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1Jonas vs Mone Empty Jonas vs Mone on Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:10 pm

Monè D. Nero


Monè D. Nero
Location: Loguetown - Execution Platform
Time: 3 PM
Starting Distance: Chosen by fighters
Rule Set:

  • 25 Stat Cap
  • Both Fighters have Buso and Ken Haki Intermediate
  • Both Fighters Can Use All Approved Skills(Kyo Can Use An Approved Intermediate or Novice pugilist skillset of his choice)
  • All Approved Equipment
  • All Stats/Equipment/Skills Must Be Included in the first post to be considered Valid

Bojack's Stats:

Strength&Power: 5
Endurance&Durability: 4
Speed&Agility: 6
Perception: 4
Spirit&Willpower: 6
Bojack's Equipment:

Jonas vs Mone Latest?cb=20151212042039
Equipment Name: Wakai
Equipment Description: Having been used by the large pirate big baby jones, Wakai is an incrediblly large blade. The blade itself is 190 centimeters long, while the hilt and guard stretch an additional 25 centimeters. Long and thin, Wakai is a light blade that doesn’t take much strength to wield, but can be exceptionally deadly due to its length and how quickly it can be swung.
Equipment Grade: O Wazamono

2Jonas vs Mone Empty Re: Jonas vs Mone on Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:27 pm



Jonas’ Stats:
Strength & Power : 5
Endurance & Durability : 4
Speed & Agility : 5
Perception : 4
Spirit & Willpower : 7

I’m using all current equipment on my Character Sheet, as well all approved skills that I currently have. For my second skillset I will be using all of the Rokushiki skills that are in the Skills System as is, besides the last one since it is a rank higher than Intermediate.

Jonas’ Character Sheet

3Jonas vs Mone Empty Re: Jonas vs Mone on Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:56 pm

Monè D. Nero


Monè D. Nero

Jonas vs Mone Maxresdefault
Mone stood on the edge of the execution platform with his kenbunshoku haki activated and keeping watch on any activity in its 30 meter range, waiting for anything that may cause him to act. Since he was a child the boy had had a slightly short temper, a trait that had only worsened through his travels. Experiencing the racism that many members of his race had grown accustommed to had only caused the young man to become paranoid and lash out at any perceived threat. Mone was too precious to put into harms way, he could not allow himself to be hurt or even threatened in any way. The buildings around the execution platform surrounded it in an almost perfect circular shape, with every building around it being around 35 meters away from it, save for the one directly behind the platform which was a meager 5 meters away from it. If Mone tried, he could easily make the leap from the platform to the building without even needing any help from the immensely powerful Yatagarasu bird.

The platform on which Mone now sat was incredibly high, being over 10 meters tall and made entirely of wood. Even with its great height, people below were able to see most everything that occurred on top of the square 5 meter by 5 meter platform. Obviously everyone looking directly at the platform was able to spot Mone, as he was now standing directly on the edge of the platform, just looking down at the people below. There were many thoughts going through the head of the young three eyed, thoughts of the many pirates who had been executed just a few meters behind where he stood, and of the marines who had captured them. Mone understood that he was standing in a place with a long history, a history that would probably have continuous additions long after his short visit to Logue town concluded.


Kenbunshoku Active
Haki Stamina 9/10

4Jonas vs Mone Empty Re: Jonas vs Mone on Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:57 pm



Edit marker nigga

5Jonas vs Mone Empty Re: Jonas vs Mone on Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:02 pm




Jonas Blackheart

Jonas showed a sleight smile as he made his way into the Town Square of Loguetown hands in his outer coat pockets. He had been on a hunt for a couple of days now and after hearing about a Three-Eyed going all willy-nilly on the island. The Long-Leg knew he had finally found his target. The day was young, nearing eleven in the morning. Jonas currently dressed in his everyday tuxedo, and a pair of gloves to match. Most of the time he wore loafers as well, but he was on a mission. So the pair of glossy combat boots he currently wore was good at the moment. Inside of the jacket of his tuxedo (left side over chest) was a holster that sat his Double Action Revolver (fully loaded). It was aimed downward with the handle facing the buttons of the jacket, so that if need be he could make a swift movement to release it from its bindings. The movement not seeming as much since it was pretty normal for a man to reach into his tuxedo jacket for a clean wipe.

Anyway, besides the revolver the only other equipment Jonas had on him was a single Eisen Dial. The little jar or shell like item (whatever it is) being in the outer pocket of the left side of his tuxedo jacket. The jacket being the ample size for neither the Revolver nor the Eisen Dial to make any type of bulge. The only way someone knew he was carrying them was if they physically patted him down. But enough of himself, you see Jonas had been asked by a man to capture another man. A man of the Three-Eyed Race to be exact. Jonas was a Bounty Hunter, so he was an expert in the area. Although the man wasn’t a pirate, it would still be good to capture him for the beli. He could care less what happened to him. The man who had gave him the task told him the Three-Eyed was last seen in Loguetown. Jonas himself only arriving hours ago had decided to finally check around.

The Town Square was the first place that came into mind for him to check. Due to how active it was day or night. Or so he was told so by the locals. You see, when he first entered the square the first thing that caught his attention was the tall Execution Post. The thing was a whooping ten meters in height. He felt sorry if anyone took the wrong step and fell because they would surely end up with some broken bones at the least. Anyway, himself having walked to the fountain on the left of the Execution Post. He would come to lean on the front of it (facing the wooden post) and glance slightly at the figure standing atop it. The first feature of the figure that caught Jonas’s eyes was the shining iris of another eye in the middle of the figure’s forehead. The heavy wind blowing the man’s hair here and there giving the Bounty Hunter enough time to catch a look at the third eye. The man not being hard at all to see. Seeing as he was the only one atop of the wooden post with the sun bringing light down upon him. Not to forget the fact that he was only about nineteen yards at the most away from the guy.

What confused Jonas was that the man stood on the platform wearing only a single pair of underwear. White tighties with a few brown stains here and there. More people would come to notice the man standing upon the platform nearly naked. Half of the square eyeing him down and the other half minding their own business. So, it wasn’t unusual for Jonas to be looking at the man as well. Right? Anyway, like said the man only had on a pair of undies with nothing else on his person. Pretty weird for a man who was deemed a powerful target by the person who had given him the assignment. Jonas was just about to call it a win, but he knew not to undermine his targets. Even if they were as lame as the one in front of him. So, he would simply stand his ground, or lean on it in his case and wait for a sign that would be an opening to capture the figure in his front. The day was young (11am), he would wait all day if he had to.

The sky of Loguetown would slowly begin to be covered by deep gray clouds. A storm was nearing and it could begin at any moment now.


I asked you in discord what you were wearing. That included what was on your person. You said “IDC” and failed to give an exact answer. So, I just decided for you. Smile


Lawful Evil
Love Fruit

6Jonas vs Mone Empty Re: Jonas vs Mone on Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:16 pm

Monè D. Nero


Monè D. Nero
Edit Marker Bro

7Jonas vs Mone Empty Re: Jonas vs Mone on Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:18 pm

Monè D. Nero


Monè D. Nero

Jonas vs Mone Maxresdefault
Mone certainly was a sight to see up on the execution platform in only his filthiest and most ragged underwear, and justifiably had the attention of almost every individual in the general vicinity of the platform. With his haki active, he could sense the basic emotions of every individual, and so he was very aware of the disgust that was felt by all around him. This did nothing to discourage him however, no, he actually felt better than he would otherwise. Their disgust meant that they were paying attention to the spectacle that was Mone, and the attention of others was the thing he craved most, even more than money. Thus, when an individual entered the range of his haki and directed their attention to Mone, he was more than a bit surprised when he detected from them more than a feeling of disgust, but also an element of... was it triumph? This strange individual seemed to have felt like they were victorious in seeing Mone in his underwear atop the platform, a sentiment that was just as strange to Mone as it would be to any normal person who was using their supernatural abilities of detection to gauge the reactions of a town's worth of people to them publicly showing off their underwear.

Because this individual had already proven themselves, at least in Mone's eyes, to be different from the rest of the people who were enjoying his display; the long legged man commanded special attention from the three eyed user of the Tori Tori no mi. Every step the individual took towards the execution platform was noticed by Mone, and he kept note of the man's every emotion, waiting for anything within the man's mind that could even be interpreted as killing intent. Though Mone was currently showing off his underwear to a large group of people, he still did not consider himself a pervert; in his mind he was just an entertainer and all other citizens of Logue town were his adoring fans, who should be grateful for the opportunity that he was presenting to them. This individual he now watched though, Mone could not identify him as anything more than a pervert, one that now had his eyes set on Mone's glorious package. The young three eyed male could tell that he had to be mindful of the pervert's every move, fearful that any moment where his attention was diverted elsewhere could become the pervert's time to strike.  

The man would not approach Mone though, stopping himself about 17 meters away from the bird zoan user, and simply staring as if he was waiting for something. Standing there, with his hands inside of the pockets on his expensive looking tuxedo, he made Mone more uncomfortable than anyone he had ever met before, and the young man had no idea why. From where he stood, the man towered over all passersby, so Mone was able to deduce that the man was much taller than even himself, meaning that it would be nearly impossible for him to make any sort of movement or gesture, even a simple one, without Mone noticing it. So Mone waited and watched, waiting for the pervert to make any sort of move, as he had no idea what the man's plan was or what he was capable of doing. It didn't matter to Mone what the man did, if he made any sort of movement Mone would be forced to act in what he believed to be his own self defense, ending the problem before it could even begin with no regards to whether or not the pedestrians in the area are affected. The moment the man in the tuxedo makes any movement that Mone perceives as a threat, which for the nervous three eyed applied to any particular movement, his fate would be sealed, as the execution platform would be instantly burned to nothing as the body of Mone became too hot for it to handle, and the heat that first surrounds his body would instantly be forced away from Mone's body, burning away anything, living or nonliving within the entire scope of his kenbunshoku haki, excluding of course the source of the heat, Mone's body. This attack would in no way aim to spare the life of the pervert in the tuxedo, as his destruction is the primary purpose of the event, and due to the nature of it, would be almost guaranteed.

Mone D. Nero was never, at any point in his life able to be considered a patient man, and at 23 years old he still has yet to get himself even near that point. And as a result of his impatience, Jonas would not even be able to spare himself by simply waiting him out. If Jonas wished to delay his plans for too long, Mone would be forced to execute his attack unprovoked, and as a result lose his ability to justify his actions even to himself. Mone waited for Jonas to give himself a reason to attack, but if Jonas preferred to simply allow Mone's own paranoia to fester to a point where he serves as his own source of provocation, then so be it. Either way, Mone was simply not in an appropriate state of mind to deal with individuals such as Jonas, and he was not willing to change. From the moment Jonas beared witness to the sight of Mone on the execution platform, his fate would be sealed at least in the three eyes of Mone.


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Haki Stamina 8/10

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