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1 [Travel-Train] One way trip on Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:50 am

Poopy Face


Watch the Throne


"So this is the Sea Train to Jaya Island?" Fidel would ask before boarding he had missed the first one because, three hours ago, he had ended almost leaving on the wrong Sea Train. He was thankful some Old Wench asked him what he planned to do in Sandy Island. He didn't want to hand out there as he wasn't a fan of a lot of sand, just how he wasn't a fan of a lot of Water. Jaya was where it was at. And he had been there twice in his life when his Captain went to recruit some wannabe pirates. Some of his best moments took place there. He thought was going back there to get a taste of the life he once lived.

He had already paid a arm and a leg for the ticket, and was now boarding the right train. He found a seat within the middle cart toward the back. His seat was by the window to, so he could be close to the water. He'd find that the best way for himself to go to sleep if he did this. Able to hear the wheels crashing through the waters more from this seat than sitting within the middle of the cart.  

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