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Aku Soku Zan



"I feel as if I've been on these trains for months, even though it has only been a week. " Hannibal would mumble to himself as he'd sway to his feet. Once up he'd outstretch his arms and yawn, he was tired. He hadn't move from that spot on the train for hours. He didn't though sleep at all during this journey. What he had been occupying him time with was documenting everything he knew, currently, about Devil Fruits. He had only one real encounter with one and that was Dilan. Witnessing the Man turn into a beast, specifically a Lion. He noted that almost everything about Dilan had increased beyond that of even Fishman and Minks. Races naturally stronger than the others like Humans. Hannibal also noted that Dilan might have been able to match a Giant in strength. Hannibal started to want to at least fight Dilan, to see how strong he really was. As he could only go off of things he saw Dilan do, which was few.

Hannibal would pick up the notebook off of the seat next to his; this is what he had been writing his information in. He'd then place it inside the suitcase he had on the floor. After it was safely put inside of that he'd reach up above his area and pull down his second suitcase. He traveled light and only had these two. He would hear something outside of the Sea Train. He didn't really pay attention to it all though, but it is something to note.

He dressed light a simple grey dress suit, the whole fit. He did also wear a wool beanie hat, and gloves. He just wanted to have his outfit look nice. As he began to make his way off of the Sea train he'd notice that every was bundled up, wearing layers of clothing. And once he walked outside he'd see he had eyes on him, as he was wearing hardly anything. Light posts along the sea train station is what allowed there to be visible light. After this one, in thirty minutes, the next sea train heading to Sandy Island should pull in. The noise from before still didn't stop but that didn't mean Hannibal paid attention yet.

The Island that Hannibal had arrived to was Drum, a winter wonderland. The sea, in many parts, were frozen. Snow gently began to blanket the area, piling on and on. Walk ways were paved so that walking could be possible. Hannibal, upon leaving the train, would head inside of the Sea Train ticket building. At this time of night not many places, that he cared to go to, were open. A Pub, hotel, or restaurant were open but he didn't want to be in that type of environment. He didn't have anything against the people within there he just didn't want to be around too much noise. And within the ticket station people seemed to keep to themselves, from what Hannibal could see.

Aku Soku Zan



As he sat there he'd feel his eyes begin to get heavy. And looking at the clock in the middle of the station he'd stand right back up. He would end up falling asleep here, and that wouldn't be good. If he missed his train he'd be late to arrive to his assignment in Sandy Island. Having a new superior, that he didn't know of, it was essential. He already had a bad rep for slacking off on his duties and being demoted. Hannibal would yawn and use his right hand to run his eyes before grabbing his suitcases.

Once outside again he'd look around before moving from his spot. Soon, he'd spot a flashing sign down a ways. "Scotty's Warm Water." Hannibal would shake his head, at the name. It was ridiculous, but it might have something to keep him up. As he walked he hoped there wouldn't a incident like on Baltigo. Hannibal hadn't even been in a bar since then. It wasn't as if he had a bad feeling about it he just hadn't had a reason to drink.

He'd walk in and there would be silence. He didn't understand why at all. As he didn't even have his Marine coat on, so being a Marine shouldn't draw eyes. So, it had to be something. Hannibal began to check his person and the only thing was he had snow on his head. Finally, someone would walk over to Hannibal..

"Are you okay? It is like negative 40, no one is supposed to be outside. A warning has been issued throughout the island for people to stay inside." The waitress would tell him. The news was knew to Hannibal.

"When was this issued?" Hannibal would ask.

"It was stated during the last sea train arrival. And has been playing on repeat since then." She'd add.

"Hmm." Hannibal would look around, then back at the waitress."Is the next sea train still coming?" Hannibal would ask.

She'd eye Hannibal for a few seconds, everyone would from his question. They saw the guy as well a idiot, but wondered if the cold was what got to him. "Yeah, but they'd stay overnight. Or at least till it warms up. I doubt anyone will go out there and have them leave." The waitress would tell Hannibal.

"Ah, okay. I guess I have a little while still to get a drink." Hannibal would add as he walked over to a empty table. He sit down and everyone would get back to whatever it was they were doing before Hannibal came in. His empty table soon have guest, three in fact. "Can I just have ugh." Hannibal would stop speaking as he'd be interrupted."Get him a Red Jenny." One of the guys would say. "Yeah, get this Man warmed up." Another would add in. Hannibal raised a eyebrow at them, but he wouldn't say anything. They ordered it so he would assume they'd be paying as well.

"So, how yah do it?"

"Do what?"

"Be out there like that. Look at what you are wearing, barely anything. And you don't see cold at all. Shit, even now you don't and I'm freezing."

Aku Soku Zan



"I don't know. I, honestly, didn't know it was that cold out. Kinda was just in my own little world once I disembarked the Sea Train." Hannibal would say honestly. He really didn't notice that it was that cold out right now. But, looking around he could see that no one removed their coats. And periodically changed their positions in their chair in search of a warmer position. Now that he wasn't more focused on himself and his environment he could see it now. Before he, or anyone, would say anything Hannibal would get his drink. It was a blood red and it seemed to be so hot it boiled, something he didn't expect. He'd examine it as he lifted up the cup, it was large.

"Jack Frost, if you can drink all that in one go. I'LL BUY EVERYONE HERE A ROUND!" A Drunk, from the table over, would say as he gazed over at Hannibal.

"Eh?" Hannibal was about to put the cup down. But the drunk caused eyes to, once again, be back all on him. This was a lot of pressure on him. This might've been one of the reason he wanted to not go someone full of people. It did though keep him up so he wasn't bent out of shape about it. He though was facing a dilemma. Drinking this could make him sick or even burn him. But, if he didn't he might be seen as a punk. It was a tough decision. Should he risk his health or should he just be talked bad about by strangers. Hannibal would pick the cup back and put it close to his face, "Don't chicken out on your offer!" Hannibal would say as he would take it all to the head. The drink was thick but it wasn't bad at all. Strangely, it wasn't as hot as he thought it'd be.

"Worororo! IS THAT THE STRONGEST DRINK!?" Hannibal was, since leaving Baltigo, a ticking time bomb. He hadn't had any alcoholic beverage since before what happened with him and Gato. Now that he had he wanted more. So, more drinks would be served to everyone and it got colder outside. The announcements would change to no Sea Train being able to leave till it got warmer. Hannibal was fine with it as he quickly had gotten to the point of no return. After hours and hours of drinking the temperature would rise and those that needed to take the Sea Train would depart. Hannibal did make it but barely. It was a good night on Drum but he wouldn't be back here for a long time, if ever.

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