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Chapter one: The great black market capper A fish in need!

Dai walked through the town his clothes smelling strongly of smoke and there were various blood stains on his pant leg and cloak. He had some time to kill so he thought he would go back to his room at the inn and get cleaned up before the He would go out on the town once again. he entered into the inn limping slightly. He would walk past the bar and head up the stairs. His sword hung at his hip as always. His steps creaking the wooden frames with each step he took.

He whistled innocently as he saw through a window marines running through the streets heading towards the burning bases of the docks and various other shops in that district buckets in hand. He sidestepped out of there path and leaned up against a general stores wall and watched them pass by. He smirked and returned to walking back to his room. He continued to whistle happily one of his favorite songs of all time bink's sake as he finally returned to his room and proceeded to disrobe and head into the bathroom.

He washroom and closed the door behind him and began filling the tub up with some water and turned towards the sink and ran the faucet. He cupped his hands and proceeded to collect some water and wash any traces of blood from his face. He would then take to washing off the blood from his cloak. He tossed his clothes into the laundry hamper giving up on his cloak. he would need to properly wash it later and headed into the tub and began to clean himself off. He would scrub himself clean with a bar of soap and wash out the smoke smell from his hair with some shampoo and would return to his room a towel draped around his waist and he quickly dressed himself up in his usual attire a spare black cloak and spare under clothing.

His trademark with red clouds on his cloak dazzling his eyes as he stared at it. He sighed an put the cloak on and headed out of his room. He was going to go out and do some sight seeing. Perhaps even get some shopping done. Maybe find a decent bargain down here in the slum district for some items. Perhaps he may even run into his crew members, at least he hoped he would. Was rather boring being on his own again.

Since he separated with willow after there rousing fight against some mysterious imp creatures. Yubashiri handing on his left side. His wound freshly changed into a new bandage and cleaned out he set out from the inn and began to walk about town. however it would not take long for something to come to him. He heard the sound of a woman screaming for help. He normally wouldn't play the hero but he was bored and nothing else was going on at least he might get a chance to get into a fight.

So he ran heading off towards the voice of the women screaming he could see people moving out of the way rather quickly when he caught a glimpse of the women. Or should he say fishwomen? She was an octopus fishwoman but for some reason, She wore a collar around her neck and she was running. He would give chase and hold out his hand "Hold up, why are you running let me help you."

The women shed tears in her eyes as she desperately pulled at the collar around her neck then a ticking sound began to emanate from it. His eyes widened in shock as she took off when there was a group of men running after her and there was when he caught sight yout. The great blade yoru hung attached to the back of one of the men. He would recognize it anywhere. that was his most desired item of all the meito blades. He outstretched his hand and caught the women and the ticking sound increased as she pushed him against the wall with her many arms.

"No one can help me now run away or you'll die too." With that, she ran and suddenly an explosion went off a ball of fire engulfing the women as she screamed and fell to the ground. Her body ignited and smoldering her head completely blown off. Tears streamed down the side of his face as he fell to his knees. Images of his past coming at him of his friends being dragged away in nets. He began to hyperventilate however he was still coherent to what was going around him though the voices were muffled as his eardrums had been rattled from the explosion. he watched a man wearing a very posh suit kick the corpse of the ocotowomen and head off muttering "What a waist tell he boys to come down and turn her into chum."

Poopy Face


Poopy Face
Watch the Throne


Crying like he was unbecoming of someone that carried around a sword. That was the hypocritical thought that ran through the mind of the young Stalin named Fidel D. Marx. From where he was he could see the tears stream so carelessly down the face of the Fishman, but that wasn't his original spot. He had gotten there a while ago. But, before we speak on how he got to his current spot we will will delve into what he did some time prior.

It was sunny and he'd just awaken, in a dumpster, after a long night of drunkin' merry making. He'd look up from his spot the sun was beaming down hard, barely blocked by the thing  above him. Things hung, such a clothing to dry, and other things you'd see in a slum like this. Everything was really clumped pup together it didn't make any sense, but Fidel didn't care. He had actually gotten some good sleep, albeit it being in a dumpster. How he ended up like this was by jumping or being tossed out of the window above, he couldn't remember which. How or why he was like this didn't matter what so ever though, as today was a new day. He had no plans but plans always seemed to just come it way anyway. Quickly, Fidel would crawl out of the dumpster. Since he didn't roll around last night he wasn't completely covered in whatever waste was within there. But, that didn't stop him from smelling something awful.

"Lord, have mercy. I smell like shit." Fidel would say out-loud as he'd take a whiff of himself and make a face seconds after. He went weeks some times without washing himself, as you don't always have time, but he needed to get clean asap. The smell of himself would being too much of a distraction for him. So, the journey to find some source of water and maybe some soap had begun. Since he was within Water 7 a watery wonderland even within the slums finding areas of water would be no problem. But, soap was a beast in itself. Fidel would walk around the back alley of the slums, as that is where he always ended up. Peering into the open, broken, or closed windows that he could reach. Soap was something he barely used as you don't need it all the time. Well, that was what Fidel thought. Good ol' water and a tough scrub down would be enough to clean clothes and skill alike. Only when it called for it, like today, would soap even be on the young stalin's mind.

'Ooooo, yeah. That is the good stuff.'
Was the thought within the head of Fidel as he had snagged himself from soap. The bottle was foreign to him. Well, all words were as he was one of many delinquents that couldn't read. So, he didn't know that the stuff he just grabbed was usually used to clean animals. The bubbles he saw on top of the dark bottle was enough to make him snag it. At this moment it was forty-five minutes before the current timeline.

Finding a source of water was quick and easy, unlike the search for soap. It only took around twenty minutes to find a old canal. Quickly, but keeping track on his surroundings Fidel stripped naked. What he would wash first was his clothing, using his hands  to scrub it clean with the soap. Doing it till all he smell was the weird smelling soap, which was a upgrade from the dumpster smell. He'd then lay them on the ground so the sun could warm them up and would then proceed to wash himself. He kept all his sense up not to protect himself but his clothing. He didn't want anyone to steal his amazing attire and try to rock his style. A total of twenty minutes would pass and Fidel, naked, would sit with his feet in the canal as he waited for his clothes to dry. Growing every impatient he'd pick a article of clothing up at a time and run back and forth, to dry them himself. Only being able to wait ten minutes before doing this. Over and over again he did this till his clothing was dry enough for him.

Fidel did find it strange that he was well not bothered by his actions. Well, if that would be the case. He had tried to do acts like this, acting freely, a lot and always had to deal with someone's mouth. But, that wasn't the case today at all. It seemed as if no one wanted to be around. It wasn't like Fidel was a menacing person, he actually was not at all when like this. The reason that he wasn't bothered though was because no one wanted to deal with someone they thought was crazy. Him being naked and then running around to dry his clothing was too much for even those of the slums. You didn't have to be menacing for people to want to avoid being around you.  

A total of thirteen minutes would pass before his confusion would be halted by a loud screaming. In that time he had dried his  clothing and was just walk back in forth pondering what it was he was going to do next. Curiosity filled his mind as he would try his best to locate the source of the screaming. He'd hear it once more after running for a good two minutes. Finally, he'd leap from a alleyway and see  crowd of people, no more than ten, heading in the direction Fidel wanted to go. All of these people were dirty and wore rag tag clothing. Either old or fat was also a common similarity among them. As Fidel was moving past them he'd heard a loud boom, and many people jerked back. Whatever happened Fidel missed the sight, which kinda of sucked. Fidel though wouldn't stop moving to the front of the group where he'd spot the crying Fish guy.

Fidel didn't know the situation other than what was before his eyes. Within the middle of a twenty meter back street sat a Fishamn crying. Just a few feet away from him stood a well dressed man with a big nose that stood over what seemed to be a burning corpse. Fidel was a total of two meters away from them. Further down, behind the kneeling man, were more Men who dressed in similar attire as the Big Nose Man. This street was rag tag just like these people around. Littered with many alleyways and cuts that could be taken at a moment notice. The buildings all seemed uninhabitable from their outer appearance. The slums really were a shit whole.

"Oi, why you crying like that?"
Is the only thing Fidel could think of saying. As the sight of the guy's weakness pained him greatly. Not in a way that he felt sorry for the guy. But, in a way that he got a little angry at such a big guy looking like a damn baby. His blunt question could get him in hot water so he was ready to act in ways he saw fit for any situation that could come his way. As the only time you should cry is when you yourself are facing death in the face.

If the crying man wouldn’t say anything or acknowledge Fidel in anyway Fidel would feel some type of way and rush over and snag the mans sword, sheath and all. Why he did this was because the guy disrespected his blade. Crying like this by a guy that said just cruel things about a corpse. The guy and corpse was less than a meter from the crybaby. But, when he spot ever one heard and felt his harsh words. And if hearing him was a teach and not possible. His actions of kicking the corpse twice already irritated Fidel. You only mock the dead when they truly deserved it, and still that was rare. If it did come to taking the sword the killing intent with Fidel would push out at the crying man when held start his rush.



Tears continued to well down his face as the picture of his octopus fishwomen friend popped and flashed before his eyes. Sure they were children at the time but the women who had been running had the same coloring and identical facial features. He bit his lip and remained silent though tears ran down his face.  His hyperventilating continued and he was slowly beginning to turn blue in the face. He clutched his chest and dug his nails into his skin and slowly took slow deep breaths. As he heard a voice address him from behind. He instinctively clutched the hilt of his sword with his left hand and his body tensed.

he ground his teeth sharply his jaw locked tight and got to his feet. He continued to breathe slowly till his body's skin tone around his face would return to normal. "I apologize, for my behavior, just old memories came flooding back all at once, not to mention I think that was a friend of mine." He slowly walked towards the body and knelt down on one knee and gently began to fold the many arms of the fishwomen body around her chest in a classic funeral position. He gently looked up and down the body and then checked over her body for any sort of identification on it.

Of course, there was nothing which in a way was a good thing. He and all his friends always carried a set of the same locket. Besides if she was the same fishwomen he had known as a child she would have recognized him no matter how many years apart. He sighed with relief and whispered towards the body. "Don't worry you will be avenged." He bent down and pulled the remains of the collar from her severed neck and tossed them aside. He wippway from his face as anger flooded through his system.  

Where there was one slave there was bound to be more.  He was going to rip that man apart with his teeth who had kicked the dead body. He needed to first calm himself down a lot and get assistance with this task. It would no doubt be perilous to go in it alone. Not to mention most unwise he needed to get intel and the best way for that would be to wait for the cleaning crew the man had said he would have to send out to get the body. A most fortuitous thing to take place he could vent some of his frustration out on them and gain intel. He let out a shallow labored breath and turned about and began walking towards the human who had addressed him earlier. His eyes apparent with a bloodlust of his own perhaps even matching the humans. "Care to join in on a little payback there should be a cleanup crew on the way, if not I suggest you leave before you get caught up in some unpleasant activities that are about to transpire."

Poopy Face


Poopy Face
Watch the Throne


Fidel was so close to just snagging the blade of the crying man. But, the guy would snap out of his baby ways and speak. Which caused all actions Fidel was to take to end. He did though stand before the Fishman, but there was no bloodlust or killing intent. As if there were the blade would’ve already been within the hands of Fidel. And the Crying creature would not be talking as he did so. Due to the nature of the killing intent Fidel had planned on using. Fidel would listen to everything the guy had to say and would wait till he was finished to speak himself. As it was rude to interrupt others unless they spoke nothing but bullshit. Then, it was only right to put a end to the nonsense they’d spout.

"Shit, I have nothing else to do. And maybe I’ll be able to get some nice beli beli from all of this. But if I’m to do this with you. We go right now while the fire is hit within us. Wait, that sounded wroooong. But, I do not take it back. So are we off...ugh...what is your name?"

Fidel spoke a considerable amount at a time  but wanted to get what he had to say out quickly. As too many words could lead to the down fall of the one speaking them. Even as you speak you were at risk of being attacked or worse. So, Fidel always kept his senses up and was ready for anything. You could say he was nervous but this was the only way he acted around strangers. As to be in guard around your true nakama was something you didn’t do. Fidel did hope that the man agreed to the stipulation he had given. If that couldn’t be agreed upon then the actions of Fidel would be all the same as if the Man did not acknowledge him. But, once the blade was within his head he'd remove it from it's sheath and lash out at the arm of the fool who wasted his time. A wild one he was and rightful so, as that was his nature. A true pirate at heart but could be seen like one of those things that grant wishes. Well, that is how he saw himself. Even though there was more to him he liked to keep the most of his character hidden and the persona he was most accustomed to put in the open.

He didn’t wonder how they’d figure out where all this slave business; or whatever the hell all of this was would be taking place and how the hell they’d find it. But he felt, well if the stipulation was met, that this guy would somehow figure it all out. He seemed like the type that could do something like that. But, the guy also seemed like if he was stuck in a jam his emotions would take offer too much and cause him to fail.



He remained silent as he would listen to the human speak his mind. It was after all good manners not to speak when someone was speaking directly to you after all. If its one thing his family drilled into him hard more than to have pride as a shark Fishman it was good etiquette. The man had a rather colorful use of language that was most clear. He did not care to curse loudly or freely spew profanity from his mouth. A trait he rather liked.  He smiled happily as the man finished talking and nodded his head respectfully at him.

"Oh, i assure you that you will be well rewarded with your support in this endeavor. First, we wait for the cleanup crew and take them out however we need one alive everyone else in the crew is expendable." he slowly licked his pointed teeth happily at the thought of all the bloodshed his pupils dilating to an animalistic trait of bloodlust. He clutched the side of his head and collected himself. "Sorry got a little too excited for a moment, But yes we strike while the iron is hot for this portion, ah my apologies I Did not introduce myself my name is Daimaru pleasure to meet you, mister?"

He had not even caught the name of the man he was teaming up with. His sense of vengeance clouded his mind still slightly but soon it would be satisfied oh yes soon it will have its fill and justice would be brought to the vile scum sucking humans who dared to work in the slave trade business. Oh, it was going to be a massacre if he had it his way oh yes indeed a glorious massacre one that would most assuredly make the headlines of the news coos.

He nodded his head to a nearby alley overlooking the dead body and headed towards it and took a seat on the ground. His knees point upwards covering his face. he would bend his head into his knees and appear to be a drunken man passed out in an alleyway. however, his right eye would peak through the openings of his shoulder staring out at the dead body. Oh yes, soon things would begin such glorious things. Perhaps he could even go through the records of the slave office and perhaps find a clue to the whereabouts of his friends.

No he must not get his hopes up again only to have his hopes dashed and broken into tiny fragments. It had been many years since his friend's unfortunate kidnapping by humans. He sighed and would sit in place for what seemed like hours never moving but in actuality, it was merely a half an hour until he heard the sound of many approaching feet.  he watched as there was a group of about six men walk and circle around the body.  One man wearing a gas masked spoke though his voice was somewhat muffled "Damn the director went to far this time, what a waste of berri."

Another man wearing a hazmat suit sighed and shook his head and laughed loudly. "Stupid fish shoulda known better than to run while that collars around its slimy neck." Dai gritted his teeth at the words the humans spoke but remained at his positioning. The man in the gas mask spoke up while snapping on a pair of cleaning gloves. "Well let's get to it better hurry up auction will be starting in a few hours, got to keep the product in line." He chuckled and along with the six others and this was it he had enough.

He drunkenly got up and swayed and walked towards the group around the octo fish women. His body swaying side to side ass he kept his head pointed down. " scuse.... hic me... got any...hic... spare change?" He placed a hand on the closest one of the group and was promptly his hand was smacked away. "Get a job freak."  The others laughed and one of them pulled up a very large cleaver and raised it into the air and was about to chop off one of the limbs of the ocoto fishwomen when suddenly dai moved at his full speed and drew his blade and chopped off the hand with the blade in it. Blood spewed and splattered all over the ground into the air. A fountain of blood gushing from the humans severed arm. "Thanks but, already got one, removing scum like yourself off the face of this planet."

He growled and then  bent his knees down his back of his body like a spring he lunged forwards at the man with the gas mask was vericatlly across from the one who just had there arm severed and slashed upwards just below the chin level of the human." Once again a fountain of blood would gush into the sky screams of pain from the two wounded men filled the area as dai then went into a defensive sword positioning between him and the dead octo fishwomen body.
"Now which of you lucky gentle wants in on a once in a lifetime offer of your life for some measly information Where is the auction house? hmm, any takers the clock is ticking."

Technique used:
Name: Rising Shark
Description: This technique uses the entire body as a spring, by amassing power through taking a posture where the back of the body falls down. With this powerful technique, the user slashes upwards just below the targets chin.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Strength and power (tertiary)
Rank: Novice
Theme: N/A

Poopy Face


Poopy Face
Watch the Throne


"I am Fidel....the rest of my name doesn't really matter."
Fidel would say. He didn't have a problem with any race within this world, and never will. But, the little thing the guy did with his tongue was weird and disgusting. Fidel was one that took pleasure and beating up people that deserved it but this guy might be one that took it too far. And this would be prove once combat between the enemy would begin. The amount of blood that squirted ever where was a bit much, for Fidel's taste. Those guys clearly were outmatched so killing him could've been done without such bloodshed.

"Oi! Leave at least one alive if you are going to go at them like that." Fidel would say. He had followed Dai to the alleyway and stayed there as Dai pretend to be drunk. Fidel never though of doing something like that, but would try it one day. Maybe not being drunk but maybe in some other way to catch the enemy off guard. After speaking Fidel would begin to walk out from the cover he was within. Looking up and down the street to make sure no more enemies were coming into the vicinity. None where to he would focus on the group here. They had different weapons between each other. Katana, Cleaver, Rifle, Hatchet, Spear, and Pistol.

'He took out the one with the Cleaver and the one with a Rifle.' Fidel would think to himself as he kept his two meter distance from them. He would not step in at this moment, but leave them to Dai. He wasn't being a dick but though he didn't like how Dai killed the first to it was best to let him get his anger out now. Get all the recklessness he implemented into his fighting style at this moment and deal with those he seemed to despise. Fidel would though step in only if the guy needed help. Hopefully he would leave one alive like Fidel would suggest so they could gather information.

The Blade that Dai used was something else. It reminded him of the blade his teacher once used, though shorter. The memories of the black blade still in the mind of Fidel. He didn't know what happened to it, nor where it was. But maybe one day he'd be able to find it and show it proper respect. Hopefully by the time Fidel was done thinking Dai would have finished taking care of them and leaving one alive. If that would happen Fidel would speak and walk over to Dai. "What plans to you really have when you meet the head of these guys?" Would be what Fidel would say as he'd pick up one of the weapons, the Katana, that was dropped by one of the beaten Men. If they weren't beaten in some type of way and Dai still fought Fidel wouldn't have moved and said what he had said.



Dais face was splattered from the fountains of blood and so was his cloak as he shook his head. "Damn I just got clean as well oh well." He smirked as he held his defensive position as he looked about the group. He had heard the unknown man introduce himself as Fidel and merely nodded his head in his direction. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance Fidel, Now then boys whos going to get to live, though I don't enjoy killing you, however, you lot are an exception since you're in the trade I hate the most!" The one with the spear raised his arms and attempted to stab dai as he shouted "Quit screwing with us!"

Dai smirked and moving his right arm with the blade he slices upwards slicing the shaft of the spear in half.  He glared at the man with the hatchet and proceeded to use his left elbow and drive it fully into the mans face breaking his nose in the process.  He was not holding back either these men were going to feel the wrath of the fishpeople. A voice shouted inside his head as it said "No remember to keep one alive." Begrudgingly he listened to his conscious.

What remained of the group was the man with the katana and the other with a pistol. He heard the man with the pistol cock the handle back and proceeded at his full speed and ran to the side. While the man was taking aim at him or try to it was hard for him to keep up wzig-zag. He moved in a zig zag formation and then launched himself forward and bit into the arm of the man with the pistols. His fangs piercing the flesh as he bit into it. Blood filling his mouth and a scream of pain as he mumbled "Drop it or lose the arm like your friend do it now!"

He growled and bit into it harder driving the tips of his fangs into the man's upper forearm bones. The man continued to scream and grunted and panted as he shakingly dropped the pistol to the ground. He smirked and outstretched his left leg and kicked it away into the alley. With that, he lifted the man up and threw him to the side into a bunch of wooden crates and spat out the blood. "Well seems we have a winner."

He smirked as the man with the katana clutched his sword and charged at him yelling " You abomination how dare you do this to us do you know who your messing with?!" He smirked and backed away playing with the man occasionally parrying the blows of the man's katana with the back of yubashiri. He laughed as he did so enjoy the little game but it was time to end this. He glared and sliced through the man's cheap sword and impaled him through the heart and pulled his blade free and wiped it off on the man's shirt and sheathed his sword.

He cracked his neck and slowly began to walk towards the man he had flung into his crates and proceeded to grab him by the front of his shirt and lift him up. He turned his head to the side and stared at Fidel "Mind taking care of that last one whose nose I broke?" He smirked and stared into the injured human's eyes. His cold eyes reflecting back at him like a mirror. "Now then spill it wheres the auction house at and I'll let you live as per my agreement." the man shakily clutched at his arm and pointed south-west. "Wharehouse 16 about 5 miles that way, but if you think you can just stroll in there your dead wrong." He smiled as dai released him from his grip. "You tell them were coming and you won't get a second chance at life now get out of here before I change my mind." He sighed and spat once again and leaned up against the wall. " What i have planned for the man who runs it will be well let's just say he will be getting his due justice depeniding if he has what im looking for or not."

Poopy Face


Poopy Face
Watch the Throne


The pistol would be stopped before it slid into the alleyway. Fidel firmly planting his right foot on the weapon. He didn’t apply enough pressure to like break it or even cause it to malfunction later on. A perfectly good weapon. Just like all the others that that Dai would dismantle. Honestly, Fudelhad dealt with a lot of bloodshed within his life so watching the fight wasn’t a problem. It was the utter disrespect for the weaponry here today. Fidel gets that if you just wanted to disarm people that’d be the best option but that wasn’t the case. Only two people were currently alive after the ordeal with Dai. He just decided to destroy what someone crafted just for the pleasure. After it was all said and done. Dai wanted Fidel to interrogate the one with a broken nose, but Fidel wouldn’t. Dai had already spoken to someone or maybe the one he spoke to and allowed to live was the one with a broken nose.

What Fidel would go do is get the rifle and strap it over his back since it had one. And next he’d go over to the hatchet and Cleaver, since they weren’t damaged. Finally, the broken Katan would be grabbed. Fidel hadn’t had any weapons when he’d come here, so him grabbing things shouldn’t be weird. Going into a place that new they were coming was bad. A ambush was already going to be waiting for them.

Fidel would wait for the guy or guys to run away before speaking. His eyes on Dai as he spoke, he here and there he glanced to his sides. He had the pistol, katana, and rifle all strapped to him in someway. The pistol was the only exception as it was place within his pants waist. The hatchet was in Fidel’s left whilst the cleaver was within his right. He didn’t plan to attack Dai, at this moment. He didn’t know when the enemy would return as they didn’t know how far the place they were heading to was.

“Don’t take offense. But, you fight reckless. If you go up against someone with exceptional skill you’ll die. So be more careful.” Fidel would tell Dai. He spoke not to put the guy down. But to make sure he didn’t get himself killed in their next fight. If he did somehow die though Fidel wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.



He felt the rage inside him slip through him as he had vented most of it on the men. Though it was enough to satisfy him he still felt like he was forgetting something. He remained quiet watching as Fidel began to pick up the weapons from the fallen members of the enemy party. Or what ones he was able to scavenge. He gracefully sheathed Yubashiri into his sheath with his right hand however he would remain on guard ever watching the young man across from him. He did not trust him at all as he did nothing to lift a finger in aid.

So his suspicions of the young man were off. He watched as the man whose nose he had broken slowly clamber up to his feet dizzily. He shook his head as the young lad didn't finish him off like he had so asked. Well, can't say the old saying isn't right if you want something done right do it yourself. He sighed and moved at his fullest speed all too quick for the injured human as he wrapped his hands around the head of the man as sighed "Sorry about this it'll be quick." With a loud snap and crack the man's head snapped and the body went limp.

He curled his toes inside his sandals annoyed as he heard the man's voice speak up. He would listen and remain silent. There was some offense taken from the words he had spoken but in all honesty. He was merely playing with these people. If he were tog et really serious his fighting style would change dramatically. "No offense taken and duly noted, I was merely playing with them when I go to the auction house that's where I will be serious.After all, that's where my prize lay in wait." He sighed and smoothed out some creases on the sleeves of his shirt.

He looked himself over and began walking towards the closest water aqueduct which was roughly 3 meters away to the south. "Well can't go about all covered in the blood well you heard the little man 5 miles south warehouse 16, Hopefully, I'll see you there in the next few hours, if not I'm heading to the marketplace that's where I hopefully find a few friends hopefully will be there." He smirked and jumped off into the aqueducts water bubbles forming as a shadowed figure moved through the water heading straight up into the system and swam into the direction of the upper markets a trail of blood mixing into the water and slowly but surely would get mixed in with the other currents of water and dissolve into nothingness.

The Janitor


The Janitor


Enter Giovani*
Do you think God exists Monsieur?" a short green haired woman inquired, as she fiddled with a piece of scrap iron, seated on top an old fashioned wooden stool within the Management Area of the Warehouse. "Where the hell is this coming from?" the black suited male responded, sitting behind a five foot desk, searching through the draws for a cigar he'd tucked away for a rainy day such as this. As the rain began to pour down in the slums, the canals next to the streets began to overflow, making the water rise to around ankle level for all those coming to this area of the district to subjected to the bad sewage they'd been subjected to their whole life. Don Giovani was the name of the man who'd been in charge of Warehouse 16 his whole adult life, inheriting it from his father who'd been murdered in a related gang war. In the Slums of Water 7, Slave Trade had been his family's bread and butter far before his Papa had shot his load into his mother's womb. Giovani was an intelligent man, he'd never made flashy moves and when it came to combat, he wasn't even into 'Proven Himself As A Man.', he believed in well plotted schemes and money could've gotten you way farther than brute force ever could. At the same time, the man wasn't a chicken shit, he was a hard boiled man with the machismo of a Mexican Wrestler's Royalty. The Green haired woman who'd stand at 8'3 was his slave that had been given to him sense a child, she was a massive woman from the long armed tribe who'd grown an unhealthy connection to Giovani, most slaves hated their master but the bond the two had was deeper than just master and slave, it was more of close lovers if anything else. Eventually, the physical abuse had turned into adoration and affecting on the woman, Kles, end of the bargain.

Finally discovering the cigarette, Giovani leaned back in his Office Chair, propping his clipped cigar in his mouth, taking a few puffs before releasing the smoke collected in his mouth in an exhale. "I don't think about things like that. God? Ha. This is just business to me. I sell slaves. I make money. I spend it on a good shaft and a good drink." Giovani said grinning to himself. Tossing the scrap metal to the ground, the short haired long armed woman, whose arms were about thirteen feet in length to her eight' foot frame, got up from her seat and walked over to the man's desk, sitting on it's edges. "Hey. When are you going to-" Kles exclaimed, only to be interrupted by one Giovani's grunts barging into the room. Ceasing to unbutton her shirt, the woman pouted in frustration, from what, who'd know. "Boss! The preparations for the auction have been completed." the grunt exclaimed. "Good Money." Giovani declared, as this was his catch slogan. Warehouse 16 was a large one story building with ceilings of up to fifty feet into the air and it spanned for around eighty meters in each direction, it was one of the biggest former Dock's before the economic downfall of the slums, and now turned into the biggest warehouse for Black Market Merchandise Transactions in the Slums. The security surrounding the place was all blood thirsty gangsta's and swindlers, around two hundred in number that Giovani had on the payroll.

Due to share size of the hanger, and it's position in the slums propped onto of a makeshift hard oak platform, they were two entrances into Warehouse 16. The loading entrance, where over one hundred and fifty men guarded. The street that lead to this entrance was closed off on both ends having a three way fork to go either straight, left or right. The East entrance was blocked with large crates containing junk metal, obstructing any spy from idle eyes, meaning those who were screened could've enter from the West, only if they'd been placed on a roster to enter and had a predetermined ship, that Giovani knew of in advance. The Slave Ships would enter into the canal, travelling twenty-five meters on the water way, swinging into the Warehouse mechanical gates, to a small dock where the slaves are off-loaded. This whole area, much like the front was monitored by Den Den Mushi, and had a separate team of ten grunts in a monitor room watching all cameras at all times. Especially more so than usual, as today was the auction. The Front Entrance was much more appealing to the eye, in terms of security. They were two checkpoints to be had once you approached from the front entrance, the initial security check and pat-down, weapons were allowed in facility but violence was met with a swift bullet to the head with the snipers Giovani had stationed about forty feet off the ground on metallic patio's he'd implemented just for security measures. On these hangers, about twenty snipers from front to back looked down on the floor area where the auction occurred. After this initial check, usually your free to roam in all areas, except for the back room, which could've been marked by large red curtains drawn to the North from the entrance. Behind these curtains was a stage, where the auctioned content would be displayed, leading to a backroom that was only accessible from the secured entrance. One door separated the two areas, and it was exactly fifty meters from the front to the stage, situated to it's right, where the slaves would exit and mount a staircase onto an elevated platform about fifteen feet off the ground.

Usually Warehouse 16 would be filled with various booths and hacklers but today, these were all replaced with wooden benches and ballet numbers from 1-1000. Meaning for several feet, it was nothing but empty space until the benches to hind of the Warehouse about forty-meters in. Meaning, the snipers and the Camera Den Den in the area would be able to keep a close eye on the activity at hand. The patrons would flood in one by one, anyone could've entered but to sign up for the auction, you'd have to go a small stand ten meters in and pay a fee of 10,000,000 Beli to sign-up. Once that was paid, you'd be given a Ballet Number and Paddle, to hold up during the auction and place your bets. Everything would monitored by the cameras, so you'd just have to raise your paddle, state your number and Giovani's Right Hand Man on the stage would handle the rest. Aside from this regular roster, Kles and Giovani's Number Two, Bones were the most paid on the payroll, though, they'd both been slaves he'd bought and freed at first. Giovani despised Fishmen and they'd been the only real slaves he'd decided to hunt down due to an incident that happened with his Father and A Fishman as a child. The auction would commence within the next hour (two posts) with Bones behind the curtains waiting for the auctioneers to take their seats. The Long Armed Woman Kles would be patrolling the audience searching for suspect characters, using her superior height to scan the crowd. Giovani did what Giovani did, he'd disguised himself and sat among the crowd to boost the bets himself. After about three sales, the main event, the a series of rare species slaves would be hoisted into the room.

NPC Info.:

The great black market capper (Grand voyage) C2e61b98ad76ff484f49cd41b840b1e439a5af84_hq
Kles - Race Long Armed
Height: 8'3
Stats: Tet in all Stats.
Skillset: Long Armed Wrestling

The great black market capper (Grand voyage) Original
Bones - Human
Height: 7'
Stats: Tet in All Stats Except Endurance. Secondary In Nature.
Skillset: Bladed Brass (Wazomono Level) Knuckle | Wazamono Blade in Possession | Brawling / Busoshoku Haki - Novice

The great black market capper (Grand voyage) -Shinji-Hirako-bleach-anime-36012125-300-164
Giovani - Human
Height: 5'5
Stats: Perception is Secondary
Skillset: Kenbunshoku Haki - Novice


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Poopy Face
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'Is he fucking serious?' Fidel was shocked that the guy wouldn't strike when the iron was hot. The guy had left to warn them and they could come right in tow before they could get everything prepared. But no the guy wanted to wait a couple hours before going, which was weak in the mind of Fidel. He had gotten himself pumped for no reason at all, and he would not help that stupid Fish. He'd remove all the weapons he put on himself and instead of going to the place himself he'd head to the Sea Train station. He wasn't about to do this. Fidel would not forget having his time wasted.




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