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1Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:42 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Voyage Name: Ignition Stone - Part 1
Location:Lulusia Kingdom
Participant(s): (Group
Description: A group of malicious Pirates is robbing a common folk establishment in the Common district, and they have no sense of decency.

Phoebe finds herself instinctively getting involved, and thus finds herself outnumber several other Revolutionary join the fray.

The enemy weapons will appear to do more damage to buildings due to containing sea prison stones.
Beat the Pirates, Join the crew and realize the existence of sea prison stone.

It was almost midday in the common district of Lulusia and the sun was high in the sky sprinkling down a gentle heat complemented by a full blue eye with not a cloud in sight; it was a magnificent day even the ocean had taken apart in the pleasant environment as a gentle breeze echoed across its tides. Almost everyone who felt this delightful weather would gain a sense of joy and inspiration and this would not pass by Phoebe Dabria as she exited one of the local venues, a blacksmith who had just finished looking at several of her firearms. With a smile on his face, the blacksmith would say Be careful. I don’t want to see m’ work Squandered” “Oh don’t worry” Phoebe would place her two revolvers into their holsters as she smirked “Yoh so hot even my pants are falling for you Phoebe was flirting with her guns as the weight would lower her shorts by an inch, however, the Blacksmith would misunderstanding the situation and take it as Phoebe flirting with him and would pass out from too much blood rushing to his head.

Phoebe would lean over the counter “OH my, What does it mean?” at that moment an explosion in a nearby guildhall would send shakes through the area as if an earthquake had struck the area. Following the trembler screams and gunshots would penetrate into the audio of the surrounding area “HE'S GOT MY SON, HELP HES GOT MY SON” A group of Pirates had just attacked an innocent merchant guild hall owned by a small family dedicated to using their business to help the people of Lulusia. Phoebe would hear the cry for help and would make her way to the scene to investigate. On arrival she could see several children dead, 3 elderly held against the wall and one Pirate punching another child with his mother watching from afar helpless. Phoebe normally wouldn’t get involved in a simple robbery, however, these people had gone too far.  “You guys are scum, pathetic and You would look, so, much, better, on the floor “ Phoebe would say in an angry flirty tone. * Bang* *Bang*. Two bullets from Phoebe revolves would impact the torso of the first pirate “Run kid, get out of here”.

Moments later several pirates who had moved further into the building would reveal themselves firing from different locations from within the guild hall. The Guildhall was quite grand in design with two large staircases connecting to a second floor with two balconies reaching around; allowing anyone above to see into the entire lobby. There are several wooden beams scattered around and 6 exits/entrances in the form of single wooden doors at different points throughout, not to mention the oak counter that was situated on the back wall spreading across its entirety.
The front entrance had been blown out leaving a massive hole in its place. Phoebe is currently using a wooden door as cover with a chair holding it up on its side, the door used to be part of the main entrance and survived the explosion thus making a strong wall for Phoebe to defend herself against the bombardment of bullets flying her way.

One of the pirates managed to get an angle on Pheobe from above as he climbs of the balcony and onto a light installment that surprisingly supports his weight. “Nice Butt” the pirate hesitates as he blushes from the complement of Phoebe *Bang* *Thud*. A bullet of Phoebe guns breaks through his eye and shatters the pirate's brain as it rigoshates around his skull, the man drops to the floor and creates a loud thud in the process.

2Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Re: Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:00 pm



A rather violent party seemed to start in the middle of Lulusia.

An explosion would force the area to deviate from its normal, mundane way of life. Someone was running amuck as the remnants of a guild hall laid strewn about the streets, an obvious result of the prior explosion. It would take nothing more for Judan to spring into action, his prior encounters with the people of Greenie Pass and the mission he shared with the OVER cell added extra motive to his hurried steps, intent on determining what exactly was occurring.

"What the fuck?! Are the nobles attacking again?!" His mind trying to decipher who would launch such a large-scale attack out of nowhere, his body nearing the point of origin.

As he turned the corner he would notice the ongoing struggle, battles still taking place as lifeless bodies accented the war zone. He would stumble upon a lone woman locked in a struggle with a group of men claiming ownership of the damaged guild. Upon further inspection their bodies would reveal the markings of comradery, their flesh flew a jolly roger no doubt similar to the one on the ship they sailed.

Whether by chivalry or some other reasoning, Judan would rush towards the woman's position, the scales he had become so accustomed to creeping across his skin, building an added layer of defense as he stopped in front of her. His arms crossed drawing some of the fire the pirates would so happily aiming at her, relieving the stress placed on the dislodged door. He had noticed the pair of guns she had on her person, prompting him to speak quickly

"Shoot back!"

Name: Scale Bound - Novice
Range: Contact
Attribute: Durability (1)

By covering himself in the hardened scales of the crocodile, Judan can increase his defense against physical based attacks that come in contact with scaled area(s). The scales are sturdy enough to reduce the damage received from an attack by +10 doriki. The scales are only capable of being grown over Judan's outer extremities such as his other forearms, back, shins, etc.

3Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Re: Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:49 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Hearing the words to shoot back Phoebe would trust the stranger before herself; *Bang Bang* *Bang Bang* firing four shoots Phoebe would take out three of the enemies out while slicing through a fourth shoulder "Oooh thank you, Sir, seems your a sweetheart". *Bang* one more of the enemy would fall at Phoebe's hand "I'm Phoebe". The remaining enemy would retreat deeper into the building in order to report the situation to their Commander a Viscous monster weighing in at 200kg scaling at 9ft tall and would be wearing full plated armor coving him from head to toe however his arms would not be protected. "Bitching there are two fighters outside and their quite skilled in combat" The Commander Bitching would turn to face his follower "Did you say you are unable to deal with TWO RATS?" he would say in an angry tone loud enough to be heard down the street. "I'm sorry Bitching, but ones more Like a Dinosaur and the others Pelican" he would say as he was trembling with fear. The Commander was one who would kill someone simply for being embarrassed to call them Bitching "A PELICAN AND A DINOSAUR YOU SAY, NOTHING BUT RATS YOU WORTHLESS SLAB!!!" Hearing the reference Phoebe would gaze up and down at the man before her "I'm the Dinosaur" Pheobe would say while adding a flirtatious tone to her voice.

Bitching would grab his subordinate by the waist tightly "Sir Please no don't" "DID YOU JUST CALL ME SIR!! THE NAMES BITCHING, NOW BITCH OUT" Bitching would throw him through the wall between himself and the attacks Phoebe and Judan "The rest of you Blow the back wall and take the good to the Captain". Poking his head through the hole Bitching would notice Phoebe and Judan "See Rats!". Phoebe would see Bitching looking through the wall and would begin to laugh out loud  "Oh My, Isn't your face Uggg Ly"

Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Juggernaut

4Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Re: Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:14 pm



Was there ever a normal day on this fucking island?! It seemed to be some life threatening event every other day, just his luck.

He would watch as the girl handled herself well, tearing through their attackers with relative ease and precision, allowing him to lower his guard as the remaining grunt retreated deeper into the guild. The brief break in the foray would allow him to assess the situation. "Name's Judan, what the hell happened here? Hoping she could help fill in the gaps of information he lacked due to not being on the scene of the initial bombing. Before she could even answer his question a thunderous boom of anger would sound off in the tone of an unseen party.

"A dinosaur? Seriously?" His face long with disappointment as the disrespect rang in his head. His newfound accomplice didn't help either. "Yeah right!"He'd say with a scoff as he turned his head in the opposite direction, clear displeasure showing on his face.

Their spat would be brief, however, a boom louder than the declaration occurring as a body flew through the wall that previously separated the two parties. The newly created hole would reveal the face of a rather unpleasant looking adversary. A whistle would be his first response as he sized up the new enemy. "He's a big one." He would extend his hands before him, interlacing his fingers before he would bend them back, and audible crack occurring as he prepared for what came next.

"You wanna take him together or would you rather catch the stragglers? Lady's choice." A rather bold display of confidence by the Revolutionary, either way, he was sure of one thing, they would come out on top once it was all said and done.


5Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Re: Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:56 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Before Phoebe could reply bitching would hear the arrogant individual "YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE THE ALL MIGHTY BITCHING ALONE, I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE A BUG, YOU ROACH FACED RAT!" he shouted while climbing through the hole filled with rage causing a larger one to be created as his body weight broke through. "Well darling, if u think you can handle him alone surrrrre" Phoebe would wink as she would proceed to run to the side door in order to avoid Bitching "Good Luck Juu Dan" she would say with a sweet elegance to her tone.

Each step Bitching would take towards Judan would cause a small tremor in the ground as if small earthquakes were being created. Placing his right fist inside the open palm of his left hand Bitching Clicks his knuckles before repeating with his left to right. "Oh, I'm going enjoy pummeling you".  Meanwhile, Phoebe had reloaded her revolvers and proceed into the next room "Where do you guys think you're going, I only want to play" Pheobe licks her lips in plain sight of the enemy. The remaining troops would open fire *Bang* *Bang* on Phoebe "Play huh, well we can play" Phoebe would dive over a nearby counter before poking her gun out the side *Bang* caping another in the head.

edit = claiming hit

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6Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Re: Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:17 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
20 minutes would pass as Phoebe dealt with targets, dropping a lead bullet into each of them. Once she had accomplished this endeavour she would turn to face the whole leaving into the main entrance, to her surprise the battle had barely progressed with Bitching landing a solid right hook on Judan. The attack would be enough to knockout Judan as he falls backwards onto the ground.

*Bang* *Bang* Phoebe would fire several bullets into the back of Bitching making sure to land her bullets between the joints of his armour. 

The bullets would break through his skin and penetrate a vital artery causing blood to begin squirting out rapidly. *Bang* *Bang *Bang* Pheobe would fire multiple shots impacting the eyes and mouth of bitching as he turned around to possible engage her. He would drop down after this bombardment. Pheobe would step through the hole in the wall in order to check on her ally, he was knocked out and covered in the blood of Bitching who was laying next to him. "Great...what a loser, can't even pose right, thought we had something going but nothing but a poster...boy". Pheobe would kneel down and began searching his pockets. "Well if your going down this easily, you haven't got long left in this world, it makes better use of this money" Phoebe would say with disappointment in her voice".

Meanwhile, the mother of the saved kid would thank Phoebe for all her hard work.  "No problem".

7Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage]  Empty Re: Ignition Event Part 1 [Voyage] on Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:59 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Phoebe takes everything within the pockets of Judan along with several pieces of his attire including his Shirt, shoes, belt buckle and socks. Phoebe had become somewhat annoyed that he had fallen so easily to someone he claimed he could handle and figured a lesson learned hard was one best served formally to one's skin as the weather grew colder, it almost certainly would give the man a shiver as the day moved on. Phoebe would rap it all up in a nice bow as she swung his belongings over her shoulder and slowly strutted her way out, step by step as her hips swang left and right. "I had accomplished quite a bit today, stopped a band of ruffians and taught some flamingo a lesson on how the world works, aww it felt good to be a Woman" Phoebe would say to herself before giving the belongs of the man she had just robbed to a struggling family. She was crouched down with both her legs at a pivot to each other as her elbows rested on her thighs a mere inch away from her knees. "Hey little one, make good use of this stuff, and make sure to adjust it " "Adust it?" the young boy was confused to what Phoebe meant but alas that's all she would say on the matter before walking off. The young boy's mother and little sister understood fully as to what she meant by this and thus. The events of the robbery were over and the arrival of Phoebe Dabria was now completed.

[exit] [Exit for sym 2] as he been afk for like a month now.

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