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16 Re: [Flashback] Mission 1: The Raid on Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:53 pm




Screaming almost like a fangirl at a N-Synch concert, Gus shouted, "I'm coming with you Tanasha-chan!" Gus shouted, trailing behind the tall woman, flapping his wings merrily as he'd exit the building. He'd turn a slight glance over at the Long Armed Male but he'd say nothing more to him, just a wide grin would fill the man's face, and within split seconds, the Winged man would shoot the child a thumb's up in approval. Once arriving on the outside, Gus would walk to Tanasha side, and halt the woman momentarily, gesturing so by clearing his throat. "The dock's in the opposite direction." Gus stated, his playful tone from within the room fading as he'd realise the mission had now officially commenced. Taking a deep breath, "See. If you smell closely... The scent of fresh fish, it's coming from this way." Gus stated pointing North.

Readjusting their course, Gus and Tanasha, along with whoever else joined the party, began their journey towards docks. After about ten minutes of travel, it'd become apparent that the area was swarming with marine activity, however, none of them had much glory outside of the small missions they'd carry out so far, being of small threats to the world, they would've been free to proceed with the investigation, if anything, it was their races that made them stand out the most. "I'll check the pubs for any old drunks that might have a story or two to tell." Gus stated, breaking away from the pack and proceeding towards the dockside bars, "We'll meet back at this main dock within an hours time!" Gus shouted, beginning to flap his wings, lifting himself about twenty-feet off the ground in direction of the bars. Once he'd land, Gus proceeded to enter the most dinkiest of the bars on the strip. Inside, was the bar-keep, an older gentleman by the name of Timothy and three of his straggler friends drinking ale by the counter-top.

"Yes traveller..." the barkeep Timothy stated, greeting the man upon entry. "May I help you?" Timothy continued. "I need three bottles of your finest Sake. We're drinking today pops." Gus stated grinning.


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