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THIS TOPIC NEEDS TO BE JOINED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EXECUTION GRAND VOYAGE EVENT. At this time there is no current cap to the amount of individuals that can join. The topics will be broken up depending on the amount of PCs that will be in attendance. You only need to post within this topic once upon your arrival to Lulusia Kingdom if you aren't already there. The only individuals that do not need to post within this topic and are free to join the execution grand voyage at any time are those with a Plot Spot or Will of D spot.


A young lad around the age of eight rushed through the streets with his sidekick, his sister, close behind him. His hand firmly clasped onto her so they wouldn't get seperated. They pushed through those that were young and old. Mink, Human, or any other race. Even at times they slipped right underneath someone's legs from their height. They had a certain location in mind and were in a rush to reach it. Soon they made it. Joining other children. They were on top of one of the largest buildings in the area. It was somewhat safe. They were fine as they knew if any of them fell their Leader would be there to catch them. A young teen no older than fourteen was the leader of this group of kids. They were all Family. And what they had come to see as a Family was the festival that was taking place within the Common Grounds.

It was a celebration for the Kingdom, no, more so the World as the biggest names gathered for the execution that'd occur at the climax of the festival. It was sick indeed, in theory, the celebration of one's death but those being killed weren't petty heroes or those who'd created treason against a mere Kingdom, it'd been hardened criminals whose crimes would've made those with weak stomachs hurl it's contents. However, justice would've been dealt later for now, it was time for merriment. The World Government chose to use this moment to restore two things. The faith in the bonds between the Lulusia Kingdom Faction and the World Government after rumours of a Revolutionary alliance from the current Royal faction and two, bring economic business to the Kingdom itself.

When executions occurred, crews from far and wide gathered to stock up in the town, in hopes of catching glimpses of those being killed in happenstance. Whether it was motivation to never be caught or simply the sailors heart, the bigger the names to be killed, the bigger the names in attendance. Miracle or Disaster, it was all in the eyes of those assessing the situation. Vendors filled the streets hackling memorabilia from the pirates on the rosters career, even if most of them were knock-offs. Bars didn't have enough ale or rum to even combat the ideal of running out, and that happen in seconds for most that didn't keep much inventory on them. The streets were lively with street performers, heckling to make the finest of dollars, as the sea air left a refreshing, yet, less subtle taste, a bitter one in others mouths.

The sound of blaring trumpets from the Royal Band ushered, as blaring wind percussion sounded the arrival of the Royal Family's banner men. In the shadows, the Cipher Pol prepared for any and all security hiccups but for now, they'd just stalk the crowd in anticipation of the names that might attend. It'd be top priority that everything flowed as needed, especially with all the names on the list. Flyers riddled the street floors, informing all of the citizens across the Kingdom of today's agenda, it was time.  

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Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Phoebe has spent the last few weeks in a behind scenes conflict with the queen of this kingdom and yet over the last few days it had seemed to have died down quite a bit as the attention of those in power had shifted to the events today, it was clear she was nothing but a nuisance at this point and there was bigger fish to fry. 

Phoebe had done her research and knew what was going on and how things were to proceed, and she was 100% against the Queen getting her way and thus she had decided to join this event and possibly take action. 
None knew her face, her name or even her intentions as she simply sat on top the tavern roof in which she stayed on a regular basis, with her back against the stone chimney as she soaked in who was coming and going, the sounds of lively festivities and the joy radiating from the people below it would almost be a shame if something spoiled something so grand; Phoebe thought to herself as she licked her lips. 

She was in quite a bland mood and poorly motivated as she wasn't sure of her own intentions, what was right or what was wrong, however, one thing she believed was if the queen wanted you dead you were most likely innocent in this world, and hammered from those who would rather be politically correct  than on the side of what was right and thus Phoebe's mind noted down the guards locations, and possible gaps in their security. 
OOC: I know i missed the deadline or at least in the Uk. In the USA its still the 15th so I figured id at least attempt an entry; didn't notice the topic till like 20 mins ago. Can someone tag me if its greenlit or denied? Thanks.

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Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken
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Cassius stood on the sidewalk, watching the festivities play out around him. The trumpets, street performers and vendors hawking their trinkets all seemed a bit much and only made his frown deepen. Gratuitous really, and grim at that, the celebration of multiple executions. Whenever he forgot just how violent humans could be, they always had a way of brutally reminding him. He looked about him at the smiling faces, children running about with the wanted posters of those to be executed and asking their parents if they might get a chance to have the posters signed before the pirate was lead to the gallows. It was disgusting and made Cassius wonder just who the true villains were in this world.

Staring around he became painfully aware of how much he stood out. He had told Taz and his fishmen crew to stay behind, the less of them the better as they wouldn't stand out so much. Now however, being the only fishman in sight made his scales itch uncomfortably and having a friendly face or two might have helped calm his nerves. Regardless this was the situation he was in and all he was able to do was make the best of it. Marines milled about amongst the celebratory civilians alongside the usual Lulusia Kingdom patrols. Normally he'd find this problematic, but considering the massive crowds, Cassius was content knowing the Marines had their hands full with the people and the upcoming event. They wouldn't have the time or patience to deal with a small name criminal who had only really affected the people of some underwater island that the vast majority of humanity found inferior to themselves.

So there he stood, the terror of the deep, simply watching the depravity of humanity mill about in joy and merriment. Enemies surrounded him, strangers frolicked about and the only true friends and allies he had on this planet were several hundred yards away down by the docks. Meanwhile he waited patiently for the festival of executions to begin. What a strange day this was already turning out to be.

WORDS: ###
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water);+5 E&D (Pugilist); +10 S&P
GEAR: ###

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