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Deep Bloo


**Prologue. . .**

Lu Dahn Ricchi
Though he was granted a ship for rising to the rank of Commodore, he didn't want to use it just yet. His family could get him one much more lavish and he'd much rather have his families blessing and energies with him on his voyages, but he also wasn't too keen to the idea of using government issued property. He hadn't anything against the government, it helped his family become the financial strong-arm they are today, so in fact he loved what the government was doing, but he didn't like the idea of being leashed or supervised. That's what pushed him to get to where he was now and what would push him to go even higher. He knew for a fact he wouldn't be able to get the slightest taste of satisfaction until he was at least a Vice Admiral. Even then he'd still be looking to snatch one of the three Admiral seats, but never the Fleet Admiral position itself. In a dream world he'd be offered the position and the ranks of the Marines would have finally seen a long awaited moment, but being the angel he was, he'd humbly decline it. This moment was a long ways a way, but Lu Dahn believed in he law of attraction and thinking and speaking things into existence, so he knew it was destined to happen one day one way or another.

After he boarded the Sea Train, he found a comfortable seat in the back of one of the cars. Pulling out the copy of Rear Admiral Briggs mission, he read over it while he was transported to Sandy Island.

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