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21 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:51 pm

Post incoming.

Keep moving forward.
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22 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:59 am

Pawn or Death

Invited into her home they did nothing but disrespect her, as if she was some common pirate. She had no ill-will directed at her when inviting them all here. Wanting to bolster her ranks with individuals she felt were elite and could help her head to the place she felt she deserved to be. She offered all of them a chance to go there with her. But, if they didn't want to that was fine and they could leave. She didn't need to force anyone to do anything for her. A couple of things would take place though that would indeed make this simple dinner turn into something more than it should've been. Fool me once same on you. Fool me twice....there isn't a fool me twice.

Since the attack doesn't travel through the air as much as it was stated, or even if it did, she wouldn't be dazed too much or at all to unleash her own counter. As even her stage would be able to take the brunt of the damage, if there was any. As this meeting was not to yield any combat. So, when the first shock-wave would begin to do damage that could be evidently seen, Diana would react quickly and with something to ensure that if anyone else tried to join in on this they would be dealt with also, namely Dio. Why Dio was a focus was because he could potentially attack. As he and Diana went back. So, whenever he started throwing this she knew he was going to try and act like a big baby. So, putting a stop to him before he tried to start a tantrum was the best thing to do. As she didn't want to have her guest who could get caught into it go crazy. And honestly she didn't think Oceanus would attack as well. As she thought she made it clear to him she didn't want to play these games with him while they talked on the staircase. It was a good call though to place those two closest to her stage.

There will be no sugar coating here as her magnificent willpower would be pushed out and cover the distance that was between here and Oceanus. Oceanus and only two others(Dio namely) if unable to get out of range would fall to the will of a king due to having the will of a peasant. Which showed the category they were truly in. If there is a misunderstanding and the attack did travel through the air Diana would indeed be harmed.  The minor damage his attack also inflected also showed this was all he had up his sleeve. Her will would cover everyone before he clapped but while his spoke, his sentence potentially not being finished. Even with his attack it wouldn't make sense for her main building that she laid her head in would be damage to a point the entire floor caved in with one attack, of that scale. But, another would be indeed capable of doing so. That though would only cause those below to fall to the next floor that was fifty meters down.

"Bullet(The Dwarf) Rizor(Long Leg) kill anyone that tries anything else, please." Diana would say to them, speaking on a level they could hear. She would wait for everyone to gather themselves before she spoke again. Her two nakama beside her now were on guard, after feeling her aura. Observation haki now ready to be used to take care of any potential threats. Diana didn't do anything else because she was trying to keep her cool. She was trying not to just go mad and take the very souls of everyone here. But, if that needed to be done she would do so.

ooc: I don't see anywhere within your spoiler were you get this increase of range. So, I will add in details as if it landed or it didn't. But, unless you really do have a skill that would increase your range or some ability you won't be able to.

Skill: Conq haki.

Keep moving forward.
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23 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:38 pm

Skills link

Name:Hasshoken Boost
Description:This skill allows Cetus to boost the length, width or height of Hasshoken technique further between 1 meter - 10 meters being the max. This is done by the user producing more vibration from the selected Limb or body part releasing the attack. If he decide to increase all three then it would make him tired.
Range:Short 1m-10m
Attribute:Speed & Agility - Tertiary

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24 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:37 am

Hashoken, conqueror haki, and victims! OH MY!

Lina grabbed a piece of bread as she sat down. She licked her lips and was about to take a bite when something in the peripheral of her vision caught her attention. The giant fishlike man with hearts over his nipples gave Lina a fright. His red aura came to a head, causing her to gasp before using her devil fruit powers to fly upwards at a diagonal. He was ten meters away when his shockwave(s) started ripping through the environment. Lina wasn't sure if more than 1 attack was launched,but she ran anyways. She who moves at tertiary speed vs his attack's own non-prio speed means she could easily see the attack and get up and over his shock wave with a 2 kicks, but she did 3 for good measure. Each time she kicked up she shot up 15 m, so she ended up just going toward the ceiling just to be safe.

As for the rest of the guests at the table, many of them would be hurt by the attack. Anyone who didn't have the endurance to tank it or the perception and speed to escape the attack would probably be thrashed and beaten up with moderate to major wounds. The sound of glass, wood, and concrete before destroyed filled the air.

Right before Lina hit the ceiling, she paused at around 35 meters above everyone when Diana also surprised her. A familiar sensation washed over her. Using her Ken haki, it looked as if Diana was some sort of demon enveloped in a shroud of darkness. Truly she had a malicious appearance when she exerted her Conquerer haki on everyone else. Lina didn't get knocked out this time like she had with Tut,but she understood what had happened. The Fox woman had the same vibe the Alabastan giant, domineering and arrogant.

Slowly she descended while shooting Diana a knowing look, keeping her muscles tense and gaze on the fox woman just as in case. The petite swordswoman hit the ground a few moments later to see the carnage that the fishman had wrought. Lina scanned the room to find people groaning and lying on the floor unconscious due to the attack. Although she was fairly surprised to see not many of them actually were affected by Diana's conqueror haki.

A few rose when they saw Lina with a few choice words for her. "Hey you stupid bitch, look what cha did! You just had to open your big stupid ditzy mouth"!  A few others had to wrench their arms around the pirate who looked as if he was going to attack her. "LET ME AT'ER! THE FISHMAN ASKED FOR HER HELP! SHE WAS THE REASON HE GOT COCKY! THEY'RE WORKING TOGE----"!

Another fellow, one who kept the peace earlier, stuck the wailing man in the stomach. His fist dug deep into his gut, making the out of breath pirate groan and spit at the same time. " I don't know what your connection is to that brute of a fishman, but don't do anything else to rock the boat Lina askr, you're in the same dire straits as the rest of us". Lina tilted her head with a perplexed expression and asked, " what do you mean"? He scowled at her while helping the man lie down and said, " Everyone is here because Diana helped us one way or the other.My crew was being chased by a small fleet of warships under Rear Admiral sparks. Diana stepped in and saved us, but not before holding my crew's souls hostage".

He pointed to the knocked out fellow who was beginning to calm down and said, " He was wanted for smuggling uppers into Drum. She was wanted for destroying a marine base. He's wanted for robbing the Water 7 docks of one of their finest ships". The fellow gestured to the 20 or so people who could walk after the hashoken attack and said, " We're all in her debt because we couldn't face the music. We paid the price for making a deal with the devil. Surely you wouldn't be here unless you were forced to as well"!

Lina blinked before laughing heartily. She bent over for a second, grabbing her sides in an attempt to regain her bearings. She wiped a tear from her eye and said, " But I owe her nothing. I merely came here on a whim". The others all reacted with blank stares and their jaws dropping.They all began to laugh in response, some falling over. The Cautious fellow placed his hand on her shoulder and said, " Yer a weird one Lina. Thanks for the laugh". Although he had a smile on his face, his eyes were listless and devoid of hope.

As the others were distracted by their own outbursts or were trying to regain their composure Lina approached Diana. " So...what now Fox lady"?Lina paused before she spoke, taking into account what the others had said and what she observed. Diana didn't even want to eat with her elite gaurd, which meant she didn't see herself on the same level as them. This realization made her scowl as she asked, " Are you going to agree to work with me as equals or are you as arrogant as I imagine you to be? Merely looking for pets rather than allies"?

Haki: 16/20
Ken haki on 4/5 turns used before it would need to go on cooldown
Buso haki off
Skills used: The yoshi jump to escape the hashoken quake, lift off was already prepped
Doriki: +5 to strength, +5 to endurance

OOC: I rp'ed this as if the clap didn't happen. It was confusing post to respond to,but I was out of range for both anyways. But just in case I mentioned that there might be two attacks. Even if they're both too slow to catch me

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25 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:35 pm

Cetus Neptune

I can't believe this

Oceanus had just release both of his Hasshoken techniques strangely enough . Only one successfully hit his target for some reason when he went to release the second attack which was release at the same time as the first he was halted by unknown force. A force that cause his eyes dilate the red veins in his eyes buge his eye balls went from single black color to complete white.

Then suddenly urgency to go to sleep in mid combat fell on him. The weigh of the world could be felt on his shoulders which cause him to crash . Oceanus massive body fall forward on the wooden table with a thud. A small puddle of drool crept out his mouth against the table. He had fell face fist into his plate and a bit of the wooden table due to how big his head was .

The result of the Super Nova attack was clear one fallen Oceanus whom was currently sleep like it was his nap time or something. The the conscious of massive fishman wonder within dream world where he find himself outside temple underwater. From what he can see he was about 15 meters away from the temple stairs, and along them awaited one figure that seems to look like a fishman.

"Ah you must be Oceanus! Don't be shy come over here I been waiting for ya!"At first Oceanus was puzzle his mind was all jumbo up on how he got there, and whom this person calling out to him. But with one slam of the figure staff along the temple stairs Oceanus body was practically drag over to her location placing him just 1.5 meters away from her.

At first Oceanus tired to fight the pull of his abilities but it didn't work he was pull no matter how he tried to fight it. The result was the figure just 1.5 meters from his postion. Once Cetus body had halt he had said
,"What the hell was that? Wait who the fuck are you? And how the fuck I got here. Start talking or shit will go south real fast " The figure had chuckle a bit as she once again slam her staff on the staircase of the temple and with that one water like tv screen  project over the top of the staff for Cetus to see. The figure was just bit taller then Cetus, and thus the screen reappeared about 12 inches away from his face so he could see it clearly without trouble.

Then shortly after the figure spoke once again"That was one of the many abilities I can use on you. I am you.... Well.... I am Oceanus the real one, and you are at Cactus Island at some important meeting sleeping for some odd reason." Oceanus was a bit confuse but what he said was true as the water tv screen reveal a sleepimg Cetus on the wooden table of meeting he was currently at. He was confused for a minute but he will slowly get the answers he needed one way or another.

The figure had chuckle again and said"Awwww Oceanus don't worried I would explain everything to ya but I am pressure for tim-."At the annunciation of the letter M the temple shook and Oceanus had growl a bit as she slam her staff twice on the staircase. This time when he did it the water screen multiply into 3 more screens, and Cetus could clearly see each of them.

All three screens show videos of himself one show him battling an Admiral as a Yonko him and a few other pirates. Then another screen shown a graveyard , and the last screen shown him again but in some type hybrid looking appearance plus a bit shorter then he was he had look similar to ant kinda. Shorty after a massive figure could been seen emerging from the depths of temple then suddenly it disappear in a blur of speed heading in a direction away from the temple. Then the voice of God spoke once again and said again,"Damn Poseidon he never can wait awwww no matter that should keep him place for a minute." Now Oceanu-"

The titan was interrupt by Cetus once again as he said,"Wait Poseidon? Why the fuck is he her-? "  suddenly the pressure around Oceanus increase drastically too fast for Oceanus to adapt to the sudden increase of pressure around him at this depth. The pressure left him unable to move and brought him to his knees as that happen the titan had chuckle his body begin to grow a light blue aura surrond his body as he continue to grow halting his height growth as 60 meters as he said,"Yes Poseidon and he is here because we been battling for thousands of years. But that isn't important what is you. Cetus Neptune son of Clob the giant, and son of Emily Neptune you have been choosen by me to carried out my will. A will that I will tell you another time. Right infront of you have three possible path a path where you die at that table , a path that you become powerful Yonko, and a path wher you become a hybrid with powers that rivals that of a Yonko. The Crazy Heart Pirates Mafia begin with you Oceanus with my name, and my help I will help you become an great warrior, and prepare you for the upcoming battles if you manage to live from this meeting. But before I can go teach you anything you much learn the basic... That right the basics that what the mink use was a advance skill but even advance have basic you must learn Haki. That flying girl whom is with you can use similar abilities as that mink. You will ask her to teach you it.... Offer her something if you must but you must learn it no matter the cost. I will send you help but are time together have come to a ended. Cetus Nepture. Tell Zark I said hello, and I bid you farewell until next time."

As Titan talked another fishman looking entity emerge from out temple whom seem to be sporting a large blade across his shoulder. He had wave at Cetus as he said," Don't worry lad I will be seeing ya soon !"The other entity was as big as Cetus nearly as big he look like the same race as Cetus.

With that the pressure around Cetus body begin to feel light not that it let up but Cetus body begin to adapt to the sudden change of pressure. Cetus stood up completely but before he ask anything with a simple wave of the titan hand Cetus was send flying away by stong current of water then everything went black.

OOC Notes:

* 1 more turn knock out! I think

Oceanus Info:

*5 Doriki to Strength & Power as per Wotan Race

@The Janitor

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26 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:29 pm

Worse than death

"I don't even trust you, Skippy. You are the only person to not suffer any damage from his attack. How do I know you aren't with Oceanus?"
Diana wouldn't move from her seat as she spoke, as he was resting her body. She wasn't out for the fight but she was still recovering from the surprise attack by Oceanus. She was swelling with anger still and all she wanted was the death of Oceanus, something she knew she could administer at any moment. But, Oceanus being knocked out opened up another opportunity.

"You are the arrogant one. What do you have to your name other than a bounty?"
She left only a few seconds of time between her sentences. She spoke the way she did because of the mood that Oceanus had put her into. She'd calm herself as she did know she was not being fair at all. "If you want to work with me. You will have to prove I can even trust you. And don't worry. You won't pay the price the others have and if you need a vessel or anything else I can get you that. "

Bullet after the attacks would speak through a Den Den mushi to get this building put on lock-down, just in case things go south. Well, if things would go more south than they had already gone. The guards that had been seen when everyone first arrived would begin to mobilize. With the pain of the attack coursing through the strongest the overwhelming numbers of the fodder would be used, if need be.

"But first! Cut off a limb from the two giants, Oceanus and Dio. I don't care what limb you take but I want a entire one. So we all can know you aren't in league with either of them. Also, don't worry about them dying as I will see that they don't. Rizor is ready to deal with closing up their soon to be open wound before they bleed out. Or just leave. " Diana would say. If she did that she'd understand that Skippy wasn't partners with Oceanus, if she didn't they would be no form of alliance of any kind between the two. Diana wouldn't say anything else until the deed was done or Skippy left. Lina would be able to leave this place with a vessel from Diana to solidify a partnership they could have. If she didn't want to be apart of these things she could leave, with no worry. Diana was anger but was not in a fighting mood, as she didn't want that be apart of tonight's meeting. Handling business was the only thing on her mind, not this bullshit. But, if she didn't take a limb from those two they'd get it worse. As Diana would take two instead and just dump them into the sea, without medical attention. Well, that was the first thought she had into her mind. As when the time came to determine what to really do with them that could change. The news of a new prison being built had grazed her information line and sending them there could help with her standing in with the World Government.

At the moment she finished speaking twenty guards would enter through the iron door, armed and ready. They wouldn't be used to attack anyone unless they wished to fight. They were strong(T), and durable(T) but everything else about them was average. If Skippy didn't wish to remove a limb from Dio or Oceans, these homies would be the ones to do the deed. As with those two knocked out they could be killed or worse at any moment by anyone. And with their size someone just picking them up and running away with them would be almost out of the questions, as they were deep in the territory of Diana. Picking this as the moment the start a conflict was foolish, but showed they were not to be trusted. As if they were any stronger Diana might not be sitting here with just a few cracked ribs and broken shin bone.

Keep moving forward.
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27 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:43 am

So messy: Sad

"I don't even trust you, Skippy. You are the only person to not suffer any damage from his attack. How do I know you aren't with Oceanus?"

Lina was fully prepared for a showdown with her fighting words. Such words even she knew was an attack on the fox lady's character and were in most taverns able to spark full on bar brawls. If Diana had any semblance of self respect, then Lina would have expected her to outrightly attack her. However the mink in some ways surprised her by her statement. The petite swordswoman rolled her eyes as she was not at all worried about the fox woman deep down. If this was to be her end, then there was no use in worrying about it. All she had to do was kill the mink or die trying, is what went through her head. However what the mink would say next threw lina for a loop.

"You are the arrogant one. What do you have to your name other than a bounty?"

Lina noticed a slight opening to speak up. She'd raise a hand and start to say, " well miss--", but even that was cut short. The obviously outspoken and loud mouthed Diana threw out another tirade and gave the petite swordswoman an interesting proposition. Lina scratched her chin and merely observed the fox woman who spoke of a deal, which could get her a ship and anything she might need to get off the marine ridden island.

"But first! Cut off a limb from the two giants, Oceanus and Dio. I don't care what limb you take but I want a entire one. So we all can know you aren't in league with either of them. Also, don't worry about them dying as I will see that they don't. Rizor is ready to deal with closing up their soon to be open wound before they bleed out. Or just leave. "

Lina turned and looked at the two giants slumped in a stupor behind her. Dio wasn't anything special to the girl. She activated her Buso haki, unleashing a low hum that resounded through the air. As they had been talking though, the young swordswoman could not help but recognize the peril that was headed toward her. Several bodies were approaching the staircase, with blood red auras. The sounds of doors shifting and a siren could be heard echoing through the long enough chamber which housed the staircase they used to enter this meeting room. Lina understood that perhaps she could have fun and murder them all, but it would be a pain in a mountain she knew nothing about. With a reluctant sigh she said, " Alright I did say that I wanted to work with ya fox lady".

Her whole body was black as night(Both arms, both legs, and torso covered in haki), with a shiny sheen to it which made even the bravest of the psudo supernovas around her feel wary around her. Many of those who surrounded her knew the extend to which she used her buso haki showed the difference between herself and the others. Only those capable of using the conquerer's haki could use the haki to that extent.

She ignored the others and placed one palm on the ground and exerted her influence over the area, making sure to give at least 20 meters of extra space around both giants. All the influence she had over the chamber was concentrated around the giants. She made sure she had a contingency plan if they made a fuss. Both giants were around 3 meters from eachother, with Dio's back against the wall from Crow's initial assault. Even though he was so badly hurt by the surprise attack, he was knocked out cold regardless. She spread her feet out and placed her hand on the hilt of her blade.

The power of her buso haki hummed a solemn tone, while her blade ravenously called out to Lina. For the first time it would sink its metaphorical teeth into flesh in a while, which made the blade excited. " Nidai, you shouldn't be so eager to take from others", she'd whisper under her breath. The blade just howled into her ears, but nowadays it was little more than a cry for attention as far as Lina was concerned.

The now jetblack Nidai Kitetsu flew from its sheath and sung its malicious song as it flew through the air using Silver fang, severing Dio's leg at the top of his thigh as the first of the 20 soldiers made their way through the steel door. Those around her watched as the girl swiped her blade out to the right in order to clear Dio's rended flesh and blood from it. The girl severed his leg without any emotion. She sunk her blackened fingers into Dio's severed leg and tossed it back toward Diana's direction. It'd fly in a small arc before landing in the middle of the room. It definitely wouldn't fly high enough to enough to be a threat to lady diana,but it would squirt its left over blood all over the chamber. Soaking some of the other pirates around her in the giant's blood before it flopped with a blunt thud against the ground.

She then made her way over to Oceanus and sheathed her blade once more. She took care to take the stance of her technique once more. Oceanus was flat on his stomach, so all she had to do was stand next to his hip and begin to prep for her next attack. Lina took a deep breath and with the same unfeeling tone, let her blade sing its ravenous song using Silver fang. Her blade sliced through his thigh cleanly, leaving yet another bloody fountain to squirt from where his leg had once been. She sunk her fingers into the leg and tossed it toward Dio's severed limb, leaving both of Diana's potential trophies lying before her.

Lina wouldn't let her guard down with all the people swarming the chamber, but her ken haki couldn't be sustained anymore. She blinked her eyes and just like that their magnificent hue disappeared. Lina walked toward Diana and away from Oceanus while cleaning her blade by swiping it out to rid it of the fishman's flesh and blood. However the girl was ready at a moment's notice to take care of him or anyone in the chamber if they made a move. Her Buso haki would remained active as she put 10 meters between her and the giants. " These types of things are always so.....messy", she said looking at her blood soaked clothing.

She'd look up at the fox lady and tilt her head, " So what now fox lady? I can offer my sword for whatever crazy plan ya got. And in exchange, I just want off this sandy isle....". Lina would pause a moment, taking the time to look at all the cool swag the fox lady had. Especially taking note of the stuff she saw coming to the chamber. Lina would then raise her arm once more and say, " Nah nah too simple, I'd like another cool sword or some information ya might h've on'tha black market".

Haki: 14/20
Ken haki on 5/5 turns used. It needs to go on cd for 2 turns
Buso haki on. 1/5 turns used before it needs to go on cooldown
Skills used: Lift off prepped, Silver fang used twice to sever the limbs
Doriki: +5 to strength, +5 to endurance

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28 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:30 am

i am gonna skip this turn since i an knock out. it is

@The Janitor turn

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29 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:13 am

Worse than death

After they would have their limbs removed the amount of time i'd take to bleed out, without any medical assistance, would cause them to bleed out in no time(one post). But, as she said before Rizor would patch them up as best he could. Slowly he'd jump down from his position, time had passed and he felt a bit better than before. He'd first go over to Oceanus. The guards had already begun to chain both Oceanus and Dio up, right after they'd have their limbs removed. All they would do is chain them to the floor tightly, so that they wouldn't be able to move once they'd awaken. If they weren't stopped. As if they wouldn't be woken up by the removing of their limb the pain Rizor was going to administer to stop their bleeding would be enough.

"What is it you wish to know about the Black market? Who runs it? The location of a sword? I know a lot, so you will need to be specific."
Diana would say as the Guards chained up the giants. She didn't pay them any mind as she would have her stage lower. Since she was partners with Lina now she would show her respect. Bullet though, even with his injuries, was ready to live up to his name. To use his speed(S) and durability(S) to penetrate through anyone that would act up. She lowered the stage show that she was no longer looking down on Lina, but that they could see eye to eye. The stage being a homie.

Rizor would have pulled out a strange device from his pocket. 'And I thought i'd get cracked.' He'd think to himself as he would hold it out to the wound that squirted out blood. The device would spew out some substance that would cover the wound. He'd attempt to do the same for Oceanus to stop his bleeding as well. '

As Diana waited she'd see that a few people that had been hurt from Oceanus' attack had crowded around him. Ready to strike at him whenever they would be given the chance. Lina was told to harm him so they thought they might be able to get a piece of him as well. They would hope for this so much that you could see it in their eyes they wanted nothing more than to just tear this Fish limb from limb. And with him having no one here to save things were looking grim.

The CP agents all had left the room. This being after the attack on the two Giants. With news of how things were turning out and no longer wanting to get into the crossfire of those pirate they would go and do something else, that better fit their skill. Rocket would look at the leagues of guards outside the iron door, wondering what Diana had planned with them as they stood their. He was kinda glad that this was the only amount of Government members on this Island. As if Diana at any time wanted to go back on her agreement they wouldn't stand a chance. Diana though wasn't the only one they were worried about. Oceanus and Lina were dangerous. If both had joined under or with Diana she would be a bit too powerful. As those two have show just a bit of their abilities and they are actually scary. And the crazy thing is that they are still growing.

Keep moving forward.
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30 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:10 pm

More than just a hint?

Lina turned as the sound of boots hitting the ground and chains hitting the ground filled the chamber. She tilted her head and marveled at their speed and coordination of the men tying up the two handicapped giants. Not even a word was spoke as they moved like a well oiled machine, straight and to the point. She had only looked away for a moment, but she felt the presence of the long leg as it bounced past her as Diana began to float down to Lina's level at the ground floor.

"What is it you wish to know about the Black market? Who runs it? The location of a sword? I know a lot, so you will need to be specific."

The petite swordswoman hadn't noticed it before,but the fox lady was much larger than she had really noticed. With all the excitement of the day and the many different factors she was taking in every second of the visit, she hadn't really taken in how wierd her powers really were. Her eyes went to the carpet with hits human like grin before looking up at the mink woman. " Hmm so you know a lot eh"?

 Lina crossed her arms and took a deep breath, to allow her mind to relax and focus on what she wanted. She held out her index finger and said, "One. I'm assuming these black market fellows based on rumors could git thar hands on the legendary Shodai Kitetsu, right"? Then she held out her middle finger as well, forming a peace sign and said, " 2 before I got sidetracked by coming to sandy isle, I was attacked by fishman slaver traders coming from Baltigo. Apparently these guys were grunts working for a higher up stationed on the island. I want to stop that person leading these fishmen who are still operating in water 7".

She pulled back and placed her hands behind her back. She really had nothing more to say on either subject, but these are what she was going to look for prior to getting a knock on her door by the ciphers who invited her here. This information, would be worth its weight in gold to the petite swordswoman.


OOC: I'm mostly just continuing a thread from when I first joined and would like an IC lead on some fishman gangster living as a kingpin on Baltigo, as opposed to completely making it up. :3

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31 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:07 am

Cetus Neptune

Unbearable Pain

Oceanus had find his spiritual body falling closer and closer to the world of reality. Suddenly his descend between worlds was cut short by unbearable pain one that he never experience before in all his life. The shock of pain had awoken him out of the state that Haki haf place him in. I mean who could sleep through someone chopping off one leg which  just happen.

The conclusion of the successful attempt to chop off Oceanus leg was he awoke with howl of pain. One that even the surrounding people that was surrounding him had jump out of fear. This was the repercussions , and punishment for his daring attempt on the fellow pirates at the meeting. One that Oceanus wouldn't never forget he awoken to Rizor sealing up his wound.

At the same time he awoke to see several guards chaining him up along with the other giant who seems to be in similar conditions as him. Through the pain Oceanus wanted nothing more then to kill everyone in here or dying trying. It was at this point that the words of titan had echo in his mind as he said,"If you fight now you would die. It is best to keep quiet while you still alive or joined Hades in hell with rest of the damn souls of fail men and creatures of the abyss whom never achieve their full potential!"

Then there was slam of staff hitting something and Oceanus snap back to reality even if he want to fight back. He was in no condition nor did he have the will to continue this battle. For the first time ever he was defeat by unknown force by a cowardice to fight him when he was down. He took note as he clench his teeth due to the pain and the amount of blood his lost left him in state of dizziness.

As he look around he could see the person whom he ask for help over by the Super Nova. The took note of the treachery ,and betrayal as his upper body was chain up entirely restricting access to his arms . Unfortunately for them they didnt have enough chain to secure his entire body leaving his leg free from being bonded up. Make no mistake as the only thing on Oceanus mind was revenge and the person who chop off his leg.

After he was secured, and patch up by Rizor he said," Well that was fun... So which one of ya humans cut off me leg? I will be sending ya my bills." There was group of laughter from the surrounding group of pirates as he said they replied Lina. It was at that moment he had lock eyes with the Super Nova and her new pet Lina he wouldn't never forget that face nor will he allow the Super Nova to take Alabasta he swear it on the Gods.

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*5 Doriki to Strength & Power as per Wotan Race.

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32 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:13 am

Almost Over

"Okay, I believe I should be able to supply you with that information."
Diana would say as she'd motion to Bullet. He'd send out a message on a Den Den Mushi to get all the information that she had written down and ready for Skippy. No one would laugh at the comments made by Oceanus, as he was not liked by anyone within this room. He had just attacked all of them in some shape or form and honestly wanted him dead rather than injured. With a severed leg he acted a bit too calm and collected, as if the pain was nothing. As though the wound was closed there was nothing stopping the pain that was there or would be there. Diana would indeed lock eyes with him never once stating her intentions when it came to Sandy isle. He could've been one of her elite, she knew he was strong enough. But, with him being somewhat uncontrollable he was more of a nuisance than anything. A bug that she should squash here and now before he got any more powerful. The thought of killing him was ever so prevalent on his mind at this time. But, she would not take his life from him today. She'd sigh as she snapped her fingers.

"Such wasted potential. Send them to the docks. They can leave with the CP agents." Is all she'd say as the Guards would attempt to lift both the giants. She was tired of idiots and also the World Government at this moment. As she would also leave the room, through another door. The party or whatever it had turned into was over. Skippy's information, if she wanted it still, was with Bullet who would take her to it. Even with how everything was dying down they were still on guard with their Observation Haki. With their numbers they'd be able to do so, but they'd move slow. They didn't care if they struggle as it take more energy than they had to break through their chains. And they also risked reopening their wounds if they would do such a thing. Once they'd be outside of the room the large amount of guards outside would be seen, and a few would help in moving them. In order to make this a quick and less time consuming ordeal. Once to the stairs, that was a homie, all they had to do was hold the two there and allow the stairs to move down on it's own. If everything went without a hitch and they were able to move through town Oceanus and Dio would be brought to two ships.

The CP agents had already received word, via den den mushi, ahead of time about what was going on. Due to their size they'd slow a ship down if both were on it, so they would be placed on separate ships.

The Fishman at the port would see Oceanus, a few recognized him. And if you could believe it some felt pity for him. They were within his line of sight it he wanted to see them looking at him. But, if he was loaded onto a ship they'd leap into the water. Not a lot but only around three. These three were relatively new to the Crew and hadn't gone through the process of being fully placed within it. Rather due to how busy things were they were made to work at the Docks almost immediately upon arriving here. It would take no time for the ships to begin their departure and the giants to be placed in a cell in the hull of the ship. Chained up even more harshly than they had arrived. On the ship Oceanus was on the two he had arrived with would be on the same vessel. But, Rocket would be the only one to be below deck to keep a eye on him. If placing him within the ship was done.

"HA! It seems that "place" is going to get some big names now." Rocket would say. He wouldn't say the name of the place but he was talking about a Prison, as that was their destination. A cheeky grin was plastered onto his face as he looked at Oceanus. He was glad that Oceanus didn't die, as he deserved to rot in a hell.

Those on the ships weren't really caring for what was going on, as their cargo was subdued. And to their knowledge no one would care to save them. It wasn't known that they had a crew or any allies that were keeping tabs on them. The crew didn't get drunk while they sailed but they were busy having a good time. A lot of them glad to be off of a Island owned by a Pirate. Even if they were told they had to be there didn't mean they enjoyed it at all. Most of them hated it. As it was a dangerous place for them to be. But, with them leaving now hopefully on another assignment they were glad to be pirate free. Well, except for the one below and the three that just snuck onboard the ship.

The three of them weren't fighters, well not good ones, but they knew how to move without being noticed. Cuttlefish, Squid, and Octopus were the type of fishman they were. It took them around twenty minutes to sneak down to the hull and into the room that Oceanus was being held within. Rocket, after his comments, had left the room and sat outside of the door. He was carefree and took a nap as he guarded the only entrance into the room. Once the three had gotten to that point it wasn't hard to sneak into the room, and through the iron bars that were between Oceanus and them. They wouldn't free him but rather just stand there, as they didn't think they'd get this far at all. They could easily be told to go away and Oceanus would go to prison. Or something else could develop.

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33 Re: Oceanus Vs Lady Diana on Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:57 pm

Cetus Neptune

Unbearable Pain

Oceanus conscious sway in, and out as he travel back to the ship. He awoken in keys parts of the journey the first was when him, and a few other fish man made  eye contact. He didn't understand why they made such eye contact but he chalk it down as either respect or disappoint. It didn't matter what it was if it was respect Oceanus had earn it if it was pity it is Diana whom should feel dumb as he was clearly still alive, and chances of him returning , and waging war is high.

As Oceanus conscious continue to go out he made out what seem to be Rocket face, and something about some place. To be exact he had said "HA! It seems that "place" is going to get some big names now." Whatever place that was Oceanus didn't want to visit it in fact he didn't want be here. He had taken a considerable amount of damage, and he was in pain a lot of it. At this point he had barely recover from his last assault . It is said that the fish man body is 10 times stronger then the human body but even then the fish man body had there limits. What could be said as of now is that Oceanus body had slowly begin to recover the amount of blood he had lost. But pushing himself too much may kill him.

After a period of time Oceanus had fell asleep it was when he woke up he had found 3 fish man standing in front of him. With an triumph smile a very teethy one as he said,"So what bring you down here?"

To be frank Oceanus was all chain up , and still in a lot of pain. But he had still have the drive to escape of seek revenge before he go. All he had to do know is give word out of his location to his crew, and then escape. Getting word out to his crew would be more easy then escaping he had a feeling that he was running out of chances. He knew he didn't have that many lives left thus he had to act fast before he ended up in a place he didn't want to go.

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*5 Doriki to Strength & Power as per Wotan Race.

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