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A First Of Many.

Return home.

Darkness crept in as Sybastion walked through the gates of Alburna, entering the town from the south. Watching as the sun slowly passed over the horizon, the twilight sky glisten for but a second as Sy suddenly noticed smoked near the city center. It appeared as though something had been happening near the palace.

"What a wonderful way to ruin a twilight sky." Sy mumbled to himself as promptly walked past the gates and into the city. First, order of business was of course to hit the southern square market place. This is always full of people and would be an easy way to gather some quick info not to mention a chance to see the city in action after having been out for the past year. With a deep breath Sy pressed by the beautiful row of buildings around him. Then his sense were suddenly over whelmed by a myriad of smells and flavors the market square was near. The nostalgia stopping him in his tracks, Sy stood there and took in all the square had to offer.

Though something was off there was a tension in the air, the normal joyfulness of the square was almost more of a panic, and everyone appeared on edge. What in the world is going on here, to effect the entire city in this manner. Sy took a seat on a bench near one of the stalls, and just watched and listen to everything going on around him. There is bound to be some info circulating as to what is going on around here.

"Did you hear there is a large bounty criminal here." A nearby citizen exclaimed to a friend.
"I heard the marines arrived and took over the palace district." Another one chimed in.
"This is serious, A large marine gave a speech earlier." A third joined the conversation, but his addition seemed to grab the attention of the two.
"Wait what? What was he saying?" The first citizen asked as he began to act nervous.
"Something about joining the marine if we want to keep our freedo......." The third citizen added.

They continued to speak but something else had grabbed Sybastions attention. In the corner of the market was two shadowy figures talking to each other. These men looked familiar to Sy and brought him back to the reality that he had plans and a reason for coming here. Getting caught up in whatever was going on in the palace district was not his concern. He entire focus was on getting himself a ship, navigator, and then getting out of here to see the world. Sy stood up and walked out of the market square and into an alley to the west of the square. He spent many nights in this alley, so what would be one more. Sitting against the wall behind some barrels Sy drifted away into sleep, for tomorrow he was going to have a very busy day.

Place to stay.

The morning light breached past the buildings surrounding Sybastion, shining down on him directly. Slowly he opened his eyes and embraced the bright light that enveloped him. "So damn bright." He spoke with a slight chuckle, slowly standing and stretching he walked back towards the square. Just as he was about to enter though he made a sharp turn down a rather narrow alley, that he could fit through only thanks to his smaller frame. When he came out the other end he was in a small destitute area of the city.

Run down, falling apart, and collapsed buildings sat all around him. "Aw the slums how i have missed you." Smiled slowly dawned on Sy's face as he stood there for a second to revel in its glory. The home he had known for well over seven years. He grew up here and this is where he belonged. "Well time for work...... heh...... this is....... going to be tough." Sy spoke to himself as he approached a small building with a small amount of smoke coming out from the window.

"Burt." Sy shouted as he made a few raps on the open door.

"Sy, is that you my boy?" A voice shouted from behind a wall. Flowing the voice was a rather loud clank that repeated itself a few times before completely stopping. Shortly after the silence a large man with a huge black beard came out from behind the wall. Barely able to pass through the entry he walked over to Sy and gave him a hug. "It's about time you came back. Viera will be able to see you, but first take that damn thing off your head." The mans voice was coarse and slightly annoyed, but carried a deep seated happiness.  Burt was after all basically Sy's father growing up.

Sy removed his head band revealing his third eyes, as Burt walked with him to his dining. Where they both sat across from each other at Burt's table. Sy looked around at the clay walls, the brown coloring and lack of decoration. Sy chuckled to himself as he sat there, the man hadn't changed at all in a year and neither had his home. "Burt, you still wont decorate huh.... How's business." Sy began the conversation slightly nervous as he knew he was about to be asking alot of the man who had already down so much for him.

Burt sat tall and proud as he looked down at the young man before him. Crossing his arms as he began to speak. "Business is good, but lets not mince words. I know you Sy, and while your like a son to me you wouldn't have come here unless you wanted something so, get to it." Burt spoke swiftly and very sternly. Clearly he had no time for any games.

"Can I stay here until I reclaim the gambling den that Ge used to run?" Sy looked the man in the eye's as he spoke. His tone was more akin to that of making a business deal rather than talking to someone who knew him. "Yes, but Viera must not get dragged into whatever you are doing, and my shop better not get destroyed." Burt stood and put his fist out in front of him after he spoke. Sy stood and bumped fists with Burt. Then without a word Burt turned and walked out of the room. Within a few minutes you could hear the clanking coming from the back again. This was normal of Burt, he wasn't a man who minced words, but a fist bump from him meant he would do whatever it took to uphold his end of the bargain.


With a place to stay for the next few upcoming day, Sy could now work on the true task at hand. Figuring out who the current owners of the den are, how he can get in, and how he is going to take it back. Simple enough, but it would require some discretion and a sponsor for sure. After all the illegal gambling den house both low lifes and rich aristocrats under one roof, thus everyone has to be vetted.

Leaving Burt's house, Sy would go west until he entered a rather small looking market square. The difference here is that the square was empty minus some kids playing a game of kick the ball, and a well that sat in the center of the square. From here directly to the north was a building standing tall in comparison to the others around. It was two large buildings connected side by side with a third on top in the middle of the two below. This was the building, directly to the east was a path that would lead out into the southern market square. From the square the path was hidden by a rug maker, she was usually the first person who vetted people. Well at least the aristocrats as they generally came from that direction.

First, perimeter check to see if he could notice any visible changes on the outside of the buildings. This wouldn't take to long as the back of the buildings were directly built into a hillside. Meaning there was only three sides to check from, and as Sy had suspected they changed nothing. The den was designed to be the most efficient it could be at preventing people from sneaking in, and from people getting if they had gotten in and tried to steal something. With that in mind there was only one window in the whole building. It was located on the second story, and had bars on it. Follow by that there was one door, it was on the first floor connected the building on the left when looking at it from the ruined square.

In front of the door stood two men approximately about eight feet tall, and easily weighing twice what Sy weighed. To top it off two small men patrolled the roof of the buildings with guns. It was akin to a mini-fortress and 'breaking' in was a suicide mission, but Sy had a plan. As he watched the guards more closely he noticed a small design that each of them had on their left shoulder. It was in the design of a fox face bearing its fangs. He remember this symbol, there used to be a man that always tried to compete with his old mentor. Foxfang was his name, he was a notorious thief much like Sy's mentor. The difference is he used a crew, and that must have been over took over the den.

From what Sy could remember Foxfang was a huge coward, but very good at stealing. His crew though is what made him a force to be reckon with, but they were bought out and paid for. Which means their loyalty was limited, that is if nothing had changed. Anyways, Sy had no intentions of trying to get into a brawl with these. He instead decided he would have to find a way to gain an invitation into the den. As he sat there watching the den and trying to come up with an idea an opportunity presented itself.

Sy could hear what sounded like shouting voice, when suddenly the door to the den flew open and a man was thrown out. "You've lost, and now your looking at a debt of over a 10,000 beli. You can come back and try to win it back, but next time we are taking your house, wife, and kids as collateral." A man in a red leather jacket shouted from within the building at the man now lying on the ground. His face was hidden so Sy couldn't make out his identity but he didn't recognize the voice, but this was his opportunity to get into the den.

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Sy watched as the man stumbled to his feet and walked off. From his actions he was most certainly very angry, hitting walls and yelling as they walked down the street. The goal was to find where the man resided and then from there to offer his services in potentially getting this man back some of his money. In return of course for an invitation into the den. Quid pro quo, a service for a service.

It wasn't long before the man came to stop in front of a building just off the southern market square. He stood at the steps leading up to the door. For a long while the man just stood there staring at the doorway. No movement, just a solemn stare. Scoping out the building whilst his target was clearly decided his own actions Sy noticed that building had sign with a loaf of bread hanging from near the doorway. Outside of that notable feature the building was rather bland and just blended in with the sea of buildings around it. A couple of windows near the door revealed what appeared to be counters full different breads. To be expected of a baker.

Suddenly the man rushed in the front door, and was greeted by a woman from behind the counter. She seemed very enthused to see him, and ran up to him and gave him a hug. Within seconds there were tiny screams, and two young boys ran up to the man and jumped on his legs squeezing tight. The boys laughed as the man rubbed their heads. This was the mans house, with this information Sy left. It was late, and to show up now would seem suspicious, he would come back in the morning.

Sy returned to Burt house only to be greeted by the loudest shrill he had ever heard. Turning he saw the massive lady come running in from around the corner. The woman who was easily three times the weight of Sy and four feet taller jump on him. Instantly bringing him to the ground.

"Sy, your really here!" The woman exclaimed as Sy was slowly being crushed under her.

"Viera, your.......ushin.......m." Sy was trying to speak, and push the huge woman off of him. Suddenly the woman stood up and picked him up off the ground. Holding him two feet from the ground she started to laugh. "Oh your still a scrawny little shrimp." Viera continued to laugh as Sy freed himself from her grasped fell onto the floor.

"Yes, well not all of us are gifted with the blood of giants." Sy scoffed knowing it wasn't true, but still the woman was massive similar to her father. Sy walked into the kitchen and was followed by Viera, there he sat at the table as the young lady preceded to continue cooking. The smell was all but familiar it was  her famous gumbo stew that she was making. Sy remembers sitting out with her watching her feed the local orphans it. The stew itself super cheap to make, but ever so tasteful. The thoughts made Sys mouth began to water. As the thoughts passed a bowl was slapped down in front of him.

"Eat, go sleep, I know your a busy young man, and wont have time to visit right now. Papa, told me you were staying with us so I at least wanted to make you my gumbo stew." A smiled crept across Viera face as she spoke to Sy. Followed by a quick pat to the back and she walked off into her dads workshop. Sy did as he was told he ate every last drop of that glorious stew before he got up and walked to the room that was gifted to him by Burt.

Day 1

Sy rose at the same time the sun began its ascent over the horizon. Sitting up in bed he played out for himself the plan. Teach the baker how to cheat in return for an invitation to the den. If he could get the baker decent enough the baker could make back some of the money he apparently owed Foxfangs gang. The hard part was convincing the baker to allow him to teach him how to cheat and then hoping he didn't mess it up.

There was no more time to waste, Sy jumped out of the bed dawn his attired, and rushed down the stairs stealing a small piece of bread from the counter in the kitchen as he bolted out the door. While his time was not limited with all the events that had been taking place in the city didn't want to waste time as there was no telling when the marines could find the place and decide to shut it down.

Making his way quickly to the bakers shop he approached the door and with a moment hesitation he bought his hand down on the door. Three strong raps he gave the door. It wasn't a very long wait before a woman his height with golden brown hair opened the door. "Yes?" The woman spoke softly with the door barely cracked up. "I'm here to speak with husband miss. He may have information that could be of use to us." Sy spoke in an assertive and commanding tone. Trying to appear as though he was acting on authority.

"Oh uh yes, let me get him right away." The womans voice became shaky as she stumbled away from the door. Within moments Sy was greeted by the baker. "Sir, how might I help? My wife side something about information, but I can assure you I know nothing about whats been going on." The bakers voice was extremely shaky, and his eye kept shifting to and fro.

"It would be best if we could speak in private, sir. The name is Sybastion, and I believe you have some information that can help me. In return we might be able to help you and your family." Again Sy kept up the same faced of authority within his tone, and his stance now suggestive a much more open but in charge visual. The baker stepped out from the behind the door and pointed to an alley.

"We have some benches setup in the alley, we will be alone there. Pence is the name, Sir." With his hands shaking Pence walked with Sy over to the benches in the alley. Surprisingly enough this little area was out sight and very quiet. Pence in his nervousness tripped over a small rock slamming down onto the ground. Slowly he got himself back up and sat on the bench. "What do you need to know?" He asked still shaking.

"Actually,"A large sigh came from Sy's mouth as he relaxed his body to more natural posture." I'd like to help you with your problems in the gambling den. I saw them kick you out yesterday, and heard that you owe them some money. If you can get me an invitation. I can teach you how to cheat, and win back some of the money you have lost." Sy spoke abruptly. Pence just sat there confused before he got up and started to walk away.

"I'm sorry, but no if I got caught cheating....... I don't even want to think about it." The shakiness was gone from his hands as he turned the corner and started to walk back to his front door. That's when he noticed the thugs at his door. They were speaking to wife, Pence quickly turned around and went back to Sy.

"They won't stop until you pay them back entirely, or you go back and lose everything. I know I used to be one of them. Your choice is to try my idea, or eventually lose everything to them anyways." Leaning against the wall with his arms crossed Sy looked down at Pence who had collapsed onto the ground. "Your call." Sy side with a smug after tone.

"I don't really have a choice do I. Oh, what have I done to my family. I....I......I....... can't believe it came to this." Pence sat there as tears slowly streamed down his face. The man was defeated and broken, but now was the chance to change things. Without much choice and little resolve Pence agreed to learn from Sy.

So began the training in lesson on how to cheat at cards. Sy taught him first how to count cards and how to watch for loaded dealers. Dealers who don't shuffle every hand are the easiest ones to cheat off of with just card counting. Pence was a natural at this, he was clearly good at mathematics. Next was the sleeve trick, similar to show magic you hide a card in your sleeve and then when you need it you switch one from your hand with the card in your sleeve. This one took Pence a couple of days to get decent at, but he was capable of doing it. Lastly Sy tried to help Pence learn how to read others, but this was a futile task. The man had no ability to read others what so ever.

Four days in total were spent teaching Pence, and at the end he was only coming out with two skills that could maybe help him. This would have to be enough, cause the man is simply put a bad gambler. The fifth day would be the day Pence put it all in action, and hopefully it would work cause Pence was Sybastion meal ticket into the den.

Day 5

This was the big day. The day that would reveal to them if Pence was going to die and lose everything, or if everything for be for something and Sy would get his invitation in. Most of the morning was spent going over everything Sy had taught Pence. Doing some test runs, they even played cards with his wife and kids to help. Sy had gotten rather close to them over the past five days. Pence though still hadn't told them what this was all about. It was the secret he kept from them, and that was probably a good thing.

As the day went on it was apparent that Pence was as ready as he could get, and so as dusk began they headed out and towards the den. Sy gave Pence a few words of encouragement before breaking off to watch the entrance to the den. Pence arrived and was allowed in. Sy could hear the smug laughs from guards mouths as they let Pence in.

The outside didn't change much. Aside from the occasional guy getting kicked out, or guards assaulting someone. It was a very boring few hours as Sy just watched and waited. The sun had fully set now and it was completely dark out. The longer time went on the more afraid Sy became for Pence. Luckily there was only one door so if they did murder him, they would at least have to carry his body out through that day.

Slowly the moon began to rise, and still not a stir from the Den. Just more and more people leaving. Sybastion had to guess it should be around midnight by now, and then he saw him. Pence came walking out the door a little drunk from the looks of it and with a huge grin on his face. Sy met him halfway to his house to check in on him and see how he did. Considering he wasn't being followed or dead and being carried out by guards Sy assumed it most have gone well.

"I cleared my debt with them and won over 2,000 beli. Your plan worked." Pence chuckled as Sy continued to lead him home. "Tomorrow buddy you can come in with me. I asked and they said it would be fine if I brought a friend. After all if he's your friend he must have shitty luck like you. Is what they said. hahahaha." Pence started laughing so hard he fell to the ground. Sybastion helped him off the ground and finished escorting him home, before he booked him to Burts himself. Tomorrow was going to be a big day and he wanted to be well rested.

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Day 6

Today was the day. Finally after nearly a week Sy, would be one step closer to reclaiming that which was rightfully his. Plus he really wanted to get out of the blacksmiths house. Its impossible to sleep when the man doesn't ever stop working. Curse the smith. Up and at them as usual at the crack of dawn Sybastion rushed out of the house and down the street. He planned to meet up Pence the baker before heading off to the den.

Sybastion arrived at Pence house to be greeted by his wife, whom let him in. She informed him that breakfast had just been finished if he wanted to join the boys at the table. Sy had no reason to refuse so the meal so he followed her to their dining room, and watched as the two young lads were chasing each other around the table. It appeared as though the older boy had taken a toy from the younger boy, and the younger one wanted it back. Sy laughed as he sat down at the table. Only to be greeted by the attention of the two young lads.

They assaulted him with a flurry of questions and statements. All coming out so fast that Sy could barely get a chance to respond or understand any of them. "Now, now, leave the poor man alone and sit down. Its time to eat." Their mother spoke to them as she brought the dishes over from the kitchen and set them down on the table.

As Sy reached up for some food Pence walked in. A bit aloof, and understandably feeling a bit sick. He was a bit drunk last night, but nothing he shouldn't have been able to sleep off. "Don't get old Sy, you just never recover the same way you could when you were younger. Hahahaha." Laughing Pence slapped Sy on the shoulder before sitting down and grabbing some food for himself. "Boys, eat up." Pence quickly blurted out before he began to stuff his face.

The rest of the morning Sy spent helping Pence and his family around the house. He did a lot of little quality of life jobs for them, from fixing parts of the roof, to helping repair the stairs, and finally he fixed the sign out front so it wasn't crooked anymore. After a solid days work of help out the bakers family Sybastion was ready for the truly daunting task that had yet to come about.

Pence was excited, he had won so much money last night, and if he could repeat the results again today. Man he would be living a much better life, but in the underworld things are never so cut and dry. Walking down the street they approached the guards whom stood outside the dens only entrance. He waved them both through and with that they were in. Sy noticed the building hadn't changed much and from what he could tell the layout was still very much solely the same. The first room was for the common folk, next room over was for the above average to slight rich folks, and upstairs was the VIP section where the richest or most privileged folks got to go.

Pence escorted Sy over to a table and sat down with him. "The way it works for those with little money we start here and work our way up. Yesterday I made it to the third table in this room which is the highest. Its 500 beli buy in at that table." Pence had leaned over to whisper this info in Sys ear, but even that couldn't hide the satisfactory grin that had managed to creep itself onto his face. "It's time." Pence whispered as he turned to face the other members of the table.

It was a 50 beli buy in at the table. Low cost but low rewards. This prevented the very poor from stealing mass amounts of money from the super rich. It was a simple system, but a very effective one. Sy placed his coins in, followed by Pence, and then three other members of the table. "Round of 5 card poker coming up." The dealer announced as he began to deal cards to each play. It was a stacked deal so every player got their full five cards at once. Sybastion knew this would be super easy. As this type of dealing makes it very easy for someone who counts cards, but hard for some trying to play a sleeve trick if he did have a pre-made card in his sleeve.

First round is in Sy's hand consists of three ace's, a king, and a seven. With a hand like this Sy could make some serious cash. He upped the ante by 25 beli, which was followed through by Pence and the other three members of the table. "How many?" The dealer asked Sy. "One." Sy responded as he placed the seven card face down on the table. The dealer took it and handed him another card. It was another king this was great. A full house on the first turn and with such high cards. Each other member of the table got their exchanged cards, and the betting process began again. Sy upped the ante again by 30 beli this time. Pence matched and also increased the ante by an additional 50 beli. The member following after him folded, but the last two matched the ante. This pot alone was worth 775 beli, and it was Sys turn once again to match or raise. It was the last chance of the hand. Sy matched and then placed an additional 50 into the pool. Everyone else matched bringing the pool just short of 1,000 beli.

Everyone laid their hands out before them. Pence had a straight, the gentleman next to him folded and so kept his cards hidden, the two after him had three of a kind, and a flush. "Winner is the gentleman in the white coat with a full house." The dealer proclaimed as he gathered the cards up. He began to deal the next hand without shuffling. This made things so much easier as Sy could just count cards and win. Over the course of the next hour Sy and Pence racked up quite a large sum of beli with winnings. At this point they were invited to the next table up. It has a 250 beli buy in per game. The winnings now are starting to increase.

The next was much harder for counting but the dealer dealt in a scattered style so it was easier for Sybastion to slip a card up his sleeve and say the dealer missed him. The first few rounds without off without a hitch, Sy won the first and folded early in the last two, but Pence won both of them. Over the next hour or so Pence had begun to win a lot of games and Sy was worried they would catch him. He was getting good at cheating but doing far to often. It wasn't long before Pence was invited to the highest table in the common section. Sy shook his head as he continued to play at the middle table.

After about sixteen hands Sy was invited to the high end table. From here he had to find a way to advance out of the common section, and he had just the plan in mind. The first three hands at the new table came and went, Sy actually backed out of all three at the very start due to crappy deals, but Pence had won two of them. He was now sitting easily on around 15,000 beli. This would be a large hit for this area of the den if he were to walk with all of it. During the next hand Sy watched Pence closely, and as the hand was coming to an end he watched as Pence used the cheat that Sy had taught him. Without hesitation Sy yelled. "Cheater!" Standing and poking down at Pence. "You cheated, and this isn't the first time since you've been here. I have been watching you." A well built man in the same outfit as the guards outside quickly ran over to the table and grabbed Pence. As he did a couple cards fell from his sleeve.

"Hmph. Foxfang knew your new found 'luck' was something more." The brute scoffed as he slammed Pences head onto the table. Sy noticed some odd about the mark on his shoulder. It was the standard fox bearing its fangs, but under it he could something that looked similar to a snake. Sy though just shook his head as he watched was continuing to unfold. The brute held him down as a rather Plump man wearing a purple overcoat walked into the room. It was Foxfang but he sure had put on some weight.

"So, you thought you could cheat in my house. You know what happens to cheater Pence." Foxfang spit as on Pence as he was pinned down. The brute then picked him up and began to walk him to the door. "Oh and Pence since im sure yesterday wasn't a stroke of luck. Your family will pay the price since you stole from me." As Pence turned to beg a sword suddenly pierced through his chest, and the door opened. His body was dropped just outside and a guard picked it up and walked off with it."Hmpph low lives. You!" Foxfang yelled. "Come Here, I have an offer."

Sy wasn't afraid of Foxfang he knew him from before. He most certainly was a fluffy puppy with power, but nevertheless he needed to gain his trust to get him alone. Sy approached him, and suddenly his arm was around Sys shoulder. "Listen boy, you find cheaters for me. I need someone to watch the players in the next room. I'm certain someone in there is cheating. You find them and i'll pay you handsomely. Also, we will call your winnings from today as payment since Pence was the one who invited you. Sound good?" Foxfang had a fierce glare as he spoke to Sy. Sy knew to refuse would put him at least in a pickle. "Deal." Sy stated as he stuck out his hand to seal the deal.

After they shook on it Foxfang escorted Sy back to the entrance and bid him goodnight. When Sy left he realized the two guards who are usually standing at the entrance were gone. He figured they must be at Pences house. Quickly he ran down the street and to the bakers house to find his wife and both kids tied up in the street. Pences body cold dead on the ground before them. "Oh, its the young lad who caught the cheater. Come to claim the wife hmmmm?" The guard gave him a sly grin as he spoke. Without a word Sy just turned around and walked off. He didn't have time to deal with this, and after all Pence should never have been gambling in the first place.

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Day 7

The path to gaining Foxfangs trust now lay before Sy. Find cheaters, and wealthy ones at that. How hard could this be? A simple task for something that would present him with the opportunity to take out the man who was currently running the home he wanted back. "Focus, find yourself the perfect moment." Mumbled Sy as he approached the door to the den. It was mid-day, but since Sy was working at the den now he was required to show up earlier.

The doors to the den opened as Sy approached them. He was immediately greeted by Foxfang at the door. The man talked for what seemed like an hour about which people he wanted Sy to watch out for. How he wanted Sy to wait until they had earned a hefty sum before calling them out. The talking droned on as Sy began to view the environment around him.

The second room which is where he was now located had one entrance and from the entrance you could easily see every table in the room. There was no door on the doorway, but rather two large curtains that covered the entrance and made it impossible to see into the first room. Sy also noticed there was a smaller amount of guards in here as last night. Last night there was three in the first room and two in the second. This time there appears to two guards in the first and one in the second. Maybe that was due to the fact it was so early in the day.

Suddenly a harsh pain came across Sys arm as he looked down. Foxfang had hit him with the end of his walking stick. "Ahem, Did you hear me, Boy?" Foxfang shouted as he raised the stick again. Grabbing his hand Sy looked down at the man, and shook his head yes as he turned around and walked to the table in the right corner of the second room. From here Sy had perfect view of the stairs in the second room that led upstairs and of the doorway into the first. This is where Foxfang wanted him to sit.

Within the hour the place was bustling. Every table was full with four to five people each plus dealers. The shocking bit was that the guard count still hadn't increased and with this many people around you would think that more guard would be necessary. Nothing really had happened though since he started. No one cheated, and if they were winning it was barely anything. So Sy just sat waiting and watching for something to happen.

Over the course of the next the only odd thing Sy noticed was a man who had walked in and gone to the VIP section. The man was clad in kinds of jewelry from head to toe, and easily the wealthiest person anyone in these rooms had seen. The weirdest part is this man came to slums, and to a gambling den at dusk alone. Easy way to get mugged or worse, but this mans stature and posture suggested he didn't mind being here and standing out. That alone put Sy on edge.

"Everyone get down!" The guard in Sys room yelled as he raised his hand and fired into the ceiling. The bang reverberating into the next room over sent everyone screaming. Suddenly three more bangs followed and a muffled voice. Sy couldn't tell what was happening in the other room, but from the sounds of it they were also being held at gun point.

The guard in the room with Sy threw a bag on the floor followed by a demand that everyone start to fill the bag with their belongings. He then walked through the curtain, stopping right at the doorway. Sy could see his feet and another pair appear to just be standing there. Followed by some muffled voices. He made out the words right corner out of all of it. Instantly Sy knew they must have been talking about him. He was the only member in this room who would be worth mentioning.

The curtain began to move and on instinct Sy instantly began to flip the table over. Sure enough as he stood he saw the guard entering the room with a gun pointed at him and within a second the flash of the muzzle as the bullet left. The table was already in motion as Sy himself threw himself to the floor. Not quite fast enough the bullet grazed passed the table and just barely cut through the top of his shoulder.

Playing through the events in his head Sy, tried to figure what exactly might be happening. He had been casing this place for almost two weeks in total time how did he miss someone else cases it for a job. Then he remember back to the first night. The guard in red who threw pence out of the building. That was the same guard who had just entered the room now. It was an inside job. Without a moment to lose Sy reacted to the situation the best way he could. Peaking around the table at ground level he saw there was two guards in the room at this moment.

Quietly he slipped off his jacket, and quickly formulated a plan in his head. He noticed that one of the guards was standing under a hanging light fixture. Quickly he tossed his coat at the guard to the left who was standing under the fixture. Then Sy himself jumped over the table surprising the guard on the right. Quickly Sy lead in with a punch from his right hand aimed at the mans chin. Direct contact was made sending the man to the ground out cold. Quickly Sy reached down pickup his gun and shot the fixture causing it to fall and knock out the second guard.

Standing there for a second he took in the events of what had just happened when suddenly he heard another gunshot. Panicked he looked around to see a guard in the doorway fall to his knees and keel over dead. One more look around revealed a man dressed in more gold than Sy had seen in his life standing on the staircase.

"Very good, young man. These men most be a part of that mans group." The mans voice was directed at someone out of Sys view but he assumed it must of been Foxfang. The two engaged in a conversation that Sy couldn't make out very well. Given the fact that the adrenaline still hadn't worn off.

Taking a moment to look around and catches his breath Sy just sat there. He noticed the guard from that threw out Pence which was next to him and the guard from across the room both had the viper symbols on their shoulders. The guard closest to him also seemed to be holding something else. It was a small metal object in the shape of a card. Quickly Sy picked it up and the card itself was of the Jack of Hearts, but that wasn't concerned Sy. It was the metal card. These were his cards, and the Jack of Hearts was his calling card.

"Jack Heart is what the local media calls him. First, an incredible thief who never even left a trace save his card. Then, turned into my Lieutenant, and now a rogue from my group. Who keeps presenting to be a difficulty that I need to deal with." The man now stood before Sy as he held the card confused. "It would appear though as if you have seen this card before, and given your talent just now. I think it's safe to assume you were the original Jack Heart. After all, the current Jack Heart acts nothing as the previous one of four years ago did."

"A year ago I left the city, these cards, and that life behind me. I did not expect to seem them in use again. I came to this place to reclaim them, and then to leave. To go see the world and find the power I seek." Sy gave more information than he intended, but his confusion just made it so hard for him to form a proper thought. He stood in front of a man he didn't and was confronted by the fact that now at least two people knew who he was before he left, and here he thought it was something he had kept hidden so well.

"Young man, the name is Ryan Colthezin." Hearing his new Sy stepped back in shock. Colthezin is one the wealthiest families in Alabasta if not the wealthiest. They hold so much power to their names, and yet this man is here in the slums working with Foxfang."Ah, you have heard of me. Well to the masses im a shining ray of light that does no wrong, but every business that wants to make good money runs side operations. So I also run a massive smuggling ring we are known as the Crushing Fang. As you can see, some of my men have decided to betray my trust and want to take over everything for themselves."

"I offer you a business opportunity young Jack heart. Take out the man masquerading as you and bringing down the name you created. In return you can stay here in this building you want and run it. You will be a stand a lone agent I use for the simple purpose of taking out the man who betrayed me. Does this sound of a fair deal to you?" Ryan stretched out his hand for Sy to shake should he desire to agree to the terms, but Sy wasn't sure. He knew nothing of the man who took the one identity he had forged a huge name with. Sy also knew at this moment he did not want to fight with this man, and if this was the only way to gain access to his laboratory in hidden in the cliff side whose entrance was in this building so be it.

Reaching out Sy grabbed the mans hand. "I don't want to be accountable for running this place. I just want access to my lab and the ability to use it. Leave Foxfang in charge. If I need something i'll just ask." With that statement both men shook hands. The agreement was sealed. Sy had access to his lab and his old home, but now was left with more questions.

As Ryan was leaving he set a rolled up piece of parchment on the table. "This is the next shipment of smuggled goods that our man has taken from me. Follow the details and you'll find your answers." With that Ryan walked out of the building. Sy picked up the parchment and opened it. It was a shipping manifest for what appeared to be slaves, but no surprise there. Slaves are always wanted by the wealthy. Upon reaching the third page of the manifest Sy became enraged. He ripped the manifest to pieces before putting a hole in the wall with his fist. Walking away the papers on the ground revealed the Pearl insignia on the end of the shipping manifest. Sys family was smuggling slaves.

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Day 7 Part 2 & Day 8

Immediately Sy headed to the location marked on the manifest. They were docking at a pier outside the city of Nanohana. This would obviously give them time to unload their cargo before any law enforcement had arrived to check the boat and its contents. The arrival time was listed as around dawn tomorrow. Sy had no time to waste. It would be a night of trekking through the desert to arrive on time.

The night was cold and harsh, but the determination and anger that drove Sy made it appear as though this didn't affect him at all. The rage boiled inside him. He may have left his family when he was twelve, but they were always good people what could lead them to this. Why would they deal in slaves of all things? These question just led to more fuel for the fire that was burning inside his gut as he rode forth.

The moon shifted and night drifted on. Hours had gone by and yet he couldn't find a single answer to any of the questions that had been bothering him all day. He was stuck in his own head. The confusion, anger, and sadness. What would he do when he found out that truth. The insanity of the questioning nearly driving him mad as he realized he had arrived. There she was Nanohana and not a second to late. The sun was on the brink of birth.

To the pier that was just to the northeast of the city. Sy arrived to find what was an empty dock. No boats, no workers, and no cargo. It was a pier that was completely void of everything. This stuck Sy as strange but that also meant he must not have missed them. A single out cropping of wood drove forth into the ocean. This would be where the boat would dock, and directly before that outcropping was a large storage building. Completely open on the south end where Sy was looking in and it was empty.

Sy watched from a dune. As the sun peaked over the horizon more and more. No one arrived, and no one seemed to be on the way. Confusion broke through as Sy sat there and just thought. Could this whole thing be a setup, did Ryan trick him? Then again how did this man even know of identity local law never found out? Even Gege his closest friend and practically his parent didn't know about it? How....... The thoughts raged when he saw a boat approaching the dock. Without hesitation he booked it for the dock. Running down the pier he jumped over the side of the boat landing on the main deck.

The two men standing on the deck had uniforms that showed the icon of the viper on their shoulders. They were confused and not prepared for some man to just jump onto the ship. During this confusion Sy pushed one overboard, and dispatched the other with a rapid punch to the temple. Taking out his tonfas which were sheathed on his lower back. He ran up a small set of stairs to the man standing at the helm. Immediatly this man through his hands up. "I have no qualms with you. I'm just a navigator." The man stood there with his hands up when Sy noticed the collar on his neck. "How many more?" Sy asked with an almost crazed looked on his face.

"Two more below deck, but the rest should be arriving from inland soon." The man spoke as he went to put his arms down, Sy approached him. He pulled out a small pin and after a few seconds of fidgeting with the mans collar it popped off with no explosion. "Your free, Go!" Sy shouted as he disappeared over the rail into the doorway that led to the lower deck. Keeping the collar with him just in case.

Upon entering the lower deck he noticed it was mostly empty. The ship wasn't very large and there was a door behind him and a door in front of him. Upon walking towards the door in front of him he could hear laughter coming from inside the room. This is where the guards must have been. Kicking the door in, and rushing them was the plan, and it worked out well. The men were absolutely confused by Sy's sudden entrance into the room followed by the quick uppercut at the first man jaw. As the mans body was moving Sy turned and brought the bottom of his foot down on the other guards head.

That was when Sy noticed a kid sitting in the corner crying and scared. A collar on his neck, and on the floor scrubbing a woman who also had a collar. The guard Sy had kicked began to get up. Sy knew his kick wasn't strong enough to do any real damage. Quickly he pulled the pistol off the mans belt and shot the guard in the leg. "Where are the rest of the slaves?" Anger once again flushed over him. "There are three more in the back room. Two men and another woman." Shakily the guard was able to manage the words before passing out.

Sy approached the woman and the child. He removed their collars and attached one to the beam in the center of the room. Before leaving Sy hand the woman the pistol, and walked off to the back room. As he entered the back room he heard the sound of three pistol shots, and Sy knew the three guards he had taken out earlier were dead. The two in the room in the lower deck and the one above. Sy approached the slaves in this room and removed the collars from their necks. He attached one of their collars to the beam in the middle of this room as well. While he was doing this one of the slaves pointed down to a hatch before running off.

Opening the hatch Sy was greeted with a horribly foul smell. It was the smell of death for sure, but what was in there. Climbing down the ladder he saw the dead body at the desk. This was the captain of the boat but he had most certainly been dead for a few days, and the cause of death was most certainly the saber pointing through his chest. On his desk Sy noticed a stack of manifest. He began reading through. The oldest dated back to two months after Gege's death which would be two months after he left Albarna. Reading on he counted over three hundred slaves traded in the last year, and other various contraband. The most concerning part was that his family insignia was on all of these, but no one in his family had signed any of them.

He wouldn't get the answers he sought here, looking around a bit more Sy noticed the remote control for the collars in the captains hands. Picking it up he replaced it with one of the collars. Three collars left. Sy climbed up the ladder and into the back room of the lower decks where the slaved were. He walked forward and placed two collars in the middle room. One on each side of the boat. Before he began to walk upstairs onto the upper deck.

As he approached the end of the stair case he heard the sound of guns clicking. Just then as he stepped out ten men stood on the deck before him with their guns aimed down at him. "Ah Brother, you have finally shown up!" The voice came from Sy's right side. Turning his head he recognized his older brother Skyler standing there with a smug look on his face. His brother was wearing a red shirt with a fancy white jacket over it. He appeared very formal, but on his shoulder sat the serpent. He was a member of this gang. This Crushing Fang, and from the looks of how the men around Sy were acting, Skyler was the Lieutenant he was supposed to take out.

"Hahahahahahaha. Ryan sent you I assume without telling you anything. Well i'll start mom and dad are dead. They died shortly after that event a year ago. The one of the woman being beheaded." Skyler burst into laughter upon mentioning the woman. Whom Sy could only assume was Gege. "She tried to break into Ryan's house of all places. While he was hosting an event, and he caught her himself, and had her executed on the spot to show what he does to scum like that."

"Scum.....funny.......slaves......" Sy was mumbling to himself, his brother attitude, and his brother ruining of the family name it was to much. The anger almost boiled into hate. Without a second thought Sy instantly threw the last collar he was carrying into the center of the men standing before him. Luckily for him he was till at the stair case and knew no one was behind him. As it was just about to hit the floor he pushed the button on the remote collar. Unleashing a hail of explosions on the boat. The entire deck shifting and knocking people, people getting caught in the explosion, or the left over fire that was now consuming the boat.

As soon as the explosion started Sy booked it for his brother. Tackling him and bringing the short end of his right tonfa down into what should be his brothers face, but it wasn't. His brother caught the tonfa with his hand and a metal card sitting in that hand. That's when the pain kicked in. Sy looked down and in his left thigh was a piece of metal. Still angered he drew back his weapon again this time he was greeted with a card at his throat.

"These were once yours brother, how does it feel now? To know I am Jack Heart, and that I stole your legacy." Laughing Skyler slowly started to dig the card into Sy's neck. Quickly Sy swatted Sky's hand up causing him to cut Sy's cheek. It wasn't a deep cut but enough to bring Sy somewhat back to reality. In that moment Sy realized his brothers left side was open and brought his left tonfa down into Sky's left shoulder. Immediatly the end of the tonfa shattered, and in place metal that was attached to his brothers arm.

Skyler became enraged, quickly he removed Sy from off top of him. Punching him in the gut and sending him sliding on the card. Skyler stood over his brother and looked down at him. His right side was burned from the explosion, left leg had a deep penetrative wound, his right cheek was bleeding, and he just lay there holding his stomach. "Pathetic, but no worries I paid my penalties." Skyler ripped off the left sleeve of his shirt to reveal a robotic arm. "This is what I lost the night our parents were killed. You weren't there so you never suffered. So now its your turn to." With that he threw another card through Sy's right hand. The force was enough for it to go all the way through and get stuck in the ground.

Sy could here someone yelling in the distance, and without another word his brother walked away, leaving him there to die. His burns were not that bad, and the wound in his leg hurt but wouldn't stop him from moving. His hand however was in a pickle the card missed the bones and went straight through flesh and into the ground. It took a bit but Sy was able to loosen it and remove it. These cards that once belong to him, were now being used against him. Slowly he stumbled across the pier. About three-quarters the way down he noticed the marines marching towards the sight.

With all the pirate active nearby and such. The explosion must have put them on alert. Sy would take all the blame for this if he was caught here but he didn't really have the strength to get out before they arrived. He manged to wonder into the large storage building before passing out.

Few hours later

Sy awoke in a small bed in a tavern bed. Sitting in a chair by the door was some man he didn't recognize. He tried to move but the pain was to great. Laying there he thought about the events that unfolded. What had happened to his family? To his brother? Why did he turn out like he had? What would he do next? Sy however through all of this was certain of one thing. He would over come it himself. He made a promise to Gege years and years ago to always overcome life as the man he is, and not as something else.

Shifting around he knocked some water off the night stand and woke the gentle man watching him. "Ah, your awake. First, I want to say thank you, and secondly, the name is Gab short for Gabriel." A calm smile rose on his face as he spoke softly. "Your wounds are deep but nothing horrid you'll need some time to heal. Stay here for the next few days until your better. It's the least I can do since you saved my life."

Sy realized this was the man navigating the ship that he had just blown to pieces. This was an opportunity to gain some info from someone who was on the inside but wasn't really an insider. Over the next couple of days Sy spent a lot of time questioning Gab, but to no avail. The man knew so little of the operation, he had only driven the ship twice and they planned to sell him to someone else after this run. Sy however did learn that Gab was in his forties and was a marine navigator for almost fifteen years, before being captured by pirates. He had a son he wanted to find, and the only information he about his son was that he was a revolutionary.

Gab was a pleasant enough man, and knew how to keep good company, but after Sy had spent a couple days there he felt strong enough to go back to Albarna. There he would continue his task of finding his brother and answers hopefully. An invitation was offered to Gab from Sy to come with him. After all Sy did need a navigator if he was going to ever leave this rock, but alas Gab declined. For he too had something he wanted to look for. So Sy left Gab with the knowledge of where to find Burt's place in turn Burt could lead him to Sy. From there the two parted their ways.

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