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1GV: Family Reunion! Empty GV: Family Reunion! on Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:38 pm



Chapter 2
Family Reunion!

Welcome Home!

Two weeks have passed since Sy's last encounter with his brother, and it left him wanting. Wanting answer, wanting revenge, but most of wanting to know how his brother could come to this standard. In no way was Sy's life ever one that could be considered fair. So then why did his brother appear to hate him so? These were questions Sy bothered not to ask himself. Instead he decided it would be best to focus on the task at hand.

His task was to find and eliminate his brother Skyler Pearl. A man who apparently had joined an underground gang known as the Crushing Fang, and then betrayed them. Now their leader Ryan Colthezin was looking for revenge. He hired Sy because of his past and his ability to easily and quickly infiltrate Ryan's gambling den. Now a leader of that gambling den Sy had to keep his word. For if anything has to have value in the underworld it should at least be ones word.

First, and more obvious place to look for Skylers whereabouts would Sy's family home "The Pearl House". Located in northern Alubarna and just vaguely nearing the size of a mansion. It easily could support being the headquarters of an underground drug, and slave smuggling den. Granted this would be to obvious, but it was a place to start. Sy packed up his belongings before heading out into the city at night. The city was already a dangerous place with the marines having invaded, and pirates everywhere. It was best if Sy used the covered of night to ease himself into this.

His family home was no more than an hour walk from his previous location in the south of the city. Climbing a nearby building that was taller Sy did a quick scope of the area. It would appear as though there was only a few guards sitting by the entrance gate, no lights on inside, and after watching for a good thirty minutes it would appear as though there was no one inside at all. "Hmmm... that's odd." Sy mumbled to himself as he quickly dropped down from the building he was on.

His family home was in total three stories high. Two stories above ground, and one under. The house was on 3 acres of land giving plenty of building room, with a rather large single looking house in the back yard. That was where Sy lived when he lived with his family. Them being ashamed and all of his third eye.

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If the only place that has guards was the front why even bother with fighting if you can just slip in the back, and that is just what Sy did. Quickly and quietly he climbed over the back wall and was in the back yard. Pausing for a moment to view the place he once lived in years ago. The memories it brought back, but now wasn't the time to get sentimental. This is after all enemy territory. Into the house Sy went, and that was when Sy saw them. Dead bodies littered the floor.

Sy would guess around twenty men or so lay dead on the first floor. Each one with a bullet piercing either the heart or the head, and all but one was killed in a single shot. Someone scoped this place out and easily dispatched these men. Whoever he was he was good, and was not new to invasion tactics.

Moving further in Sy came into the foyer with two large ascending stairs. One on the left and the other on the right, and just below each of those stairs was a stair starting in the opposite direction that went downward. Sy figured the best place to look first would be in the upstairs. Fathers study used to be up there and maybe before Skyler went to slavery he used it as a placed to store info.

As he walked up the stairs he counted more and more bodies. By the time he had reached the study the count was easily into the thirties. "What happened here?" Sy spoke to himself as he looked around at the carnage before him. Someone was either very angry or really wants something. Maybes its Ryan maybe he got tired of waiting on Sy.

Sy entered the study with ease. He was expecting the Doors to the study to be locked, but they were not for some odd reason. This room also had no bodies in it which was a relief. Sy began his search of the room. Starting at the desk but it was empty then moving on to the bookshelves. He searched and he searched. The only remotely helpful thing that Sy was able to find was a small list of holdings owned by his family. All of which were within the city.

Smashing his hand on the desk in anger. Sy stood there to think for a moment. There would be nothing in the basement it was only a storage cellar for wine nothing else. Just then Sy heard a scream followed by a gunshot. Which was followed up by fighting. "What........?" Quickly Sy ran from the run. No sense in trying to be stealthy this time. He jumped over the railing and landed in the middle of the Foyer. The sound was coming from downstairs.

Sy made his way down the stairs which them opened up in a large room the size of the foyer that was full of wine. Just as he had suspected, but there was no mistake that someone was down here fighting. Looking around Sy noticed that blood on the floor leading up to a wall. Looking closer Sy noticed the wall was fact and when you pushed on one side it slide around in a circle.

As he arrived on the other side he saw a man with silver brown hair standing there holding another man his the collar of his shirt. "Tell me where he is or else?" Gabriel spoke a brash, angered tone as he pointed a pistol at the mans head. The man squirmed in his hands and tried to get free, but it was no use Gabriel had a firm grip on him.

"I don't know.....I don't know....... I don't know." The man just kept mumbling to himself over and over again. It appeared as though he also wet himself.

"Ha Typical of a standard grunt. Every little thing makes them scared." Gabriel chuckled a bit as he put the pistol to the mans head and fired."If you have no info. I've no use for you, and I can't be leaving witnesses."

As he said that he turned and pointed the gun at Sy. Gabriel had not had the chance to see who had come through the door yet, and as such just assumed it was an enemy. As Gabriel was in the motion of pointing the gun another goon ran in from one of the three doorways behind Gabriel. Instantly Sy reacted and dash to intercept him. Happening so quickly Gabriel didn't have time to react before Sy had pinned the man against the wall. In Sy's hand was what looked to be dice.

"This is an explosive. I suggest you tell us where Skyler or Jack Heart is. Otherwise no one will ever be able to recognize you." Sy facial expression were blank, and the tone of his voice bland. There was no emotion behind his statement, and that made him even scarier to the goon.

"He told us.... to watch this place....... he told us...... to make it look like we were active here still......but that he would not be returning here." The goon that was between Sy's elbow and the wall began to cry hysterically. "Please don't kill me he...he...he set up some oil and gunpowder. Told after two months of living here to burn the place down."

"Damn it... Damn it.... Damn it..... Arghhhhh" Gabriel screamed as he laid a few bullets from his pistol to waste shooting a nearby wall. "Not here, not coming back. Where else could he be?" His anger then turned to Sy. Grabbing Sy he threw a punch directed at Sy faces whilst trying to hold him in place. Sy dodged moving his head slightly of the way and just in the nick of time. Still holding the bomb he use his arm to keep Gabriels arm extended by pushing forward on it at the elbow.

"I'm not the one you want, but I to am looking am looking for the same person so just back off. Unless you want to be the one no one can recognize." Sy waved the bomb around in his hand, and for the moment that seemed to have calmed down Gabriel. Well at least divert his anger as he turned and shot the man Sy was holding up against the wall in the head.

"Useless, so then do you have any idea's. I don't plan on stopping until I found him. He has got to have the answers I seek." Gabriel stood there writhing in anger, but under control at least.

Sy placed his bomb back in his pouch and then began to wave around a sheet of paper. "A list of all of my families holdings. I know that Skyler is my brother and this is my family home, but understand I hadn't seen him in over eight years until two weeks ago. Now i'm tasked with getting rid him since he betrayed somebody." Sy walked over to a wall and leaned back against it as he spoke.

"Erghhh" Gabriel grunted at the mention of Skylers name, but he understood. Sy wasn't lying he saw how angered Sy had become over at the pier two weeks prior. That is not something one could fake to keep up appearances. "Skyler might be the only connection I have to finding my son. I told he joined the revolutionaries when we spoke last. Later I found out he was carted away to Baltigo. The criminal underworld rules that city. Your brother is my best shot at finding him." Gabriel took a few deep breathes and seemed to have regained his composure.

"Well might I propose we work together for this. After all, my brother clearly has a large number of allies.Speaking of which how did you kill so many guards by yourself?" Pointing upstairs with a smirk as Sy asked the question.

"Oh. Hahahahaha. I sniped the majority of them from the building that over looks this one from beyond the backyard. Long range shooting was a specialty of mine in the navy, and I don't see how teaming up could be a bad thing for me. I agree only as long as you don't hinder my ability to find my son. If you do, I will kill you." Gabriel stuck out his hand to shake on it the deal.

Sy shook hands with Gabriel an agreement was struck between the two men that day. From then on it would be them versus the traitor Skyler. The ex-marine and current con working together in the name of a common goal, and the fun was just about to begin.

"So how about we start spreading some oil and gunpowder everywhere. After all we do need to somewhat cover up the evidence of all the murder that happened here." Sy spoke as he opened the opened up the middle room. Nothing was in this room, but a baby Den Den mushi. "Hmmm well this could be useful." Sy mentioned as he swiped the baby Den Den.

"Over here. Found the oil." Gabriel had opened the door on the left and there sat eight barrels of oil. Afterward he walked over to the door on the right revealing four barrels of gun powder. "My suggested plan is each of us carries a barrel of gunpowder out of here. We leave a barrel in the foyer and then use the last one to make a trail into the back yard. The we just spread oil around as much as we can. Once in the back yard we ignite it and BOOM house will be gone."

The plan was a solid one and without any further questions. Sy proceeded to the follow the plan laid out by Gabriel. Within the next half hour there was a loud and bright explosion coming from northern Alubarn as Sy's family home was now engulfed in a raging inferno.

In the distance a woman watched hidden from view as the house burned, and the two men left the area. Only to mumble and report something over a Den-Den mushi and then leaving.
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2GV: Family Reunion! Empty Re: GV: Family Reunion! on Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:25 am




Sy lead Gabriel to the gambling den in which he was currently residing, and partially owner of. Taking him to the lab from which Sy did most of his work. Gabriel was impressed by how well the taken care of the room was. Nothing seemed out of place nor clustered. Everything was neatly organized and had a place. Sy attached the note to a giant board at the back of the circular room before heading over to a bookshelf that appeared full of maps.

“Ahh.” Sy mumbled as he walked over to the large board and posted a top down view map of the city. “From the list it appears my brother has a total of eight more locations here in the city.” Sy spoke as he began to point at the map to dictate where these locations might be. “Three in the south, two in the east, two in the west and one more in the north. From the list I can judge by size that one in the east and two in the south are small and not worth targeting.” Sy looked down at the list one more time before handing it over to Gabriel for another assessment and mind on the project.

“My idea is simple we, take out one base in the west, one in the east, then hit the north again. If we hit it now there will palace guards and marines swarming the area cause of the house fire. Finally, if we need to we can hit the spot in the south.” That was Sy’s plan and he was rather confident that it was a good one.

“I suggest we go west, south,north. Then west again if needed. Being a marine I can tell you that if you target the way you suggest they will head to the south before we get a chance to get out. This is a better course of action to avoid detection.” Pointing at the locations of the map as he went into more detail about the marine tactics, and why this was the plan that they should follow.

Sy couldn’t argue his points away, and after all this man had spent over twenty years in their service. He would have clearly learned something about them by then. This decided it, the course they would take would be west, south, north, and west again if needed. In all honestly the marines should not care to much, but it was best to have a plan of action just in case the marines did decide to investigate.

“Now lets take a look over this Den Den Mushi.” Sy was getting excited as he moved towards the small snail. Sy had seen them before but never had such a small one or even got this close to one. Gege had always just left random clues, and before that he well he hadn’t seen much of the world. Sy was picking up and inspecting the device. “Pretty cool thing these guys are. Are they not? Haha?” Sy chuckled to himself amused by this tiny snail, but he would need a companion to be of any help.

A good nights rest and tomorrow they can start their operation. The first target would be the drug den in the western portion of the city. More to the north and near the end of the plateau, some people around but none that would report the details of what was going on in the building to anyone. Either to scared or to using the product.

The first day is easily always about investigation. Scope out the target location and do so without getting caught. Sy did this typically by just blending in with the crowd. He grew up here and was able to play the part of the beggar very well, but this didn’t net them much information as the building was inside of a small stone fence. The best Sy got out of this was that the guards change shifts every three hours during the day, and that there was only one-way in.

Gabriel’s tactic varied greatly, he started by doing a quick scope of the building at ground level. Then he found a rather tall nearby building and climbed it until he got to the roof. Once here he would sit all day and watch the inside of the fence area through a scope. Gabriel’s information was far more useful. The area was rather simple in set-up.

From the entrance of the stone wall there was a camp fire to the left, and some provisions. Furtherer left was a large size tarp that housed sleeping cots with in. Given their relative size and the dimensions of the tarp covering the area. Sy was able to calculate a total of approximately sixteen cots. Given that four guards stay up and on guard at times. That’s twenty men. Back to the entrance you go right and they have some weapon racks sitting out and in the open, along with some training dummies.

Straight forwards from the entrance was a large wooden shed that ran along the whole back wall. Making it something that would be hard to scale if they wanted to approach from the back, but more than likely that would be where they would be keeping any relevant information. “Our target is that shed in the back. Only two people have entered it. The guy who comes with the packages and some other guy that I can only assume is the leader of this little shindig.” Gabriel coughed a bit as he looked toward Sy to see if he had anything to add.

“You good with that gun at range?” Sy asked pointing to Gabriel’s long barreled rifle on his back.
“HAHA! Boy, don’t you know it.” Gabriel laughed rather heartily at Sy’s question. “Well do you have a plan for tonight?”
“Yes, you cover me, I jump the wall by the weapons rack and take out the two guards at the shed door. Break into the shed and search for evidence. You can cover me right?” Sy’s plan was rather simple but effective
Gabriel nodded. “Tonight then.”

There wasn’t much preparation needed. Sy had everything he needed but decided to use this time to make himself some more of his Dice Bombs just in case he didn’t have a chance to come back and make more. Simple and quick the bombs were to make, and hopefully Sy wouldn’t need this many but just in case.


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3GV: Family Reunion! Empty Re: GV: Family Reunion! on Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:31 am



Allies Part 2!

The time to act had come. Night had fallen over the beautiful city of Alubarna, and the city slept. Sy and Gabe grabbed their needed supplies and left with haste. The start of the action would begin with a second round of recon. It is always best to make sure that nothing had changed from the morning, and that everyone who should be would be sleeping.

Making their way to the same location they used in the previous scouting trip. Gabe set himself up. This location was also a perfect sniping location. He ran his scope over the location and counted quietly to himself. Four men awake; two at the front gate, and two standing by the shed. Exactly as the two men had planned for them to be. According to the shift timings they viewed from earlier a shift change should be happening within the next fifteen minutes.

The plan was to wait for the shift to change plus about another half hour. Then make their move. Give the men going to sleep a chance to fall asleep and the new guards a chance to relax as they waited for the next shift change. Movement and right on time, four new thugs wondered out to replace the four thugs currently guarding the small camp. Now it was just time to wait for them to relax a bit. This was the perfect time for Sy to sneak over to the side of the building and get ready to make his move.

Sy ended up waiting forty-five minutes because he was distracted by a wondering dog. Now that it was time Sy sent up the signal. Throwing his jacket high into the air and over the fence. A confused grunt came from the two men standing by the shed. Sy jumping over the wall at the same time his jacket was flying through air dashed forward and pulled a scalpel from his pant leg. Without hesitation Sy slit the blade across the first mans throat, then spun around and slicing through the other mans throat.

Catching both bodies as they fell he lowered them to the ground quietly, before wiping the scalpel off with one of their shirts. Sy put it away and got his tonfa ready. He didn’t use the tonfa against the guards, because it doesn’t always end in a one hit one KO. Also, it was louder by far. Sy slowly and quietly began to open the wooden door to the wooden shed. As the door creaked Sy could hear a sound coming from within.

“They are here. They are coming be prepared.” The voice whispered into a Den Den Mushi.

Upon making sense of the quiet speech Sy burst through the door and grabbed the man by his shirt and pinned him against. “Who were you talking to?” Sy demanded an answer as he ready his right hand with the tonfa. The thug began laughing. Quickly and without warning Sy slammed the tonfa into the mans left chest breaking some ribs. With the tonfa still connected to the thug Sy twisted it causing more pain from the now broken ribs.

A scream came from the man, but the wooden door had shut itself and so the scream was nearly inaudible to the thugs standing outside. “Who were you talking to?” Sy demanded once again. This time the man didn’t laugh, but he did shake his no. This time Sy’s strike went to the abdomen, and then into the thug’s right elbow shattering it. The scream that came from him this time was much louder and caught the attention of the two guards at the front gate.

One of the guards from the front gate turned and walked back into the fenced in area. Noticing the bodies on the floor he began to make noise to alert everyone, when suddenly he to collapsed blood leaking from his skull. Gabe then quickly lined up his next shot and took out the other guard by the gate. Now they nothing to worry about. As long as, Sy didn’t spend the next two hours in this room they would be fine.

At the same time in the room the thug pinned to the wall finally caved. “The north slave den. I was talking to the slave den in the north. Please. Please don’t kill me.” The thug squirmed around grabbing at Sy’s hand and trying to push himself off the wall. Releasing him shortly after hearing the information the man sat on the floor for a brief period before trying to each over and grab the Den Den Mushi in the room. Before the thug knew what had hit him Sy had smashed his hand onto the table and pressed the length of the tonfa up his throat. Again, pinning him to the wall. This time Sy was choking the man and his writhing was to get free and catch his breath. In the thug’s case there was never another breath.

Sy walked over grabbed the Den Den Mushi off the table and quickly bolted from the room and over the wall again. He made sure to grab his coat on the way out. Plans had changed. Since this thug decided to warn the north branch that Sy and Gabe were on their way. It would be best to head there now. Without stopping to grab Gabe he just made some hand signals pointing towards the north. Luckily for them there was only the one base in the north.


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4GV: Family Reunion! Empty Re: GV: Family Reunion! on Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:23 am



Allies Part 3

The two men raced through the streets. Their destination was the Slave Den in the north. Each man taking their own path to the location that they had memorized prior to leaving the location they were working out of. Sy arrived first, and a few minutes later Gabe showed up. Luckily, they had both ended up on the same side of the street. Upon making eye contact they approached each other.

Gabe seemed nervous, and worried. He was sweating profusely and stammering his words as he spoke to Sy. He described to Sy what he had seen happen at the last location shortly after Sy left. After packing up his stuff he looked over the last location once more and spotted a shadowy figure dashing through the night. This figure entered the base, stopped, and then as the thugs within began to rise and attack it. It quickly dispatched all sixteen men left. From what Gabe could see the figure did this in one swift and solid movement.

Listening intently Sy began to worry a bit to. Neither of them had seen something such as this before, but now wasn't the time to worry. At this moment they were in a time crunch to into the North Slave Den before they had a chance to setup their defense, and properly prepare for Sy and Gabe. Sy relayed his concern, but re-assured Gabe and reminded him now wasn't the time. With Gabe’s resolve in question and being stretched to its limits by a man he hardly knew. Gabe grabbed Sy by the shirt out of anger and fear.

The eyes of a feral animal worn by Gabe gave Sy pause. Sy watched the man holding his shirt intently but opted not to react. Deciding that at this moment it would be best not to poke the bear. After a few moments of Gabe staring down Sy angrily, and Sy not budging. Gabe caved and released Sy apologizing and stating his had his head back and would be ready to confront the task that now prepared for them.

Doing a quick perimeter of the building that they were to infiltrate caused concern.  The building appears rather empty. Both the first and second story had no lights on, and no sound was coming from any of the windows. They also didn't spot any people or movement inside.  As concerning and suspicious as it might be, Sy and Gabe needed to make the move as quickly as possible. Sy had noticed through a window on the first story that in the middle of the building there was a door. This door could lead to a stair case which could lead into a basement floor. Gabe didn't feel comfortable waiting outside this time, but Sy also didn't want to take the chance that they had some other exit.

Sy decided he would wait outside and let Gabe take point on this one. He was an experienced ex-marine if anything he should be smart enough to not put himself into a position that was compromising. Gabe pulled out his pistol and walked into the building as covertly as he could. From wall to wall Gabe slide, being sure to check his behind him and check his flank often. Sy was watching from outside occasionally peeking through a window to check on Gabe. The sly and quick movements of Gabe had impressed Sy. This man clearly knew had to move quickly and quietly.

Gabe cleared both the first and second floor with ease. There hadn't be so much as a mouse on either floor. Now Gabe stood before the door in the middle of the first floor. Slowly he reached forward, when he could hear a click. Quickly Gabe jumped to the side, following his jump was a loud boom. The wooden door flew open with a massive hole in it, and a man standing in the door way. He was holding what appeared to be a large shotgun. Gabe reacted as any military agent would and quickly turning he put two bullets in the man as he stepped forward to try and attack Sy.

Gabe’s accuracy was spot on and each bullet was placed in a fatal location. The hulking beast of a man toppled over dropping his shotgun on the ground. Gabe stood up and collected the large gun, slinging it onto his back. Afterwards he made his decent into the stairwell that was there. The pitch dark below would engulf Gabe and leave him out of Sy's sight.

This mattered little as the loud boom seemed to act as a signal to others in the Slave Den to move. Across the street a door opened a few thugs ran out followed by some slaves. Sy had caught sight of them and moved to stop them. The four thugs that exited the building were easy enough for Sy to dispatch. After dispatching them Sy released the slaves of their collars and told them to make a run for it while they had a chance. This new exit or entrance that had been revealed to them became the entry point in which Sy would make his decent into the darkness below.

Gabe, and Sy both had pleasant decent. Both walked down stairs that ended up in a small room with a singular hallway. A perfect way to set a trap, but as they both progressed down their own hallway on opposite ends of the facility below, neither encountered any form of resistance.

Above ground the Slaves that Sy had freed ran into a group of marines were out looking for people who were connected to the large fire Sy and Gabe had set the night before. The slaves wanting to make sure their savior lived escorted the marines to the entrance that Sy had used to enter the facility below. The Squad of marines began their decent. They consist of a small ten-man unit the marines walked single file into the abyss below.

Sy and Gabe each encountered what was at the end of their hallway. Each now sat in front of a large wooden door. Gabe being eager opened his door without much thought and revealed the horror inside. On the other side of Gabe’s door was a hallway that had prison cells on each side. Each cell was filled with around five to ten slaves. Anger and horror drove itself to the forefront of Gabe’s mind. He bolted through the hallway to look for the one responsible. The pathway was no longer than ten meters, and then Gabe was greeted by a room with a table and two dead guards. Both had knives sticking from their necks.

Sy entered his door to find himself in the same room that Gabe had just wound up in. Sy took a second to process the room. He could see the two dead guards on the table with knives in their necks. The blood was fresh, and still dripping out. These kills were done within the last fifteen minutes at most. Behind Gabe, Sy could see the prison cell designed rooms and hallways. Gauging from the rage that Gabe was reeking of those were cells holding people.  Clearly that was the door in which Gabe had entered this room. So that left the third door, which was on the other side of the table with the guards and to the right of Sy.


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The Test!

An aura of dread took the two men over as they both looked toward the third door. That last area they needed to enter and check. Hopefully this area held some clues to the whereabouts of his brother. If not Sy would have to raid another base. The problem presenting itself however at this moment was not whether there was a clue or not inside that room, but whether Sy and Gabe could survive entering.

Their current position being dimly light gave no hope to the situation. Sight hindered and fear growing from within. Sy and Gabe pushed through forcing themselves forward. Squish, squish, squish. The sound echoed through the room, resonating with the smell of iron in the air. Sy looked down to see the large pool of blood that the two men were now walking through. This large pool came from the door that sat before them. The odor originated from the same location the blood, growing stronger and stronger as they approached it.

Arrival at the door was the small step in conquering their fear. The large step being to open the door and reveal the horror within. Sy started a countdown and then opened the door. The same time the door opened the marines from before burst into the room.

"Don't move." One of the ten marines shouted. As the rest of the division aimed their weapons at the two standing in front of the door.

Instantly both Sy and Gabe froze. Awaiting the new fate that had decided to present itself to the two they began to turn. Halfway through turning a loud laughing could be heard echoing from the room that awaited Gabe and Sy. As the laughter continued Sy and Gabe were greeted with a show. Woman dashed between the two men and ripped the division of marines to shreds. Wielding some form of claw type weapon, she turned as the corpse of the marines collapsed to the floor.

"Master, says you must be tested. To get what you seek, you must kill meeeeeeeeeee. Hahahahahaaha." The woman began hysterically laughing as she dropped down into what appeared to be a battle stance.

Before Sy and Gabe could process the amount of information that had just passed through their heads, the woman dashed at Gabe grabbing him by the back of the head and smashing his head into the ground. She lead over him giggling. "I always prefer a man with more experience." Gabe swung his hand back to try and hit her. At the same time Sy dash forward and tried to tackle her.

With a flawless beautiful motion the woman flip backward dodging both men’s attempts to get her. In this motion she sliced open Sy's left cheek. Landing gracefully the woman raised her hand with blood dripping from her forefinger. She leaned in and licked her finger. "Mmmmmmm the taste of vigor and youth. Well boys, time for fun." Rapidly shooting her to the side the blood flew off and spattered against the wall. A low growl eclipsed the sound of the splattered blood.

Sy and Gabe now had enough time to adjust to the dimly lit room, and each had regained their sanity from the onslaught of random moments that had produce their current predicament. Each man looked at each other before dashing to the opposite sides of each and right past the woman who had launched herself at them once more. Gabe pulled out his pistol and Sy tossed a Dice Bomb towards their previous location. Three shots, and an explosion later, the woman was still standing. Her facial expression showed excitement as blood dripped down from her left side.

Shocked by the fact she was still standing the two men stood and readied themselves. That’s when they heard the clang of metal hitting the floor and looking down revealed two bullets. The third was in her right abdomen. She caught the other two and dropped them onto the floor. Neither Sy or Gabe had ever seen something that insane. Fear began to take hold on both as they realized this might be the end.

Sy's thoughts racing he tried to concoct a plan. What could they use to their advantage. His bomb did some damage to her, but clearly not enough to stop her. Plus she had a bullet in her side and was still standing. Ideas reeled through Sy's head as he tried to quickly come up with an idea. The woman however was not going to wait, vanishing and appearing behind Gabe she slashed him cutting his back and throwing the rifle and shot gun on his back away.

Sy had come up with a plan but need a second to get it prepared. Not wanting to let his ally die he rush forward, using him as a spring board jump over him with his tonfa now readied and swung at her face. She chose to protect her face over dealing the death blow by grading the end of the tonfa.  Now standing on Gabe’s back, and his tonfa locked in place by the woman’s hand. Sy used Gabe as a spring board once more launching himself in a flipping motion over the woman. During this process he drop a Dice Bomb done onto the back of her neck and landed.

The verbal scream could be heard as the bomb exploded upon her neck. Gabe now lying face down on the ground looked over at Sy with desperation in his eyes. Sy landed exactly where he had hoped next to the shotgun. Kicking the gun over to Gabe as the woman continued to scream. Her fury went unabated as she crushed the end of the tonfa that she was holding. Turning around her low growl turn into a fierce howl as she attempted to launch herself at Sy.


The woman keeled over after the sound, and barely standing behind her was Gabe with the shotgun. He had put the remaining bullet into the woman’s back along with a dice bomb that Sy had given him. Her body flopped down face forward onto the floor, revealed the damage the attack had done to her back. Half of it was missing. Simply gone.

The exhausted and badly hurt Gabe began to faint, as Sy rushed forward and caught him. He moved back towards the cells and propped him up against the walls. It was a miracle that he was even alive at this point. Sy decided it would be best to release the slaves from the cells before heading into the back room and looking for the object they desired. Easy but time consuming Sy freed all the slaves in the cells, but they refused to leave until Sy and Gabe could leave with them. Whether it was fear or admiration for the ones who saved them Sy was unable to tell.

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Rest, Recover, Re-engineer.

Having freed all the slaves Sy was free to walk into the back room that the crazed woman had come from. The sight upon entering was grizzly. Blood covered the room from top to bottom and body parts were everywhere. Not a single person in the room was even whole, much less alive. Looking what could even remotely be useful in this room Sy sifted through bodies, desks, chest laying around, until he finally came upon a small desk that was sparkling clean. Sitting in the center of the desk was a book. It was a ledger detailing all Sy’s brother Skyler’s working places. The biggest part was that is pinpointed where the main location was.

Picking up his now broken tonfa, Sy walked over to his partner and picked him up from under his shoulder. Then he led the slaves outside the underground holding cells into the glorious morning dawn. The sight was deceptive as they were meet by a much larger division of the Marines upon exiting. All the slaves instantly lined up against the wall leaving Sy to be the one standing up as he continued to hold his partner up.

A man whom Sy assumed was in charge waved his hands, without a word the guards surrounded them. Three guards ran into the tunnel and the rest ran up to the slaves and began to talk to them. The guards in the basement came back up to the surface. Without a word they walked over to the leader and whispered something in his ears. The commander raising his weapon along with the other marines who were not helping slaves pointed them at Sy.

“You’re under arrest. For the crimes committed in that basement.” The commander slowly began to approach Sy lowering his weapon and taking out shackles.

Sy was in place to resist. Not with the injuries Gabe had sustained. Lowering his partner to the ground Sy stepped forward and placed his hands out in front of him. “All I did was free these slaves and kill the freak that slaughtered you men but arrest me if you most.” The guard went to place a shackle on Sy’s wrist when a rock flew and hit him in the face.

The slave who through it stood up and proclaimed that Sy had saved them and done nothing wrong. Angered the commander approached the slave and punched the poor guy in the stomach causing him to fall over on his knees gasping for air. Sy stepped forward but stopped himself to do something now would be his death. The other slave however did not like this and rose up. Grabbing whatever they could nearby and preparing to attack.

The commander stepped back and waved his hands. All the soldiers put their weapons away and went to help the slaves get settle and check them out for injuries. “A scene and mass civilian death will not be on my hands. Today you helped us, and so we let you go. Be on your way sir.” The command came and without a second thought Sy was gone with Gabe.

Upon returning to the location they were staying Sy placed Gabe on the metal table in his lab. He grabbed his suture kit and looked at the poor mans back. Three large cuts going from shoulder blade to kidney. The depth was enough to be damaging but not deadly.

Frist step was to strap Gabe down, so he couldn’t move and mess up the process. Then to clean the wounds vigorously in order to prevent a bacterial infection. This took incredible amounts of water and cloth. Now for the truly hard part the stitching without any type of numbing agent or pain medicine. The books Sy had read heavily suggested using numbing agents around the area you were stitching or give a hefty dose of pain meds. Since Sy had neither it would be the good old, tough it out technique. Oh, and being strapped down.

“First you go under, then through to the other side, back up, then make a knot, and cut. Alright first stitch done. On to the next.” Sy mumbled as he started the process. Counting and mumbling to himself he continued. Twenty-two stitches in each cut in sixty-six in total. Taking well into four hours to complete. Sy bandaged up the ally and carried him over to the bed and put him to sleep. The nerves still running from all that had happened Sy decided to head out for some anti-biotics, and to go to Burt’s and see about maybe upgrading his tonfa’s that were broke.

The anti-biotics were easy enough to get. No one seemed to even wonder if knew what to do with them, when Sy walked into the local clinic and requested them. It helped he knew the medical name of the three drugs he wanted. Two were oral meds, and the third was a topical ointment. With the antibiotics in hand Sy headed over to the good ol blacksmith Burt.

“Yo, Burt you think you could help me something.” Sy yelled as he entered the house. He had totally forgot that his cheek had been cut, and when Viera who was home saw him she flipped. Question’s flying at Sy as deadly as daggers, and each one Sy had to evade carefully. Viera gave him some basic medical treatment and then let him head out into the workshop, where Burt was located.

A simple head nod from Burt as he brought the hammer down again on a piece of metal. Sy watched the man in the heated room as he swung the hammer as only a true craftsman could. Knowing not to interrupt Burt in the middle of a project, Sy watched on peacefully as he continued to swing the hammer. An artist in his own right Burt, was a maestro of the forge, a chef of metal. Nothing could compare to the sight of watching Burt make anything.

The last clang rang through the room as Burt stepped up to Sy. “Whatcha need boy? Those puny weapons repaired. They are broken and broken rather impressively.” The guttural chuckle from Burt was more than enough for Sy to that Burt didn’t like this tonfas. Certain it was because he didn’t make them, but what could Sy do.

"I wanted to repair and upgrade them if possible." Sy stated as he handed the large man the blueprint he had come up with. Burt nodded in approval. He was impressed with Sy's idea. It was the normal tonfa, but Sy had decided that he would turn the top head piece into an electrical rod. He would place the rubber he acquired from the Diochi, around the handle and a portion of the back half of the tonfa. Then he would place in the top a chip that would discharge low wattage levels of electricity throughout the head of the tonfa.

Burt's job was to repair the head of the tonfa, and Sy would design the handle and the chip. The basics of electronics was something Sy knew well from his youth. He loved making small robots, and trying to find ways to utilize the powers of electricity to his advantage. As a teenager Sy had invented a mini taser that he gave to Gege, because she was more likely to pick a fight between the two of them. Sy was utilizing this knowledge now, but instead of making a taser in which the electricity is only coming out of the end. He would make an open electrical current that could be turned on and off going through the head of the tonfa.

The rubber from the Diochi was an amazing insulator. This made it perfect for the project as it would prevent the eletricity from running through the rest of the metal and shocking Sy. All there was to do was perfect the design and placement of everything. The idea was to make it so when Sy pushed a button on the handle of the tonfa it would then activate the electrical current. This current would remain active until the button was pressed again, but could travel through the head of the tonfa due to the rubber behind it.

After a few hours of Burt repairing the head of the tonfa's. Sy jumped in and took his time with the finer details of the project. Taking him well over four hours to complete it he picked them up and gave them a test run. Clicking the button created a current, as well as a loud crackling noise as the electricity coursed through the head of the device. Sy during his moment of genius while making the weapon realized that if he could circuit the electricity back into itself he would never have to worry about a charge, and that's exactly what he did.

This new affect didn't had to much to the tonfa, and it in fact would make the overall durability of the head piece weaker, but it now was able to shock on impact. Which had the benefits of not only stunning a target, but also could burn them. "The Shockfa is what I am going to call it." Sy jumped up and down enthusiastically. As he swung them around and got a feel for them. He did however need to be careful as shocking himself was something he was sure would happen many times.

Burt let a sigh and a shake of the head. "What a stupid name, but glad I could help. You did a good job kid." Trying to hide it from him, Sy could see the excitement on Burt's eyes as the device they had created together worked. Burt quickly returned himself to work. He didn't have the time to lose and Sy needed to get back home to his ally. After all he was carrying medications for Gabe, and rather important ones.

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Rest & Reconnaissance

Gabe's recovery was going as one would expect. Sy was not kind enough to get him painkillers so the man had to suffer through the first day of healing without pain meds. First day, Sy and him just spoke of idea's for how they would raid his brother place. Gabe reminisced about his past and talked about his son. His son was a revolutionary, because he wanted to spite his father the marine who was never there. When Gabe found out he joined the revolutionary army and was headed into a war zone. Gabe defected and went after his son to save him.

This is what led up to his capture and enslavement. Gabe tried to sneak into a rebel event in the city of Baltigo, but everyone there knew who he was. Even his son didn't stop them from imprisoning him and turning him out for slavery. Three years imprisoned as a slave he was take around the grand line before ending up getting bought by one of Skyler's associates. On the voyage to Alubarna Gabe discovered that his son had joined a movement pretending to be rebels. They were captured by a kingpin in Baltigo. That was the last he heard of his son whereabouts.

During all his travels Gabe concluded that his son was the only thing in his that mattered. The marines who were truly his family, he betrayed, and his actual family he was never there for. So now was the time to make up for the lost time and aid he could have been giving his son. His decision was ironclad, and Sy knew that there would be no changing his mind.

The second day Gabe had far more movement and pain, but at this point he was getting used to all the pain. They wondered outside the city to see how well he could tolerate the harsh desert sands and winds. Pacing themselves they walked closer and closer to the location that was listed in the book they found in the underground room. Certain that they had come to the location listed Sy stopped and looked around, but all he could see was more sand. There was a large mountain to the north of them on the other side of a massive sand dune. The location should be where Sy was standing, but it wasn't, and there was nothing underground in the desert.

Sy figured him and Gabe should climb up the hill and see if something is on the other side. Slowly making their way up the massive hill of sand. Sy and Gabe fought the constant shifting of the ground and falling due to sliding back down. After an hour they managed to get to the top and revealed the location of the base. A huge open base was built under right next to the mountain and partially into it. The mountain used as cover from sand storms and the location hidden well enough that bandits wouldn't just stumble upon it.

Gabe needed a break. A chance to regain energy. Sy used this opportunity to watch the base through the scope on Gabe's gun. There were two buildings in total on the base. One made of wood and another large one in the far back made of stone. A few fences existed on the base, mostly to separate out the different areas of the base, but there was no outer fence. Just a bunch of fences about four feet high. All them square in shape.

Forty meters to the right was a small pier that connected to the river, which in ran out into the ocean. The dock wasn't large but was large enough to bring in medium sized ship and dock them. This was where they imported and exported their stock. Watching the location Sy realized it would be impossible to get an exact count of the men within the facility, but its lay out gave Sy an idea. Handing the gun with scope over to Gabe. Sy began to mentally write out his plan. His idea for taking out the base, and his brother.

While Sy strategized, Gabe counted. Gabe had more training was used to doing more advance recon on large structures and bases. Sy left that to him, and Sy would come up with the plan. As well as watch Gabe to learn how to best do exactly what he was doing.

After hours of scouting and counting, Sy had his plan, and Gabe had the best estimated guess to the number of soldiers within the base. Gabe counted approximately seventy-five to one-hundred soldiers in the base, but during the whole day of watching Gabe had not once spotted Skyler. This brought concern to Gabe, but Sy simply knew he was there. Call it brotherly instinct.

Sy drew up a blueprint detailing the camp in all its glory. Posting it on the wall he called Gabe over and began to discuss with Gabe his plan. The plan started with Sy placing a gunpowder bomb on one of the ships in the docks. This bomb would be made from the gunpowder they obtained from the mansion on the first night of this grand adventure. Gunpowder would be placed into three medium sized barrels, each one creating a moderate size explosion. Easily big enough to blow up a ship.

Once the bomb on the ship has gone off, Sy using the oncoming confusion. Would sneak into the base and place another bomb in the weapons building. Before he blew it, he would place the last bomb in front of the large stone building and ignite it. While it was counting down the time to explode, Sy would begin to release as many slaves as he could and lead them to the weapon store room. After enough of them had collected weapons and the guards had begun to return Sy would blow the weapons shed. With all this breaking into the large stone building should be easy. That should also be where his brother is.

Gabe liked this plan but didn't understand what his role was. Sy explained his role was to sit on the hill watch and cover him from afar. This would be the best way to get the jump on his brother and prevent anyone from knowing where he was. With his injuries this was the best place for Gabe, and he understood that, but still wanted to be in the field. The plan was set, and now it was time to prepare. Sy left to buy the need the materials to make the bombs. Which were some medium sized barrels and rope.
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The Fate of the Night

Most the night was spent preparing for the upcoming conflict that was going to transpire. Ropes soaked in oil, bombs made from the gunpowder previously collected, and the plan was repeated over and over until everyone had it memorized. Luckily there was only two people who had to memorize the plan. The smaller the group the less variables you needed to worry about mucking up a perfectly laid plan. Sy and Gabe had the plan ingrained into their heads, and their resolve set solid. This was a moment they had both been waiting for. One for years, and the other months. Sy and Gabe would finally get some answers.

The next night was when the raid was set to start. They would attack near the end of the dusk hour, right before dark. This would enable them to have the cover of night on their side and would make the guards slower in responding the actions that were happening. Walking to the location they carried their needed supplies. Gabe had his rifle and his pistol. Sy had his tonfa's, his dice bombs, and the three medium sized barrel bombs they had made. These bombs weighed him down, forcing him to be as stealthy as possible until he got rid of at least two of them.

The monumental sand dune slowly slipped into vision as they approached their target location. Here is when the two men would go their separate ways. Gabe would head up the dune and set himself up. From here he could easily shoot down into the base, but he wouldn't be able to reach the docks. That would mean for the start of this plane Sy would be alone without support. They did have the Den Den Mushi's that they could use to keep in contact with each other, but Gabe wouldn't be able to assist Sy should he run into any trouble.

Sy left Gabe and headed for the docks. His job was to plant a bomb on one of the two boats and blow it to bits, causing a raging inferno and a massive smoke cloud. The commotion and confusion caused by the explosion plus the night should be enough cover for Sy to sneak in and perform the rest of his task.

The docks came into view, and Sy was lucky there was two boats each docked on the opposite end of the single pier. Third larger boat was waiting further up the river. Walking as quickly but lowly as he could Sy approached the docks. This location for the most part was unknown to Sy. He could see bits and pieces of the docks from the mountainous dune, but not very much of it. It was made of wood, and single layered planks. It stretched out from the bay approximately thirty feet and wasn't expressly busy at the time Sy arrived. Due to the ensuing night, and the fact that most of the cargo had been taken off the boat, no one was around.

Sy leaned up against a small open ended shed full of ship repair tools. Taking a few moment Sy pondered to himself what would be the best way to get onto the boats unnoticed. Being spotted wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for these barrels full of gunpowder on Sy's person. The barrels weighed him down making slow move much slower than normal, plus fighting with them could be risky. So Sy needed a plan. Something convenient and not suspicious at all.

Since there were stacks of boxes, and barrels all over the dock and pier, Sy had a spectacular idea. He managed to find himself a barrel that he could fit in, and since he wasn't that large of a person the barrel would fit the rest of the stacks of boxes and barrels along the pier. Sy placed the barrel over his head, using a small hole in the side as a point of view for vision he slowly moved down the pier. As guard approached him he would stop and wait by a stack of goods until they passed. After they passed he would proceed forward, and once again stop when they were on their way back. This process went rinse and repeat until he got to the loading ramp for both ships.

Sy needed to make a choice about which boat he should get on and place the bomb on. Thinking he suddenly heard some ringing coming from his pocket. It was extremely faint, and barely could be heard by Sy. Sy picked up the snail and suddenly he could see a face resembling Gabe on the snail and hear Gabe’s voice. "I just want to let you know that the wind is currently blowing east. That will pick the smoke over the base." Then the snail reverted and went back to sleep. Sy knew how to call to from this device but he had never done so.

"Hmmm if that’s the case, neither boat offers an advantage to burning down the other." Sy began to ramble on incoherently as he started to walk towards the more southern of the two boats. There was no guard walking down this ramp, and Sy hadn't seen one in a while so he figured this was the first boat unloaded. Thus, it didn't require as much guarding. Sy made it up the ramp without problems and onto the main deck of the ship. In order to cause the most effect Sy should place the bomb in the center the ship on the lower docks. Causing the most commotion he can in one go.

On the main deck Sy caught the attention of the captain and his guards. They spotted a moving barrel across the deck and into the opening that lead into the lower decks. Following the barrel, they approached the entrance to the lower deck to find a barrel sitting up right to the right of the door inside the kitchen. Which was in the lower deck. The three men stood around the barrel scratching their heads confused. Had they really seen this barrel walking around or was it just some early stages of scurvy taking affect. Finally, one of them angrily kicked the barrel over, to find nothing inside but a small dice with an explosion where the six should be. Curious he flicked off the image and held the device for a few seconds. You could see the fire run down as he dropped it realizing it was a bomb, but by then it was too late.


The explosion went off killing all three of the men and drawing the attention of more guards. Sy knew he didn't have much time. He ran as fast as he could to the are in the lower decks that should be the center. Upon arrival he was greeted with dismay as he saw a pole with three naked women chained to it. One of them was Pence's wife. She was badly beaten, and her facial expression showed how broken she was inside. Sy felt bad for the poor woman. It was her actions that put her here, but now he didn't have time to save her. At least he would put her out of her misery. Planting the bomb, Sy ran an oil-soaked rope from the bomb around a nearby corner and ignited it. This would give him around six minutes to clear the area.

Moving swiftly Sy made his way up to the upper decks and over to the ramp to get off. He noticed when he got there that a large force of man was responding the first explosion on the boat. Not wanting to get caught Sy dumped the contents of one of the barrels in a nearby stack overboard and ducked into it. Sitting there as still as he could while about fifteen soldiers ran by. As soon as they passed him Sy threw the barrel off his and ran towards the end of the pier. His foot hit sand when he heard it.


The loud explosion light of the night sky, and sound of wood breaking, and crashing into the water could be heard for miles. Screaming could be heard coming from the direction of the boat. The men and woman on board were on fire, or badly hurt, and while some escaped, most were drowning. This explosion could be seen from the large mountainous dune that Gabe was laying on. His first instinct was to call Sy and make sure he was okay, but secondly, he watched the forces of the base to see if they were responding to the explosion. If Sy had made it, he could relay the information.

Sy heard his snail ringing he picked it up and moved it to his shoulder as he started to walk toward the base. He could hear Gabe’s voice asking if he as okay and tell him that a force of around thirty men were headed his way. Sy confirmed to Gabe he received the information and informed the man he was okay before hanging up. Needing to blend in as much as he could, Sy walked forward acting as though he had been in part of the explosion. He spread some ash on his leg and acted as though it was burned. In the smoke-filled night none of the men heading for the explosion stopped him. "That was easy." mumbling to himself as he continued his path to the armory of the base.

Sy arrived at the edge of the base, when Gabe contacted him once more. Gabe gave him a heads up that four guards had decided to remain at the armory and were guarding it. Eight more were guarding the slaves around the center of the base, and two more guards were near the large stone building. Sy asked him if he would be able to take out the two guards near the stone building, while he handled the guards at the armory. Then together they could take out the eight guards in the center. Gabe agreed to the plan as he looked over to Sy's location to gauge how long it would be before he made it to the armory.

Using the large cloud of smoke that had never covered the base Sy moved through the guards at the armory with ease. One by one he knocked them unconscious with his new and improved Tonfa. The new device worked out fantastically and all the guards were easily taken down by a few blows at most. With the guards down Sy moved into the armory and placed the bombing device. He placed it into the center of the armory, allowing it to destroy most of the important weaponry.

The bomb was placed and the so was the fuse. It led to just outside of the building. A safe distance to ignite it from, Sy left it there buried under a small mound of sand before heading over to the large stone building. He would place a bomb here and blow it up causing the guards in the center and some of the guards from the docks to start coming back. During that time Sy and Gabe would take out the eight guards in the center, then Sy would free slaves and point them to the direction of the armory so they could arm themselves for the men responding to the explosion.

The guards at the large building were dead upon Sy's arrival each had a bullet through the head. Sy placed the bomb and ran the ignition cord out and around a large stone pillar. Then he ignited it and crouched down behind the pillar he was standing behind. After a minute there was a loud boom that blew open the whole front wall of the building. Quickly Sy called Gabe and told him to start shooting into the eight guards that were in the center of the base and heading toward him. As Gabe opened fire, Sy ran toward them. The eight guards now done to six thanks to Gabe drew their swords and ran at Sy.

Two more dropped as they moved, and the rest stopped to look around. Trying to find who was firing into them. Sy clocked one in the cheek with his tonfa activate and sent the man flying. Ducking to dodge the sword of the next guard. He brought his second tonfa up and into the man’s chin. Knocking him into the air as well. The third and fourth guard were terrified and opted to run away. Sadly, for them Gabe took them out with ease.

Sy went to the next task required of him releasing slaves. Sy got to the center of the base and saw all the slave cells. In total there was six cells with six slaves in each cell. None of the slaves in these cells had collars as they were to receive them upon being sold. Getting to the first one Sy realized that the locks on the cells would be impossible to pick. As each cell had a dial lock require the right combination to open them. Using his dice bombs Sy started to release slaves telling them to go to the armory and get weapons. After three cells had been opened the large stone building collapsed entirely. Creating a massive wave of sand to spread across the base and make vision almost impossible.

This while hindering to Sy's plans also made it hard for the slaves and guards to move around. Almost everything had come to a halt, but Sy slowly made his way to two more cells and released the slaves. At the third and final cell Sy was met with his fate. He arrived to be brutally punched and thrown into the now open cell, against the bars of the cell. Down as his butt and pinned into a corner Sy focused as hard as he could, but he couldn't make out who was in front of him. The steps grew closer and closer, and then he could feel someone grab his head and smash it into the steel bars before throwing him to the other side of the cage.

Ears now ringing and vision even more blurry on top of the sand and smoke Sy couldn't see anything. Panic and fear began to rise in him. His emotions were getting the better of him. He couldn't die here, he wouldn't die here. He needed to face his brother, he needed answers. Mentally fighting with his emotions, he slowly regained control of himself and focused. He focused as much as he could on what was in front of him, and then for a brief second everything seemed to slow. He saw this static blueish light step forward, and then he saw the fist. Moving with just enough time to dodge the blow. As soon as the metal bars behind him rang out after being struck Sy, knew he was fighting his brother.

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Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

The Mafia

Crazy Heart Pirates Mafia
GV: Family Reunion! C1PIHt1
A rather large fish man surface out of the water of the docks. The rather large fish man had hide himself within the water only his  head was showing. He had just arrive to the area no to long ago, and was out patrolling the river banks of the area when he heard this loud sound. The entire coast was under the command of  The Greatest a very powerful fish man that earn a name for himself not to long ago. Slowly but surely he have been increase the member of his organization which goes by the name CHP Mafia it a rather small group of mobsters working for leader of CHP Mafia.

The fish man that just came out the water was about 10 feet tall even, and was carrying one large sword along his shoulder. Strap to his left arm was baby den den mushi one that he was just talking into.," This Soldat Kob I am requesting help near Alubarna sir.  Just follow the pillar of smoke sir. It seems that we have something going on sir just not quite sir what it is sir."

The voice on the other side had chuckle as he replied,"Soldat Kob I see I'll send Beki along with a couple of more people to help ya. I will be there to help shorty to aid ya. Stay alive until then Cetus out." Went that the voice on the other line had hung up. Kob had grin as he dive back into the water heading for the docks.

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*{Beki, and help will arrive in next post, and Oceanus will arrive in second post.}

Kob Info:

1 Baby Den Den Mushi
1 Long Sword

Beki Info:

Oceanus Info:

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*2 baby den den mushi
*1 black den den mushi

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To The Death!

Sy’s brief moment with insane perception allowed to get away from a wound that would put him closer to death than he already was and gave him just enough time to come back to his sense. It was clear that Sy’s brother had anticipated what he was going to do and beat him the last cell. No dead bodies in the cell so, Skyler must have released the slaves. Meaning more to fight off the oncoming onslaught of men, but there no time to worry about such things as Sy’s brother was here, and he wanted blood.

Skyler had punched at Sy with such force behind his robot arm that he put a hole in the cell bars and was currently stuck this game Sy chance to commit to his one last action before he could fight his brother. Sy b-lined it for the rope that lead to the barrel in the armory, he could already hear the clashes of steel on steel as the slaves fought off their oppressors.

Sy arrived just in time to ignite before he was grabbed by his brother and thrown backward into the middle of the base. Skyler laughed as he walked toward him. “Brother your in for a surprise now. I figured when you came you would go for the armory. It’s a smart move.” Skyler pointed to the outer ring of the large circular pattern that Sy was laying on. Skyler made a circular motion with his hands as the bomb in the armory went off.


Bright red flares roared from the explosion and encircled them in a ring of fire. Skyler stood there looking around the beautifully colored crimson power that surrounded them. “There will be no escape one of use will die here tonight. Hehe” Skyler chuckled like a mad man before he walked toward Sy. The sound of metal in the background grew ever louder, as did the screams of men fighting. The longer this went on the more luckily Sy was to lose, but then again, he now had no choice but to fight his brother.

Skyler made the first move, he reached down grabbed Sy stood him up and then readied himself. Sy not wanting to waste the opportunity readied himself as well. Tonfa’s in each hand, and both were deactivated. He made a mental note that he only had one dice bomb left.

The fight began beautifully, Skyler made a punch towards Sy’s face and he dodge it with a counter-strike towards Skyler’s abdomen. Each man reading and predicting the other moves. As though this was a choreographed dance listen the man struggled to land a blow. Each with their respective style and weapon choice it made for a great spectacle.
In the background the slaves fought their mini war for survival. Pouring their very souls into take on the trained and armed men under Skylers command. Gabe assisted them as best he could. He understood how critical it was that the slaves at least survived for the duration of the fight between Skyler and Sy. If those men overpowered them that would be the end of Sy. He too would pour his soul into the hail of bullets he could rain to assist the slaves in this grand endeavor.

First blow went to Sy as he managed to catch Skyler off guard for a second. Sy brought his right tonfa into Skylers gut, followed by a quick follow through of his left tonfa to his brother’s right arm. The strike to Skyler’s gut lifted him ever so slightly off the ground before he was quickly returned, the following strike ended in being more of a graze then a strike, but Sy had activated the tonfa at the right moment that the current going through his tonfa burned his brothers left arm.

The landed blow ended up being a trick as Skyler after having avoided the blow to his right arm, grabbed Sy’s left arm and quickly flipped him over his shoulder and onto his back. Skyler then placed his foot onto Sy’s left shoulder and with a strong pull and twist his elbow and shoulder were dislocated. Sy screamed out in pain as he quickly attempted to put his brother in a head lock with his leg, but Skyler jumped back and knelt coughing up some blood.

Scrambling to his feet Sy looked over at his left arm just dangling there unable to move as heard the metal tonfa hitting the floor since he could no longer hold it. Sy’s rage was beginning to get the better of him. He hated losing, but more than that he just couldn’t lose to his brother not here, not this way. Unable to think of anything other than killing his brother Sy dashed forward.

Jumping before he got to close to spin around and kick his brother in the head. Skyler ducked as his brothers flew right over his head. Skyler knew where he would land and swung his left robotic arm in that direction. Upon landing Sy completed his spin and met Skyler’s fist with his tonfa. The collision of the two metal objects rang out as Sy’s tonfa shattered under the impact once again, but this time not before doing some serious damage. Three of the metal shard flew out and into Skyler’s abdomen. They penetrated deep and brought the man to his knees. Skyler grunted, and then released a fierce roar as he brought his right arm up to punch Sy in the chin. Barely dodging it Sy threw his last dice bomb toward his brother’s torso.

The panic in Skyler’s eye’s was evident even to Sy. This bomb would end everything if it connected. On instinct Skyler grabbed the device with his left hand just as it blew up. Destroying his hand, and sending both men and shrapnel flying. Sy had a few bruises, cuts, and a large chunk of metal in his leg from the blast. Skyler fared better in terms of shrapnel, but his left arm was gone from elbow down. Both men exhausted hurt and badly wounded stood and faced each ready for the next round.

That’s when the first explosion came. Followed by screaming and both slaves, and slavers running. Then another, and another. The explosions rained down from everywhere it felt like, and in the background a faint ringing. The small snail Sy had picked up, it was Gabe. Gabe told Sy he needed to run, three massive warships appeared and were bombarding the base with cannonballs. There was no more time to waste on Skyler. As the snail reverted Sy watched as a dagger flew into Skyler’s chest. Then another and another.

After three more daggers a blurred rushed in and appeared next to Skyler. The blurred stopped at him as it began to remove the daggers from Skyler’s body. “Tis such a shame, he had such promise.” The voice was feminine in tone, but that was about all Sy could muster in knowledge before his rage took over. This was his fight, he wanted to end it, he wanted answers, and all that was taken from him by some thing he couldn’t even make out. At this point all Sy could see was red. He dashed forward bringing his broken tonfa up as he swung at the woman.

She gracefully moved to the side as she brought her foot up in a flurry and kicked Sy in the head. Sending him flying face first into the ground. The force was enough to crack the sand stone, and Sy was bleeding from his forehead, his ears were ringing, and he felt incredibly dizzy.

“Ryan is my boss, and he said not to kill you, but no one attacks me and lives so. I guess you have to die.” Her voice was stern, and vicious. Sy knew she meant what she said. The woman leaned in as she brought a dagger to Sy’s dislocated shoulder and slowly began to press it into the soft fleshy tissue between the bone. Sy screamed from the pain as she took her time.

Suddenly she jumped back and stopped torturing Sy. Gabe activated his Den Den Mushi to contact Sy. “Focus man, Focus. You must live, you have to focus. Just focus on her and focus on getting out of there alive. Come on man you can do it.” Sy started to stand as a dagger pierced through his left lower calf, the opposite leg that the shrapnel was in. Grunting Sy forced himself to stand, the kick to the head and the slow torture brought him back to his sense. He wasn’t going to die here.

Focusing as much as he could he tried to walk away when he was met by another dagger in his right arm. The pain brought him to his knees, but he stood up and focused. With all his mental strength he pressed on through the pain toward the hill. Sy heard a metal clank as Gabe shot one of the daggers from the air, and then suddenly it happened it again, but this time for longer than a brief moment. Everything around Sy slowed, the raining cannon balls, Gabe’s bullets, and the woman’s daggers. They didn’t come to a halt but slowed enough that Sy could see them for a second before they hit their target.

Sy could sense it almost feel it. This dagger flying towards his back as he moved slightly to the right and avoided it. Another dagger and then same thing. Each dagger getting progressively easier to dodge, until the woman moved and was in front of him. This time she slashed at him crossway’s, and Sy couldn’t step back fast enough to avoid damage. Each of her daggers dug through the flash of his chest ever so slightly until they formed an X. Apparently this ability that gave him enhanced perception and allowed to dodge the flying dagger couldn’t help him dodge her attacks when moving at the speed she was, but it did help him dodge the critical damage. In the instant he was falling backwards from the attack he realized a cannon ball was headed for that exact location, and with all his strength he pushed himself backward into the air landing just far enough way to not be hit by the cannonball.

Gabe had also managed to catch the woman off guard when she went to move from the cannon ball and shot her in the right shoulder. Grazing her and causing her to bleed. The woman was angered by this but seemed to retreat leaving Sy to lay there and die. Gabe waited to see what would happen, but within minutes of the woman retreating the cannonballs stopped and the warships left. Gabe ran down and carried Sy’s body back to town, and into a medical clinic. Skyler however was beyond dead.

Many slaves, and slavers escaped that day, but many more were dead. The events that took place upon that field of battlefield would forever leave their mark ensnared into the minds of those there.

Doriki Allotment: Endurance/Durability +4, +5 perception(being three eyed)

Dice Bombs: 5 from beginning of thread. 5 more created on post 2. 3 used in post 5. 6 used in post 8. 1 Total

Wounds: Minor Wound to abdomen, Head. Moderate wounds: Left Shoulder flesh wound, and right leg shrapnel wound. Major wounds: Left dislocated shoulder, and elbow. Right lower calf wound, and head wound.

*Sy and Gabe have exited the area, They are done here, and in this thread. Thanks much!

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