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1 [Sea Train Travel] Bye Bye Baltigo. on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:52 pm




Hannibal took his seat on the Sea Train. He sat in the middle cart and to the back as possible. He sat alone as he gazed outward through window. Beside him was two suit cases. One held the clothing that he usually wore while the other was something he had been given by Meto. A depressed sigh would escape his lips as he gently laid his forehead on the window. Due to him having to leave Baltigo the tasks, or well favors, that he had to do were moved to various Islands across Paradise. Luckily for him a majority of them were on Sandy Island and Drum. Places that he had to go to regardless.

The engine of the Sea Train would roar, a sign it was time to leave. Hannibal didn't enjoy leaving Ava here, but he had to. Meto promised to keep her safe and in the same condition Hannibal left her. Hannibal would being to drift off into a day dream on how he is supposed to fix the mess he was in. A couple minutes would pass, but the train hadn't move from the station yet.

"Sir, your ticket please." It seemed to be the Guy's third time asking Hannibal this before Hannibal turn to him.

"I'm sorry." Hannibal would say as he'd remove his ticket from his pocket so that it could be stamped. After that was done he'd place it back into his pocket and stare back out the window. A couple more minutes would pass by and finally the Sea Train would begin to move once again. At this moment Hannibal had nothing on his person that identified him as a Marine. All he wore was a dark blue suit. The dress pants being black like the shirt and socks. He, at this time, didn't have a tie and his collar was open. He wasn't on vacation he just no longer had his Marine Coat. During his ordeal with Gato his Marine Coat had been stolen. It couln't be recovered due to the building it was in exploding. Ruining everything that was valuable. Hannibal still was amazed that such a building could be built within the Nil District.

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