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1 Time is valuable on Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:02 pm


The sounds of a heavy weapon traveling quickly through the air is all that could be heard in the space of zeeds personal training "One, two, three...". For hours zeed had been standing outside of the hot sun practicing nothing but a simple vertical sword swing, the basics of the basics, a gleam of sweat on his forehead from all his hard work. Yes zeed had been in this personal space for no less than a weeks time opting to doing nothing but eating, shitting, training, and sleeping as his everyday routine even using his devilfruit powers on occasion just to get the feel for his new form. Practicing his powers in broad daylight proved to be a fault on his part, he had forgotten that the people of alabasta most likely have never seen a devil fruit user much less an ancient zoan prompting them to quickly label him as a monster out of fear. Needless to say a town scared out of their mind always leads to ome troublesome event and today seems no different as almost on schedule a roaring crowd of feet could be heard getting closer and closer to zeeds position.

Zeed: *Sigh* And here they come, took them long enough.

Zeed said as 30 or so burly men each armed with a weapon of some sort firmed a loose circle around him. With each man showing an intense amount of disgust and fear zeed anticipated an all out attack at any moment however the moment was interupted by a particularly muscular pirate in all red.

???: Weve come for your life beast, everyone in the towns heard about your unholy transformations and now weve come to put you down give up now and we'll give you a quick death or you can make this interesting your call

Not even dignifiying such a revulting offer with a response eed instead chose to transform into his hybrind ancient zoan form, his body extended a staggering 30 feet, his legs fused together to create a snake like tale while his body seemingly grew scales out of nowhere, Needless to say Zeeds transformation was terrifying to  any normal person and this seemed to ring especially true here. Its one thing to hear about a person being a monster but another to actually witness it with your own eyes, terror visibly shown on every pirates face as several of them dropped there weapons to run only to be stopped by the commanding voice of the muscular pirate once again.

???: And were do you think your going? Anyone who leaves will be executed along with this abomination.!!

Needless to say that stopped them dead in their tracks yet none of them picked up their weapons seemingly debating on the which fate was worse however zeed wasnt a nice enough person to let an opportunity like this slip by. Quickly and with ought hesitation Zeed spun around in a full circle, hitting 10 of closes pirates with his tail. The attack snapped the remaining pirates out of their stupor and with this new turn of events they picked up their weapons once again and charged in all at once seemingly throwing caution out the wind.

Zeed: "You idiots"

zeed said as the pirates came within his striking range allowing zeed the perfect chance to strike, Prioritizing the gun users over anyone else he quickly uses his lower snake half to wrap around the 5 pirates before quickly and mercilessly crushing them to death.

Zeed:" 15 Down 15 to go"

zeed could see that the moral of the pirates had once again plummeted, expecting them to run at any moment zeed prepared himself for another quick execution only to be stopped by the muscular pirates speech.


Having had enough of these speaches Zeeds quickly used the end of his tail to jab the pirate in his throat pushing in his adams apple ensuring his death. With the leader out of the way the rest of the group quickly broke rank and fled in all directions allowing zeed some small comfort as he hunted them down like rats, squishing, biting, and slamming all of the rest of the 15 pirates until their death.

Zeed: (Hmph ive had my fun, now its time to leave before someone strong shows up.)

With these thoughts Zeed transformed back into his human form, putting on clothes from a random dead pirate so as to blend in, and nonchalantly began his journey to the docks.

Zeed: (leaving already and its only been a week, this must be some kind of new record)

2 Re: Time is valuable on Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:13 pm

The Janitor


Beli: 0 you didn't really do anything to yield a beli payout.
Bounty: I like how you established they already see you as a monster. And I like that you didn't kill everyone. News of this, from that alone, would cause more people to spite you and also make the need of you to be taken care of done much quicker. 1,000,000 Million is bounty you will be receiving from his topic.

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