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1Greed of man (FlashBack) Empty Greed of man (FlashBack) on Thu Jan 31, 2019 7:44 pm



Dai swam out through the open ocean. His webbed hands going through the water. His heart was pounding happily in his ears. He was going to be meeting up with his old friends. No not friends they were his new family. they were all orphans themselves while dai was more an orphan however by choice. His family was rather too cold for him. He was a kind-hearted child who didn't distinguish other Fishman calling them lesser stock. His family had been a pure line of shark Fishman which was carefully selected and processed through selective breeding. His feet kicked back and forth as he entered into the slum area.

Bubbles formed and slowly would move from the water to make towards the surface. he had to be careful in this area it was a lawless zone after all however he and his friends had made a secret clubhouse area for them where it was safe and well hidden.  He looked about nervously as he swam carefully through the city. It was once a vibrant and beautiful area from what he had learned. It used to be referred to as Poseidon's gift. Now it was more a lum area however there were still a few of the old remaining buildings that remained intact. Some still retained their beauty from ages past.

In one such building, he and his friends had made a base for themselves. He would circle about the area twice just in case he had been followed and checked his surroundings carefully. It was clear as far as he could say it was Early early morning after all and not many people were awake. That was the best time to get to the clubhouse. He gulped nervously and arrived at the intact building. He once again looked to the sides and proceeded to tap on the door tapping against the wood in morse code. however, the translation wasn't like that of the human world it corresponded to the language of the Fishman.

Atop the door, a wood panel slid across and a pair of eyes looked down and there was a moment of hushed silence. He smirked and waved his hand and the door opened and he was ushered in quickly. He passed through a bubble and shook himself off at the door much like a wet dog. A girls voice shrieked  "Dai you idiot!!"He smirked as the voice was of octa the octopus fishwomen who was now just as wet as he was.

2Greed of man (FlashBack) Empty Re: Greed of man (FlashBack) on Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:23 pm



Ocha glared at him as she was now pretty soaked. She was wearing a black tank top and a pair of torn and patched blue jeans. He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he felt a bead of sweat went down the right side of his forehead in nervousness. He sighed as she marched over and clocked him on the top of his head however it was sort of affectionate in her own way. However, it did give him a bit of a lump on the top of his head. He winced as he rubbed his lump. Upon his back was a somewhat large object. Well compared to his tiny self. Octa spotted the object and puckered his mouth and raised her right eyebrow in curiosity. "What piece of junk have you found this time dai I thought we told you to stop doing that alone."

Dai once again smirked and bit his lower lip nervously. "I know I know you guys told me not to scavenge anymore alone. But well you won't believe what I found!" he gave a wide shark-toothed grin as he headed inside wiping his feet off on the rug and grabbing a towel off by the door. Octa sighed and shook her head as she grabbed a towel as well and locked the door behind her and proceeded to follow behind dai. As he entered into the house he was greeted by a familiar squeal of happiness. Inside was the youngest member of their motley crew. Her name was Airi and she was an angelfish mermaid with dark colorway scales complemented by yellow stripes. She rode around on a bubble ring and swam in the air and tackled him happily. She was seven years old while dai was 12 at the time. He let out a grunt as she tackled him and he fell backward.

He smirked and gently rubbed the Airi's head affectionately as she was always seeming greeting him like a younger sister. In a way she was to him he had no other siblings. He chuckled and carefully pushed her off him and let her hang in the air her tail swaying happily. "Hey there's my favorite little angelfish, hey Airi I got a surprise for you and everyone here." Airi smiled happily as she bounced up int he air and swam around his head excitedly. "Whatcha get, whatcha get!? Lemme see come on dai!" he chuckled and ducked underneath her and proceeded into the living room where he spotted his best friend in the entire sea Hizashi.

Hizashi was a yellow daggertooth pike freshman with red hair. Dai smirked as he walked over to his best friend and offered out his hand and the exchanged there special handshake they bump fist s and dai would go under Hizashis hand while hizashi did the opposite and they wiggled there four fingers and underneath each other like an ocean wave.

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