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1Suspicious Activity (Voyage, Finished) Empty Suspicious Activity (Voyage, Finished) on Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:59 pm

Fenrir D. Wolf


Fenrir D. Wolf
Suspicious Activity


Recently, some odd things had been happening around the docks in Marineford.  This was Fenrir's favorite place to spend his alone time, and he had gotten into the habit of watching the men walk around, doing their fairly menial tasks.  This was, oddly enough, far more entertaining to him than anything else on Marineford.  These men understood themselves well enough to know that this is what they wanted to do.  They wanted to serve their lives, possibly sacrificing themselves, in the name of this cause greater than themselves.  It didn't make any sense.

Fenrir walked across the docks, pretending to be reading a newspaper as he did so.  Even though he wasn't one of the higher ranks in the Marines, he was of high enough rank that all of the grunts working down here would be far too careful if he was watching.  Eventually, he found himself a seat in a nice uncomfortable wooden chair next to a very large ship.  Soon enough, he appeared to be dozing peacefully, blissfully unaware of the three crates being carried off of the ship by three lowly ensigns.  The interesting thing about these three crates was that they were not going the same direction as the 7 others being carried off towards the warehouse, where these delightfully disgusting rations would be stored.  Of course, if they weren't going that way, then they couldn't be disgusting rations, could they?  That was why roughly a minute after they took off, Fenrir pretended to wake from his sleep, shaking his head as he walked off after the crates, appearing to be lost in his supposed-hangover.

------ Earlier that week

Sitting on the docks, Fenrir watched as the men unloaded their cargo.  This same ship shows up every couple of weeks, unloading another shipment of rations, feeding the base for a while.  It's a very large ship, capable of holding enough to feed the island.  That also means it's large enough to hold huge amounts of anything, and who would be looking close enough to notice a few crates with some extra stuffing.  As he watched, Fenrir took careful note the patterns in the men's movements.  Every time the ship came, they would unload it the exact same way.  For the first few runs, they would have 2 groups of 10 men running the crates from the ship to the warehouse.  Then, after a few more runs, they would suddenly lose 5 members.  The two at the back of the first formation, as well as the 3 from the back of the second.  They would take off, remaining gone for 3 whole runs, taking their carge somewhere outside of the docks.  Fenrir was fairly certain that this meant something fishy was going on.  Of course, before he stirred the nest, he would need to do some investigating first.

------ Now

Now, where were these sneaky little shits taking these crates, supposedly filled with World Government property?  Best case scenario for them, they were sneaking rations, and that was an offense punishable by at least a little bit of beating from a senior officer.  Following them drunkenly at first, staggering side to side, Fenrir suddenly dipped through a door, appearing to fall as he did so.  Rather than hitting the dirt as he entered the building, Fenrir stood up, suddenly lacking the hungover demeanor of the man who fell.  Stashing his coat and hat behind a crate in the warehouse, climbing up to a higher window as he pulled up his mask and tied back his hair.  Pulling himself up so that he could look through, Fenrir spied on the three men as they met up with their two comrades, carrying the crates off to the shore.  Here they had a small rowboat onto which they were loading the boxes, apparently preparing to move them to another location

Deciding this was the part where he needed to intervene before the boxes escaped, Fenrir climbed through the window, rapidly descending in a super radical parkour sequence before taking off after the men, chasing them to the beach where they were unloading the goods.  While it was a decent distance away, and the men might have been able to escape before he got there, there was suddenly an argument breaking out between the largest of the two men.  Apparently, the exact amount each man was being paid wasn't quite negotiated on before the job, and while the largest wanted at least a quarter of what they made, the second largest thought they should split it evenly.  This mattered little, as before they could resolve the argument, they both received an exceptionally accurate blow to the head, with the larger one feeling the pommel of Chrysaor while the other received the tip of it's sheathe.  While those two were now stunned and possibly unconscious, the three men who were previously loading boxes dropped them, allowing the rations inside to spill out while they confronted the sudden threat of Fenrir.  As they turned on him, he drew Nail, quickly loading and clicking back the hammer to ready it for firing.  Raising it to point at the nearest Ensign, Fenrir simply said, "Are you willing to die for what's in those boxes?"

One this you could always count on is the cowardice of bad men, and soon enough, the three conscious Ensigns had surrendered and allowed themselves to be bound alongside their unconscious comrades.  Fenrir went through the boxes and found the contraband he was looking for.  In the boxes, their were smaller containers, metal briefcases topped with wood to make it look like the bottom of the crate.  Inside, Fenrir found parts for guns.  One case would be loaded with barrels, another with magazines, et cetera.  After cataloging all the parts and their quantities, Fenrir lit a fire and waited for someone to come investigate, deciding it was too risky to leave the prisoners alone to get someone himself.  After a soldier was sent to investigate, Fenrir sent him right back to retrieve a few more soldiers to transport the prisoners while he reported it to a senior officer.  After the transport had arrived, Fenrir took off to find his favorite senior officer.

One thing of import that Fenir decided he wouldn't be showing to anyone but Bendt.  Apparently, someone of the rank Commodore was in charge of these shitheads, and had been instructing them to do this.  He was the one who wanted these weapons stored on the island, and Fenrir would need to find out what for.  Unfortunately, he had arrested the men before they got on the boat, which meant he had no way of knowing where they were storing the weapons or who exactly was having them brought to the island.  He had caught the grunts though, and that meant that other people could still get that info out of them.  That meant after this little situation was reported, Fenrir would only have to wait a bit before he could go after the bigger fish in need of frying.

After a short encounter with Rear Admiral Bendt, Fenrir found himself walking back to his sitting place on the docks, slightly more tired than he had been earlier that day.  Most of his encounters with Bendt were very short and to the point, due to the fact that they didn't have the same set of interests outside of Justice and Honor, which meant after they were done talking about that, they usually were just done.  Fenrir had gained very little that day, a bit of entertainment, a stubbed toe from climbing out a window, and a very loose promise of some kind of bonus from Rear Admiral Bendt.  Still, he was happy with the day's events.  A slightly entertaining day with maybe pay and a stubbed toe is still better than sitting on the docks doing nothing.  Sitting on the docks doing nothing is just what he intended to do for the rest of his day.  Sighing, Fenrir lifted the newspaper he had pretended to read for the first part of the day.  Beginning with the 6 in the bottom left, he continued his Sodoku.

2Suspicious Activity (Voyage, Finished) Empty Re: Suspicious Activity (Voyage, Finished) on Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:59 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
I'll be you're grader for today~!

It was by far a better thread then I see from most people's first time on this site, you're character came off as a guy who is rather laid back until he believes something funny is going on which at that point takes action to deal with it how he sees fit. I like how you're character didn't just see suspicious activity and right away pounced but watched from afar from what I gathered was a couple of days before following them. I would have liked to see however a bit of a longer fight as well as some description of what time of day it was just to give a clearer picture but otherwise I look forward to reading more.


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