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16 Re: [Flashback] Mission 1: The Raid on Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:38 pm




Gus listened attentively as Black tried to string the rag tag group together in active conversation. "Psh. I don't need a ship. I can fly there." Gus retorted to the man's statement about transportation. Sizing the lieutenant from head to toe, he'd simply chuckle at his declaration of being a swordsman. Resting his hand on Rose's hilt, Gus would lick his lips as if he'd just seen the outline of his next full course meal. "If your confident to state that as a skill, how about we have a spar?" Gus inquired, his blood lust dripping out readily, like leakage from old plumbing. However, this thought quickly left his mind as he'd remember the last time he'd thought about sparring a fellow Revolutionary Member, another suspension of pay would've hurt more than a blow to his ego. "I'll take the long-armed and Tanashi-chan. We'll head towards the port and see if we can rustle up information from the locals. The wanna be mermaid idol is right... We aren't rookies at this point. Just the B Team sent to clean up the suppose to be A-Teams mess." Gus concluded, flapping his wings to raise from his seated position, altering his trajectory towards the door. Reaching for the nob, Gus would turn, allowing beaming sunlight to encapsulate the entire room. "You already know my race... My profession is easy on the eyes too... Much like my gorgeous face... I'm a swordsman. This here is my partner Rose. I hope we'll get along Mr.Black." Gus concluded exiting the bakery and scuttling into the street in flight, until landing from his one foot levitation to allow his feet to touch concrete.


17 Re: [Flashback] Mission 1: The Raid on Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:02 am





hough Marcellus would be a bit confused by Gus not reacting to literally having Marcellus spit in his face, the boy would decide that it would be better to just ignore it and not press the issue. His disgust from having the winged man wink at him would be apparent on his face, shown by a look that would be more fitting in an individual who had eaten directly from the trash. Deciding to himself that it would be best to just permanently ignore Gus, he’d pay close attention to Black’s explanation of the mission details even though he had already heard them. Marcellus just wanted to distract himself from Gus’s antics as much as possible so the arrival of Nyx was much appreciated. Hopefully the presence of another female would get Gus’s attention and force him to leave Marcellus alone.

He would have no such luck though, for some reason that was beyond Marcellus’s understanding Gus would attempt to claim Marcellus as part of his team, but the young boy would have none of it. "I’m good on that actually, how about you take the fish girl and I’ll go with the other guys." Marcellus highly doubted that Gu would pass up an opportunity to have his squad consist of all females, so he would hopefully be free of the bastard for the time. Once his opportunity came to list his own strengths, Marcellus would mention his own abilities hoping to one up the two swordsman who had gone before him,"So as you might have noticed my arms are pretty long and I can punch pretty hard, so I have no real need for swords. I prefer to fight with my own two hands."

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18 Re: [Flashback] Mission 1: The Raid on Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:36 am



Tanasha would stay quiet through the rest of the conversation, however she found it silly, tossing half worthed suggestion back and forth without a real goal. Seeing as the guys brags about their swordsmanship Tanasha would straight up unsheath her Greatsword and let the tip smack against the wooden floor, it gave the room a small thud upon impact. It was very Clear that her sword, was InFact, the biggest and the widest, she was afterall living a childhood of intense sword weight control, and With her size as a Kuja it was simply too good for an opperunity to show it off. She didn't say anything though, at least related to the sword, she let the scenery speak for itself and smiled down at the others.

''The port? Sounds like a plan, the smell of sweetbuns are making me unfocused, let's go.''

And With a determined walking gesture she straight up walked right out from the store as she was putting her greatsword back into the sheath, letting those who wanted to join her make their decision. Outside she crossed her arms once more and took a deep breath from how pure the air was. ''The port, the port, the port... I do recall one, not too far away.'' She spoke to herself, holding her chin as she looked up to the sky to see which direction the clouds go. She was able to determine which side of town the Port was located. ''South? Guess I'll go Ahead over there.''

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19 Re: [Flashback] Mission 1: The Raid on Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:53 pm




Screaming almost like a fangirl at a N-Synch concert, Gus shouted, "I'm coming with you Tanasha-chan!" Gus shouted, trailing behind the tall woman, flapping his wings merrily as he'd exit the building. He'd turn a slight glance over at the Long Armed Male but he'd say nothing more to him, just a wide grin would fill the man's face, and within split seconds, the Winged man would shoot the child a thumb's up in approval. Once arriving on the outside, Gus would walk to Tanasha side, and halt the woman momentarily, gesturing so by clearing his throat. "The dock's in the opposite direction." Gus stated, his playful tone from within the room fading as he'd realise the mission had now officially commenced. Taking a deep breath, "See. If you smell closely... The scent of fresh fish, it's coming from this way." Gus stated pointing North.

Readjusting their course, Gus and Tanasha, along with whoever else joined the party, began their journey towards docks. After about ten minutes of travel, it'd become apparent that the area was swarming with marine activity, however, none of them had much glory outside of the small missions they'd carry out so far, being of small threats to the world, they would've been free to proceed with the investigation, if anything, it was their races that made them stand out the most. "I'll check the pubs for any old drunks that might have a story or two to tell." Gus stated, breaking away from the pack and proceeding towards the dockside bars, "We'll meet back at this main dock within an hours time!" Gus shouted, beginning to flap his wings, lifting himself about twenty-feet off the ground in direction of the bars. Once he'd land, Gus proceeded to enter the most dinkiest of the bars on the strip. Inside, was the bar-keep, an older gentleman by the name of Timothy and three of his straggler friends drinking ale by the counter-top.

"Yes traveller..." the barkeep Timothy stated, greeting the man upon entry. "May I help you?" Timothy continued. "I need three bottles of your finest Sake. We're drinking today pops." Gus stated grinning.


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