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1Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Empty Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] on Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:10 am



Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Darui_by_asdrubaelvect0-d38vdxd
Caesar Black

    My reserved silence
    Is a calm reliance
    On a truer course
    Through open doors
    For words I have yet to find

Quiet nights like this used to be all the young man would live for. In his younger days, the stars would be his only comfort. They seemed to listen better somehow than his wicked caretakers did, or anyone of the seemingly cursed brothel and place he was born into. There didn't seem to be any other way to convince anyone how serious Black’s desire was.

The bangs of his white hair eased down covering half of the top his face, leaving only a relaxed, lazy eye to peer into the bright, night skies over Lulusia. Black released a deep sigh, slumping his shoulders. It was amazing that he wasn’t sleeping. His laziness would usually have kicked in by now. But as he sat upon this large, smooth boulder, his arms holding him up with his large folded blade, sheathed and propped against the rock, laying in the grassy dew, he didn’t feel tired at the least. He had been sleep that entire day though.

The acquisition of his rank gave him a little leeway to relax. As a means to adapt to this newfound leisure, his body was active tonight. "Damn.", commented Black aloud as he stood with a stretch, caving his back in with his hands as he bent forward, yawning aggressively.

"I suppose I’ll get some training in. I’ve been slacking off for the last few months and the higher ups are bound to send me on some crazy missions! We don’t wanna get killed do we?", laughed Black as he grabbed the hilt of his blade, pulling the sword from its sheath, while the sheath itself remained restful upon the boulder.

The midnight breeze nipped at Black as he combed over and under roots of tremendous size in the thick woods, slashing his large blade back and forth extremely quickly. He had discovered this forest by accident on his way the sea but was pleasantly surprised to find the immense forest he was now surely lost in. Sweet dew lightly covered the ground, and glistened off of a select few leaves here and there. The sky was clear, and the moon could be clearly seen as it gleamed through the tree tops. The pungent smell of pine and sweet grass as the morning breeze was beginning to die down, emphasizing the aroma released by the ground.

Black couldn't help but think that this would be a peaceful country to live in. Perhaps settle down, build a cabin of some sort, and live in transcendentalism for the remainder of his days. This notion was quickly pushed aside, as Black made a promise, and wandering the seas doing missions for the Revolution was part of the deal. Luckily, he was still part of a loose knit organization, allowing him free roam throughout the world. It was adverse to the situation on this island, which served as a totalitarian state under one very controlling ruler, a greedy queen. Just the thought of a dirty wench brought Black’s mind back to the head-mistress of the brothel once again. She claim one of those nights she took advantage of him that he would be something special. “That he would be an anthropologist or something!” Not a warmonger or pirate like the men she service, heavens no, rather how they lived. Black was told he would become an anthropologist. Whatever the hell that was, Black often thought.

Unfortunately Black would have to eventually leave this peaceful mountain country and continue his journey outside of this place. The only problem he currently faced however, was how to leave the forest. He was lost. There was no doubt about it, and as his white hair whipped from left to right as he swung his sword in parallel fashion, still training on his poise and speed with the large blade. Quickly switching between slashes and piercing strikes, fencing with the sword with his right hand only, swaying and sashaying behind it as if it weighed nothing at all. Sweat began to drip down his brow, as he swung the blade in a round follow-through, once again.

"Bah!", exclaimed Black My stance is still off and my speed is still neglectable. Not to mention the fact that I’m still lost!

WC :: 724

2Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Empty Re: Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:12 am



Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Darui_by_asdrubaelvect0-d38vdxd
Caesar Black

Cries of fake battle were heard as Black thrusted his massive blade into the trunk of a large tree. The victim flew backwards, decapitated from its root. He stopped his movement. Hands on hips, body bent, breathing hard but slowly. The man directed his breathe and focus into both his arms once more, making sure to cover every single muscle tissue with it, giving them oxygen. Bringing his blade back up, once more, he stared at the next tree in his path. Stepping forward, he made impact with it, sending it flying. As his upper body moved down and around from the punch, he stepped forward with the other foot and stringing yet another swing together with the last, winding his sword back around and unleashing a devastating burst of impact.

As he went on like this for about five more minutes, he realized that it was getting darker. At this time of night, such a thing was impossible. But soon enough, Black realized what was going on not too far from me. Not really noticing from concentrating on his blade and target, the subtle smell of smoke arose in the horizon, touching his nose with the smell of a burning inferno. Something was on fire and it was nothing left for Black to do but figure out what it was. He definitely didn’t need a map to follow the course of this smell. He would get out of this god-forsaken forest and possible be able to help people. He hope nobody was harmed in this clear disaster.

Returning to the boulder to pick up his sword’s sheath and his supplies, Black dashed forward at top speed, running towards to smell of char and cinder. Trees, roots, ground, branches, grass, and leaves all melded together in Black’s sight, swishing by his peripheral. It was no time before he was out of the forest and running in a plain, rolling green hills and windswept patches of tall grass. It would be a sight to behold, if Black didn’t clearly see the burning village much further ahead him. His entire focus lied on saving as many civilians and he could in this instance.

But as he drew closer to the blazing inferno, the reality of the situation only became more bleak as he heard cries for help. What the hell ?, thought Black as he gliding closer to the scene, catching the last moments of a grizzly display of evil. Right as he cleared the threshold of the burning village, able to feel the heat from the flames brush upon his cheek, he froze in shock. A laughing man stood a frail, bloody woman who crawled away slowly from him in pure terror, as he plunged a blade directly into her stomach. The village was being raided and pillaged. Bandits were scattered throughout the village, killing innocents, women and children, even the elderly. Everything went black. The young Revolutionary couldn’t see any longer. All he knew was more people were about to die.

In a split second, all that could be seen was an arm flying with streams of blood splashing from behind it, as this man, who just stabbed the poor dying woman in the back, fell to the ground in holding the bloodlied stump of a shoulder where his arm used to be. Nothing but confusion and fear masked his face as, in another instant, his head was snapped off of his shoulders in a flash. All the men in the village ceased from their raiding, unable to tell what just happened, only to see Black, standing over the lifeless, decapitated body of the fallen man with his sword in hand and the blaze of the small village all around him.

"ALL OF YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE!!", screamed Black as he jolted forward towards his next victim.

WC :: 638

3Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Empty Re: Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] on Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:37 am



Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Darui_by_asdrubaelvect0-d38vdxd
Caesar Black

Like the passing of a ghost, a cold chill ran down his spine as these filthy vermin stood unable to contemplate what he was or where he came from. Each and every cell in Black’s body began to moan in rage as adrenaline began to flow from the top of his toes to the top of his unkept, white hair. Eyes fixed upon the group of bandits for a brief moment as he began to read analyze and scan over them for a brief moment. There was nothing... nothing spectacular or extraordinary. Nothing worth worry about. They were just simple grunt. They were soon to be dead grunts. About five in number, Black was about to start his countdown.

Pushing himself off the grassy ground, Black sprang into a charge. The tapping of his wooden geta quickly resounded like the beating drums of war before there was nothing. The sound of burning houses and screaming villages could no longer be heard, as the anticipation of Black’s attack pushed to the forefront of all the bandit’s minds. His blinding approach, turning into void air in an instance. Now soaring threw the air, Black flipped forward launching his large blade into the shoulder of the first bandit in the group his sword could reach. None of which he had aimed specifically. More blood would spring up from the poor bastard’s shoulder, as the sword slammed down into his chest, destroying his heart. He fell dead, as Black unplugged his sword from his body, as the young swordsman’s feet met the ground, more blood leaking into the air.

"One down, four more to go!", commanded Black to himself as the men around him stepped back in fear and anger, readying themselves to defend themselves. In moments like these, Black wasn't one for chatter. Getting things done quickly was always his style. Slashing his blade in a rounding slash once again to surged his blade through the necks of two more bandits, as they both fell back in awe and terror, falling just like their comrade before them. Eyeing the final two, Black moved forward to finish them off the same way. These were slightly more adept than the last. One lifted his right arm, which was adorned with a steel, gauntlet with ended off with a spike-fisted brass knuckled glove, as his companion who also had the same type of gauntlet closed in on Black to punching towards his head in a counter offensive.

Kicking off his back leg, Black was able to evade the blow, swinging his blade around to cover his transition backwards and regroup into his stance. As he took a quick glance around, he saw that all these men had this same type of gauntlet. These weren’t just any bandits. They were a part of some organized group. Maybe some pirates who found a better base of business on land. As all this flowed through Black’s mind, the men advanced on him with intentions to work together to take him out.

WC :: 502

4Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Empty Re: Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:07 am



Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] Darui_by_asdrubaelvect0-d38vdxd
Caesar Black

Black groaned in thought! "Damn!", he hated it when they put up a fight, it made his job harder to do but as long as he could kill them for their deeds, then it was still okay. Tired and a little out of breath from the fact he’d ran all the way here as well as dispatched three of the five men already. He held a hand up to pause them, which surprisingly worked as he pulled his flask out. Taking a deep drought of it, he licked his lips as he finished, then replaced the flask to his side, the two males still waiting for him to do something clearly. He laughed a little at their actions. They had actually waited for him to get a drink and to refresh himself, which was essentially like letting the opponent regain stamina before the fight. Unsure if it was being polite or them just being completely stupid, he figured it was simply a blessing. A bead of sweat rolled down his cheek, as he poised his blade for combat.

The man who defended against Black’s blade growled and leapt forward, cursing the Revolutionary, who simply side-stepped the lunge and used the back of his sword’s handle to strike the back of the man’s neck. The large male crumpled instantly, leaving just his partner. Dropping his stance, so his blade was pointed at the man before him, Black grinned at the second male, using his free hand to wave him on in a challenge. Hoping to get some use out of the 'Iaigiri'. As the man stepped forward, Black bended his knees slightly in preparation for the technique, and would move forward with remarkable speed. The murderer stood for a moment, checking his body and trying to figure out what had been done, but turning around, the male saw that he had actually done nothing with the technique at all. Grimacing, he realized the one fatal flaw that he had performed in the technique which had lead to the ruin of the entire thing about it. Quite a big flaw too.

Having not unsheathed his blade, in time, as he used the speed to pass, he had merely used a high speed movement without the actual attack in itself hitting its mark, making himself look like an idiot right then. The man charged him, not giving him much time to react, he took a step to the side as he swung, but the man had two gauntlets, one on both hands, and his left hand fired out to try and strike Black, making him have to jump away again. Still poised, Black readied himself again. This time he was going to make sure he would bring the sword out to attack, correctly. As the man turned, it was already too late, the blade would already be pressed against him. Black however, had performed it with the lack of speed needed, and the bigger man simply forced him away with another powerful strike from his fists, forcing Black to dodge. Again Black moved inwards, determined to at least do the strike properly. As the blade was unsheathed, he moved forwards, the quick pace annoying him.

As he appeared on the other side of the bandit, having completed the high speed movement correctly, he turned to see the man holding his arm, and growling fiercely. It seemed Black had upset him with this attack. Having struck successfully, though it was only a bruise and didn’t do much damage. The man still had his head. But by his sword, he swore he would do it right as he had did against this man’s comrades The man before him let out a low growl as Black looked back at him with fire in his eyes. It was time to stop screwing around.

In a flash, Black was once again behind the large man before he could move. The man fell face first into the grass, throwing up a few slithers of it. Black shouldn’t have tried his new technique on these guys. Trying that technique while trying to take down targets was really annoying, and since he had almost no skill in it whatsoever, trying to perform it while being serious situations was very difficult for him to do. Also not a man known for his patience, he had decided to end the fight with the larger man so he could carry onwards.

But it wasn’t the end yet. A gasping scream came from a house to near Black’s location to the left. His eyes jumping to the singular door of the small abode, a man walked out slowly, grinning. Black’s anger was triggered again. He thought it was just the five. This six one was different: taller, more resolute. This is had to be the leader. As Black and the man’s eyes met, he froze. The man looked around, seeing the corpses of his subordinates sprawled across the burning town. It was a young lady who the man was dragging out this final home.

The man dropped her, clearly angered by his comrades deaths. The battle was about to truly begin.

WC :: 856

“Iron Gauntlet Squad Leader, Sid”:

Jacking for Beats I [Part 1] 1363852-988982_20100322_790screen035

Attributes ::
Strength & Power - 2
Speed & Agility - 1

Character ::
The leader of the 1st Squad of the Iron Gauntlet Pirates! He leads his squad to plunder and ransack towns which their Captain gives authorization. Since his Captain is newly married to the Queen of the Island, he and his crew have made their nights pillages the small towns on the outskirts of the island, which have no major protection from the inner enforcement of the island. Unluckily Caesar Black happened upon his crew on this particular night.

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