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1 Sea Rovers - Golden Age of Piracy on Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:55 pm

kit the human


The sea's great maw has swallowed many ships that slipped across its surface, intent on putting metal into flesh and wood.
Having fed on blood and bone and metal and wood, the sea creates.
Humans are its clay.

Are you

  • Looking for a place to write some eldritch horror?
  • Enjoy a bit of historical roleplay?
  • Love to meditate on your own pathetic mortality through your characters?
  • Enjoy doing a spot of research in order to fully embed your character into a time and place unfamiliar to your own?

Do you

  • Think marine life is both adorable and horrible?

Some common RP concerns that are important to some people:

  • LGBT friendly. Yes. Yes even the T. Know no shame. Wink
  • No word count, whatsoever.
  • Is my preferred playby available? Yes.
  • Content restrictions are individual preference. Add content warnings so that people can knowingly read, or knowingly avoid.

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