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1 Ready, Set, Cook off. [wip] on Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:18 am



It was a beautiful day in Alabasta, Generally, within the desert region the sun could be harsh, yet today of all days the suns rays had dimmed, the heat bathed over Alabastas inhabitants with a subtle warmth. With a group of children sitting around a large large man, muscular and hefty. The sound of children laughing as the large older man pulled some rather strange faces. Balloon animals within each hand of the children. "now kiddly widdlyies, it's food time. WHO WANTS NOMMIES" the old man shouted lifting his hands into the air with utter excitement. You would think the kids had just been told they were about to be shot. For as soon as the food was mentioned by Eli, they jumped up and screamed. Running for their lives. People could swear they heard one of the kids scream "HE'S TRYING TO KILL US" as he cried to his mother. The large elderly man stood, his mouth hanging open in shock. Dramatically he turned, tears dripping from his eyes, his nose leaking. "Why, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS RUN FROM MY FOOD" he said between sobs. "The greatest chef, the ramen master" he mumbled as he walked through the crowd.

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