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1 [Train / Travel] Marineford to Sandy Island on Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:49 pm


Hiro knew he looked like a hick when he finally boarded the train. The train conductor had to forcibly drag him inside after he'd climbed on top. He'd heard of trains before but he'd never heard of a train that went across the ocean. Mr. Miyagi had met him at the train station just before he left. He gave him a guidebook and repeated his instructions: he was to find Linedwell and accompany him on his quest. Hiro sped through the corridor and quickly found his seat. He placed his light pack underneath the seat before sitting. Although he was excited to reach his destination, he also wanted to enjoy the journey there. The train took off soon after everyone had been seated and began to barrel across the sea.

The young marine glued his eyes to the window and watched with awe as the marine base dwindled into the distance with increasing speed. Once it was clear that there was nothing to see other than a wide expanse of water, Hiro sat back down and began to fidget with his bandages. He'd been given a once-over by the base physician. His wounds had been covered in various salves and bandaged, he'd also been told to eat more often. Hiro didn't even feel the hunger pangs until he'd been reminded. In the past few days he'd only had two or three full meals. He wouldn't die from that, but he'd been chastised and told it could lead to malnutrition. A loud rumbling noise reverberated through the cabin, causing other passengers to look in Hiro's direction.

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The passenger seated across the aisle pointed at the cabin behind them. "There is a buffet about 2 cabins behind us, they should have started serving." The man said. Hiro turned to get a look at his savior. "Thank you!" He said mid-stride. He hoped the man didn't think he was rude for leaving so quickly. Hiro didn't get a chance to grab something back at the base, he didn't want to miss the train by accident and figured they had to have something to eat even if it was a snack. But to hear they actually had a buffet on the train made his mouth water. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been to a buffet.

Hiro shuffled past slow moving passengers until he finally made it, the buffet cabin. The cabin was decorated much like the rest of the train, the only difference was that instead of seats and luggage racks there were tables and heaps of food. An employee looked over his ticket stub before finally letting Hiro inside. Upon seeing the vast amount of food before him, Hiro nearly salivated to dehydration. He crammed his several plates full of good food before finding a place to sit by himself. The young marine didn't know of any better way to spend the majority of his trip. He'd gotten tired of looking at the unchanging ocean, not to mention a little bit motion sick. Hiro wondered if there were any other marines on the train and looked around.


After stuffing himself nearly full, Hiro went to the dessert section. He grabbed a whole cheesecake when the servers weren't looking and snuck away. Once he'd succesfully managed to exit the cabin, Hiro decided he'd like to eat his dessert on top of the train. Who cares if the conductor said it was too dangerous, it was just what he needed after such a big meal. He went back to his cabin and grabbed his belongings. He'd spend the remaining time up there if possible. Hiro went between cabins and climbed on top of the train.

Words couldn't begin to describe the feelings he had. Being on top of the train, in good spirits and eating good food. Hiro found himself smiling as he chewed. The fresh air was doing wonders for his mood, even if it made his cheesecake salty. He quickly finished the rest before it became too seasoned by the spray. Hours had passed since he boarded and Hiro wondered how far Sandy Island truly was. He had asked several of his friends back at the base and received varying answers. While he was sure they meant well, it also meant he had no idea. When he'd originally arrived at Marineford, it had been by way of ship. He remembered the train conductor saying something about being in time for lunch. Hiro was wrestling with distances and formulas in his mind when the train's whistle cut through the air. He looked forward and was greeted by a sandy expanse coming into view. He placed his palm above his eyes to get a better look. Almost there!

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