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1 Jordsandian Standoff on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:26 am



The way around the main island was best avoided at times. Madori had recently ran into a particular person that he an unknowingly befriended. On his way to take care of a bounty he had spotted in the air. Von D. Patron, he had ran into a Shichibukai. Madori was shocked, but he should have known that he would run into people like that on this island. The draw of the seastone stocks was much sought by all parties and all people. They served not only a purpose of arming ones army, but it was actually a great source of money.

The want and greed was to much to pass up. But Madori still needed to scout the area for possible ventures for himself. He wanted too see if this little rock was worth saving. He had a plan that he didn't tell anyone, a plan that would shatter the world. Straying away from the Phantom Raider's ship, he made his way deeper into the island reaching into the mainland. Deciding not fly at the moment, he kind of wanted to enjoy the beauty while he scouted. They were usually surrounded by a large body of water when they were on the ship.

But this was a slice of life to be free of the sight. Besides he couldn't swim any more so it felt more like a death trap then anything. After a while of sightseeing he shook his head to get back to his original job. But so far he couldn't find anything of worth to check for. He as about to call it a wrap when he heard voices and distantly past an overpass.

2 Re: Jordsandian Standoff on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:35 am



The Pirate was cautious, there was no telling what kind of things he'd run into out here. There was a slight hill that was able to hide someone coming near. He took advantage to look over the side of the earthly made overpass. Made from a very large and crooked tree, the large rise in the dirt made it point in a certain direction. It made slightly raised and unsafe bridge, but still large enough to walk across.

Madori's head popped up to look over, then he was greeted with a sight. Some dozen or so meters away was a group of people. Squinting his eyes he looked a little bit harder, now able to discern that the group was divided into two different groups. One of them looked like workers, locals of the island. However the other group looked entirely nefarious. Madori knew their kind, for he was one. Pirates. They had chanced upon a group of miners mining something.

More than likely it was seastone, an opportunity for Madori to destroy a mining camp leading to vein. However there were more pressing matters, maybe he should be trying to get on the good side of the villagers. They would be able to lead him on a good standing on the island. If he decided to stay on the island, he needed the people to accept him. Or he would have to force them to do his will. Something he would try to avoid at all costs.

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