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Crimson Plague


Crimson Plague

Beatrice Yaeger

"Life is like the beach sometimes good washes onto the shore, other times you gotta deal with the crap"
-Beatrice Yaeger-"

The pitter patter of soldier's feet as they marched forward could be heard through the halls, one leader in front pressing ever forward while the others follow like sheep from behind. In essence, that was how the whole of marine chain of command could be described and no one was spared from that type of system.

Beatrice who had turned towards the left into the hallway meant eye to eye with the leader leading the pack, in the eyes of said system she was his superior officer so he immediately bowed to show respect, despite the gesture however she noticed a fire in his eye that she easily recognized as one who didn't agree of a fish men in the marine's, and certainly not one with more authority than him. She didn't say a word and simply nodded in response while walking past him letting everyone continue peacefully.

She quickly brushed off the experience as she headed towards the briefing room which would be held in her superior's officer room, everyone had a superior officer to them unless they were the fleet admiral and not even a Commodore nor an Admiral was excused from that truth and certainly not even Beatrice as she was now heading to her superior officer to receive her next orders. When she arrived at the edge of the hall she was meant with two large double doors in a low lit well designed hall furnished with lavished pottery, one on the left reading Admiral Bake and the other Rear Admiral Spun, both officers of the force exceeding her own rank but today she would only have to deal with Spun.

Door's leading to Admiral Bake and Rear Admiral Spun offices:

Lulusia's escalating situation.{Shake Down Grand Voyage} Tumblr_nlyjiylEsy1u1uleho1_1280

Her hand reached up towards closer to the center before she let her the ball of her knuckle tap against the door knocking against the hollow door causing the sound to vibrate through the halls, "Enter." A solemn hidden voice entered from beyond the door, Beatrice reached for the handle and then slowly opening it while saying "Please excuse my interruption~" in a leisurely manner. When she walked in she was meant with the site of red everywhere, the likes of the room seeming more like the place for the dead to rest rather than an office fit for a Rear Admiral, "Commodore Beatrice, ranked 3rd in you're group yet has received quite the prestige among you're peers..."

Rear Admiral Spun room:

Lulusia's escalating situation.{Shake Down Grand Voyage} Piotr-krezelewski-burdelindoor-pokoj-szkic

The same solemn voice spoke coming from the direction of the single chair facing the windows that appeared to lead to the garden. Suddenly the chair swung around to reveal  a elderly man with grayish hair swept over his head with a single loose bang hanging on the side of his face, his eyes were blue and magnified by a pair of circular glasses hanging on his face while scratching his scruffy beard as he looked at a paper in which she noticed was her file, "But you're record is so new..." he seemed to maul over before displaying a slight grin, "Well time will tell how far you go, I will begin the briefing as you're partner arrives so for the time being stay put."

Rear Admiral Spun:

Lulusia's escalating situation.{Shake Down Grand Voyage} 3ee8d7346740d8f9cb89c611f007b3f2


Professor Sad


Professor Sad
The dawn found Renero slunk against the mast, a wooden pipe hanging from the lip of his maw, puffs of smoke hanging lazily over his head before dissipating into the morning chill. The cold wind swept across his furry chest, covered only by the long white coat that lay resting on his shoulders. His eyes lay on a book strewn open in front of him, his other idly clawing at his overgrown scruff.

It had been two months and thirteen days since his last mission on that damned sunken island. With it, he lost his commanding officer, his crew, his place in the marines. He became just another roamer, any possibility of comradery snuffed, having not even met all of his squad mates. After a few days in a field hospital, he had been serving on ships patrolling empty waters, his Den Den silent. Having reached the rank of Captain, that came with Rokushuki training, something which provided him with endless challenge, whiling the rest of his time he spent reading and smoking a rather pleasant herb that he had bought from a speck of an isle they had docked at.

Yet a week ago, the ship changed course midway, setting sail for Lulusia. He, along with everyone stationed on the vessel were being sent there to reinforce the marine base due to a surge in underworld dealings and other such lawless activity.

The early rays of the sun formed a shadowy silhouette in the rising horizon, clear even in the morning haze, which was thinning with every passing moment. Renero’s gaze shifted blankly towards it, his claws still twining in his wild scruff. He was going to miss most these quiet moments, the salty sea wind blowing as he read by lamplight. Yet the call of duty gave him a joy unlike any other. Taking one last long look at the sun. carefully balanced on the horizon, Renero picked up his book and retreated his quarters, to enjoy a good long bath.


As he soaked in the brass tub, the steaming warm water flowing through his fur; the familiar sound of a den den mushi cut through the silence. Renero was excepting his orders to come through at any moment, so he had left the snail at arm’s reach.

“Captain Renero D. Wajima, Marine Code 00-“ Renero begun.

“Yea yea, Sir, that’s a mink’s voice all right. Top Brass says to report to Admiral Spun.” The nasal voice cut.

“Get me those orders delivered by letter on paper, along with where I can find the Rear Admiral.” Renero said coldly.

“Oh come, on; that’s not really-“ the voice began.

“I shall be excepting the orders in the next 30 minutes. Captain Wajima out.” Renero cut, before cutting the call short. He hated that kid.


Renero’s steel toed boots clacked on the marble floors, his eyes pinned onto the piece of paper which gave him directions to his new Commanding Office’s quarters. It had been a while since he felt these butterflies, his hands trembling slightly, as he stood in front of the door. He shook himself, reminding himself that he was Captain Renero D. Wajima, a respected marine officer. Clad in a white suit with a silk azure shirt, lined with the gold studded suspenders that framed a crimson tie, the marine coat hanging proudly from his shoulders, Renero looked fully the image of the high ranking marine. The suit tailormade; not only is it durable to resist the daily life of a marine but it also loose enough to allow him to enforce justice without worrying about ripping any threads. Unfortunately, his shaggy fur and scruff, which he had tied in bunches, gave off a feral aura which conflicted; something which Renero was more than aware of.

Giving a light rap on the double doors; he waited till his eyes picked up the command to enter and so he did. A gaunt, pale figure stood facing him, sitting behind the wide mahogany desk that stood in the center of the room.  Giving a brief salute, he waited for the Rear Admiral to address him.

WC: 700

Crimson Plague


Crimson Plague

Beatrice Yaeger

"Life is like the beach sometimes good washes onto the shore, other times you gotta deal with the crap"
-Beatrice Yaeger-"

A light tap reached Beatrice ears coming from the direction of the door causing her to glance from the side at it, "That must be him. Enter!" At Rear Admiral Spun command the door opened, Beatrice was pleasantly surprised to see not a human nor a fish men but a mink with white and black strips similar to that of a white tiger simmering through the door and into the office. "Captain Renoro, I trust you're travel here went smoothly?" Rear Admiral spun said as his hands folded upon each other as he store at him with an intense yet softened gaze, once their light talk had settled and ran it's course Admiral Spun would sit up in his chair as he moved his left hand towards Beatrice.

"Allow me to introduce you to Beatrice Yaeger, a capable marine literally born from the sea, as Commodore her authority exceeds yours so you're be following her lead. Now on to the matter at hand, as you are aware of Lulusia Kingdom has had a boom of activity minus the addition to our own forces, although we have power we can not stop activity from pouring in so needless to say all types of scum rather they be pirates or petty thieves are gathering on the island. It just so happens that one of these groups have somehow manged to get their hands on the treasure of the sea, a Devil fruit, I don't know how they got it and I don't care. You're task is to retrieve that fruit I'm I understood?"

"Yes sir, loud and clear...~" Beatrice answered back with a tone that sounded somewhat detached from the situation, once Captain Renoro had responded the Rear Admiral gave one final sentence, "Commodore Beatrice, I expect you to procure the fruit and return with my Captain in good health. Dismissed" Beatrice displayed a toothy smile, "You have my word Rear Admiral....~"

Once they were out of the office and closed the door Beatrice would turn to Captain Renoro, "Well then what do we have here..~?" Beatrice said before beginning to expect Renoro from all around inspecting his tail and other features, she even went under his arms lifting them up to investigate his underarms before ending up right in front of him, "Mhm...~ You're definitely a real mink...~" Beatrice said with a toothy smile.

"Well than Renoro~ What makes a mink join the marine's~?" If he didn't answer she wouldn't bother to pray any further and instead tell him he was being rather secretive in a playful manner before dropping dropping the conversation, if he did share with her she would gladly share back that she was looking for someone really important to her. After their light chat was done Beatrice would straighten herself up and put her left hand on the hilt of her sword, "With introductions out of the way~ Let's go patrol the area, it's still day light so the guarantee of finding something is low but we might be able to make some new connections with the people~ That is....if they could stand how we look ufufufu~" Beatrice laughed as she continued to walk towards the exit of the building to get onto the main street in a childlike carefree manner


Total WC:1,049

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
"That has been the case, Rear Admiral. Thank you for your interest.” Renero replied as politely as he could.

At the introduction of Beatrice, Renero turned on his heels and saluted her as he did to the Rear Admiral. wordless as not to disrupt the Rear Admiral’s speech, before turning back to face him, listening attentively with a keen ear. Albeit he could not afford more than a quick glance to his new superior, the Rear Admiral’s introduction and what he saw, the sheen of scales and webbed hands, made it plain that she was a Fish-man; a race he rarely seen in the flesh and knew very little about.

Suppressing his curiosity and keeping himself from digging in his memory to see if he read anything regarding these sea-dwellers, his thoughts focused on the Rear Admiral’s briefing. He described an unfortunate circumstance, that of criminal scum becoming more active in the area; something which was detailed in the short brief he received when he was initally called to the Kingdom of Lulusia. Yet the rest came to quite a surprise to Renero, not only because it was new information but because of the gravity of their assignment, that of Devil Fruit.

Albeit Renero had spent his whole life in the service, he had yet to meet someone who possed the legendary power of a devil fruit. Stories and Rumors he had heard aplenty, being commonplace. Many are the marine who recounts their experience seeing such powers upfront, yet rarely is said power the same. Ability to conjure fire from one’s body, as Renero could with Electro, to the ability to make anything blow up with a mere touch; their powers seemed to be vast and truly deserving of the name. Even a well-trained and well-armed unit of marines would be hard pressed against scum powered up by such fruit. On the other hand, a marine with such powers could put whole routs of pirates off the streets with ease. This power seemed to have one weakness; The Sea. Seawater seemed to be the bane of those enhanced, being unable to traverse it and weakening them greatly. Renero did his best to suppress any shock or surprise from his face, doing his best to remain stoically composed as the Rear Admiral paced in front of them.

“Understood Sir.” Renero gave a nod as the man finished speaking and dismissed them.
It was only after he was alone with his new superior did he realize the strange feeling that welled at the back of his mind, the type that one gets when cutting towards themselves or walking on a very narrow ledge. A feeling he had not felt in a long time. This feeling quickly turned to confusion as Beatrice seemed to be keenly inspecting him. He had been treated in many ways, but never like a prized horse; albeit Renero was too baffled to be offended or put up any resistance. Her actions reminded her of a pirate that had evaded his capture; her name unknown yet stamped in Renero’s mind since his first mission. She had rarely left his mind since.

“Aye Ma’am, the real deal.” Renero replied with a sheepish chuckle, lifting a lax hand and letting electro flow amongst his open fingers as if to show he was not lying.

“Well, I was picked up from the streets and been a Marine all my life.” He said, nervously, even though that was the truth. The Deja Vu of that pink haired pirate was clouding his mind; yet he was doing his best to be polite to his superior, as hard as that may be.

Renero followed her pace, only being able to give a half-hearted chuckle.

“Deep breaths, Renero, Deep Breaths.”

TWC: 1,340

Crimson Plague


Crimson Plague

Beatrice Yaeger

"Life is like the beach sometimes good washes onto the shore, other times you gotta deal with the crap"
-Beatrice Yaeger-"

Beatrice walked with a light bounce to her step, her carefree manner a heavy contrast to her appearance as she walked outside with a toothy smile. "Hmmmm...~" Beatrice hummed to herself as she thought about Renoro words, "A marine your whole life huh...~?" She turned to face her partner, "That type of dedication...I don't dislike it~"

She pushed the door out of the base open, blinding sunlight immediately blinded her for a moment the causing her to close her eyes for a moment as her eyes even after years of working on the surface hadn't quite adjusted to the degree of light. When her eyes finally readjusted she was meant with the sight of Lulusia's Kingdom moving about, some inspecting food that they would like to purchase, others advertising their own product and groups of people simply chatting among themselves, but what caught her eye the most was that nearly have the people on the street were working on paper lanterns as they glued the pieces together.

"Hmmmm...~" Beatrice hummed again as she walked up to the small group of people holding the paper lanterns in their hand, immediately once she caught their eye they flinched and tried to back up out of fear. "No need to be alarmed humans... I just have a question, why are so many making paper lanterns~?" For a moment the group looked at each other before seemingly walking away ignoring her question, although it happened sometimes to her it was still quite the disheartening scene. Suddenly however she felt a small tap on her leg from behind, when she turned around she was meant with a young human boy, his eyes shone like the deep blue sea while his hair was a deep shade of brown while his clothing was almost if not near identical to her own.

Little Boy:
Lulusia's escalating situation.{Shake Down Grand Voyage} 8ce04b723d8e3ccc9bf33d5ee537089b

He held up his paper lantern in his hand, "You want to know why everyone's working on this? I don't know all the details but my mama and papa told me every five years Lulusia Kingdom celebrates the day the Kingdom became it's own country and was fully recognized by the World Government, so every five years on this day at night the whole country sends paper lanterns into the sky in celebration." Beatrice hummed to herself, "I see...~ Thank you very much little one~" Beatrice said giving a toothy smile as she reached her hand out to pat the boy on his head only for the boy to slap it away, "I'm not some little kid! I want to be a marine too!!" The boy yelled passionately, "Ohhhh..~? In that case I'm sure if you worked hard and got stronger you would be an excellent marine...~"

The boy looked shock for a moment before smiling as he began to run away, Beatrice waved him off before turning to Renoro, "Well did you get the idea, Renoro...~ A whole country focused on celebrating their home in masses would make a good cover up for shady deals such as the one were investigating, no..~ Anyway let's keep going, were sure to find something eventually...~" Beatrice began walking with a bounce in her step once more.


Total WC:1,634

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
Renero stalked behind his partner, his stiff steps careful not to overstep her gait, seeing as he was easily twice her size. Renero nearly slammed into her as she turned on her heels so suddenly, sending him stumbling a step back.

"Why, Thank you, Ma'am." He replied, timidly to the unexpected compliment. "It's to be expected from every Marine after all." he added matter-of-factly, doing his best to sound polite.

Renero stepped out of the base behind Beatrice, pulling a pair of tea shade sunglasses out of his upper pocket. His slitted eyes were as good in the dark as they were in the day, but strong sunlight usually gave him quite a headache. His lungs were filled with the hot air of the outside, the cool air of the base still rushing tentatively at his back before the doors swung back closed. In the time he had been inside, some sort of market place seemed to have been set up, teeming with goods of all sorts, a throng of clients lining on every variety of stall. The air was filled with the babble of the crowd, the shrill cry of a hawker and that of rather heated barter occasionally making their way through.

Renero followed his comrade mindlessly, distracted by an ache in his left tooth he was trying to cure by jabbing it with the point of his claw. The smell of fried meat reached his sharpened senses, along with a myriad of other tasty smells.

"Commod-" He began but was cut short once he looked down. It seemed Beatrice was trying to gather some information from some playing runts in the street. Unfourantly, the presence of the looming Renero was enough to put a wrench in her plans.

"Ah fuck." he muttered to himself as he took a step. Renero could say he was an excellent marine without much hubris, yet when it came to mingling with any form of a crowd or trying to wring out information without intimidation, he was completely out of his water. He knew he was drafted for his size and brutish attributes, not for his charisma. With that thought, he realized the purpose of his pairing with the homuncular fish-man. Nevertheless, he was sure a woman of her size wouldn't simply rise to her station simply due to a silver tongue.

Thankfully, it seemed Beatrice managed to convince a little boy to still talk to hear and while Renero stayed out of sight for a while, lighting his pipe while he stood leaning in the shade against the cool stone, his ears were pricked up to listen in to the conversation. As he saw the exchange unfold, he wondered how different things would be if he was human. Would he even be able to reach this rank without his natural prowess?

Before he could ponder anymore, he caught sight of the commodore muss the child's hair, a sure sign that the conversation was at the end. He slowly starting getting closer, not wanting to scare the child before they had parted fully. With a panic he put out his pipe, realizing that the smoke might be a discomfort for the Beatrice, especially due to her unique physiology.

He nodded to her statement and followed with a leisurely gait, careful to not overtake her. Thankfully, the crowds parted easily at the sight of him, giving Beatrice the ability to liberally skip at her heart's content.

WC: 580
TWC: 1,920

Crimson Plague


Crimson Plague

Beatrice Yaeger

"Life is like the beach sometimes good washes onto the shore, other times you gotta deal with the crap"
-Beatrice Yaeger-"

Keeping to her word Beatrice along with the assistance of Captain Renoro continued to patrol the Common Grounds, her toothy smile and gleeful steps a heavy contrast to the thoughts of the possible whereabouts of her father and the fact that she was stationed so far away from the lead she had spent months just to achieve, the mere thought that her lead would be a dead end by the time she was allowed to follow it angered her yet she kept a composed smile and continued her gleeful skipping as if nothing in the world bothered her.

Meanwhile as time dwindled down the people of Lulusia became more exhilarated for their five year traditional event, everywhere one turned you could hear the converse of people talking about what they had accomplished since the last celebration, what they planned to accomplish before the next one. With the celebration close at hands the stalls filled with variety meats and fruits from different islands had their hands full as people waited in long lines in order to fill their stomach, the tantalizing smell of fresh cooked meat slathered with butter and a type of barbecue sauce was what hit Beatrice nose the hardest.

The smell was so alluring she began to slow down before coming to a stop and looking towards the stalls way, "Renoro...~ I'm hungry...let's get a bite to eat...~" Beatrice made her way to the stall with the alluring smell and began waiting in line, she had stood there for a few moments standing behind a mother and her two children that held her hands as they asked her about the history of Lulusia Kingdom, but it wouldn't be long before one of the children noticed her presence and suddenly became scared hiding behind the clothing of their mother, alarmed the mother looked behind as well only to witness Beatrice toothy smile as she waved a hello, the mother let out a small shriek before she grabbed her two children and ran off.

Naturally as the other customers heard the shriek they became curious only to witness Beatrice toothy smile but yet some of them didn't run as they looked confused by Beatrice's marine attire and the usual coat of justice that told people she wasn't just some marine upstart, rather it be out of respect or confusion the people began moving into two lines allowing her direct access to the stall, despite her earlier mood these did cheer her up a bit and she gave the people a bow as a thank you before she skipped up to the front to place her order, "Six orders of you're finest meat please!" She said eagerly as the smell was permeating her whole body causing her hunger to elevate even more

"Coming right up!" The stall owner said as he began Beatrice order, she bounced from foot to foot at the thought of how soft the meat would be combined with the taste of the slathered barbecue sauce. But as she waited she could hear a small group of people conversing among themselves, the topic of their conversation being that their was an illegal fighting tournament being held deep in the alleys and if you could win at least three matches the pay would be quite the large sum, the voices seemed excited before they began to walk down the alleyway.

Beatrice hummed to herself, "Interesting...Hey stall owner can you please hold our order for us..~" She said as she put the money for the food on the table as well as a tip equal to at least half of the meals cost. "Hey Renoro...~ Looks like we got some work to do..~" Beatrice uttered before walking down the alleyway with her usual gleeful skips


Total WC: 2,283

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
With a slow gait, Renero followed the cheerful Commodore, his eyes scanning the bustling crowd from under his shades. Unfortunately, albeit his gaze was hidden, his figure was far from it. The parted crowd’s eyes were all on their figures, fear, and awe clear in their faces as they stole quick glances. Albeit he hoped it was due to them being enforcers of justice, it was a hope he knew that was as false as the smiles the merchants flashed while they hawked their wares.

Although the hubbub of the crowd has not faltered, the shrill voice of the Commodore was hard to miss. Nearly walking into her once more as she suddenly stopped, at her words Renero realized how hungry he was.

“That sounds like a good idea, Commodore.” He husked, with a stiff nod of his head.

Albeit his psychology gave him both a sharp sense of smell and sight, one needed not to have heightened senses to locate a stall selling some manner of nourishment, ranging from small crown shaped pies to sizzling flanks of all kinds, fat dripping idly as they spun on waning flames.

Albeit Renero was quite curious about what the pies were filled with, his natural preference for flesh ranked higher in his tastes. Thankfully, his superior seemed to be on the same line of thought. As he approached the stall, a curious thought occurred to him. What was the natural inclination for Fishman to feed on? Was it based on their genome, as per Minkmen? Or was it a cultural cuisine? Albeit Renero’s head filled itself with dozens of similar questions, even a social recluse like him knew better than to ask them if he wanted to keep his position.

The commotion occurring in front of him brought his train of thought to a screeching halt and for a moment, he thought that crime was afoot, yet the sight in front of him defused the adrenaline that was starting to rush into his blood. Thankfully the queue decided to let them pass first after the mother and her snotty brats were gone; a turn of events that was favored by his now grumbling stomach. Pulling out a handkerchief to wipe any of saliva that might leak out of his maw. Six plates of deliciously cooked meat, dripping with fat and foreign sauces. His handkerchief soon was a wet rag at this sight and he barely could wait to replace the taste of saliva with that of the meat, yet he did not forget his manners, even in this state of hunger. The Commodore gets first pick on the meat. He gets the leftovers. And most probably the bill.

Yet in a strange twist of events, the Commodore gave the order to follow her, dropping a lump of beli on the stall table before starting to move out. Giving the stall owner a quick grin, he grabbed the plates and wolfed down the flanks of meat, one after each other into his maw with great haste, his teeth rending them into pieces in seconds. Wiping his hands and maw quickly with the complimentary paper towel, he gave a quick thumbs up to the astonished shop owner before running after his superior, his large stature and long gait making it an easy task.

WC: 550
TWC: 2,470

Crimson Plague


Crimson Plague

Beatrice Yaeger

"Life is like the beach sometimes good washes onto the shore, other times you gotta deal with the crap"
-Beatrice Yaeger-"

Beatrice walked up to the entrance of the alleyway, she could hear the sound of Renoro ravishing the food she had just ordered from behind but her gaze was focused further down the alleyway, about three meters in she could spot the group that had entered it before them just recently heading further down as they shifted towards what she could only assume was a left turn. Soon she felt the slight vibration of the earth as Renoro seemingly finished his meal and was now behind her, "Glad you're no longer hungry..let's go..~" Beatrice said as she made her way down the alleyway, but unlike during the entirety of their patrol Beatrice wasn't skipping, she was definitely walking but her movements were nearly silent in contrast to her skipping earlier.

Her movements were small yet agile as she followed the group through the alleyway system from behind along with Captain Renoro, the group had made several turns throughout the walk but before long the group stopped at a door right in the middle of an alleyway, the door was completely black and was almost similar to the color of charcoal but what confused Beatrice is the bizarre location of it. The group she had tailed knocked on the door and for a moment their was silence before a mechanism behind the door began to spin and the door slowly opened before the leader of the group looked around before ushering everyone inside before the door resealed itself, Beatrice stood their for a few seconds before turning to Renoro, "It seems we stumbled upon some type of secret meeting, let's get down their and see if it's what we're looking for...~"

Beatrice walked over to the door, she took a deep breath before copying the same knocking pattern she had heard earlier, she waited for a moment and for a second she thought she may have performed it wrong before she heard the familiar turning mechanism in the door before it slowly began to open to give way to a fire torch lit tunnel going downward in what seemed to be a spiral, Beatrice looked at Renoro before grabbing the hilt of her blade and traveling down first with caution.

The tunnel spiraling structure proved annoying as it seemingly spun the victim around giving her a light dizzy feeling, in response Beatrice hummed as she spoke, "How perceptive, it seems this route was chosen to spin the people around as to not figure out another entrance to wherever it leads...~" she said out loud as if she was talking to herself yet knowing full well Captain Renoro was their. It had been a nearly several minutes before the long spiraling tunnel lead to a hallway similarly lit to the tunnel, however at the end of the hallway two guards were towards the right seemingly playing a game of cards as they seemed to be conversing with one another while their weapons of choice seemed to be spears that were standing up in the corner of the opposite side of them, the display caused Beatrice to give a toothy smile before speaking, "Novices, I'll take care of them real fast...~"

Beatrice before stepping into from out of the tunnel swung her hand over her shoulder and unclasped her marine coat of justice letting it drop to the floor, she then looked at Renoro giving him a toothy smile and a thumbs up before she moved out and into the hallway walking at a steady pace as she approached the two guards, one of the guards gaze had loomed over and he had managed to see her out of the corner of his eye, alarmed the guard snapped up out of his seat reaching over the table to grab his spear that also sprung the other guard into action before they presumably moved into a guarding position as they started yelling in a demanding tone, "STOP RIGHT THEIR! PUT YOUR WEAPON UP!"

Beatrice did as the man said and stopped moving while hoisting up her blade in the air, "NOW STEP FORWARD AND TOSS IT IN THE AIR! DON'T MAKE ANY OTHER SUDDEN MOVES EITHER OR WERE KILL YOU!"  The guard threatened, Beatrice couldn't help let out a chuckle as she stepped forward swinging her blade forward, but this time she didn't follow their command as she ran forward in a sprint, one soldier had been occupied with trying to catch her weapon while the one who made the threat stepped forward in a large motion as he tried to pierce Beatrice with his spear, however the guards movement had been entirely too wide and narrow and Beatrice ducked under the fierce thrust causing the guard to miss, with her lowered position Beatrice swung her right leg out in a sweep kick, her cybernetic enchantments proving to be quite sturdy and under the force of her kick the men's flesh yielded before her kick made impact with his bone for a split moment before intense pain shot through the guardsmen leg(2 Strength) while causing him to lose balance.

Just in the nick of time the other guard had managed to catch her sword while the fallen guardsmen spear had dropped in her hand as he was going down, Beatrice being familiar with spears swung it around easily before flicking the staff all the way around hitting the other guardsmen right in the neck causing them to gasp for air before Beatrice changed the direction of the staff flicking them men head straight up with the blunt end knocking them out while they held her sword, the other guard that had been knocked down attempted to get up but Beatrice simply slammed her cybernetic foot against his face knocking him out as well. "Renoro~ It's time to come out..~" Beatrice called for Captain Renoro as she bended down to pick up her blade before setting her sights on the large double door, she then would look at Renoro and point towards the door, "Knock it down please..~"


Total WC: 3,302

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
Until now, the patrol felt more like a leisurely stroll than a peacekeeping assignment. Catching up to Commodore Beatrice with easy haste, Renero immediately noticed that her demeanor had changed, albeit it was not through her tone, still sweet yet with a noticeable edge to it, that she sarcastically chided him. He muttered some apologies, yet she obviously did not seem to notice. Her happy go lucky aura was completely gone, replaced by that of a veteran professional. Even though the lens of his tinted glasses, Renero could see figures moving along the end of the alley. He needed no further explanation.

Taking off his teashade glasses and slouching his walk, Renero's steps went silent. Albeit a huge being, his form lent itself to stealth. Arching down further, he rested his body on his paws, hunched down on all fours, reducing his profile to not much larger than that of his superior. He was fully capable of moving silently upright, yet he felt the urge to leave nothing to chance. They moved through the maze like streets, narrow dirty cobbles, cold and damp to the touch even though there hadn't rained in quite some time.

The two officers stopped in their tracks, both focused on the sight of the hidden opening. To the laymen, even one with Renero’s enhanced senses, it would have been impossible to detect. It was more clear than ever than these were no wayside thugs. These may very well be the criminal element carrying the famed devil fruit. Renero nodded silently to his superior, as they found themselves alone in the alley, the door hard to see even with the knowledge of its existence.

A shiver went through Renero’s spine and his throat felt parched at the thought of the magnitude of the situation. He was a highly trained officer, same as his comrade, yet a devil fruit? He only had heard tales about its power. Yet Renero could not deny he was also intrigued. Thankfully, the Commodore took action, giving Renero time to push his fearful curiosity aside and he bolster himself with the righteous sense of duty, as best as he could at least. Albeit shaken, he stood fast.

Renero rose to his feet once in the hidden tunnels, the tight space an unfavorable environment for being on all fours or of combat of any kind. Reflexively, his claws protracted, ready to rend any foe that might come at them from behind; his ears visibly pricked up to detect even the quietest of mice sneaking in the serpentine tunnels.

“There’s one way back, and one way forward; not accounting for any other secret doors.” Renero whispered back. “My concern lies mostly in making haste as not to lose the trail into some secret crevice.” He added helpfully, in the most non-commanding tone he could muster.

The walls of the tunnel started changing color, as they slowly began to expand outwards the further they trespassed. Soon enough, they found themselves looking into a cobbled tunnel that could fit a train; with two thugs playing cards at the end of it; seemingly guarding a thick wooden door that lay behind them.

Before Renero could suggest any plan of action, Commodore Beatrice took action with haste. Renero was taken back from her toothy grin, being unaccustomed to being smiled at, let alone by his superior right before engaging a foe. She moved with what he could only describe as a lazy haste, making her presence obvious to both her foes. Her blade pointed up towards the ceiling, Renero was now unsure what could be passing through her mind. With a chuckle, she moved in a blur under her foe’s spear and swept his legs from under him with a crunch.

Her blade logged in the shaft of the other thug’s spear, she evaded the spearhead once more, picking up the fallen weapon with one motion and used the momentum to smash the second thug’s face in a burst of crimson before dispatching him completely with a kick.

As the Commodore pulled out her sword from the spear, he approached at her command. “As you command, Ma’am.” He answered plainly, sizing up the door as he approached. Taking one sharp breath as he was an arm’s length away from the door; he felt his knuckles harden with Haki, spreading through his hands. He slammed both fists into the center of the door, breaking the drop bar that secured it, sending it’s splintered form crashing into the approaching thugs, having been roused by the yells of their comrades.

WC: 785
TWC: 3,225

Crimson Plague


Crimson Plague

Beatrice Yaeger

"Life is like the beach sometimes good washes onto the shore, other times you gotta deal with the crap"
-Beatrice Yaeger-"

Beatrice eyes widened in surprise as she watched as Captain Renoro seemingly came forward following her order to knock the door down, it was a flash but she recognized the glint of the beginning stage of haki as he slammed a double palm strike into the center of the door causing it to be reduced to splinters knocking down the guardsmen that had rushed to the door upon hearing the two Beatrice knocked out.

The new sight that was before them was a large crowd, some had been cheering and others angry as they watched two fighters down below in a circular ring that seemed to be sizing each other up before they attacked. Although they had broken the door down tp get inside they had been about nearly 343 people their and their deafening sound drowned out their entrance into the large space although the cracked splinters of the wooden door had managed to launch itself into the very back of the crowd gathering some of the attention of the back crowd that consisted of at least several people, upon seeing Renoro's marine coat of justice they quickly became afraid as some of them seemed to murmur something before getting up from their seats and seemingly made skittish movements as they headed away, Beatrice noticed their direction and it was directly towards another wooden door.

"Hmmm...I see..~ So this is the fighting arena I heard them mention...judging by that crowd reaction this is definitely an illegal tournament..~ More so than that it seems their are multiple secret entrances to this arena and the entire thing is even enforced with metal walls...fufufufu, this is quite the find. No doubt this arena is flowing with all types of criminals...~" Beatrice said while laughing to herself as she was beginning to get interested.

Beatrice basically hopped to face Renoro directly from his side, a big toothy smile all the while, "So why didn't you tell me...~!" She said excitedly, "When were you gonna spill you can use beginner must be pretty reliable Captain Renoro...I like that...~" Beatrice grinned from ear to ear, all the while a few of the other guards noticed them from across the arena and were beginning to send reinforcements before they ruined the show, Renoro who was a great deal taller would be able to notice this before Beatrice did.

Although Beatrice hadn't notice this she seemingly turned to face the arena, "Well you can explain it to me later...~ It's time to shut this place down...I'm going to thin out the herd a bit to grab the attention of the real stubborn criminals...things might be dangerous but I'm sure you're be fine...probably...~" Beatrice said tilting her head in a carefree smile, if Renoro was sane enough he might have realized his commanding officer was a bit crazy. "Well off I go...~" Beatrice said before running forward, her body began to spark up with electricity as she leaped over the crowd at a descending arch angle that was nearly ten and a half meters from where she stood, all the while hand her legs starting lighting up as she curled into a ball before a sudden explosive power propelled her forward as she held her blade tightly in her hand, the result was Beatrice was in a rapid spinning motion and as she approached the ground she released all that pent up motion swinging her sword downward with extreme force {3 Strength} as she landed two meters away from the arena, the force of her swing causing even the metal enforced ground to crack in a three meter wide cone that stretched out three meters pass the arena for a total of five meters.

The crowd was silent, they had all fixed their gaze towards Beatrice, some muttered now wondering who the hell she was and why she interrupted the fight but her display of power had kept it to a minimum, Beatrice seemingly put her hand to her mouth as she coughed to clear her throat, "Good evening everyone...~" She said in a loud clear voice with a air headed tone to it, "This arena is restricted as illegal in Lulusia Kingdom, although it is under Lulusia Kingdom it is still within it's territory hereby making this an illegal affair and all of you accomplices making you all criminals...~" Beatrice said plainly, "Therefore if you would all stay where you are as I call in back up to arrest you that would be real nice of you...~ "Beatrice said with a cheerful smile asking nicely before making a surprised face, "Ohhh, I am Beatrice Yaeger, Marine Commodore so please don't make a struggle.. as I wouldn't want to increase you're punishment...~" She said finishing off with a toothy smile.

Their was now complete silence at her response before a large portion of the crowd started to laugh at her while some others begin making their exit, even the fighters that had been on the stage began to laugh at her while she stood their continuing to smile unfazed by the sound of their laughter. Some of the crowd began to yell things like "Get her off the stage!" others yelled, "Kill that fish men already" and some even yelled, "It's only one brat, get the guards", as if on cue five guards began to make their way down and began approaching Beatrice, she turned her head to the approaching five and gave a wider toothy smile, "I see..resistance is it..I guess it can't be helped...~"

Beatrice seemingly rushed at the first guard, as she ran she spun on her pivot while unleashing a wide swing right to the side of their rib causing them to stumble and fall the opposite way, when the person behind him came at her she flipped her sheath around in her hand before leaping up to their height and swinging it downward slightly towards the left whacking them directly on the top of their head knocking them out with a quick strike to their temple while pulling out her blade from it's sheath as she landed only to do a leaping back flip to gain some distance from the guards before landing back on the ground displaying a toothy smile.


Total WC: 4,351

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