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"Do you know what is up there?" Mashyuu asked while checking his gun for ammo. Only a few shots left in it, his aim would have to count in the long run. "No, I've never been in the buildings before. Only in the courtyard. We were lucky to avoid any land mines. I've seen Gogo throw his enemies into the grass and watched as they exploded." Harley commented, making Mashyuu cringe from imagining it. "Okay... Well we need to get up there without getting killed and that's a bottle neck." "Why don't you fly up there and open the door from the side?" Harley asked while waving her hand at the door in a grand gesture. "I'm barely being held together, and I'm tired. I don't want to use my wings to fly unless I have to with no other choice." Mashyuu plopped down on a padded chair that was pushed into the desks and drew a deep breath. "Truth is, I'm barely able to focus right now, that guy wouldn't have gotten the drop on me if I were completely healthy. But a deal's a deal come on lets get up there."

The man stood up and pointed at the door, and Harley cracked her neck and started up the steps. "When you get there, drop down and push the door open, keep your head down." Mashyuu instructed. With the winged man still fairly injured, she knew that the heavy lifting would be up to her for the most part but the drugs in both of their systems were starting to take hold again. Whatever was behind the door had to be taken care of quickly. Harley dropped down to her knees and readied herself to fall into the doorway, leaning forward as the door opened. Her hand reached out and well painted nails wrapped around the knob. Slowly she twisted the knob, sending an electrical signal to a large trap at the opposite end of the room beyond the door. Harley opened the door and fell face forward into the empty dining hall. However the trap on the opposite side of the room was sprung! A large cannon slid out from behind the wall and fired, launching a cannonball out of the room and out of the building, leaving a large circular hole in the wall of the building. Had Harley been standing she would have been blown away by the cannon. Luck was on her side considering Mashyuu was simply going to shoot whoever came at the door.

"Holy shit... that was awesome." Mashyuu whispered and walked up the steps carefully. He helped Harley up and together the two would step into the room and look around. "It's a dining hall. Clearly empty considering it's past dinner time. Good trap though. I wonder why it was armed..." "Must have been expecting us or something. Like you said, we did cause a lot of noise outside."

"Gotta be a kitchen in here, some food help fight pain. I'm no cook but I know what foods have healing properties. Most kitchens have thyme, coffee and grapes. All of those fight and reduce pain. The coffee will also help keep the drug in us at bay." Harley explained while walking to a door that swung back and fourth with no knobs on it, knowing that to be a kitchen in general. Carefully Harley pushed the door open and peered inside, spotting a cook holding a large meat cleaver in one hand and waiting for someone to come into the kitchen. As the door swung open, the cook charged and Harley stepped inside to meet the foe head on!

Harley balled up a fist and gritted her teeth while taking on a defensive stance and waiting. Harley watched as a blow came in at her, and moved with the swing of the cleaver, rolling under and around the strike only to come up and drive a heavy fist into the man's armpit, her leg came up and blocked a kick, followed by an elbow to the man's knee, causing him to stumble back before Harley sent a sharp kick into the collar bone of the man, breaking it with the impact of her foot. The man stumbled back, smacked a pot of hot soup by the handle and flipped the boiling liquid onto his head, scolding himself in the process. He screamed in a shrill tone only to go silent as shock set in. And that is my Rapid Counter Strike..." Harley whispered. Mashyuu rushed into the room when he heard the sound but Harley placed a hand gently on his chest. "Wait for the coffee to brew once we have a cup we can go."

Mashyuu sat at the dining room table, waiting with his head in his palm. His mind raced with what the pair were getting into, knowing that sooner or later their luck would run out and both he and Harley were injured. How long could they keep going? Before he could finish his thought process, Harley entered the room with two hot cups filled to almost the brim. "Drink up and do it fast. We have to move quickly." Harley ordered while handing Mashyuu his drink. The pair sat in silence while they drank their coffee and let the drink take effect. "Mm. I found an elevator near by. We can take it up and it looks like it goes down too."

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Episode 3 Part 3: The Phantom Raiders vs Killer Elite!

The elevator buzzed as it moved up to the third floor of the building with Mashyuu and Harley inside, each of them stood ready to face whatever was on the other side of the metal doors. "So I have been going over Crew names for a while, can I get your input on a few? The Corsairs of the Silver Moon, Phantom Raiders, The Sea Wolves..." Harley glanced at Mashyuu from the corner of her eyes as the elevator stopped and the doors slid open. "The only one of those that sounds half good is the Phantom Raiders. Go with that." Harley said while the pair stepped out of the elevator. They stopped in a large white room with marbled floor. Across the room were two guards who stood with massive arms folded over their chests. Both dressed in blue suits, with black sunglasses to mask their eyes. Both were bald and the only way to truly tell them apart was the fact that one was almost chalk white. Between them rested a door that looked like it belonged to a vault of some sort.

"I'll bet that's where Uncle Gogo keeps his treasure or something. As Pirates we should take it." "Ya know what... if you give any money that's behind that vault to the people of Mock Town, I'll join your crew. That should make sure they are well off." Mashyuu grinned ear to ear and gave her a thumbs up. "Consider your services bought. Welcome aboard the Phantom Raiders." Across the way the two guards looked at one another and cracked their necks. Without a word they both took up similar fighting stances and watched the Phantom Raiders from behind their dark glasses. "Okay, I'll take the pale one. Try not to get hit too hard." Harley smiled at Mashyuu, knowing that he was far faster than she was and would put that to good use.

Ever the defensive fighter, Harley raised her arms and leveled her legs to support her weight and move quickly at the same time. The pale guard charged, not making a sound as his fist collided with her forearm. The impact was immense, nothing that couldn't be handled but she would wake up with a bruise. Her teeth ground together while she dealt with the strength of the man and jumped up, legs coming to her chest while she evaded a sweep of his leg to take her off her feet. Harley flicked her left leg out at the knee and kicked the man in the chest, sending him sliding back a foot or so due to the sudden impact.

Harley landed on her feet and quirked a smile at the guard who clutched his chest for a moment in pain, only to grin back at Harley and unbotton his suit jacket and reach into it, withdrawing a pair of brass knuckles with small spikes on the end. "I'll be taking those off your body when the fight's over." Again the two moved in on one another, this time Harley used her Rapid Counter Strike, weaving back to avoid a straight jab, then in to drive her open palm into the collar bone of the guard, then hopped to the right to dodge a knee, then drove her closed fist into the mans stomach as hard as she could and was about to follow it up with what she assumed would lead to a finishing blow when suddenly her left arm went numb. "Gahh! You Bastard!" Harley howled while slipping back to gain distance and gripped her left shoulder where blood poured down her arm. She looked at her arm and saw the puncture wounds from the guards knuckles and her eyes narrowed from pain and anger. Swallowing the pain, Harley took up her stance once again and waited, aiming with all her focus on the man's heart. Today she would take a life. Feeling confident, the guard charged and pulled his right arm back far to get ready to deliver a strong punch. As he drew near, Harley closed her eyes and let her instincts take over. She moved to the guards left, narrowly avoiding a terrible strike as his fist cut air. "One Inch...Punch!" Harley shouted while sending her fist only an  inch forward at most, driving her fist into the heart of the guard with all the strength her body could muster, leaning into the blow and sending the guard sailing backwards as she followed through with the blow. He crashed into the wall he was once standing in front of and left a small indent of his body in it as he fell to the ground, dead or out cold.

At the same time that Harley fought, Mashyuu unhooked his morning star from his hip and held it in his right hand, swinging it in a circle to build momentum while his left hand grasped his dagger loosely. His wings beat hard twice, and he pushed himself to meet his foe. Stopping just short of being in range with his morning star, Mashyuu let his wings spread wide and out towards the guard to give him pause. "Fall from Grace!" Mashyuu shouted while his dagger swiped rapidly at various and sharp angles to keep the guard on the defensive while his morning star came up and moved to hit the guards hip and thigh. Just before his weapon connected, the guards hand caught Mashyuu's weapon and his free hand gripped Mashyuu by the neck and started to squeeze. Wide eyed, Mashyuu flapped his wings as hard as he could and took an awkward flight, spinning in a circle in the process while he swiped his dagger at the mans arm to keep him from completely choking Mashyuu. When the pair were close to the roof of the building Mashyuu stopped beating his wings and fell, leaning forward to land atop the guard. The impact winded both men but Mashyuu's dagger had slipped into the stomach of the guard drawing a deep pool of crimson blood. Mashyuu rolled over and grasped his ribs, blood seeping through his shirt at the chest, a few stitches popped.

Harley had been going through the downed guards pockets when Mashyuu crashed into the ground. It didn't take long for Harley to find a key that would unlock the next door but the sight of Mashyuu bleeding again made the woman shudder with fear for her new friend. She rushed to Mashyuu's side and pressed her hand to the open wound. "Damn it... Keep pressure on this! I'm gonna get something to fix this!" Harley shouted and sprang up to race for the locked door. Quickly she fumbled with the key and pushed the door open when she heard the lock click.

Inside the next room was a virtual armory and her eyes went wide with relief and joy. She raced for a small shelf that held a doctors bag that soldiers would use on a battle field to fix wounds quickly. Without a moment to spare she raced to Mashyuu's side and slid on her knees to stop at Mashyuu's right flank. She dug through the bag and pulled out a pair of scissors, then a small bottle of disinfectant spray and a signal flare. First she cut the shirt and bandage from Mashyuu's chest and revealed the stitches that were popped. Next she sprayed his chest with the stinging spray, causing Mashyuu to writhe and howl with pain. "Here, bite down on this." She commanded while shoving a small towel from the bag into Mashyuu's mouth. Finally she lit the flare and pressed the fire stick to Mashyuu's wound, cauterizing the wound by singing the flesh closed. Mashyuu screamed into the towel while the smell of seared flesh filled the air. After he had stopped screaming and started to rest, Harley sprayed her own arm with the disinfectant and wrapped her wound in a small cloth bandage. "Okay, that should hold you together, lets get a move on."

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Episode 3 Part 4: The Phantom Raiders vs Axe Head!

Ten Minutes Later

The elevator that Mashyuu and Harley had rode up stopped on the ground floor and a hidden panel on the first floor slid back to reveal the pair. Everyone who had been knocked out remained that way while Mashyuu took the spiked chain he found in the armory and wrapped the safe end around his forearm and smiled wide. "Even though I don't know any skills with this yet, I already think this is a much better fit for me than the morning star." He said while stepping out of the elevator. "Yes, a long range spiked weapon for you to impale yourself with is just as good as a short range one on a stick." Harley replied dryly while the pair walked across the room to a door they hadn't noticed before. "Think it's trapped?" "Doubt it. Look at how it blends in with the wall. It doesn't make sense to trap something so hard to find. The only reason we knew to look for it was because it doesn't make sense that there would be no other way into this wing other than walking out of the house only to go back in." Mashyuu reasoned while pushing the door open into the central room.

Before them was a large flight of stairs that went up, another room door on the opposite end of the room and behind the steps a door that would likely lead to a closet. The room itself was nothing special but the grand doors to Mashyuu and Harley's right were clearly the front doors of the manor. The room itself was painted a chocolate brown but more importantly, in the center of the room stood the little girl with the axe in her head and a half empty plate of pancakes in her hand. "You hurt big brother, and I didn't get to finish my pancakes." She growled while reaching up to her face to pull the axe out of her skull. "Couldn't you have finished the pancakes while you waited for us? You brought them here after all...." It seemed the logical explanation had angered the axe head as she charged the pair. "Mashyuu run!" Harley shouted and jumped high, over the banister of the steps and started to dart up the stairs to a maze of rooms! Mashyuu uncoiled his new found chain and held it out to catch the axe and danced around the young girl then followed Harley up the stairs while the young child gave chase, swinging the axe wildly!

The halls started to echo a strange eerie music while Mashyuu and Harley entered a room. They ran through an empty room while Axe head gave chase, only for the pair to come out from a door that somehow led to the door opposite the one in the hall they had entered just moments ago. Without questioning it, they moved down the hall and entered another room, this time coming out of the first room they entered while Axe head still gave chase. "What the hell is with these doors!?" Harley shouted while turning around and coming out a door at the end of the hall. Mashyuu continued forward while just barely keeping his wings from being clipped by Axe head. This pattern continued on for nearly five minutes until Harley realized they outnumbered the small child. "Mashyuu throw her down the stairs!" Harley shouted and the order caused Axe head to go wide eyed and turn around to run away. "No! I'm just a kid!" She shouted as she made a bee line down the hall. Mashyuu smiled wide and took off, flying after her. Instead of doing what Harley asked, Mashyuu used his chain to wrap around the neck of the Axe head and flew straight up out of a sky light, crashing through it and cutting himself with shallow cuts in the process, however he quickly started to fly in a circle around the roof until the little girl fell and crashed onto the manor's roof hard. "Hey! Get me down!" She shouted at Mashyuu as he started to fly back to the broken window. "Sorry about your brother but you two are working for a bad man. I hope one day you can forgive me, I forgive you!"

Mashyuu landed at the base of the steps and walked up, returning to Harley's side just as the front doors of the building opened up and guards started to flood the room. "Okay, now we should really run!" Mashyuu and Harley looked at one another and started to run, keeping to the left like anyone who was stuck in a maze would. In their wake, trip wires were snagged, setting off various traps but Mashyuu and Harley were just too fast or perceptive to let the traps catch them. However the guards behind them were soon stopped when one trap dropped the roof of the hall in, taking down a single support beam. Loose rocks caught both Mashyuu and Harley in the back but not enough to do more than bruise their bodies as the came to one final room. "This has to be the place, be on your guard and lets finish this together." Harley ordered. "Like you said, I'm here to help you. But all those weapons we found before. Lets sell em to the marines and make sure the people get most of the money. I do want a little to help buy me a ship. Now Doctor, I'll take point." Mashyuu let his chain dangle and he pushed the door to the room open, ready to face down Gogo and get out before his goons could find a way around to help the mad man!

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Uncle GoGo: Speed (T) Perception (S) Rest NP

Uncle GoGo's had be leaning in on one arm the entire time, tapping his fingers as he watched his beautiful home, the one he crafted with his bare hands get destroyed by some kid and his girlfriend. " HEY FUCKERS THAT'S MUH GOD DAMN SPECIAL SKY LIGHT WHAT THE FUCK?", he'd ask in a fit of rage. The man tossed his beer into the wall and glared at his most trusted henchman. " WELL"? The man didn't move, nor did he acknowledge GoGo. He solemnly took notes and answered the den den's when necessary.

Alpha henchman: (T) strength, Np everything else

" Sir, it appears as if the armory has been raided and much of our forces are down for the count. Would you like me to escort whoever is able bodied"? GoGo fired a shot which came so close to hurting his right hand man, that the bullet grazed his skin with pinpoint accuracy. GoGo laughed and slammed his hand into the desk over and over again. " AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING THIS WHOLE TIME? AND WHY DON'T I HAVE A BEER YET"? The henchman shrugged and continued to take tabs of what was happening. He heard the footsteps of someone approaching the door. After picking up a bat with nails jutting from the body of the bat, he pointed to the emergency entrance. "Don't forget the back entrance sir".

Just as Harley kicked the door open, he charged with a battle cry swung the bat down at whoever came through the door first.


GoGo's weapon a revolver which resembles more of a hand canon. Its Bullets fire at Tertiary speeds,but it hits with an explosive impact upon stopping.

His master bedroom is around 20 meters long and 15 meters wide. There's a small stair case leading up to GoGo's work station, where he watches 20 den den monitor projections at once. His bed is nothing fancy, just a normal bed with a jet black comforter. It seems to be hinged on the wall, could be something. He has one secret exit on the back end of the room in the bathroom. You'll have to run through a walk in closet which has two secret doors. One leads to the dead end and the other leads to the main foyer(central area of the mansion). But both are pitch black and require a bit of guessing to figure out.

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Episode 3 Part 4: The Phantom Raiders vs Vs Uncle Gogo!

Harley kicked the door in and Mashyuu was the first to charge into the room only to hear Harley shout and he backpedaled. "Mashyuu bat!" The winged man slipped backwards and fell to the floor. As his legs spread the bat came down crashing the ground between his legs and just barely missed taking his family jewels. Harley's hand reached out and grabbed Mashyuu's collar and yanked the winged man backwards while Harley jumped over Mashyuu and threw a kick for the spiked bat singing thug's chest. Should it connect, Harley would push off the man with her leg and land in a defensive stance. If it missed Harley would land down in a three point stance while Mashyuu pulled himself up.

Quickly the winged man pulled his right arm back and waited for an opening between Harley and the brute then threw his right arm forward at the very moment that the two were split a bit. His chain soared through the passage of the doorway and went straight for the thugs abs, hoping that the spiked chain would either stick in and rip flesh, or leave a cut, hell even a bruise. Worst case would be forcing the brute to leave himself open to an attack.

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NPC Post:

Alpha henchman: (T) strength, Np everything else

The man's eyes locked on Mashyuu as he gripped his bat tighter and slammed it into the ground right before him, just barely missing. The bat smashed into peices upon impact, which he intended to use as an opportunity to try and apprehend the wingedman before he had a chance to recover. That's when the girl flew at him. The guard just barely managed to block her attack and was knocked back a few paces from the attack. He had a visible grimace even through the shades he wore, cocking his arm to smash the woman's face. In that moment he had tunnel visioned, leaving him open to Mash's counter attack.

Uncle GoGo: Speed (T) Perception (S) Rest NP

GoGo frowned with crossed arms and a smoking barrel. " You were smarter than my kin,but a weaker specimen. Begone", he said as he gun was pointed toward the alpha grunt's back. When Mash's attack connected, Uncle GoGo used the moment the brute caught the attack with his body trying to be a tough guy, to fire into the man's chest. The bullet flew toward him and lodged itself into the man's heart for but a split second. Before the man could grunt his chest exploded sending entrails, bits of tattered organs, and the ball and chain flying back toward mash and Harley. If Mash wasn't careful, his own weapon would be turned against the couple.

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It looked good for Harley even though her attack was blocked, it made enough of an impact that the brute of a guard was pushed back just a bit as Harley came down. Harley started to bring her arms up to try and block the attack that was about to come at her, fully preparing to counter strike wit ha series of rapid blows when suddenly a spiked chain shot out from behind her and caught the man in glasses in the abdomen. He grimaced and Harley had already taken a half step to take advantage of the opening when suddenly a loud gunshot rang out, causing Harley to try to evade something that wasn't even coming at her.

Without warning the dark haired woman was covered in blood and guts while the end of the spiked chain came rocketing back at her and Mashyuu. Harley wanted to scream from the disgust of being covered in a now exploded body but the chain was a bigger worry at the moment. Using her well honed perception she flexed her fingers and reached out at the last possible second while stepping to her right, catching the chain below the spikes to keep it from whipping back. At the same time Mashyuu raced forward to put slack between the chain and himself. His somewhat blinding speed was on display as he entered the room and the pair looked up at Gogo.

"It's over Gogo. Your lieutenants are defeated, most are dead. Your home has been crushed by your own traps and you're alone now. Give it up and you will survive this. I don't want to kill anyone else today!" Mashyuu shouted as a warning. While Mashyuu tried to reason with Uncle Gogo, Harley took a slow step to the right, putting a bit of distance between Mashyuu and herself so that the pair weren't so close. "That guns not normal, you're faster than me so try to avoid it. If you can draw his fire I'll get in close..." Harley whispered but had already noticed the hinges on the bed and planned to see what those were about. Her hand reached into her doctors bag and gripped a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Without warning she whipped it up at Gogo, hoping to draw his fire with it while Mashyuu took off, flying up to eye level with the man and flung his dagger from his hidden left sheath to try and get an early finishing blow on the large man in glasses.

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NPC Post: Boss fight music

Uncle GoGo: Speed (T) Perception (S) Rest NP

Uncle GoGo gave Mash a big toothy grin as he held his gun up and let the bullets fall from their chamber. The man grinned as he reloaded his gun. There was something calming about reloading his gun that gave him peace of mind. His eyes soaked up the scene before him as he contemplated what to do. The girl was trying to be slick,but he could totally see her whisper to him. The boy was also an open book, getting aggressive all of a sudden after she spoke to him. As soon as the girl reached into her bag he jumped to the side and fired a bullet into seemingly nowhere. The peroxide wouldn't meet it's mark,but GoGo's bullet would. It ricocheted with an audible clang against the wall before traveling up through the bottle in her hand and into the knife he tried throwing at GoGo. He then fired a second bullet at the cieling, causing it to bounce around randomly as he made a mad dash to his bathroom. if the couple was unlucky, they'd be hit by the random bullet.

" Ahh yes yes, trying to pull a fast one on the ol'unc are ya brats"!? The man yelled while tossing a smokebomb down to cover his tracks.

GoGo would disappear into the walk in closet with two paths, one with a door ajar and the other locked. One has a trap waiting for them and the other is the path GoGo is taking. Ofcourse there's also the bed, but who knows what's beneath there? Will our HEROES CATCH THE GOGOMIESTER?


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Harley couldn't believe how quick the portly man was with his gun. The moment her bottle left her hand a bullet ripped through it and grazed her palm up her fingers, drawing blood. The peroxide soaked her hand and the doctor recoiled, pulling her arm back and shrieking with pain. "JESUS THAT HURTS!!" She shouted while keeping her head low and running for the bed to at least try to gain a bit of cover. At the same time Mashyuu dropped out of the sky, landing on the ground while the bullet shot his knife completely out of the sky. It flipped through the air and clattered to the ground with a clang. As the second bullet started to bounce around, Mashyuu began to whip his chain around and moved to Harley's position, using the chain to try and keep the bullet from ripping through either one of them like it did the guard. Once the sound of a bullet bouncing had stopped echoing in the room Mashyuu let his chain stop swinging and folded it around his right arm. Harley held her hand and looked at it with a bit of anger in her face. "Nothing I can do about it now, but I can't really use it either. You're gonna be on your own for the most part and with that gun... in the bathroom... it's a bottle neck." Both of the pirates looked up at the smoke could that was starting to vanish. "Well... at least we know what way he went."

Together Mashyuu and Harley started up towards the bathroom while Harley reached into her bag and pulled a roll of bandages out to wrap her busted hand. Each time the bandage wrapped, Harley winced and swore a bit under her breath. The winged man picked up his dagger and looked it over with a frown. It wasn't broken but without some work it wouldn't fly straight anymore. The man sighed and slipped the dagger into its wrist sheath and the pair headed into the bathroom. "When we have him captured, lets check out that bed. Something is wrong with it." Harley grimaced and Mashyuu nodded as the pair walked to the bathroom and looked at the area. While Mashyuu couldn't see anything out of the ordinary Harley scanned the corners of the room and followed the walls. "Two hidden doors. One's open and one's closed." Harley pointed at where the closed door was first, then the open door. Mashyuu flew through the open door, chain in hand and ready to be tossed hard in a straight line while Harley cautiously started to walk to the closed door and hesitated to reach for it. Slowly she pushed the door open and jumped down to her back, ready to move away if any sort of danger presented itself.

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NPC Post: Boss fight music

Uncle GoGo: Speed (T) Perception (S) Rest NP

GoGo ran and he ran hard. His thighs were chaffing and his lungs felt like they were burning up. He wiped sweat from his brow and continued to dash forward as his trap sprung, just barely missing Harley. He looked back around the corner, to see the axe had sprung up from the floor indeed, but it barely missed her. He fired two more bullets at her, both bouncing to be unpredictable. The first aimed at her head, the second at where he believed mash to be. His gun had different rounds in it, but using his perception he knew the first was just a regular shot while the other would explode on impact.

After shooting he'd run off saying, " Let's see ya try that on for size"! His shouting was contrasted by the jingling of metal shells clanging against the floor. His hands were trembling as he reloaded his gun,but it felt good he thought. A big grin came over his face as he made it to the end of the tunnel. There a fork in the road was there once more,but his movements would echo. Both Harley and Mash would have to correctly discern which path he took. The sound of GoGo's breathing could be heard throughout the tunnel.

The end of the tunnel he ran down would have three 8 foot doorways leading to different places. It was dark and dank, with meager flickering lights and the sound of running water rushing in. But was this water a danger or just a ruse? GoGo's heavy footsteps can be heard splashing through this water filling all three tunnel.

Hint: Decide if the water is a trap or just a busted pipe from the rampage v.v

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Harley looked as the axe sprang up and sighed, dropping to her back completely as a gunshot suddenly rang out and a bullet whipped right over Harley's head! Her eyes went wide as she shook in her place then froze up from fear. Quickly her body rolled to the side and she pulled herself up to her feet. "Why is everyone shooting at my head!?" She shouted and started to run down the hall the bullet came from. He's fast for a fat man... Mashyuu thought as he twisted in the tunnel only for a bullet to strike in the corner in front of him before the bullet exploded, the force of the blast threw Mashyuu to the ground as bits of rubble hit him hard, pelting the man in the back of his head and shoulders. His ears rang and body trembled for a moment as he started to push himself up. Harley ran past him and motioned for the winged man to get up.

It was hard to see in the darkened room but at the moment there was only one way to go. Behind her Mashyuu had pushed himself into a three point running stance while his wings started to twitch. He was faster when running than he was while flying just due to not flying a lot as a child. "Alright, fuck this guy." He muttered and pulled the gun he had grabbed off the guards he and Harley had jumped when they arrived on the manor grounds. With gun in left hand and chain in right, Mashyuu rocketed into his fastest speed, moving past Harley and two the doors. "Harley go right!" Mashyuu shouted as the three doors came into view. While he wasn't sure what way to go, Mashyuu fired off five shots, his entire clip down the middle hall randomly then took off into the left hand hall while Harley followed up by moving down the left hall, her eyes scanning for traps and Gogo.

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NPC Post: Boss fight music

Uncle GoGo: Speed (T) Perception (S) Rest NP

GoGo had a wicked smile as he heard the gunshots being wasted down a different corridor. He trudged through the water, making each step all the harder. That's when he saw the pipes leaking ahead. "tch, that's gonna be a bummer ta fix"! He trudged through the stream of water and came to a set of stairs on the other side. He fire two more shots into nearby pipes, causing them to explode and ring through the tunnel again. " Have fun getting flooded fuckers"!

GoGo dashed through to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. He smashed through one of his portraits, which were actually covering an entrance to his central sector of the mansion. Here there were a bunch of goons all licking their wounds and wondering if GoGo and Alpha were okay. There were 10 in total and GoGo was going to use them for all they were worth, " Hey fucks get going. The two intruders are over here"! The portly man was breathing hard,but he continued to run toward the central stair case as his men rushed to the tunnel with the sound of rushing water.

Upon arriving there two men crouched and held guns pointed out at the dark while one tried to see what was down the tunnel. It was already filled with 4 feet of water by the time they arrived. " HAHHA alright boys time for a raise. Keep sharp and wait for these fuck heads to come thorough that stream of water", he said.

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Soft, heel covered feet clapped in the water as Harley rushed as best as she could manage through the water in the tunnel she was in. Her dark red eyes scrunched up from the smell of murky and dirty water in a damp hall. "Ughh who wouldn't notice this? Why is this even in here?" She grumbled while trudging through the water, more worried that the insane man would have a small seaking in the water than she was afraid of his gun.

Suddenly two shots rang out and Harley stopped in her tracks and listened for a moment as the sound of rushing water started to fill her ears. "Oh hell..." She swore and turned to try and run. Try as she might, Harley wasn't tall enough or fast enough to power through the water and a big rush hit her in her back throwing Harley face first into the water only to wash her back the way she came. As she washed up back into the bathroom she simply laid there, grumbling something under her breath between coughs while water continued to run into the bathroom and Gogo's bedroom. After she pushed herself up, Harley looked at the other two doors and frowned. "Well Captain, it looks like it's up to you." She whispered and slipped up to her feet. On shaky legs, Harley walked over to the bed and started to examine the hinges carefully to try and figure out how to move the bed.

At The Same Time

Mashyuu ran through the water as best as he could, even though it was waist deep, his wings rose up to stay dry and his face scrunched in annoyance. With a heavy jump, he pulled his legs up against his chest and started to fly in an awkward fashion down the hall when a series of shots rang out. Instead of flying away, Mashyuu flew faster, racing to try and meet the sound of gunfire until he saw a wave of water that filled the hall rushing at him. Mashyuu drew a deep breath of air and held it, flying straight into the water he began to swim for the exit.

It took everything he had but he managed to break out of the hall and exploded from the rushing water past the doorway and into the room. Blam! Blam! Two gunshots rang out and caught Mashyuu. One ripped through his left wing, the other in his right arm. Mashyuu hit the ground hard and stifled a terrible moan of pain while he used his left arm to push himself up to his feet. With his left wing hurt, he folded both wings against his back and winced as blood flowed down his back and arm to drip on the floor. In his right arm, a bullet was lodged, keeping him from making any hard movements. The Pirate snarled and unclasped his morning star with his left hand only to glare at everyone in the room. "When these guys don't kill me, you gonna shot them in the backs too Gogo? I have to admit, I'm sure your nephew wouldn't have even done that." Mashyuu snapped, hoping to god his words would make the guards hesitate or even train their weapons on Gogo.

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NPC Post: Boss fight music

Uncle GoGo: Speed (T) Perception (S) Rest NP

The guards trembled at the sight of the winged man's conviction, with the exception of the one leading them. " Hey screw this guy! Get em boys", however as he pointed toward winged man, there was no firing of their guns. He looked around him to find his men tossing their guns down and running. The lone guy looked around frantically and yelled, " HEY HEY GET BACK HER---never mind you fucks". He grimaced and reached for one of their rifles. A lone gunshot could be heard throughout the central part of the mansion, but whether or not it hit Mashyu has yet to be seen.

GoGo on the other hand watched in horror as his men ran away. He fired a couple of pot shots, doing just as Mash said he would. " putrid cowards", he said while catched his breath. The sound of bullets clanging against his shattered marble tiles could be heard in the stark empty chamber. He kept trying to catch his breath, but he was too frazzled to think straight and calm down. He reached into his coat pocket looking for his inhaler. His eyes would widened as his lungs burned. He was struggling not to gasp for breath and called out to the only one that didn't run. " Eyy jerry you gottem right? Get me my inhaler! I dropped it at the tunnel exit probably"!

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A wry smile started to cross Mashyuu's lips while the goons... well most of them, tossed their guns aside to let them clatter to the floor and turned their backs on not only the leader of the gang but Gogo as well, saving Mashyuu from what was surely a firing squad. Mashyuu's jaw set firmly and his teeth started to grind to try and drown out some of the pain in his wing and arm along with the burning in his lungs. He was hurt, and tired and almost none of it was Gogo's fault, it was mostly his loyal goons who the winged man had seen killed in cold blood and from behind. His shaky eyes watched as a single remaining man reached down and picked up a riffle. "..Really man? You don't want to do this. Everyone else is leaving, nobody else has to die." Mashyuu pleased until he realized the goon was loyal to a fault.

The winged man hurled his morning star up at the man's chest just before the man shot. The bullet from the rifle lodged itself into Mashyuu's flesh, luckily the toss of his morning star threw his own left arm in front of his chest, catching the bullet in his forearm. Drained of energy Mashyuu fell onto his right side and smashed his wound. "Gahh.... I guess this is good luck." He whimpered in pain. If his morning star didn't hit its mark, or take down his opponent he would look the man in the eye and nudge his head towards the sounds of the gunshots. "See... these men who just want to live and be happy, who thought they had what they wanted with Gogo... He just shot at them, trying to kill them and again, from behind and a safe distance away. He waited till their guards were down. Sure, you can kill me and be the next head of his forces but remember. Gogo killed the guy who was personally guarding him only a few minutes ago."

At the Same Time

Harley looked at the hinges on the bed and and followed the metal to see where they would lead to when swung open. Carefully she walked to the end of the bed and grabbed the corners, yanking the bed aside to reveal a hidden tunnel. "Of course... a coward would have an escape route in bed and the crapper. Okay, I see what you're doing." Harley quipped and made her way through the tunnel.

Just a few moments after she entered the tunnel and started to run, she heard a loud gun shot, then a minute or so later, a few more shots that had Harley pushing herself faster. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She swore while moving towards the exit where she could hear Gogo shouting about dropping something. With luck, Harley could get out of the tunnel and save her new captain and deal with Gogo!

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NPC Post: Boss Fight winding down

The man was slightly dazed and confused. Try as he might, his body just wouldn't react when he told it to get up. There was a ringing in his head from striking the ground hard without any cushion or positioning. He looked down to see a grisly morning star, although he didn't know it was personally, lodged in his chest. It had split him open and caused his entrails to start to drooped out. His hands trembled as they caressed his blood soaked uniform. That's when it hit him, the winged man standing before him had bested him. He looked up at Mash and said, " haha..hahaha we're all nothing in the grand scheme of things. We set sail from our family and friends to come to the grand line kiddo...and it ate us alive. GoGo gave us security,  and certainty. A gunshot to the head is certainly not the worse fate one can face on the grand line....". He tried to lean up, but he was broken. He covered his eyes with his arm, waiting for the sweet embrace of death. Blood clogging his neck, talking, nay breathing became a chore.

GoGo, unaware of Harley started to make his way toward Mash. " Are you fucking serious? Do I have to do everything myself you worthless fucks"? He was slower, perhaps moving at sub NP speeds with T perception at this point. He breathed hard just trying to climb the stair case leading up to his initial escape tunnel. With one last explosive round in his chamber.

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Episode 3: Final

Mashyuu couldn't bring himself up anymore, he couldn't believe that his morning star had hit and more than that he was sad that he had taken another life. The way he spoke about going to the grand line and coming back to a home given by Gogo... that was true loyalty and to someone that didn't deserve it. "You're a good man and will be rewarded in the afterlife. I'm sorry we had to meet as enemies. Maybe in the next life we can be friends..." Mashyuu replied to the downed man. Mashyuu started to chuckle under his breath but stopped to listen as uncle Gogo started to draw upon the two down men. Mashyuu slowly reached back for his dagger, knowing it would only go a few feet at most with it and his current condition. Slowly his gaze fell on the man when something amazing happened...

Harley raced as fast as she could, pushing her body beyond it's normal limits up until the moment she saw the light. Her body tightened up and she sprang out of the tunnel she was in, coming out under a set of steps that Gogo was trying to climb, somehow he had slowed and it seemed like he was only truly skilled when he had goons to order around. Harley pulled her doctors bag off her shoulder and ran around to climb the steps. "Gogo! I quit!" Harley shouted and hurled her medical bag at Gogo from behind to try and knock the large man off balance. If she could get close enough she would shoulder block Gogo right off the stairs that he was currently climbing!

The sight of Harley suddenly making the save, (or so it seemed) had Mashyuu drawing a deep breath of air while reaching out to try and call to Harley but his breath never came. The man simply laid there and watched, figuring he was a dead man if Harley didn't get the drop on Gogo at that very moment.

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NPC Post: Boss Fight winding down

GoGo coughed and though he breathed quicker and quicker, his lungs didn't feel better. His gaze started to spin and his lips started to turn blue. He was under so much anxiety with a quickened heart beat, that he couldn't even think straight. By the time he comprehended Harley's voice, he was smacked in the head by her bag. He growled looked toward the speeding little girl, who was now thrusting herself into GoGo. He hit the wall hard, but didn't go down. Quickly he swung his arm, intending to hit her head with the butt of his gun. "YOU CHEAP HARLOT....", he roared while wheezing uncontrollably. His gun now trained on the girl, completely forgetting about Mash. " You get a little Boyfriend and now you think yer hot shit.....ehh"? His voice was fading and his vision tunneling on the little girl.

Now it was up to Mash to ensure his little girlfriend didn't perish. GoGo was on a warpath, ready to shoot her point blank if it meant taking her with him too.

End of the line bub, was fun

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Episode 3: Final

Harley wasn't the strongest woman in the world and Gogo was just big enough to not get knocked over from the strike. She gasped with shock that melded into a cry of pain when Gogo turned around and smacked her in the head with the butt of his gun. Her head snapped to the right, and while seeing stars she hit the ground and fell a few steps down. After already taking a good head shot from a bullet that grazed her a while ago, Harley held her forehead and moaned almost cutely due to the throbbing in her head. "You're sick... I won't let you hurt anyone else.." Harley groaned all while she slowly looked back and went wide eyed when she found herself looking down the barrel of his gun.

While Harley was running up the steps, Mashyuu pushed past his limits and his body flashed an metallic black color for the briefest of moments. He pulled his arms in front of him and pushed with his legs, pulling with his arms and started to drag himself towards Gogo. Weakly his left arm grabbed a pistol and lifted it as best as he could. (Witch wasn't very high.) With a pained grunt he rolled to his back and steadied his aim with his right hand, blood slowly flowed down each arm while he lifted the barrel to aim over the rail of the steps so he could aim at Gogo's back. "A swordsman's greatest shame is a cut on the back... But you're not a swordsman and Karma's a bitch." He grumbled, (once being told every hero gets a quip before beating the leader of the bad guys). Mashyuu pulled the trigger of the gun, once, twice, five times, until the clip was empty. Each shot after the first was less aimed and moved down to Gogo's waist then spread wide due to the hard time Mashyuu was having even lifting the gun but he was sure that the first would at least make contact with Gogo.

Gogo was about to finish off Harley when the bullets fired by Mashyuu ripped into his back, out his chest, and into his spine, drawing blood and a silent gasp of shock. He kept a firm grasp on his gun while stumbling backwards and looking at the blood pouring from his wounds. Slowly he turned his head to look at his killer and he started to swear until his world spun. He flipped over the banister of the steps and crashed into the floor, next to his inhaler, dead.

Harley was stunned for a moment, unsure of how she was actually saved but she was and she was thankful for it. Quickly Harley snatched up her bag and raced back down the steps towards Mashyuu. Seeing the scene she stopped to keep herself from puking. "The guy with the mace in his chest is dead right?" Harley asked while she began to look over Mashyuu's wounds. "...Sadly, seemed like a good guy." Harley shook her head side to side and patted the man in the chest. "Well Captain, you will fly again and your arms will work just fine. Once we get back to my office we can pull these bullets out and patch you up." Harley assured Mashyuu but the man wouldn't be flying for a little bit.

Together the two collected themselves and their things, including the hand cannon Gogo carried, just to be sure that nobody else on the island could wield such a powerful weapon. The pair walked out of the house and towards the front gate. "A deal is a deal. Since you have been calling me Captain, all the money here will go to Mock Town. But for the love of god, get these things out of me."...

The next morning Harley waited outside the building, explaining to the local Marines that Gogo ran a gang, that she and Mashyuu took him down and that the money he had been taking should go to the town to help everyone he had hurt. When she arrived back at her office she pulled a seat up next to Mashyuu who was laying in a recovery bed and she tilted her head at the dark haired pirate. "So.. what's the next course of action? "Now I know you pumped me with a lot of drugs, but it sounds like you're joining the crew." "We had a deal, you lived up to your end and I'm a woman of my word. If we don't have that then we can't even trust each other.... But there is a condition. If at any point your being a pirate harms my freedom, and someone I care about gets hurt... Well I'll have to kill you. And with how reckless you are, all it will take is me not pulling something out of you or fixing a wound." Mashyuu started to chuckle but stopped when it hurt. "Alright Harley Ashes.... Welcome to the Phantom Raiders. The crew of Two." "Two huh? Well well I'm sure you will keep me plenty busy."


Thanks so much for helping me with this! I really owe you!

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