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1 Doctor's Orders on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:27 pm

Green hands parted the curtains to look out on the street. Marines were mobilising. Patrolling the street like some kind of military police state. Even though he was yet to catch the eye of the World Government himself, just being a fishman was enough for him to be under suspicion. Wherever he went, he would be watched. Right now in Nanohana, it wasn't a safe place for him. And a much less safe place for Jackal. He wondered where the mink had got to. He was beginning to worry after all of the commotion in Nanohana coupled with seeing his bounty poster in the newspaper. He was sure that Jackal would be able to handle himself in most situations, but we were talking about a full on marine invasion here, and that mink was a little too flashy for his own good.

While hiding out here in Alubarna, he had been working on his concoctions. The bacteria that he hosted in his gut had turned feral for a few days after he had accidentally consumed the wrong type of coral. The fishman walked over to the sink and picked up an unlabeled bottle filled with mysterious grey goop. He sculled the class, and then leaned over to one side to let out a low pitched, whistling fart. This concoction should be enough to let those little microbes settle back down. It was like a tired parent, pushed to their limits, finally giving in to their child's tantrums and buying them whatever had caught their eye. The only problem with this treatment was that it gave him some bad gas. Bacteria often excreted some nasty airborne chemicals. Gil didn't mind it too much, as long as no one lit a match in the vicinity, he would be alright. Overall he was pleased, though. He felt like this particular strain was almost ready for it's dress rehearsal. It had come a long way since the incident with that poor man's arm.

items: spear pistol
doriki: 2 speed, 1 strength

OOC: Since Bazil is unconscious, we are going to split this voyage into two smaller ones.

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2 Re: Doctor's Orders on Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:58 am


It's the thrill in the end. In that moment when something stolen becomes mine or is it? That's the bliss I desire.

Downtown Alubarna

Using his pooka dotted scarf as a head dress, Jackal had changed his clothes to concealing white robes, which trailed down to his feet, concealing his appendages, arms and legs. As done in times of the past, the Mink had wrapped his tail around his waist, using several belts and straps to contain it's movement. He'd picked up a pair of cheap ten dollar shades from the district and was cruising through the market, full of life and commotion. Jackal's men had fled Barron's Hideout, as that base of operations was compromised. One faction accompanied Jackal to the capital once again, another faction headed towards Erumalu on the other-side of the Sandora River, where Jackal's plot to escape was being put into motion. He'd notice a crowd huddling around the concession stands to purchase the Monthly Coo, issued by the World Government. Sliding through the pockets of the crowd, Jackal would use the mass hoard to pickpocket himself an issue underneath his robes. Sliding out on the other end of the crowd, Jackal was met back by the five men dressed in similar robes, who'd been following him from the Jackal Bandits. Two of the men were carrying a wooden wagon, with ropes strapped over their shoulders to put it's motion in place. The wagon was around ten feet in length and about five feet wide, and it carried a series flowers, Lilly's as a matter of fact, and underneath these rare flowers was the body of the famed Red Mohawk. Those carrying the wagon walked to the front, well within Jackal's view, about three feet away, while the other three men walked to the Mink's hind. After meeting the end of the street corner, Jackal would pop open the Coo, and begin digesting the paper's contents. "Sir. We're making this right. It's the building where Big Brother Gil's hanging out in." one of the grunts informed. Making the turn, Jackal would continue for about ten meters, all the while traversing the newspaper. He'd read about the Red Fox 'Soju' claiming to the Pirate King's Son, Hannibal Uchis efforts and the higher ranking officials such as Sparks on island, finally ending on the section about the 'villains of the world' so dramatically labelled by the world government.

Stopping the pack's advance, the grunt would point to the most run-downed building along the stretch. It really was a dingy little two story house, with a loft area on the downstairs, and on the upstairs, a one bed room apartment. Grinning, "Talk about lowkey." Jackal thought. Sliding open the wooden doors, Jackal would let the flower cart and his two men enter first, then follow after, leaving the three bandits on the outside to guard the only entrance to the building. To the cardinal points, were the road, another apartment complex, pond shop and a brothel house, north, south, east and west respectively. As you can tell, it wasn't the most lavish section of Alubarna from it's surroundings but for their situation, it was perfect. Once inside, they'd shut the doors behind them, removing Bazil from beneath the bed of roses, and carrying the man up the stairs with no delay. The Red Head was drenched in sweat and covered in wounds, which seemed to be from a spear or piercing weapon of some kind. Following the men up the stairs, the pack of four would come to a door, after knocking, they'd announce themselves, "It's me Scales." Jackal said pushing the door open. "Did you miss me?" Jackal said grinning, as he'd push open the door, removing the cover over his mouth and shade. At Jackals cue, the men rested Bazil onto Gilbard's bed. "I'm going to need you to save that man's life. The man who murdered the King. He's pretty banged up." Jackal stated grinning, not loud enough for anyone outside of this room, let alone this building to even hear, pointing toward's the bed. "Also... What's with this dump of a place? You have some really... meek tastes." Jackal said, inspecting the room, News Coo in hand.

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3 Re: Doctor's Orders on Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:31 am

Gil was also pleased with how his bile acid was coming along. He had figured out how to increase the pH significantly by training his body by inducing stomach cramps to keep his internal juices bottled up. He was always amazed at how well his body adapted. He guessed that he had his zebrafish genes to thank for that. The practical application of the bial was the hard, and dangerous part. Because now that it was of such a high pH, it caused significant burning just by contact and was more dangerous to organics than acid of the same concentration was. Gil trained himself to be able to safely transport the bile up his digestive tract and out his mouth through a series of precise internal muscle contractions. Gil had been testing it on some nearby furniture, melting away a perfectly good chair and burning some ominous words into the wall. It was both scary and inspiring just how powerful a weapon an organism could become.

"Did you miss me?"

"It is certainly quieter without you, that's for sure." The corner of Gil's mouth twitched upward and his eyes crinkled. "I take it that you were discrete in coming here?" Gil asked while he eyed the limp body that was hauled onto his bed.

"I'm going to need you to save that man's life. The man who murdered the King. He's pretty banged up."

Gil walked over to the body and observed it from a few metres away. A sparkle of recognition lit in his eye. "You've brought me a man who has murdered a king?" He knelt down over the bed and rolled the unconscious man into a neutral lying position.

"Also... What's with this dump of a place? You have some really... meek tastes."

Gil croaked, pulling out a bag of tools from underneath the bed, unzipping it, and bringing out a stethoscope. "A little dirt is good for the immune system. I hear some mammals enjoy a good dust bath. You should try it some time." He would remove any clothing that was in the way of his initial inspection. He had shallow cuts on his stomach and other places, but Gil knew that these wouldn't cause an adult to fall unconscious. There was something else at play here. Around the wounded areas, there was a blueish blackness that was traveling up the man's veins like the delta of a river. He put the stethoscope in his ears and held the other end to the unconscious man's chest. There was a heartbeat, albeit a faint one. Gil moved upwards to the man's face. It was rather white and flushed with sweat. He pulled back the man's eyelids and peered into the eyes. They showed no response, and he could see faint discolouration. Looking into his ears, Gil could see a redness, like they were inflamed and a little puffy. He would then open his mouth and peer down his throat. There, at the back of his throat would be a blackish blue discolouration. There. This was no ordinary infection or toxin.

"I have seen these symptoms before in a merchant that had traveled the desert to get to Alubarna while I was holed up in the palace clinic. I believe he has been paralysed by something akin to the striped viper. It's venom slowly closes down the nervous system until your brain barely functions. The bad news is that this merchant died, and I could do nothing about it except help him leave the world painlessly. The good news is, that since then I have done research into the affliction and heard of a cure. The other bad news is that I have no idea where I could find such a thing. I'm afraid this man doesn't have much time before his paralytic state becomes permanent, or worse."

Gil stood, glancing over to Jackal and then back down at the man. "You say this man killed a king..." Then realisation struck that he had seen this face before. He almost completely missed it due to how different this sick man looked to the one in the bounty poster. "This is that 'Warhead', isn't it?" Gil looked over to Jackal. "I've heard of this man's exploits from the people on this island. Is he your ally? The marines have launched all but a full out invasion of this island partly because of you two. Now you're going out of your way to not only associate with him but to assist him? What the hell have you got yourself into?"

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4 Re: Doctor's Orders on Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:08 am


It's the thrill in the end. In that moment when something stolen becomes mine or is it? That's the bliss I desire.

"Close enough. It's not Viper's Poison. It's scorpion's. Seeing as we both got poisoned by the same poison from the looks of their weapons in the Palace... Though, whoever he was fighting was using some serious heavy strikes. The Lesser Mink I fought used arrows." Jackal stated, whistling as he stared at the man's wounds. Stripping of his robes, Jackal showed Kappa, the wounds he'd sustained in his shoulder and knee cap, "See, I take it the discolouration around my wounds are because of the poison. Luckily for me, the person I fought had the serum for it on him." Jackal continued. "Meaning... Whatever hint you might need would be in my blood stream. Guess you might get your dream of cutting me open sooner than you would've thought." Jackal concluded. "Shishishi... Ally? Does every person you save through your practice have to be a good person or a friend?" Jackal inquired. "As for the invasion, I've been keeping low for the last few days, so I only found out about the marine higher ups coming here when I read the Coo moments ago." Jackal said, tossing the newspaper onto the foot of the bed. As such, all of the wanted posters scattered out, revealing the Slum Queen Melissa, Warhead's own, Jackal's and Lina's. "I just thought... If this bastard was crazy enough to kill the King... Then it might be interesting to keep him around. Besides, thanks to him... I was able to steal the item I came on Sandy Island for. Meaning my business here is concluded." Jackal stated chuckling, rubbing his chest which had a bulge, shaped like the outline of a book. "However, I understand your concern Gilbard. That's why I've had Sinbad prep the Barron. Since the streets are swarming with marines, I wouldn't be surprised if soon enough they begin spot checks of every residence until they find us. Especially to find this crazy fucker." Jackal said, shifting his eyes towards Bazil. "Unlike us... You've been fairly quiet on Sandy. I wouldn't mind if you said this was a bit too much for you to commit to. After all of this, I would've like you to sail the seas with me as my nakama and First Mate. Seeing as your the only person I trust aside from Sinbad. However, that's just a selfish wish of mine. Besides, it's only going to get worse from here when they found out what I stole." Jackal stated.

"When you get a chance though... You should read the Coo. This Soju The Red Fox guy... I used to hear the Captain of the Pirate Crew I ran with talk about him alot."
Jackal said, changing the topic. "That's pretty much all I have to say for now... What do you think, can you save him?" Jackal inquired grinning.

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5 Re: Doctor's Orders on Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:55 pm

Bazil’s unconscious body laid on the operating table inside of a dingy two story home. Beside him, stood a fishman doctor and the mink who had just saved his life on a whim. Two races who held great hatred towards the humans who have long made them suffer, now about to save this man, no this devil’s life.

His body was hot and flushed, almost completely paralyzed from the poison, the function of his organs had begun to be affected to the point of stopping. Reduced to a now death like state, the once proud young man started to slip in and out of this world, his mind going black from lack of oxygen, his mouth dry as the desert island they had found themselves on.

During this time, Bazil found himself in an open plain underneath the night sky, in front of where he stood, around ten meters away, there was a large rock, atop of which sat a red lion, his body covered in a black flame like pattern and a crown atop his mane covered head. The beast was sprawled out proudly, his long tail whipping back and forth as it hung off the edge, his eyes looking down upon the pirate. “Bazil” The beast rumbled lowly, “I am the ‘king’ that dwells inside of you.” The lion, standing up moved down off his perch, standing on all fours the beast still looked down upon the young man. Swaggering over to him, the lion circled around Bazil, sizing him up with all of his senses. “And that..” The beast trailed off, turning the young man’s attention to the crimson bubbling mass that was forming ten meters behind his current position, “Is the true devil that has taken up residence within you.” The bubbling mass now taking the form of a winged demon, its malformed limbs reminiscent of weapons, rifles for limbs and blades for fingers, the wings spliced together with various makes and models. All while dripping a liquid almost identical to blood. “You were born for great things, Bazil, the power you were born with is far greater than what any devil could offer you.” The lion roared, taking a defensive position next to his ‘master’.

Bazil looked at the blood demon, the creature unable to form audible words, it just extended its lanky red limbs towards the young man, the liquid dripping on the ground, killing the plant life it touched. Spreading its dripping wings out the creature let out a bone chilling screech.

“You are at a crossroads.” The lion spoke up after the creature quieted back down, “Either embrace your role as a ‘king’ or fall into depravity and follow the path of the devil, you must choose” It finished, the world now turning upside down and reforming, almost like someone shook up a snow globe to reset everything. Now standing at a forked path, each twelve meters long, one leading to flame patterned red lion and the other to the blood demon.

Bazil, who had silently been taking the entire situation, finally gave his reaction, a sadistic smile appeared on his face. The razor sharp grin making its appearance, “I guess that means I’ll just have to be the devil king then!” He roared, unleashing a hailstorm of bullets at both of the beings, the blood demon popping, scattering the crimson liquid everywhee, while the lion dissipated into a smokey red flame that hung on the air. Both of which began to gather towards the pirate, entering into his visible orifices. Once again the world shifted around, this time finishing as a blank canvas with Bazil in the middle. The world was now all white, ready to be remade in the pirate’s image.

Looking around the empty space and then down to his hands, a laugh began to slowly build until it reached the point of maniacal outburst, echoing through the vast emptiness his laughter carried for what seemed like forever.

Word Count: 666
OOC: Dream Sequence, Brosiedons
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6 Re: Doctor's Orders on Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:05 pm

No, not every person Gil had treated was an ally of his. In fact, they never were. He hadn't had an ally let alone a friend for a while. But he felt like Jackal was missing the point here. This wasn't some random citizen that they were talking about, it was a highly dangerous criminal. Apparently the mink thought it 'might be interesting to keep him around'. Gil could agree that it would probably be interesting, but it was very careless to say the least. His black eyes fixed on Jackal. He could see that he had made up his mind on this. Gil decided he would have to take it upon himself to figure out a way to improve their odds of surviving, even if it was only by a little.

"So let me get this straight. You are sure that whatever you have taken in is a cure for this scorpion poison. So I would have to derive the agent from your blood and transfer it into someone else." While he talked, he moved the couch over to the bed so that they were laying next to each other. He would then go through his bag and pull out some tubes, fluid bags, needles and syringes, and a bunch of other apparatus that he had nicked from the palace clinic over the past few months. Jackal obviously didn't understand how hard it was to do what he was asking. "One thing is for sure. There's no guarantee. In fact, there's probably not even a double digit percent chance of this working. I am more likely to cause harm rather than help. Lay down." He said, motioning to the couch. If Jackal let him, he would insert a needle into his arm and attach it to a tube leading to a fluid bag. Gil would need a decent amount of his blood. "How many doses of this cure did you take? Whatever you had will have spread throughout your body, meaning that whatever I can take will be diluted. Not to mention that some has probably already left your system." Even if he had access to whatever state of the art equipment and the culmination of the world's knowledge this would be a tough feat. Gil hadn't done something like this before. And he wouldn't think of trying with a hope of succeeding if it weren't such a serious situation. "I'll run some experiments. At least this Bazil may be able to find peace knowing that his body will be donated to furthering medical science."

Gil hadn't addressed Jackal's talk of joining his crew on purpose. It was as he had said. It was a large commitment that would change the course of his life significantly. He wanted to, but there was still much that had yet to be decided.

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7 Re: Doctor's Orders on Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:42 pm


It's the thrill in the end. In that moment when something stolen becomes mine or is it? That's the bliss I desire.

Jackal would comply to Gilbard's probing and testing, he'd lay down in the bed next to the Bazil's own, being inserted with a series of tubes and needles, being used to pretty much extract his blood. "If I was fully a Lesser Mink... It might've been diluted. Mink's are incredibly sensitive to chemicals on a biological level I was told. That's why I stay away from alcohol... Goes straight to my head." Jackal stated. "However, your right... The chances of the cure still being in my blood stream is slim. However, I have a feeling fate's on our side." Jackal concluded. The procedure went on for hours, Jackal was beginning to feel light headed from all of the blood that was being drained from his body, to the point that he'd began to take on a slight fever and sweat profusely. However, what truly made him ponder was the fact that Gilbard hadn't responded to his invitation, and justly so. Jackal would've found it weird if he'd just went along with the flow, as that wasn't in Jackal's books for his personality type at all. "Ah... I remember... feeling this same sensation... ages ago." Jackal thought, trailing off into daydream.

"I don't want to be a solider! I don't want to be a musketeer anymore! I suck!" Jackal shouted, recollecting on a ten year old version of himself. The sound of Jackal's father slapping him across his face with his paw echoed among the other parents among the training camp for young Minks. "Do you understand who you are!? You are a descendant of the proud Jackal Clan! I won't have my pup be barking such foolishness!" Jackal's father commanded. "Fine! I guess I won't be your son anymore! I'm sick of this place anyway!" Jackal belted out, tears in his eyes, running away from the Camp's facilities into the forest. A concerned parent inquired, "Becko. Was that necessary?" the parent asked with a perplexed look on his face. "If he can't toughen up now... His life will be much harder. Our life here on Zou isn't the only reality we are faced with... Especially with Slave Traders always on the prowl." Becko said scowling. Jackal would run for hours, digging deeper and deeper into the Night Side Turf. Since it was morning out, this was Jackal's happy place to think, he wouldn't be interrupted by his peers from the Morning Side of Zou and they'd be no one virtually around since it was restricted to his faction. Crying by the roots of a gigantic tree, a fox Mink descended from the tree's peak, landing right in front of Jackal. "Hey brat. Why are you keeping so much noise sniffling? I'm trying to sleep... my ears are pretty sensitive." Jewels barked. Jewels was a Fox Mink who served under the Night Side's King at the time, who'd always keep her identity concealed behind a purple scarf, which she'd fashion around her face. Ceasing his sniffling, "I'm sorry... I guess I'll just leave now." Jackal said, picking up to his feet and staggering away with no fight challenging the Minks' words. Bouncing off the ground from her position, Jewels would jump kick Jackal in his back sending him flying into the ground. "I never told you to leave... Jeez. Such a touchy brat." Jewels scoffed, now standing on the back of Jackal. "What's the deal anyway... Why are you crying kid?" Jewels inquired. Breathing heavily, Jackal's vision became blurry, "I... just... not... feeling so hot today." Jackal exclaimed, huffing and puffing as his fur and body were burning up in temperature. Jewels would place her hand on the Mink's forehead, "Ah. You have a fever?" Jewels inquired. Jackal basked in the sensation of the woman's embrace, before passing out, Jackal would sniffle. "I wonder if this is what a mother's touch feels like." Jackal murmured before falling asleep.

Jewels would breakdown into tears shortly after, hoisting the Mink child over her shoulders. Wiping her tears, she'd began to travel towards the Morning Side, only to intercept a panicked Becko, who'd been scouring the woods for his son. Becko and Jewels eyes made eye-contact, and without any exchange of words, the woman would gently handover Jackal to Becko. "That's it... your not going to tell him anything Jewels... or say anything to me?" Becko inquired, as the female Mink turned her back to walk away. Chuckling, "All these years later and you still haven't changed... How do you know that I haven't told him who I am? And I have nothing to say to a man who can't even notice his own pup has a fever." Jewels scoffed. "It's because I know you better than anyone else, Jewels. This same pup has grown up with no mama to lick his wounds. I have to make him tough. I'd hope you'd understand that!" Becko shouted, as Jewels walked away saying nothing more, but her eyes were filled with tears and her voice choked in emotion, hiding it from Becko. "He's so beautiful... but... because of my family's... transgressions- I made him half human. My blood... Not yours. Now your family won't ever have an heir.... I can't bare anymore children. You should find yourself another Mink-" Jewels stated, in a harsh manner before being barked at by Becko. "SHUT UP WITH THAT FOOLISH TALK JUJU! I DON'T LOVE ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU JEWELS! JACKAL IS OUR SON! I'M PROUD OF HIM. NO MATTER WHAT GENETICS HE HAS." Becko shouted, curdling his son closely.

Trailing back to the present, "Why was that sensation... so familiar?" Jackal pondered, as Gilbard's hand rested upon his forehead, checking his temperature. "I always wonder... What my dad and Jewels argued about that day... Everything they said was so blurry." Jackal thought, staring at the ceiling of the two story room.

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