin. "I also remember a certain Stupid Prince who proposed to my sister everyday since the time he met her..." Jin said, smirking widely as he'd tease Talibah. "You might not be the man I envisioned her to be with but I guess your okay too!" Jin exclaimed, giving out a hearty laugh. Annabella broke from nuzzling her sister tightly to turn her head towards Jin, "If it was up to you, she'd be committing incest." Annabella said grinning. "Why you-" Jin retorted, smacking his younger sister across her head with with a swift fist, of love of course. After this Jin would indeed tell Talibah about his interest in checking on the security around the Treasury, "I'll be back Stupid Prince! We'll drink to sun up once everything goes as planned." Jin commented, waving his hand as he departed. Almost two hours later, chaos had ensued.

As the tear gas filled the patio above, from among the waiters appointed to cater during the ceremony, several of the once staff turned criminals, reached under the tables to remove rifles to point at the Royalty's guests. However, this wasn't any run of the mill robbery, as the masked army motioned towards the staircases on each end, attempt to ascend to the Royalty's area. Garin, who was standing on the stage, would shift his neck from side to side, in hopes of the cracking noise signalling a loose nature returning to his muscles. Transforming his limbs into bird fixtures, the half-bird man lunged towards the right staircase, gouging out the attackers masks with his talons, which were formerly his wrinkled human feet. "Fools. You think attacking this Holy Ground is that easy? Whippersnappers." Garin exclaimed. Remaining seated at his position ten meters away from the platform, Jackal flipped over the table directly in front of him, using it as shelter among the chaos, making a make-shift roof with the tablecloth which was prior over the tables face. Removing the red scarf around his neck, Jackal would fashion the garment into a makeshift face-mask to counteract the tear gas. This would happen exactly in time with Garin's transformation into the hawk like state. Sinking his claw like nails into the wood make of the table, Jackal would use his right hand, which was free from being wedged into the table to make a hole, large enough for the Minkman to stick his head through. Face-mask intact, he'd maneuver through the crowd of panicked bodies until he'd make to the area to the far East where the formerly stationed guards had prohibited entrance to. Once he was within two meters of the hallway's marble floor, he'd leap from underneath the coating onto the passage losing his moving tent.

Two guards stood behind to block the entrance, just in case the attackers tried to make into the palace and had noticed Jackal's attempt to enter into the Palace's hallways. Crossing their spears in an 'X' like formation, they'd block any streamline path from the foyer they were standing under, which spanned for about ten meters, into the main building. "Are you part of the attackers party too!?" one of the guards shouted. "Look at his ears... Their animal like... Could it be the mark of the devil?" the other guard stated, theorising in prejudice of his features. "Shishi... I don't have time for your comedy duo act." Jackal retorted quickly, leaping eight meters into the air, hopping over the men's guard, leaving about three meter distance between them as his lunge launched him pass. Once he'd land, he'd break into a sprint, bouncing off the ground in quick leaps until he'd make into the building, traversing another ten meters to reach a fork at the end of the passageway, he could either go left or right. Catching up in the distance were the two guards who'd broken formation to chase after the intruder, running with spears in hand in a disgruntle manner. "Left or right?" Jackal thought to himself, keeping his head on swivel to inspect both ends of the fork in the hallway. Turning right, Jackal would begin to traverse the hallway, as a noble and his escorts would be scene descending a staircase from seemingly the former patio area. Among them, was an old familiar face, "Scales! I mean, Kappa!" Jackal shouted. Running towards their direction, the nobles aides would draw their weapons in attempts to defend their master but simply shifting a few inches from side to side, he'd avoid their huge swings knocking out with haymakers to their solar plexus, respectively.

The noble in Kappa's care had looked quite pale but he got even paler when Jackal pressed his arms on his shoulders and asked, "Now... Where's the Royal Treasury located at!?" Jackal said grinning. The guard looking at the man's devilish grin nearly fainted as Jackal's scarf slipped down from it's fashioned position above his mouth and nose.

Shooting up from his position angrily, Marco would walk over to G's position with her sniper, and remove a telescope from his pocket which he'd extend to the direction of the gallery to assess the situation. "Oh... That's the famous Falcon Windrunner... The Shipwright named Garin. G-" Marco exclaimed but his sentence and intended inflection was negated by G's words. "I'm already working on it... Boss." G said with immense disdain, as it almost killed her on the inside to refer to Marco as boss. Adjusting the scope from fire on the nobles, he'd line up the scope with the right staircase, obtaining the Falcon man's position on scope, reaching into her pocket, she'd switch the bullet in the chamber with three strangely shaped bullets and cock the barrel's clip in preparation for fire. "Night Night... Mr.Falcon." G stated. Double tapping the trigger, with moments delay behind the two shots, Garin had sustained gunshot wounds to his back shoulder blade and right wing, which reverted back into his right hand after fire. "Gargh!" Garin shouted, as his body fell from flight to the floor below. "Boss. We've nabbed the Prince's Wife instead." a message came in over the transponder. "The Prince... he's a pretty good fighter." one of the men reported panting, after being kneed in the face by the Prince. "Fuck it. Plan B. We've already gone over time. Grab the noble bitch and retreat. G will provide cover." Marco shouted into the snail transponder's receiver.

With a princess in hand, the kidnappers retreated down the staircase to the right, which was cleared from enemy fire due to G's attack on Garin. As the tear gas ensued, the traffickers gagged the kidnapped princess with a washcloth, tossed her into a white sack, and scaled the right staircase onto the ground floor, retrieving their wounded allies as they fled. Once they made it into the crowd, from the other side of the palace, five Super Spotted Ducks arrived, with all black feathers, which the kidnappers mounted and escaped into the cities streets. Those who didn't mount the ducks simply escaped into allies in the city, abandoning their masks and all evidence connecting them to the crime, blending in among the locals. At this point, G and Marco also began cleaning up their position at the Clock Tower's peak, descending via grappling ropes to the Tower's bottom. Exiting the tower, the mafia boss and his assistant simply retreated towards their hotel until further notice. Whereas, the runners, the grunts with the Princess provided the decoy, by fleeing the city via the spotted ducks. However, the Princess wasn't with the runners, before exiting the city, the runners would drop the hostage off at a designated location, which was the abandon restaurant behind Marco's registered hotel. "How many of you made it out? Roll Call!" Marco asked via the transponder. As the men went down the line, three men were still trapped in the court engaging in combat with the guards. "Seems that 3, 5, 8 are still trapped in the yard." G reported. Removing a small controller from his pocket which had buttons from 1 to twenty on it, he'd press the agents designated numbers. A lethal chemical was then injected from their snail watches into the men's bloodstreams, killing them instantly.

"You disgust me." G stated with cold eyes. "Pawns are meant to be sacrificed. That's what you and my old man don't understand anymore. I'm the new boss because I get things done." Marco retorted. Walking from the city's square towards the alley leading to his hotel, "I don't need loose ends in my operations." Marco stated grinning at the thought of killing three of his own men. After this, the tear gas had ceased, the Royal Guard escorted the nobles to their respective chambers, trying to make sense of what in the world had just transpired. Garin's daughter rushed to his aide, as the man was mortally wounded with bullets that had been seemed to be tipped in Sea Stone. "Anyone! Someone! Doctor! Immediately!" Windrunner's daughter shouted. As the medical team hands were filled taking care of the injured in the court, Garin's hand strapped onto his daughter's arm. "I- I- don't have much time. Listen to me. Protect those Princes at all cost. The King-" Garin said, struggling to finish his sentence before losing consciousness.

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The fight for the palace had evolved into a full out invasion. The guards who had been posted inside were coming to meet the intruders head on. Gil navigated his way through the chaos, continually looking for a way to go downstairs. He was still leading the small group of well dressed members of the Alabastian court. He has overheard them whispering between themselves, discussing whether they should make a run for it. This idea was promptly dropped after the party almost ran into a scuffle, the intruders gunning down the palace guards. Slipping down another hallway, a familiar voice called out to him.

Jackal's entry was flashy, just as he had come to expect from the mink, although he couldn't help but wonder if the violence was completely necessary. He soon dropped the guards and stood before Gil. The fishman smiled. He couldn't help but smile, the corner of his mouth twitching upward. One of the first teachings of martial arts was to avoid conflict where possible, but that didn't seem to be Jackal's way of thinking. "Furball!" He would answer. "I should have known I would find you in the middle of all this trouble." The mink then asked for information on where he could find the treasury. The nobles would look wide eyed at the creature that had happened upon them, taking a couple of steps back. They looked to Gil for reassurance, hoping that he would get rid of the big bad wolf. Gil would shrug in response. "I don't know, the guy looks pretty dangerous. You had better tell him what he wants to know." With that, the older human would clear his throat and tell the mink what he wanted to know. If the mink chose, he could have the man tag along and show him the way. Before leaving Jackal, he would give him one last croak. "Come find me when things quieten down. I'll be leaving the island soon."

Moving on, Gil would find his way down to the basement levels of the palace. Down here were the servants quarters, and the places where they worked, tucked away where they would not be seen. He heard one young noble murmur that he had not been down here before. Gil was looking to find the water reserves of the palace but he needed to make a stop first. Finding a servant cowering under a table he asked him to show them to the kitchen. There was one ingrediant that could be used as a makeshift treatment for tear gas that could also be found in a reasonably large supply in a place like this. "Grab as much baking soda as you can!" Gil would have his slowly growing troupe cart pots full of the white flour over to the water room.

Entering the room, brass taps and dark silver surfaces could be seen around the place. The staff must use this place for washing and cleaning as well. He noticed how a large main pipe went from the tank at the back of the room, upwards and through the floor into the room above. Similarly, a pipe came down from the roof and into the taps, the drains in the room running to the outside. So the servants were able to use the water after the upper classes has dirtied it. Still commanding the now complaining work force, he had them bring the pots of powder over to the water system. The green fishman stood on top of the tank. After opening up a hatch, he would have the others dump the baking soda into the water.

"Now in you get." The nobles would be thoroughly confused by this point, not knowing what he planned. But it wasn't like they would believe him if he told them what he planned, and it didn't make it any more likely to have them take the plunge. After a half hearted assurance from the fishman, he would sigh. "Suit yourself." He would then jump onto the milky white water. They would probably b3 fine if they just stayed down here, they were out of the way enough to be out of danger.

Grabbing the water around him, he would swim up through the main pipe and burst through the floo4 above with the strength of his fishman jujutsu. With a large orb of white water around him, he would barrel through the hallway, heading for the front door. He would knock over guard and gangster alkie as he made his way, a large bowling ball rolling down a lane. Finally he would get to the front door that looked over the square below. Thrusting his hands forward, he would launch the makeshift antacid into the gassed crowd. The mix would fly, the spray covering a large surface area and temporarily flooding the square. It would soothe their ailment but not much more. It would be the best he could do to treat the masses for the time being.

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