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1Hunting for food{Voyage #1} Empty Hunting for food{Voyage #1} on Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:28 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Fae nose twitch as the familiar scent of coffee wafted through the air, the usual signal that it was morning and Lyria had already gotten her morning fix in preparation for her duties. Fae slowly opened her eyes until they were wide open with a sense of alertness, unlike her fellow comrade she didn't need coffee to help her wake up and to her it was a funny thing when you sleep for several hours to regain energy and still need something to help you wake up afterwards as if you hadn't slept at all.

Still, Fae held her tongue as she shifted her legs off of the bunkbed being sure to feel the rough and slightly crusted sensation of the covers she was so accustomed to as she moved knowing that it would most likely be the last time. Following an attack she help lead on a marine base she was being promoted from the common foot soldier to a revolutionary lieutenant, most of the ranks above usually held their own small rooms while the common soldiers shared rooms with several soldiers at a time just as Fae was doing up until now.

She took a moment to look around her room noting the musky and dirty smell mixing in with the smell of the freshly brewed coffee, for nearly four to five years she had been accsutomed to sleeping in such types of rooms with Lyria but her promotion assured nice clean quarters to complete what would be her new duties from. A small sigh escaped her lips as she hated change but at the same time she was happy that her role in the revolutionary army was being recognized and she would have a chance to continue to lend her strengths in effort to free the world of the World Government control.

Fae glanced over to the far right too look at the clock on the wall that read 9:55 a.m, she was suppose to meet one of the few superior officers at the base in ten mintues. She fully got up, she didn't bother to take a shower as her fur kept her clean for days which was one of the few perks of being a mink, instead she slipped on a red shirt lined with black stripes and thrown on a black leather jacket over it, she easily slipped on a pair of black jeans ripped at the thights and black shoes with the bottom being linned with white with black fingerless gloves to finish her appearance before she headed out the door.

2Hunting for food{Voyage #1} Empty Re: Hunting for food{Voyage #1} on Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:50 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Fae walked out the door of her room while using her left hand to reach behind her pressing her thumb against a scanner that read her biometrics and locked itself, not many had this feature but her roommate Lyria was a bit of an inventor mixed with a scientist and created the system in order to protect her belongings, another neat perk of living in the common soldier bunks that she would miss. She quickly dismissed the second thoughts and began making her way down the dimly lit hallway to the room she was assigned, as she walked she had passed some of the common troops and her presence was not ignored as they glanced and spook whispers amongst each other, Fae had no doubt the news of her deeds in the past marine raid had made headway among the troops as her efficiency and way of killing was in a normal view quite cruel and that cruelty made troops uneasy now that she was being promoted to a rank of leadership. A part of Fae didn't want to lead any troops and would prefer to fly solo so she wouldn't be in charge of anyone's lives if something were to happen because in most cases bad things were bound to happen on the job, but it seemed that proper leadership skills were essential to advance in the ranks any further so all she could do is grit her teeth and bear the burden of being responsible for others lives meaning she had to somehow gain their trust which was a different beast all together besides doing her job.


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