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1 [Bounty] Ice Giant on Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:26 pm

Name: Giant Slayer Daizō
Bounty: 27,000,000
Description: Daizō is a massive man standing at 24 feet tall who has used his immense strength to even stand up to giants. Always in search of a fight, even with marine soldiers, he is extremely dangerous. Last seen in Nanohana. Approach with Caution. Attributes: Strength/Power(S) Agility/Speed(S), Spirite/Willpower(NP)

+5 to Durabilty and Endurance
+5 to Perception

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2 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:56 am

Currently, Captain Uchis was heading back to Nanohana. He traveled alone and without any form of transportation other than his two feet. He didn't journey that far though, as he had already been in the desert just a couple of miles away. He had found himself his own oasis, that he trained in. As after what he found out about himself a few weeks back he had to get to his current limit before he got to zealous of his abilities and caused harm to himself or the innocent. He was already granted personal leave so spending that time training himself was the best option, as he knew he wasn't the strongest. Him beating Mato because he was already injured was a testament to that. Things had and would further changed though, as Captain Uchis wasn't the Marine he once was. He was something completely different. There were things the same about him, sure. As things ingrained into his personality can't be so easily removed. But, his who view point as a Marine has changed drastically. This not just coming from his training but a talk that he also had recently.

He'd arrive to Nanohana around 12:00pm. The Sun was high within the sky as it beamed down on the world. No clouds shielded those below from the harsh rays. This though didn't seem to faze Hannibal. But, it was good to notice that he had on light colors today. A short  sleeve amber shirt with some navajo white Chinos, to finish the outfit he had on a pair of flip-flops without socks. Yeah, he was dressed alright but there was another reason the heat was not bothering him as it did others. He dressed so relaxed even though his body was trained to be ready for anything that came his way. Something that really stuck to him within his training was that. And his reaction to things would yield generally the same response when pain was prevalent, no matter how minor.

He walked aimlessly through the streets, his destination being the docks. He wanted to see if Commodore Ricchi was back at the vessel or not. If he wasn't he'd grow even more worried about his commanding officer. As he hasn't heard from him for almost three months now, and that wasn't a good sign. He respected the Man but this degree of absent was something he couldn't have anymore. If they were high within the hierarchy of the Marines than Hannibal wouldn't care, but they weren't. Commodore and Captain was okay but Hannibal aspired to reach other heights. Where he could sit comfortably. Amount the upper echelon within the Marines was somewhere he deserved to be.  "Hmm?" Hannibal had arrived to around fifty meters from the docks he was headed to. But, he would slower his pace as the large crowd that he traveled within, at the head, began to turn back. This caused more and more people to turn away from the direction Hannibal kept going toward. It proved to be a bit of trouble getting passed them without knocking them down onto their asses. But it was getting more and more annoying as they at times grabbed him and motioned for him to turn back as well. Well, that was until someone would stop and recognize who he was.

"C-Captain Hannibal Uchis! You are they guy that everyone was talking about on Rainbase. My uncle told me about you....H-he was one of the people you saved. "

'I didn't really save anyone.' Hannibal would think to himself as he'd stop. Looking down at the Woman as she continued to speak to him. He could tell by her eyes she was troubled. Other unneeded things she did as she spoke also showed she was nervous. Obviously, something was wrong as people wouldn't be running away from the docks if that wasn't the case. Her saying his name also caused others to stop and gather around him. He had made a name of himself after being dubbed the poster boy of the Marines on Sandy Island. He was fine with that and wasn't nervous with the attention he was getting, actually basking in it in a way. Even though deep down he felt dirty for doing so, but that was tucked away and wouldn't hinder him. Snapping away from himself he'd focus back on what the Woman was saying. Others around were chiming in, but unless they said something notable he would let it enter one ear and exit the other.

"So will you stop that Man before he destroys are shops!?"

"Leave it to me." Hannibal would say, mentally laughing at how corny that was. He wasn't a hero. He was a marine with new goals that required him to do certain things that people seemed just and right. Don't get it twisted Hannibal did good deeds without motive but today wasn't one of those days. He was still considered on vacation so he didn't have to listen to them. And could've just avoided the docks till whatever was going on would subside. And in the future he might just do that if he is busy or just isn't in the mood. He'd begin his walk that'd turn into a light jog, which was a usual persons full sprint, toward the docks. Those that once fled the area followed behind him. They wanted to watch a 'hero' at work. In total around fifty normal citizens followed behind him.

It seemed like time flew as Hannibal made it to one of the many entrances to the docks. Knowing he made it by the sign that rested above. 'West Entrance' is what it read. Hannibal didn't read that but it is something to note. Instantly upon arrival he would notice that Marines already had been on see, along with a few local authorities. In total the combined might of them were around fifty strong, but only thirty were engaged. Marines were place at every entrance of this place to make sure no one got to the docks. So that everyone trying to leave, that weren't Daizō, could get away. And finally as a line of defense if Daizō set his sights deeper in town. They were the only ones armed with rifles, whilst the rest had swords or used their fists. Daizō at the center of this conflict held someone within his clutches. He was closer to the wooden docks that was lower that the dock walk way. Tools were there to show that repairs had been done and were still being done.

"Oh? And who the blue fuck are you?"
 Daizō would say as he looked over at the commotion at the gate fifth-teen meters away from him. He spotted Hannibal walking casually toward him while others behind him just watched.  Daizō would drop the Marine who whose head he held within his hand. The Marine, from his coat, could be noticed as a Marine Commodore. Though, he was a weak one in his prime he might've been strong to have earn the title he currently held. But, you wouldn't think from him being dropped in such a way and how the moral of the others was. Hannibal wouldn't look at  Daizō but turn his gaze to the Marine that looked at him after being dropped. (he'd say what is within the image below.)


"Are you serious? You are ignoring me!?" Daizō would announce as he'd rush forward to close the gap. Moving at the speed that he used to fight these Marines. But, Hannibal would begin to run forward as well once the Giant did. Getting to his optimal speed after a few strides, but he wouldn't combat the guy but run past him. Under his legs to be specific. Picking up the Marine and running to his left, to get to where the bulk of the Marines were. Upon arriving he'd drop the guy gently, so he can be tended to.

"Sorry, my focus was on someone else." Hannibal would say from his new, five meter, distance from the Giant. He would've attacked before, but the Old Marine was there. And if he killed or harmed someone on his side in front of everyone that would tarnish his new image. So, he had to make sure he was out of harms way before engaging them. Something he did notice was that this place was torn to hell. His quick glance around when he first arrived and when he got passed the giant to now gave him a decent run down of the area. How he did that was the use of his Third eye. Figuring out that if he quickly opened and closed while moving it would be unnoticeable. Added with his photographic memory he didn't need his third eye to even be open for that long. But back to the layout of the area. The dock was already lengthy, knowing that upon arriving here via sea train. But, the area was messed up. The stone ground being the only thing really able to handle whatever Daizō was doing. The shop fronts that laced the docks had their windows broken, and glass could be spotted almost all over the place. A few bodies littered around, obviously dead. That ranged from marines to civilians. The mos noticeable thing was that a ship, the size of a Caravel, laid upside down long ways across the twenty meter wide dock walkway. Part of the ship was within a building and literally split the dock walkway in half. How it got there would be found out later.

"I know you...You are Captain Uchis." The Old Man would say as he was helped up by a younger Marine. "Don't provoke that Man...he hasn't been going all out, but hasn't broken a sweat yet even with all of us."

"Yeah, I memorized all the big bounties on Sandy Island. Anyone above ten million, I know there name. Hannibal would begin to walk forward, breaching the gap, But  Giant Slayer Daizō is said to be faster than a Wani-F, but I avoided him without any problem. Why is that I was able to avoid you?" Hannibal wasn't provoking the Pirate but curious on why it was he able to easy get under his legs. He hadn't underestimated the Man as he expect to not even make it through the guys legs.

"Tch" Daizō would look at Hannibal. Unlike the others he wasn't that short but still little compared to himself. The Man was right about how fast Daizō was. "I didn't think I needed to. Since the marines I fought so far weren't a problem."

"Leave now and I won't arrest you. I don't care why you are here, this is your final and only warning."
It was strange that a Marine would say something like this, but that was something Hannibal will always do. He gave everyone on chance, no matter what.

"I won't leave till that fishy fuck arrives here again!" Daizō would say as he would remove something from his back. It was a long sword almost the length of his body, just being a bit shorter. He wasn't playing anymore. He could tell that the people around he thought Hannibal was strong from how they watched him. He even inspired some of the Marines to get back up that had fallen and pick up their weapons. Even though his guard had been up sine arriving this was the first time he knew i'd pay off. Soon a battle between them would ensue and the winner still wasn't decided.

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3 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:49 pm

The walking calamity known as Bazil styx has passed through the small port town of Nanohana a few times now, leaving death and destruction in his wake just as he had everywhere else he went. The young pirate’s bounty on Sandy Island had increased immensely since the events at Rainbase, the killing of the prince and majority of the attack placed on him, he was no longer given the option to be brought in alive. No, the Alabastan Royalty wanted him good and dead, that was the only way to amend the murder of the late prince. Fifty million beli later and here we are, walking around in plain sight, not a care in the world.

We find the red haired pirate inside of a home, rummaging through the belongings of the owners, who now laid in a pool of their blood. Husband and wife laid next to each near the font entrance, both riddled wit bullet holes. Bazil now looting the home for beli and any other valuables, finding little of either, however they did have a small golden statue that looked like it could worth something, so he stuffed it into his coat pocket. Moving to the fridge, the young man began stuffing their food supply into a bag that he had found in the bedroom while raiding it, coming across some leftover meat kabobs he put the meat sticks in his mouth, holding onto them with his teeth as he closed up the knapsack and headed for the exit once he realized there was nothing left for him there. Looking down at the couple, who when they their bodies hit the floor had landed just within arms reach of each other.

“Till death do you part, huh?” He chuckled smugly as he vacated the premises, only to be greeted a stampeding crowd, most of which were moving away from the dock area, though quite a few had stayed around to watch the events unfold. Walking over, the pirate approached a few older men who happened to be watching from a safe distance, roughly around sixty meters from the docks themselves. From this, not much could be seen aside from the giant and small glimpses of a man fighting him, who by no means was small but was dwarfed by the man he was fighting. “What’s all this?” He asked, sneaking up on the group. One of the men jumped, startled by the sudden appearance of the pirate, turning back to him he began to speak, his long mustache jumping with ever word.

“Whoa their sonny.” His voice raspy and startled, “You’re a scary young whipper snapper, aren’tch!? The snickered, commenting on the pirates appearance, Bazil stared back blankly, the kabob sticks protruding from his mouth. “Do you really not know? Its Captain Hannibal Uchi’s, the hero of Alabasta.” The old man started to explain, “He was the one to stop those heathens from completely destroying the casino. A marine captain, he’s not one to be trifled with.” The geezer finished exuberantly, the admiration for the marine could be seen in not only his eyes, but those of his friends who turned to make comments of their own about Hannibal.

Bazil, still blankly looking at them suddenly mumbled to himself, “Hero… of the marines?” His sadistic smile now ear to ear, the razor sharp teeth snapping the kabob sticks in half. A low, ominous chuckle could now be heard, the hair on the old men’s necks now standing on end, goosebumps on their skin, a cold child sent down each one’s spines. As they looked at the red haired man in front of them, they realized that he was none other than Bazil Styx, a man who was arguably just as famous on Sandy Island as the marine captain himself as he was the entire reason for the incident that propelled Uchi’s to his current status as hero. Horror now over took them as the pirate walked passed them, his coat flowing behind him like a cape and the fur blowing in the desert wind. As he passed he glanced over, the devilish grin still present, “Boo.” Bazil barked, motioning towards the geezer aggressively, sending he group into a panic filled flight, laughing sadistically the pirate swaggered off down the road to get a better view of the action.

Now about twenty-five meters from the action, Bazil slipped into one of the destroyed buildings facing the docks. Heading up the stairs to the roof, he set up a picnic with a good viewpoint of the fight. Sitting down, the pirate pulled out the food he had taken earlier and sat on the edge of the building.

“Dinner and show, todays a good fuckin day"

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4 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:42 am

Side Story 3: Wanderer

Lina bumped up and down on the camel ride from alabasta's capital city, Alubarna. Her head slumped and body weighed down by a palpable fatigue. The girl sweat buckets, but she hardly paid mind to the sweat dripping from her face, nor the blurriness in her vision as she stared at her hand perpetually. Flashbacks to the hospital coursed through her mind, flashbacks to the people she cut down in retaliation. Though her hand was clean, she kept seeing a shade of red, the likes of which dripped down her arm. Her eyes became widened whenever she saw the redness and the world seemed to fade into nothing. Lina's breathing became deepened and she grabbed at her chest with grit teeth while murmuring to herself. That is, until the sound of heavy snaps of the driver woke her up.

The burly man wrapped in layers of clothing to protect himself from the sun had a worried expression on his face. He shook a bottle in his hand and whistled, " hey darling eyyy drink this". She turned to him with trembling hands, meekly taking the bottle, but savagely downing the water. The old man laughed as his passenger erupted into a coughing fit. " y'alright girl"? Lina nodded as if he was looking to her and said, " thanks old timer". The old man's eyebrow raised, but he didn't pay it much mind because he didn't feel old, despite being a good 35 years older than her. " haha that's what they call my father. Anyways what brings ya out here, nanoha"?

Lina pondered the question for a moment, looking up at the endless blue sky and the boundless desert before her. " I don't particularly know mister, jus feeling lost is all". The man turned back to the road and squinted his eyes, pausing a brief moment before yelling out, " eyyy we're almost there miss". The man sensed her lack of spirit and restlessness which plagued their whole ride there. Had it just been them, he might have been brought down by her demeanor. " We're stopping off for water her jermain, so make sure you stock up for the ride to rain base"! The voice came from a woman at the head of the pack, someone from underneath her hood had a pretty smile and long vibrant red hair. " Aight miss cheryl"! He turned back to Lina who had perked up a little after seeing the city in the distance and held out his hand. " Now you remember to take it easy, Skips. Too much mopey will eat ya alive".

Lina's lips curved slightly,but she was far from a smile. She nodded and paid his fare, with a little extra. The caravan wasn't that big, but it was sporting 40-50 camels loaded with various goods to trade at rainbase. Since it was one of the premier tourist spots on alabasta, many of the good and bad travelers who came to sandy isle flocked to rainbase in hopes of money. With a tip of his hood he went on and left her at the docks, where a commotion had broken out. The small girl was somewhat interested in what was going on, but everytime she tried to drum up some enthusiasm, her feelings fell flat. A constriction on her chest grew worse and a heaviness in her stomach plagued her.

She weaved through the crowd, sometimes pushing through with a bit of her strength to move walls of people out of the way. A few people in the crowd were growling and about to jump at her, forgetting the spectacle they were there for when they saw how she moved. Even despite the marines telling her to stop and the giant man looming in the distance, she didn't react. "Mam,
we're going to have to ask you to stay back, it's a dangerous situation ahead".
Lina with a sense of fatigue looked beyond the man and stared at the blade he was wielding. " but it looks so interesting and cool". Normally Lina would have said such a thing without a sense of exuberance and enthusiasm, but despite her brain saying this was interesting, she just couldn't drum up anything significant. As tears welled up in her eyes the marine grabbed her shoulder forcefully and said, " No mam, you can't go. STOP". With the change in his tone the others in the group drew their swords and held them out just 6 inches from her head.

The hooded girl wringed the man's hand until it cracked audibly in the blink of an eye, sending him to his knees. The others paused for a second, after seeing such a show of strength but didn't react before she slapped her hand on their blades. "I MEAN IT. S---WHAT"? The group of 4 marines felt their blades suddenly ripped from their hands and shoot up into the desert. Too dumbfounded to comprehend what just happened, the small group guarding the west entrance scurried off to get their weapons. Lina on the other hand sauntered toward the giant and tilted her head. The rest of the marines were somewhat unsure how to handle the situation, most even if inspired by hannibal were still too petrified to move in and grab the girl on their own. Others were taking cover, as useless as it may have been, when they save his daunting sword.

For the first time in a while she looked up, as her eyes drank in the sight of the mini giant. " Geez mister yer tall as frick", she'd say with a slight intonation expressing a sense of curiosity and intrigue.


Haki cooldown: NA
Skills used: Limited blade works
Doriki: Using +5 points to bump Endurance and durability to secondary. Allocating one point to Strength/power for a measily +1.
OOC: Didn't want to control him all that much because han took on the bounty. Unless you don't mind han, I'll react mostly. Using this as an opportunity to learn how to use my new sword.

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5 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:06 am

They were going to make a move; but something or rather someone stopped them from doing so. Daizō didn't care that anyone else would come over, rather he welcomed it. His eye stayed looked on Hannibal, as that was his main focus at this moment. They both were within the center of the dock.  Daizō was just waiting for the right moment to strike as he planned to go all out with one blow to decided the fight, as he didn't want to have a drawn out one. He had a reason for being here and didn't want to be too tired when his true target arrived. The Mini-Giant was dangerous and menacing. He was almost wide as he was tall, but to hide his blubber was his armor. It wasn't anything serious or impenetrable, just served for a way for him to take a bit more long range fire. As he challenged many individuals within his life time and didn't care for the type of way of fighting they had chosen, as he'd beat them regardless.  His armor wasn't the greatest though as it was just a breastplate, shin/arm guards, and a helmet. He refused to buy anymore and didn't want to be slowed down anymore.

Hannibal, unlike Daizō, averted his gaze from his foe and into the direction of the Girl that spoke out. "Eh?" His gaze would turn back to Daizō seconds after making his mistake though, as the blade Daizō already had at the ready would be pushed forward. The Marines and Civilians watching would be shocked at what they would just witness, Hannibal would pierce through the center of his chest by the blade of Daizō. It even penetrating the ground behind Hannibal as it slide through his body. Hannibal looked down at the blade placing his two hands on it. It seeming like a attempt to remove it, but that didn't seem to work.

Upon impact Daizō would raise his blade and swing it to his left, this his way of getting Hannibal off of his blade. The distance Hannibal would fly is the remainder of the dock walkway. His body would fall onto the dock that was just lower than it. Hannibal was now out of sight and out of mind.

Daizō was prepared to defend himself at anytime, especially once he had attacked Hannibal. When the guy came he inspired the Marines and Daizō didn't want anyone getting any funny ideas when he went for a attack. He felt confident with him not holding back no one would be able to block the attack he used on Hannibal. He didn't even need to channel into his blade to make it more potent as he expected Hannibal to actually dodge it. It was powerful but someone of skill could avoid it, even if just barely. But, it seemed Hannibal was not such a Man. "IS THERE ANYONE ELSE!?!" Daizō screeched his voice loud as when he first arrived here. If there were anymore glass on the store fronts they would've broken due to how loud his thunderous voice was.

Why he was here was simple. The events that took place on Nanohana a while back angered him, as he lost someone special because of it. He was already a pirate known for challenging others just on the assumption they were strong, but he was here for revenge. And those that got in his way, no matter who, would be dealt with just like Hannibal.

Hannibal would sit up on the wooden docks, and look up to see if the distance between that and the stone dock walk way was much. He wasn't the best when it came to knowing what places were called, same with Daizō. The 'dock walk way' was just there way of describing the area. Hannibal should know better though since he has been studying to be someone that brings ships in and out of places such as this. The area this was all taking place in was the Harbor, hence the multitude of different stores. The main port of Nanohana was a ways down from here where they large majority of ships unloading and being loaded up were. Being as close as it can be to the mouth of massive river that splits the Island. On this Harbor the amount of ships, at this time, ranged from around thirty. If there were occupants and they were within the general area of the commotion they'd see what was going on. Hannibal had landed in front of two small freedom size vessels. One of the occupants would disembark quickly after seeing him flung and would rush to his side. He was a thief. Many of them plagued areas like this as it was easy to steal here. And they weren't big time enough to head to the ports to take a a large shipment. So, simply sneaking onto other people vessels here since most would be within the buildings doing whatever was easier.

"Idiot, we need to use this time to take as much as we can." One of the thieves would say as the other disembarked the ship. On this vessel there were only three of them. They used this time, since Daizō was going crazy, to get what they can. Only one of them were keeping a eye out, that being the one going over to Hannibal.

The thief would begin to rummage through the pockets of Hannibal who laid with his face on the ground. He quickly realized this was a wasted effort, as the guy didn't have anything. But, he also noticed something when he finished running the Man's pockets. The attack that everyone saw didn't leave a mark on the guy's back, his clothing wasn't even torn. Even though it was clear that the blade had gone right through his chest. There should be blood everywhere, but there wasn't. Before the thief could go back to the ship Hannibal would begin to move. The Thief would fall back so much he'd land in the water. As the dock below the street was low and also not that wide, only around three meters wide. His head would breach the water as he saw Hannibal stand all the way up. His head wasn't even enough to have him look back up. And jumping up would also be out of his reach at this current time, even with it being just a few feet taller than him. That being the distance between the dock and the walk way he was previously on.

Hannibal had been aware of the attack done, but didn't plan to take the damage that he did. A small cut, around four inches long, was at the center of his chest. A blood stain was prevalent on his shirt. Why he wasn't dead was because Hannibal was a Devil Fruit user. What type was would be kept to himself at the moment, as it could be anything. He wasn't worried at all about being flung, as he pushed off to help with himself getting pushed further. As he wasn't trying to push off when he first placed his hands on the blade but whenever Daizō did something like his swing. Hannibal now knew a few things about how that Man fought, just from that attack. 'He attacks quick but when he uses all his strength he can only do it once. No, I can't say that. He probably was testing to see if I could dodge that. But, I do know for certain he overextends himself when using that blade of his. I've seen people his size fight with swords and he doesn't even come close to them. So, he must be a hand to hand fighter like myself. There though is something else....someone that can yell that loudly and at a frequency can blow. But I might be over thinking singing in a fight yields no advantages.' His thinking was rapid and took place right when he had been penetrated by the blade. And ending once he had stood back up. From his position even with a vantage point you couldn't spot Hannibal, not unless you stood by and looked right over the edge. Almost hugging the wall after he got back up. Looking side to side Hannibal would spot the stairs that were used to connect the two spots. It was only a couple feet away from him so he'd begin to walk over to it. Even though the distance was short he was thinking about how to actually go about the fight. He still needed more information though so getting hit again or just avoiding attacks that he could was going to be his best bet.



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6 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:02 pm

Watching from his rooftop seat, Bazil stuffed his face as the battle unfolded below. The marine going blow for blow with the twenty-foot hulk, suddenly, a new player arrived on the scene. Interrupting Hannibal’s rhythm, allowing the behemoth to plunge his cleaver straight through the captain’s chest and then ripping it out sending the so called hero flying. Leaving just the newcomer and Daizo standing together. Upon seeing the marine captain flung like a rag doll, the pirate burst out into laughter, mocking the fragility of the so called ‘hero of the Alabasta’ as he was killed with little effort. However, after a few seconds he stood up, with just a scratch on the front his chest. Though it was quick, the pirate could swear he saw a cold smoke emanating from the wound, unsure of what happened Bazil could feel his blood lust boiling.

His malicious smile now ear to ear, the young man turned his right arm into a minigun, the barrel slowly beginning to spin. “Lets see how you come back from this ya fuck.” Bazil laughed, the gun now spinning at top speed, he aimed towards the docks where the group of three had been entangled in their brawl. Unleashing a hellish hailstorm of piercing metal shrapnel, the three inch long jackets firing at six thousand rounds per minute, they rained down upon the wooden docks. Reducing them to little more than splinters flying through the air. While fast, the marine and new arrival are much smaller targets and could potentially avoid some if not all of them. However, Daizo’s large size guaranteed a large amount of the bullets should find their mark.

“Dance fuckers, dance!” He yelled, kicking his legs in excitement as they hung off the buildings ledge, the sadistic laugh accompanying each and every bullet that whizzed towards his prey.

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7 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:25 pm

Side story 3, part 2: A jolt to the system

Lina didn't care all too much when the giant ignored her, but she understood what his stance meant. The words of her master ringing in her head, her muscles tensed up reflexively as he took his sweet time winding up for the first blow. " Don't just stand there stupid"! she yelled, but by this time the sword at come flying toward them like a freight train.

Lina's body dropped to the floor as the sword in a wide arc which looked like a blur drove itself past her and into the ground once more. She covered her eyes and the sound of impact drowned out all her thoughts. Under the cover of the sand cloud she threw outself out to take a look at the situation, directly behind hannibal around 5 meters from him. Still maintaining her low posture and her distance from the giant. A powerful gust kicked up the cover to reveal the marine sliced in half, causing the crowd to scream in horror. The marines in the area all lost hope, dropping their weapons and falling to their knees. "That can't be! NO ITS A MISTAKE RIGHT? It's REALITY HURRY WE GOTTA GO NOW"! The sound of people leaving the area never sounded so sudden, those who flocked to see the hero had lost their cahoneys. The giant whipped his blade out and threw it over his shoulder taking an aggressive victorious pose.

@Hannibal wrote: "IS THERE ANYONE ELSE!?!"

Lina perked up and looked just ahead of her to find no blood, but rather ice. Well ice that was quickly evaporating in the cruel merciless desert air almost instantly, but no blood was to be found. Not a trace, maybe just a few droplets of water being washed away by desert winds shifting the sands to even fill the whole the giant made just seconds ago. Positioned just behind him, she covered her eyes once more as he roared to cause a powerful gust to reverberate throughout the area. Windows rattled and citizens all threw themselves to the floor as if they were trying to avoid an explosion. His voice hurt her ears slightly, they possessed a thunderous quality that ripped through the area much akin to a megaphone.

Amidst the chaos, lina just positioned right behind the roaring warrior heard the rattling gears of bazil's minigun. She didn't know what it was or what was going on,but she bolted out of there the moment she heard the sand start to make sounds like it was exploding. A clear line of sand being thrown up surged toward him Daizo started tanking the gunfire. Quickly she ran up jumped up toward the giant's back and used the giant's body which should hold up vs an attack that was one priority below his durability. But if such a body could not tank his gun completely, she had reflexively turned on haki, taking on a whirring wind like quality around her as floated just behind him.

As the bullets whirred Lina relaxed and tapped on the sword a few times, nodding her head and running her finger tips on the blade. " Its so big...but I can use it right"? She would say to herself as the giant started to roar again. " HEY BITCH YOU LEAVE MY SWORD ALON--- ARGGH", he'd say as a bullet capped his left eye and left it a bloody mess. With that the giant showed his true strength, his body knocked Lina forward as his body pivoted with his sword held over his head, before he grit his teeth and swung down with all his might. The blade's impact slamming into the sandy ground to cause an slightly thrown off long range cut to fly toward Bazil. It would come at diagonal with enough width to catch him if he didn't move, but enough room to move away since it was thrown off so much by his lowered depth perception.

With the gunfire ceased the giant sloppily turned to Lina who had already used her power as he swung to position herself above him, now even further up due to his attack throwing up a giant gust of wind throughout the area. She marveled at his strength with a grin as while others in the area were busy taking cover. The giant bent his knees with a growl, signalling the already on guard lina to move. With his speed he reached her almost immediately, but with her perception she was able to at least kick just above his slow and inaccurate sword swing, but was smacked hard by his massive body that flew through the air like a flying truck. He spun and fell to the earth sloppily, putting his hand to his bleeding eye which was full of sand and blood. He growled once more and flew at the girl again, but this time she took hold of her new blade, Nidai Kitetsu. As he thrust toward her once more, she strafed to the left just barely avoiding his inaccurate attack sliced his wrist, three consecutive times. The blackened blade was chaotic, its usually calm waves etched into its hamon were like a storm on the grandline, with just a hint of blood.She spun once and said, " Silver fang". The giant's grip loosened and his blade lost as he tumbled back to the earth alone. Lina's right index finger moved toward her in a beckoning fashion.

The blade stopped before her, as she planted her feet on it. She felt a rush that honestly made her feel guilty. The blade was dinged up and not well taken care of, but it was sturdy and strong. As the waves on Nidai calmed, the giant blade blackened as she floated just about 40 meters above the action. Daizo growled and looked at her, with both fists clenched. Lina held out her hand and gestured for him to come forth.

Haki cooldown: 3/3
Busho haki turned on
Skills used: Limited blade works, The yoshi jump, Silver fang
Doriki: Using +5 points to bump Endurance and durability to secondary. Allocating one point to Strength/power for a measily +1.
Injuries: A few cracked ribs from being slammed by his massive body on the first jump.
OOC: Took his sword Razz


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8 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:06 am

Even with the moral shatter moment of Hannibal being impaled the battle-cry of Daizō would stop their fleeing shortly after it began; having to take shelter on the ground to avoid the damage of flying glass. During his assault on Hannibal he had turned his general direction from it's previous position. Placing those at the west entrance to his back, which would come back to bite him. Something else would fill the air almost right after Daizō's outburst. It rained down wildly and without any regard for the life of others. But not all weapons dealt the same impact. Some could cause bullets to pierce through giants, Daizō has seen this himself, while others only tickled them. Neither of those examples were the case here. Daizō raised his arms instinctively, still with his sword gripped. Though, he was confident he could weather the damage that came he needed to make sure that even if that wasn't the case he'd lessen the majority of the damage. His armor serving part of it's purpose as whatever would make contact with it would deflect in random directions. This attack came from above, Daizō knew this much. He'd back up also from the assault edging closer and closer to the ship that was on the walk way.

Only once she had spoke would he realize someone had managed to scale his back. And angered by this he'd lower his arms just slightly as he turned his head a bit and began to bark at her. Then he would receive a blow he was trying to avoid at all costs. Vision on an entire side had been taken in a instant. He had been like this before but that was just a swollen bump. This time he feared he would never see out of that eye again. In a angry fit he'd do what he could to get her off, and inadvertently would send forth a attack he had never used before. He had tried to do such a attack many time within his life, but had failed. Finally, he had done so and his anger turned back to confidence. As with doing it once he now knew the appropriate strength he needed to use. The attack he sent forth had enough power behind it to cleave through the building Bazil was in, and knock back anyone five meters if they were even near the attack. What his strength was fully capable had been put on full display.

His sights would be set back on the one that caused him to lose a eye. He was going to smash her to bits. She didn't deserve to be impaled like Hannibal. No, she needed to be split right down the middle. Even with his superior speed he seemed to just barely miss her with his strike. Then a event of poor decisions would be made and at the end of it he lost his blade and the cocky brat stood within the air. She decided to place her self unnecessary high. If he had his sword he could've used that air attack he used once before, but he didn't. He had to think of something else. But, he would stop before making another rash decision.

Daizō has fought hundreds of battles within his life. Brute strength was not the only thing he used to win those. Fighting individuals such a Giants and Dwarfs he couldn't just use the same strategy each time. The battle scars on his body reminded him of that. He was strong that was a fact but he wasn't like others, he was a true warrior. He even kept note of as much as he could while he did his attacks on the Floating girl. As even though his main focus was on her he knew that there were more enemies around. The Marines didn't full vacate the area. As even with their moral dropped putting their life on the line to protect the civilians was still a part of their duty. There was also the person who attacked with the mini-gun. He knew his attack was fast, just as fast as him, and shouldn't be so easily dodged. To his left, also his blind spot, was the edge of the walkway that lead to the docks. Where he had thrown Hannibal. It took him only a few steps to feel for the edge. He'd back-peddle making sure to keep from falling over the edge and from getting to far from it. It didn't take long at all for him to reach were he wanted. And that was the ship that was only three meters behind him. Regardless, of it the floating girl had begun a descent downward or not he would reach it before she would reach him, if she decided to try to. His eyes were upward and only a few times had he adverted his eyes to see things in front of him. He made sure not to break through the ship, but keep it intake as much as he could. Now that he knew he would turn and jam his entire arm into the hull, with his other he'd place it flat. Making a L shape with the arm within the hull he guaranteed his arm wouldn't slide out. And keeping his strength in check he made sure not to make another hole.

Hannibal was sure that he wouldn't be seen from this spot. But, it seemed he was wrong. It didn't matter at all though as the attack would be met the same way as Daizō's attack. This time though he didn't need a feel of pain to trigger the ability, as he was already prepared to use it again. The docks Hannibal stood on were rippled a bit but since the attack was used on the entire area, as that would be the only way to get all three targets, the assault would be centered on just Hannibal's area. Not like shards of ice but rather slush was the nature of his ability. He would though push up the stairs quicker, making it to the solid concrete before the wooden steps broke. At this time the showdown between Daizō and his new attacker was reaching it's height, as Daizō  would unleash a powerful attack in the direction of the Man who was still hanging from some building. The Ten meter distance the Man in the building and Daizō was almost closed instantly. Then it hit Hannibal. Not the knock back from being to close, as he far enough to not be hit with that. No, the sound of that bastards voice was what hit him. He knew it and he would never forget it.

"Bazil." Hannibal would mumble to himself as he didn't want to deal with that bastard. He knew he could turn himself into weaponry, but to what extent he wasn't aware. He was a dangerous man and with how things were Hannibal was within a pickle. Daizō already was a Monster and with Bazil that was another added. The person that Daizō was fighting and yelling at was also someone he didn't know. Or well he didn't focus on at all. How Hannibal was keeping up with both groups was with his third eye. As after he was fire upon he had opened it. Yes, he did have his Third eye revealed for the world to see. This was because during his training he had embraced his race. He was not just going to be the hero for normal people, no. He was going to be a hero for those that had been faced hardship as well. His Third eye was within the direction of Bazil, as he felt that Monster would not go down from Daizō's attack. His other two were on Daizō, but the girl had moved up into the sky. It was a risk but not keeping a eye on her was something he had to do, he only had three eyes. The actions that Daizō began to do were weird.

'Man, too much is going on.' Hannibal would think to himself, as he didn't know who to attack. He could've done something when Daizō had attacked Bazil, doing a attack to make sure the pirate was hit by something. But, then he'd be using his ability to openly. Well, he would be using it in a way he didn't feel like he should in this area. As there were Marines still around as well as civilians. He'd feel like shit if he ended up hurting those considered innocent in all of this.

Daizō had tossed the ship upward. Regardless of it it was able to hit the floating girl as he indeed, it fall back to the ground. Who it'd fall on would be Hannibal if he didn't move from his current spot. He would also begin to do something else, and that was sing at a low tone. With his blade gone he had only two things lefts. His fists and voice. Though at this time his singing was low that would change soon, but not now. He was preparing something that wouldn't really be a negative effect on his enemies but something that would help his fighting spirit. Also, he did notice Hannibal back on the walk way. He was one of the reasons he began this song. This battle was one of his toughest. His foes were few in number but they were worth more than ten fine warriors.

Hannibal was in total twelve meters from the location Bazil was attack at from the air slash. He was five more meters from Daizō. If the floating girl was to lower herself down all the way back to the ground she'd be the closest to Hannibal, being six meters. But with her being so high in the air, if she kept that original height, she'd be the furthest away from everyone. All of them, except Daizō, were Devil Fruit users. You could, from everyone's abilities, take a guess that they did in fact have a devil fruit. But, the specific type was something that was still a unknown. They all must have run into Devil Fruit users along their journey but most people see are Zoans and Paramecia. Even the true capabilities of those fruits can't be judged by anyone within' this world yet.  



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9 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:12 am

Under the roar of his weaponized arm, Bazil could be heard humming to himself, enjoying the anarchy that was unfolding. Though all good things must come to an end however, as during the scuffle with the floating stranger, Daizo managed to whip his large blade in the direction of the pirate, sending a cutting air wave straight for him.

“Well then.” He said, quickly hoping to his feet and scuttling off the rooftop to the ground below, narrowly avoiding the attack as it sliced into the building he was once on, sending it crashing into itself. The blowback from both the attack and collapsing building pushed him back several meters. Looking back at the building he sighed, “Now I gotta kill ya, that was all my food.”  Turning towards the action once again, his toothy grin wide and full. Taking aim, he began indiscriminately ripping shots off into the streets and docks and he casually walked towards the marine, who happened to be between himself and Daizo. The bullets maiming the bystanders and low- ranking marines, the speed and power of the weapon, along with the grouping of the bullets capable of tearing limbs right off. Those unable to run or protect themselves were like lambs to the slaughter of the demon butcher that was Bazil.

The giant of a human launched a ship towards the area he was in, using his left arm he formed a bazooka and fired it at the ship, on impact it exploded splintering apart the vessel and catching the now wooden shrapnel on fire. Falling from the sky like comets onto the entire area, though thanks to the force of the explosion they scattered so no one location had a large amount of debris landing there. The mast and part of the hull crashed into the shops on the main road, about ten meters from the giant and the floating girl. The flames spread, lighting the connecting buildings ablaze, sending the citizens and marines that had remained alive in the area into even more of a wide spread panic. Growing by the second, the wildfire continued to spread, skyrocketing the already high temperature of the desert port town.

The closer he got to the Uchi’s the pirate noticed something odd about him, “You’re just full of surprise today, aren’tcha ‘hero’? ” He asked mockingly, a low chuckle rumbling in his tone.

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10 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:38 pm

Side story, part 3: what goes up must explode

Lina gawked at the giant who trailed backward from her. She smirked at first with a smug expression and tip of the nose like she had won. " tch, what cha gonna do now bub"? Her arms held outward as she felt like she was lording over him victoriously with his giant blade.  The giant however, did not ever take his eyes off her. He fumbled a few times, extending his hands out to feel for something. She looked closer, edging closer to the giant who was beginning to lift a ship with his barehands. She marveled at his display of strength, one arm which was hooked into the ship's hull while the other supported the ship. It stood vertical for a few moments before the giant stepped forward to direct his attack toward Lina before tossing it at her.  Lina quickly pulled back with a gesture of her hand, grasping hand at the air as she retracted her arm to make the blade fly higher. From her peripheral vision something flew out toward the ship. Lina not wanting to stick around bent her knees and kicked up into the sky and out of the path for the ship with a powerful gust of wind left in her wake.

That's when everything erupted into flame. The ship became nothing more than flaming debris which rained upon Nanoha. Lina covered her face to avoid the heat which surged forth, followed by a massive shockwave that sent her backwards for 10-15 meters. The smoke and fire caused an uproar that made it hard to see her, but she couldn't help but cringe at the sound of all the people being tortured below. With a kick of her legs once more she began to climb up the air, quite literally. She shot up like a bullet with a gust of each with each kick propelling her higher with the giant's blade shortly behind her. Now situated 200 meters above the battlefield, she placed her hand on Nidai Kitetsu. The giant's blade positioned itself just behind, blade's tip facing the sky. She looked down upon the spec that was the giant, before falling forward toward him. The giant's sword followed suit as she used the speed and momentum she could gain from being hundreds of feet in the air and her own speed to greatly amplify the damage of her attack. Just around 30 meters above the giant she'd shoot up at a diagonal while flourishing her blade toward him. Which directed the giant's haki covered sword to fly at him like a missile of death, aimed straight at his torso.

Haki cooldown: 3/3
Busho haki turned on
Skills used: Limited blade works, The yoshi jump
Doriki: Using +5 points to bump Endurance and durability to secondary. Allocating one point to Strength/power for a measily +1.
Injuries: A few cracked ribs from being slammed by his massive body on the first jump.
OOC: :3


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11 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:45 pm

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Posting going to be out soon. Writing a lot for it.

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12 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:36 am

Since the attack on the bystanders could only be done on those that were by the West entrance Hannibal was not within the line of fire, but that couldn't be said by most of the Marines. Many of them couldn't even comprehend the situation they were in. Maimed or kill was the fate of those around. But, with the sound of this and the other things from before the Marines at the far ends, at the other entrances. Began to their journey back to the area. They were the only ones with rifles so they just needed to get in range where they could have some cover fire. They though arrive for sometime. The assault would end though as Bazil would turn his weapon into something different than it was before, and would take aim upward instead of in the direction he was firing in previously. Already, the distance between Hannibal and Bazil was small. Even though the were at a angle from each other than straight in front, Hannibal could clearly see the actions of the Demon.

How he switched between the two weapons was amazing, Hannibal had to admit that. But that is where he left himself open for attack, and Hannibal would act upon it. Usually, Hannibal does not go for a attack that could potentially kill or severely maim someone, but today was different. The attack he sent forward would not travel across the ground to aim for leg of Bazil. No, it was directed at the face of the Monster. His crimes here today and during that incident in Rain base warranted such a attack. It took no time to transverse the three meter gap that was between the two. The simply quick raising of his right hand was what would be used to send the black outward. He didn't need to even raise his hand all the way as he had a height advantage. Since he was the second tallest person here on the docks. Mere seconds it took to breach the gap between the two, it potentially making contact at the same time Bazil would fire at the ship overhead. But, Hannibal did begin to move forward after sending his blast outward. But, that would end badly. As he'd try to stop and motion further to the side of Bazil. Wanting to also be fancy.

Daizō had sent he ship flying upward, but didn't stay to watch it make contact. There was no need to do something like that, as he wasn't shocked that he threw the ship so high. This was a fight and just sitting around after doing something was not how he fought, he wanted to overwhelm his foes. His singing now grew louder and those within a meter radius would be able to hear his strange words, as he didn't speak in a common tongue. His attention was forward at Hannibal and Bazil. The boy attacking put a smile on Daizō's face as he didn't show any mercy to the Marines. If things were different he wouldn't mind following someone as wild as him. As the crazy incidents they'd cause would be magnificent. Before the explosion Daizō would move, his voice now loud enough to be heard throughout the entire area. His attack coming seconds after the one from Hannibal. It wasn't like before though as it wouldn't hinder anyone or shatter glass. But, that'd be the only thing someone would have to know Daizō was around. He'd move forward at his maximum speed, even without a running start. Hannibal was the only person here that'd be able to really notice this, but his back was to Daizō. And he'd be the first to be harmed as Daizō would close-line him from behind. It had enough impact to shatter bones and the like, but it'd have a different effect on Hannibal. There would indeed be cracking but that was due to ice being broken. Split in half at the waist. His assault wouldn't stop there even with the damage he would take as he'd attempt to slam his body, belly, into Bazil. The damage had even more potential to be harmful to the human body due to the armor that was on his chest. And with the attack from Hannibal having come a few seconds prior this unintended combo could prove to be major when it came to damage. And it wouldn't end upon contact. Falling off or being sent flying forward wouldn't occur, as Daizō wouldn't stop going forward. It was like insect smashing into the windshield of a car.

Regardless of how those event would transpire the sound of the explosion would be the next thing heard. And it's impact on the surrounding area would be the main focus of those not deep in combat. Many people have take shelter inside from Bazil firing at them, even though running down the road of the West entrance would've been the best thing to do.

Upon the explosion Hannibal had already reformed, but he wan't unfazed by the attack. No, his arm, left, was broken and shoulder dislocated. Even with going into a intangible state before the the full impact of the attack was done. If he hadn't tried to be fancy he might've even had a broken back. Hannibal was still learning how to truly fight with his Devil Fruit. He showed more skill that a novice would be he would need more than that to handle people tougher than Daizō.

Daizō would suddenly stop. If Bazil hadn't been caught in the initial charge this stop would have occur sooner, right after the miss, and he'd turn around. How he'd react after that would be based on the actions they would take against him. He though wouldn't stop moving toward them, though it'd be a more of a walk than anything. There was also something to note, and that was he had gotten larger and also his entire right arm was frozen. He didn't notice it at but that didn't matter to him. Taking a stance with his arms over head. The ice covering his arm would break upon him doing this. What he was doing was setting up a attack. And at this time the attack from the floating girl would occur. How it would happen depended really on what was going on. As he actions after his attack could end with him moving in a way that didn't guarantee a clean hit or a hit at all.

If Bazil did get hit by Daizō the amount of distance across the walk way would be twenty meters before he'd stop. And with the thought of winning on his mind he'd speak. "HAHAHAHA, I HAVEN'T HAD TO USE MY SINGING JIO-KEN IN A LONG TIME!!" The type of fighting style he used would be let known, and Hannibal knew fully well his abilities now. But, he didn't need to do anything. As by the time the floating girl had ascended up into the sky and then came back down, Daizō had finished his assault and was gloating.  Having any real time to react to a attack that he wasn't aware of would be near impossible as though he was strong, fast, and durable he lacked when it came to being truly perceptive of your surrounding environment when it counted. A clean hit would only be done in this type of situation as this was the only time he'd have been stationary long enough for the attack to do it's potential max damage.



Skill and damage description :
Name: Ice Time Capsule
Description: The User sends a wave of ice along the ground. Anything it hits is frozen in place. No matter the size of the inflicted target the amount frozen will, at max, be one limb per use. The range is only on how far this wave of Ice can travel along the ground. The width of this was is only 5m. Refer to the theme for current damage done. This skill also be performed via simple contact instead of being fired outward.
Range: Short 1-15m or Contact
Attribute:Strength & Power
Rank: Novice
Theme: F extension

Intermediate + Tertiary: Freezing the complete body of someone can be done at this level, no matter their size. Immediate damage done is still superficial frostbite(Moderate damage). But, it takes only one post for that to turn into sever frostbite(Major Damage). If not removed before the first post, after being frozen, the damage that came come after is Major, as all of the tissue to the bone has been killed. That does not mean when you remove the ice at this level it will take away that dead tissue. Rather the body part will just become black due to the dead tissue. Moderate bodies of water, the size of a tarn, can be instantly flash frozen via skill use.

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13 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:18 pm

The flames around them burned intensely, now having continued to spread into the heart of Nanohana, the once bustling port town now smoldering ash and bright red flames under black smoke filled skies. Corpses decorated the roads, the sound of panic was everywhere, women and children bleeding from stumps that once held limbs, the bodies of those trampled by their fellow Alabastans flattened into the sand. This was a scene like no other, one that could only be found in a Divine Comedy, for this act was straight from hell and brought on by the devil himself.

Bazil’s eyes had diverted to the ship for merely a second and that was all it took for the marine captain to make his move. Using that moment to send an icey blast straight towards the red hard pirate, it traveled across the three-meter gap quickly, using his weaponized left arm to try and shield himself from the attack. On contact the white blue crystals formed on the weapon, effectively encasing half of it in ice. Using his right arm, the pirate resumed the onslaught of high speed bullets, only this time his target was the marine directly, aiming to injure or at the very least put some distance between the two of them. Changing his left arm back to normal, Bazil was able to rid himself of the harden block due to his arm being much smaller than that of the bazooka. However, at this point it was still numb. The pirates right arm ripping off shots, he noticed the behemoth charging, literally going right through the marine’s body and straight towards him. In a last ditch effort to dodge the attack, Bazil turned his left leg into a cannon and fire it at the ground using the force of the blast to propel himself seven meters to the right and into the store front of a burning building. Effectively dodging the attack, albeit at a price, receiving minor to moderate burns and a fractured right arm from the impact of the building.

Seconds after the missile mad contact with the ship, its flaming splinters rained down, chunks of the boat crushing into what little shelter the citizens had left, engulfing their landing zones in even more hellish fire. The current survivors collapsing in the streets weeping, for there was no hiding from the devil now. Diazo, feeling as though he had bested the pair, reveling in his small victory he didn’t failed to defend against the comet like debris that fell from the sky, though the few pieces that did fall close to him the giant swiped away with his arm. In doing so, he had become distracted from the girl who had taken to the skies, the same girl who now flew towards him like a peregrine falcon bombing its prey.

Out of the flames stepped Bazil, like Beelzebub himself the pirate brushed a flame off his shoulder like it was merely dust. Though unlike such a myth, the pirate could be seen bleeding from various parts of his body, the burns on his skin clearly visible, verifying that he was indeed a human and not some sort of hell spawn. Both arms once again in human form, he shot his gaze towards the marine, completely disregarding the beast of a human, his dagger like glare fixated on Captain Uchi’s, “Thought marines were supposed to play fair.” He chuckled, coughing up blood between the words. The pirate hopped down from the blaze, as by now the entire building had been engulfed in the fire, but not before revealing a small child, maybe three or four held in his barely moveable left arm. He now stood around nine meters from he equally injured captain, who was also breathing quite heavily, “Not bad, for  a fuckin  dog.” The pirate laughed maliciously, wincing with each breath, clearly enjoying the chaos. Using his right index finger as a revolver barrel, he held it to the young girls head, meaning as soon as Hannibal moved towards him he would fire.

“You got a choice.” Bazil yelled, “You can try and catch me and let all these innocent people die.” He said, nodding towards the girl and then to the burning town behind him, the dead far outnumbering the living at this point, “Or you can go be on your way like a good little marine and try and save em...” Trailing off as he paused, “But I promise ya I won’t let you have both.” The pirate finished, his razor sharp grin now ear to ear, his bloodlust heavy on the smoke filled air. 

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14 Re: [Bounty] Ice Giant on Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:31 pm

Side Story,part 4: The end of Daizo?

Lina kept her stance for a few minutes, while she watched her blade fly true toward the rampaging giant who was flailing and roaring more like a beast than a person. Caught up in the moment and not being able to keep track of the explosion, the mysterious ice, and the red hair's crazy maneuvers. The giant did not even so much as defend against her attack until it was too late. As she flew over the exploded ship that rained destructive hell fire over the town, she watched the blade rip through Daizo's stomachright after bazil dodged by using turning his leg into a cannon to propel himself out of the way. The attack from the sky would toss Daizo like a rag doll. The speed and force from traveling over 900 feet in the air allowed the blade to piece him and send him flying like a rag doll into the chaos below. Lina however could not tell what was going on as the smoke had blocked her view and kept her from seeing what happened to the mini giant.

The girl looked at the scene unfolding before her, at the destruction which was wrought on the people below. She started to descend to try and see if she could help when a pair of marines fired at her. One bullet hit,but it was only a flesh wound(at the hip) due to her sheer durability and haki covering her body. The marines had began to despair and turned their anger on the woman clearly not a marine, with devil fruit powers. She assumed it was shoot to kill at any rate. Other survivors started to look up at the woman, who flew over them like an angel of death. A harbinger of chaos, even if she only took part in taking down Daizo.

The decision was easy for her, she jetted away by kicking off despite their cries for revenge. When she made it back to alubarna, she began to work on her wounds using the tools of a clinic she commandeered against the physican's will. Tied up and locked in a closet, she'd work on herself before letting him out and moving on with her search. Her search for clues in Nanoha were a dead end, for there was probably nothing left to gather from such a place.


Haki cooldown: 3/3
Busho haki turned on
Skills used:  The yoshi jump
Doriki: Using +5 points to bump Endurance and durability to secondary. Allocating one point to Strength/power for a measily +1.
Injuries: A few cracked ribs from being slammed by his massive body on the first jump. A slight bullet wound that was lessened by her defenses.
OOC: Aight bazel and han, do your thing.

Edit: To the grader, han told me in chat that there was something wrong with my attack. Then logged off and hasn't pm'ed me as of yet. The attack hit him right after he misses bazil. The timeline is all screwed up and it has a lot of if and then clauses. I don't have time to perfectly weave through these clauses to make an obvious hit, Hit.


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Daizō wouldn't revel in any sort of victory, as he didn't even hit his second target. This fight was not over. His attack that he had been charging since he missed his tackle was close to being unleashed. Stopping himself when the target used another explosion type of attack before getting hit. A plum of smoke kicking up and being large enough to conceal even Daizō. Something easily done since it was on the same scale as the one used against the ship above. Whatever shrapnel went flying could possibly hit Daizō, but he didn't nor would care. His Jio-ken would let him keep fighting until his body would tell him to stop. That was the may advantage and also weakness of the fighting style. Even with Old age it made you fight like you were back in your prime.

Even with the plum of smoke being kicked up his actions stated before if Bazil wasn't hit would follow. Why he turned around and move forward was to get in a specific spot. That though didn't matter at all due to something happening at the moment of his turn. The smoke would disperse from how fast it came forward. He was almost wide as he was tall, but to hide his blubber was his armor. It wasn't anything serious or impenetrable as stated before. And his long sword that was almost his length would be a weapon strong enough to pierce Daizō. The Messer sword slid through the right side of his abdomen easily slicing through anything that was within it's path. It wouldn't go right though his body even with the added momentum it'd slow down as it move through his body and at the end the hilt would be catch by the armor. The damage though wouldn't be minuscule at all.  

His arms would be raised as he did so and he began to gather his strength into his arms. But soon that energy he was gathering began to ooze away just like the blood from his wound he just received. If they thought him lifting a ship was his limit, they'd be mistaken. He had the strength to rival Giants. But, he wouldn't be able to showcase that strength now, or ever. His body didn't give way instantly as the attack wasn't something that'd warrant that.  Him bleeding as he did internally though would catch up to him. As even though the width of the blade wasn't enough so that his lungs would've been caught in the attack the other organs within the path would be cut, along with other things. Even the motion of him turning was halted and he began to buckle and fall to his knees. Why he didn't go flying was that would be hard to do considering his size and weight, as he wasn't a skinny mini-giant. Who he could see was Hannibal, who attention wasn't on him. He could see Hannibal was hold onto his arm. Daizō thought he split that Man in half, but he didn't. He didn't beat anyone here other than weak foes. His reason for even being here had ended, as he looked down as saw the pool of blood he was creating. But, soon it began to harden. Looking up he would see Hannibal had turned his attention back to him and even move closer to him. This though would only happen if a event before this would happen.

Hannibal listened to the request of Bazil, and wanted to just attack him. Even though he was hurt he knew at this moment if he really wanted to he could take down that very dangerous Man.  Even his ultimatum wasn't that hard to decided on as the ship exploded wasn't the most massive thing in the world, and the entire town wasn't on fire. Just a few storefronts that already didn't have many people in them. Most had already left prior so the amount here had to be less than fifty, a small number. But, even though that amount was small they were still people. Leaving even one of them to die just to attack someone when the percentage of taking him down wasn't even 80% was a bad thing to do. The good in Hannibal's nothing heart was the only thing that made him nob his head in agreement and speak. "Leave, but know the next time I see you....I will administer Justice. Move away from the girl and I promise not to stop you escape." If harm befell the Child Hannibal would have no choice but to fight on. But, if he began to escape Hannibal would honor his word and instead send a attack, by placing his hand on him. toward Daizō with his good hand. It was the same before but it wasn't to kill the guy, as he was already on death's door. What he wanted to do was try and stop the bleeding. Even if that would only last for a few minutes. He wanted to speak with the Man before this was over. The Marines had arrived but they heard what Hannibal said and would instead split up. Some going to help those trapped in buildings and others to check if anyone on the walk way was okay and able to help or needed help themselves. If combat was done this would be a victory and defeat for the Marines. They had bested a Pirate but allowed another, more dangerous one, to escape. Only other good thing that would come from this was Hannibal hearing what Daizō had to say. Also, since not many saw what happened due to the added chaos how this would turn out would be done just like on Rainbase. With Hannibal being dubbed a 'hero' who fought to take down villainy.

Name: Ice Time Capsule
Description: The User sends a wave of ice along the ground. Anything it hits is frozen in place. No matter the size of the inflicted target the amount frozen will, at max, be one limb per use. The range is only on how far this wave of Ice can travel along the ground. The width of this was is only 5m. Refer to the theme for current damage done. This skill also be performed via simple contact instead of being fired outward.
Range: Short 1-15m or Contact
Attribute:Strength & Power
Rank: Novice
Theme: F extension

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Bazil nodded to the marine captaining, signifying their agreement. After Hannibal had finished talking to the pirate Diazo, the young man pushed the little girl towards him. Keeping his weaponized finger in tact in case the deal was broken. Slowly, Bazil moved over to the large dying pirate who was now covered in ice and in second his head had been lopped off by the pirates now scimitar like arm. Leaning over he grabbed a handful of hair, picking up the large head, its weight that of a child around twelve years old. Figuring that if he had the marks head, he may be able to cash in the bounty somewhere on the island, no better way to prove you killed a guy than by bringing his own head in and tossing it on the table.

Head in tow, Bazil made good on his word and left the chaotic scene, burned buildings and corpses littered the area. Nanohana would need some time to recover from this event as they had already been in disrepair from a rampaging fishman just earlier that month. Down on their luck wasn’t an appropriate enough term for the towns citizens, as they had been frequent targets for piracy in recent time.

Having successfully escaped to the outskirts of town, the pirate found a spotted duck tied up near a bar, unleashing it from its stable. The pirate strapped on Diazo’s head and made his way towards the capital, his eyes glued to the horizon and the unpredictable adventure it held.


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ooc: Even though his action of chopping the guys head off would warrant a response. I lost muse to actually get fight more in this topic, so consider my last post a exit.

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Alright. With Daizo dead, this is how it'll go down in the report.

Plot Summary: Marine Poster Child, Hannibal captures Giant Slayer Daizo, delivering him dead to the local authorities. Pirates Lina Askr and Bazil Styx have been said to have played a major role in the capture and as such, a percentage of Daizo's collective bounty has been added to both parties. Meanwhile, rumours of a promotion for Hannibal lies in the works. Find out more information in the upcoming coo.

Prestige: + 4 To @Hannibal | 13,500,000 Million Beli reward Since he's dead.
Bounty: 13,500,000 Added onto @ai47 - Bazil & @dingdongditcher - Lina's bounty. +2 Prestige to each

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