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The day was young as Odin sat in the very large lounge of Red Dawn’s Guild Hall. Well, the hall was formerly apart of Red Dawn. Days prior, Odin and his band of misfits had utterly destroyed the Red Dawn Guild. Taking them out and taking over the Base of Operations that they used. Odin had gained many allies from the fight, as well as a place for his work. Odin was a scientist and for years he couldn’t really craft anything because he had nowhere to do so. Fortunately, the Guild Hall was equipped with a lab. Alongside many other utilities that would fit well with other occupations. At the moment, Odin sat face to face with Kuro Neko. A Mink that had allied herself with him over the last few days. He didn’t know her will to fight was, but he did know that she was a good fighter. Even though she seemed weird most of the time. Looking at the woman with a puzzled look, Odin would say “There is an internal conflict in this country. I plan to stop it. At the moment I don’t know if I can fully trust you or not. So, I’ll bore you with the details later on.” The woman would nod with a look of thought on her face. Unknowingly to the Mad Titan. The woman had already knew of the internal conflict down to the roots. It was all but old news to her.

Odin would turn away from the woman. Looking back at the table behind him. A work area he had assembled for the time being. Odin would stare with intent at the blue sheet of paper. In his hand was a single pencil that drew white. It would work well as he designed one of his first inventions. The World was slowly growing with technology. With an increased amount of technology came weapons that were hard to handle. Odin had his fair share of poisonous gas and smoke from fires. With this simple invention, no more would those things be able to harm him (or anyone he sold the inventions to). Odin’s pencil would come to touch the middle of the paper. His large hand moving with quickness over the similar sized sheet of paper. If anyone watched from the sidelines. They would only see scribbles. Bits and pieces of what Odin currently was making. Of course, if they actually knew what he was making beforehand. The incomplete drawing would make a lot of sense.

Over the course of twenty minutes, Odin had designed a mask. The mask didn’t look like much. It would only cover the face of a person when placed on. However, on both sides of the mask were to filtration systems. The systems would be the key component in fighting against poisons and smoke. As the user of the masked breath in. The two filters would take the poisoned air and make it back pure. Odin would smirk, he knew that many people would love this invention. It was just the problem of actually creating it and getting it to work. He would place the pencil down on the desk. His hand now picking up the blueprint. Staring at it, Odin would debate on what type of material he should use for it. Rubber would go well for the mask. It was both light and dense. He would move his thumb over his index finger. As if he were rubbing a piece of rubber in between them. “Yes, that’s exactly what I need.” muttered Odin. Rolling the blueprint up in his hand. Odin would stand from the desk and begin his walk to the lab. He was sure that he had large amounts of rubber in it. Would of course take some time to style the rubber itself. But the time taken would be necessary and useful.

Soon, Odin’s invention would be able to be purchased throughout the world. It just needed to be created. Slowly walking down the hallway, Odin would do his best to try and find the laboratory. The building was quite large, so it was pretty hard to navigate. Not to forget the mass amount of rooms within the building itself. It kind of gave him a headache every now and then. Soon though, he would find the correct room. Walking into the room, Odin would be met with a very large lab. Navigating through the maze of tables. Odin would place the blueprint on the table in the middle and would begin his craft.

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