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1Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:43 pm



Link to Approval here

Yuurei being the thief he was figured that learning things to add to his arsenal was for the best. He always thought about poison to be something he would add into combat, and now that he had stolen a book about poison he figured he would try to create something from the book. It was a nice day out in Lulusia Kingdom, and the man was still around the Greenie Pass. The sky didn’t have a lot of clouds gathered together, and the sun would be able to shine down on the large green area. Where Yuurei was now was a plain field with nice tall grass. He was doing a lot of information gathering, and it seemed like these villages had hidden gems within them. There was the man he had stolen from, who seemed to have been a person who originated from Baltigo, then there was a scientist.

The Intel he had gotten through roaming through these lands had brought him to this area. He had wanted to find someone who could teach him about science and how to do things on the scientific level. It brought the swordsman to walk through a path which led to a small town not too far from here. This was the place he was looking for and he knew because of the big and tall house that was in the center of the town. It looked creepy brown paint and an old design to it; it wouldn’t take long for him to make it to the town entrance and there he was greeted by what looked like towns guard.

”What is your business here?” One of the guards asked as they both put weapons against each other to block his path.

Yuurei would come to a stop and look at the two of them. He wanted to flaunt his title, but he chose not to. He figured he would just talk to them normally.

”This is how you greet someone trying to pass by? I guess you would seeing as there are bandits all over this place. I had to deal with a lot of them myself. Still, I heard there is a man with great knowledge in this town. I was hoping that I could visit him, and ask him if he could teach me the basics. I’m looking to be his apprentice to be exact.” He said to the guards.

They looked at him as he was talking nonsense at first. It wasn’t they asked, but when he spoke about the scientist their eyes widen. They didn’t think anybody would come looking for the crazy madman. They were a bit surprised, but they figured they could allow this man to see him, and runoff from how crazy he was.

”I don’t think you really want to come to this town to see Grim Landstar, but if you looking to be traumatized for life go ahead.” He said as he looked at his friend.

They both moved their weapons away from each other allowing Yuurei to pass. The thief looked at both of them with a smile on his face as he started walking past them.

He stopped for a second as he looked back at them.

”Is he really that bad?” He asked curiously.

The guards looked at Yuurei, then looked at each other, and then back at Yuurei.

”You will see, and please don’t start any trouble in this town, or we will have to kick you out.” The second guard said to Yuurei.

The thief would nod when he heard those words, and started to walk off to his destination.

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2Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:27 pm



Yuurei’s attention was now on the town around him. He could see the number of people that were outside. They were cheery and act like there was nothing in the world that could harm them. That was a naïve way to view things, but peace was peace. He didn’t have to do anything here, so he was glad that there was no need to display his power here. The swordsman had known where he was going, and he had decided to make haste. His strides were larger now, and soon enough he would get close to the center of the town. There was one thing he noticed and it was the decrease of people around here. It looked like they were avoiding being around this large building. It made it obvious that Yuurei was approaching this place, and soon enough he would get to the front of the door of this place.

He knocked as hard as he could, and even press the button that he noticed on the side after knocking. He stepped back a bit as he waited for someone to open the door. The thief stood there waiting for someone to answer, but he didn’t even hear any type of footsteps. The thief scratched the back of his head as he decided to knock on the door again. When he did he moved back again and waited for someone to open the door again. As he waited there was no sign of the door opening or the sound of someone inside. He was bothered by this because he wasn’t sure if he was being ignored, or if something bad happened to Grim. I guess it is time for me to do what I do best. He thought to himself. Yuurei moved forward and took out the safety pins from his sash and started playing with the doorknob just to find out the door was already open.

He looked around to see if there was anybody around him who had seen this, but he remembered that there was nobody around. He chuckled nervously, opening the door slowly and looking around to see if there was any type of danger around. He would notice that the room he had entered was spotless and there was nothing out of the ordinary except for the old decoration. The swordsman had walked into the house and closed the door behind him. He knew this place was big, and he wasn’t in the mood to play find the doctor. Yuurei would unleash his observation haki to scout out the area around him. His eyes would scan the area and soon enough he would find the presence of one person in this entire place. He was surprised that only one person lived in this place, but he figured that nobody wanted to be friends with this man.

Yuurei could feel that this man was standing still a lot and then there were times where he moved for a few seconds before stopping and staying still. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he started walking around to see where the staircase was located. While he was walking through the hallway he could see how clean this place was for one person to be living here. He also noticed that there weren’t a lot of pictures around the walls, but instead, there were a lot of certificates and mirrors. It wouldn’t take long for him to find the stairs and soon enough Yuurei would start climbing them to his destination.

29/30 Haki Remaining

3Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:50 pm



He was cautious about his walk up the stairs. He didn’t know if this man had traps hidden within the house, so he had to make sure he didn’t get caught off guard. Yuurei would make it to the second floor without a problem. He sighed because he was thinking on this situation too much; this man didn’t have his door locked because nobody wanted to come here, and there was no need for a trap because once again nobody would dare come here. The swordsman started walking through the hallway now as he was moving closer to his destination. It was a short walk and when he peeped his head into the open room he noticed that there was a man mixing chemicals together. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but when he mixed the chemical together it bubbled up for a second, but then calmed down and went down.

”Hey there. Mister Grim sorry to intrude.” He said to the man.

Grim jumped up and his hand would let go of the tube with the chemical. It would fall to the ground, and soon enough break, and causing an explosion in the room. It wasn’t harmful in the sense that it would hurt them, but it was a strong poison that was made to affect those that inhaled it. Yuurei felt a bit dizzy and looked at the scientist who pulled something out from his lab coat and swallowed it quickly. His vision was becoming blurry as he was squinting to see the man better. Grim would approach Yuurei and chuckled a bit as he pulled out another vial, and handed it to Yuurei. The thief’s hand was shaking from what was going on but placed the vial into his mouth to drink whatever was in it. It wouldn’t take long, but his vision was coming back, and he was feeling better.

He shook his head as he looked at the man. He had slick back black hair, his facial hair was grown all over his face, he had big round glasses, and wore a long lab coat.

”Sorry about that young man. I didn’t think I would have any visitor today, or ever. So you kind of startled me. Thank god I always carry antidotes with me. You can never know when things might slip out of your hands right?” He chuckled when he said this to Yuurei.

He looked at the man again and wondered why he was here.

”What brings you here young fella? I’m sure it’s not because you find this house interesting.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei smiled at him as he didn’t think this man would be so jolly.

”You are right Grim. I heard about you from the World Government. Well, I asked for a file for a scientist who could be of help towards my goal. I got information that you might be around this island, so I searched for you. I was hoping if you could teach me the basics of chemicals, and how to create poison, and if you can take me as your apprentice for the time being?” He asked him wondering what he would say and what would happen next.

4Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:39 pm



Grim stared at Yuurei after he had told him what he needed to say. They both looked at each other, and Yuurei felt awkward with this man. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen right now, but he did know he wanted to learn from this guy and he wasn’t going to leave without getting a chance. Still, the staring lasted about a minute or two, and then Landstar shook his head before pushing his glasses inward, so it wouldn’t fall off.

”Sorry about that I was just surprised someone actually came to see me become my apprentice. This is surprising, interesting and good news. I always wanted to teach someone my work. And yes I have helped the World Government a lot in the past, it is why they allowed me to disappear without looking for me. I’m surprised that you were able to find me Mr. umm…” He didn’t know Yuurei’s name and he was hoping he would assist him.

”Yuurei. My name is Yuurei, Grim.” He said to him with a smile on his face.

Grim nodded with a smile on his face.

”I see Yuurei; it is finally nice to have someone who wants to become my apprentice. So it seems like your main focus right now is to learn how to create poison. Do you have any idea how to create them at a chemical level?” He asked Yuurei.

The thief looked around as he didn’t think he would ask him a question like that. He then placed his hand into his jacket and took out a book. This book was about different types of poison and he had been reading it for a while.

”I think I do. I have been reading this book about different poisons and I have been picking up on what they were explaining in the book. I just need to know if anything I’m reading here is correct.” He said to Grim.

The scientist walked over to Yuurei and grabbed the book that he was holding. He examined the book before opening and he could see how thick it was. Grim would soon open the book and looked through a few pages of the different poisons that were shown in the book. He nodded skimming through the pages of the book before closing it and handing it back to Yuurei.

”Those are some fine poisons in that book. It seems like it is worth a pretty penny. But yeah the chemicals in that book is correct. If you want I can teach you about them, and then move on to certain things on building things. If you are really good at learning I think I can give you the basics about certain things within a week or two. Then from there, if you choose we can make calls to teach you more. Since I’m sure with the way you look you weren’t planning on staying here for a long time.” He said to Yuurei.

The swordsman smiled at him as he could tell that he was very observant from what he said. He put the book away and he was glad that he accepted him with open arms.

”Yeah you are right. I’m glad you could take time out of your schedule to teach me stuff. I’m ready whenever you’re ready.” He said to Grim.

The scientist nodded happily to see how enthusiastic Yuurei was about learning a new trade.

”First remove all your weapons from your person and put them in the corner of the room please.” He said to Yuurei.

The thief was surprised about this, but didn’t fight with him and decided to do as he was told. He moved his swords into the corner of the room as he left the reject dial in his person. When he was done removing his stuff he returned to Grim’s side waiting for him to teach him.

5Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:41 pm



Grim looked at Yuurei as he saw that he had placed all of his swords in the corner. He didn’t need this man attacking him while he was teaching. He figured he would show him a list of chemicals. He pulled out of chart as he started talking to the apprentice about each of the chemicals that were there. He also spoke about different things, so that Yuurei could learn how to create chemicals of such. This lesson went on for hours, but it was something that the swordsman was willing to focus on. This lesson would go on for hours, and Yuurei would go back and for with him asking him questions and trying to figure things out until it stuck in his head. He trained his mind and body, so he didn’t need a lot of rest especially when he had gotten rest prior day. The Mentor was happy to continue on with his teaching giving Yuurei quizzes after several hours to see if he had maintained the information in his head.

Yuurei took these quizzes and would get a few of them wrong, which was still a bad thing. There was no room for failure here, so when that happened, Yuurei would ask Grim to go over the stuff again, so that he made sure that he was remembering and understanding everything. He took a lot of notes, which the supplies were provided by Grim himself. The older man was just happy to have an apprentice because people were scared of him to get close to his home. The lecture continued, and it was only the first day, but Yuurei was actually quite enjoying the knowledge that was being poured into him. He was quick with taking notes, and when it hit three in the morning, Grim decided to give him one last quiz.

Yuurei was determined to ace this one, or he was going to put himself back in square one with the whole entire lesson that he had been given for a few hours. The thief went through the exam answering every question he could as best as he could. He had gotten stunned on a few of them having to think it over a couple of times before giving an answer. He didn’t think he would ever have to do any type of school work since he left his home, but here he was. When he was done he had handed the work to Grim. The scientist looked at the work and started going through his quiz. He nodded on a few of them and continued to nod at them as he was going through the quiz. It would take a few minutes, but he would put the paper down and smile at Yuurei.

”Another quiz is done and you aced this one as well. It took you a few tries for this one, but it seems like you starting to understand things. Still, we are only half way done with chemicals and its properties. Tomorrow we shall continue on before we start moving onto other matters. I think it should last another day or two.” He said to Yuurei.

”Could we continue?” He asked Grim.

”No we cannot. Your body and mind need rest even you don’t think it does. We will review everything we learned tomorrow before moving on to the next stuff.” Grim paused

”Now your room is going to be out of this room and first door to your left.” He said to Yuurei as he started walking out of the room.

The thief had sighed with disappointment as he figured that he would be able to rest after a long day of work. He got up from his seat as he took his notes with him. He had grabbed his swords and headed to the room that Grim had told him he could sleep in. When he got there, he had placed his stuff in the corner and took off some of his clothes and dropped on the bed. He had his notes with him, and he had gone over them as much as he could before he knocked out into his slumber.

6Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:10 pm



The next day happened and after Yuurei had done what he needed to do in the morning, and the two of them had eaten food, they had started again with the lesson. They would review on the things he learned on the previous day before onto the next lesson. Grim had been teaching Yuurei this all day, and soon enough it lingered onto the next three days. They had been going at it the whole day as the swordsman was enjoying his time. He had been absorbed in learning everything from Grim, and he was getting a better understanding on how chemicals worked. Grim had taught him everything he knew about chemicals within those next three days. It was good to know that this guy wasn’t a child who ran around ignoring him.

Yuurei was waiting for Grim in the room where he had been studying and learning from the man. He had been learning everything he could, but it wasn’t just that. He had learned about making poison that could replicate animal poison. It was an interesting book that he had stolen, and he was going to continue reading it in his free time. The swordsman wondered what was taking Grim long. He thought the man would be here by now, but that wasn’t the case. He tapped his left foot on the floor as he opened his book of poison and started reading it. After about thirty minutes of waiting, Yuurei closed his book and sighed.

”Did I overwork him? Or did something bad happened to him? I should go check.” He said as he was about to get up from his seat.

The door would open and the old man had walked in with a packet in his hand. He moved towards Yuurei with a smile on his face and placed it on the table. He continued walking to his chair as he sat down and looked at his apprentice.

”That right there is your exam. It will be on everything we learned throughout the four days. I have never seen someone take in so much information, but you didn’t complain and seemed engaged in the topics. Now it’s time to see if you know and understand everything I taught you. After we go through this I will teach you other things.” He said as he was excited to see what Yuurei would be able to accomplish in the future.

Yuurei understood why he was taking too long, and he opened the packet and started reading the questions and answering them to the best of his ability. He had a smile on his face while he was taking the test, and it was because he understood these questions, and knew what he was doing. Grim was a good teacher, and he was glad that he had gotten to this man. The World Government did have its perks, and he was happy about that for sure. It would take him about two hours to finish the exam though and it was because of how long the exam was. He, however, knew that he had done great on it; he wasn’t being conceited, but he had taken quizzes and demanded to go forward when he aced those quizzes.

Yuurei would hand over his exam to Grim and then sat back on his seat as he opened the book of poison and waited for Grim to see if there was anything wrong.

7Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:36 pm



It would take Grim thirty minutes to finish grading Yuurei’s exam, and it was easy to do because the answers were correct. The thief was able to read more about the poisons that were in the book and the chemicals that each poison represented and how they were similar to the animals that they originated from. There were some poisons that were just created, which he enjoyed because he was hoping to make his own poison one day.

”That is great Yuurei. You were able to contain all the information I gave you within these four days. You were able to explain your answers and show your understanding of the chemicals that I taught you about. You also understand how chemicals reacted with each other and their ratios. That is good to know. I expect you to create you’re a vial of poison before you leave. Still, now I want to teach you about mechanics, and how to create certain things. How we can make Den Dens, and you could even go as far as make chemical bombs. This is all that I will be teaching you within the next ten days. So be prepared and no backing out now.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

The swordsman could tell that this man was excited that he had been here. He closed his book and placed it on the table as he was ready to continue.

”I am ready to learn more from you Grim.” He said to the man.

Grim started teaching everything he could to Yuurei on the first day. They had been doing well, and on the next ten days, it had consisted of what he had done with him with the chemicals. He could tell Yuurei sought out perfection as they didn’t move forward until he understood everything about a certain topic. It was good and he knew that it just meant that he was dedicated. Still, the days would continue on and they would go through their daily routines and Yuurei would get smarter every day. The swordsman was excited about everything that he was learning. He didn’t know those dangers that a scientist could oppose the world. It was amazing, and he when those ten days were over he wasn’t happy about it.

He wanted to keep going with it, and so he did exactly that. Yuurei stood with Grim for an entire month as he wanted to make sure that he learned the basics of everything. Grim was happy to have Yuurei by himself as the two of them got to know each other more. When the month passed, however, it was time for Yuurei to create the poison that Grim wanted him to make or attempt to make. The two were at the room as they were looking at each other.

”So, today is the day you will be leaving me Yuurei. I didn’t think you were going to stay here for that long, but I’m glad that you did. You were able to learn more than I thought I would be able to teach you. I taught you everything that you need to know, but now it’s time for you to apply it and use everything I taught you. Right now I want you to create a poison of your choosing.” He said to Yuurei as the thief was waiting for this day.

8Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:10 pm



Yuurei had heard that he had one more test. It wasn’t a test, but a way to apply everything he learned to the real world. He was no longer just reading a book, but now he was going to create something that he could for his own benefit. This was good, and he was going to do that right now. He looked around the laboratory and saw the book that was on the counter. The poisons that he had read were amazing, but he didn’t have the animal that was in the book to make the exact poison he wanted. Still, he knew the chemicals that a lot of the animals had in their body. He planned on making a poison from a certain frog. A golden poison frog was able to paralyze their prey, but it was all to make their prey suffer from extreme pain through their muscle contracting. He thought about this in his head and thought about the chemicals that he could put together to make such a poison.

Yuurei stood in the same spot for thirty minutes, but with those thirty minutes, he was thinking about the exact chemicals he was going to use for this poison. He thought about the exact proportion he would have to use from these chemicals to get things right. He was sure that he wouldn’t be able to perfect it, but he knew that if the poison was strong or close to it then it would be good for now. After thinking about all of this Yuurei had started moving towards the vials that were empty. He moved over to Grim’s cabinet and started pulling out different liquids. He had his gloves and protective gear on already. The professor just sat down on a chair waiting for Yuurei to finish doing what he needed to do.

[i]I should make an antidote while I’m doing this as well. He thought to himself. Yuurei started moving the chemicals around and mixing them with each other. He slowly did this as he was a bit nervous. He didn’t want to mess up, but he knew what he was doing, He came to a stop with mixing the chemicals together and then took another liquid substance. The apprentice mixed those chemicals together and soon enough a purple liquid was formed into a vial. Yuurei looked at it because he was expecting it to blow up on his face, and he would have to start over.

”That is done, but I’m not finished yet.” He said to himself.

Yuurei had placed his poison in a stand that held it in place and kept it from falling over its side. He looked over to Grim with a smile on his face because he knew what he was going to do next.

”I need to do something else. Poison isn’t just enough to finish the last session, Grim.” He looked over to his mentor.

Grim nodded as he wondered what he was going to do now that he had finished making his poison.

9Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:38 pm



The swordsman started moving towards the cabinet again as he had gotten out more chemicals, and these were stuff that could counterattack different chemicals. These things that he had grabbed would be able to counteract poisons that were deadly to the human body. He was going to create an antidote strong enough to cure any poison as potent as the antidote itself was. Yuurei had done the same thing he was doing with the poison with the antidote. He as mixing the chemicals properly to make sure that things didn’t go horribly wrong. Grim was surprised that he took the extra step to make an antidote but it was the smart thing to do. Yuurei was excited while doing this, but he did his best to make sure that he contain that excitement. He didn’t want to mess up and create another poison.

The thief continued on what he was doing and soon enough he had finished with a vial that had a blue liquid inside of it. He looked over to Grim because he needed to test these things on an experiment. He had created what he thought was a strong poison and antidote, but he would never know if that were true until he found a subject. Yuurei moved over to the stand and placed his antidote down as well. He cracked his neck as he looked at Grim and wondered if he had something or someone he could test these things on.

”Grim, do you have a subject that we could use the poison on. I need to see if it works the way I think it would work. I also need to see if the antidote could stop the poison from continuing its effects. So, once again do you have anything or anyone?” He asked the man.

Grim stood quietly for a bit, but soon enough he had a smile on his face. He placed his hand in the air with a finger sticking out.

”I do have someone who can be a test subject. That person will be me.” He said this as he got up from his seat and walked over to Yuurei.

The thief was surprised to hear those words, which made him nervous. He didn’t want to kill this man and he didn’t want to be the cause to his death. He scratched his head and placed his hand in front of Grim as he didn’t want him to do this.

”I think you should find a rat or something to do this too. I don’t think it’s a smart idea to test this on you.” He warned Grim.

Grim’s smile got bigger as he looked at Yuurei.

”You are my apprentice, and I taught you for a while. You will be just fine. I have faith in you, so now excuse me.” He said as he already grabbed the purple liquid.

Grim would chug it and shook his head when he could see that it was tasteless. He looked at Yuurei, but nothing happened.

”I see it doesn’t taste like anything, but the poison itself might take a while to take effect, which is okay.” He said to Yuurei as he walked over to stand next to Yuurei.

”I don’t think I did it right. I mean I made sure I did everything that was needed to make the poison, but probably I went wrong somewhere?” He asked Grim, but his mentor didn’t answer back.

10Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) Empty Re: Training Under Grim (Crafting Voyage) on Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:49 pm



Yuurei looked over to see his mentor standing there and looked like his muscles had tensed. It was quiet at first, but soon enough Grim let out a shout from his mouth the best he could, and Yuurei could see that his poison was actually working. He could see that Grim had been paralyzed and was probably having his muscles being destroyed as he looked at him. A part of him wanted to see where this would go, but he knew he couldn’t allow that to happen. He took the antidote that he had created and walked back to Grim. He opened the man’s mouth as best as he could and poured the blue liquid into the man’s mouth. He stared at Grim and wondered if it would work. It wouldn’t take long, but a few seconds for the antidote to kick in. It was going through Grim’s body destroying anything that caused harm to the human body.

Grim would gasp for air and slouch as he grabbed onto a nearby desk. He was panting and looked exhausted from what had happened. Yuurei sighed with relief that his mentor was able to get out of that situation, but what made him happy was that his poison worked, but so did his antidote, which was a good thing.

”That is some strong poison you got there Yuurei, but I think you could make it stronger. I say keep training, and you will be a fine scientist. As for your antidote, it worked perfectly fine. I knew you had it in you. I did have an antidote on me just in case things didn’t go as I knew it would.” He said to Yuurei.

The swordsman was surprised that he had an antidote on him just in case, but how would Yuurei know that he had it?

”You didn’t tell me this. If my antidote didn’t work, how would I know that you had an antidote?” He asked.

Grim chuckled when he heard him ask this.

”I made sure that an announcement would occur in the house if I was paralyzed or not moving for more than forty seconds. It would have told you that I had an antidote in my right lab coat pocket.” He said to Yuurei.

The swordsman had sighed as he was happy that this was over. He didn’t want to taste his poison on allies, nor friends.

”At least the poison and antidote worked perfectly fine.” He said to Grim.

”Yuurei, my boy. I can say this now and proud, but you have passed. Now just because you pass doesn’t mean you stop there. I want you to go out there and create whatever the hell you head could think about. I feel like you should become a great scientist and surprised this world okay?” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

”I will do my best to do exactly that Grim. I will make sure that you will have no regrets with that. Still, I think after I make a second dose of these things I will take my leave.” He said to Grim.

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Grim expected that from Yuurei and he watched the pirate go around the lab with a smile on his face. He was excited about what he was doing, and that was all that matter to Grim. Yuurei couldn’t believe his poison and antidote had worked, but he continued on creating a few batches before he called it quits. When he was done he looked over to Grim who was overseeing his apprentice finish his work. Yuurei would stretch his arms into the air as he was yawning from all the work he had to do.

”I think with that I’m done. I will get my stuff and be on my way. I have a lot of things that I need to do, so I’m happy to be able to learn this new craft.” He said to Grim.

Grim chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. He was not good at goodbyes, so it kind of bothered him.

”I won’t be saying bye to you when you actually leave as that bothers me greatly. So I will say it now. It was nice having you around Yuurei, and I hope that you will keep in contact with me. Feel free to ask me any questions when you stuck on an invention or an experiment. I will do all that I can to assist you. Also here.” He finished as he walked over to a cabinet and opened it up and took out two suitcases.

”These are your vials, chemical and such. I gave you a bunch of stuff that you will need in the cases. I hope you use them wisely, but I’m off to my office.” He said to Yuurei with a smile as he patted his apprentice on his shoulder before leaving this room.

Yuurei grabbed the suitcases and was excited as he left that lab room soon after Grim did and started packing up his stuff. It wouldn’t take long for him to get everything in order, and soon enough Yuurei would walk out of the house as he looked back to see that there was nobody in front of the door to say goodbye. He looked at the windows and he saw Grim looking out of one, and he waved at him with a smile on his face. Yuurei knew this was good for him, and learned everything he needed to. He was walking away from the house now as he was going to continue his adventure.


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