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1Enter! Wyld Stallyns!  Empty Enter! Wyld Stallyns! on Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:09 am



Chapter 1:Porkchops

Bazil marched his cult army through the barren streets of Alubarna, the local residents having long since took shelter in much safer areas, as he capital was turned into a war zone on numerous occasions in the past month. Leaving only the poor and stupid in the town, among them, was Yasuke. The samurai continued to wait for his lord in the home they had been originally staying at, going out to help the townsfolk that remained when he could, protecting them from looters and the like, garnering somewhat of a reputation as a local hero and a dependable ally of the people. Then, about seven days after the murder of the king, Bazil arrived back at the home.

“Ayo! Fatass! I’m home!” The pirate shouted as he burst through the door, using his hand to increase the volume of his voice. After a few steps he stopped and listened, silence, not even a mouse could be heard, let alone the thundering footsteps of the hulking samurai. “Huh..” He muttered to himself, walking down the hall the young man peeked his head into the rooms, only to be greeted with his own echoes.

“Something wrong, oh lord?” Ezekiel had asked, springing up out of thin air behind Bazil, his hands ominously clasped together. Bazil responded with only a glare, signaling for the prophet to step aside, abliging, The Red Devil made his way back outside, looking both ways, to the left was a housing district, filled with dilapidated homes, the right, a once bustling market place with now only a few shops remaining. Pondering for a moment, Bazil turned to the right and swaggered off to the market.

Market Place | Yasuke

Sweat dripped off his arms, his dark skin glistening in the hot Alabstan sun, muscles rippling with every log that he stacked. The samurai helping rebuild a home that was destroyed in was of the recent battles along with five other man, though none of them measured close in stature to Yasuke, they carried one log for every three the colossus had.

“Man, you’re a huge help, Yasuke!” One of the men said with a laugh, “Yea. Without you this would take forever!” Another quickly chimed in, the others nodding in agreement and adding in their own flattering comments.
“Bwhahahaha!” Yasuke’s belly jiggled with every breathe, “No worries, my friends! Always glad to help!” The samurai continued, in truth, he loved helping people and putting smiles on this face, this was just as much a reward to him as it was them. After a few hours, the men decided to take a break for lunch, where the chef’s true skills began to shine, he rolled out  set of knives that he pulled from his blue kimono and placed a pan over the fire. Reaching into a bag, he pulled out six porkchops and a slab of bacon. Wrapping each one in its own blanket of bacon deliciousness and tossing them onto the hot frying pan, sizzling as the raw meat hit the cast iron. Cracks could be heard as he ground black pepper on top of the meat, followed by a dash of sea salt, dropping it so it flowed off of his elbow and onto the frying chops. The delicious aroma wafted into the air, seeping into the nostrils of anyone lucky enough to be downwind from their position. “Bwhahaha! You guys are gonna love this!” He shouted, bellowing in laughter. Looking up to see the reactions on their faces, Yasuke noticed that all five men looked at him in horror, a ‘oh fuck, I just shit my pants in fear’ look. Confused, he look down at the food and then at himself, wondering if he may have done something accidently, maybe even a spider was on his chest. With nothing there, he once more looked at the men, only to realize they weren’t looking at him, but through him.

“Ayo!” The words broke the silence in a voice Yasuke knew very well, whipping his head around he was greeted by the sight of Bazil, crown on his head and wrapped in the kings purple cloak, with his hand up waving at the samurai. In seconds, the giant of man shot up and wrapped his arms around the red haired pirate, wrangling him into a massive bear hug, tears running down the samurai’s face.

“Young Lord!” He sobbed, “I feared the worst, oh how I have missed you!” Yasuke wailed out, twisting his hips back and forth, whipping the pirate around like a rag doll.

“Thou would be smart to place the great lord back on the earth.” Ezekiel interrupted, his blooded metal gauntlet now on Yasuke’s shoulder, the samurai stopped moving and glared at the prophets hand, before he could speak he was suddenly interrupted by shouting behind him.

“Eeeeehhhk! It’s the Red Devil, everybody run!” One woman shouted, “Run for your lives, king slayer Bazil is here to kill us all!” Another man echoed her sentiment quickly, setting off a chain of screams, “He’s brought his demon army with him!” One of the workers yelled, noticing the group of blood soaked nudists that followed behind him.

“We hath been blessed, my children!” Ezekiel turned to the mass of people, “Go forth and purge!” He shouted, his hands raised to the heavens as the hive mind cult swarmed into the market, gutting the flesh of any citizen they came across. Yasuke watched, horrified, as the once normal people followed the prophets every word and slaughtered those they came across as an act of ‘God’.

Turning to the prophet, “Stop this, now!” Yasuke demanded, drawing two cooking knives from his sleeves.
“I act at the behest of god and thy angel, nothing more.” Ezekiel mused, his arrogant attitude pissing of the samurai even more, the large man looked to Bazil for help, who at this point was sitting next to the frying porkchops.

“Don’t look at me.” He snarked, “You want em to stop, make em.” Bazil finished, turning his finger into a knife and stabbing on of the chops, holding it up as he blew the steam off before taking a bite, leaving jagged, razor sharp imprints of his teeth in the meat. Yasuke positioned himself like a sumo wrestler, using his stout body and wide base he kicked off the ground at the prophet, slashing an x formation with the knives. Responding Ezekiel barely managed to place his arms in between himself in the blades to block the attack, though he was pushed back by the sheer force behind it. Like an animal, Ezekiel ran wildly at the samurai, hacking and slashing his bladed gauntlets about, swiftly and skillfully, the large man easily side stepped the novice fighter and landed a heavy blow with the but of the knife straight into the back of the prophet, sending him crashing into the ground.

“Call them off..” Yasuke said, his usually care free and jovial tone replaced by bloodlust, beaten and with no hope of winning Ezekiel appeased the samurai and signaled for the cultist to return to him, concluding their purge.
“He’s a pretty shitty fighter.” Bazil mumbled as he chewed his food, tearing off another piece as soon as he swallowed, referring to Ezekiel and ability, “But he says he knows da way, so I brought him along.” The Red Devil finished.

“The way way to where?” Yasuke questioned as he sheathed his knives and took a seat next to Bazil, pulling off a porkchop for himself.

Ezekiel dusted himself off and looked at the duo, “All ways are known by I, thy lord hath blessed thee with sight beyond sight, a nautical wonder like no other!” The prophet began to preach.

“Sit down and shut the fuck up.” Bazil snapped at Ezekiel, who very quickly responded by planting his ass on the log that served as a bench, Yasuke begrudgingly handed the prophet a plate and a fork, signaling for him to take one of the remaining chops. While he held no love for this man, Yasuke was a true cook, feeding any and all those in need of food.

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2Enter! Wyld Stallyns!  Empty Re: Enter! Wyld Stallyns! on Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:41 am



Chapter 2:The Plan

“We’ll need a ship” Bazil mumbled as he tore into the last of the chops.

“A Ship?” Yasuke questioned, looking up from the dishes he had been cleaning, “Bwahaha! Off on an adventure, are we?” The samurai bellowed, under the impression it would just be the two of them.

“Yeah, the three of us wi-..” Bazil started before he was abruptly cut off.

“THREE?!” Yasuke blurted out, his interruption earning the Red Devil’s deathly glare, silencing him on the matter.

“Yes…” The pirate paused, “The three of us will snag a ship and get the fuck off this dust bowl.” Bazil scoffed, brandishing his signature devilish smile, “So… got any ideas?” He questioned, a slight dumbfounded tone in his voice.

“Seize thee battleship, thou ist already an enemy of thee marines.” Ezekiel spoke up, “Thy lord hath spoken, it shalt be favorable.” He continued, capping off a plausible statement by speaking out of his ass once again.

“We could probably buy a small cargo ship if we sold that crown.” Yasuke said, though Bazil quickly shot down the idea, a king doesn’t buy things and he definitely doesn’t sell his crown to do so.

Hand on his chin, Bazil pondered on the best way to obtain a good ship, while a marine battleship would be heavily outfitted with weapons, it was slow and more importantly they were not luxurious. The living quarters having the bare minimum for soldiers. No, Bazil was a man with refined tastes, he needed a ship that matched his avaricious nature. His need to take anything and everything that he wanted, like the king that he was and what better vessel for a king like himself to sail on than one made personally for the royal fleet, “Where did the king and his kids keep their ships?” Bazil perked up, looking out towards the men that sat around him. Yasuke, shaking his head, knew very little of the geography of Sandy Island as he had only been transported here a few months ago.

“Thee false king, kept thy ships along the coast, not far from here.’’ Ezekiel interjected, his hopeful tone showing the desire he had to be praised by Bazil. The prophet motioned for one the cultist to come to his side, the girl pulled out a messenger back, inside of which had a map of the island. Marking the location off the royal port so the others had a visual representation of where they were going. After an hour or so of deliberating on a plan, the trio finally decided on Bazil’s idea of walking up to the wharf and taking whichever vessel he desired. Much like all his plans, it lacked a certain nuance, but considering he needed to have his way, no other plan would good enough in his eyes. Even if said plan was realistically much better.

With most of the homes in the area abandoned due to the impending war, the cultists took up residence in the houses surrounding the home that Bazil and Yasuke had been staying in. Having decided to stay the night and rest, the trio would lead the cultist army to the port in the morning with the intention of procuring a ship.

3Enter! Wyld Stallyns!  Empty Re: Enter! Wyld Stallyns! on Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:45 pm



Chapter 3: One Piece at a time

At dawn, the Red Devil and his followers marched across the desert, the five mile journey through the barren wasteland was treacherous. Claiming the lives of twenty two members of the cult, having succumbed to the natural terrors that lurk behind every rock. Seventy eight remained upon arrival, though, it seems as though they were not the first to arrive. A marine battleship was stationed in the harbor, having already deployed troops on land and provided cover fire, dropping shells across the sandy terrain. Their enemy, a rebel battalion, fifty men strong and dwindling. Heavily outmatched in terms of firepower and manpower, though they pushed on, native Alabstan men and women fighting tooth and nail for their freedom from the World Government.

The sounds of cannon fire echoed, swords clashed and muskets fire, these were the sounds of war, sounds Bazil knew all too well. The pirates blood began boil as they got closer and closer to the battlefield, pillars of sand erupting in the distance with every detonation, “Kill the government fucks first, slaughter anyone else who gets in our way.” Bazil mumbled with a smile, Yasuke and Ezekiel standing within earshot.

The prophet made his way atop a nearby rock, boosting his height by several meters, now overlooking the cloaked mass of otherwise nude warriors. Armed with scythes, short swords and homemade shields, weaponry even less than what the rebels had. However, these people were different, having been twisted by the man known as the prophet, they were now fanatical and ruthless. Fearing nothing but their god and willing to kill or be killed for him. “The time is nigh! At dawn thou shall paint thy canvas’s crimson! Go forth and bless thee heretics with thy Lord’s forgiveness!” Ezekiel shouted, unleashing the crazed mass on the unsuspecting marines and revolutionaries, the cults hive like mind having been warped into killing and cannibalizing all who walked the battlefield. Like a plague they began to descend, similar to a swarm of locust to a field of crops, they ravaged everything in their path. Flanking the marines and rebels, the cultist caught the two groups off guard, managing to put a large dent in their primary attack forces. However, due to their kamikaze like attack style over half of the cult army was lost in this maneuver, leaving just twenty eight left still on the battlefield. The revolutionaries were dealt a similar blow, their numbers dropping to a mere eighteen. Realizing this, the marines proceeded to advance their main attack force to the frontlines, forty ensigns led by Commodore John E Cash, at six foot six and two hundred and eighty pounds, Commodore Cash was an imposing man. His black hair styled into an outrageous pompadour, the marine stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the men. Wearing the marines signature white suit and carrying what seemed to be a large, wooden sword in his right hand, the man now stood forty meters away from Bazil and his cohorts. The two groups separated by a three way battle to the death between the primary attack forces.

“That fucker seems interesting..” Bazil murmured, “You guys go find that fuckin port, I’ll handle shit here.” The pirate smirked as he began strolling over to the commodore’s location, waving his hand to Ezekiel and Yasuke as he left.

Royal Port outskirts | Warzone

As the Red Devil approached, the last of the remaining cultist’s and rebels was cut down by the marines blade, the wooden sword actually containing a blade. “Yooo~.” The marine sung, his voice deep and melodic, “Is their any chance you could just walk the line from now on? Ya know, just be a good fella and go back on the road again?” John sighed, placing the wooden sheathe back over his blade.

Bazil sneered at the man, his razor sharp grin in full bloom, “Lets tango ya pompadour fuck!” The Red Devil barked as he lunged at the marine, three katana like blades protruded from in between his knuckles on either hand, each blade stretching out fourteen inches in length. Like a feral animal, Bazil whipped his ‘claws’ at the marine, twisting his body about as he flew through the air. In the blink of an eye, Cash’s blade was drawn was more, this time intercepting Bazil’s mad dash, though like a wolverine he was tenacious, quickly rebounding on all fours in front of the marine, swiping at the man’s ankles, leaving him no time to think. Instinctively the marine jumped in the air to avoid having his Achilles severed, though as soon as his feet were off the ground, Bazil shifted his weight to his hands and scorpion kicked the marine in the chest, using his immense strength to send John flying several meters, until his tumble was halted by a pile of fresh corpses.

“My my~.” John hummed, “You are quite the terror aren’t you.” He said of Bazil, rubbing his blood coated forehead, the crimson running down his face and onto his white suit, “Oi! Sana! Return to the ship and request admiral assistance, this one won’t go down easy.” The marine ordered, stepping up as if to hold the line for her retreat, as she ran Bazil watched, mainly the women’s grade a booty jiggle from side to side as she did so. However, after a few seconds the Red Devil transformed his right arm into a large naval cannon, similar to the ones the nearby marine battleship, taking aim Bazil packed all his primary power into three shots he fired off directly at the haul of the giant ship, the cannonballs easily covering the hundred meter gap where it was docked. Upon contact with the ship, a chain of explosions was set off in the cargo hold that had been pierced, as this specific boat carried thousands of pounds of gunpowder onboard as it was the main resupply vessel for the Sandy Isle campaign. In seconds the entire boat erupted in flames, the screams of crew members could be heard as more explosions rang out, the fires having found their way to the engine rooms. Commodore John E Cash looked on in silence as this burning ring of fire claimed the lives of his fellow marines. Tears ran down the pompadour man’s face, “I pray you all become riders in the sky.” He mumbled kissing his closed fist, his gaze now firmly on Bazil, “Now demon, you die!”

Royal Port | Marine Territory

Yasuke and Ezekiel had traveled along the outside of the battlefield, staying hidden and out of sight. Using the sand dunes and various rocks for cover, though neither man was small of stature, they managed to solid snake their way to the docks. The largest and closest dock swarming with marine fodder, the soldiers quickly moving supplies to and from the battleship.

“This will harder than I thought..” Yasuke mumbled to himself, his colossus frame crouched as low as it could to the ground, “There’s just to many of them, we are gonna need to find a way around..”

“Doth thou worry to much, thy lord shalt smite thee heretics with hellfire.” The Prophet whispered from behind the samurai, his hushed tone growing louder as he began preaching.

“Will you shut the fuck up, you are like, the absolute worst.” Yasuke turned to the pale man behind him, “All you do is talk in that fake ass accent and spout shit, you don’t even know what you say-…” The samurai’s rare rant was cut off by the sound of explosions, one after another, echoed by the screams of those caught in the blasts. The early morning sky lit up, Ezekiel, now stood tall over the samurai, his grin from ear to ear. Without turning to face the man with the ‘I told ya so look’, Yasuke grumbled,” Don’t. Say. A. Word.”

The prophet was to busy basking in the carnage to acknowledge Yasuke now, the sight of so many marines jumping from the deck, choosing to risk the water rather than challenge the flames as they spread into the engine room, setting off another chain reaction. The marines on the docks scrambled to their posts, failing miserably to douse the flames that continued to rage on the ship. “Thy Lord ist good.” Ezekiel called out, “He hath provided thou with a great gift, I beseech thee lord, take these non-believers in thou arms, show them thy mercy!” He began yelling out to the heavens.

Quickly Yasuke grabbed the man by the back of his jacket collar as he passed by, dragging him towards the backside of the docks, where the royal vessels had been stored.

Bazil | War zone

The marine stood in front of the pirate, dead ensigns littered the ground. John’s breathe was ragged and his suit was torn and bloody, “Sheww~” He whistled, “You are legit, aren’tcha ‘Warhead’ or do you prefer ‘The Red Devil’ now?” Commodore Cash remarked, his tone slightly mocking, doing his best to maintain his calm and cool persona in the face of death. Across from him, Bazil stood, a few bloodied cut marks and a bullet hole in his left shoulder. The pirate grinning from ear to ear, his eyes like a predator’s fixated on prey, “Well, lets finish this, kid~” Cash mused, holding his single blade outstretched in front, in a blink he wa gone, reappearing in Bazil’s face, sword halfway to the pirate’s neck, “Now die, demon!”

Before the blade made contact with the Red Devil’s throat, he changed it to the barrel of a cannon, deflecting the metal blade backwards. “To bad!” He smirked, as his right arm in the form of a sword pierced the man’s abdomen, causing him to cough blood onto Bazil’s chest. “Looks like times up ya fuck.” Bazil chukled as he turned the blade before ripping it out of the mans stomach, causing even more internal damage. Commodore Cash’s body hit the floor like a ton of bricks, lifeless and in a pool of blood. The pirate turned back to the port and started to make his way over to boats when he heard a noise from behind him.

“Aint no grave.” Cash muttered, “This aint no grave for me and I wont back down!” Mustering up his strength, the marine charged one last time at the Red Devil, only to be met with hailstorm of bullets connecting with his chest. Bazil’s right arm now a rotating minigun with smoke emitting from the various barrels. Blood erupted like geysers with ever bullet before his body hit the ground once more, this time for good. His eyes looked up at the sky one last time as raindrops began to fall, starting as a trickle and quickly evolving into a full downpour, “Cry, cry, cry….. that’s all you ever do….” He muttered before fading out, the blood running into the muddy puddles.

Yasuke and Ezekiel | Royal docks

The dynamic duo searched along the wooden docks, a dozen ships lined up, each one belonging to the former king and his eleven children. First, a large full rigged ship belonging to the king itself, slow and sturdy it was said to be able to transport the entire royal army at once. However, with just the three of them, it was unrealistic to think they would be able to sail such a vessel. Next was dock two, however the boat belonging to the first prince had long since gone, as he had left on a diplomatic voyage to the land of dragons. Next the second prince, known for his love of books and all scholarly pursuits, having been outfitted with libraries and chemistry rooms. Deciding to pass over this one they arrived at the third dock, though like the first this ship was also moving, having belonged to the deceased third prince, Talibah. Along with the first and third docks being empty, the fifth, seventh, eighth, and ninth were also gone.

As Yasuke and Ezekiel bickered over which boat would best fit them, they heard footsteps knocking against the wooden planks, as they looked up, Bazil greeted them with a sinister smile, “Yo~!” He waved, his attention now on the boats as he walked down the docks, his eyes being drawn to dock four, the boat belonging to the now deceased fourth prince Ra, having been known for his flair and greedy nature, having a love for animal skins and gold. Really, he was a man after Bazil’s own heart. As the Red Devil approached, the golden figure head in the shape of a dragon caught his attention, bands of gold decorated the wooden body of the vessel. It was a Caravel sized vessel, the deck of which followed the golden theme and even had some tiger skins wrapped around the mast. “This is the fuckin one!” He shouted, “Ezekiel, get this thing ready to sail.’’ The pirate demanded, eagerly ready to test out his new toy. “Yasuke check below deck, see what you can dig up.” Bazil barked more orders, complying the samurai disappeared into the darkness that was below deck. Turning to the back of the ship, Bazil entered the captains quarters, a large heart shaped bed was in the center, covered in extravagant animal skin blankets and a mirror on the ceiling to reflect it back. The walls were adorned in gold and pictures of Ra hung everywhere, “Tch, what a prick.” The pirate laughed, realizing he would need to redecorate quite abit.

Returning to the deck, Bazil called out to his crew, “So, now that we got a ship, we need a fuckin name!” He announced loudly as they began to sail away from the burning marine battleship and the rest of the royal port. The Red Devil walked to the back of the ship and looked at the royal vessels they had left behind, in a second both of his arms took the form of bazookas, firing off six consecutive shots at the remaining boats, splintering them into flaming piles of rubbish. Returning his hands to normal, he cupped them around his mouth to amplify his voice, “WOOOOO! WYLD MOTHERFUCKIN STALLYNS!”

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