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1[V] Wanted Woman Empty [V] Wanted Woman on Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:16 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Boudica was sipping a piping hot cup of ginseng tea when she heard yelling on the street. In her neighbourhood, yelling was not uncommon, lots of drunkards and abusive husbands lived in the area, so it was not rare to see people fighting openly on the streets. Boudica had gotten accustomed to the noise that seemed constantly present in the area. She was still mildly upset, because it seemed louder than usual today. Deciding to check out the noise, Boudica peered our her window and saw a few drug dealers and a prostitutes fleeing the streets.

Wonder what was going on, she opened her door and peered her head out the window. She saw a battalion of Marines marching through the street, and she wondered why they were here. It was surprisingly rare to see Marines on Baltigo, due to the strong Revolutionary presence on the island, and the strength of the Kingpins that ruled Baltigo. The Marines generally preferred to avoid Baltigo because it was such a dangerous, lawless area.

As Boudica carefully looked out the window, trying to avoid attention to herself, she hoped that the Marines weren’t looking for her. Word had gotten out that Boudica wiped out the Goliach Famiglia, and that she was a Devil Fruit user, and the World Government was always wary of Devil Fruit users, because of their dangerous and unpredictable powers. Boudica started preparing a contingency plan for an escape, but she still hoped that they would merely pass her by.

2[V] Wanted Woman Empty Re: [V] Wanted Woman on Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:16 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Unfortunately, it seemed as though Boudica was the exact target of the Marines. They surrounded the perimeter of her small apartment building and a tall man with a bullhorn started yelling, “Boudica Morgan, on the orders of the World Government, you are to step out of the building with your hands behind your head, or we will storm the building and drag you out of there with force.” Boudica rolled her eyes at the threat, and packed a few essential items. Her current location was compromised, so she would have to find a new place to settle down, after defeating the Marines that were already pounding on her (figuratively for now, but likely also literally in a few short minutes).

Boudica recognized the Marine with the bullhorn, he was a Captain named “Dove Jones”, known for being a complete pushover. Boudica wondered if she could escape this situation using just her words, but it was still unlikely. Dove was a pushover, but he was still a respected Marine, who carried out his duties with the resolve of an idealistic soldier. Boudica started to hear yelling in the hallways, it seemed as though the Marines were going door to door, looking for Boudica. Boudica did not want to be a bother for her neighbors, so she exited her apartment and yelled out the Marines, “Come and get me, you Marine dogs! I’m right here.”The Marines alerted their buddies who were searching some of the other apartments, and they charged at Boudica.

3[V] Wanted Woman Empty Re: [V] Wanted Woman on Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:18 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Feeling more annoyed than worried about the incoming Marine recruits, Boudica unleashed a torrent of Mochi flying down the hallway. The Marines were sent flying outside of the building with the Mochi, until they hit the next building. The Marines hit by the Mochi were stuck to the building, and were not able to wiggle free, due to the strength of Boudica’s Mochi. As more Marines entered the building from the side entrance, Boudica sent another batch of Mochi shooting towards the Marines, who suffered the same fate as the other Marines who also got Mochi-d.

Boudica walked towards the exit of the building, slightly bored and annoyed at how weak the Marines were to her now. Taking on the Goliach Famiglia was a pain, but Boudica seemed to have gotten noticeably stronger ever since she fought them. However, Captain Dove Jones would definitely present a challenge to Boudica. Known for being an expert swordsman, Boudica’s Mochi magic might not work on him as well.

Dove Jones was waiting outside, and had his katana pointed at Boudica. “Criminal! Surrender now, or you will face painful, crushing defeat at my hands! Captain Dove Jones!” Boudica rolled her eyes at the Marine Captain, at least until he started charging at Boudica. She brought out her swords and parried his blows. Dove Jones observed Boudica’s sword and said “You got yourself a Meito huh? They didn’t tell me about that, just your little gum magic.” Boudica didn’t bother to respond to Dove Jones’s pointless musings.

4[V] Wanted Woman Empty Re: [V] Wanted Woman on Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:19 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Dove Jones backed up, still pointing his sword at Boudica. He attempted a sword slash from the side, which Boudica ducked in order to dodge it. As Boudica then rolled to close the distance between her and Dove, Dove raised his katana above his head and attempted to bring it down on Boudica, but she was able to parry the blow with her swords. As the sound of colliding steel got louder, a small crowd of civilians gathered to observe the battle. Boudica marveled at their stupidity and curiosity, as they could easily get hurt, but she was too focused on Dove to chew them out.

Dove was a nuisance to Boudica, his mastery of the sword was excellent, but Boudica never thought of him as a serious threat. Maybe Boudica was being too cocky for her own good, or maybe Boudica was right, but she felt as though she was always a step ahead of Dove. It felt like the Boudica’s skill level jumped tremendously ever since she took on the Goliach Gang and won. Attacks that seemed fast now seemed somewhat slow, and she barely felt fazed fighting Dove, compared to when she was flat out exhausted after fighting Totti Grotti and the other Mafia gangster that first pulled her into war with the Goliach family. However, Dove was tremendously persistent, whenever an attack would fail or be blocked, he would refuse to relent, and simply another approach. For what it was worth, Boudica thought his determination was admirable, but she could not afford to continue playing with him, she had to leave before reinforcements arrived.

5[V] Wanted Woman Empty Re: [V] Wanted Woman on Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:19 pm

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Boudica realized that she would not be able to overwhelm him with just her swordplay, she needed to use her Devil Fruit abilities in order to gain an upper hand in the battle, otherwise the battle might just go to a stalemate, and that was option where Boudica would inevitably lose as more Marine reinforcements came. Jumping back a few meters, Boudica sheathed her swords and forged a hammer out of Mochi, before swinging it at her opponent, who managed to slice it right through, avoiding any damage. Boudica was slightly shocked, because the Mochi that she used to form the hammer was no regular Mochi, it was hardened Mochi she made specifically to counter Dove’s blade, but it was still cut right through as if it was soft dough.

It was apparent that Boudica had been underestimating her Marine opponent, who was obviously very persistent. Dove ran right towards Boudica with his katana drawn, but Boudica unleashed a wave of Mochi flying towards Dove, hoping to stop his assault, but it was to no avail, as Dove sliced the Mochi through, leading some of it to land on some of the crowd, drawing shrieks. Boudica chuckled a bit, as it was an entertaining sight to behold, watching a group of nosy people get lots of sticky Mochi on their bodies and clothes, and some of them struggled to break free. However, Dove was not as entranced and he had continued charging at Boudica, attempting to slice Boudica with his sword from the side, but Boudica was able to narrowly dodge the attack, but not without getting a nick on her arm.

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