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16The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty Re: The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In on Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:15 pm



Well Mashyuu caught on just as Elias let go of the slingshot. And in the middle of the air the seed burst out in to five giant shuriken. Platanus Shuriken, which all missed Mashyuu and struck the side of the fortress and started the chain of events that would bring the house down. His weapon wasn't affected by Mashyuu's 'magic' He had no metals on his slingshot, or in his seeds. Instead they were all organic matter. Dangerous, deadly, organic matter. With Mashyuu out of the way and the first part of the fortress damaged, Elias shouted out, "Sorry! I meant to hit him!" Elias readied another seed, taking aim and trying to line up a shot with Mashyuu.

He was leading the shot this time, though, not as an expert sniper would. As he let loose another seed, it didn't burst in the air. He shot a Sargasso instead. Unlike the Platanus Shuriken, this seed burst on contact with a surface, and while it flew through the air, and right past Mashyuu, it would strike the far wall. "Crap! Wrong one!" The strangling seaweed sprung out on contact with the wall, seeping in between the slightest openings, strangling the wood together. The whining and creaking. And it was pulled together, splinters of wood being thrown in to the air, nothing lethal, but the chunks of wood pulled together just created a fine cloud of sawdust.

Upon being given the command, C.C. rushed for her spear, leaping up to catch it as it spiraled through the air, Mashyuu's powers having attracted it and repelling it. After she had a hang of it, she flipped through the air, planting one fist on the ground, her spear held flush against her back, ready to rush at the man. "The Wings of Justice are at your service Captain!" She shouted before dashing at Mashyuu at full speed.

Tiwlring her weapon in the air, she planted the sword edge of her spear in tot he ground, using it as a fulcrum to twist around and launch herself in to the air, aiming her foot at Mashyuu's chest. "Majestic Meteor Mashup!" Yeah, she was one of those dorky kind of girls. But as the telegraphed kick was coming for Mashyuu, she feinted and pulled the foot back, and swung her spear around in a cleaving arc for his body. He did have the option of repelling the girl and using her attack to damage the fort, but how would Elias view his fiance being manhandled by his boss?

17The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty His Name Is Arcologia The Mad Hatter on Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:48 pm



It has not been too long since The Hatter made his way towards this section of the island. Flying help him get places much faster and easier than walking. True he could not do much in such a form however he made his whereabouts know to all whom may have seemed him. Flying high in the sky he could see far in wide. As many folk came from all over to see and obtain this new stone. Something that was said to nuke the devil inside people.

But just as he had hoped many infamous people were here as well. As he was around the marine group whom was stationed there. Flying over head he would witness a small group engagement with the marine. A fire fight was going on with out a doubt. As the captain was standing her ground the Hatter had to get closer to see just whom she was engaged in combat with.

However upon getting closer he witness guns being drawn towards the man. Not own there own free will more so forcefully.  "So odd maybe a devil fruit if not some type of device. However upon seeing this strange ability even more so he realizes it was a devil fruit. Not only that but who was the user of such a devil and it was none other than what his face from what's that place.

Flying down along with his two hollow he would take notes on how fearful the man was. Seeing that made his heart skip beats upon beats.The scream of the marine captain was something to behold. As to make someone of that rank feel pain is a ok feat.  The Hatter would than land as he would look at the logs. Which was crushing the marines he than would turn to the other guy whom aim could use some work and I mean alot of work.
Smiling at him he looks the man in the eyes as the Jester began to laugh at him. " Well well well you Phantom Raiders sure are scary. I quiver with fearrrrr. " He would say in a sarcastic voice.

He was floating off of the ground as his hollow two in total was floating around him. " Why must there be death for no reason. No art no nothing huh. Yes looking at you you are the captain since the other one got taken away huh. Plus your sniper suck well anyway. I just wanted to let you know I value strong toys and when I see one I can't help myself. Do you know what I am saying. If not then one day we are going to fight me and you not now but later. You guys could win this round. However you must leave this area now for it is under the protection of the Frost Witch.

He looks up at the sun smiling in it's glow as he said what he had to say. Rather the marine captain wanted too or not she have already lost the moment her soldiers was killed.

Name: Spirit Away
Description:Allow the user to leave his conscious mind state to form with his hollow. To create an astral projection version of himself at the cost of leaving his body defenseless. He is able to fly and even phase through things. more or less he will be transparent as objects will be able to go through him and vice versa. He will be able to move silently. He cannot summon his hollow at this rank. However he will be accompanied by his 2 trademark ghost. Which are void at this rank. Seeing that user has linked his mind into such a fork causes him to leave his body defenseless while he can free roam.
Range: 100m+
Attribute: Speed- Current Attribute Level
Rank: Intermediate

18The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty Re: The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In on Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:51 pm


The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Delet_2

Mashyuu chuckled at the sight of the wall coming down, amazed at the sight of his marksman's attack. He didn't have much time to examine the mans work though as Stein sprang back, giving C.C. the chance to move in. Silly girl announced her attack far before it had a chance to connect and Mashyuu simply pulled his left arm back and pushed it out as her spear planted into the ground. The result was a repel that sent the spear flying away and would throw the young woman off her game. It was just the distraction that Stein needed though.

Stein strafed the battlefield, rushing past Elias as he fired a second shot that whipped past Mashyuu, she jabbed him in the side with her elbow then sprang into the air, whipped both her blades around and landed at Mashyuu's back, coming to a full stand she started to drag her blades up Mashyuu's back cutting him near the base of his wings. Mashyuu winced with pain, twisted around and roared while taking a back handed swipe at Stein, catching her in the side of the face with his fist, knocking her aside a bit. The Skypiean staggered back, not even noticing the figure talking to him, too caught up in trying to survive, anything that wasn't a threat was being ignored.

Mashyuu ducked as a gunshot rang out and his left arm reached for Elias, deflecting a bullet aside so it wouldn't hit his crew mate. "You're too soft hearted Mashyuu! Now die!" Stein shouted, glancing at C.C. for a moment before nodding for her to get back into the fight then without warning she reached into her belt, hurled a dagger at Mashyuu then followed its path. Of course Mashyuu brought his sword out and blocked the attack, but suddenly Stein had brought her blades up, the weapons crossing and catching his sword, bringing it up so she could leave him half open.

The Pirate Captain spread his wings and beat them twice, launching himself into the air just as two more shots bounced off the ground where he was standing. His right arm reached out and yanked, a field of magnetic energy from his attract skill yanked nails out of braces holding a wall up, causing it to creek and hopefully leave Elias with a good shot.

19The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty Re: The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In on Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:31 pm



In retrospect, it wasn't the best idea to send a girl wearing plated armor against a man who could wield the force of magnetism. So when C.C. was raring to go against Mashyuu, he was easily able to dispatch the girl, sending her tumbling and rolling backwards several times. With her finally clonking her head against a barrel and giving her a sore noggin. She reached back to rub her head while her strategy was to start getting that plated armor off immediately.

Elias wasn't playing that thought. When Mashyuu sent his fiance back, Elias got a little protective, albeit with little concern for Mashyuu now. Gritting his teeth he pulled back on the elastic of his slingshot after grabbing another seed. This one was green with purple squiggle lines running over it. This was the Humandrake. And when he let it go, it was on course for Mashyuu and Stein who were grappling, just after the bullet was sent off course to keep Elias safe.

On the course for them, the seed would burst out in to a series of root vegetables that looked like little crudely drawn chibis with lily pad reminiscent tops on them. It burst when it was mere feet from the both of them, just as Mashyuu was getting himself free from Stein and in to the air. Mashyuu of course would be free but that shot Elias took was not a feint, that was one he wanted to get back at his captain for. But, on this course it would just grapple on to Stein instead and hold the woman down.

If everything panned out, C.C. would still be getting her armor off and down to her mesh underclothing, she felt a little more exposed like this, but she could at least fight against Mashyuu more evenly now! That was, if she didn't see Stein being held on the ground by plants. Elias however, was going to be giving chase to Mashyuu. Cursing Mashyuu's name for tussling his fiance around. It was just the excuse he needed to get out of the damaged fort and chase after Mashyuu, and get lost on the island.

20The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty Re: The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In on Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:18 am



Oh the feeling of being over looked was a bad one indeed. However granted the raiders know of him now. He looks on as they continue to brawl not even paying him attention. His real body was somewhere in the area. If he was to come back it would be a rain of hollow. However he had to go now so his time was short.

Looking at the group he took a long mental note of what is what. Pissed off at what happened today was something else entirely " The next time we meet I will fight you phantoms. " Smiling as he said such a thing. Looking over to see the sniper he was sure he would be the first to go. " Yeah that's right act all high and mighty. I'll be back and when I do it will be no mercy on you all pirate crew.

He would than make lthe gun sign with his hands aiming it at them. "How lovely it would to be to bring them in." Smiling as he faded away as he opens his eyes. He would be sitting in a tree high up. Jumping down he would start to make his way away from everyone else. He knew all to well of what he can an can't do at the moment. But he was still a little mad. "Such disrespectful of them I bet it was his cap'n telling him that." Looking over he would walk away miserable for the hour or so.


21The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty Re: The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In on Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:39 am


The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Delet_2

A seed whizzed past Mashyuu's feet and grabbed Stein up on impact, binding her for the time being. Mashyuu's electromagnetic shield faded away and his left hand pulsed with energy, creating a small field of energy that brought her swords to him. Slowly Mashyuu lifted the two swords up and repelled the blades away from the camp, disarming Stein and effectively taking her out. There were two walls left and Mashyuu wasn't happy about it, but still most of the marines were running from the fight, desperate to either find help or simply escape the destruction of their camp. The Pirate Captain swooped in low, soaring at the wall he weakened a few moments ago and shoulder blocked it at its weakest point, causing the wall to tumble and roll down the mountain. Mashyuu winced and made a pained face for a moment then turned to Elias and made a face that said "what are you doing?"

"You girl, go help those marines, get them away from this island and take your Captain with you. I won't harm your boy toy and when you return he will be here! You have the word of a Pirate, a Captain and more importantly, a man." Mashyuu assured C.C. and continued to fly in a zig-zagged pattern in order to keep Elias from shooting at him any more. Gotta get out of here while the place is coming down, and I gotta make sure Elias is safe." The Pirate soared up until he vanished from sight and gave Elias and C.C. a moment to themselves before he began to soar down again while wrapping his bladed belt back around his waist.

The Pirate eventually made his way back down and looked around to make sure the area was cleared. "Sorry about knocking your girl on her head. I was trying to have the spear drop out from under her so she'd fall on her rear instead. It's hard to judge the strength of this devil fruit sometimes. I don't have good control over the field once its moving." Mashyuu apologized and reached out for Elias' hand. "I'd say take anything worth taking but I don't think these guys are coming back any time soon so we can come back with the others later. Lets go!"

Mashyuu took Elias by the arm and soared up into the air and over the mountain to land back into the forest near the Skycleaver. "So you know she's looking for you, what are you gonna do now? Eventually you're gonna get a bounty.... Are you ready for that?" Mashyuu asked Elias as he walked off to the ship, ready to unwind and get some rest...

22The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In - Page 2 Empty Re: The Phantom Raiders in: Blending In on Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:59 pm



"Yeah you better run! You piece of crap!" He shouted at Mashyuu who was flying away for now. And left Elias to spend time with C.C. After the whole ordeal, and everyone was busy trying to get first aid dealt with, carting their captain off, Elias walked over and sat down, patting the spot next to him for C.C. to join him. "Now, before you say or do anything. I just want you to know how much I care about y-OMMPH!" He was cut off from her tackling him to the ground, before he got a swift smack across the cheek.

Sitting on top of him, holding on to his shoulders, was a slightly teary eyed C.C. "You jerk! You go away for two years and don't even bother writing back! I'm just so happy you're safe! No one knew where you went!" Elias hugged on to her before he pushed up off the ground so that he wasn't on his back with his fiance crushing his rib cage with how she had him pinned. "Right. About that, I gotta tell you how it's been so far!"

"I just wish you'd come home already..." "I promise you I will, I just want to see enough of the world first. I want to write a book. You know that." C.C. nodded and puffed her cheeks out in a pout, folding her arms while she glared at Elias, expecting a proper explanation.

And he told her of how his life had been going from island to island, ship to ship, for the past two and a half years across the various Blues before he wound up here in the Grand Line. How he spent nearly two thirds of a year on the pirate island Jaya, eight whole months almost, deadlocked on an island because no one wanted to listen to him. He wasn't really a pirate, he was some noble kid who was viewed as a kidnap victim, and any crew that took him on their boat was scrutinized harder by the marines.

"That reminds me, what made you want to become a marine?" "Well. I wanted to find you of course! And, maybe if I got strong enough you'd maybe want to come home, and hear about my story?" SHe said while poking her index fingers together. Elias just smiled and pulled C.C. over to give her a soft peck on the forehead. "Well, I will see you again, soon. For now. I have a bastard to hunt down for shoving my fiance around. Oh! And tell your captain I'm so sorry about the base thing. I've never tried shooting a flying target!"

Standing up and stretching out, Elias grabbed his things and shared another kiss with C.C. before he ran out of the vicinity of the marine base. He had some things to consider and some things to say with his captain. When he finally met up with Mashyuu, Elias would grab that hand of apology, and try to yank Mashyuu in for a swift sucker punch to the cheek. He wasn't strong, nowhere near anyone else on the crew, so it wouldn't be a serious thing for Mashyuu to feel, more of a shocking surprise.

"Don't. Just don't hurt her if you come across her again, I really, really don't like seeing her getting in to danger. Alright?" After that and Elias was grabbed by the arm and lifted up in to the sky, they could be seen by a marine spotter, viewing Elias being whisked up in to the sky by the arm. "Judging by the look of it ma'am. Weltenbauer's been kidnapped, again." The marine reported to Captain Stein.


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