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1 Phantom Raiders Brave the Knock Up Stream! on Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:15 am



Voyage Name: Phantom Raiders Brave the Knock Up Stream!
Location: Skypiea (Knock up Stream)
Participant(s): Multi
With the Phantom Raiders formed, its time for the group to head to Skypiea for each of their own reasons but before they can land safely on the Island they first need to brave the Knock Up Stream. What they don't know is how strong the stream is and the group must work together in order to keep the ship in good condition and survive the insanely powerful water eruption.

2 Re: Phantom Raiders Brave the Knock Up Stream! on Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:17 pm



All was calm and quiet on the sea. His hands held firmly onto the wheel of the helm He narrowed his eyes watching ever vigilant of the sea. There would be a knock up stream here he could feel it in his navigational part of his brain but when The waiting was the worse part of the ordeal He would slowly look over at the gathered up motley crew and relax slightly." lady and gentlemen may I have your attention please." He cleared his throat and would look down at everyone.

"I know the wait is most tedious but I am most confident in my navigational skill that there will be a knock upstream on this location. I just need one of you to furl the sails and once that stream hits us know that we're going to be in for a very bumpy ride." He licked his lips and once again sighed. when he said it would be a bumpy ride it was actually an understatement. He and his crew were going to be treading into extremely difficult waters here quite literally. If the knock up streams blast didn't tear the apart gravity might. If they were lucky enough to go up it there was a small chance of a person falling over boar or getting hurt.

He bit his lip nervously as he looked around the sea around the ship. He was very nervous he had never done something like this before no man had at least in his knowledge. it was somewhat of a suicidal route. But that was the only option they had he prayed in the back of his mind to whatever god may be out there listening to give him and his crew and ship safe passage up the knock upstream. No, he would not allow himself to die here he had his goal of being the worlds greatest swordsman to achieve and to reunite with his second family. "Everyone get ready it will be here soon!"



Mashyuu and Harley stood at the helm of the ship, watching the water crash against the bottom of the wood (that they could see) and split in half as the vessel drifted towards the location circled on Mashyuu's map. He couldn't help the wide smile crossing his face or could he help the excitement in his heart. After years of living life on the blue sea, Mashyuu was about to return home, get his revenge on his former slave masters. His mind briefly flash backed to when he and Gajeel battled it out with his childhood friend and daughter of Quinn, learning that Quinn was planning on coming down from Skypiea with a small army to capture the humans and put them all in chains. The memory caused his hands to fold the map in on itself and get shoved in his pocket while his free hand clenched into a fist and shook with anger. His red glasses covered eyes glanced towards Harley and he considered Dai and Yuurei, both living in chains. The thought made Mashyuu's blood boil but the moment Harley's hand grazed his, the anger subsided and he sighed with relief.

He turned to see Yuurei milling about and Dai steering the ship at the helm. "Gonna have to learn how to steer this thing to give Dai a break from time to time. He can't do it all on his own." Mashyuu mumbled while nudging Harley in the side. "Suppose I'll have to do that too? Need a steady hand and all that jazz right?" Harley chuckled under her breath and started to walk up to the wheel of the ship while Dai shouted about the sails.

Mashyuu flew up to the sails and grabbed a rope, pulling the sails up with the rope. Quickly he secured the rope so that the sail wouldn't fall when it wasn't needed before he landed on deck and saluted Dai. "Maybe we should tie ourselves down to the ship so that we don't get tossed away. Granted I could just fly back to the ship but you guys can't..." Mashyuu suggested. Harley considered it to be a good idea and she quickly tied herself to the trap door of the ship and held on for dear life at Dai's warning of things soon happening. Mashyuu in turn walked to the center of the vessel and braced his body while putting his glasses in his front breast pocket and making sure his weapons were secured on his hip but within reach in case the chain was needed for something.

Suddenly the ship started to quake as if it were atop a well shaken soda bottle that was about to pop its top. All around the ship, the water violently bubbled and fish around the area swam out, away from the large circle of water that was gurgling. "This is it!!!" Mashyuu shouted as the water suddenly exploded in a heavy torrent, lifting the ship up with and throwing Mashyuu down face first into the wood of the ships deck!



They had been moving through the sea now as they were moving around Jaya Island. He didn’t know what to do at that moment, but he did noticed that there were a few places that looked familiar. He had been all over this island, and he had even been a prisoner to a pirate organization that was doing a bunch of fighting in an underground area. Still, he knew that there were things that he been flawed in because of his adventures in this island. He knew better than anybody what he needed to accomplish, and he was going to make sure that he worked on them. That was the reason why even with the fact that he didn’t know what to do on the ship, he still decided that he was planning on doing something while they made it to their destination.

Yuurei looked up to the sky for a second as he could see the beautiful sun shiny bright down on the planet he lived in. The clouds were spread out a part, meaning that they were able to see the sky without anything blocking their vision. The scenery was nice, the birds that flew by seemed like they were just roaming around the island and enjoying the feeling. The sea’s smell was nice to Yuurei, and he was enjoying it a lot more than he should. The thief, however, found on one higher parts of ship, upside down while his legs were holding him in place. The pirate was training as he was waiting for a sign that the ship was on top of the knock-up stream. His body continued to move up and down as the man was doing sit-ups right now. It was something he had been doing ever since he met Mashyuu and Harley. He figured with the current skills he had, that he wouldn’t be able to help them out, or protect them to the best of his ability.

He could see Daimaru on the helm and moving the ship around as he was indeed a good navigator. He figured being a Fishman only made sense for him to know his way about the ship. Then he could see Mashyuu and Harley around him as well as he continued on with his training. It didn’t take long, for someone to speak, and it seemed like Daimaru wanted everybody to get the ship ready for what was to come next. He was about to go and do that as he was already close, but Mashyuu had flew over to and did it for the navigator. Yuurei just smirked as he continued to do what he was doing right now and it was finish the set he was in. He was at the final part of his workout for the day, and when he had finished he pushed himself to set atop from where he was. It was a nice view from where he was, and it was the right height were he could still hear everybody.

Mashyuu had suggested that everyone tied themselves up, but Yuurei felt like if he had done that, then how would he be able to move around and help out. Yuurei figured he could do well with grabbing onto something if things got bad. Yuurei had climbed down from where he was as his upper body was bare, and everyone could see the scars that were on his abdomen, and all over his back. The sweat that had ran down his body after a good workout. Yuurei made it to the deck of the ship, and he planted his feet on the ground and made sure that he had good balance. He made sure it was good enough to move around the area without losing his footing. Then it he could feel it the ship started to rumble from below, and he started to rumble with the ship. This was scary, yet exciting all at the same time. He was happy to be here and he couldn’t wait for what was to come next.

Yuurei felt it and he knew that keeping his balance wasn’t going to work. The thief grabbed onto the nearest thing he could grab onto, and soon the ship had shot up to the sky. He felt the pressure of the knock-up and he could only smile, but couldn’t contain his excitement any longer. ”This is fucking fun. I can’t just imagine everything that is waiting for us up there. Who would have ever thought I would be doing this,” he said out loud. He was mainly speaking to himself, but if anybody could hear him, then they would have heard what he was saying.



He nodded his head appreciatively towards his winged companion as he tied down the sails. He felt a rumble beneath the ship, however, a deep-seated rumble that shook the entirety of the ship. it was here the knock upstream. "No time to tie everyone down sadly HOLD ON TIGHT!" He grumbled as he felt the incredible force of the knock-up stream push the ship up along with it. He could feel the gravitation force pressing against this face and yet he laughed happily. His heart pumping with adrenaline the sheer excitement. The ship flew up alongside the stream and skated across the rising water. He shouted, "So mashyuu this is what it is like to fly this is AWSOME!"

He could feel the hull beginning to float above the water the massive frigate bop up and down against it.l Not not good at all. "Shit shit, the hulls starting to become buoyant we gotta be careful or we are all gonna fall off." He cursed out loud repeatedly as he began to wrack his brain for some way to figure out how to get the ship back and steady. He felt a breeze from the south and slowly looked over his shoulder "That's the wind!" the wind from below is a rising air current produced by geothermal heat causing a steam like explosion hence the creation of the knock upstream.

He gripped his legs around the the the railing behind the helm and gritted his teeth. "Mashyuu unfurl the main mast sail quick!" He turned his head to yuurei. "Yuurei make sure the sail caught the starboard wind while I align the ship with the current hurry or we all die!" He slowly began to turn the ship trying to align with the amazing amount of pressure that was bursting forth from the great sea. He was soaked in seawater the rudder of the ship shook violently as he began to alter the correct course on the starboard side where the wind was now blowing.

He looked over at Harley and gave a reassuring smile. "I got this i won't fail my friends not again." He gripped the wheel and the ship would slowly become steadier all that was needed was for the sails to be drawn and they would be able to soar up the knock up stream like a bird. well theoretically. he, however, kept that to himself. he didn't want them to waver nor did he want to waver in his resolve this was his first true test as a navigator, after all, conquering this behemoth of wind and water.



The pressure on his body was incredible, Mashyuu could only remember one other time in his life that he was forced to hold his body together and that was while falling to the all blue to begin with. It didn't get easier on the way up... As the ship rocketed upwards and rocked violently on the water, Dai ordered for the sail to be let down and Mashyuu rolled his eyes with annoyance, even though he was just barely pushing himself up to begin with. "Then why did I tie it to begin with!!!??" He shouted while pushing himself up to his feet in a crouched position with his arms at his side, bent at the elbows like he were on ski's.

Harley started to chuckle at Mashyuu but it was mostly a way to remain calm because for the life of her she had never been more terrified in her life. She had no control over what was happening and really had even less control over her body. Forced to shut her eyes to keep her mind at peace she only opened them in time to see Dai smiling at her as if he were trying to keep the young woman calm. "If I die! I'm haunting you and Mashyuu until you each die with me!!!" Harley shouted over the sound of rushing water.

Slowly the Pirate Captain lifted his head to look at the rope that was holding the sails in place. Gotta be quick and precise... He thought while his left hand straightened out and the dagger that rested inside his sleeve shot out into his palm. At the same time his right hand drew Silver Wind and started to swing it around. His left hand tossed the dagger at the rope holding the sail in place, slicing the rope but just barely. It remained tight as the dagger continued to move up for a moment before falling and sticking deep into the deck of the ship near the helm. It was only thanks to the ships upward and rapid movement that the rope snapped under the pressure and the sail rapidly fell down and crashed in position. With half the rope to secure the sail in place left hanging, Mashyuu whipped one end of Silver Wind out towards the mast and wrapped the chain tight around the rope, pinning it to the mast and giving Mashyuu an anchor to pull himself with.

Carefully, and slowly he pulled himself to the mast of the ship and grasped what was left of the rope as hard as he could, keeping the sail tight at the bottom so it wouldn't get blown away. "Whatever you're doing!!! Do it fast! My arms can't keep this up too long!!!" Mashyuu shouted while the water at the bottom of the stream started to spin and rise, quickly creating a whirling pillar of super heated water.



Yuurei could feel the gravitational pull occurring when they were being shot up by the stream. He could only look down to see that the ship was not in a good position right now. He knew this would be dangerous, but wasn’t this a little too much? He was making sure that his hands didn’t slip off on what he was grabbing, so he made sure to hold on tight. While they were being pushed up by the stream, he heard Daimaru giving orders out for their survival. When he fully understood his order, he didn’t say anything, but started moving towards the right side of the ship. He looked around to see what else he could grab onto to make his trip to the other side of ship. He swung his body back and forth, and launched himself as hard as he could to grab onto a rail. He started moving as quick as he could even though he could feel the pull of his body.

He felt like the Sea below them wanted them to come back to where they belong, and that wasn’t the sky. When he moving he heard Mashyuu screaming about the tying the sail up in the beginning, and Yuurei figured it was because Daimaru didn’t want them to catch the wrong wind, when they got knocked up by the stream in the beginning. He wasn’t too sure, but his travels through different islands he had heard people on ships give orders like this when the sea got tough. Still, Yuurei had a job to do, and he wasn’t going to say anything. While he was using the rail to get to the other side one of his hands slipped, and Yuurei had almost lost his grip with the other hand. ”Holy shit!” he shouted as was hanging for a bit as he was looking at the fall, if he lost his grip. He had a nervous chuckle when he seen this because it was not something he wanted to do.

Yuurei was swinging himself now as he was trying to lift his arm up, but it wasn’t working. The thief grabbed his sword, Ichi and unsheathed it with the hand that wasn’t holding onto the rail. He could feel himself slowly losing his grip, so he had to act fast. Yuurei stabbed his katana into the ships wood, and he had done it right on time. The katana shifted a bit when he fell to its level, and he sighed because he had to act quickly. The thief wasn’t going to have leave his sword there as he seen that there was something else he was able to grab, and he jumped over to it until he reached the mast that Daimaru wanted to check on. Yuurei climbed on it, and since the ship was on a vertical angle that sails were horizontal now. Yuurei was holding onto the sail now as he was crawling on the mast. He was a bit nervous because he didn’t have his sword anymore, and knew that if he was falling he would need to grab onto something quickly.

The thief started to adjust the sail, so that it was facing the right side of the ship. While he was doing this, he knew something would happen when things went the way Daimaru wanted it. The sail had been adjusted to the wind, and Yuurei could feel the sudden jerk the ship made. It had gotten speed from the wind, and Yuurei had stumbled backwards, and soon his feet was off the ground. Yuurei’s eyes widen when he felt this, and soon enough he looked to his right, and noticed that the shroud was right there. He stretched his arms as long as they could go, and he was able to grab onto the shroud. His other hand was able to grab the shroud as well as his body smacked against it. Yuurei sighed and chuckled nervously as this wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be now.




He gripped the handles of the wood of the helm along with his legs around the pull. This was turning out to be more difficult than he had originally calculated. Mother nature truly was unpredictable and a fierce for to be reckoned with. He would endure, however. he growled at he looked over at the struggling crewmates of mash you and yuurei. He growled and shook his hand and looked over t the doctor. " Hold the wheel steady Harley I'm going to go help down below whatever you do KEEP HER STRAIGHT!" He was going to be putting his trust iin this women what he needed was a steady hand.

nothing was more steady than a doctors hand. He glared and let go of the railing his legs were attached too and dug yuubashiri's sheath out from his hip and stuck it between the wheel locking it in place. it would hold its place it was a good hard sturdy wood. The closest person he was able to help was Yuueri. However, when he heard the sound of wood impaling into his ship dais eyes dilated with anger. He was hurting his precious ship, no He couldn't have that a part of him wanted to throw him off but no he was a crewmate he would follow his inner moral compass. the man could apologize and replace the damaged wood.

He placed the handle of the blade into his right and carefully began to crawl against the ship heading over towards yuurei. He was going to help him tie down that cloth he shouted at the top of his lungs. "Mashy Get the doc to the helm and help her out were almost there mate were past the halfway mark I can see almost see the top of knock up stream." He cursed and crawled and reached out his hand reaching to the side to help out his crewmate ''oi newbie take my hand Reel yourself in."

He dug yubashiri into the wood in front of him though it pained him greatly to do so. He would grab the handle and use it as a balancing and grappling point as he pulled his body down and hold onto the blade his arm dangling towards his crewmate. He felt the hot spray of the heated water on his skin but he wouldn't release his grip. oh no, he would hold it for dear life. he was going to help yuurei whether he liked it or not.



It was only when Dai shouted to help Harley that Mashyuu realized the ship was climbing the stream from the side and had long ago moved to a ninety degree angle. The winged man's eyes crossed and his face turned green before he vomited and the bile washed below him, just barely missing Harley as she reached for the wheel of the ship to try and keep her steady. "Hey! Hold it till we are safe you son of a bitch!" Harley shouted at Mashyuu. He knew he couldn't outpace the ship at this rate but he didn't need to, he only needed to let Harley catch up to him. Quickly his hands released the mast of the ship and grasped the two scythes of his weapon and twisted them into a tight knot to keep them from coming untied without manipulation from the Captain or someone else.

He glanced down at Harley and drew a deep breath while his wings started to beat as hard as they could. He let go of the ship and his weapon, planning to catch the ship again so Harley could climb up his body to the wheel when he heard a snap above him. Quickly Mashyuu looked up to see a net had ripped and a pair of barrels were tumbling towards him. One smashed straight into him while the other fell off the ship. The barrel pushed Mashyuu past Harley but he managed to grab onto her strong legs and keep himself from losing the vessel. Harley yelped in pain, being pulled against her flimsy bind that was barely keeping her tied to the ship as it was.

Carefully Mashyuu started to grasp Harley's body and climbed her. Harley's face flushed a deep red, out of shame or anger nobody could tell. "You perv! Now is not the time to be playing doctor!" She shouted while glancing over her shoulder to see Mashyuu looking up her dress. "Hey! I've been on a boat full of men for a month, then an island where I was nearly dead half the time. Excuse me for living a little...." Mashyuu snapped back while he climbed up so she could climb his body.

Deftly Harley slipped her wrists out of the binds she had made and climbed Mashyuu's body, sure to kick him on the top of his head as she jumped for the wheel and wrapped her entire body around it, keeping it locked in place with her small body weight."Tell me it's almost over!!!" She shouted. Mashyuu looked past her and grinned wide. "Guys! The clouds!!! That's it!" Mashyuu shouted at the crew. Like a bird or dog, he would know home anywhere and it was within reach...

10 Re: Phantom Raiders Brave the Knock Up Stream! on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:42 pm



Yuurei was holding onto the shroud right now as he was taking a breathier from what he had to do to keep himself on the ship. There was noway he was going to be the one to fall off the ship. He was sure that Mashyuu could fly his way back to the ship, and he felt like Daimaru could somehow swim up the knock-up stream. He and Harley would be the only one who would fall to their deaths, if they messed up. In Harley’s case she was tied up, so she just had to make sure that the rope didn’t break. When he was relaxing a bit, he looked over to his side because there was someone calling him a newbie. He could see that it was Daimaru, and he kind of gave him a smug look because of what he called him. He was sure that he knew his name, and even though he was the newest member to the crew, he felt like he should be treated as an equal.

Still, this wasn’t the place for it, so he decided to call him a name as well. Yuurei reached for Daimaru’s hand and grabbed onto his hand. When he did that he got close enough, and he was actually okay where he was. He had done the job he needed to do, and he was just going to rest there. ”Thanks Sharky,” he called Daimaru and laughed because he found it funny. He looked around, and figured it was best to start climbing down. Yuurei also noticed that they were close to where he took a path to get to the sail. ”I’ll be able to move around from here. Thank god I’m not being tossed around anymore,” he said as he let his hand go when he noticed the bar he was first holding. He dropped and grabbed onto the bar, and he was looking up at Daimaru for a bit, and hoped he was okay.

”It was nice of you to come for me,” he swung his body again, and this time he grabbed the rail that he was holding on before. Yuurei was moving through the rails now as he was slowly moving and taking his time. When he got to where his sword was, he lifted himself up, and used his legs to hold himself with the rail. He looked himself on the rail as his body was upside down, and he reached for his sword. Yuurei wasn’t going to allow his katana stay where it was. He wouldn’t know if it would somehow get pulled out from the ship, and he didn’t want to chance it. The Long-Arm man pulled his sword out, and smiled as he sheathed his blade without a problem. When he did that, he scratched his head because it was going to be annoying to get himself right side up. He could feel his blood rushing to his head, and soon enough he started swinging back and forth.

Yuurei was trying to gain momentum for what he was about to do next, and while he was trying he heard Mashyuu and Harley screaming with excitement. Yuurei could only smile when he heard that, and he grabbed onto the rail with his legs and arms now. He looked like he was holding onto to dear life. He could feel his heart beating really quickly, and could only hope that they didn’t have to do something like this ever again.


11 Re: Phantom Raiders Brave the Knock Up Stream! on Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:05 pm



Ahh seemed his noble deed would be put all for naught. The long-armed tribesman seemed to have the situation well in hand thanks to his unusual anatomy. He had done damage to his precious ship for nothing oh he would remember this he gently nodded his head at yuurei. "No problem it's what crew mates do for one another." He glared at the man as he was called Sharkey. He had been called many things by humans in hurtful names to taught him into fights one of those had been Sharkey. "Please don't call me that Yuurei lets just say that even if its a playful nickname it brings back some bad memories."

He cleared his throat and pulled himself back up to the navigation level and pulled his sword out of the wood. Yubashiri was very light and surprisingly sturdy it didn't even have a  chip on it from going into a hard surface. He smirked as he placed the handle of the sword in his mouth and slid back down to the helm of the ship a smile on his face however he did land on right smack dab in the middle between his legs and he clutched his groin and his eyes watered.

"Damn it.. wanted to make a cool entrance." he chuckled and he took a few breaths and took back yuubashiris sheath and resheathed his blade and put it on his hip on his left side. he\\He grabbed the helm and looked over at Harley. "I'll take it from here Harley grab the railing." He could see the clouds thinning and thining as it burst into the wide open blue sky the ship beginning to level out from the 90-degree angle sending him to the floor face first and he quickly picked himself up as they had arrived at what appeared to be a sea of clouds. He was drenched head to toe as he panted.

He smirked as he looked about at his new surroundings "So anyone else wanna know where we get our damn photo souvenier form that ride cause we will NOT be doing that again!" He chuckled heartily for the first time in ages. A true a full hearty merry laugh one that hae hadn't done since he was a child and fell onto his back clutching his ribs. He sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes and cleared his throat and look over at mashyuu "Welcome home captain!" He looked over and saw a far off very large structure and got to his feet and grabbed the wheel and set sail in the direction of it. His mission was done for now they had arrived at the impossible location unscathed for the most part amidst a few holes in the ship caused by the crew's swords used as anchors.

(Dai Exit)

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With a heavy thud the entire ship came to a terrible stop for a long moment. Mashyuu remained silent for a moment, taking in the clouds of Skypiea, wondering how they managed to hold solid objects. Sure he knew they could do it but he never once questioned it until he arrived home again. With a smile on his face he turned to look at Dai who had welcomed him home and a few tears streamed down Mashyuu's face. "Thanks.... I don't think I would have made it without you gu- Harley, are you okay?"

Harley never let go of the wheel of the ship, instead she gripped it tighter, making sure to not let go while the ship climbed and even when it was level and still the woman refused to open her eyes or release the helm. That was until Mashyuu's calm voice called out to her. "Yeah... just a little afraid." She admitted and let go of the helm to collect herself and stood up straight. At the same time Mashyuu retrieved his weapons and looked at the ship.

"Okay, let me tell you what I remember about Skypiea before we get down to things. The clouds can support weight but the place is like a giant island. You can sail the ship on rainbows to different parts of Skypiea and you can sail it on moving clouds too. The island itself has a massive forest in the center of it that a lot of people can get lost in. I've never been to Upper Yard so I have no real idea how to get there but Quinn used to say you had to pay for the best time of your life when going to Upper Yard... whatever that means. I heard there is a city of gold somewhere here but that it was dangerous to go there due to an insane cult or something. At least that's what my parents said. Mashyuu took a deep breath of air and walked to the nose of the ship to look at the sun's orange rays peeking through the clouds.

They had landed among the bottom of Skypiea's layered clouds and it was a good thing. If anyone had seen them land it would have drawn way too much attention. "Okay game plan. I need to check on things on the island in general. So lets all split up and return here to the ship in one weeks time. Right back here. Harley you stay here just in case something happens and someone needs a doctor right away." "Oh you guys are crazy if you think I'm leaving the ship without at least two of you with me." Harley chimed in and went down below deck to try and calm her nerves.

Mashyuu chuckled and spread his wings wide while slipping his weapons into the harness on his hip. "Alright guys, we each came here for a reason. So lets work towards our goals and try to not fall into slavery. I'm told that the island is full of Slavers at the moment and Human's are a rare treat so I can only imagine what they will think of a Fishman and long arm." Mashyuu warned the group while putting his sunglasses on and flying up into the sky, spinning as he darted to the left of the ship and started to soar, looking for Quinn's Slave Camp.

(Mashyuu Exit)

13 Re: Phantom Raiders Brave the Knock Up Stream! on Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:05 am



Yuurei could only laugh when he heard Daimaru being offended by calling him that particular name. He only laugh at him because he didn’t like being called that, but he was calling him newbie the whole entire time. ”No problem Daimaru I won’t call you that again, but just don’t call me newbie then. I don’t give out nicknames unless you ask me to call you by a name,” he said with a smile on his face. The thief was holding onto his dear life right now as he wasn’t going to move from this spot until the ship was right side up, and back where it belong. His face was looking at the crew that were also trying to save their own lives. They looked busy in their own, which was good because he didn’t want any of them falling off the ship. Soon enough the ship was up the way it was supposed to be, and with the force the ship took when getting the right way, Yuurei’s head banged into the rail that he was holding onto.

The thief felt the ringing that was on his head, and he had dropped to the floor of the deck, and he could only lay on his back as he was holding his head. He kept moving side to side as he was rubbed his forehead from the pain. ”Ouch ouch ouch ouch,” he continued to rub his head as he felt the pain resonating through his entire head. He was keeping to himself as the ship wasn’t moving anymore, so it was giving him time to feel better about the throbbing on his head. Yuurei had slowly got up from the floor after his little show of rolling back and forth. He just continued to rub his forehead as he was making his way to the helm where everybody else would be at. When he got there he could hear what Daimaru had said, and he had to agree with him on that. ”Yeah I never want to come back here in this type of method,” he said chuckling a bit.

He noticed that Harley was on the helm of the ship, and she was holding on for dear life. He found it kind of cute that she was nervous and worried about the whole entire situation. ”Hey Harley I might have given myself a concussion. I banged my head on the rail that I was holding onto,” he said rubbing his forehead. When he said that he looked at Mashyuu as the captain was speaking now. He was explaining about Skypiea in general about the areas that were in here. It was a huge island, and the things that he was describing made him want to visit them. There were certain places that had never been touched in this place, which he couldn’t wait to run around the place looking for things that had never been touched. ”The city of gold is going to be my go to place,” he chuckled as he could see himself swimming in a bunch of gold, and finding rare shit.

Yuurei then watched Mashyuu walked to the front of the ship, and then he heard him talking about them splitting up. He didn’t like the fact that they were going to split up, but he figured it would be for the best. They were all going their own separate ways for a whole entire week, and then return back to the ship when the time came. It seemed like Harley was going to be the only person to stay behind, and the reason behind was legit. The thief was fine with knowing that if he got injured in this island, he could just go back to the ship to get patched up. Yuurei was ready to look for rumors and stories about any swords that were consider legendary on this island. The swordsmen was ready to gain more weapons in his arsenal. ”Well that is good to know that they would try and capture me for slavery. Still, they would have to catch me first, and I probably will steal from them before they even take notice,” he said.

Yuurei didn’t leave the ship right away, but had gone down below where Harley had gone. He was going to get himself checked out again before going on his little scouting mission throughout this entire place.


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