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1 Clogging An Artery on Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:48 pm




Jax's Current Outfit:

An increasing silence would be broken with the sneeze of up and coming Broker, Jax Drake. He would look at his palm as he would create strings and attach them to each adjacent to finger. He was fascinated with how this new found power worked. An idea popped into his head, he wanted to try out this controlling the body thing out. Jax was located within his hideout watching his workers pact up box after box containing products that Jax was going to take with him to sell on other islands. It wasn't much as Jax was booming quite well on this island, but the blonde demon wouldn't get his presence on other islands if he just stayed here. He needed to move on and spread out. Like a sickly, incurable virus.

Jax would get up from his seat and would grab his Black Book from his inside jacket pocket. He would then proceed to check off items, making sure everything was here....but to his surprise, he was missing a box. A very, very important box. A box containing his most important product, a box filled with chilled hearts. Jax would quint his eye as he thought of the suspects. Eliminating one after the other, until he was left with just one person. "Fuckin Arnold..." Jax would whisper under his breath. An underling would look up. "You say something sir?" Jax would sharply retort "No, get back to work". He would then slowly but his Black Book back in his pocket as he would scan the room for Arnold.

Jax would leave the warehouse/hideout but before he would close the door he would turn and yell out to his workers. "This all better be done when I get back!" He would then close the door and head out into the Sun-Lit district. The thought of the places where that red-haired thief would be would glaze over in Jax's mind. He couldn't go back to Wanda because she was dead. Jax would walk past her burnt down building where Marines would be surveying the area. Jax wonder what the ruled it, must be murder right? Or was Wanda's body found before it was burnt to ash? Jax didn't care though, as Wanda was old, dead news. Quite stale indeed.

Jax would stop as he would look around, the current plaza he was in was well known for organ trading, mainly because of Jax but that's beside the point. If someone wanted to buy or sell an organ, it would probably be here. Jax would creep past the various doctor looking figures and scientist seeming people. But when he saw that piece of red hair pass by his peripheral vision Jax's head turned with such force it almost looked like he broke his own neck. Jax's mind, body, and soul would be locked onto this hair as he would trail it through the crowds of people. And what do you know, this very hair had a box in its damn clutches. Jax didn't feel like killing today as it was going to be his last day here but damn it.....Arnold had it coming.

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