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1 Area Description on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:03 pm



Area Description
The Common Grounds are where the common folk of the Lulusia Kingdom live. There are a variety of "Guilds" that operate throughout the Common Grounds. Blacksmiths, Tailors, Mercenaries, if you can think of it there is a Guild for it and it's how most people find the community which they socialize within.

In light of recent of events that include coups on the Queen's life and the thrown of Lulusia, the Queen has dispatched a secret branch of her royal guard to the Common Grounds. No one was aware of their presence as they had blended in with normal society to seek out the fire-starters who are plotting on the Queen's life. During a raid on a Guild that resulted in the execution of each member, the identity of some of these royal guardsmen had been compromised. With the people aware of the witch hunt going on Guilds have stopped accepting members and speaking with those not apart of their respective Guilds.

It's been six months since the last attempt on the thrown, so something big is said to be stirring up for the Queen, so restlessness and paranoia has the people of Lulusia's Common Grounds in a chokehold. Some people fear the Queen and wish for her reign to end so that things return to normal and others just want the Guild responsible for the chaos to be brought to justice. One thing everyone in the Common Grounds have in common is that they have a strong hate for the Nobles in the Emerald District who haven't been targeted nor investigated under the same suspicions they have been.

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