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1 Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:54 pm

Hello, I am very new to the site.  As in I just joined maybe an hour or so ago.  I have been doing my absolute best to read through every bit of the rules and lore and just have a few questions if that's alright.  

I appreciate any assistance people can provide and apologize in advance if my question has been answered somewhere and I have missed the thread, post, or wording that would have given me what I needed.

1. This seems to me to be a no brainer, but I just want to be certain.  A +5 Doriki technically allows an attribute to perform at the next level, but fair to assume that this doesn't allow you to circumvent attribute rank prerequisites for Haki?  IE a +5 Secondary Spirit & Willpower won't let you access Master rank Haki?

2. This might be something I have missed, but is there any census on the number of active pirates, marines, etc. out there?  I know these sorts of things aren't perfect so even if I have a ballpark figure it might help me figure out what faction I may want to tie my first character to.

3.  Same vain as question 2.  I saw the awesome plotters and they are great for individual plottage, but would there be anywhere I could see any actively recruiting crews, cells, or units?

4. I read Kaito's thread on Combat RP which was very informative.  However, I will be the first to admit that it has been a long time since I have done anything like that and I am considerably rusty.  Would anyone recommend any threads that would serve as a great example for an ideal Combat RP thread?  

5.  Have there been any crafting requests and where would I find them?  Would like to see some examples before I decide on any given profession.  My instinct is to say they may be found in the shop, but I don't have access to that yet.

6. Same idea as 5, but with Skills & Abilities.  The Rokushiki listed on the page are a great example, but the more I have to study the better I can build my own and provide less of a headache for staff.

I totally understand if 5 and 6 will become visible to me only after I submit a character and get approval.  However, since examples of approved Skills & Abilities or crafted items may very well shape the occupation I select for my character I just thought I should ask ahead.  

Again I appreciate everyone's patience with me, apologize if I missed some obvious sections of the site, and look forward to RP'ing with people.

EDIT: This hit me afterwards so I just wanted to include it.

7. I found mention of perks for the various occupations on some threads around the site including in the Equipment and Meito thread in Systems. I was wondering if there is a standardized list of Perks for the listed occupations and where those could be found if they do exist?

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2 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:43 pm



1. No, Doriki is basically a way to bridge the gap, but not be on the next level. so say you have Secondary speed with +5 doriki, and you're fighting a guy with Primary speed with 0 doriki, you won't be AS fast as him, but you will of certainly been faster if you were say Secondary with no doriki.

2. Hmm, active marines include David (me), Yorugami, Louise, Hannibal, and Bloo (tho he is currently in active due to IRL so take that as you will)

I'm not sure how many there are of the other factions but basically Rev has the lowest amount of members followed by I feel like Marines, then Vagabonds (Basically people who don't belong to any faction) and then the pirates. Though you could switch Marines and Vagabonds because i'm not sure how many there actually are.

Fair warning thats my view on it so take it with a grain of salt.

3.  Best I can tell ya is look at plotters and hand around in the Chat Box to find a crew. I think Jackal of the pirates is recruiting, Louise well almost certainly accept any one, same with Hannibal (I would offer you to join my crew but I'm going to be flying solo for a bit) and for Rev's i'm not sure. I know Gold is running around, just not sure doing exactly what but you could always ask him, and then Vagabonds are basically doing whatever but you could still ask.

4. Hmm thats a tough one... If you wanna read my current thread where Oceanus (Crow) decided to attack it might give you an idea at the very least. (Link)

5. In the systems page, there is a thing called Occupation and Crafting, simply look there to see if that answers your question. I know Kappa has a thread going where he is making medicine or something. and Louise also has a tread like that so might try there.
Occupation's and Crafting link: Link
Louise Link: Link
Kappa Link: Link

6. Well for that I'd have to say yu need to get approved to check out skill sets. There are a lot in the approved skills section (Idk if you can use this but, Link). Might as well look through there you can.

7. Same as Number 5, there is a system's thread for it.
Occupation's and Crafting link Link

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3 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:26 pm

If you would like a few examples of skill sets, I can pm them to ya. However we don't have anyone who has crafted anything yet. It's a new system and people haven't had enough time to create anything.

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4 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:48 pm

Thanks so much for the answers David and DDD. All of it helps clear up what my next steps should be. As I'd like to make someone who could already join up with someone I think my first order of business will be waiting to see who is recruiting and seeing what they could use. I am pretty flexible character wise so I'm not too bothered with going with the flow. The links were very helpful since it saved me from doing a lot of hunting and pecking through threads which is what I was worried about.

Knowing that crafting is a relatively new system helps with my confusion and makes sense. I would definitely appreciate a PM with those skill sets. Anything to help make sure all my stuff is as good to go as possible is appreciated.

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5 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:27 pm

Been gone for a little while, but finally back at the site. Quick question before I finally jump in and start creating. I didn't see it anywhere specifically mentioned in the lore, but do Celestial Dragons exist in this OP universe? Didn't want to jump to any conclusions just because the World Government existed in some form.

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6 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:27 pm



Last I checked they still do, though might wanna pm a staff member for that question.

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7 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:29 pm

@Superguest wrote:Been gone for a little while, but finally back at the site.  Quick question before I finally jump in and start creating.  I didn't see it anywhere specifically mentioned in the lore, but do Celestial Dragons exist in this OP universe?  Didn't want to jump to any conclusions just because the World Government existed in some form.
Pm Janitor or Kaito. They're the big dogs and the ones doing the story stuff. A lot of stuff on the site is a blank slate,but certain things like using vice admirals and above are off limits.

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8 Re: Several Noobie Questions on Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:30 pm

Will do and thank you both.

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