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1[V] Family Matters Empty [V] Family Matters on Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:36 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Boudica had defeated the Goliach Famiglia, taking her vengeance out on the people that had tried to murder her multiple times. Having slain Trist Goliach, the Godfather of the gang, Boudica had received a reputation as one of the up-and-comers in Baltigo, and it seemed that gangs were more reluctant to mess with her, unlike in the past, where catcalls and solicitations were all too common in the daily life of Boudica.

However, Boudica was focused on finding Lori, the girl who had first pulled Boudica into the giant mess with the Goliach Famiglia. If she had not gotten involved and rescued Lori, Boudica would still be a little-known thief on the streets, living a comfortable yet fairly anonymous life. Now, Boudica had given up her anonimity to become a sort of folk hero, especially among the lower-class women of Baltigo, who were pushed around and victimized the most by the various gangs of Baltigo.

Now they had somebody to look up to, Boudica, also known as the Red Succubus. She had stood up against one of the gangs in District 8 and totally annihilated them, striking fear into the other smaller gangs that inhabited the district. Known for her brutality, especially when she murdered an entire tavern full of poker players just a few short days ago, Boudica had become somebody to fear. Despite this newfound reputation and the perks it brought, Boudica was still longing to find out the location and well-being of Lori, and she was running out of options.

2[V] Family Matters Empty Re: [V] Family Matters on Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:07 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Boudica genuinely had no idea where Lori could be. She had no clues and had not picked up even the faintest trail ever since they were separated several days ago. As the days went on, Boudica grew less and less hopeful that she would ever be able to find Lori, but she was not quite ready to give up yet. After all, she swore to Lori that she would protect her. Boudica had failed Janiyah before, and she would not let that happen to Lori, she would prevent Lori from having working as a prostitute.

Boudica thought that if she could not save a single girl from a lowly street gang, how could she become the Pirate Queen? She had high aspirations, but what was the point of aiming high if she kept letting the people she cared for get hurt. What good is strength if you can’t use it to protect your friends and family. Boudica did not know Lori very well, but she developed a maternal bond with her, having deeply emphasized with her. After all, Boudica had risked her entire life to save Lori.

Boudica searched far and wide for Lori, asking tavernkeepers, vagrants, even gang members if they had sighted Lori, and she received absolutely no useful information whatsoever. It was as if Lori had completely vanished off the face of the earth. Boudica’s hope had all but evaporated after several fruitless days of searching, and she wondered what was next, feeling awful about possibly having to stop the search.

3[V] Family Matters Empty Re: [V] Family Matters on Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:18 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Despite the tough odds Boudica faced, she decided to keep on pursuing Lori, hoping that somebody, anybody would be able to give her information about Lori. After brainstorming for a while, Boudica decided to seek out somebody from the past, somebody who was probably an unconventional choice. Boudica thought that maybe Totti Grotti might know where Lori was, especially if the Goliach gang had captured Lori before she was able to run away.

With no other options, Boudica tracked down Totti, which was surprisingly easy. After the fall of the Goliach family, Totti had apparently spending the days since the collapse of the family at a seedy bar in District 8, drinking away his sorrows. As Boudica arrived at the bar, she spotted Totti trying to run away from a side door, but he was too inebriated to make a successful escape attempt. Totti simply tripped and landed flat on the ground before he could get away.

Boudica walked over to Totti and spoke to him, “Relax, I’m not here to hurt you. My grudge with the Goliach family is settled, but I am still looking for somebody. Her name is Lori, young pretty girl with green hair. Her parents had sold her to your gang, know anything about her, bud?” Totti tried to get up but failed to do so, and he merely resorted to sitting upright, with his legs crossed. He thought intensely for a few moments, attempting to speak several times, but each time he closed his mouth.

4[V] Family Matters Empty Re: [V] Family Matters on Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:14 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Boudica rolled her eyes and said “Are you mute? I swear, I didn’t even beat you that hard.” Totti grinned and finally spoke up, “No, just a bit drunk. I wasn’t expecting the Devil to visit me.” Boudica laughed off the comment, responding “That’s very flattering, but I am serious here. Have you seen this girl? I just need a yes or no answer, it’s important.” Totti sighed deeply and responded again, with a serious expression on his face, “Yes, my men were able to capture her, and we had her secured with the other women, until of course, you killed Trist Goliach, that’s when another gang attacked our compound and took all of our women and killed all of our soldiers.

Boudica looked absolutely freaked out, she had just took down an entire gang on her own, and now she might have to fight another gang to get Lori back. She asked Totti another question, “What is the gang called? Tell me everything you know, I guess I gotta take down another gang.” Totti laughed harshly, saying “Huh, they’re called the Mazuro Gang, but beware, they’re tightly aligned to the Kingpin, so taking them might mean taking on the Kingpin. I know that you’re strong, but you’re nowhere near strong enough to take on the Kingpin, so I advise that you give up any hope of seeing your friend again.” Boudica walked away and considered her options, and she decided to need Totti’s advice for now.

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