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1Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Perila's Gran Voyage on Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:10 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Act 1:  Stopping a pirate

Perila was in her room sharpening her blades while sunlight was beginning to poke through her circular window located above a desk that was placed to the right of her bed as she laid on the floor next to the tools she was using to sharpen with, it had been nearly two days since the Phantom Riders and Mashyuu friend Sofia had arrived on Jordsand, everyone was doing their own thing until something that required most of their attention would show itself however, Perila in the two days she had arrived her mind had been focused on Mashyuu words they shared shortly before they departed from Jaya to the island, "You know... I don't know what your goals are overall, but to defend yourself in this world, you're gonna need to get better at fighting."

It was true from the moment that she became wanted by the world government she had been in numerous fights that seemed to be getting more dangerous than the last, she had been preparing for a life of combat for most of her life but her goals...she didn't know. All she really wanted was to be a knight for the skypiean army but fate would not have it her way, so what was she to do now? Perila didn't want to be a pirate that much was clear, but she couldn't become a marine either, so what was left for her? Thinking about the matter made her sigh heavily as she finished sharpening her blades, her mind did shift back to the pirate she had killed when she first arrived, she did regret taking a life after promising to spare it but the information she found made it all the more important to permanently silence them as they were working for a pirate named Gustahn who was succumbing anyone they defeated into mining the precious material known as seastone on the island and forcing them to fight in the arena just for food and water as punishment taking way any hopes and dreams they had in their lives.

It was unjust, but it wasn't her problem. No, that's not right. Perila knew something had to be done, she had already let unjustness go on once before and didn't try to put a stop to it, she couldn't bear it a second time knowing it was happening, but the real question was what could she do about it? From the facts she already know the pirate known as Gutahn already held a significant battle force on the island meaning this wasn't a one person job, the thought of asking Mashyuu and his crew to deal with the issue flickered in her mind but she immediately dismissed it, she had made the same mistaking with relying on her father and now he was dead, if she was going to do this she would do it alone, one way or another.

Perila tilted her head back on the bed as she begun to think about how she was going to stop Gustahn, he was an enforcer but those under his rule were taken by force, so that means that the amount of trust would be at a constant level of near-breaking point, she could use that to her advantage but how would she get them to trust her instead? Perila thought more on the manner and came up with a plan, a dangerous plan. But first, she would have to actually get inside Gustahn forces, meaning it was time for a search.

As Perila looked at her two blades she decided to take the one she had all the way from Skypiea, with her plan she didn't know what would happen and she certainly didn't want to risk losing the gift that Mashyuu gave her. Now that her mind was set it was time for her to get ready to leave, she proceeded to her closet taking out her long light blue cotton sweater with ovals separated into lines stitched into it in three different sections from top to bottom with long sleeves, then a pair of  short booty pants, then proceeded to put on a pair of long heeled boots  that were white at the bottom while being a slightly darker shade of blue than her sweater with even lighter blue around the top, and finished off her look with a simple white and blue striped scarf around her neck thus completing her outfit, she quickly wrapped a belt around her waist and tightened it before slipping the Skypian blade  between it safely and then immediately rushed outside for her seemingly dangerous task at hand.


Perila's Gran Voyage 3a56402b411d0e69528d6fb3d7890344

As soon as she stepped outside she decided from this forth on she would not use her devil fruit abilities because if any of Gustahn forces spotted her, her plan would be that much more dangerous as they would surely keep seastone on hand to make sure she would be powerless whenever they wanted her to be, on that note Perila now remembered there was a women who had actually gotten away when she attacked the small group but if the rumors were true about Gustahn, the loss of his forces would surely have him mad and he might have already either killed her or sent her to the arena, either way, she wouldn't be a threat if her reasoning was right. With that in mind, she began her descent off the Phantom Raiders ship onto the land of Jordsand, if she had to guess where a possible group may be the most likely answer would be near seastone could be harvested, but Perila herself has never seen seastone out in the open so possibly near caves? It was worth a shot she would say in her mind as she begun to walk towards the largest tree to scout out the area.

2Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:40 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
After some time had passed Perila found what she was looking for, a giant Noble fir that seemed like its height reached on forever, the perfect tree for scouting out the island. Perila bent her knees while tightening up her leg muscles before jumping at the same moment she released them to land on one of the branches and followed suit doing it several more times until her view was well above the rest of the trees in the area providing clear sight, of course, she could fly all the same but that would only run the risk of being shot down on an island where literally everybody counted as a potential enemy, even the ones you came with could turn on you.

Moving on with her thought process of mistrust towards others when it came to flying around, she began to slowly glance over the parts of the island clear in her vision while she sat down as she could possibly up there for quite a while and she didn't want to bother wasting her energy standing, from what she could see there was no visible interesting movement she could tell from below even after nearly an hour had passed, but after waiting for nearly three and a half hours she finally heard voices but instead of the front they were coming from behind her, when she turned herself around towards the noises she spotted a large group of about nine men with three of them carrying a large crate full of the new material known as seastone, however the man hauling it looked like they hadn't really eaten anything in weeks, the sign of Gustahn forced workers.

This was Perila's chance, her crazy plan depended on aggravating a large group like this, she wouldn't kill anyone as the whole point of this was to create trust among the forced of Gustahn forces, not anger and regret. No, her plan was simple yet would work because of the situation of this island, she was going to pretend she needed the seastone and try to rob it from them putting on a display of her strength and power, then all of a sudden get weaker and let herself get beaten, she knew Gustahn was a man who prefered strong people over the weak, by beating up a few of his man alone she would ensure his interest, it was dangerous but that was the conclusion she came up with to do this alone. Taking a second to observe the group she would set her sights on a man wearing blue attire similar to a nobleman would wear on Skypiea, the male had a slightly darker shade of brown hair that was split down the middle to both the right and left side as it went down just short of his shoulders, his face  aged with wrinkles while his eyes held those of one who had experienced many difficulties in his time.

However, the male behind him was what really brought Perila's attention, just from looking at him alone one could tell it was a warrior from another land. He had long hair with strands of grey mixed in, a thick beard all scuffled with the same grey stands, a chiseled yet huge muscular body that had a swirl pattern tattoos from his arms all the way down to his ribs, he was obviously the one in charge of protecting the group because when Perila looked upon him she felt as if she was a small rabbit cornered by a fox. Logically Perila knew she wasn't capable of defeating him at her current level, but if she could fight him for even just a minute she was sure she would be able to impress the Nobleman enough to take her back with them, with a fight that she was sure to lose set in front of her Perila took a  deep breath to calm her nerves Percila then  proceeded to stand up with one more deep breath she leaped off of the tree branch she had been stationed on for hours as she swan dived downwards looking directly at the warrior while unsheathing her blade.

The Nobleman and the Warrior:

Perila's Gran Voyage Warrio10

Perila's Gran Voyage 4d430f11

Before she even got close the warrior already looked her way with a serious glare, Perila hadn't even crossed blades with him yet and his glare alone made her shiver, but still, she was determined to do what she set out to do with one hundred percent conviction, as Perila got within swing distance the warrior lifted his blade for a wide swing but Perila had curled in her body and landed on the top of his blade and then used her left foot aiming a kick in the direction of his face, pushing the warrior back a few feet while Perila backflipped onto the ground. Although Perila had kicked him with all her strength the warrior hadn't been phased, a tough one indeed.

The nobleman who was shocked when she appeared immediately barked at her, "Who are you?! Guards! Surround and attack her now!!" Now that she was on the ground Perila realized she may have been too rash, she had been prepared to fight weaker man but now she was in front of someone she couldn't beat who also had several more man, following orders they begun to surround her holding up various weapons pointed in her direction before the warrior lifted one hand while glaring at the nobleman, "Stop, this one is mine. Take the mineral back to your captain." Although the noble was technically in charge the intimidation of the warrior was far more superior then any speech or order he could bark, the noble simply sucked his teeth as he motioned his hand for the other man to follow him leaving just Perila and the Warrior behind.

As they were left alone Perila looked straight into the warrior's eyes as he also did for her before he spoke while pointing his blade towards her, "My name is Tyrians, what is your name young one?" Perila also pointed her blade towards him as she answered, "My name is Perila Du'var."  Tyrians would then make a low humming sound before speaking again, "Percila Du'var...its unfortunate we have to meet like this, but you will fall by my blade today."  Before she could even answer Tyrian disappeared from sight completely, Perila suddenly felt a rush of wind behind her and knew that he had already taken her back, she quickly turned around swinging her blade in panic but once again he had already disappeared from sight, but this time instead of feeling wind behind her she felt a sensation she was not familiar with, the sensation of cold steel slashing across her back, Perila let out a cry as it happened before taking a few steps in the opposite direction from them as she could now feel her own blood dripping across her back.

It was a simple slash, nothing out of the ordinary, Perila should have been able to handle it but yet it wasn't, the raw power behind it was nothing like Perila had ever meant before as she was already heaving from it, if the male wanted her dead he could have already done so, so why didn't he? Was he also one of the pirates on this island forced into working for Gustahn? Perila didn't know but she couldn't exactly worry about it at the moment. Perila heard the male running towards her however, she had already gotten used to his attack pattern so when she turned around as quick as she could he was already gone but unlike before instead of slashing she flipped her blade over her back and held it straight down as she felt the impact of his blade class along hers making her stumble forward from the pure strength behind his attack, "You succeeded in blocking my attack..your not a rookie I see. However.."

Percila suddenly felt Tyrian putting even more force into his blade causing her to stumble forward even more to the point she could no longer stay in that position and she leaped forward into the air while spreading her wings to make for a slow-motion turn, but before she even made a full spin something was coming to her from the air and before she knew it something had slashed her across her chest as she felt the hot sensation of blood dripping once more, although he wasn't in slashing distance somehow he had attacked her from his location causing her to fall back onto the ground as she screamed and twitched from falling onto her back aggravating the previous and new slash across her body, the pain was so surreal she was already starting to feel her consciousness fleeting away from her.

As she laid on the ground she could hear his footsteps close in on her before her vision was blocked by his blurred shadow, "You did well Percila Du'var. however..this is farewell." Tyrian then lifted his blade high into the air, however, Perila wasn't focused on it, she was in her mind thinking, "Is this how it ends... I'm I going to die here accomplishing nothing? I guess so, sorry dad looks like I didn't have what it takes to help lead Skypiea or be swordswomen after all...Guess this is the end for me." Just as Perila had given up she closed her eyes and then Tyrian begun to swing the blade downwards on her, but as she closed them she saw an image of Orion, her best friends that saved her life from execution, and then, Mrs.Dwindle who owned her nothing but gave her a roof over her head, and then Mashyuu who had welcomed her with open arms and became her trusted friend, Perila opened back up her eyes as the blade got close while her right hand became covered in a shiny glint as she reached for his blade stopping it in its tracks, she held on so tight that the blade visibly cracked from the pressure of her fingers as she spoke, "I can't let it end like this!! I have people waiting for me!!"

Tyrian who was visibly shocked as his blade begun to crack was caught off guard when Perila suddenly used her leg to kick him as he fell to his knees, she begun to crawl away but it was no use, she had already run out of steam and within a few feet she passed out from her wounds leaving a stunned Tyrian, the male actually chuckled from the shocking development, "While I'll be, looks like she awoken her fighting spirit. I can't possibly kill her now!" Tyrian then sheathed his now cracked blade back onto his side and then lifted Perila onto his right arm before walking away from the scene with her in tow.

End of Act 1

3Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:18 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Act 2: Ain't no snitch!

Perila's Dream

High up in the kingdom of Skypiea was the small petite figure of a girl going through puberty flying above the capital of the kingdom heading northeast away from the castle, she was wearing a refined black dress with gold lining along the edges that was kept tightly to her figure with a giant white bow tied around her waist and hang somewhat loose behind her back. Perila Du'var was her name and she had just escaped one of the many lessons her father had instructed her to take for her future occupation as an advisor to the king, Perila, however, had other plans that day as she and a simple florist commoner named Orion she had befriended were going to go into town to enjoy the festival of Curision, Curision was just like Orion a commoner who became a soldier that eventually went on later in life to become the leader of Skypiea's army that fought against what the surface world called a "Warlord" of the sea and defeated them, now once every year they hold a festival where everyone eats Curision favorite food, a fried octopus ball in which after they send lanterns in the sky to float up into the stars above where legends say Curision now resides with the other legendary warriors.

After nearly sixteen minutes of travel, Perila was now traveling over a large poppy field connected to the road where Orion's parents shop where he worked was located, sure enough, Perila would see Orion on the ground waving at her and she smiled as she flew down and landed on the ground in front of him. Orion was a simple person who unlike most of the boys in the town didn't wish to grow up to be a fighter and instead opted to be a florist as he so boldly stated on many occasions that "Flowers hold their own mysterious power, sometimes they can give you sadness and other times the will to keep going." Perila never understood exactly what he meant but still, she was the only real friend she had and despite their differences, Perila loved him like a brother. As she stood in front of Orion who had been wearing his usual attire that consisted of a cotton dark blue shirt near the arms and a lighter blue in the center but gray around the neck but a white collar and sleeves that was secured by a brown rope, he wore light khaki colored pants and black boots, and a brown cap that Perila thought made him look geeky and often advised him to take off but he was adamant that it made him look cool.


Perila's Gran Voyage Donnel11

Perila would look at her friend with a serious look, "Did you get the goods I ask for..." Orion face which held a smile at first became serious as well, "Of course, I'm not a rookie." Orion would then turn around him and pick up folded clothing that Perila was going to change into so she didn't stand out, but what she wanted most was a piece of white chocolate that was in a wrapped package, Perila at the sight of it lit up in excitement as she wasn't allowed the right to eat candy within the castle as they believe the sugar would mess with her lessons. Perila squealed with happiness as she said thank you before rushing behind the shed where Orion kept his working tools as she quickly undressed and put on her new clothing, it was a white dress like much the one she had already been wearing except less refined and with gold lining only being at the top near her neckline and a small ribbon that tightened the dress around her waist, she wore long black pants with it and then finished the look off with a half an inch white heels with gold at the bottom.

Perila's Gran Voyage 96107310

Perila rushed out from behind the barn leaving her clothes behind that she would pick up later as she begun eating the chocolate bar while beginning to flap her wings to uplift herself into the air, "Come on Orion, We don't want to be late!" Orion who often liked to make jokes about her status simply said, "Yes "Milady"~" and they begun their flight into the town. Since the festival was on the furthest side of town it took them a hour of flight to arrive which the sun was already beginning to set, luckily Perila had only a couple of lessons that day so nobody would be looking for her in the later hours like now. Perila and Orion touched down in an alleyway and quickly ran into the streets filled with people and all sorts of venders selling Curisions belowed dish and selling the lights that would be later released into the sky, as a favor for the chocolate Perila payed for both their food as well as the lights using her allowance in which Orion was always jealous of as it tripled the amount he got just within a month.

They quickly found themselves a secluded spot ontop of a rooftop near where the main light event would start, they begun to eat their fried octopus balls and talked about all sorts of silly things for nearly fourty two mintues before everyone started cheering as a lit lantern light started to float in the sky significing the event starting, Perila and Orion smiled at each other as they grabbed thier lights and started the fire before they counted down, "1, 2, 3!" letting go of their lights while pushing it into the air, they simply watched their lights float up into the air like the thousands of others located around the kingdom as the night sky that was setting became illuminated once again, Perila simply looked up with her eyes sparkling at the sight of it as she said nonchalently to Orion, "Im going to do it. I'm going to become a great warrior like Curision for the kingdom of Skypiea!" Orion simply smiled and lightly punched Perils right arm, "Of course you will, of course im going to charge you triple the price for any flowers~" Perila immediatly got mad and slaped Orion in the back of the head, "Like hell i will!" while a moment a silence hang before they both begun laughting as the lights illuminated the faithful kingdom of Skypiea from above.

Skypiea with the lantern lights in the air:

Perila's Gran Voyage Portra10

End of Dream

4Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:11 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Perila woke up with a shock before a pulsing headache hit her as her eyes were struck with a bright light, Perila kept her right hand over her eyes to adjust to the light of the room and with a couple of minutes she noticed she was in a small cell, so she had been captured after all, she then looked down on herself remembering the wound she took and noticed she wasn't wearing the outfit she had earlier and instead was bandaged from her neck to the waist down. Perila lightly ran right hands index finger over the place where she remembered where she had been slashed on the front of her body and although she could still feel a slight ache from it there was no severe pain. Perila would suddenly hear the jingle of keys and look up to see two guards coming in, Perila slowly brought herself to her feet but before she could fully stand up they grabbed both of her arms and lead her out of the cell with tight grips that she found she was still too groggy to resist as she was lead from a hallway lined with cells and all different type of men yelling at her different things to a flight of stairs.

After the first flight, they would travel another hallway lined up with rooms leading to one more flight of stairs, where ever she was it was quite large, upon traveling the second stairs they were now outside and Perila was once again blinded by light but this time from the sun, her eyes adjusting quicker this time could now see she was aboard a very large ship that was equal to the size of Mashyuu's ship, however, she didn't have any time to admire it as she directed towards another door as one guard opened the door and the other pushed her in causing her to fall into the room onto the floor. Before she could pick herself up she felt an even tighter grip upon her shoulders as she was practically thrown back onto her feet only to see the man who had defeated her, Tyrian the warrior, as he appointed her to a chair and forced her into it facing another male who was counting money at his desk, it was quite the gloomy man, he didn't have much color to his face besides the long red-headed hair that fell down all the way to his midback and his eyes were gray despite him looking no more than a day over twenty-five as he wore nothing but dark brown pants with thick white fur on the top and boot following the same pattern, it was obviously Gustahn.

Captain Gustahn:

Perila's Gran Voyage Devilh10

The male finally looked up at her while putting down his money, "Thank you Tyrian you can stand back now, she isn't going to try anything. Won't you Percila Du'var?" Percila looked at him with confusion which earned a light chuckle, "You think you're surprised? How surprised I was when my champion of the arena returned back from his scheduled supply run late, only to have a small female holding a blade over his shoulders and asked me to save her life. You tend to remember their name after that," He then took a piece of paper into his hand and grabbed a rock she immediately identified it as seastone, and the fact he didn't just grab it meant he was also a devil fruit user but Perila simply sat back holding the same confusion she had in the beginning, Gustahn got out of his chair and positioned himself in front of her and locked a tight glance with her, "Tyrian here tells me you attacked his supply team when they were trying to deliver the material, mind telling me who you work for and why they have interest in it?" Perila simply leaned in and Gustahn leaned in anticipating her whispers only for her to spit right into his ear in disgust causing Tyrian to laugh which Gustahn glanced with a deep scowl before she said, " I ain't telling you shit!" while he tried to get the spit back out of the ear.

Gustahn simply chuckled again, "I tried to do this the nice way." He then put his left hand onto her shoulder as he swung his right fist straight into the center of her gut causing her to emanate a grunting sound, he then took a ball full of Perila's hair and forced her head back up so she would look him the eye again as he spoke with a more forceful tone, "Who-are-you-working-for?!" Perila blew the strands of hair lightly blocking her vision while repeating the same forceful tone Gustahn took with her, "I-am-not-telling-you-shit!" Gustahn anger only increased with that remark as he punched her in the same exact spot as the first time causing a grunt to emanate from Perila's lips and then he immediately used his other fist to connect a punch to the side of her cheek towards the left with such force that the chair she was sitting in was knocked over as it collapsed while she was in it as she spit up blood.

Gustahn walked over to her and sat on top of her so she couldn't move or escape as he yelled, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU WITH!?" He then let a fist fly asking the same question with Perila giving no answer, he then proceeded to do the same thing over and over again while Perila's face took on the damage until her mouth was basically coughing up a decent amount of blood and then he asked once more, "TELL ME WHO YOU ARE WORKING FOR DAMMIT!!!" Perila moved her head to look at Gustahn from her right eye as her left eye had been closed from getting hit near it too many times as she repeated the same words she had been saying all along, "I...ain't..telli-" Before she could finish Gustahn throw a final punch and Perila was knocked out cold.

Gustahn got up and flipped his desk causing everything to fall over in his infuriation as he paced about in his room in thought, Tyrian who had watched it all glanced at Gustahn before the man gave an order with a devious smile, "Take her to the cells and give her three hours, once the time is up wake her up and put her in the arena against three men." Tyrian simply nodded before hauling Perila over his shoulder but Gustahn wasn't done, "Tell the arena master...this one is a death match." Tyrian became visibly surprised as the arena wasn't a death match, but simply a source of entertainment for the loyal ones while providing a non-lethal punishment to disloyalty but Tyrian complied either way as he said "Yes captain" and begun taking Perila back to the cells.

5Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:02 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Three hours Later

Perila once again felt the inside of her head in the form of a sharp pain as she begun to open her eyelids that felt like heavyweights, her cheek felt cold like she was laying up against a cold floor. She slowly placed her fingers on the solid ground beneath her as she begun to lift herself up and looked forward with the blurry vision she had that begun to become straight beside her left eye, but before she could fully get up she heard someone yells out, "Three hours are up, get her to the arena" and the sound of metal bars opening followed by footsteps that proceeded to walk towards her as they wrapped their arms around her and begun to lift her onto her feet and carry her out, as they carried her away she was once again outside but unlike before they kept carrying her away onto the sandy shore, taking the opportunity to observe the ship Perila turned her head and saw it was quite the large vessel with plenty of weapons on it but she would have to gather information on just what type of weapons.

Captain Gustahn Ship:

Perila's Gran Voyage B17cec10

As they kept their path through a sandy shore Perila could see a large crowd centered in a giant circle, she didn't know what was going on as her senses became filled with the screaming and excitement of men and women alike all around her slapping her upon her back as she was led through the crowd, after a few moments of making their way through the guard whispered into her ear, "Good luck, your going to need it" and just as he finished his sentence she pushed down into a large hole and fell straight to the bottom.

Perila grunted as she was once again flat on the floor before she quickly recovered and said to herself, "What the hell" as she looked up at the gaping hole she fell from. from a voice from above she could see someone was carrying a microphone as they begun to speak into, "Welcome to the Toxic hand pirates eighty-six gladiator match!! Usually, we don't do this but today we have a special condition," The announcer took a pause, "A 1vs3 deathmatch!!!" After he said that the crowd went wild meanwhile inside the cave Perila was cursing under her breath as red little dots of light started to appear from the cave, it seemed they were recording this like it was some type of entertainment.

Arena Cave:

Perila's Gran Voyage Cave10

Suddenly four weapons fell to the floor of the cave, and from the other side of the cave, she could see three shadows walking towards her each with smug looks on their faces, "Good luck! Let the death match begin!!" Perila didn't need any more words to know this was serious, and she immediately dashed towards the weapons and grabbed onto a plain katana and then side onto her knees on the outer ring of the three males and slashed the one closest to her near his kneecap so everytime they bend their legs to move it would give a twinge of pain to discourage of them.

She immediately flowed with her movements and rolled off her sliding and quickly spun around and got back up, they quickly made their way to their weapons while the one who was slashed got there but a bit slower now looking unsure. The two-man quickly rushed her from her left and right side while the third man hung back, while the one on the left came with a wild swing to her left rib the one on the right was what Perila supposed was seeking justice and tried to go for her leg, in response Perila sidestepped out of the way avoiding the wild swing while stomping her right foot onto the left mans blade disarming him and used her own to slash him along his arm making his dominant hand weaker and then did a small twirl kicking the other man into his stomach sending him stumbling back.

Perila put her foot down and begun to looking up only to see that the third male was gone before hearing footsteps behind her, she immediately flipped her blade to her back and thrust it in that was followed by a grunting sound of pain as she felt it pierce something from behind lightly but immediately retracted it and then used her elbow and thrust it upwards towards the males face from behind and hitting him hard enough to knock him out, Perila immediately used her right foot and kicked the blade up into the air and grabbed it with her other hand now holding two katanas.

From above the crowd was watching the whole thing while others stood closer to the whole to watch not from a video but for themselves, among the people who were watching with their own eyes was Captain Gustahn but he was already infuriated that not one of the three-man had landed a decent strike on her yet, but more so than that he was starting to get mad as he heard rumors from around the vicinity saying how she was a skilled fighter and even though she was up against three-man she was holding her own.

Perila from down in the cave was watching the two remaining man while with a tight grip on both the katana's as they circled around like sharks around her, she began to breathe lighter slowing her heartbeat and calming herself down, she could hear their footsteps and the slight sound of their own breathing quite a few seconds passed and suddenly from her right she saw a blink of red and it shocked her but also made her open her eyes as from her right one of the man was rushing her and she was able to block his sword swing with both of her katana's, the other male begun to charge her northeast of where she was standing while she was busy, Perila kicked the mans lower leg she was blocking making him get low before twirling around him and slashing his back and then kicking him into the other the male causing both of them to collapse with her right leg. Perila didn't want to hurt them further, she wasn't her target, "Give up, you can't beat me."

From above Gustahn could see the two men lose the conviction in their eyes as they were both low-class fighters and Gustahn told them this would be an easy win, not liking the fact Perila was besting him at the moment he begun to bark orders, "Kill her! or so help me I will make sure your never see a scrap of food ever again!" The males were still scared but the order was too real of a threat for them to ignore and Perila knew it but she needed them as they could be possible allies for her end game plan, with that in mind Perila quiet her breathing once more poised to end it in one decisive non-lethal strike, following their orders the man began to run at her but she could hear the lack of conviction about this choice in their footsteps, Perila lightly stepped forward with her right foot and pumping muscle into it as they got closer, the moment she heard the sound of their voices get to close she dashed forward at her max speed slashing both men on the side of their ribs with both blades just deep enough for them to pass out from the pain but not enough to kill them or any serious injuries they wouldn't recover from, however, anyone who hadn't any real combat skill or good wits about them would only see that she moved in a blink of an eye passed them as the two men stopped moving for a second before they coughted up blood and fell to the floor.

Gustahn who was visibly mad in the face huffed as if to let out the smoke of his anger before speaking, " have the advantage..kill them!" Perila would hear from above, she simply looked up at the gaping hole and easily spotted Gustahn among the front of the crowd, she then lifted up her blade and then dropped it, "No. These man need medical attention, you going to give it to them" Perila said back in a challenging way, she knew that if Gustahn let them die it would only cause distrust among his own and that it would make her job all the easier, Gustahn seemed to get the picture as after she said it immediately around him people started to whisper about rather or not he was going to spare the man and that if he didn't that would mean abandonment of man who followed orders.

Gustahn simply stared down into the hole at her, before putting on a show and looking back at his man with a smile, "You heard the victor! Get those poor souls some medical attention and bring food for the winner of today's deathmatch! She put on quite a show!" Gustahn began to make his way through the crowd with a deep scowl on his face but nobody paid attention as they begun to cheer on Perila as they chanted the name "Violet Streak!" over and over while somebody throw down a ladder, it seemed, for now, this was to be her home.

End of Act 2

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Soundless Void
Act 3: Making Friends

Three days later

Perila woke up to the sound of banging on her cage, "Wake up, Violet Streak!" Perila gave a light chuckle as she got up and faced the wall while the guard came in and attaching shackles to her arm and legs, "Come on you know I don't care for that name Proan." Proan the guard answered back, "Come on! It fits you, and in the last few days since you got here that's all anyone ever been talking about, some say that you might be even to challenge the berserker of the arena!" Perila was intrigued this was the first time she ever heard there was someone like that, "Oh yeah, who's the poor bastard who is at Gustahn's beck and call?" Proan made an exaggerated huffing sound, "Oh you seen him, big guy, huge muscles, carries around a sword, goes by the name of Tyrian." Perila was shocked for a moment but it quickly faded as she should have known that Tyrian was Gustahn trump fighter out of all the rest, but the real reason was why? Perila had to know."Oh, I might have seen him, but what's a guy like that doing working for Gustahn?" Proan simply shrugged his shoulders as he took Perila out of the room and begun to walk her to where all the arena fighters eat, "Who knows, not my job to know that. although I barely get anything good for my job now." Perila stopped asking questions, he didn't know anything further on that subject and instead Perila started chatting about the smaller things, although she did like talking to Proan she was just also a part of her plan, in order for this to all work she needed a guard that had access to the keys to release the prisoners when it was time, and Proan who was on Gustahn low priority list and was already practically fed scraps was her man to do it.

After a few minutes Proan turned left to a door lower down in the ship where the dining room for the arena fighters was located, although he was her friend to make sure he wasn't giving any special treatment as was his job not to he pushed her into the dining room and shut the door and stood in attention along with the other guards scattered about in the area, Perila looked around and saw a lot of different faces but when someone turned to look at her they practically beamed with energy and excitement, "Hey guys, It's Violet Streak of the arena!!" as one person from the crowd said that many of the faces turned around and swarmed Perila, although personally, she didn't like the fame, it was essential that she made as many allies as she could, so she smiled and talk to the many people around her but suddenly the crowd got silent as it split apart revealing the three man Perila had defeated in the arena still bandaged up, the air was silent for a moment before the one that she knocked out first spoke up, "We were willing to kill you..and you spared are lives. As far as Gustahn is concerned, your more of a captain then he is." The three injured man put their right arms over their chest and nodded in respect before walking away, for the whole meal time Perila would spend time gaining relationships with the soldiers until it was time for her to report to the Arena.

Gustahns room

From the door, Gustahn heard a knock while he was standing at the window looking outside onto the open sea, "Come in." Tyrian shuffled into his room and with a deep breath he then spoke, "You wanted to see me "Captain" " Gustahn then turned around and begun pouring a glass for himself of Kentucky whiskey as he spoke, "Don't get fucking smart with me Tyrian, has our little guest been dealt with?" Tyrian answered back, "No sir, in fact, she has beaten all the man you have sent to battle her in the last four days and your crew is beginning to call her the "Violet Streak" of the arena." Tyrian then throw the glass he had just poured for himself against the wall shattering it to pieces, "GODAMMIT WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT TAKE TO KILL HER!!?" Tyrian then mused, "They do often say if you want something done do it yourself, "Captain"." Gustahn, looked at Tyrian with rage and then he had a revelation causing a smile to creep on his face, "I have a better idea, how about, you do it. The "Violet Streak" of the arena vs the Champion "Berserker of the arena." Tyrian immediately answered, "I won't do it." Gustahn chuckled confidently, "Oh yes you will, because if you lose..I'll kill you myself.. and then I'll kill your man that are imprisoned at the bottom of the ship. You do as I SAY!... and nobody else, do I make myself clear?" Tyrian tightened up his lip and gripped his blade tightly while looking away before locking a gaze into Gustahn eyes, "Yes sir." before he walked out of the room heading to the arena to fit himself for battle.

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As the warriors of the arena fights sat and ate thier food there he was. Sitting alone giving off a creepy yet not so creepy aura. Who was this man in such rags and how in the hell did he end up here. Better yet with his might why not just leave. Something was foul as the man known as the Mad Hatter lowers his head. He would pray before eating his meal.

Not good at all but still he had wrose as he cleaned off the dirty plate. He would look over to see this female of some sort. Her features was not of anything he have ever seen. The biggest grin came upon his face as he stared at her. Watching as the men whom she bear earlier bowed and showed her respect before walking off.

He would stand up to stretch his body but making not a sound. As his face paint was halfway off his face he would smiply think nothing of it. Wondering what is the girl story and why is someone of her kind is down below. Mote or less and a place such as this fight fest. However the Mad Hatter have won all his fights not by fighting but because before he was to fight. His opponents would all of a sudden go missing. Only to be found later dead or near death itself.

But still why was he still here boredom maybe as he would stand up. He would begin to dance his way towards her end of the room. Taking his hands and placing them together while putting them over his head. He would than began to tap dance all the while his body would wobble from side to side. As he began to talk he would sound as if he had a breather in his throat.

"They call you what they call you madam. However may I ask you a question? Oh just why did you not finish off your opponents. Giving the fact they would have done the very same to you. "

He would take his arms and fold them as he started his jester dance. All the while looking at this girl. Just what in wonderland is Arcologia doing here. Truth be told don't go asleep by a slaver. He thought as he looked at her reality started to become dream like for him as he smiles at her.

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Soundless Void
Perila was playing a nice game of charades with the man of the arena since they had a little time, it was one of the smaller fighters turn to go up there and try to explain what he was, usually she wouldn't be interested it as much for the game but this only served her purpose of building allies, as the male begun to flap his wings and puff out his chest the man yelled out random guesses while Perila had already guessed the male was a bird but she simply laughed as she said anything but until the man finally had an enough and yelled at them with a  mixture of laughter and anger, "No you dumb ass's I was a bird!" Perila blurted back, "You got the brain of one too, you dodo!" the man around her starting "Oooooooo!!" at her comment as some hight fived her while the man himself smirked off the burn Perila had just given him.

Suddenly she heard one of the guys in the room blurt out, "What the hell is this guy doing" causing her head to turn to a male who was literally dancing across the room, this man looked like some type of clown but what was more surprising is that he had his hands above his head as he seemed to be dancing straight towards her alarming the man she had just played a game with to swarm him but Perila held up a hand showing them she could deal with it and they backed off, "They call you what they call you madam. However, may I ask you a question? Oh, just why did you not finish off your opponents. Giving the fact they would have done the very same to you. " The male would say in a voice that hurt Perila's ears somewhat. The room got real quiet, the boys were actually also quite curious on why Perila let them live, what the male had said was true as they were prepared to kill her on the spot just as their captain ordered, Perila already know her to answer thought so as he begun to do a jester-like dance she answered his question, "I believe a man should die in a fight he chose to battle, and not a battle chosen for him by another. Don't get me wrong, my hands aren't clean. But I dare not kill a man whose conviction to fight wasn't his own."  

Just as she finished a bell rung in the mess hall, it was the bell for the fighters to be moved towards the cells of the arena, just like everyone else Perila formed a line as the man begun to move out towards the arena, but just as she was walking suddenly she heard a familiar voice yelling, "Halt!" When she turned around to look where she heard the voice it was no other then Tyrian who walked straight up to the guards who were leading everyone, "I need to take prisoner 5353." one of the guards answered back, "Who...?" Tyrian rolled his eyes and tried again with a more familiar name, "Violet Streak, The captain wants to speak to her."

Now knowing who Tyrian was referring to they pushed Perila out of the line towards him, "Stay here, I'll only need a few minutes, that's an order." With the guards knowing Tyrian authority none of them dared think twice and complied, Tyrian tightly gripped Perilla's right arm and hauled her off to a nearby cell before throwing her against the wall and pushing her up against it, "Listen we don't have a lot of time for me to explain, today I'm supposed to fight you in the arena and if I don't kill you me and my crew die, and if I win you die, there's no getting out of this." Tyrian then slapped her with no real power to it as he planted a key against her face and Perila held it before stuffing it into her pants, "That's the key to your shackles, I want you to take it and run. Just go" Perila answered immediately with a stubborn tone, "I'm not leaving, there's gotta be another way" Perila bore straight into his eyes and Tyrian knew she wasn't going to give up, he began to think of another way and suddenly had a revelation, he then took out a small den-den mushi and put it into her hands, "When we fight, there's a deep part in the cave where the video feed doesn't reach, nobody gets on this island alone and I'm sure you have backup, call them, they may be our only hope." Perila understood the plan and also stuffed the den den mushi down her pants, this time Tyrin slapped her for real leaving a mark, Don't ever disrespect me again prisoner 5353, next time I'll kill you myself." He then pushed her back out of the cell and yelled at the guards, "Keep it moving! And if you speak of this to anyone the captain will have your head!" fearing Tyrian's wraith the guards quickly got moving towards the arena.

The walk there was silence as most of the fighters had their mind occupied by their upcoming battles, unlike Perila there fights weren't to the death and everyone knew the captain wanted her dead but some now feared for the possibility to be true with Tyrians earlier outburst and some tried to comfort her with a gentle pat on the shoulder, but Perila mind was occupied with how in the end she needed help still, she wanted to do this alone but the situation was more than what one person could handle, she needed Mashyuu.

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After waiting for three fights the announcer now took the mic again while one of the men gave him a piece of paper, the announcer's face lit up with shock at it before clearing his throat and talking into the mic, "Alright ladies and gentlemen! The next fighter is one who has been dazzling us since the moment they arrived, give up for "Violet Streak"!!!!" Getting her queue Perila stepped up to the large hole and jumped down not needing a ladder, "This battle will be one for the ages! You're be telling your children and there be telling their children's children after this one, Violet Streak vs!!!!! BERSERKER!!!!!" After the announcing of the second name, the crowd lit up with cheers so loud that the noise was almost deafening as it echoed through the cave, from the other side of the cave despite the low light Perila could see Tyrian walking towards her at an even pace while weapons dropped at the center equal distance between the two, Perila and Tyrian started walking around in circles simply staring at each other as the announcer above and many others begin the countdown, "1! 2! 3!!!!"

Perila and Tyrian quickly dashed towards each other at a higher speed than what one could normally follow and while Perila grabbed her usual katana Tyrian favored grabbing an axe before they both clashed right at the center causing a loud metallic resound throughout the cave that was displayed on the den mushi feed causing the crowd to cheer from excitement as this wasn't any ordinary fight, this was a fight to prove who was the champion of the arena to them.

Although they clashed at the center Tyrian strength was superior to her's and he began to get real close pushing her back despite her keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground, Perila then jumped back three times and pointed her katana towards Tyrian, Tyrian glanced at her and then blinked looking behind him then blinked back at her repeating it several times, Perila didn't get it at first but she realized he was signaling her that the way to the dead-zone was behind him. Perila then charged at him while jumping and performing a downward slash in which Tyrian blocked with his ax and throw his arm backward causing Perila to flip mid-air by his sheer strength before she landed and begun to dash deeper into the cave in which Tyrian began to follow her.

After running for a few moments the tv feed suddenly couldn't see them anymore despite the cameras at many different angles and the audience started to wonder where they went. Inside the cave Perila and Tyrian had made it to the rocks inside the dead zone area, Perila knowing they didn't have a lot of time quickly picked up the den mushi and turned it on while Tyrian had her katana and clashed it against his axe to imitate the sound of them clashing so the crowd would be none the wiser while they were in there, with the sound of a buzz the mushi was on and Perila toned it into the Phantom Raiders frequency before speaking in a low voice, "Mashyuu....Mashyuu are you there! I need your help, I invaded a pirate captains forces but I bit off more than I can chew... I need you to cause a distraction for me, I'm northwest of the ship and if you find a large pirate ship head west and you will find a large crowd with a stadium around the arena, I need you to wreck some havoc for me, please hurry." Perila would say before turning off the radio and looking at Tyrian with a reassuring nod.

Tyrian then looked at Perila, "We need to give each other some wounds or else there never believe we were still fighting" Perila nodded in agreement and took her katana away from him, Perila then slashed Tyrian across the chest just enough to look painful but nothing that couldn't heal fast while Tyrian gave her a small cut on her face and punched her on her left leg leaving a nasty bruise. Now all there was for them to do is keep stalling with their battle while they waited for Mashyuu to come.

End of Act 3

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Hearing the girl answer had the Hatter thinking about what she could have did before. However to each thier own but upon realizing the heart of her comment he would smiply believe. That the easy way is no fun thinking how could someone be mad that way. However as the grauds would enter the area. The Hatter would sneak behind a large boulder to hide himself. Knowingly knowing it would be fun to play hid and seek.

As the grauds lead the group out he would peak over and pick up a rock. As the last graud was leaving out a small rock would hit his shoulder upon his right side. "What the hell was that? " He would than look over the area to see if anyone was still there as he pulled out his sword. "Alright come on out I know you there. " The Hatter would laugh out loud as it echoes slightly through the rocky area.

He would than wave his hand from behind the boulder. Causing the graud to come over at pace speed."Come from behind there with your hands up. " The Hatter would slowly but surely follow his orders. However he has already summoned his hollow. To prepared for his deed to end all deeds. As the Hatter looks he would stare the graud in the eyes. This infact angered him as he believed no body in rags was his equal.

"Alright to the arena you go you piece of dirt. " However the Hatter would start to dance his jester dance as his hollow would easily go around them. As the graud looks on he would not know how to react. Aiming to slice him he raised his sword. However at that very same moment he was strucked by the Hatters hollow. Causing him to instantly become negative on himself.

Sure as the man was talking about how lowly he was The Hatter could have walked away. But what's the fun in that. Arcologia would strip the man of his clothes well graud gear. After he had quickly knocked him out. Smiling as he would put on the gear. He would pick up the graud and flip him upside down. This was to let the blood flow more into his head. Killing him that would just be pure evil. Torture him would be just too wicked. But letting him overdose off his own blood was just plain mad.

Now dressed up as a graud the hatter would start to make his way around this hell whole. True he could just make bombs but where is the fun in that. Looking to and foe he would find himself at the battle between the girl and a large man. " I bet beli they kill each other. " However after a mad countdown more like up the fight would start. However it was not as fun as he would have hoped. There was no blood to go about. Plus both of them would fade into the back how dull.

"Oh my oh my how crazy. I wonder if I could go see what's taking them so long to come back out. " Soon enough a curious Arcologia only could hear the fight not see it. He would make his way into the arena as the crowd looks on. He would than hold up his hands, "I will go get them we can't see nothing you guys seriously. " He would then playfully dance his way into the back cave. Seeing as noone else had followed him he would see the duo up ahead.

Doing everything small matter fighters would do. As he looks on he would say. " Tell me something you guys why no no no no what are you guys planning on doing? You see it's a great shame to have no entertainment while eating. " He tilted his head rightly as he had on a graud uniform but was no graud.

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Perila's Gran Voyage Delet_2

"Don't believe in you. Believe in the me that believes in you!"

It hadn't even been a full day since Mashyuu had been patched up by Harley and she ordered him to stay in bed for a day to recover. His eyes were half shut, he was sick of sleeping but knew he needed to keep his body still enough to get some rest so tried to keep his body in a sort of "power save" mode. His hair was matted to his face from sweating in bed and he was breathing harder than he normally did thanks to the tight bandages on his side. To his right, on a small night stand his den den started to ring. Who the hell is that, everyone who would possibly needs me know's I'm in bed....holy shit not Perila! Mashyuu realized and his right arm reached slowly for the den den on his nightstand. He quickly pulled it to his face and made a twisted looking groan of pain as he clicked the thing on. "Perila, what's wrong?.... WHAT! I'm on the..ow... I'm on the way, stay alive!"

As quickly, and safely as he could, Mashyuu rolled out of bed and looked down at how he was dressed. Silken red pajamas with black ankle socks. He considered changing but realized he really didn't have time. Perila sounded like she was in legit trouble and he needed to move as quickly as possible. Mashyuu threw on a pair of leather loafers that slid on easily then his hand reached out and off the dresser in his room his cane sword and whip blade shot towards him. The whip blade wrapped around his waist, the sword clutched into his hand. He silently climbed out of the window and flew up into the air. The pirate groaned while his wings worked a little harder than normally but his body was feeling stronger than it had ever felt before. He was just stiff and tired from being in bed for a full day.

The Pirate Captain flew up high, high enough that he could see a majority of the island from where he was and his eyes started to scan the area carefully. "The boat? Could you be any more specific? Shit..." Mashyuu narrowed his eyes and started to think about what he could see. A lot of ships dotted the island, as he expected but he was looking for a "large ship" he assumed it was bigger than his so something slower. Every ship he could see, his eyes traveled west of, trying to see what led to an arena, he couldn't really make out people but a large land mark, something bigger than a ship, yeah he could do that. After a few minutes of searchinig his eyes landed on a large brownish ship and on a sandy shore to the west of the vessel, a large arena looking structure. A half smile crossed his face and Mashyuu rocketed towards it, pushing his body as fast as he could towards the arena.

As he flew, the Skypiean considered attacking the ship outright but decided against it. Perila's safety was the top priority. With his speed and straight line towards the arena it took Mashyuu only half the time it took Perila to get there but a good deal of sweat had coated his body and he was out of breath by the time he was above the place. Mashyuu took a few moments to look down at the arena and watched. Perila looked to be fighting for her life against a man who was rather large and tough looking. Mashyuu flipped his cane blade around in his palm then started to fly straight down at the pair, his eyes focused on the man and when he got within thirty meters of the fight, his eyes flashed red. For a moment he felt like time slowed, there was no killing intent coming from him or Perila and his attack suddenly stopped, he landed at the fighters sides five meters from them and stood up, keeping his haki active in case of an ambush.

He first looked at Perila's binds on her wings and rolled his eyes. Simple chains. Casually he walked over to them and placed his blade against the center link of the chains and yanked hard, weakening them before his devil fruit activated and he yanked hard with both hands away from one another, snapping the link. "Perila, you okay? Who did this to you? I'm going to kill them." Mashyuu asked, glancing at the other man only once. "Did you hurt her? Why aren't you trying to kill her?"

Sorry, not used to having haki yet:

Observation haki: Iner: Stamina 9/10

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Act 4: Rebellion

With Perila's call for help Tyrian and her begun to battle albeit without being serious, but to those watching it would look rather intense as they were moving at a speed that most regular brawlers couldn't follow and to the more experienced it would look like Tyrian was providing fan service until he decided to land a mortal blow on Perila. They were running back towards the entrance of the cave, side by side, even as they moved Perila swung her blade at Tyrian as he did the same with his ax, the scene was exciting for the crowd as they could hear their roars from the display of combat they were watching. Tyrian switched It up going from the side running to dashing towards her and then suddenly jumping to do a downward ax swing, Perila quickly moved out of the way and aimed to slash his left rib which was immediately blocked with his ax.

After fourteen minutes of fighting Perila had been cut three times with only being able to land one upon Tyrian as he was the better fighter, suddenly Tyrian stopped as his eyes flashed red and he looked up in the air, "Something is coming from above." causing Perila to jump away and dash right back in faking as if they were clashing so she could talk, "Above? It's probably my ally. But keep fighting."

From the arena, the crew members and forced participates were watching the fight in awe and shock at the two fighters, but suddenly their attention would be switched as an enlarged blur suddenly dove straight down into the arena pit alarming most of the people their, they begun to immediately call the captain and reported the strange sighting.

From within the cave Perila would watch as a winged figure dove down and she knew it was Mashyuu, she was about to smile at him before her eyes adjusted from his shadowy figure to see that not only was he covered in a lot of sweat and seemed to be out of breath as she could hear him slightly wheezing, but he was also wearing pajamas that made a sweatdrop roll down her face as she thought "What is he wearing...?" Tyrian who was behind her and spoke, "Is this our rescue...?" Perila shook her head and spoke, "Yeah this is my friend!" She then turned to Mashyuu but he was already in front of her and then spun her around looking at the chains that were holding down her wings, he then placed his blade against the center link of the chains and yanked hard, weakening them and then yanked hard with both hands away from one another, snapping the link allowing her wings to finally spread before he spoke asking a string of questions such as was she okay and who hurt her, and who was the man and why he didn't try to kill her, Perilla of course was just so happy to see him despite his odd appearance she walked forward cupping both of his cheeks and kissed him right on the lips for a few seconds before backing away and looking him in the eye, "I'm really happy to see you, but we don't have a lot of time. we're surrounded by a large enemy force and I need to get the allies that I have scattered around. The guy over their saved my life twice now, he can be trusted. I'm going to have to ask you to take off his collar and get back on the surface and help my allies, there be wearing metal bracelets for you to identify them and a few guards will be fighting alongside them, this is rebellion!"

After saying that Perila no longer needing to hold back spread her wings and flew right out of the cave and stopped over the arena holding up her sword, "My name is Perila Du'var or otherwise known as Violet Streak, I'm busting out of here because I'm nobody's prisoner and neither should you, join me in freedom!!" Perila didn't hesitate to fly back down towards one of the guards at her top speed and slash their chest leaving a heavy gash before taking their keys out of their pocket and throwing it over to one of the guards that she knew was afraid and didn't like Gustahn, and immediately dashed off into the air heading towards the ship as the guard begun to release those begging for him to take the chains off as the prisoners started attacking those loyal to Gustahn.

Perila landed on the ship with a thud alerting the few men who were there as Gustahn had already made his way towards the arena to deal with the growing issue, Perila then flipped her katana in her hand as the guards begun to rush her, Perila then dashed towards them instead and she slashed the first one across their chest with a left to right swing of her blade and then kicked them towards another approaching guard, from her left side a guard holding a rifle was aiming straight for her, in response Perila stretched out her blade holding arm and extended it using her devil fruit for what seemed like forever slashing him on his rib at a longer distance, the guard who had received no injury got up again but Perila simply rushed at him and flapped her wings to enchant her jump as she kicked him in the face. She quickly began to make her way down towards the holding cells intent on releasing those in captivity there.

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To be a hollow is one thing but to be looked over is another. As he arrived he amused they clashing is what caused them to show such disrespect is just wow. As the wing man appears he came in at such a speed he didn't quite see. Not until he stopped moving looking over to see it was that raider pirate captain. Out of all the people to call just how did she know such a person. Not a big deal just a mirror set back.

He would look on as the two kissed after he broke off her chains. Using that same power again such an incredible concept of an ability. It will become useful in time. He would continue to walk as he watches the wing girl take flight. She wasn't as fast as her male counterpart but still was at a decent speed. However he still could not get over the fact that he was ignored.

The anger within couldn't be no higher as he would walk out of the cave. Eyeing both the pirates with high levels of bounties. " So I'm not even worth y'all time ok. I'll make you fuckers regret taking me as a joke. Especially when I send y'all to Impel Down.  With that he made up his mind to cause chaos on the battlefield. As the war crisis wages on thanks to the wing girl freedom speech. At that very same time he would have snuck away to go hide from sight.

Planning his next move to up his name in the sea game. Seeing as they did not like him as a ally than they was sure to hate him as a enemy. Returning to the area where they was eating earlier. Arcologia would sit down as his back face the wall. He would began to summon his hollow and repeatedly sessions. By the time he was done the area would be a ghost network.

Standing up as he began to crack his bones for fighting. "Ok let's go get some bounties or hell make some noise. " with this in mind Arcologia The Mad Hatter will make the rebellion a living hell. When people take him as a joke he will take them as a target. Taking a deep breath he would start to walk back to the battlefield. With his personal army of hollow (eighteen in total nine bombs and nine negative).

He smiled as the hollow prepared to hunt the phantom.


Name: Negative Kaze Attack
Description: The user creates his hollow up to the trade mark 4. Each ghost are different each are his negative ghost. What I mean by different is. If someone was to get hit by 1 ghost the hollow effect will immediately come upon them. It will take 1 post to be cleance of the negative persona ( get it lol). They will also be cleansed of the negativity if struck, pain over riding the negative power [of course it has to be a somewhat decent blow not just a prick of the finger persay].
It will take the target(s) to get hit by 1 hollow to lose 1 will power point. Although the negative effect stills comes in to place. They will not go into deep depression until they have 0 willpower points left. Meaning just the negative effect will take over until than.
Even logia user intangibility are not safe from it's effect given they become the elements.However Only if the hollow is encased in haki could it's effect work on the said element forms.

The effect itself stills comes into play leaving the victims open for a clear attack within the time fame If not stopped. Only characters who show major signs of negativity depression are safe from this attack. ( they will have to mention in thier post that they are depressed in a major way.)
PC and NPC who will power are higher than the user.Will now be effected by this ability. (Intermediate) .

The negative effect is an ability that causes anyone that's not already negative or depressed on themselves. To become extremely negative and depressing on themselves. Causing them to stop and be immobilized in their own depression and self worthlessness causing them to be defenseless and open to attacks for 1 post.
Range: 50m
Attribute: strength & power:- current level ability
Rank:  Intermediate
Name: Bomb Kaze Attack
Description: The user now creates the trademark 4 3 foot size ghost. They can be lunched at the target at 1 under user speed. This could cause minor to major damage. Depending on the power points the user has and the edurance points the target(s) have. The ghost could explode on any given command or impact. The bomb size are now 5 feet wide and tall. The user could physically touch the hollow.
Range: 35m
Attribute: Power- Current Attribute Level
Rank: Intermediate

14Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:49 am


Perila's Gran Voyage Delet_2

Cut off by Perila's hands cupping his cheeks, Mashyuu suddenly went silent and melted into Perila's lips and sighed with joy until she pulled away. A goofy smile spread over his face and he listened carefully, only glancing back at Tyrian once in that time. After she finished talking his brow lifted and his arm wrapped around Perila's waist for a moment to give her one more kiss. "Count on me, and be safe." He whispered then let Perila go. His gaze fell on the man named Tyrian and went stern. Slowly he walked up to the man and considered not helping him. "Unlike her, I don't help everyone I meet. She has a bigger heart than I do. But I can't stand to see someone in chains. Sorry for you but I can't disarm that thing. Now I know where to focus my next skill... an E.M.P. so this is gonna hurt." Mashyuu's hands created two magnetic forces, one at each end of the latch holding the collar in place just far away enough that Mashyuu didn't have to touch the collar and started to pull. The collar started to groan and snap at the clasp when Mashyuu yanked hard, pulling the thing apart and shocked Tyrian as a result.

As Tyrian recovered a clown looking man stepped out of the shadows, drawing Mashyuu's attention for a moment before the man slank back into the darkness. "I think I've seen that guy before.. he's a little weird. Anyway... Come on we have to get up there to keep my girlfriend safe." Mashyuu offered Tyrian a hand and flew up out of the arena carrying the man.

The pair shot up out of the arena and Mashyuu began scanning the area as fights started to break out. "Alright big guy, who am I looking for? The head of the beast?" Mashyuu asked, keeping a tight grip on Tyrian's wrist and hand so the man wouldn't fall. If he happened to look up, he would see Mashyuu's face straining with pain from being stretched in such a weird way. The warrior pointed out the captain of the slaver pirates and Mashyuu started to fly towards the man. "I'm gonna set you down since you look a little worse for ware, try to get to Perila and help her out! I'll hold the Captain back but I think it should be her to land the finishing blow!" Mashyuu shouted while rounding on the ship and dropping Tyrian off at the side of the vessel that was on land.

Once he was dropped off, Mashyuu steeled his mind and focused on the Captain as his target. Mashyuu's cane blade started to spin left in mid flight and the winged Pirate's red eyes focused solely on Captain G. Mashyuu threw his body into a corkscrew style of spin the opposite way he was spinning his blade and raced past the side of the Captain after the man was about forty meters away from the ship. "Raptors Talons!" Mashyuu announced as he came to a landing two meters away from Captain G, after making his attack. The Winged Captain turned and leveled his blade at the human Captain and started to stalk the man. "You picked the wrong woman. Now if you would be so kind as to drop down and surrender now, I won't have to rip your arms off." Mashyuu warned the man and kept his focus up, sensing any near by killing intent within a thirty meter radius of him.

Sorry, not used to having haki yet:

Observation haki: Intermediate: Stamina 8/10

Skills Used:

Name: Raptors Talons
Description: Mashyuu holds his weapon out in front of him aimed either right or left, then flies or charges his opponent and forces himself into a spiral either by leaping at or flying at his target. The spiral is made in the opposite direction of the way his weapon(s) are facing and slams into his target to dig and cut or smash them at their center of mass, the faster Mashyuu can spin, the better the damage he can deal.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Speed- 4
Rank: Novice

15Perila's Gran Voyage Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:04 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Perila now beginning her decent downstairs could still hear the sounds of battle coming from the area of the arena and hoped that Tyrian and Mashyuu were alright, but she didn't have time to worry about that as more guards were sure to close in on her at any second, remembering the path that she had been on so many times Perila ran straight before turning left and then another right leading down to a flight of stairs that lead her to the first holding cells. Not a second too soon three guards each holding a spear came rushing from around a corner, the prisoners in the cell were yelling at them causing a distracting scene and as the first guard ran forward a prisoner with long legs stretched their leg out causing them to begun to trip and Perila took advance of it by rushing forward knocking the guard away as his body collided with the tip of the other guard's spear piercing his flesh, using the time provided for the man to remove their injured friend from their spear Perila quickly took out the keys that Tyrian had given her and unlocked the cell of the prisoner who helped her out.

With the male know to be free and since he was in his cell he had no restricting shackles he began to rush forward with a flying kick hitting the guard who had just dealt with his injured friend to the head while Perila began to release even more prisoners from their holding cells causing even more chaos in the hallway until about thirty-two men now stood in the hallway, "Your free now! But you won't be free until we take down Gustahn if you're inter-" It seems the man didn't need much motivation for a reason to take down the man who enslaved them as they didn't even wait for her to finish her small speech to rush outside yelling "Kill Gustahn!"

Perila shared a chuckle before turning her head to continue on her mission but when she turned around she would see a familiar face, Proan the guard holding a gun up to her head, they shared a moment's glance before he let down his gun, "Get out of here, I'll release the rest of them, you got to go help the man out there. After I'm done doing this damn ship is being blown sky-high!" She looked at Proan with a worried look seeing as his reputation as a guard may not bode well for him but Proan wasn't hearing any of it as he yelled while running to the lower parts of the ship, "Just go!" Perila still worried about her most unlikely friend yelled as she begun to go the other way, "Just make it out alive!"

Proan view

Now with the promise he made with "Violet Streak" Proan began rushing downstairs keeping up his guard like status, soon guards came rushing forward and stopped as they saw him, "Get out of our way we have an escaped prisoner!!" Proan shook his head in disagreement, "The escaped prisoner is a devil fruit user! She somehow slipped underground and is now deeper down into the ship, we gotta hurry before she releases the prisoners!" Not suspecting a traitor among them the guards easily believed Proan's lie and begun rushing to the lower parts of the ship, Proan followed behind them up until a point before slipping away from them back to the hallway and begun taking out his key and unlocking the nearest cell, the moment he unlocked it the prisoner quickly grabbed his shirt by the collar and throw him against the wall looking him into his eyes, the prisoner realising he was on their side softened his grip and gave Proan a nod of approval before they begun releasing more of the prisoners one by one.

Back to Perila

With Proan taking care of her mission Perila begun to make her way back to the deck of the ship, upon reaching it she quickly began to flap her wings to fly right off the ship heading straight for the battlefield on the sandy shore. Upon landing a few of Gustahn's man begun to attack her, Perila now no longer needed to hold back in this large-scale battle unleashed her true potential as she as stretched out her right arm that was holding the  katana with smoke slashing the few men in front of her on their right ribs before bringing it back to her and kept on going. As one male holding an ax came for her Perila spun around getting low slashing them across their legs making them fall to their knees before thrusting her elbow upwards as she rose back up, another one came but with a gun, he shot at a distance but Perila used the body of the guard she had just beaten to block it before kicking them with her full strength causing them to collide into one another.

From a distance, she could see the one person she wanted most, Gustahn, in response she quickly yelled out causing anyone near her to pause in their tracks, "GUSTAHN!!" that made him turn around as he saw her, his eyes that held fear as he was dealing with Mashyuu moments before became engulfed in rage as he begun to move towards her killing anyone who got in his way.

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