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1Momoiro -> Baltigo Empty Momoiro -> Baltigo on Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:58 am



Method: The Seastrong
Log Pose

"I can't believe this is actually happening." Imagine being stuck on an island for 6-9 months with no way of leaving, trapped on the most annoying island of them all.That was Kahseh up until today, trapped on Momoiro because he didn't have the tools to get anywhere. Today was a historical day for him. Not only did he have a beautiful ship but he also had a log pose. These things were hard to come by so he couldn't thank Sofia enough. The Earl climbed upon his loyal avian as she faced the sea, waiting for his men aboard the ship to give him the okay. "My lord, we're ready when you are." Those were the only words he needed to hear. With a smirk he nodded and faced forward, glaring at the seas as if he was going to attack them with everything he had. His body was still recovering from his fight with the Marine Captain and Myra but it was important for them to leave as soon as possible. Staying on this island any longer could put everyone in danger. "Let's get the fuck out of here. Some steer the ship, I'll use Zoya and the log pose to navigate us so make sure you're following." The viking checked his pocket to make sure he had the log pose, then he checked his back and his waist to make sure that his weapons were in the right places. His heat dial was on the other side of his cloak so that meant he had everything secure. Without wasting another moment, he gently patted Zoya. "Come on." he whispered as his men placed the anchor inside the boat. Finally the ship began to float above the water. Zoya flapped her wings about six times to lift herself high into the air but not too high that whoever was steering wouldn't see her. It was important that they kept an eye on where she was, she was the only one who could bring them anywhere at the moment. The giant bird, flew at moderate speeds though the air still made a ripping noise in K's ear.

2Momoiro -> Baltigo Empty Re: Momoiro -> Baltigo on Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:00 am




The small army of vikings weren't going to Karakuri although that would seem like the most logical place to go, especially since Kahseh had waited so long to find a way there. They weren't going back home just yet, Kahseh had some soul searching to do. His fight with Gin brought to light something amazing. His blood, it was silver. Of course Kahseh didn't know exactly what this meant but he knew that according to legend, the gods of Redari had golden blood. I know the blood of the first flows through my veins...but does this mean... quickly he shook off the thought. Even thinking about being something greater than what he already was, was a bit nerve-wracking. What does this mean? he pondered. What he needed to do was a little studying. He needed to learn more about the lore of his people, the 5 gods, Aduwal, Redari and anything else related to the religion. As a child he was only told that he was a descendant of the first and most progressive Viking Lord, Aduwal who was told to be a descendant of Tedowas who was the primary god. Other than that he knew nothing and it didn't help that his men acted like they didn't see silver blood from his face. Kah didn't even remember them getting to him so he didn't know if they were pretending or if they actually didn't see the silver blood.  Perhaps he was just losing his mind. Maybe he was just seeing shit and his blood actually wasn't silver. There was only one real way to find out. The young lord looked beneath him to check on his brothers. They were steering right on Zoya's tail doing a great job as the Avian soared the skies, screeching and cawing here and there. K fished out his log pose before looking at it. The device was telling him to slightly face the east, so he moved Zoya's shoulders accordingly. The ship below him then moved accordingly as well. Quickly he put the device away and drew his dagger from his hip. "..." There was only one way to find out if his blood was really silver. Slowly the brown man placed the dagger to his forearm and pressed the blade against it, slowly tearing away skin to reveal... "Silver blood."


A loud noise echoed from above them all, coming from the skies. Zoya had been caught of guard and jumped a little, screeching in panic. He had to make sure to stay balanced while on Zoya since his hands weren't holding her but she was moving in a single direction so it wasn't too hard. "Relax, girl." He said rubbing her with the hand of the arm that bled. The silver blood trickled down his arm as he looked up to the sky. "What the hell?" he whispered to himself as he felt the first droplets of rain. "Dammit." Kahseh put his dagger away and his hands back onto his companion. They needed to move quickly but this was as fast as they could.

3Momoiro -> Baltigo Empty Re: Momoiro -> Baltigo on Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:19 am




Once again the leader of Vikings looked down at his people. The rain was getting heavier so he wanted to make sure there were no complications and of course they were fine. Sometimes he forgot that these men were probably tougher than he was. Kahseh left his sleeve up. The water would hit against the cut on his arm, washing away the blood that trickled. For a moment he stopped and watched the wound, his instincts were telling him to just...focus on it. Slowly he watched as the below minor wound began to close on it's own. In shock, his eyes widened. This couldn't be happening right now. "Holy..." he whispered to himself as the wound finally healed over. This wasn't anything he could hallucinate, this was real. As the wound closed he brought the arm closer to his eyes to make sure he wasn't tripping and sure enough he wasn't. What the hell was going on? He thought. "I gotta get to Baltigo fast." the only reason he was really going to Baltigo was because he knew there a small group of Vikings there that left during his childhood. These vikings weren't ordinary vikings though, they called themselves The Sect of Illyfang and mostly consisted of old people. Supposedly they left because Illyfang, the god they worshiped, warned them that bad things would come to Karakuri. Since he couldn't go back home yet, he knew these people could help him get the answers he needed. Shaking off what he'd just seen, he kept his eyes straight as the rain poured down. Baltigo would meet the Viking Lord soon, he just needed to be patient.


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